This blog is dedicated to the memory of David Weintraub, who took on insidious astroturfers and won.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Dave's Legacy Has Been Dishonoured By Antoinette has stopped operations. No explanation is given. The url redirects to a GoDaddy page saying the domain is available. I am very disappointed in Antoinette. She was never much of use in regards to carrying on with Dave's legacy. Now all of his important work exposing an astroturfing scam run at DailyKos by DailyKos is gone. I posted some excellent stuff there also. Now it is gone. Nothing is showing up for the website at the wayback machine, although those always have a delay. I do think pages can still be read through search engine caches. Yet even those may not remain forever as they are replaced by the GoDaddy page. Antoinette must have thought she was actually accomplishing things by reinventing the wheel in attacking Fox News. Well, there are already a million or so places that have done that. She was awful at moderating. She had no social skills. I believe Dave would be very upset with her for scrubbing In fact, all the lurkers who never helped him out and especially the dirtbags who cybersmeared him are some of the worst people in the world. When good people do nothing, evil is allowed to rule the day. What Dave came up with was profound. It still survives here and there. However, Dave wanted that place to always be around. Antoinette has dishonoured his wishes for the place to survive. She is clearly the last person anyone should make a GodParent. She shouldn't even be allowed to take care of plants and pets. She ought to be ashamed.

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