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Friday, April 30, 2010

Donkeytale Exposed As Francis Holland! Not!!!

Francis Holland has been blogging lately at FSZ. This was the admin's response.

His probable sock puppet had opined a similar response on another Holland entry.

I know what you're thinking. MattyJack is saying Holland is me not donkeytale. But you see, the laughingstock of the internet has proclaimed that myself, donkeytale, shadowthief, and David Byron are the same person.

I have a lot of screenshots. I won't post them all. If you right click links, a new window will conveniently open. I also have four DFQ links to share.

The stink up that led to the formation of Pffugee Camp was a direct result of myself and donkeytale having confronted Jack's Smirking Revenge (MattyJack). He had tried to rewrite history in regards to Dave Weintraub's beatdown of the UGOGs. He wanted shared credit, even though he had nothing to do with it. Donkeytale first noticed how Jack had yet again attempted this. Jack deleted the post, but not before donkeytale had seen it. Jack deletes many threads and posts from FSZ. There's nothing free speechy about the Free Speech Zone Blog. He didn't ban me for breaking any of his basic rules. He banned me, because I had poured through archives and seen how he had actually thrown Dave under the bus. Is Jack just some immature douchebag like donkeytale theorises, or has he been part and parcel of a controlled opposition with the UGOGs, as I believe? That's for the reader to decide.

Want to know how Dave really felt about Jack's Smirking Revenge? He felt Jack had no morals or principles, that he was a coward, a hypocrite, and a liar. Dave also gave donkeytale kudos for exposing Jack's bullshit. For that reason alone, donkeytale owns a piece of the DFQ2 pie, whether he likes it or not. p:>

Cowards In Action (excerpt)

I suggest folks check out DFQ, while Antoinette keeps it around. On that entry alone one can see that Jack called the UGOGs regular guys. He referred to Dave as a necessary patsy. He talked a lot of tough guy schtick. Maybe he learned that in some juvenile detention center. He says he has a GED. I wonder why. I think he's probably a black sheep from a rich, Long Island family. He talks up a lot of violence. Here he wrote, "What would happen if I just chucked this fucking chair through the plate glass window?" Here he wrote, "I'm down to toss mollys and the kids in this country piss themselves when a cop comes towards the black bloc to take away the fence we're using for a shield." Got racism?

Here's what Jack's A Lying Douchebag wrote last April at Cometman's blog, after I had simply explained the truth about how Dave truly felt about him. Jack had the nerve to equate Dave's activism with his own activities. This guy is the ultimate loser. I think he'll end up dead before his time or in prison. He's that kind of head case.

He forgot the projection alert with his last comment about dying breeds. He must know deep down that he is the most pitiful troll on the internet. He's the biggest loser of them all. He's the personification of scum.

The guy came up with one scam after another. From what I've heard, he was virtually a non-player at Peeder's original PFF (Political Flesh Feast). Out of nowhere, he became the owner of Peeder's legacy. His FSZ board took off because of Dave's contributions. Then JSR started to do what Peeder never did. He started banning people for no good reason along with making up crap to justify it. There was his throwing of Dave under the bus. He made up some hoax about being threatened by Noom, Shadowthief, Donkeytale, and I think Eric S., all who he claimed were one person. Noom and donkeytale thoroughly set the record straight at My Left Wing.

Jack later come out with other scams. One revolved around his threatened bannings of myself and others. He came up with the persona of Matty Roth or something and claimed it had all been performance art. He did however ban me. And to repeat, I hadn't broken any rule. It then turned up he had a diary at one of his pal's blog claiming his whole FSZ website was a Sociology experiment. Subsequently, he wrote a piss poor diary about FSZ, My Left Wing, and others being part of some sort of association of soapbloxes with a ruling committee or something stupid like that. That was news to Maryscott O'Connor. So basically, there's nothing that has ever been blogged by Jack's Smirking Revenge other than his various scams that have gotten any attention. The guy's an outright fraud. He's either like donkeytale theorises, an immature punk, or what I believe, that he's been in cahoots with the UGOGs.

It is here where I will make a public apology to Noom, aka Keith Moon of DKOS, for thinking he was the notorious donkeytail, the creep who tried to simultaneously make Dave and donkeytale look bad. Though I doubt Noom will ever apologise for claiming I'm shadowthief.

Bouwerie Boys Address Uncovered By Donkeytail

Dave Weintraub: Oh and Hamburglar, I'm not donkeytail, don't know who is donkeytail, and you finally realized mid thread that I'm not donkeytail after making a complete asshole out of yourself again. You and cometman are such losers. Are you sure you are not the offspring of the two German families who pleaded and begged with the Gestapo to kill all your neighbors first when they came to your house before your neighbors? I know your type hamburglar. In the end, everybody hates you and nobody respects you. Such is a life of a weasel.

Also hamburglar, do you know that I wanted about 90% of my comments deleted? Did you know my ban sequence was my GBCW? You lost a whole crew of people with your crap and now all you have left are a couple of good people, a bunch of dead enders, a bunch of anarchists, and some hard left anti-Semites. Can't call you the sewer (UGOG has that title sewed up) but it certainly smells like shit.

I think Hamburglar was that dude who ran the Pickle soapblox. It was basically a country club blog for the FSZ crew. Dave was thoroughly thrown under the bus by Jack and his cronies. They might as well have been part and parcel of the UGOGs. I think they were.

Donkeytail/DogFu**ker Was UGOGER Trashablanca at FSZ

Dave Weintraub: A few days ago, DFQ was accused of being donkeytail by the "Free Speech Zone" crowd. Then a user named "dogfu**cker" reposted some sick bestiality diary and appeared to be the sockpuppet of donkeytail.

Now I told people the truth about FSZ. I was MajorFlaud and told Jack that on day one, something Jack confirmed openly. I was also davefromqueens and never another name. Yet I was blamed for being donkeytail and others.

Someone at FSZ caught on and suggested that these sockpuppets were actually coming from UGOG and that their goal was to try and pretend to be me with the sole purpose of trying to discredit me. (Keep trying ugogers, basically their argument has come down to "he's fat so don't believe a word he says." So Jack checked the reverse addresses and lo and behold, the sockpuppets came from ugog. (Hint - they have other nics there as well) Once again, DFQ tells the truth as he is surrounded by hypocrites.

Losers such as Laura and supersoling from Pffugee Camp have recently tried to spin donkeytail as having been Eric S.. This is one of the reasons we are able to say that Pffugee Camp has been a fake response to Jack's meltdowns. Supersoling calls me Shadowthief. The patterns have been fairly clear. Dave and donkeytale both figured out the whole FSZ scam. Jack protected the UGOGs. He called them regular guys. There has never really been any free speech at FSZ and Pffugee. There are other ways of censoring people without outright banning them. Laura and supersoling attacked Eric's good name. I've been unmercifully attacked by both FSZ and Pffugee. Anyone who has pointed out the anti-semitic or hypocritical nature of both blogs has become a target for unsubstantiated ridicule.

Jack treated Dave like dirt. There's no reasonable explanation for why he would have protected FingerFlaw while calling Dave a necessary patsy. Why did Major Flaw even go after Dave in the first place? The reason is available to anyone who looks. Dave was a big thorn in Sean Hannity's backside. Major Flaw was all about protecting Hannity. Michael Fingerit is no regular guy. He comes across as likely being the proverbial disinfo agent.

Interesting exchange between donkeytail and Dave in the comments
DFQ: ...Hannity is the best weapon liberals have going for them. Nobody turns moderates into liberals faster than Handy Hannity.

donkeytail: ...My impression of Jack is that he's very easily led. All it took to get him to abandon the principles that supposedly guide his blog was a few people complaining about my diaries. Interestingly, I get banned for posting diaries with sexual content, yet he encourages--and even promotes to the front page--diaries that are explicitly racist and antisemitic.

DFQ: I get the impression that there are some people over there working hand and hand with the sewer denizens. It's okay, you broke no rules of the site and neither did I.

See I have no problem with Jack banning people for any reason he wants but when you advertise rules and you ban people who don't break them, that makes one a big time hypocrite. Jack is not honest, he means well and has potential but he is not honest. His site was created the exact same time as UGOG meaning the two could be working hand and hand....

Michael F Bouldin reminds me of the guy Boggs in Shawshank. With him, trash, condo, and Michael Fingerit of Glen Cove still at Daily Kos, the site continues to get destroyed....

Kestrel9000 has never stopped being a Kos Kop. He gets on the side of the supposed enemies and reports back. This way he gets inside info. Of course he throws a few bone and feigns outrage against them from time to time but it's all a ruse. He's still a Kos Kop and the diary I just checked proved it. Once again he squelches meta. His concern trolling of "oh you've lost me" was classic Kostapo.
The list of dubious associates of Jack is long. Kestrel9000 is a KosKop. He has a Confederate flag hanging on his wall. There's Pinche Tejano, who very well could be another proverbial astroturfer. There's Lauren S. who used to run with the KosKops. There are even folks like Triv33 and Pager who also threw Dave under the bus on a number of occasions.

That last comment from Pager was outrageous. Dave Weintraub was a major blogger. That he was driven off of DKos yet fought back to expose the UGOGs, yet here were these weasels at FSZ running interference for Bouldin, Fingerit, and Lloyd Lachow is disgusting. Hmmm. Kestrel9000 showed up on a youtube video comment section to support Lachow (condoleaser/bottles). That kind of says it all about him. That's the type of person Jack's tight with.

I'll wrap up this entry with a few more screenshots. To repeat, you can right click for convenient new windows.

Jack throwing Dave under the bus and sticking up for the UGOGs:

Here was Jack trying to blow off his April banning purge as being "an elaborate meta hoax." Check out Cometman's signature. That was in reference to myself having trollbusted Brad Friedman of BradBlog.


Someone named Greenwood showed up out of nowhere to stalk my posts at FSZ. Here he accused me of being someone named NeoKong. He like others alluded to the mailbox lie I nailed larisa as having made concerning the Michael Connell hoax. Also notice how he pretty much admits through his signature that he was involved with the stupid project to make myself and donkeytale appear to be the same person. Way too much attention was being paid to my blogging. These guys were all over me. I wonder why. Is it because my theories about a disinfo network operating on so-called progressive blogs is true?


Here's a screenshot pertaining to Jack's idiotic claim that FSZ was a Sociology project gone wrong. Check out how he was pretty much trying to co-opt my schtick about political operatives being all over "progressive" blogs. But wait. He had called Fingerit and Co. regular guys, not political operatives. WTF?


Here's Jack trying to explain further about how political operatives have been trying to get FSZ shut down. He mentions the donkeytail bestiality thingie as an example.


He said such a thing was probably done in retaliation for something posted on his website. But Jack doesn't add up. He was all about saying the UGOGs were regular guys, that Dave had been the problem. Now who do you think he tried to pin these attacks on his board as coming from? That would be myself and donkeytale. Oh wait, check that. He has said we are the same person and also Shadowthief, David Byron, and now even Francis Holland. He shouldn't change his username to MattyJack. It should read as Jack's A Lying Douchebag.

Jack to Vox Humana: What this was really about was just pitching a tent for the PFF crowd so they didn't lose each other. Figure I'd be the grunt to take up the task with my DIY nature but should have known that you have the potential to get shit on....

I thought "free speech" would allow people to feel free enough to talk and argue about different opinions without fear of getting banned.

Never factored in those who wanted to take a shit in the middle of the room and throw it at people only to scream "free speech!" when I asked them "wtf was their problem?".

That kind of opening gives the crafty wordsmiths and dirties of political tricksters to try out their tongue on the new media.....but that's another story.


But according to Jack, that wasn't another story. He was claiming that myself and donkeytale are DLC political operatives who were out to wreck his blog. The UGOGs are regular guys. Myself and donkeytale are political operatives. That's the ticket.

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