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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Right Woos Left Internet Disinfo Feebly Attempts To Tie Itself To US Intelligence; A FAIL, Though Perhaps Not Epic


I changed the title. The other one made me look stupid. It's not that the company and Director discussed are probably who they say they are. They probably aren't. The Russian caught in Boston had the same kind of schtick going with Linked-in and internet fronts just realistic about it compared to the obvious crapola. I find that most disinfo is so ridiculous, it must be meant to debunk itself. Possibly to cause enough noise to disrupt the internet's potential. I don't know who these people are. Maybe someone in Los Angeles can investigate this. You could then show Larry Johnson and explain his front company along with the dumbass schticks he blogged. That would be a story. And keep us updated on Assange.

Since I'm here, check this out if you're bored:

Link to part b

It's the movie Bad Girl. It's from 1931, pre-code!

6.6 stars out of ten according to the zeitgeist spin. Okay, here's Pros and Cons according to Socrates Ebert von Siskel. It won two Oscars. Best Director and Writing. Nominated for Best Picture stands out.

Here's the review by Marc.
16 out of 17 people found the following review useful.
rare, Oscar winner is a forgotten treat, 12 June 1999

I finally tracked down Bad Girl. It had been on my list of wanna sees for years as it had won a major Oscar for Best Director- Frank Borzage.It was one of those tantalizing early talkies that had not actually been lost it had merely fell from sight. When I finally saw it last year at a Borzage revival, the film was a revelation.It was a pre-code delight about an ordinary couple, falling in love, struggling financially and having a baby etc.It most reminded me of the great silent film-The Crowd, which dealt with similar matters. What was especially fascinating to me was its depiction of "average" lower middle class types and how they lived and spoke in Depression America. The apartments... the slang, all of it, seemed real. It wouldn't be until the 50's neo realism hit American movies that we would see ordinary people depicted on the screen again, without condescension The movie has all the Borzage trademarks- love surviving against all odds, even an exciting if a little hokey climax.Unfortunately, the film has been slighted often in movie books,most likely, because the authors have never actually seen it. If it is ever shown again, try to see it. It's a wonderful peek at average city folks in Depression America.

Or watch Grand Hotel with Garbo and Barrymore. I vant to be alone.

Garbo was hot, as was Joanne Crawford as the feisty stenographer who befriends the old dude just looking for a taste of the good life. [Rocky Balboa] A "What about my prime, Mick?" kind of schtick. [/Rocky Balboa]

It's also better sooner than later to watch. Some movies get pulled.

As for Bad Girl, I might get to it. I saw this movie called Man's Castle with Spencer Tracy and Loretta Young. It was also pre-code, directed by Borzage and depicted people living in poverty during the Depression. I'll vouch for that one.

Follow the path I just did, and you'll be asking yourself wtf. I'm not sure if this is a real company or person, but this deserves some sort of explanation. This is not grifting.

So I'm searching for something completely different. I wanted to see if I could identify an airplane that has a solid blue underbelly. The following link was the first result.

It's a strange website. The first thing I saw at the link was this:

They have a lengthy disclaimer including, "Hyperlinks to other web sites, event listings, addresses and news have been posted on the site, but this does not imply responsiblity for, nor approval of, the information contained on the part of the Unwanted Publicity Information Group."

This is what is on their About Us page:
Unwanted Publicity Information Group is an international research data retrieval and analysis information fulfillment network.


In 1979, another global research data retrieval and analysis information fulfillment network Kentron Intellect Research joined an offshore information group in 2002 that became the Unwanted Publicity Information Group whose Media Division manages information distribution to private clients.


High-risk research for private clients usually originate from referrals by those involved with a variety of industries such as motion picture films, television, radio, print media, foreign entities, and official organizations seeking data support from those of the Unwanted Publicity Information Group.

International complex cases experience a retainer for an in-depth assessment and preliminary report, afterwhich the degree of research services to be performed is determined.
So is the CIA one of their clients? Who are their clients? They sound an awful lot like the company Obama hating, ex-CIA, blogger Larry Johnson runs.

I basically googled Kentron Intellect Research and ended up with the name Paul Collin.
Paul Collin

Title: Director at Kentron Intellect Research
Demographic info: International Affairs | Greater Los Angeles Area
Current: Host at Unwanted Publicity Intelligence, Consultant at Unwanted Publicity Information Group, Director at Kentron Intellect Research
Past: Intelligence Operations Specialist at Department Of Intelligence (DOI)
Education: Air Intelligence University
This is where it gets very fishy. This focker put up an article at an Indy Media website.

Israel Anthrax Fueled Iraq War Intelligence

The basic premise is that Israel sold anthrax to Saddam Hussein. Unwanted Publicity is saying there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq but they were whisked away right before the US could find them. That's the ticket.

Then there is the odd fact that the anthrax scare in America had nothing at all to do with Iraq or Israel and originated from a US army base. Who the fock does Unwanted Publicity think they are fooling?

I don't know who to believe, but it's certainly not this group. Hmmm, it appears it was the US that used to sell wmd's to Iraq. I smell a disinfo rat with this Paul Collin, if that's indeed his real name. Nowhere in his 2008 spam article pointing to the Jooos do I see anything about the US being the #1 war merchant. This guy Collin is the anti-Assange.

Arming Iraq: A Chronology of U.S. Involvement by John King

From this link it appears that his name is Paul E. M. Collin.

On a side note, I also stumbled across this Washington Post article.

CIA domestic ops go far beyond Shahzad probe by Jeff Stein
(excerpt) According to some insider estimates, most of the CIA’s recruitment of foreign spies now takes place in the United States. Hundreds of CIA officers working out of cover offices and companies in areas where foreign students and scientists abound -- such as Boston, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley and the like -- try to make contact with their marks and send them back home as spies.
Boston, as in perhaps with those two of the ten or so alleged Russian spies recently rounded up? Why should anyone believe anything the CIA or US Military says? Apparently there is a Paul Collin who used to be in Air Force Intelligence and now runs something called Kentron Intellect Research and the Unwanted Publicity Information Group. I think this guy is a disinfo pimp who works for the CIA and Military. I don't buy any of his disclaimers. Power corrupts, and abssolute power corrupts absolutely. This dude and these people just aren't as bright as they think they are. I for one am not fooled.

Nine Blog Entries In One

#1 Alleged Russian Spies Caught

This looks interesting. Ten Ruskies were arrested for allegedly spying on US policy makers. Two of them have been living in Harvard Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts. They claimed to be Canadians.

But what I really want to know is if Vladimir Putin stole Bob Kraft's Super Bowl ring.

#2 Julian Assange Alludes to Having Big Time Dirt on Big Brother

From the Australian Broadcasting Corporation:
In an interview with the ABC's Foreign Correspondent, Mr Assange said cryptically of WikiLeaks' current project:

"I can give an analogy. If there had been mass spying that had affected many, many people and organisations and the details of that mass spying were released then that is something that would reveal that the interests of many people had been abused."

He agreed it would be of the "calibre" of publishing information about the way the top secret Echelon system - the US-UK electronic spying network which eavesdrops on worldwide communications traffic - had been used.
I only have one comment, because there are still seven blog entries left to get to. This guy is a hero.

#3 Fake Righties and Lefties Teaming Up

There's not much more bogus than these dumbass, staged debates between blowhards propped up as thinkers and on opposite sides of the political spectrum. Methinks not everyone is being invited to the political dinner table.

Arianna Huffington is currently doing this specific schtick with Mary Matalin. Huffington is a carbon copy of Markos Moulitsas, a moderate Republican in Democratic clothes.

Hmmm. Matalin's husband James Carville is doing the same thing with Ann Coulter. As Dr. Evil would say, "Zip it."

#4 Many Important Stories Hardly Ever Get Blogged

Everyone knows that if a white chick gets abducted, her story is a gazillion times more likely to be showcased by the media, than if the same thing happened to a woman of colour. On a similar note, The Last Name Left has wondered why a certain chunk of the internet zeitgeist is fixated on Israel's transgressions towards the Palestinians. He's not saying it isn't a topic worthy of checking out. He's just miffed at the hypocrisy coming out of the Joooooos did it crowd. Where is their anger and discomfort concerning many other trouble spots and instances of injustice in the world?

This isn't an update on state sponsored massacres in Nigeria, but I'd just like to repeat that something needs to be done to put a stop to that too. Maybe if the NWO global conspiracy crowd was more equal opportunity with their exposing injustice, it'd be harder to call them anti-semites. Some are very obviously Joo haters. Others might as well be for their disproportionate attention to the Middle East and their own brand of demonising Israel. Sure, hold Israel's feet to the fire, prod them to do the right thing. But if you don't want to be seen as Joo haters, don't spin the downfall of humanity on that small country which gave a safe haven to Holocaust survivors. Don't be supporting Iranian thugs. Stop being so bloody dogmatic.

State sponsored massacre deepens insecurity in the Niger Delta region by Anyakwee Nsirimovu
(excerpt) Press Statement - Port Harcourt, May 16, 2009: The Niger Delta Civil Society Coalition(NDCSC) is shocked beyond believe learning of the latest massacre of people and razing to ground zero, communities of the Niger Delta by the President Yar’ Adua led regime in a ‘democracy’. The very sick, impotent and illegitimate government of President Ya’Adua, that have hardly moved Nigeria an inch forward in terms of any visible human development, have shown by its authorization of the latest massacre and orphaning of further thousands of children in the Gbaranmatu kingdom, of the region in the latest inferno, that there is a well written script and strategy for regimes in Nigeria, to go to any length – genocide inclusive, to expend the peoples of the region, wipe out their livelihood, to enable oil that fed their primitive accumulation of wealth, flow without let or hindrance....

#5 War is a Racket- Cut the Military Industrial Complex Budget by 50% Immediately!

We'll soon see what Julian Assange has come up with. Even if Wikileaks hadn't emerged as a whistleblower facilitator against war corruption, there had already been plenty of proof to realise war buggers are ruining the planet. Back in 1934, a movie was put out titled Dealers in Death. You can watch it at youtube, although the quality isn't that good. The message is that basically governments and war manufacturers have been in cahoots making money off of death; That this didn't have to be the way the world evolved. I beg of any young people out there planning to enlist, don't do it. I beg of all politicians to work towards changing America from a war economy to one that promotes social and environmental justice. Enough is enough.

#6 Chemtrails are not Contrails

Anyone out there who is curious about chemtrails, do not google for information. A convoluted script was put in place between crazy believers and closed-minded debunkers. This was my bread and butter blogging topic. I found out that there really is a program to control the weather and radar systems through the creation of cirrus aviaticus. You can check out the top section at the forum in my blogger profile and find the best evidence and theories on what is really going on. There have been a number of occasions where I checked the radiosonde readings for my area and noticed that the necessary conditions weren't there to explain what was happening in the skies. I also thoroughly trollbusted Mr. Contrail of NASA, Patrick Minnis. Based on his own words and NASA's science, I found out that even when applying corrections to skewed, relative humidity levels, there was still no scientific explanation for specific white-outs.

Another news station has covered this topic. If this was such a crazy hoax, no one would cover it. The internet convolution has made a lot of people feel ashamed to wonder about it. But believe you me, I am 100% sure that chemtrails are not contrails, and that commercial aircraft are not involved.

#7 Keep it in Your Skirt

Mae West was funny, sexy, and very talented. In one interview she expressed concern that Hollywood was taking things too far. She thought of nudity as art. But she wouldn't have appreciated porn. West felt that Hollywood was compensating for bad stories by throwing in sex and nudity as filler.

Mae West was very comfortable in her own skin, and her message was that everyone should be. She felt that there was someone out there for everyone. She was also into astrology, though I'm not sure where that fits in. Her healthy expression of sexuality was one of the main reasons Hollywood became censored. She invented the double entendre. Without Mae West, there would have been no Three's Company. She didn't drink or smoke.

Here's part one to a decent movie she starred in with Cary Grant. She didn't make too many movies. This is considered perhaps her best.

I'm No Angel

link to part 2

Which brings me to a couple music videos. Both songs are pretty good. Both lead singers are extra cute. However, the first one dresses like a skank, as if she is doing so to ratchet up sales. The second one's lead singer keeps it in her skirt, and in my honest opinion, subtlety is much more sexier than skankety. Here is Metric versus The Cranberries:

#8 Who's Crazier, Anne Heche or Tom Cruise?

Cruise in a landslide.

#9 Speaking of Fake Lefties

Al Giordano is as fake a lefty as anyone can be. I plugged in Al Giordano fake lefty into google, and this was the top result.

I went to a proxy, did the same search, and got the same result. I wanted to make sure my result is what others get. Of course, perhaps no one would use those specific terms. DFQ2 shows up on page five for 'al giordano'.

Google takes care of blogger. I thank them for this. Al made plenty of posts on this blog. There are two related entries in the DFQ2 archives from November, 2009. He showed up on the "Fake Peace Activism Tied To The Military and CIA" one. TLNL did a very good job taking him to task. Once Al realised he was getting exposed, he got the fock off of this blog in a hurry. The entry ranked by google can be found in the February, 2010 archives. That concludes Nine Blog Entries in One.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Famous Deaths by Society and New Blog Rules

I'll leave the admin material for the end.

I've always felt that certain demises were brought on by society as a whole. Look at Elvis Presley. He gave so much of himself to the King role, that he lost touch with what really matters, good health and happiness. Perhaps it can be argued that Lady Diana might still be alive today, if not for the public's thirst to live vicariously through their celebrities. Take away the insane cult of personality, and she wouldn't have been stalked by the papparazzi into a car crash. There have been a bunch of child stars whose endings didn't turn out good. We know of Judy Garland. There was also Anissa Jones of Family Affair and Dana Plato of Different Strokes.

I realise that early fatality rates for child stars could be a statistical anomaly or overblown. I learned yesterday of one from China who most certainly wouldn't have died at age 24, if she hadn't been in the public spotlight.

Her name was Ruan Lingyu, and she was every bit the talent Garbo was at a similar age. The first image was taken from a movie called Goddess. Ruan played a prostitute who only chose that profession, because she had no other options in an unfair society. For every feeling of disgust and shame she felt for that decision, she provided everything a single mom could for her child. The movie wasn't saying that prostitution is good or should be legalised. It was a condemnation on Chinese society for leaving this woman no other way to help her son out of poverty.

Here's part one of the movie, if anyone's interested in watching it. It's a good one. I'll say five out of five stars, and I don't even like silent movies for the most part. Socrates Ebert gives this one a thumbs up. p:)

(link to part 2)

What shocked the living daylights out of me was learning what happened to Ruan Lingyu in real life. Garbo survived the switch from silent to talkies and proved herself as one of the greatest. Camille is an excellent movie. I also liked Ninotchka. Garbo could have kept on going. She decided to retire instead and lived out her life in New York City. While she did have to deal with everyone still wanting a piece of her for the rest of her life, Garbo was able live 84 full years. She became an art collector. She spent quality time with her family, who say she had a marvelous sense of humour and provided much warmth for those in her inner circle. Greta Garbo made a decision to leave fame behind and just be herself. That was noble of her. That decision probably saved both her mental health and integrity.

Ruan Lingyu was not so fortunate. She took her own life at the age of 24. Apparently she left a suicide note saying, "Gossip can kill."

Ruan Lingyu, a silent-film actress still remembered by many, left behind 29 films and the final message, "gossip can kill," when she committed suicide in Shanghai on March 8, 1935.

Ruan's acting was so natural, accurate and graceful that, even after 70 years, her films still seem fresh. She was adept at conveying meaning through her whole body, thus overcoming the limitations of early silent films, unlike some performers today who talk and talk and express nothing through gesture and "body language."

In 1982, when a Chinese Film Retrospective was held in Italy, audiences were amazed at Ruan's talent, especially in the film Goddess. They called Ruan "China's Greta Garbo."

Ruan was a versatile character actress. In her nine-year film career, she played many different roles, such as writer, factory worker, wealthy socialite, prostitute, flower girl, nun and beggar. Her unaffected, sensitive character portrayals contrast with the false, exaggerated performance that predominates in many films today.

Ruan was born in Shanghai in 1910. Her father, a penniless machinist, died when she was just five years old. For a while she went to live with her mother who was working as a housemaid for a rich family. She then went to a girl's school, but as soon as she had finished primary school, she began to look for a job to lighten her mother's load. She saw an advertisement for film actors, went for an interview and was given a job.

Her first screen appearance in 1927 was in the film Husband and Wife in Name. In spite of her lack of formal education, she was diligent and scrupulous in every detail of her acting. These qualities, combined with her beauty, made her screen images very impressive.

In 1935, during the shooting of her last film, a divorce suit and slanderous stories in unscrupulous local newspapers caused her a great deal of mental anguish. She finally decided to take her own life to prove her innocence.

The whole of Shanghai wept when the news of her death was heard. When she was buried at Lianyi Villa outside Shanghai, several hundred thousand mourners lined the road to watch her funeral procession.

Ruan's death aroused much public indignation. The great writer Lu Xun (1881-1936) published an essay Gossip Is a Fearful Thing, denouncing the newspaper bloodhounds and gossip mongers.

(China Daily April 13, 2006)
Some might be wondering why silent movies were still being made In China in 1934. They were just behind the times technology wise. I'm actually stunned how much I liked this movie. Many of myy favourites are from the Pre-Hays Code sound movies of 1930-1934. The Codes actually started in 1930 but didn't kick in until 1934 and lasted until 1968. I apologise if I got those dates wrong in a previous post. This is actually a fascinating topic, and I recommend anyone with some free time to search for good articles and flicks. There are many free ones available through youtube.

The New Rules:

This is the captain speaking.
Some misguided sailors on this
ship still think they can pull
a fast one on me. Well, they're
very much mistaken. Since you've
taken this course, the innocent
will be punished with the guilty.
There will be no liberty for any
member of this crew for three
months. I will not be made a fool
of! Do you hear me?

These will also apply to myself. though you the good readers and potential participants will have to take my word for that. I'll try my best to be fair.

*** No ad hominems or general nastiness
*** No spam filter words to be used as usernames
*** No crazy debating techniques. I'll allow some nonsense to be posted, but excessive whackjobbery will be subject to deletion.

I am specifically concerned with the nastiness of the soapblox world becoming a fixture of DFQ2. I'm not into flame fests. I'm not into any type of verbal confrontations. If people can't make their points with good evidence and staying civil, I don't want that crap on this blog. Imho, there's a razor's edge between speaking one's mind and being anti-social and rude. If someone is looking for a fight club, it ain't gonna be here.

Most of the content on this forum is pretty good. I may not blog as often as I have in the past, but when I do, I'll try to make it half-decent, worth the time reading it, if it hits the spot without rubbing it out.

Decent people are invited to participate. If anyone is interested in being a DFQ2 blogger, sign up at the forum in my profile and provide me with your specific blogger email address. I am looking for people at a minimum to be left of center. Your interests don't have to be political. I don't really do political blogging as it is.

I no longer feel that big forums are the way to go. I'm comfortable here and at peace with my blogging history. I don't need this place to become huge, but if any decent people are out there and would like to join in, please do.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Silence of the Fake Left Jackoffobins

"Which brings us to Fox News. The right-wing demagogues at Fox do what demagogues have always done: they scare the living daylights out of people by identifying a hidden enemy, then flatter them until they believe they have only one champion—the demagogue himself. But unlike demagogues past, who appealed over the heads of individuals to the collective interests of a class, Fox and its wildly popular allies on talk radio and conservative websites have at their disposal technology that is perfectly adapted to a nation of cocksure individualists who want to be addressed and heard directly, without mediation, and without having to leave the comforts of home.

The media counterestablishment of the right gives them that. It offers an ersatz system of direct representation in which an increasingly segmented audience absorbs what it wants from its trusted sources, embellishes it in their own voices on blogs and websites and chatrooms, then hears their views echoed back as “news.” While this system doesn’t threaten our system of representative democracy, it certainly makes it harder for it to function well and regain the public’s trust.

The conservative media did not create the Tea Party movement and do not direct it; nobody does. But the movement’s rapid growth and popularity are unthinkable without the demagogues’ new ability to tell isolated individuals worried about their futures what they want to hear and put them in direct contact with one another, bypassing the parties and other mediating institutions our democracy depends on. When the new Jacobins turn on their televisions they do not tune in to the PBS News Hour or C-Span to hear economists and congressmen debate the effectiveness of financial regulations or health care reform. They look for shows that laud their common sense, then recite to them the libertarian credo that Fox emblazons on its home page nearly every day: YOU DECIDE."

Of course the author of this fine piece of sociology zeroes in on the "Tea Party Jacobins" and fails to mention that the "Fake Left Jackoffobins" make exactly same use of our preferred post modern media tools for precisely the same purpose: empty ego gratification and back patting affinity with like-minded individuals for purposes of group polarisation and the exclusion of all self-critical thought.

The fake left emit only from our silent keyboards, the proverbial mighty fallen trees crashing noiselessly in an empty cyberforest. Meantime, the counter-establishment right busily and loudly "taking back America" never need pause to notice: because there is nothing there.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tomato Can Michael Rivero Beat On By The Last Bullwinkle Left

(Correction Update: In the comments I misnamed who the person is in TLNL's avatar. Unless I'm messing up again, it is Eric Morecambe, who used to be half of the successful comedic duo Morecambe and Wise. Sorry for any confusion.)

That's The Last Name Left's new avatar. I haven't a clue who that is, and for the purposes of this old school socrates entry, it really doesn't matter. If I had to guess, it's some idiotic comic out of England. Yikes, I just spoke of my username in the third person. I apologise.

Mike Rivero is a somewhat prominent nobody who is a regular guest of Alex Jones, himself a prominent, conspiracy theory freak. Rivero's been on the internet spewing garbage for around twenty years. Way back when he used to work for McDonnell Douglas. That was the #1 military contractor at that time. Mike likes to mention that he worked for both NASA and the film industry. He never has mentioned that he worked with the Military Industrial Complex. Feel free to scroll past his spam. The key is to look at his email address from 1992. was the email address for McDonnell Douglas M&E, Cypress CA. Mr. Rivero apparently used to work for the New World Order. As donkeytale would say, "Riotous!" After scrolling past his post, you can see his mutant ninja animator signature he's well-known for. Why doesn't Rivero ever explain this employment?

According to Tinoire, his bestest buddy who also despises the Joos, she worked for military intelligence. If these aren't proverbial disinfo agents, who are?

Tinoire posing with former Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz. Hmmm. [/chin scratch]

Tinoire post kissing up to Reagan Republicans by claiming she worked for military intelligence. She like Rivero has never fully explained her work for the Military Industrial Complex.

Tinoire in on the goofy cybersmear script claiming myself and TLNL are the same person.

That script first emerged at Rivero's WRH Forum back in 2007. Here's screenshot proof of that. I saved a whole thread proving it. This is unavailable anywhere else. The forum was called the Unofficial WRH Forum, but it housed archives of Rivero's letters, and Mikey himself prominently linked to them on his front page before the whole thing got white walled. Jeff Wells of Rigorous Intuition would later ban TLNL for again allegedly being me. He is also close to Tinoire.

Tinoire's PI sponsoring Rivero's fascist conspiracy theory website

Anyone to the right of the brown line was advised not to sign up to Tinoire's fake commie website. She should have banned herself for promoting Mike Rivero.

I won't reinvent the wheel with this loser. I got some of the old business out of the way with those screenshots. Soon enough we will get to the Bullwinkle stuff. Rivero's track record is easy to figure out. He used to pimp for a white supremacy/milita rag called The Resister put out by the Special Forces Underground. For around 15 years, Rivero has been running What Really Happened. He's linked to and promoted neonazis such as Jeff Rense and Curtis Maynard.

Here's the deal. There should be sincere research, reflection, and dialogue concerning conflict in the Middle East. However, it should be grounded in reality and not be co-opted by losers like this for whatever reasons they spam their Evil Joos schtick. I do not support Israel's policies towards the Palestinians. But that's not the point. The bottom line is that there are a bunch of dumbasses like Rivero whose whole internet presence revolves around Holocaust denial and the demonisation of Israel and Jewish people. It's ok, in fact necessary, to take a tough approach to Israel in regards to what they do which is wrong. But Mike Rivero is not the one to be doing it! Of all the numbnuts on the net who appear to be proverbial paid fakes, he tops the list! He is the Palestinians' worst enemy. He does more than anyone to make it seem Israel is merely protecting herself. On to the Bullwinkle and Tomato Can Show.

So Rivero wrote a letter to the editor of a Hawaiian newspaper. TLNL as CurtOnTheRadio showed up to expose him as the fraud he is.

There is so much proof that Michael Rivero is either a nutjob, a disinfo agent, or a grifter, that there's not much need to say much more. Letting the reader decide is a beautiful thing.

One blogger Rivero has plugged has been this dude Curt Maynard. Rivero has a favourite article section, and TLNL found one written by Curt called I am a Holocaust denier and I am Unafraid.

I think Curt showed up here at DFQ2 to support Rivero. Or maybe that was at TLNL's blog or both of them. I can't remember. Anyway, through checking out Rivero getting beat up by Bullwinkle, one can find out that Rivero's racist buddy Maynard killed his family and himself. Wow!

Here's the story from KIAH-TV Houston, Texas
Police Investigating Lake Jackson Murder-Suicide
Kristy Gillentine, KIAH Staff KIAH
3:39 PM CDT, April 22, 2010

LAKE JACKSON - A battle between divorcees turned deadly Wednesday night in Lake Jackson when a man killed his ex-wife and wounded his ex-step-daughter, then killed himself, police said.

Neighbors reported hearing shots fired at about 8:20 p.m. Wednesday in the 100 block of Post Oak. While Lake Jackson Police were en route, they learned that two people had been shot and the shooter had fled in a vehicle that was being followed by one of the neighbors.

"This family had some really good neighbors," Lake Jackson Police Lt. Paul Kibodeaux said. "We got a lot of calls on this and were able to respond quickly and to the right locations thanks to their updates and information."

The pursuing neighbor led police to their location with updates on his cell phone, officials said. The chase ended when the shooter – identified as 42-year-old Curtis Maynard – turned the gun on himself while driving, police said.

Officials said Maynard's vehicle left the roadway, swerved back and struck another vehicle, then came to rest on the opposite side of the highway at 499 Highway 288 North.

Back at the home in the 100 block of Post Oak, investigators found two victims. Maynard's ex-wife – 34-year-old Melissa Meza – was dead with multiple gunshot wounds, police said. Meza's 16-year-old daughter was also shot. She was life-flighted to Memorial Hermann Hospital in critical condition, police said. According to officials, her condition had stabilized Thursday.

Two younger children of Meza and Maynard were also in the home. They ran to a neighbor's house when gunfire erupted and are now being cared for by family members, police said.

According to investigators, Maynard and Meza had been divorced for about one year and Maynard was unhappy with the situation.

"He was very unhappy with the divorce and how things were going for him, but as far as anything out of the ordinary recently, we haven't heard of anything." Kibodeaux said. "It's a very tragic situation, and very sad for the kids involved."

Copyright © 2010, KIAH-TV

The strangest part of blogging for me has probably been having gotten cybersmeared. I did get cyberstalked but not too much. I reported the email harassment, and it stopped. Sometimes I'll notice things on the net and ask wtf. On the new TLNL versus Rivero thread, one guy showing up attacking TLNL used the words schtick and then schlock. Now that could have been a coincidence, but only days earlier I had added schlock to the schtick. Now based on the documented, zany, cybersmear script that was put in place against myself and TLNL, I'm not so sure that was a coincidence. I think the disinfo numbnuts read every word here and even try to post on this blog from time to time. I think they do things like this to sow confusion with their readers. A few years back myself and TLNL thoroughly took care of Rivero. That's when the stupid script started at the WRH Forum. Like I said, it carried over to Tinoire's place and then Jeff Wells'. It used to bug the shit out of me, but now I no longer care. The main point is content provided transcends whomever myself, TLNL, and others are in real life.

While googling for info on Maynard's death, I ended up at a neonazi website called The Jewish Question.

I noticed the name Socrates as part of the tags for that blog.

If you go to that tag, there is nothing about myself nor of the real life, historic Socrates. There are simply links to something called Vanguard News Network. The whois says Vanguard News Network is run by Alex Linder. When I went to google and started plugging in his name, google suggested "alex linder is a jew." Basically within the neonazi zeitgeist, there are rumblings of their being fifth column infiltrators of the run for the hills, it's the Joos variety. The gist is we must definitely run for the hills, just beware of Joos faking as being anti-Joo. We are talking Major League convolution.

No Jews. Just Right. [/that's the ticket] is registered to a Mike Delaney. A quick google search brought me to some disturbing links.

The second "story" from that link is titled, "Mike Delaney of Prothink Denounces Ernst Zundel and Kevin Macdonald; Shills For Eric Hufschmidt."

It's basically a copy and paste from Curt Maynard's now unavailable blog.

My conclusion is that an attempt is being made to spin myself and TLNL as Megaphones (GIYUS) or Mossad. It's quite crazy stuff. But the thing is this carries no water for anyone other than those idiot neonazis who reside in this specific, internet milieu. My theory is that the attacks on us are not intended for mainstream newbies and lurkers, but only for hardcore, neonazi freaks.

Rivero's problem is he can't avoid the truth that he's part and parcel of that milieu. By extension, Alex Jones is also card carrying member of the Jooo Haters Club. Rivero's a guest of Alex Jones every month. Shame on you too Alex Jones.

Just take a look at some more of Rivero's favourite links, if one has any remaining doubts that he's pond scum.

Rivero linking to

Rivero can't escape the fact that he links to all sorts of neonazis, even both sides of neonazis opposing each other. Maybe that's the primary rabbit hole within the anti-semitic zeitgeist. Who's the Joo?

We are talking hardcore convolution that Rivero links to. He's even into presenting satanic panic as fact.

Mike linking to the Franklin Hoax as if it's truth.

Mike spinning the Holocaust as being brought on by the Jooos themselves.

Mike linking to some Holocaust denial centered around Auschwitz.

Mike insinuating that the Holocaust was first scripted as a hoax in 1919.

Those are just a few examples.

TLNL provided links at the Hawaiian news website for folks to check out. It would take less than five minutes for any reader to decide Mike Rivero is a disinfo piece of shit. Mike Rivero and his Willis Carto-Larouche schtick transcends any reasonable debate over Middle East politics.

Myself, TLNL, and some others have fought the good fight exposing this specific network of hate tools. Dang, one can see how this bullshit has infiltrated allegedly leftist blogs. As TLNL has recently blogged about Rivero's aligning himself with Iranian theocracy and other thugs, donkeytale confronted the same crap coming out of Pffugeeists like Failreft, LauraJohnny, Supergump, and StuPid. Myself and TLNL were able to show how Rivero, Tinoire, Jeff Wells, and Bradblog's Agent99 have been tied up with this bullshit zeitgeist, and for that, we got cyberzonked. Come on good readers, decide for yourselves. I'm not scared.

I've got to wrap up this diary. I very much ascribe to the idea that a nail can only be hammered in so much. The Hawaiian moderators clearly and quickly figured out due to the diligence of The Last Bullwinkle Left what the fock Michael Rivero truly represents.

Related bullshit links for anyone who wants to wade further into the muck:
Eric Hufschmid - Zionist Disinfo Agent Provocateur
Is White Nationalism a Jew PSYOP Run by Faggots, Wimps, and Fake Patriots?


Jews have funded and fostered lots of things to deceive, undo, enslave, and ultimately destroy Gentiles, so that they can bring in an ideal world under Israel’s antichrist. Most notably political ideals like anarchism, socialism, and communism; but also anti-Semitism and neo-Nazism to promote sympathy for their cause, which means it shouldn’t be too surprising to find that the racism of White Nationalism in the West has been fostered by them to attain similar ends.

Especially since Jews have also bought out and/or blackmailed the hypocrites, wimps, and faggots who are leaders of those movements, so they’ll put WhiteNationalism in an adverse light, and by that discourage any real attempt to pursue a political line that the Jews know is the best way to undo their evil global takeover agenda and its machinations....

This is the milieu Mike Rivero lives in. As TLNL has found out, such numbnuts are better served from not venturing out from their own turf. Rivero thought he could just show up at that Hawaiian website, do his thing, and promote his cause. The Last Bullwinkle Left showed him otherwise. Perhaps we have figured out who the historic troll truly is. That would be Mike Rivero of

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Final Possession

Basketball backboard in alley, Evanston, Illinois, March 6, 2009 photograph by Henry Kisor

I already predicted the Lakers in seven.

Ok, I also predicted the Celtics in six, and obviously I was, uhh, wrong.

So, maybe I'm wrong about game seven, too. Keep hope alive, Socrates.

History says the Celtics own game sevens.

Its been a pretty interesting series so far, probably about as good as we can expect in the era of the no Bird and the no Magic.

Still, will we ever again witness games coming down to the final possession? Why do all games now, even the closely contested ones, become decided before the final possession?

Did any games ever come down to the final possession, or was that just me in my dreamworld chucking up final shot airballs over everything and onto the garage roof where the ball would roll back down and get stuck behind the backboard.


I would grab the broom handle from the imaginary arena custodian and climb partially up the side fence to get into position to poke the ball free from its resting place.

OK, so I had missed the shot......but I was fouled in the process! I make the first one after time had expired.

Nats win!

I was a Syracuse Nationals fan. Don't ask me why. They were a perenniel 3rd or 4th place team that maybe won one NBA title back in the era of the two handed set shot.

Then the Philadelphia Warriors moved to San Francisco leaving the City of Brotherly Love a too inviting landing place for the Nationals, who became the 76ers, somehow obtaining Wilt the Stilt in the process and fomenting a bigtime TV rivalry with the nearly invincible Bill Russell-led Celtics.

Russell was at the game last night.

They should have suited him up when Perkins went down.

Photographed by: AP

UPDATE: Donkeytale "Kobe" Bryant requested a picture of Dolph Schayes.

Monday, June 7, 2010

What Is Meant Precisely By "They Don't Make Them Like They Used To" And Exposing Another Internet Fake Denying Anthropogenic Global Warming

Room at the Top wasn't just any typical love story gone tragic. Like A Place in the Sun, it dealt with class issues. It covered how greed can be the root cause of downfalls. It starred Simone Signoret, known for only playing in movies she could respect. She also didn't select roles based solely on her own character. She was interested in the picture as a whole.

Another point to be made is that older movies tended to be realistic and were often adaptations from good novels and short stories. They made people think about the actual world they lived in or actual history with an emphasis on universal themes. Let's take a looksie at the predicted 2010 top ten list according to UK Times Online.

#10 Eclipse

Oooh, a teen vampire movie. Give me a break.

#9 Alice in Wonderland

How original. Not.

*8 Inception

Aaah, more of the Batman schtick.

#7 The Expendables

Oh great, Stallone teams up with Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and others to form a team of mercenaries sent to South America to take care of a warlord. That's the ticket.

#6 The A Team

Wow. I'm sure this will rank up there with Orson Welles' Citizen Kane. [/sarcasm]

#5 Toy Story 3

This sounds like another stupid cartoon targeting minors.

#4 Shutter Island

This one might be a winner. It's directed by Scorcese. Ben Kingsley is in it. It's a psychological thriller involving a character borne of war and violence. I got this info from a review at I like flicks that portray stories about how the influences of war carry on well after those have ended. Taxi Driver was good in this respect. As was The Pawnbroker. Many of the old films were very rooted in accentuating fissures brought about in society via war. This is one I look forward to watching someday. Of course, out of principle I don't pay money to watch movies. I will wait until it comes out on tv or youtube. It appears Shutter Island will make one think, that it is anything but chewing gum for the mind. That is the sole criteria by which I base spending any time watching a movie. It better have content and make one think.

#3 Robin Hood

A remake in and of itself is inherently stupid. I truly believe this. Come up with your own stinking ideas, or who the fock do you think you're fooling? If the original was good enough to give one the idea of remaking it, then leave it alone.

#2 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I

I've never gone near any of these. It seems like pure exploitation of something I don't care about. As Clara Peller asked, "Where's the beef?"

#1 Iron Man 2

This is another sequel. The movie industry isn't even trying to hide the fact that it is mostly about money and unrealistic plots. Here's the synopsis for this one from the aformentioned
Billionaire Tony Stark must contend with deadly issues involving the government, his own friends, as well as new enemies due to his superhero alter ego Iron Man.

There's nothing wrong in theory about science fiction or plots that aren't plausible. I just found out about Soylent Green, Edward G. Robinson's final movie and also starring Charlton Heston. I won't give away the ending, but it's one that has become part of pop culture history. The year is 2022 and the Earth has been run into the ground by war and industrialisation. The movie was made in 1973 but covered the profound topics of environmental degradation and the greenhouse effect. One numbnut at youtube actually put out a video claiming this movie coined the phrase greenhouse effect. That's propaganda from a useful idiot or worse.

In the 1890's, Nobel Prize winning scientist Svante Arrhenius published findings showing that excessive CO2 emissions would warm up the planet. His numbers may have been coarse, but the vast majority of scientists agree with his basic premise that dirty energy is heating up the Earth. According to the EPA:
Since the 1860s, people had known that by absorbing outgoing infrared radiation, atmospheric CO2 keeps the Earth warmer than it would otherwise be (Tyndall, 1863). Svante Arrhenius (1896), who coined the term "greenhouse effect," pointed out that the combustion of fossil fuels might increase the level of CO2 in the atmosphere, and thereby warm the Earth several degrees.

Numbnut Propaganda

The phrase Greenhouse Effect first of all was coined in Soylent Green. I'm afraid global warming was coined first of all by Newsweek Magazine, when the world was busy researching the next Ice Age.
Uhm, no, global warming was coined by scientist Wallace Broecker.

What is Soylent Green?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Wooden Ships

To be honest, I never liked the prim, fussy, deeply religious man who exemplified bedrock Indianan conservative values.

He was so-o-o not LA.

When he forced Walton to get a haircut or else......that was it. I was done with the wizard of Westwood for all time.

Until today, when the knowledge of his passing hit home like yet another insistent blip across the radar screen of my own short shelf space, as I awoke once more to those middle-aged reflective memories that both sustain and depress an old man whose best days are in the rearview.

A wide-awake nightmare.

Then again, when you think about it, LA, the real LA, is so not LA. The real LA is the dirty, grimy, scalding asphalt of the deadend American dream.

There is no LA.

There never has been an LA.

There never again will be an LA that never was LA in the first place.

Some people are born and raised, live and die surrounded by family and friends, their souls anchored to a sense of place that radiates timeless enlightenment.

Every unremarkable stop along the highway where folks make the most out of their limited surroundings and manage in the process of life and death to imbue the universe with an infinitesimal speck of human dignity.

But "LA" is just a trickfucking that gets inside your head and then keeps moving you around, changing you, shrinking you, breaking you, eating at you until you haven't anymore the slightest idea uncontaminated by remorse.

For many years I exalted pridefully in the fact that I was "from LA" whenever asked by people who passed fleetingly in the night as I wandered everywhere in this dubiously grate banana republic of zero redemption.

I took immensely foolish pride in their conference of automatic respect for this accident of my birthplace, because they hailed only from some nowhere land like Malden, or Milwaukee, or Missouri.

John Wooden left Indiana but Indiana never left him. He’s died but he never succumbed to the temptations which buried me alive.

I left LA and LA laughed in my face, mocked me and scorned me every dogged step I traced along a meaningless path, allowing myself to get blown about like some shallow rooted weed that wouldn't last the season amidst an eternity of damnation.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

F Is For Fake Anti-Gay Bashing

I don't think it's out of line to fight conspiracy theory with conspiracy theory. While some tinfoil jokers appear to be grifters, there are a number of others who I simply can't picture making any money off of their schlock. So why is such rubbish pumped out? Any ideas?

I stumbled across the following.

This numbnut who goes by the name of Tom Heneghan wrote,
Note: It is important to remember that we are not here to do gay bashing but clearly indicate that this closet homosexual-lesbian activity engulfs a tremendous amount of officials of the U.S. government, along with members of the U.S. media.

These secrets, that have long been kept under the radar screen, now need to be totally exposed since these closet gay elite are all subject to extortion and blackmail and thus pose a DIRECT threat to the national security of the United States and have enabled the LOOTING of the U.S. Treasury and shredding of the U.S. Constitution.
Run for the hills. It's the gay Joos!

He then copied and pasted an "article" by Wayne Madsen, SPECIAL REPORT. Obama and Emanuel: members of same gay bath house club in Chicago.

You can check it out for yourselves or don't bother. It's nowhere near being plausible.

Heneghan is the same dude who wrote with an equally dubious numbnut named Stew Webb,

French Intelligence and The U.S. Marshall Service Monday night July 18, 2005 caught eight of Tony Blair's British MI-6 Agents trying to bomb the Chicago Subway system. A shoot out killed 4 British Agents. Four were captured in the act of Terrorism and arrested. The British Agents part of Bush & Blair's Al Quaida network were charged in Federal Court today with explosives. The British MI-6 Terrorist Cell Operated out of Laidlaw Corp in Chicago....
I noticed through google that claims have been made that Alex Jones used to appear on Heneghan's Cloak and Dagger radio program. I couldn't be bothered to try to confirm this. There is so much bullshit on the internet, for a while now I have become burnt out from covering it in depth. That might explain my F is for flunk grade for my last blog entry. I would love to know who these people really are, as in what motives are behind their activities. Alex Jones has plausible deniabilty as being a disinfo agent. Unfortunately for himself, his fallback excuse is being a grifter.

Jeff Wells appears to be in the clear. He is apparently merely a conspiracy theory freak based on his educational background. He appears to truly believe there is a Satan, and he is in control of governments.

Andy Stephenson is a tough one to figure out. He was behind a lot of spreading of convolution. He used to be an associate of both Mike Vreeland and Tom Flocco, the latter being an associate of this Heneghan duderino.

There is also this Diana Napolis person. She truly has found a home in the Cuckoonestville. Sometimes people simply go insane. Which gets me thinking. In her case, I wonder how she might have ended up, if there had been no satanic panic. In the last dairy product, the discussion led to a dialogue between nature and nurture in regards to homosexuality. Birds whistle to identify themselves. Some have been found to be mimicking ring tones. It's genetic that birds whistle. But it can also be shown that environmental factors can influence how that genetic disposition evolves. I see the same thing going on with the internet. The crazies are evolving in relation to what zeitgeist convolution they come in contact with. One of my goals has been to try to figure out whether any or a lot of such convolution has been deliberately planted. However, unless some Disinfo Inc. paystubs emerge, I may never get the answer.

Blackbird that can mimic the sound of ambulance's siren makes family's life hell

Stalker of actress to be freed from jail (excerpts)
By Onell R. Soto
November 6, 2003
A mentally ill La Mesa woman who admitted stalking actress and singer Jennifer Love Hewitt is scheduled to walk out of jail today, but will have to comply with several conditions to remain free.

Diana Napolis – who accused Love Hewitt of trying to kill her through mind control – must take her psychiatric drugs, stay away from computers and guns and seek court permission before traveling, a judge ordered yesterday....

She also made threats against Spielberg, who obtained a restraining order against her in Los Angeles.

Napolis, a former county social worker, madeaccusations on the Internet against people who opposed theories of satanic ritual abuse of children, but was never charged for those comments.

Her campaign, much of it under the pseudonym "Curio," was the subject of a September 2000 Union-Tribune profile....

Jennifer Love Hewitt Stalker

For donkeytale-