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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

F Is For Fake Anti-Gay Bashing

I don't think it's out of line to fight conspiracy theory with conspiracy theory. While some tinfoil jokers appear to be grifters, there are a number of others who I simply can't picture making any money off of their schlock. So why is such rubbish pumped out? Any ideas?

I stumbled across the following.

This numbnut who goes by the name of Tom Heneghan wrote,
Note: It is important to remember that we are not here to do gay bashing but clearly indicate that this closet homosexual-lesbian activity engulfs a tremendous amount of officials of the U.S. government, along with members of the U.S. media.

These secrets, that have long been kept under the radar screen, now need to be totally exposed since these closet gay elite are all subject to extortion and blackmail and thus pose a DIRECT threat to the national security of the United States and have enabled the LOOTING of the U.S. Treasury and shredding of the U.S. Constitution.
Run for the hills. It's the gay Joos!

He then copied and pasted an "article" by Wayne Madsen, SPECIAL REPORT. Obama and Emanuel: members of same gay bath house club in Chicago.

You can check it out for yourselves or don't bother. It's nowhere near being plausible.

Heneghan is the same dude who wrote with an equally dubious numbnut named Stew Webb,

French Intelligence and The U.S. Marshall Service Monday night July 18, 2005 caught eight of Tony Blair's British MI-6 Agents trying to bomb the Chicago Subway system. A shoot out killed 4 British Agents. Four were captured in the act of Terrorism and arrested. The British Agents part of Bush & Blair's Al Quaida network were charged in Federal Court today with explosives. The British MI-6 Terrorist Cell Operated out of Laidlaw Corp in Chicago....
I noticed through google that claims have been made that Alex Jones used to appear on Heneghan's Cloak and Dagger radio program. I couldn't be bothered to try to confirm this. There is so much bullshit on the internet, for a while now I have become burnt out from covering it in depth. That might explain my F is for flunk grade for my last blog entry. I would love to know who these people really are, as in what motives are behind their activities. Alex Jones has plausible deniabilty as being a disinfo agent. Unfortunately for himself, his fallback excuse is being a grifter.

Jeff Wells appears to be in the clear. He is apparently merely a conspiracy theory freak based on his educational background. He appears to truly believe there is a Satan, and he is in control of governments.

Andy Stephenson is a tough one to figure out. He was behind a lot of spreading of convolution. He used to be an associate of both Mike Vreeland and Tom Flocco, the latter being an associate of this Heneghan duderino.

There is also this Diana Napolis person. She truly has found a home in the Cuckoonestville. Sometimes people simply go insane. Which gets me thinking. In her case, I wonder how she might have ended up, if there had been no satanic panic. In the last dairy product, the discussion led to a dialogue between nature and nurture in regards to homosexuality. Birds whistle to identify themselves. Some have been found to be mimicking ring tones. It's genetic that birds whistle. But it can also be shown that environmental factors can influence how that genetic disposition evolves. I see the same thing going on with the internet. The crazies are evolving in relation to what zeitgeist convolution they come in contact with. One of my goals has been to try to figure out whether any or a lot of such convolution has been deliberately planted. However, unless some Disinfo Inc. paystubs emerge, I may never get the answer.

Blackbird that can mimic the sound of ambulance's siren makes family's life hell

Stalker of actress to be freed from jail (excerpts)
By Onell R. Soto
November 6, 2003
A mentally ill La Mesa woman who admitted stalking actress and singer Jennifer Love Hewitt is scheduled to walk out of jail today, but will have to comply with several conditions to remain free.

Diana Napolis – who accused Love Hewitt of trying to kill her through mind control – must take her psychiatric drugs, stay away from computers and guns and seek court permission before traveling, a judge ordered yesterday....

She also made threats against Spielberg, who obtained a restraining order against her in Los Angeles.

Napolis, a former county social worker, madeaccusations on the Internet against people who opposed theories of satanic ritual abuse of children, but was never charged for those comments.

Her campaign, much of it under the pseudonym "Curio," was the subject of a September 2000 Union-Tribune profile....

Jennifer Love Hewitt Stalker

For donkeytale-


the_last_name_left said...

There is so much bullshit on the internet, for a while now I have become burnt out from covering it in depth.

HAHA. Apparently there is porn available too.

Jeff Wells appears to be in the clear. He is apparently merely a conspiracy theory freak based on his educational background. He appears to truly believe there is a Satan, and he is in control of governments.

Jeff Wells believes Jeff Wells is in control of governments? Which ones?


socrates said...

Hi TLNL, perhaps I could have worded that better. I found a quote from Jeff Wells from a few years back, and he was saying satanism is the state religion.

I think you know what I mean about being burnt out. At first, you learn about these creeps like Rivero and Jones, and there is a drive to blog on them. For me anyway, I hit a saturation point. I''ll try to make it to your blog sometime. I get updates on when you make new ones, and it looks like you just put up a good one. By the way, if you missed it, someone actually wrote in the comments in the last entry that we are the same person. That's pretty lame stuff. I'll never understand that. I know it started at the Rivero forum, but how it ended up being pushed by Tinoire and Wells is beyond me. Seeing how it's fishy how Tinoire is tied to both Rivero and Wells, I can't help but think she is a paid fake. As for Wells, I think he was their useful idiot. Bob found out his educational background. He went eight straight years to religion college after high school. That's not exactly proverbial disinfo agent proof. More like it explains how he thinks. Tinoire and Rivero, though, they smell bad. Rivero working for McDonnell Douglas. Tinoire in military intelligence.

Hey Donkeytale, I noticed you have a blog entry as a draft. If you post that one, it will not get top billing. Blogger puts the posting date as when the draft was started. So if you want top billing, just copy and past what you've got into a brand new entry and delete the other one.

gratic said...

I'm keeping my powder dry for the upcoming Lakers/Celtics battle.

I think the Lakers have improved moreso as a team since 2008, when they had a newly arrived and mostly unintegrated Gasol, no Bynum and no Ariza, who they have since traded for Artest. They also didnt have a belt at the time, a hurtle they rather easily jumped last year.

Artest will be the key. It if he gets all goofy and starts perseverating bad shots, fuhgeddibout. Celts win.

If he comes up big on both ends of the floor, look out Boston, your going to be steamrollered. If he does merely what he's paid to do, hold his own on the defensive end of the floor against Pierce, this will prove to be a very compelling series.

The Celtics have an excellent chance of winning again. They will need to stay consistent offensively and win the rebounding battle, which they are immensely capable of doing, given that Bynum has not been healthy enuff to be a major contributor in the paint.

You dont give Kobe extra chances and he will feel the pressure. If he starts misfiring, life will be good in the Socrates abode even without the forced air circulation.

Will Fisher frustrate Rondo?

Will Pierce frustrate Kobe?

Will Garnett run free on the inside while Allen rains threes from the perimeter?

I like the Lakers in seven hard fought battles, with each team stealing a game on the other's home court.

No blowouts. Two overtime games.

But I like the Celtics in six if they can just manage to hold serve at the Banknote Garden. And I think they will win one in LA.

The middle three games at home could well be the key, just in 2008.

socrates said...

I think you're right about saying Artest could be the key. But then again, that might be said about a number of people. I'll list from the top of me noggin what could shift the balance from what appears to be two evenly matched teams.

*** Injuries- It looks like both sides are hurting, yet not enough to keep them out of the games. Bynum might be the most influential player in this regard. He just got his knee drained, and I read there was no plus or negative from the procedure.

*** Which individual players will show up- True as true about Artest, but the same can be said for Sheed, KG, in fact nearly every player on each roster. Good thing for the Celtics is Ray and Paul are in grooves. Ray has never been more consistent shooting. KG is the question mark. The first two series, he played extremely well. The last one he seemed to be losing juice.

*** It should be a barn burner. I personally believe there's no way to predict it. Of course I lean Celtics. They just made the two best teams regular season wise look like girly men. Lakers going physical won't mean nothing compared to Shaq and Howard. The C's also have a good set of bigs. Doc could mix and match. It'll be interesting to see how Gasol does. He's apparently bulked up a bit and is not euro-soft like he was in 2008. He is Kobe's Scottie Pippen. I think he's more important to the Lakers' hopes than Ronny.

*** Of course there are other factors, wild cards if you may. Will Nate Robinson be a part of the rotation? Is Tony Allen damaged goods, or will his strong defense be a fine contribution?

I don't like the 2-3-2 format. 2-2-1-1-1 makes for better drama. But cancelling that out is the Celtics' home and away records during the year. They are an excellent road team and have tended to have some trouble at home.

Can the Celtics maintain the groove they're on? They went 23-5 to start the season, and looked like the best team. Then they finished 27-27 and looked to have no sniff at a title.

Laker fans seem to think Boston has already been fed and the Lakers are looking for revenge for 2008. Problem there is the Big Three window is closing, and the general consensus is it takes two rings to enter the Boston Hall of Fame. Granted, you make a good point that the current Lakers team has a ring too. They are not unproven in that regard. However, were they really challenged by Orlando? What if KG hadn't got injured?

I wasn't really thinking the Celtics would continue this run until they took control of the Cleveland series. I was not expecting Sheed to show up. The Orlando series I had doubts too until the Celtics won game two.

The worst part of any of this is listening to blowhards predicting who will win. I like Barkley, but he's showing no imagination, picking against the Celtics every time. If he gets it right this time, it's broken clock being correct at some point.


socrates said...

On a side note, some loser made a guest blog entry for I think the LA Times. It was the standard predictable list for why the Celtics are hated. Some doofus wrote one reason was because Pierce is some form of drama queen or something like that. His example was how Pierce almost lost his life when he got stabbed. I believe the phrase stay classy Los Angeles was written 2,756 times over the last week in regards to that one.

It wasn't Pierce's idea for that wheelchair in 2008. I admit he can get a bit dramatic. So what? We're talking Bobby Fischer basketball.

I would like to say the Celtics in five, but word has it that both teams are regular readers of DFQ2, and I'd hate to supply bulletin material.

I read that the 1969 Celtics were fully aware that the Lakers had balloons and champagne ready to go. I think the Lakers would have a better chance, if they were the underdogs. I think it'll take three or four games before this series even makes any sense. I don't go for that Celtics must split the first two, or they better win by game 5 or they will not win the title. If it goes six or seven, it's anyone's title. That's the only prediction I'll make. Ok, I'll take that back and say the Lakers better win the first two, or they are in trouble. If they split, they're going to want to win two out of three in Boston. That will be difficult for them to do. They kind of need to win the first two, imho.

socrates said...

And make sure to copy and paste any roughdraft into a new posting box, or it will be bumped down.

socrates said...

Oops, meant each rotation dude not roster for who does well being important. Of course Scalabrine and other scrubs will have no influence on who wins this series. Maybe Nate.

the_last_name_left said...

I understand what you meant, S - only kidding ya. ;)

I understand the saturation point thing too. I am just recovering from mine, i think. Only so much bullshit one can wade through before you notice the stink too much.

Much like basketball? hehe. only kidding! I don't like the game, hated playing it at school. I guard those sort of prejudices carefully - gives me character.


A common language separated All greek to me.

socrates said...

You're clearly on the mend. You've pounded out a lot of new goodies at your blog. If it wasn't so hot, I'd be adding to them. I can't think straight, when it gets this muggy.

Basketball will be over soon. I'd much rather watch the games than write about them. Maybe it's a way for myself and donkeytale to have some normal chit-chat. I'm sure it's alienating the heck out of plenty of the millions of readers who visit DFQ2, and for that I apologise.

I saw something over at DU posted by BradBlog. I think I figured one of his formulas. He was kissing his own hand saying he had broken some story about insider trading by Diebold Inc. back in 2007. But if you go through his proof of this alleged scoop, all one gets to is his continually linking to his own previous entries. It becomes a continuous spam loop.

He'll use some readily available info and twist it into being his own scoop. He'll mention having an inside source, who of course wishes to remain anonymous. We know he censors his own boring broadsheet, so there's no point in debunking him there. He has the DU mods in his back pocket, so all one sees on those threads are his sycophants gushing over his so-called, intrepid, citizen journalism.

If you're looking for a diversion, I found a movie you might like to watch. The main character is an Auschwitz survivor played by Rod Steiger. Compelling stuff. It won a lot of awards.

And for donkeytale if you're reading this, that movie got me to In the Heat of the Night, starring Steiger and Poitier. I noticed a month back Holland was attacking Hollywood as being racist. He has a point, but I think he's missing the fact that a good chunk of Hollywood has been on the right side of history. There's a reason McCarthy went after them with his HUAC.

I never knew this Steiger dude before. He's wicked awesome. In the first flick he played a Jewish survivor of the Holocaust, accent and all. In the second, he's some hick, racist, police captain, accent and all. He looks completely different in both and definitely imho has to be considered as one of the greatest actors of all time. And I'm saying this after only seeing him in two flicks.

Poitier was a great one too. Same caliber. I'm not sure if he's still around. There are a lot of great movies out there. Every time I think this fad is reaching its end, I'm finding new ones. God bless youtube I guess. Ok, through I see Sidney Poitier is still alive at 83. I guess we probably won't be seeing him in another flick. His last role was in 2001. I hope he's doing well.

socrates said...

People are encouraged to check out TLNL's blog. It really is a good show.

The following is a cross-post from what I just wrote at The Last Blog Left.

With an awareness of right woos left, I'm in definite agreement with you about hypocrisy. Turkey being critical of Israel for human rights abuse is a crystal clear example. As you point out, twats like Rivero are always spreading their run for the hills, it's the Joos nonsense. Yet, Israel truly is in the wrong with their activities in Gaza. This latest episode makes no sense. It's like Israel wants to be isolated from the international community.

UN calls for inquiry into Israel flotilla attack

socrates said...

Aaah, I thought Rod Steiger seemed familiar. He was Brando's brother in On the Waterfront. Ten minutes until game one. I'm picking Celtics in five or six. If the Lakers win, I'll tip my cap and not cry about it. Bynum is hurting. Gasol and Odom are going to have to go nuts. Kobe is going to have to play close to perfect for them to even have a chance. Unless the Celtics get some injuries, I think this could get ugly for Los Angeles.

the_last_name_left said...

Thanks for the plug, and the link to Steiger. I bookmarked it (I very rarely watch a film, but I will start to watch that )

I don't mind the basketball stuff - it just makes no sense to me. You do what you like! :D

The football World Cup starts in a week, so I can get my own back. The yanks play England a week Sunday, I think. (And yes, it is England not Britain for once - Wales and Scotland and Ireland (and N Ireland) each have separate teams.)

4am here and dawn already. It's not dark long enough for me to be tired - I can't sleep atm - 2 days awake already. But it's going to be a beautiful day. the birds are already singing and the air is still cool. Hopefully some drinks on a friends lawn tonight, I think, and a weekend at the coast.

You're in a muggy hot place? humid? i hate that, but i love the sun.

Here's where I live - my mate's are cleaning windows. :D


Where do you live (roughly - I am not trying to stalk

donkeytale said...

Clearly, these are not your 2008 Lakers. Gasol has done what few stars are capable of doing: changing his game to fit the needs of his team. Are you reading this Dirk?

Rondo's inability to penetrate and open up the lane kept Boston off the offensive boards. They had zero second chance points. I doubt that will happen again, but if the lakers maintain a rebounding edge anything like last night, this series is over.

Bynum was a major difference inside, much more than his stat line indicated.

Artest seemed to be walking the edge at times but he maintained offensive discipline and his three pointer in the second quarter opened up the game for good. If he keeps playing this consistently the series will be a tough matchup for Boston.

If I were Rivers I'd be doing everything in my power to rattle Artest and distract him.

I'd also pray that Bynum re-injures his knee.

Garnett was horrible. If he's hurt and ineffective I don't see the Celtics having much chance. If it was just a subpar game, then he needs to re-group quickly and step up.

The game actually went pretty much all Boston's way in the first half. They benefit from a lot of whistles, from keeping the lakers out of any flow. The Lakers dominated the first two quarters but the game stayed close until the very end of the first half.

With a lot of fouls, both coaches were forced to the bench and surprisingly, the Lakers subs clearly outperformed the Celtics subs. I dont look for that trend to continue at all.

The only good news here for the Celts is they have two off days to make adjustments and come back hard inside. Generally, as a Finals wears on the refs allow more pushing and shoving inside, which should play to the Celtics strength. They need for the games to stay choppy. They also need Rondo to have more impact and get his teammates easier shots.

If the Celtics win game two they are in pretty good shape. The 2-3-2 favors the team with the worse record if they can win one of the first two. I think the NBA likes the 2-3-2 because it leads to more 6 and 7 game series.

If the Celtics lose game two, however, they are in deep doo doo.

I think you underestimate the relative strength of the western conference over the eastern conference. With the unbalanced schedule, the good eastern teams like Cleveland and Orlando pick up 5-10 extra wins during the regular season eating cupcakes for breakfast.

I would want the Celtics to start using more zone but the zone also lessens their physicality, which is their best weapon.

donkeytale said...

Yes, the Pawnbroker, I believe, was an Academy Award winner and Steiger was generally considered the best American character actor of the 50-60s, something like an American Olivier.

He also was married to the very sexy Claire Bloom, which was quite an achievement for such an ugly fucker, although she apparently slept with virtually every man on every set in every film she made, if the stories we hear today are accurate.

I dont know why actors like Steiger get forgotten, but he was truly head and shoulders above the crowd, maybe only George C. Scott could match his dramatic chops.

the_last_name_left said...

He also was married to the very sexy Claire Bloom, which was quite an achievement for such an ugly fucker, although she apparently slept with virtually every man on every set in every film she made, if the stories we hear today are accurate.

Well, I just heard the story today. So, on the stories go? :D you gossip!

I dont know why actors like Steiger get forgotten, but he was truly head and shoulders above the crowd, maybe only George C. Scott could match his dramatic chops.

errr, because films are rubbish and lack any content?

exted said...

99.9% of films are rubbish.

Its that .1% that make all the difference. And most of those were released 40+ years ago

I gossip? This coming from the guy who natters on endlessly about a bunch of anonymous nobodies on the infoboobtubez?


socrates said...

There will be no more anonymous or spam caption words as usernames. I don't think that last one (exted) was donkeytale. I'm sick of trying to guess if it's him or someone trying to sound like him and cause dissension.

If that was you, donkeytale, what the fock are you talking about TLNL "nattering" on about anonymous nobodies?

I never heard of Claire Bloom. That was very uncool for her to be slandered as a slut. God forbid any actual proof is provided for such a nasty attack.

The whole history of film is skewed in regards to formulating top ten or whatever lists. There's no way to judge proper Steiger or do the same for old-school baseball or anything really with the way America has been so violent, classist, and discriminatory. Sidney Poitier might have been the American O'Livier, not Steiger or Clift. (On a tangent, I'm surprised Joseph Cotten doesn't get much consideration. He had some definite skills) We'll never know what Poitier could have been. Since America has been so racist, nearly every one of his parts had to deal with race. So in this regard, Holland's attacks on Hollywood are justifiable.

socrates said...

I'm south of Boston, about a half hour away. That's about the extent of how much I'll reveal of where I'm located.

The weather is totally out of whack. It shouldn't be this hot. It's not even the summer yet. Then other times it will be too cold for the season. Some dork signed up at Aircraft Wings to post that no one would be thinking of global warming if it weren't for the Al Gore movie. Now that's what I call riotous.

Be careful out in the sun. Too much uv-b radiation is getting through. Unfortunately we need the sunlight for our health. It's a fricken catch-22. Let the sunshine in, and you'll get roasted. Keep it out, and you better buy the right supplements at the health store. This is just one of the problems capitalism has wrought.

socrates said...

*basketball post* It's too painful for me to discuss hoops after last night. All of donkeytale's points were spot on. He's right that Dirk Nowitski is a prime example of someone who never made sacrifices to better his team. The Celtics are the best at doing that. Unfortunately Rondo is not at 100%. I also agree that something is not right with Garnett, and if that's the case, Doc Rivers should look for other answers. Everyone likes to talk of the Bucky Dent homerun in 1978, but the real reason the Sox choked was because Butch Hobson was never benched. He was a decent third basemen with power, but his elbow or something was busted, and he was making a costly error every other game. Better to have someone less talented but healthy in there than damaged goods. That's how I see it. However, Doc Rivers is not known for being able to get the most out of the complete roster. In fact, his historic flaw has been freaking out when there's adversity. Like he's throwing darts, and where they land will be who plays. The Celtics are really banged up right now. We need Daniels, because Tony Allen has a bum ankle. We need Sheed, Baby, and perhaps Williams and Scal to play more, if this is what Garnett is at this point right now. We need more Nate if Rondo doesn't pick it up. Now the problem may be that the Celtics have done well enough to keep the window open and thus are more likely to end up mediocre for many years. I should just keep my mouth shut and give it two more games, maybe three, before I'm ready to get off the bandwagon or hold my ground.

donkeytale said...

Oh death where is thy sting? Socrates cant handle defeet:

Claire Bloom

Dude, its only a game. One game at that.

As for TLNL, I was just playing tat for his tit.

He was joking. So was I.

His comment about all movies being rubbish is itself rubbish

donkeytale said...

Doc Rivers cant handle adversity?


Rivers is a fine man and a very good coach.

The Lakers are much improved over 208. Face facts, dude.

This is not going to be an easy series for Boston, especially, as I have mentioned, Artest stays under control and Bynum stays healthy.

I dont know the Celtics injury situation, but at this stage injuries are no excuse. The lakers have their share too, and in 2008 were missing two of their key players. I dont remember them using that as an excuse.

This series is about to turn ugly, traditional Boston style ugly.

I look for a series of 84-81 grinders as Doc realizes his aging team cant match LA's quickness and athleticism.

They do have strength and they do have guile.

This isnt over yet. In 84 LA creamed Boston in the graden in game 1, if I recall coreectly and had game 2 won also, but I also recall Boston winning in game 7, OK Auerbach had to order the air conditioning shut off, er I mean "broken."


donkeytale said...

meant to say the lakers had game two won but managed to looose it in 1984.

You did make a good point about some teams staying with injured players too long, but in this case I dont think it applies.

Another example was the Mavs game six against SA when Beabois brought them back into contention singlehandedly in the third quarter, then Carlisle kept him on the bench in favour of his veteran (loooser) Jason Kidd in the 4th

Hobson's biggest issue in 1978 wasnt his elbow, altho I agree it was a problem, too...his biggest issue was his weakness at the plate. He could be pitched too. Ditto the "great" Jim Rice, and Dwight Evans, as well. The Sox were not fundamentally sound at the plate in those days, and relied too much on power. No team speed.

The Yankees had some really great pure contact hitters, like Munson, Rivers and Piniella and they were better at pitching and defense too.

Besides, everyone knows it was the Babe Ruth curse that really did the Sox in that year.

That and the fact Zimmer was a crappy manager. A great guy and third base coach, however.

Over 162 games, especially in the clutch situations, weaknesses are exposed and exploited unmercifully.

Ditto, the NBA Finals.

socrates said...

I live and die with each game. If they win, I'm Mr. Manners. If they lose, I'm the fricken pawnbroker dude. Two dollars. What? Ok, one dollar. I guess you had to be there.

Hobson was batting ninth. He hit over 30 home runs. I was young back then, but I remember a lot of games being lost because of his wild throws. He was the original Knoblach but had an injury as an excuse. Speaking of which, I read a few weeks back how there are some catchers who are not mentally capable of throwing the ball back to the pitcher. I think it's one of your Texas dudes, Saltenrichenbachermulch or someone. Maybe his first name is Orville. I don't know.

It might have been the curse of the Bambino. It might have been more about the racist owner Tom Yawkey. Sure the Sox had historic chokes in 1978 and 1986. They came close in 1967 and 1975. 2004 made up for everything.

I have to shut off the sports thinking. I won't have any more fingernails left, if I keep worrying about it.

Movies on a whole do stink. Even back in the day. But I think you're correct that at some point, maybe after Altamont, movies hit rock bottom and never got better.

That code was a bummer too. If you watch those, you know from the censored period you always can tell what the ending will be. No one ever gets away with a crime.

I saw some Edward G. Robinson flicks. He was pretty cool. There was a hot dame who was in a few of his movies, Joan Bennett. There was also this kind of funny dude named Dan Duryea. He sounded and acted just like that Jon Lovitz guy with that's the ticket. I definitely liked Orson Welles and Cotton. Some of those Hitchcock movies were pure brilliance. Nothing today comes close. Maybe you have an opinion on Katharine Hepburn. I think she was terrible. I also don't like how she spelled her first name.

An interesting thing if you watch enough of these you start to get to know some of the lesser known actors. There was that chick in the Pawnbroker played by Geraldine Fitzgerald. She was kind of hot for 50ish. She was the one Steger treated like dirt when all she was doing was being nice to him. I looked up her stats at She was O'Livier's wife in Wuthering Heights. I thought she looked familiar. She had major skills. I think she was better looking and more talented than Merle Oberon, the one O'Livier's character really wanted.

That's the kind of movie TLNL has to watch. And the Pawnbroker. He needs to get recommendations for the good ones that will be up his socialist alley. I'm the same way. The great thing about youtube is no commercials, it's free, and if a movie sucks, you can always find another one. It does take a bit of search skills to find the good ones. It's amazing how much is uploaded to youtube. I wonder how long that takes people and why they do it. Maybe it's the same kind of hobby like we do with these posts. I guess their payoff (buzz) comes in page hits and comments thanking them.

socrates said...

Oops- Joseph Cotten not Cotton.

socrates said...

Man, you might not believe this, but I knew Pedro was going to give Zim the face rake in 2003. Speaking of Doc, he's the mirror image of Tito Francona. We hated these guys until they managed the top team. Doc needs to pull this one out of the hat to own this town. Otherwise, the best bet is the legacy of 2008 will go completely to the Big Three, Danny Boy Ainge, and the defensive guru coach Thibs.

donkeytale said...

I'm not disputing that Hobson sucked at 3rd. I'm just saying he sucked at the plate too.

You forced me to look up his stats, which except for two years (1977 was the year he hit 30 taters and knocked in 112 runs, not 78) he was remarkable only in the number of errors he committed at third and how many times he struck out.

In 1977 he struck out an astounding 162 times in 159 games, while walking only 22 times.

Thats looooser beisbol dude. I dont care how many home runs you hit over the green monster. And it was typical of the Red Sox in those daze. Lotsa great HR/RBI and slugging % numbers, but in the little things that win championships, they were brutal, including on the mound.

To validate your point, in 1978 he committed an amazing 45 errors at third for a woeful .899 fielding percentage.

A decent third baseman shouldnt commit more than 15-20 errors in a year. and a fielding percentage of at least .950 is about right, if memory serves. Third base is the easiest position on the infield, except for first.

As a comparison Ron Cey, the Penguin who was a good 3rd baseman but never a gold glover only committed as many as 20 errors once in his career. He also struck out a lot, averaging 97 whiffs per year.

But he also walked an average of 79 times per year.

donkeytale said...

But the point about limiting the minutes of your starters when they have nagging injuries, especially players of the caliber of Rondo and Garnett during the finals?

haha. Time to break out the Midol, dude.

The Celtics have no one to fill in for those two. Robinson is OK as a change of pace because he is so quick, but come on...and who on the Celtics can play in place of Garnett for 35 minutes a game and stay on Gasol?

Noone, thats who. No_one.

donkeytale said...

To continue to bore ytou with stats, we come to Jim Rice, who was the 1978 AL MVP, and I always thought one of the most overrated players of his era. All stats, no belts.

He hit .315 46 homers, 15 triples and a gazillion ribbies. He led the league in plate appearances and played 163 games. Oddly he only had 25 doubles, probably due in part to Fenway's short left center alley.

Lou Piniella hit .314 but only had 6 taters in 130 games. But check this out: he struck out only 36 times and walked 34 times.

And he had 34 doubles.

You may call me crazy but I would rather have had Piniella on my team in 1978 than MVP Jim Ed Rice.

Especially when you also factor in baseball intelligence and attitudinal intangibles. Piniella was smart enuff to become a good manager and he was a fiery leader as a player too. Rice was not a clubhouse leader, although I'm not demeaning his smarts or his attitude, he just wasnt a leader.

But...he also fanned 126 times against only 58 bases on balls

the_last_name_left said...

Ah y - Boston - in that ridiculously hard to spell place. What's it like? Are you going somewhere else? Where would you like to go? don't you feel cut-off from europe over there? or is that not such a bad thing anyway?

D: His comment about all movies being rubbish is itself rubbish

Well, the comment is only .1% rubbish. It's 99.9% true.

y, it's silly to say all film is rubbish, but it makes the point: film is the most abused medium. to the point where one may as well discard it all imo - so much dross is there. Of course, Americans resent that sort of comment more than anyone else, except perhaps the French. (That's gotta be 60% true, at least?)

I have enjoyed Truffaut, actually, but that was watching with a g/f - I wouldn't have bothered otherwise probably. But I do like the french stuff - nothing happens and they talk seriously - character. And they don't do cuts every .5 seconds - man, do i hate that! If the camera can't be bothered to look at something for more than 1/2 second, why should i?

I don't watch TV or films so I haven't been through the mill - I don't know how to watch Gladiator, for example: all the cuts confuse me and cause me real irritation. Just put the camera on the f-ing subject and leave it alone?!!! Please? Seriously - count the length of the shots in modern films? CUT CUT CUT. Not even a second long. What are they going to try next? They can't reduce the time of each shot any more, can they? It smacks of an absence of content/ideas.

socrates said...

Sports- I'll get this out of the way. Let's wait until sunday to really see what's up. Even then we need to see if this is a home court thing developing. Rondo and KG looked bad, fair enough. Let's see how they look on Sunday. You have nailed the situation. It's on those two. If we only have half of the Big Four, that's not enough.

Jim Rice is a good example of stats not meaning squat. However, 1978 Rice is a bad example. He did nothing wrong that year. Worst thing to happen was probably when his wrist got broken in 1975. A pure woulda, shoulda, coulda.

The Sox have been mostly all hitting and no pitching. Now they are mostly pitching and no hitting, though Big Papi has been coming around to his steroid numbers. p:>

Another curse of the Bambino event- Soup Campbell. We got the best reliever. Then he got hurt. Or maybe when Yawkey bought us Rudi and Blue but the Commish nixed it. Listen, 2004 happened and that ended all of baseball history, period. Unless the Cubs win it, there's nothing left. It's all about whether the Yankees are successful each year in buying another championship. Three quarters of the teams have no chance, and every one knows it.

You know your sports and it's fun chatting about it.I just can't think straight after game one. I wasn't expecting Rondo and KG to be hurting. I figured five days off would have worked wonders. Let's see how Sunday goes.

As for nattering about anonymous nobodies, that's what I do. Maybe that's another reason why I snapped at you. It felt like here we go again, the idea that myself and TLNL are the same person.

In my defense I don't just go after anonymous nobodies. I've gone after somebody losers too.

socrates said...

TLNL, I thought you already knew I was from the Boston area. You must have forgot.

I'm an American. I don't see myself leaving unless I marry a foreigner.

Boston's cool. You can go east to Cape Cod or West to some nice scenery. I don't care much for the rest of New England. I think they're full of it, especially New Hampshire and Maine. Vermont seems ok. Providence is small, kind of an extension of Massachusetts. Connecticut seems to be more loyal to New York than here, so they can have them. I guess Canada's kind of close.

I'm like most people. I don't think much of leaving my home. It's where I'm from.

Movies do mostly stink. There's no debate. But if you like, I can find you some good ones. That's what's crucial. To find needles in haystacks. Newer movies are full of special effects and the kind of filler you mention. You should check out The Pawnbroker. It kind of shows a stereotypical view of a Jew. He's into money. But it's very thought provoking. And Steger's character gives an interesting explanation for the stereotype. But the movie goes beyond Jews and the Holocaust and forces one to ask themselves disturbing questions about being hurt, lonely, numb, and how to continue when so jaded.

donkeytale said...

TV is rubbish. All media is rubbish. French movies were once very good, although to be fair, we only saw the very best here in the states and probably missed all their rubbish.

Chinese and Korean movies are very good these daze. Talky, slyly humourous, quirky and ironic, a lot like the old French movies used to be, except with some BruceLeelike action added in. Frau Tale brings them home by the buttload.

Literature is rubbish. Music is rubbish. Porn is rubbish. Art is rubbish. In some cases, rubbish is art.

Sports is rubbish, unless the hometown wins and then its only everybody else that is rubbish in comparison.

Blogging is virtual rubbish.

Thank God we still have honest to goodness rubbish to take out every day or we might not even realize that we are actually alive and there is still a sun that shines on this blighted world that is in fact nothing more than an ever expanding mound of human rubbish.

Socrates gets offended when people accuse him of being you but then he answers for you on cue and takes offense on your behalf. Hmmm. Good show Soc, keep the plebes guessing.

If we cant gossip about movie stars, then WTF, dude?

The Alex Jones schtick is propelled forward for one reason only: it makes money. Its entertaining. Fascism is nothing more than an entertainment vehicle for bored people who wish to be distratced from the rubbish that we create and in which we are forced to wallow for a few decades before we die and our corpses are piled onto the trash heap and forgotten for alltime.

The fascist mentality is all pervasive for alltime. Some of us fight it, we fight the good fight but its like fighting our mortality, which is the sickness at the base of our human souls of rubbish.

Me mum used to buy those gossip magazines like Photoplay.

I used to grab them soon as she finished reading about Liz and Dick, or wtf. I would head straight for the bathroom, lock the door, find the hand lotion and search for the Fredericks of Hollywood brassiere ads in the back pages for some extended sessions working on my stroke.

Crotchless panties are not rubbish.

Bet on it.

Soc, I know the feeling of utter deflation when you are so looking forward to something wonderful occurring that you can see and taste the ecstasy in your imagination beforehand.

Then reality reveals your daydreams to be rubbish.

Reality is rubbish.

Its how you face up to reality of rubbish that matters.

The only thing that matters.

So sayeth the Ernest Hemingway of the rubbishsphere.

donkeytale said...

Speaking of rubbish, they hauled the Wizard of Westwood's corpse out today.

In teh NYT obit, they stated that his teams were known for playing a ferocious zone defense.

Funny, I remember his teams playing man to man with a ferocious fullcourt press, that is by its nature in the form of a zone, by double teaming the man with the ball.

The media is rubbish.

The 1964 and 1965 UCLA teams won back to back with their tallest player being Keith Erickson, at 6'5", he would go onto a serviceable swing man career in the NBA. The best player, Walt Hazzard at 6'4" did not have a memorable NBA career.

Gail Goodrich, at 6'1" became the most recognizable pro, a stubby shooting guard for the Lakers who played next to the legendary Jerry West to form waht was no doubt the best caucasian backcourt of all time, on a team that also had the player with the greatest hangtime ever, the offensive machine at small forward named Elgin Baylor.

One that got drubbed by the Bill Russell Celtics on an annual basis in the NBA finals.

The best thing about the Lakers was Chick Hearn, the play by play man who invented most of the sports standard cliches such as slam dunk.

He used to endlessly ridicule Happy Hairston's inability to keep his feet on the ground while playing defense.

"Barry fakes Hairston into the popcorn machine and Hairston comes up spitting butter and salt."


On players who flopped:

"Havlicek's on his wallet so much that the leathers worn clean through."

Wooden carried a message from his father with him at all times:

“Be true to yourself. Make each day a masterpiece. Help others. Drink deeply from good books. Make friendship a fine art. Build a shelter against a rainy day.”

I read good books but drank deeply only of the brewers art. I have always slept out in the rain and changed friends nearly as often as I changed underwear.

How could I be true to myself when I had no idea who I was, or more correctly, who I wasnt?

I helped others, strangers mostly, and they usually repaid my helping them with a kick in the groin.

I rarely helped those who matter most to me, instead either using them or ignoring them.

I am rubbish, Coach.

socrates said...

I wasn't responding for TLNL or anything close. These threads aren't layered like soapblox or other formats, where you can respond directly to posts. Maybe you missed it, but I have been the driving force behind the movie schtick.

TLNL doesn't care about the sock puppet thing. He along with yourself have gotten me to tone down the paid fake angle. I think he was the first to mention the small problem of where are the paystubs.

You don't care about the sock puppet rubbish, but I do. Not as much as I used to. But I do deny it any time it reappears.

I won't but could reshow or link to tons of evidence that some crazy script has been put in place against me. You might say I bring it on myself, but you would be wrong. There's no need for you to pick at my scabs. I'm not as thin-skinned as you may think. Sometimes it feels like you think my panties are in a bunch, when I'm just speaking my mind.

You said something about TLNL nattering about anonymous nobodies. Where has he done that?

I think most things are rubbish because of one essential factor, capitalism.

Radio should be good. It has had its moments when dj's used to be able to spin their own tunes. Now it's all driven by money. It's all the same schlock played over and over again. The dj's are forced to comply to playlists.

The blogosphere also shows a similar trend towards conformity and the loss of individuality. Ok, that's probably a projection alert, and I know what you're going to say, so you needn't, about my proclivity to put up youtube posts.

Anyway, here's an excerpt on money to get me the hell out of this post and be able to move on with my life. On The Pawnbroker (SPOILER ALERT):

Heavy Duty Lumet New York Drama by Robert J. Maxwell

Rod Steiger considered this his best performance and he might be right. He is, for him, subdued for most of the film, although towards the end he punctuates his performance with silent screams. He's pretty good as the survivor of Auschwitz, consumed by survivor guilt, and denying himself any pleasures except the money taken in his pawn shop.

Various figures come and go in his life, although he shows no particular interest in any of them, and aversion towards many. The characters are rather sketchily done, as they might be in a play. There is the ambitious assistant, the whore, the gangster, the lonely man who wants to talk about Herbert Spencer, Reni Santoni as a quivering junkie, the pregnant young girl who wants to sell her engagement ring. (Not a wedding ring, mind you, this is an illegitimate pregnancy and in 1964 you were still in trouble if you had no husband and no opportunity for an abortion.) "That diamond is glass," he tells the stricken girl brusquely. Steiger's Sol Nazerman is a pretty cold fish.

His relationship with his Latino assistant is key to Steiger's evolution. Steiger "teaches" him that nothing matters but money, so Ortiz very sensibly decides to help the local gangsters hold up Nazerman's shop. But the assistant, instead, teaches Nazerman something. Killed in the robbery, he teaches Nazerman to feel pain, which Nazerman then reaffirms by impaling his palm on one of those spikey receipt holders, a kind of stigma to go along with his concentration camp tattoos.

The movie was pretty much a shocker on its release. Partly because the audience got to see some naked breasts. Amusing now, isn't it? It was also knocked because of the way Latinos and blacks were treated. I don't know why. It would be surprising if the owner of a pawn shop on 116th street didn't have a lot of customers who were people of color -- good and bad.

The jazz score is loud and at times almost overwhelming. The photography makes 1964 New York grimy, smoggy, and dangerous.

If you haven't seen it, catch it if you have the chance. You're not likely to forget it in a hurry.

the_last_name_left said...

i'm not reading the spoiler.

S: You said something about TLNL nattering about anonymous nobodies. Where has he done that?

Oh that's ok, S. That they're anonymous nobodies is good. Long may it continue.

If donkeytale wants to mock my candidacy for the Nobel Peace Prize, so be it.


Yeah, I kinda knew you were Boston, but I was just asking. I like people relating to where they're from. People take in something from the place they're at, where they're from, whatever. Uncomfortable to say much over net, I know, S. ;)

Crotchless panties are not rubbish.

No? I'm not a fan. I can't imagine ever complaining about them though.

socrates said...

Good thing I put up the spoiler. One bit of advice for watching on youtube. Depending on your connection, you might want to wait until each segment downloads a good chunk. The next parts are usually the first new link on the right. I go big screen, then back out to that link. They do usually put a link on the big screen too at the end of each ten minutes or so but not always.

I can find you some good movies. Then you might start to reevaluate that 99% rubbish ratio. If you go back in time, the good to bad ratio improves. I can't bear any of the new stuff. I need realism. I need context. The older stuff tended to be based on real books and whatnot, social issues, made you think.

I'm not too comfortable blurting out too much. I can give you a general sense of what it's like here, but I think you already know. Weren't you in the States for a visit?

I'm not from Boston exactly, just close to it. There's a lot of sprawl here. Everything looks the same. There are some nature spots. Western Mass. is probably the best for that.

Petrol prices are too high now to go driving around like the old days. Plus now there's traffic almost everywhere. America's a weird place. It's like we're human just like ye Europeans and elsewhere. There's something missing though due to the heavy dose of capitalist propaganda. What a lot of folks don't realise from other countries is we aren't that rich. Sure, there are rich people, but for the most part there's a lot of poverty and some hunger. Our schools suck. And even when they're good, it's all about getting ahead and not thinking for oneself.

What donkeytale and others don't know about that sock puppet thing is we were responsible for bringing down a whole website. It wasn't that we actually brought it down, but because we went after them, that long thread at Aircraft Wings, your thread at their forum, that goofy anti-semitism and what appeared as cointelpro. It was funny how they deleted it and tried to blame it on us. That fake lawyer thing. That;s when I was in my prime for taking screenshots and saving whole web pages.

Don't you think that Ender guy might be a paid disinfo fake? I know there's no paystub, but for real, didn't that whole thing smell rather fishy? Then Tinoire and Wells feasted on that nonsense and prolonged it. I'm glad I exposed that crap. It's extra convoluted, but anyone with some time, there's plenty on it at Aircraft Wings. Remember that strange guy at Chemtrail Central? I reported him to the police for cyberstalking.

I'll come clean. We fought because I was too into chemtrails and took offense at your ridiculing the concept. All these nutjobs were all over my ass, and I got stupid and thought you were part of it. But we made up. We figured it out. There's also that thread from here somewhere, when I used your Dandelion info and I don't know, just saying we came up with some great stuff. You know it. The proverbial they know it.

It looks like Agent99 is gone from BradBlog. Another one bites the dust. We exposed her pretty good too. And the point isn't that we went after the anonymous nobody, but shoed how a real person in BradBlog was in bed with anti-semites. That guy is bad news. I know what I did, TLNL. I done good. We done good.

socrates said...

TLNL, sorry for rambling about the past.Hey, if you want to blog here, I can give you an invite. You could cross-post if you want an entry. I have your email from Aircraft Wings, if that's the same one you use for blogger.

I'm not trying to steal your juice from your own blog. I was just thinking how a while back we were thinking of maybe creating a blog together. You're pretty good with American politics and other socially scientific areas. It'd be a shame if you and donkeytale didn't get a good dialogue going at some point. He seems to get going in whatever the top thread is, and that makes sense for the blogger software. Right now that one is on sports, so I can see how it might not be the best setting for that.

I could even open up unregistered comments again at any point. Perhaps in due time we could all build up a good base, create a niche for decent down to earth lefty blogging.

You should check out Dave Weintraub's story. I'm not saying the later stuff, unless you want to. I mean what he was doing as an activist in real life and shared through his blogging. He used to go toe to toe with Sean Hannity and other right wingers. He could have become a great politician but died young due to health issues. This place might eventually turn into something very special. And that would be due to his having pioneered a certain kind of political blogging, one I think you could relate to and appreciate.

socrates said...

There's this movie Soylent Green I'd like to see, but all there is at youtube are various clips. It was Edward G. Robinson's last flick. It was futuristic, taking place around 2020. The Earth had become burnt out due to industrialisation. You kind of have to watch some clips to appreciate what it was trying to say. Movies nowadays don't come anywhere close to making one think.

I hope you see The Pawnbroker, so we can talk a bit about it. What I was thinking about you blogging here, was just throwing up some entries every once in a while. Maybe that's the way to do it with blogger. It's a tough balance to get comments going without them slipping into the archives.