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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Donkeytale is a Confirmed Troll Thread

Peace activist protests on Vineyard

Perverted troll known as donkeytale: ... exemplified by the complete irrelevance of the "great" Cindy Sheehan and whatever precious few token photo-op-for-poseurs antiwar demonstrations

... Cindy Sheehan, whose whining after the fact has no resonance outside of a handful of pwoggies

There's a blogger who emerged out of Daily Kos bannings named Marisacat. She believes donkeytale is paid astroturf. Those are her exact words. I'm not sure. He very well could be. If he is, he's working for the Democratic Leadership Council. If this is true, then donkeytale is not the only username he has. That one has been specifically utilised to put his paw prints on offshoot, Daily Kos blogs. Who he is elsewhere would be impossible to figure out.

Let me make this clear. There are only two possible types of blogger this person could be. He's either a very messed up, perverted, anti-social misfit, or he is paid to steer votes towards the moderate wing of the Democratic Party. Without a paystub, that's the best one can say. What's my opinion? I think he's paid to post, though I've no way of knowing for sure. Whether he is or not, he's clearly been a disruptive, internet presence who's added nothing much of value other than confusion.

This is not to say he isn't a good writer at times. I'm not saying he doesn't have his good moments. I'm just saying, and I'm not thanking him for this.

He has something he calls the projection alert. It's his device to throw the reader off that he is a bald-faced hypocrite. Recently he posted generic lies about my posting history. I have a few blogging friends. There are others I am still in conract with despite their not having the time to blog like the old days. Donkeytale, on the other hand, has only one blogging friend left, and that's another dirtbag troll named noom.

Donkeytale had been on friendly blogging terms with someone named Eric S.. One time bestiality pictures were put up at FSZ. Even though they were posted by someone named donkeytail, and Eric denied posting them, the spin was that Eric was indeed donkeytail. The pervert known as donkeytail was more likely to have been a UGOG'er, noom, or now we could even add donkeytale as a suspect. What was Eric's crime that brought about this punishment of libel? He was pro-Israeli going up against a sect of pro-Palestinian bloggers with indirect ties to neonazi websites.

While going through some archives to accumulate material for this entry, it blew my mind to find out donkeytale had also spread the rumour Eric S was behind the posting of bestiality images. Eric S. has always been open about his real name. This wasn't just another idiotic, out of control, flame fest involving anonymous usernames. Eric S. doesn't hide his true identity. Donkeytale wrote,
You just go on and keep hopin yur makin a difference.

I like the pictures myslef. I enjoyed Erics bestiality pix on FSZ too.

I enjoy watching good, decent middle class people squirm. Always makes my day.

So does your pretending that you are doink something meaningful.

What ever gets you thru the nite "lefty."

It's almost infinite the amount of time one could spend parsing through donkeytale's many thousands of posts. Those aware of his schtick who read through this entry will be going yes, uh-huh, gotcha sure thing, yep, true as true is true. For others, they will have to decide for themselves. I am pretty good at this kind of thing. I nailed the Annette Appollo, Susan Polk, and Theresa Duncan stories, not to mention many others. Donkeytale shouldn't have messed with me. Eventually I do figure things out, whether it concerns a big name like hoax master Brad Friedman or insignificant, perverted scum such as donkeytale.

He's definitely a confirmed pervert who condones sexual relations between adults and minors. For those who don't know it, his current username at My Left Wing is Joseph KKK. He can't even hide being a troll with his usernames. The Ku Klux Klan? Wow, what a creep.

I think the most interesting aspect of donkeytale is this. If one didn't know it was him writing, at times one could think he may be a Republican political operative. No, he isn't. Not even close. He is an old-school Democrat as in DINO, DLC, or Blue Dog. He's the yippie who became a yuppie. He's an admitted ex-con who claims to have been a lefty socialist during the sixties. Now he says he runs a business. Now he attacks lefty idealism. Whenever this becomes clear, he changes the subject, denies that what he wrote is what he actually meant, or goes into warp drive nine, trolling mode.

At Maryscott O'Connor's My Left Wing, donkeytale wrote,
I often wonder how [Cindy Sheehan] came to raise up a "warrior son" in the first place, approvingly sending him off to boot camp?

Oh, you mean the VOLUNTEER military is not just a jobs training program, a way to accumulate tuition money? You mean that nice sergeant at the recruitment center was lying????

Cindy Sheehan is gigging dude, an opportunist using her dead son for fun and profit. I have no problem with her schtick, but its a far cry from where she sits to grateness.

She's found her a nice job, is all, standing around all day in front of the MSM, collecting donations from the Left Behind.

Now, institutionalized. An annual event attracting dozens.....the Jerry Lewis Telethon of the Left Behind. Give a dollar and feel all good about yourself.

Donkeytale is a liar. Cindy Sheehan had advised her son Casey to not enlist. It took me five seconds of googling to confirm this, although she does regret having not tried harder. As blogger Ed Tant explained,
Talking with me after her speech, Sheehan urged parents to discourage their children from joining the military and said that whether parents of fallen military personnel are for or against the Iraq war, "My heart is with you because I know how painful it is."

Sheehan lost her son in Iraq in 2004.

"I wish I had tried harder to stop my son, Casey, from joining the military," she told me.
Let's get back to the MLW thread. Donkeytale was confronted. He tried to change the subject. He's notorious for hijacking threads. We can also start to see he always has an insidious explanation for anything flat out wrong he posts, if one is able to expose it. When donkeytale realised there was no way he could ignore how his right wing attack on Sheehan was now fully in the open, he countered that his attack was really on a poster named fairleft, not Cindy. Nonetheless, even then he still he found a way to continue throwing sweet Cindy Sheehan under the bus by questioning her motives. That's sophisticated trolling at its best. That's sophistry. As defined by a website, Sophism pertains to "a deliberately invalid argument displaying ingenuity in reasoning in the hope of deceiving someone."
I'm not so much criticizing Sheehan as I am YOU for terming what she does [as] "greatness."

The definition of "greatness" has been severely degraded, if [that's the] case. About as severely degraded as the the term "leftist activism" in fact.

I mean five-six peeps standing in the shade holding signs in front of the media is merely perfunctory stuff. And when its your gig, its even more perfunctory. Its a job, not an adventure. Now, I'm sure if everybody got paid there would be thousands maybe millions of "leftist activists". But volunteers?

Blah blah blog. Nowheresville.

The schtick at Bushs ranch had some sizzle at the time and got some attention. Had she or someone in her PR team actually grown it into any kind of mass antiwar activism, or sustained activism of any sort against the PTB, y'know an actual movement, that would be greatness.

Trying to pump up Sheehan into something she's not, as you do here, is as delusional trying to convince yurslef that Nadir is something he's not. Just another paid hack.

But whatever gets you thru the nite, "lefty."
Even the right wing, Fox News producer was stunned by donkeytale's defamatory statements directed at Cindy.
Yikes. That's awfully cynical of you KKK.

I'll be the first [to] admit that Cindy didn't help herself when she did the International ANSWER Hugo/Castro World message, credibility in peril.

But as probably the only person in here who's dealt with Cindy a bunch of times, she's smart and super nice.
Now watch as donkeytale pulled out his best attempt at right woos left sophistry dressed up as "regular guy" common sense.
For a journalist you are misreading as badly as my friend here.

I am a firm believer in "enlightened self interest" even if the enlightenment comes at the price of your only son.

My "cynical" take is directly solely at Failleft here....I think I said in this thread "mopowr to her" for what she's on about.

I've known my share of celebs too, in similar business circumstances, as well as many many rich, deeply conservative peeps, such as H. Ross Perot, who the leftworld consider truly evil....and they are generally as nice as can be....well, except for Perot, infact. That dude is simply as complete an asswipe fucktard in RL as you could imagine in yur wildest dreams.

Besides, I doubt that many people, except those few truly at the very top of the heap, in the arts mostly, can truly afford to offend even minor MSM media apparatchiks, can they?
Donkeytale finished up his contribution with his typical hijacking tactics. He spoke of Ayn Rand, the Japanese economy, health care, and how so-called "left behinds" such as Cynthia McKinney and Ralph Nader are bad news.

Donkeytale also used to write for a DKos offshoot called Booman Tribune. A bunch of people there said he sounded very familiar. A poster named Petey was mentioned. A Petey from Daily Kos' past appears to have been donkeytale's original username. I sincerely believe they are one and the same. I've looked into this before. The two have a lot in common, from their blue dog democratic leanings, to their propensity for making sadistic comments, to their inflated views of owning great senses of humour. Petey appears to have been a paid astroturfer for the Democratic Leadership Council. More on that in a bit.

Petey: Re: the petey ticket
"Is that why I had to shovel my driveway this morning?"

of course.

but don't fear, Petey has expressed his support for a Constituitional Amendment banning most forms of driveway clearing.

under a Petey administration, the only legal form of snow removal will be with hair dryers, each limited to no more than 120 watts.

If one goes to donkeytale's DKos diary page, they will notice that his final two entries before banishment were When Donkeytale is Elected President...... and When Donkeytale Is Elected Pres...Part II.

If one looks into Petey's and donkeytale's blogging, they will find amazing similarities. Check out what Petey had to say about Joe Trippi on Jan. 15th, 2004. Take note of how he talks in the third person, as donkeytale likes to do.
Petey's Accumulated Wisdom on '04

* Joe Trippi for DNC Chairman
* John Edwards for President
A mere three weeks later, Petey was singing a different tune.
I'd be angry at Joe Trippi's decision making... one crucial thing you'll quickly discover: you can tell if Joe Trippi is lying by looking to see if his lips are moving... i will tell you who i really hate, even more than i hate Republicans - people on the left who spread the nonsense that there is no difference between the two parties. in almost every case, they know it to be false, and are doing it for cynical and self-serving reasons. i believe that in the lowest circle of hell, you'll find Ralph Nader and Joe Trippi writhing for all eternity.
The heading for this last comment was, "You don't read very well, do you?" Compare that to donkeytale's comment in the Sheehan thread, "For a journalist you are misreading as badly as my friend here." Or one could go cybersleuthing and find countless times donkeytale has made that specific kind of condescending comment. I've heard it plenty of times directed at myself. The funny thing is, donkeytale thinks his not so funny projection alerts cancel out all his hypocritical contradictions. In the last post he ever made on this blog, he showed a total lack of reading comprehension by not directly answering a question. Most people simply get tired of his antics. Donkeytale is a bullying, thread hijacking, salty sailor talk sophist. It took me a longer time than most to catch onto his mental illness or paid activity. But I have, and it feels wonderful to not have him on this blog ever again.

Here's more from Petey from the most recently linked to thread. Sound familiar?
i insult when i am insulted.

this is why i post on meaningless bulletin boards rather than working Party outreach.

if you, like i do, believe in what the Democratic Party stands for, you should work to help it, even when you're candidate loses in the primaries - like mine did, i might add.

if you don't believe in what the Democratic Party believes in, well fine. i think you're wrong, but fine.

but if you make your decision on the fact that people like me have no patience when they get insulted, well, i dunno what to tell you.
People should actually read through that whole thread to see in a nutshell what Petey was up to. That dude had a serious dislike for Howard Dean. Petey was all about getting everyone to stop criticizing the party leadership, one fixated on triangulation just like donkeytale. Petey was all about getting an owned Democrat the nomination. He claimed John Kerry was the polar opposite of the Democratic Leadership Council. Here's another strange Petey quote. Someone asked him how he could still be peddling Kerry as having no close connection to the DLC. He responded, "calling me a liar, colleen? well, then, i'll call you an idiot back if you think Kerry is from the same wing of the Party as the DLC. i'll call you an idiot because you're obviously too stupid to be making this stuff up."

That's the kind of mind bending, anti-social sophistry donkeytale is well-known for.

Petey said, "When you indiscriminately attack the Party, you are attacking the very core people who the Party represents."

A response to that was, "Are you from the Politburo? Central Committee?"

Amen. Or schadenfreude, for whenever a right woos left liar is exposed.

It's now getting a bit jumbled in my mind where Petey said things, and where they're located. I mean, people really need to check this out for themselves to see whether they too believe donketale and Petey are probably the same person. Petey comes across much more than donkeytale as being a political operative, that's for sure. But if they are the same person, all bets are off that donkeytale is a regular guy.

Petey in donkeytale style would later claim he never denied John Kerry was a card carrying member of the DLC. His answer for everything was that being a member of the DLC doesn't mean that person is located in that wing of the Democratic Party. That's the ticket. In regards to Howard Dean, who he called an opportunist, that was the same descriptive used by donkeytale in reference to Cindy Sheehan. Petey also said, "and yes, given the dynamics of this year, if Dean had run as the Jimmy Carter he really is, rather than the Jerry Brown he's not, he might have had a serious shot." How are these two not the same guy?

Donkeytale has consistently sought me out to blog with. He did it at Dave From Queens. He did it here. He told me his name in real life is Peter. During one political conversation we were having at DFQ, I was surprised to realise how conservative a democrat he really is. His response was that he's tired of Republican rule, that America is conservative, and if Democrats want to be out of power for another forty years, they can keep alienating middle of the road folks.

Here's more from Petey sounding exactly like donkeytale.
i don't put this charge [to divide the party] on the members of the campaign who were duped.

i do put this charge on the heads of Joe Trippi and Howard Dean who say a way to run an insurgent canpaign by lying through their teeth about the nature of the Democratic Party. i do think these two slimeball make a deliberate decision to cyncially promote a Party diviisive strategy to win the nomination over a divided field. they cared not how much damage they would do to the institutions of the left in their singleminded focus on their jihad.
To paraphrase, someone then asked Petey if he thought all these Dean supporters had been duped and never had similar ideas with or without Howard Dean. Petey's response, like donkeytale's at times, revealed how he is ultimately a fake lefty.

i believe that there's a left wing of the Party. however this year, that wing attempted an inept hostile takeover of the Party. and one of their methods was to run relentless against the Party for a solid year in a misguided attempt to mau-mau the Party into submission.

of course, it was never going to work. and we are now left with a much more dividied Party than we had a year ago, with many on the frige being convinced that their party is their enemy.

i also believe these cynical messages were distributed in such a way that many decided they had arrived at their conclusion on their own, instead of being manipulated by Burlington.

this is Joe Trippi's standard style. Donna Brazille had a great quote on Trippi. "No matter where Joe goes, he fails and leaves a huge mess in the Party for others to clean up."

get yourself deprogrammed ASAP, so we can all re-unite to have our voices heard in the eternal re-alignment of coalitions inside the Party.

I have more things to share but will do so in the comment section, when I get the time.

It will be seen how donkeytale's astroturfing is comprised mostly of himself leeching onto other blogger's energy. That is what he does. There is not one shred of original, donkeytale material that anyone can remember off-hand. There's no contribution, nothing to point to and say that could have been the best thing he ever wrote. The thing some of us wonder when reading Peter's donkeytale username is whether he is some anonymous, nobody pervert or is paid to post. Since there is no paystub, the best thing is to ignore him and the places he posts at. I am only doing this now, because he came on my turf and caused a stink.

Once I'm done with this thread, it's over for me writing about some pervert from Texas named Pete.

He's a leech. Just like the Free Speech Zone blog he has returned to has been a historic, troll leech. FSZ stole from Dave Weintraub while simultaneously throwing him under the bus. That is rock solid fact. Ironically, donkeytale is the true opportunist, a word he likes to use when taking dumps on good people like Cindy Sheehan and Howard Dean.

When Eric S. got trolled on at pffugee concerning an unproven, pervert allegation, both he and myself quit that dive. On the contrary, allegations that donkeytale is a pervert have been proven. He cannot escape that label. It's no wonder then that he continued to post at Pffugee, even after myself and Eric abandoned it. Donkeytale only quit Pffugee when it became clear that myself and Eric were gone. Donkeytale followed me to DFQ and DFQ2. Now that I have finally seen the light and have tossed him to the curb, he is back at FSZ. He says he knows it's a stinky blog, but he likes to see his schtick in print. However, Donkeytale's blogging cannot stand on its own. There's no "there" there.

Donkeytale did leech onto Dave Weintraub back in the day. He would ultimately make fun of Dave. That's how donkeytale works. He supports the right for people to be ridiculed.

The following shows how easy it is to fall for donkeytale's schtick. It's also a warning. As Dave prefaced the donkeytale quote, "While I may not agree with donkeytale's politics on many things nor how he has treated a couple of people...."

Donkeytale is like a fifth column. He's like the bad guys in Capra movies who usurp good values and corrupt them from within. One example of this analogy is how on the surface there is freedom of the press, yet when push comes to shove, the bad guys control that vehicle for free speech. That's what's going on with the blogosphere. There's an illusion of free speech. And unfortunately too often the ones speaking truth to soapblox or other blog powers, such as donkeytale aka Petey and MattyJack of FSZ, such strawmen turn out to be disgusting, cowardly, perverted, and manipulative liars. They ultimately don't get away with it, however, since they do eventually expose themselves as being right woos left frauds paid or not. That's what happened to Markos Moulitsas, who some have wondered if he receives an annual salary from the DLC for promoting their talking points.
[Donkeytale making sense concerning FSZ in an attempt to leech onto DFQ] Yes. The differences have nothing to do with "principles" as the sacred cows try to have it. Its about herding and belonging. They didnt belong there. They belong here, so they set about erecting barriers around themselves and their friendz.

There, they were "trolls". Here, mainly by virtue of their tag-teaming, they are now "respected" "insiders." Nevermind that respect and insiderism are supposedly anathema to a free speech site, or supposedly beside the point. Once you get the cliques formed, the trouble, the endless gotchas, the inane flame warz, never end....until finally, the massah becomes disgusted with what his site has become and pulls the plug on the entire mess.

The ex-hunteds have now become the kops. SUre, its a softer stick, no banning weapons, but there is more than one way to die....and a slow inconsequentiual death is the one preferred by cowards, and it is the one FSZ is experiencing before our eyes.

Cons turned kops is a phenomenon of which those of us who have experience with the prison industrial complex from the inside are very familiar....

This site picked up where PFF left off, which is to say, the spreading cancer of ex-Kos trolls and ex-kos kops who suddenly realized that, by joining forces, they could become that which they never could become at DKOS: self important figures possessing the respect of the kkkrowd.

And all the subtle and not so subtle attempts to monitor, regulate and set the tone of "normalcy" for a site with ostensibly, no rulez beyond not breaking the law.

Its never about principles. Its about the warmth at the center of the herd...
I'll add more in the comments for sure, but I don't know when I'll get the chance. One of my blogging friends has written a new paper on weather mitigation and says I can post it. It feels so good to have nothing to do with donkeytale anymore. Let the sunshine in!

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