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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Banned For Speaking Truth To Blogmaids

I signed up to a website named writing in the raw. An internet troll named Melvin has deleted a diary I wrote along with one post. He is now implying myself and donkeytale are the same person. Donkeytale claims he too had a diary deleted. Here's an exchange between two blogmaids.
undercovercalico: For all I know..... You/Socrates deleted it yourself and just waved the finger at melvin for a fun game. Or somebody other than melvin pulled the trigger...... Who knows? Maybe it was me. or the Green Hornet.

Melvin: Wait. I han't thought of that. Are these the same person? Because I did delete socrates.
That's the same, tired schtick mattyJack has spun at his loser FSZ blog, that we are the same person. I was banned by Melvin because of the diary I posted, not the comment. I coherently explained how the FSZ gang operates. Melvin is part and parcel of that. I presented oral history of how they stole Peeder's legacy. It was top-notch Meta. It was setting the record straight. The second half concerned "chemtrails." I'll repost the diary and a screenshot of the one post I made.

Ex-Kos Kop Blogmaids, the Internet Zeitgeist, and Chemtrails
by: socrates

The scariest part of this blog is Daily Kos is linked to as a favourite.

Why would you do that?

Moulitsas thinks the CIA is a liberal institution with its heart in the right place. He came within a nose hair of working for them.

Yet you continue to prop up that fake lefty.

This is why donkeytale loves the whiteysphere!

My Left Wing was the first attempt to create a super blog out of the dung which is Daily Kos. Once it became obvious that Mary Scott O'Connor wasn't fit to be leader of the ex-Kos Kop blogmaids, Peeder set up the Political Flesh Feast. It lasted one year.

Then an immature troll stole that legacy by starting FSZ. Deja Vu all over again took place as with MSOC's failure. The blog owner forgot why his place had become popular. He threw Dave From Queens under the bus. He came up with one scam after another- unfair bannings, idiotic made-up scenarios, etc., a 180 degree turn from Peeder's vision.

The same thing would happen to FSZ that afflicted MLW. Those who made the place lively were driven off by crusty ex-Kos Kop blogmaids who spoke of blog wreckers and whackjobs. History recently repeated itself, as Francis Holland was driven off of FSZ in a manner similar to how the MLW bores had done.

When the most interesting bloggers are driven off, what you are left with are irrelevant blogs with no entertainment value. You are merely left with a new outlet for blog Koppers to dominate.

Back in the day there was a fairly popular philosopher named Joseph Dirt. Many remember him for having a funky looking mullet. I looked beyond that and took heed of his adage, "It's all about the consumer."

I will now attempt to wrap up this mailed-in diary. Donkeytale requested that I write a bit about chemtrails. Since it's all about the consumer, here goes. This too shall be mailed in. That's the stuff!

Many people bury their heads in the sand when it comes to the debate over whether chemtrails are real or are just normal aviation contrails that hit certain atmospheric conditions.

I took the following screenshots a couple years ago from a youtube video no longer available. Check out how a jet flies below, through, and then above a so-called persistent contrail without any trail forming off the engines. This says it all.

Debunkers will have an answer for everything. They are set in their ways and will label chemtrails a whackjob hoax no matter what. In this case, they'll simply ignore the above or claim it was photoshopped.

Here's a video clip of a Pacific Northwest weatherman laying it on the line, that not all contrails are contrails.

Well, I'm not one who's into reinventing the wheel. One can go to the top section of this blog and read up on my chemtrail schtick, if interested. (My other blog is called DFQ2 and can be found here. Donkeytale also blogs there on occasion.)

The main problem is there is too much kooky garbage on the net which perverts the obvious into being science fiction and paranoia. So if you google chemtrails and whatnot, you're going to be led 99.99% of the time to garbage links.


socrates said...

There's some bizarro world activity going on. Someone named masslass claims donkeytale and DavidByron wrote the same diary. But I don't believe it. It smells like MattyJack. I'm not saying he's masslass, just that it's the same modus operandi.

donkeytale said...

Hey Soc, I just reposted an exetnsively re-written version of my "Flutter Wings" classic at "Raw."

WHatever you do or don't do, please refrain from going over the and making a stink about them front paging it, or wtf.

OK? Let the work---and the general reaction---speak for itself.

socrates said...

You haven't been frontpaged.

You're just acting the ass again returning to blogs that unfairly censor as if nothing happened.

My FSZ as UGOG theory has never looked closer to the truth.

There has been so much censorship going on at writing in the raw, things that no one even knows about unless they stumble across it, that for you to return there, ugh.

You look like a loser. That website is Kos Kop territory, and they have the morals of the UGOGs.

donkeytale said...

You don't get it. You probably never will, either. If I explained it too you you'd just accuse me of acting conceited.

By the way, that picture of the airplane where the trail looks like its coming out of both ends of the rear tail?

It is an illusion. Thats actually the streams from the front tail. When the view of streams in the picture pass across a portion of the body before reaching the rear tale, the sun's reflection from the body is angled just so that it the view of the jet stream disappears and picks up again past the rear tail because the rear tail blocks the sunlight.

socrates said...

I wouldn't accuse you of being conceited. I can only imagine what that means.

If you want to hang out at blogs that cheat by deleting behind people's backs, then fine.

I think this new episode is further proof of what FSZ represents, a bald-faced stealing of Peeder's legacy mojo.

Pfiore said all the right things at first, but it has come out that she is as much of a blogmaid as Melvin and Cometman and has propped them up as grown-ups versus whackjobs. That is UGOG 101.

I saw your zing at Cometman in response to fairleft. I just don't see the point of it. It looks like there are twenty admins who each have the right to make whole posts disappear. What's the point of hanging out on a blog which blatantly cheats like that?

There are two sets of rules. What will happen is even if you beat them down by exposing their hypocrisy, they'll just go back when no one is looking and delete posts that make them look bad.

Should I try a diary on Moulitsas and see where that goes? But then it becomes work to keep saving posts and tracking what is getting deleted.

As for your point on the trail appearing as an illusion as coming out of the tail, I've heard that retort before. I don't know. I don't think so, not when from every angle it always adds up perfectly as coming from the tail not the engines.

Anyway, that is only a small sub-topic, and I admit it isn't one which clearly proves all contrails aren't contrails.

The weatherman report is a good one. Plus there's tons of other stuff, which makes it obvious this isn't like saying the moon is made out of cheese.

donkeytale said...

The truth shall be revealed in time, my soc. I got motivated to finally put add some depth in my masterpiece. The silence of the whack jobs speaks volumes to me. So does the lack of frontpaging. I say unto, there is as much revealed in the unstated as there is in the stated. More if you are perceptive enough and not overtaken by your base emotions and mental comfort zones.

Thus spake donkeythustra.

As for the visual illusions, do you have pictures of the same plane from different angles, of the sunlight at the very same moment?

That would seem to me to be a very difficult to achieve.

socrates said...

They showed their true colours. They are anal retentive, fake lefty, DKOS Kops.

The link to Daily Kos is one of their favourites.

I find it interesting that those who run FSZ are also part of the administration of writing in the raw.

All Your Bases Shall Belong To Al Franken is what it smells like.

Unfair fight clubs suck period.

So should I write up an ode to Francis Holland and see how it goes? I think the reason they are against META is two-fold. One, it makes them look bad. Two, they aren't good at it.

There are some movies that are so bad, they are good. Their META is so bad, it causes drowsiness.

As to the trail out of the engine or tail schtick, I have admitted it's a tough one to prove. I have seen when it looks like an illusion, but then one can see it is from the engines. I know what you're talking about.

You're going to tell me you've never seen fake clouds forming and thought it looked kind of like a military exercise?

You need certain atmospheric conditions for cirrus aviaticus. It's often cold enough, but you also need relative humidity in the 60-70% area. You need a close proximity between the dew point and regular temperature.

Are not clear blue skies the definition of low humidity? I've seen fake clouds produced in that scenario. The weatherman above was talking about the same kind of thing. He didn't fully explain how he knew those weren't clouds or persistent contrails. You can't deny what that guy said. That's an expert witness.

Now what he was talking about was military chaff. I don't think chemtrails are even close to being all about that. Climate change is a matter of national security. That means the buggers don't have to make it known they are tampering with the skies.

Look at how bugged they are over Assange. There are two sets of rules in not only blogs. We are supposed to accept that Big Brother can look up our skirts, and if we have nothing to hide, then it's all good and a bag of 0% transfat chips. But when the same treatment is applied to them, oh boy, they have a conniption.

I can't reinvent the wheel in one thread or post. That's what my other blog is for. I'll repeat, this is no the moon is made out of dorito cheese story. There is enough evidence that more likely than not, widespread weather mitigation is taking place and it's being passed off as the result of ordinary air traffic. Then you have all these whackjob websites making this seem like moon cheese.

Man, there were buggers in America who plotted a coup d' etat against FDR. They covered it in England. I'm not sure it's been covered by American news. I'd have to check. But I doubt it. The same cover up is going on with Assange. He's being characterised as a sex criminal whackjob who has put national security in danger. The guy is being set up to be an example of what happens if people get too close to the truth. Someone like me, if chemtrails are true, they don't have to fock with me because of all the zaniness out there. Anyway, I got to go. The C's are on. This could be the last chance for them to win a title. I'm trying to relish it with mustard.

socrates said...

UGOG Michael Bouldin says he has HIV.

He admitted to being promiscuous. It's tough to have sympathy for someone who got it that way. He was asking for it. While he isn't a nice person, I didn't smile when hearing this. To be honest, I don't care.

Then Diane Gee came in and called it a man-made plague. Yet I'm doubtful Melvin and Cometman will confront her as a nutjob conspiracy theorist.

You have to keep in mind that they attacked me for outing the Michael Connell threatened by Rove story for the bullshit it is.

I'd jump in there and ask Diane for more info on her conspiracy theory schtick, but I figure it'll just be deleted anyway when no one's looking. It happened to her and Noom's posts before. I think I'm starting to understand this FSZ-WWL-WITR alliance. They deep down support Kos Kops and Daily Kos but are not in agreement with Moulitsas' clampdown on conspiracy theory back in I think 2006-07. I think if I go back to WITR, I'll do that write-up on Moulitsas, probably mail something in about the townhouse payola thingie and his love for the CIA. I'd probably mention Dave and the UGOGs. I'm in no rush however to do that. I'm thinking if they are ignored, they'll become irrelevant the way MLW did when it kicked out people like us.

donkeytale said...

So "My Boner Needs Your Colon" (h/t Pinche Boitano) isn't just a clever nickname pinned on him at Political Flesh Feast? To be honest, I have no clue about the guy. I havent paid any attention at all to MAMZ and his minions since 7/2005.

Yes, Writing in the smAll are now dedicated to self serving schmaltz, under the influence of the magnificent Diane.

That was a very quick trip for her out and back, wasnt it?

"New and different" is just the shabby blanket of false advertising covering yet more banality and regular features. The safety of routine interaction among friends.


Surely, Pfiore8 already recognizes that there is no spark there and worse, that allowing for any true creativity or the frisson required to nurture "new and different", will require an entirely different coterie, because hers is dedicated to the exact opposite.

The realization reflects in her deadened tone. The lack of energy is palpable. You could see it when they immediately attacked banned deleted us on arrival and there was that momentary flurry of activity, but of course all negative energy leads to enervation.

I'm not really aware of her persona at all, maybe this is all she's ever been, anyway. Or, she's going, "oh yeah, no wonder Buddy Dramma decided to hang up on this crowd."

No wonder she keeps talking up and defining what it is she wants the blog to me.

It isn't what she wants it to be and she'll never get there from here.

Writing in the Raw is "Inaccroachable" as Gertrude Stein explained to Hemingway to describe stories that cannot work because the elements of the story cannot be combined to achieve the desired result.

socrates said...

That was well put, what you just wrote.

At the DKOS meetup, pfiore spoke well of Ron Paul supporter pinche tejano. Apparently Ender was also there. I don't understand why conservatives would be so close with Kossacks.

Then it's really not that much of a stretch to think FSZ equals UGOGs equals writing in the raw.

Too bad PFF isn't still around so you could show me who this pfiore was.

I notice their stupid, boring features. Provide a caption for the photo. Woohoo!!! Or is it Yeeeehaaw! Or whatever Noom writes, that bwok bwok something

Boring writing can never be cured. Heck, they can start all the soapbloxes they want. It just doesn't matter.

They're saying all we write is predictable meta that no one cares about, that we are the boring fockers.

They only say that because they are promoting Daily Kos. I bet there are a lot of people in the "real world" who still don't know about the Townhouse Memo payo0la scandal. Few probably even know about Markos Moulitsas being a CIA lover.

These people suck. They are the ones who didn't help Dave. Major Flaw hated Dave for going after his Long Island, Fox News friends. FSZ was just an extension of DKOS. They never really went after it. The UGOG's became the scapegoat for all the ills of a decaying, sadistic, blogging empire. The UGOG files were taken down. The story was covered up. That Melvin and Cometman are at the top of the power chain at WITW to go with Diane fricken says it all. Bouldin (MBNYC) was 100% UGOG. These fockers don't want any newbies and fence sitters to know what really happened and why they, Daily Kos, and all the offshoots stink.

Anonymous said...

Great job fighting censorship on the web and uncovering the chemtrail story. Really enjoyed reading this.