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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Death by Internet in Arizona

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-AZ, seen in this June 21, 2007 file photo.
UPI/Roger L. Wollenberg/FILE

I've definitely lost the blogging bug. If it weren't for a few good people popping in over the last year, I would've chilled out a lot sooner. It just all seems so very pointless.

It was bad enough to find out the major "lefty" boards had unfair, moderating procedures. That made it impossible to discuss on those actual sites why they were being more a mirror of fascism than old-fashioned, goody two-shoed progressiveness. There was no way to change the blogging system from within.

Now seeing all these nutjobs from Von Brunn to Joe Stack to Loughner coming out of the woodwork and creating violence, the whole enchilada has become downright nasty and creepy.

I'm not saying folks shouldn't be proud of their pissing into the wind efforts. It hasn't really been that insignificant either. I do believe in pockets of awareness and perhaps even a collective consciousness.

There will always only be the few who get it. The 100th monkey will not be walking through that cyber door. There will be no revolution. 1984 has won. We are born, we do what we do, and then we die.

I believe there is a soul which goes with our bodies. After death, the soul enters a newborn body as in reincarnation. I can't prove this. But no one can prove it isn't true either.

In short, there is spiritual and material. Internet nutjobs who self-imploded had become too attached to the rotten world we live in through cyberspace. They soaked in conspiracy theory and took it far too seriously. If we had access to their biographies, we could probably put two and two together.

They had to be lacking in the basics that go beyond food and shelter. I'm talking about love and education. Loughner couldn't have been in love or else he'd never have thrown away his or others' lives. Same with Joe Stack and Von Brunn. They each bought into crap that's been posted all over the internet.

a younger, more innocent Loughner

Thankfully, it doesn't seem like he's going to flip out and cause violence and mayhem. However, for every Larry who can keep it real within his own fragmented spirit, there are probably more Loughners out there germinating into menaces to society.

All we can do is try to be good and keep reaching for love and enlightenment. Maybe once things hit rock bottom, the government will be forced to push left. We can hope so. We can be ready when it happens to do our part in helping real lives. That will have nothing to do with the internet.

Unless someone can come up with an earlier example, I think I've found the first instance of death by internet. His name was Steve Kangas.

first official case of death by internet?

I socratised his story. Seeing that the reader decides, it's up to each of us to come to terms with social reality. You can agree with my conclusions, disagree, not care either way, or come up with your own perspective.

He had become a lefty after being a conservative. He had been in the military. He was a big time blogger in the usenet days. He was kind of the original Dave From Queens. Though I think Dave was in full control of his faculties and definitely could have eventually become Mayor of New York City. There are few and far in between potential leaders like Dave Weintraub was. His early death was similar to John Lennon or MLK dying young. We can only wonder what if they had lived.

I'm not saying Dave would have ended up an icon like those two, but you never know.

a great man

I think Dave's downfall was going on a crash diet. His heart couldn't handle it. I don't believe Dave was unhinged in his going after Daily Kos trolls. They deserved to be exposed, and Dave was the one who got it done.

Old-school movie legend Laird Cregar died at age 28
after undergoing a crash diet

Not only that, Dave had a body of work that transcended his internet experience. He did street theatre. He confronted Hannity's boy Mark Levin at book signings.

I'm not seeing the same accomplishments out of Steve Kangas. I believe his claim to fame was being a prolific blogger and nothing else. Dave was an attorney activist. He was not anal retentive with conspiracy theories, but he didn't go into them either. He was going to allow one day a week where people could get into it at DFQ. Nonetheless, Dave was not a conspiracy theorist, just an old-school liberal angry with what his beloved Daily Kos had turned into.

Kangas, on the other hand, by the end became a flaming conspiracy theorist. Now of course there is much to be exposed concerning the CIA, the Military-Industrial Complex, etc.. However, Kangas became kind of unhinged with it from what I can see via archives.

Kangas' similarities with Dave pertained to how they both had gone after right wing media. Steve's primary target was Richard Mellon Scaife. Kangas was found shot dead in the bathroom of Scaife's office building.

Some conspiracy theorists would like us to believe it was a hit by Scaife. No, from what I've gathered, Kangas had bought the gun in question and killed himself. He had traveled far to get to that building with said weapon. I read one explanation on the JREF forum which makes a lot of sense.

Kangas was so messed up his plan was to murder Scaife. When no opportunity for that arose, he killed himself out of embarrassment or self-pity.

I admit this blog entry was mailed in. I'm just not so into this anymore. Yeah, there have been cycles in the past, lulls turning into more writing. I just don't feel I will ever get back into the swing of blogging anywhere near as much as I have in the past.

The Last Name Left has been blogging a bit on Jared Loughner. His recent entry is titled, "Loughner was member at conspiracy forum - AboveTopSecret." A conspiracy theory freak named Larry showed up and blabbed about myself thinking JFK was killed by a conspiracy. He was trying to make some point with TLNL. Personally, I don't have any desire to interact with that person. TLNL yes. He's a nice, thoughtful person from Wales. Larry writes some of the most vile things. He's what is referred to as a troll. He used to get published by Alex Jones. Anyone that cares for more context on him, you can check out my National Wingnut Appreciation Day thread. Here is the exchange we had at The Last Blog Left. I won't edit the posts but will chop some down for clearer reading.
Larry: So believing in conspiracies makes you dangerous? Your buddy Socrates believes in the JFK conspiracy. I guess he was involved in the Loughner shooting right?

You're a boob

Me: The point is people who are fixated on conspiracy theories like you Larry are potentially more dangerous than the everyday, common slob.

You were taken to the woodshed a long time ago, and it's no longer necessary to debate anything with your gutter breath mouth. You prominently link to Rense, Illuminati this and that, and tons of other crap.

Conspiracy as a word is legit. Conspiracy as in how people like you sound like nutjobs is not.

From what I briefly read, TLNL, it appears Loughner was one of those NASA fakes Moon and Mars landings. I'm not sure.

I do know that one picture of him as a skinhead says plenty. Sure there are some good skinheads, as in people who like to shave their heads and aren't racist.

Maybe Larry and his ilk stick up for that kind of guy because they are almost looking into the mirror of their own thinking processes.

Someone made a good point on another forum. Loughner wasn't a lefty. He was more of the gold nut types coming out of Rivero and Alex Jones with a spice of Above Top Secret.

It's not that there aren't crazies on the left too. It's just obvious where the violent trends are being pushed, which is on the right, as you have a keen awareness of.

I'm burned out from blogging. It seems like an utter waste of time. It doesn't even seem that fun as a hobby anymore. But if I get a new entry up, I am going to touch on this Loughner story. Not much, because it's already been done to the hilt. I found another story of death by internet, maybe one of the first. The guy was on the left after changing from the Republican side of things. The point is, these events transcend politics in that the individuals are not in control of their faculties. Yet they don't transcend politics in that it's easily shown where they have been getting the gumption to go crazy with violence. That comes from the right.

Larry: So, would Thomas Jefferson or James Madison have shot Giffords? They believed in the gold standard too---thats why they included it in the Constitution, you dickweed!

(on my skinhead schtick) Your point is? Or do you just like hearing yourself talk?

(on being taken to the woodshed and on his gutter mouth) Oh really, I was??? When was I "taken to the woodshed"??? Care to enlighten me on that? "no longer necessary to debate"----lol. Translation: Because I have taken YOU and the last asshole left to the woodshed! Look at my story about Andy Ostroy on my blog. Proof the "LEFT" indulge in hate rhetoric as well! TLNL has AVOIDED my story.

(on being told he has a similar mind to conspiracy theory freaks like Loughner) WHEN did I stick up for him?? Im listening. Because we support his right to have a gun because the 2nd amendment does too????? Youre INSANE.

(on how freaks like him are potentially more dangerous than everyday slobs like myself) Proof of that?? Of course you dont! The 9-11 inside job belief is a FAR-LEFT view [considered far left]. Funny how you say its RIGHT wing when almost all 9-11 truth people HATE Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice and every other right wing person in his administration. And I constantly write stories condemning these assholes----but dont let THAT deter you from calling me RIGHT wing!

Most 9-11 truth people consider CHENEY behind it all---but according to you, they are RIGHT wing...LOL.

(You can go to the thread linked to above and read the whole thing for yourselves. I refuse to copy and paste his quotes of me. It's spam. I try not to quote people when I'm interacting with them. I used to. It now seems kind of pointless. There are plenty of posts on that thread I won't be pasting on this entry.)

Larry: Socrates is allowed to believe in at least ONE conspiracy, and he's still perfectly normal. But if I believe in 5 or 6, Im "nuts" right?

Me: I believe in three topics which would be considered conspiracy theory- the JFK Assassination, chemtrails, and that there are fake posts being put all over the internet for various, insidious objectives.

There's a big difference between myself and Larry's form of conspiracy thinking. Anyone can check out my chemtrail board and see where I'm coming from, what arguments and whatnot I have presented. They can see I tried to be logical and back things up with proof.

The JFK Assassination is definitely not an off the wall conspiracy theory.

It has also been shown that Air Force intelligence and others are into posting on the net. They say they will be upfront when they do so, but who knows.

There's Netvocates, the Rendon Group, Advantage Consultants, and a number of other firms who have been exposed astroturfing. Some of their clients are military and government.

Larry on the other hand is a raging lunatic when it comes to conspiracy theory postulating.

With such a gutter mouth to go with his naivety, he doesn't realise that most people don't bother reading such unhinged rubbish.

TLNL, I'm just totally bored with blogging at this point.

Most blogs and guests are too stupid. Good people got driven off the major boards. There are too many trolls and stupid posts. I know you don't like the word troll, but I can't think of a better one.

Larry: so, if the next shooter believes in chemtrails, can we blame YOU Socrates??

Ahhh yes, but NO PROOF whatsoever for that statement. I have denunked EVERYTHING you cumturds have said....everything! This is why TLNL has IGNORED all of my stories on Loughner---he cant defend who I condemn in my stories.

Me: Cumturds? And you're not a latent homosexual? Dickweed, cum, faggots, you sure do post a lot of homosexual imagery. Studies show you are a closeted homosexual. You basically hate yourself.

You are the poster child for why certain people should not be on the internet. You're completely fucked up.

I don't discuss anything with foul-mouthed scum like yourself. It's not because you're uneducated. It's because you're anti-social and deranged.

In my new blog entry I just wrote that thankfully you don't seem to be someone who will commit violence. Now I'm not so sure.

Don't even bother responding to it when it finally gets posted. I don't understand why TLNL let's you shit on his blog. I mean I do. He's into free speech or something. But even he has had to delete your posts because they got too toxic.

Seek some mental health help, Larry. I think when you come to terms with being a homosexual, you'll be much more relaxed and maybe even find your true love afterall. I pity any woman who ends up your wife. Jerk.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Captain Kirk, Huey Long, FakeLeft, and Shame

Ebony and Ivory live together in perfect harmony.
Side by side on my piano keyboard, Oh lord, why don't we?
We all know that people are the same wherever you go...

William Shatner has an unfair reputation for being a ham actor. His name plus ham plugged into the googler returns over 44 thousand hits. What many people might not realise is he was trained as a Shakespearean actor.

I stumbled across a little-known classic of his which is now in the public domain. It will be embedded at the end of this post. It is a must see movie. It should be shown in every high school civics class. It is similar to Salt of the Earth, in that it reached a level of leftier than thouism that yours truly can only dream of attaining. It showed the connection between racism and inequality. Both movies did not do well in the box office. Both are classics despite having had low budgets and employing local, untrained residents as actors to work along some proven actors. It is a mix that worked.

Shatner's character would have never kissed Uhura. He played a Huey Long type racist, using oratory skills to manipulate the unwashed, white masses. He used doublespeak. It was the African-Americans who were the threat to their way of life and not unhealthy, inorganic bigotry. He drooled out that Washington was encroaching on their freedoms by forcing integration. Shatner preached to the rednecks that it was their responsibility to protect the whitey American way of life from Jooos and communists.

It's a very unsettling movie. The N word is utilised throughout clearly showing why those who hate its naked ugliness are not hiding behind skirts of political correctness. It is a word that shouldn't be thrown around too often.

looks can be deceiving

There's an odd internet poster who goes by the handle fairleft. He should really call himself fakeleft, or failreft as the donkeytale troll refers to him via the misspellicism schtick.

Fairleft describes Richard Nixon as the last liberal President. He is vehemently anti-immigration, to the point of proudly linking to rightwing sources with racist and neo-fascist ties.

The strangest fake leftiness coming out of him has to be with revisionism concerning Huey Long. Talk about right woos left. Here are a couple links proving how that dude is anything but on the left.

Share the Wealth Now, Obama

Fact: Huey pressured FDR from the left

Eric S. as sid's buddy did an excellent job debunking fairleft's disgusting glorification of Huey Long. As did donkeytale.

The first link clearly shows Pffugeecamp jumping the shark. Strangely enough the blog owner was in agreement with fairleft insinuating that all the negatives written about Huey Long have been merely smear attacks. When they couldn't beat Eric through debate, they made up unproven crap about him having peddled pedophilia. I quit Pffugee for a long time due to that. I returned quite a bit recently. I again ponder if I should go cold turkey and never look back. Eventually that blog will probably be whitewalled anyway. So read those threads while they're still available is what I'm suggesting, in order to understand how fake left ideology gets spewed on fake, lefty boards.

true colours

HUEY P. LONG: BAYOU FASCISM? by Lance Hill (excerpts)
It would be safe to assume that Long was forging a mass petty-bourgeois organization beyond his old constituency. Given that the adult population of the U.S. was roughly 55 million then, the 7,550,000 people on the SOWS mailing list reflect the seriousness of the movement's scope. Coupled with Huey's own personal newspaper, American Progress (peak subscription of 375,000), the Long propaganda machine presented one of the most formidable challenges to traditional bourgeois rule in the thirties.

Sitting at the administrative head of this organization was Reverend Gerald L. K. Smith. Smith was handpicked by Huey to head up SOWS, and the young radical preacher from Shreveport took up his duties with the passion of a true zealot.

He was an extremely capable organizer, in many ways the actual organizational mind of SOWS. He and Huey had extensive contact, although Smith's servile devotion to his new-found deity sometimes rubbed the Kingfish the wrong way.

Often described as a LaFollette Progressive, only a few admit that Smith was a militant anti-Semite and fascist thinker before he joined Huey's organization. Only a year before, Smith had written America's self-pronounced fuehrer, William Dudley Pelley, offering to help set up America's first fascist "silver shirts."

Some historians ruminate that Smith put aside these politics temporarily during his tenure as SOWS head. The suggestion is absurd. Smith later became a stalwart in the anti-Semitic, racist right-wing organizations agitating against the civil rights movement. Both apologists and detractors of Long are increasingly reluctant to concede that one of the largest mass organizations of the thirties was administered by an anti-Semitic fascist.

The view of many of Long's contemporaries that his movement constituted a left-wing insurgency has prevented many historians from identifying Huey with fascism as an ideology. But the European experience is replete with examples of fascist movements coming to power on populist-sounding programs with significant left-wing factions operating within them.

The example of Mussolini is enlightening since his transformation from Marxist leader to fascist ideologue paralleled the movement of large numbers of socialists into the fascist ranks. Also the Italian experience did not emphasize the anti-Semitism of the Nazis, nor was it particularly concerned with programs and ideology.

As Arendt shows in her book, all the fascist movements spent tremendous energy trying to deny they ever promoted progressive-sounding programs, since the actual tasks of salvaging capitalism demanded the opposite....

It defies all logic why there is still a debate over whether Huey was a white supremacist. He ruled a state that subjugated Blacks in virtual slavery with no political rights whatsoever. He openly proclaimed himself in favor of white-supremacist rule. The evidence that historians dredge up to substantiate their claim that Huey was a closet liberal is his apparent hesitancy to use race as an issue in his campaigns, and also the tangible benefits accruing to Blacks under the Long administration....

a kid in the trenches fighting for equality

I think this Lance Hill guy is the same one from this link.
Dr. Lance Hill

Executive Director

Southern Institute for Education and Research

Dr. Lance Hill is the Executive Director of the Southern Institute for Education and Research, a tolerance education and race relations research center based at Tulane University in New Orleans. While the Southern Institute’s primary work continues to be tolerance education, the Institute has responded to hurricane Katrina by initiating two new programs: the Katrina Research Project on Equity (KRPE), a clearinghouse on the impact of race and class in the post-Katrina recovery; and Storm Bridge Racial Healing and Reconciliation Project, a program designed to address post-Katrina racial divisions.
It's fair to say Dr. Hill has quite a bit more credibility than anonymous bloggers named fairleft, Laura, and Blues. The latter desire for history to be rewritten concerning the American form of fascism personified by Huey Long. I would not be surprised if they have posters of him emblazoned on their fake lefty walls.

Shame (1962)
Shame also known as "I Hate Your Guts" "The Intruder" is a 1962 film directed by Roger Corman starring William Shatner as a racist mystery man sent to stir trouble in a southern town that is about to integrate its high school. Roger Corman claims this is the only film of the over 300 he's produced to lose money.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

I'm done with donkeytale, whether he's a paid troll or useful idiot

Lately I started to see through him again. This is the guy who claimed he had been banned from Daily Kos during the 2004 primaries leading up to the election.

Yet as donkeytale at DKos, he ended up posting far into 2005. There's an early donkeytale post at DKos where he said it was his first foray into blogging. He claimed to be a 52 year old cancer survivor. Once. I've never seen him mention that. Is it another of his lies?

How could someone write extensively about the brouhaha over the 2004 elections, do all that political blogging on the election, post for at least over a half year after thar election, say this was his first time on the internet as a blogger, yet he remembers getting banned during the timeframe an operative named Petey occupied?

This is an arrogant focker. He thinks he can get away with anything. Like Karl Rove. He used to post as Petey at DKos. Petey became No Dissent Allowed. That username turned into donkeytale. Same guy. Same state of Texas. Same triangulation. Same talk of being pro anti-herd mentality except for blue dog democrat point of views. Both hate Nader. Both were anti-Dean. Similar senses of humour. Same condescension.

I should have stuck to my guns when first banning him for being perverted. My bad. But no one should have to read or listen to him, if they don't want to. The guy is pond scum. Whoever that person is in real life, he's just ahead of Karl Rove for being a good guy. He is the democratic mirror image for the neoconservatives. He is center woos left.

He didn't want the world to know he was Petey. That's because Petey admitted to having been a political consultant back in the day. Too bad.