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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Brad Friedman of BradBlog Part 2

Brad Friedman wants Andrew Breitbart indicted.
VR co-founder and investigative journalist Brad Friedman... "They engage in crimes, create fake scandals and then accuse others of criminal activity. We have asked Maryland law enforcement officials to put a stop to this reprehensible and illegal conduct once and for all."

I don't care one bit for Mandy's ideological rants, but she did pen a couple entries folks should know exist. Right click for new windows.

Progressives Embrace Convicted Terrorist

As Hacked ChamberLeaks Emails Break, Left Scrambles to Hide Ties to Domestic Terrorist

Here's one example how BradBlog can come off as yellow journalism. Brad too often sounds like Brand Left's National Enquirer. He's not one to shy away from sensational titles. In this link, he implied there was some sort of conspiracy to take BradBlog offline.

He linked to a Think Progress page. The appearance is he's been targeted by the Chamber of Commerce through HBGary. Hmmm. Neal Rauhauser says we in Team Breitbart may have taken over for HBGary's Team Themis schtick.

Okaaaay. The problem with that is there's no Team Breitbart. Those associated with his right wing rag are not the ones spreading the kooky kookpocalypse and Weinergate hoaxes. Breitbart's a right wing buffoon somehow utilised by Brad Friedman for internet schtick promotion. This isn't rocket science.

Can someone please explain the following? What was up with a self-proclaimed, investigative journalist contributing to a smear on a sitting representative?

Exclusive: Cover Story on Edmonds 'Outs' Video-taped, 'Blackmailed' Dem Congresswoman; Alleges State Dept. Mole at NYTimes; MUCH MORE...

But first some backstory. Or an excuse to check out Sibel Edmonds. Hey now!

I was never sure if her story added up. Maybe so. What I am sure of is Sibel jumped the shark, when she went after Rep. Jan Schakowsky of Illinois.
Edmonds says in the Giraldi interview that "in 2000 ... Turkish agents started gathering information on her, and they found out that she was bisexual." A female Turkish agent is said to have "struck up a relationship with her," and then, following the death of Schakowsky's mother, the woman is said to have attended the funeral "hoping to exploit her vulnerability."

"They later were intimate in Schakowsky's townhouse," Edmonds tells Giraldi, "which had been set up with recording devices and hidden cameras."

Who's Phil Giraldi? He's one of them super double secret, ex-intelligence dudes. Those are blokes who always seem to have inside scoops for intrepid, internet journalists such as Brad Friedman, Larisa Alexandrovna, and Jason Leopold. Larisa's best ex-CIA turned blogger buddy has been Larry Johnson.

According to Brad, Philip Giraldi's word means something!

CIA Vet: FBI Whistleblower Edmonds 'Very Credible'
Former CIA officer Philip Giraldi, the author of American Conservative magazine's explosive cover story interview with FBI translator turned whistleblower Sibel Edmonds finds her to be "very credible," even though "as a former intelligence officer," he says, he's "normally suspicious of these kinds of stories."

Giraldi was a guest on the Thom Hartmann Program today, as guest hosted by Peter B. Collins. In the 13 minute segment, he discussed a number of aspects of Edmonds' disturbing allegations with Collins, including yesterday's confirmation by a long-time FBI veteran of a key element in her claims, which include bribery, blackmail, and the theft of nuclear secrets as aided and abetted by high-ranking U.S. officials.
Brad's on those shows a lot. He also fills in for some dude named Mike Malloy.

Neal's stuff is pure hoax garbage. Ron's schtick is a bit more difficult to figure out, because most of it is to be found through his non-sequitorish Twitter page. But make no mistake about it. Ron Brynaert has been consistently trying to catapult the idea that Brett Kimberlin has been menaced, and that I am the notorious, historic, supertroll cyberstalker. The only explanation I can think of for that is he's paid. It's a hunch. Otherwise he is making a fool out of himself for free.

As for Brad, he's completely ignoring the fireworks all around him.

Some comments from the past
the_last_name_left: interesting. we await Breitbart's piece - or a lawsuit? lol

this might all serve as some grand vindication of your work over the last few years? shame it takes breitbart to do it, eh?

good stuff. well done. can't wait to see what happens next :D

socrates: The article's out at, in the "Big Journalism" section.

There are also a couple threads at, and Brett says he has sued me.

The Breitbart piece shows two donations totalling 1.35 million. It looks like those guys are truly rolling in the dough. Yet Brad continues to whine the coffers are empty, and he might not be able to continue as this great independent, aggressive, patriotic, muckraking media presence.

Brad's got a new item talking up Iran and China trying to hack into a trial run of a US internet voting system. What he left out is that everyone was invited to try to hack into it, from all corners of the world.

I've made some posts at They are conservatives, but I avoid going into politics. I've been posting as Prepostericity.

It's good to see you post. We were worried about you. Donkeytale even asked if you are ok.

DUSTIN: You deserve tons of credit.

I first read some comment of yours and though it was written in a way that suggested a sound mind, the claims were pretty out there. For one thing: how come no outlet I read has covered such a major story? As I tried to piece it together, I found out that there is no good explanation for that, but your claims are apparently accurate.

Thanks for sticking with it. I'm still pretty surprised at how something this major and fairly easy to piece together took so long to erupt.

I think it needs much more publicity than it's yet received. Too many major institutions stand with Velvet Revolution.

BTW, I noticed you complained that a comment of yours (in the 10-10-10 post) went into moderation at Patterico's (and then you saw it came out). If you cuss (you said bullshite, which has shit in it), that blog filters. It's happened to me 1000 times. I don't want to come across as a shill, but that blog simply doesn't viewpoint censor.

Oh yeah, I'm Dustin. I don't deserve much thanks because I barely did anything but read your comment and ask a question or two.

socrates: Thanks, I was just the right person at the right time.

I saw you ponder at BradBlog that maybe Brad is at the beginning cycle where Mark Singer and others were. That he just doesn't have the information we do. Mark had a deadline and was working on a specific story not on Brett's proven criminal history. That's how he missed it. Brad's always on the run 24/7 being Captain Democracy. That's his excuse.

He's basically turning this new brouhaha into a stereotypical right versus left disagreement.

DUSTIN: Brad's been on notice about this for ages from your own comments, but obviously one doesn't enter partnerships like this without being basically aware of your partners.

Brad's just behaving odd, even for someone with something to hide. With this much solid information about his partner, and Brad's manner of addressing this (to filter out mention of his own organization) just can't work.

It's hard to take Brad seriously because of the way he dismisses serious problems while promoting so many fake problems. The way he threatens to delete 'knowing disinformation' reeks of fear he can't win a fair debate. And that just seems like a partisan kook's strategy.

I do wonder if Brad initially had good intentions, and got in over his head. Or maybe he thinks this is cutthroat politics to undermine election confidence, or maybe he's just a kook. The simplest explanation is that he's just trying to make some money selling BS stories.

Predictable that he'd pick a worthy and important cause to exploit.

socrates: On the Iran-China hacking into American email voting thread, one can see the formula in a number of ways.

Brad doesn't explain that people from all over the world were invited to hack. It was a trial run.

Schneier on Security; Hacking Trial Breaks D.C. Internet Voting System

(excerpt- originally written by a Washington Post writer.) Last week, the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics opened a new Internet-based voting system for a weeklong test period, inviting computer experts from all corners to prod its vulnerabilities in the spirit of "give it your best shot." Well, the hackers gave it their best shot -- and midday Friday, the trial period was suspended, with the board citing "usability issues brought to our attention."

Brad's peanut gallery chimed in with how those asking about Kimberlin were probably paid to disrupt such a truth seeking endeavour.

But there's no other way to confront Brad with the Kimberlin story than to "hijack" a current thread.

One thing I've noticed is Brad is more willing to allow right wing critics post on his blog than disillusioned lefties.

This is why it seems progressives are sopping up whatever he delivers.

Thus he is able to say that such critics are either regurgitating Breitbart disinformation or it's me, your friendly, neighbourhood, psychotic stalker.

Being a lefty to Brad and Brett is part of a business model, imho. The people they seem to be targeting are naive liberals who tend to believe in conspiracy theory.

It is an American value to distrust government. That is seen on both sides of the political spectrum. I believe animosity between right and left is but a tangent to the big story.

I think Brad has responded predictably. He is saying the attacks on Kimberlin are coming from disinfo sources. His bloggers are saying such efforts are attempts by paid astroturf to cover up the truth of election fraud.

I agree with TLNL's analysis which concludes that Brad Friedman is the Alex Jones of the left.

TLNL: His bloggers are saying such efforts are attempts by paid astroturf to cover up the truth of election fraud.


Have you had a look at the Justice Through Music tax filing?


Donations for the 08/09 tax year are $500k

They sold $80k of non-inventory assets for $79k, making a loss of $1K.

Seems BK claims he worked 40 hour week, for compensation of $19500.

But look at the other expenses - $475,000 (!) including $180k on postage and printing (!)

Jesus - a cool half a million spent on.....the crap they churn out. Or don't churn out, more accurately.

2 f-ing posts on their facebook campaign page in a whole year! How does that cost $500k?

I suppose it does if you're staying in a swanky hotel on a stop-over to engage in supposed "charitable civil rights advocacy". Flights, hotel, food - all expenses, see. Cushty.

I don't believe it all for a second. I think he's having a laugh - and like everything else, the gag is in there only turned round on itself. The joke is that it's him living off charity - he's raking in 500k pa - just like he (as a convicted bomber) is advocating for an "anti-terror campaign".

The whole thing stinks. I think I will raise my concerns with whomsoever has any oversight responsibility for US charities. I can't see evidence of where BK is legitimately accruing expenses of $500k pa.

socrates: In the Breitbart article, there was a pdf allegedly showing a grant of $1.3 million. I couldn't verify that but assume it's true. My download just showed a number of pages with the phrase TIF. Maybe I need to update my comp.

The Tides Foundation gave them over 50 grand.

I had a feeling these guys were raking it in.

And who knows how much BradBlog has gotten, or whether some donations have been put into different named organisations, like those you pointed out somehow link back to Velvet Revolution's server.

By the way, the people at are looking for lefty bloggers. I remember you said you like to debate folks with opposite ideology. You might like it there then.

And man, it really looks like BradBlog is simply not getting much comments like they used to.

Agent 99 should return? [/saying we are not worthy through the TLNL question mark. If you've seen Wayne's World, you know what I mean. We are not worthy. We are not worthy. Replace Alice Cooper with TLNL.]


the $1.3m is over 4/5 years

approx 2 years of $400k, 1x$300k and 1x$200k IIRC - 4 years = $1.3m

Not bad.

That's a lot of postage?

Years ago I hit on the potential of running a charity as a personal enrichment vehicle - you cream-off all the donations as expenses doing bugger all. Easy. Of course I rejected the idea for myself, but I can't get away from that notion when looking at Brett Kimberlin's myriad 'campaigns', all of which seem to lack any substance. Yes, they're ever-so worthy, but that's the entire point for a sham scam.

Travel the world as a leading light of some 'electoral reform movement' - why not? Give a few talks, publish a few pages on facebook, buy a new internet domain every few months (for $10!!!) and link it all to one single host (!), promote a few desperate bands, take out a few adverts, Keerrrrching!!!

Stay alive in style and put it down as expenses. Who would know?

socrates: Thanks for explaining. That 1.3 figure is for Justice Through Music. I think I saw where contributions are advised to be sent through JTM rather than VR, so they will be tax deductible. But I'm not sure of anything to do with this money aspect. I wonder why there is no information for 2009.

Ah, ok, I see I am not too reliable figuring out the books. I had posted at Patterico the 1.3 million was a grant. Yikes, my bad.

VR's tax returns are linked to at Patterico's from 2006 to 2008. Where are 2005 and 2009?

I can't see those pdf's. I think my comp software is the problem and it needs to be updated.

I did see at Patterico people talking about increased housing costs and large figures being given to independent contractors. We can only speculate what that means. I was going to put a question mark after that last sentence, but then I'd sound like yourself. p:>

I see no info on Brad Friedman's BradBlog. When he whines that the coffers are empty, and he may have to quit blogging, he fails to mention VR and its income. You'd think VR would provide Brad with enough money to be able to continue with his schtick indefinitely.

He's making it seem if people don't start giving him more money, he is about to hang it up. He offers the Clint Curtis video he's in as a gift to go with donations. Maybe VR has paid for those. Like yourself and others, I'm finding it difficult to see where VR has that many costs. It's not like they have ever had to pay out even one of their whistleblower reward offers.

I've thought like yourself in a way, like let's put ourselves in the role of villian and see how we would have reacted. I think Brad's reaction to this recent brouhaha has been a big mistake. I think he did well at first when he characterised the Breitbart piece as being an example of someone knowing how to use google and that there was nothing new there.

But then he had to go with the angle that it's disinformation, deja vu to Larisa's vouching of Brett years ago.

Good people may commit thought crimes, but they never follow through on them. There's something called integrity. I don't think you sinned by thinking about a potential scam. Your integrity kicked in and prevented you ever going near it.

This reminds me of a movie I saw but forget the title. These older guys liked to talk out perfect murder plots, a la Alfred Hitchcock. It didn't mean they'd ever go near being criminals themselves. That's what I think about you pondering that other thing. It was just chewing gum for your own mind.

socrates: TLNL, I just thought of something. Know how at carnivals, one of the big draws are those dolls and other prizes?

Well, it seems BradBlog has the same setup to convert merchandise into cash.

He's whining of late saying he might have to quit blogging. He offers to send donors videotapes in return for money.

I imagine VR and Justice Through Music are covering the costs of those videotapes.

Ker-ching is correct, my friend.

TLNL: agree - that sort of scam doesn't stretch the imagination does it?

it's not impossible. fact. if I were in such a position I'd want to publish every detail, because, as I explained, I'd hit upon the idea of using a charity as a personal enrichment vehicle myself. It isn't rocket science, it's just unethical.

Limited requirements for reporting standards on accounts needn't necessarily apply - there is nothing saying charities mustn't publish the most detailed accounts.

Why would charities wish to hide such details? Why would (supposedly leftwing) charities make use of accountancy reporting regulations designed to protect capitalist enterprise?

OK - they might be revolutionary they don't wanna say what they're doing.

But are Brad and Kimberlin giving out any revolutionary socialism? Hardly.

So why the angst over it? Why is it all such a secret?

For one thing - how can anyone tell VR and everything else around Kimberlin and Bradblog isn't directly funded by the CIA?

Bunch of tossers.

socrates: A bunch of tossers? I never heard that one before. You European lads have a funny way with the words.

Everything should be on the up and up and in the open. It should be explained how much has been earned, and what it's been spent on.

I know you were being sarcastic about the CIA. I think there's a possiblity of some kind of FBI involvement a la Hal Turner.

Brad likes to email with his bloggers and establish relationships. That's how he got my personal information. I wrongly trusted him.

No normal person would ever be associated with neonazi sympathisers and right woos left kooks such as Agent 99 and Big Dan.

Brad laughed things off just like Larisa did back when she got busted by me as Prepostericity.

According to Brad, I'm just making things up.

I think BradBlog and Velvet Revolution are officially dead for credibility. They did it to themselves. You can only spread so much tinfoil, before it backfires. Though on the other hand, it seems Alex Jones has a steady pool of believers. Maybe tinfoiling is a big market. I'm just unsure there are as many lefties into it, as it may appear on the surface. Most conspiracy bunk usually has a John Birch, right wing type flavour, imho.

Yeah, these guys are libertarian capitalists or something not lefties.

I think an itemized list of all income and expenditures should be provided, or there should be an investigation. If Brad has also been attempting to "flush out crazies" akin to Hal Turner, that may explain how an idea not stretching the imagination for the most part remains hidden.

Donkeytale has written up a little something about my recent adventures. The twits are saying this is a boring story. The blog owner implies I work for Karl Rove.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Brad Friedman of BradBlog

Hmmm, like the independent, progressive, aggressive, and investigative Clint Curtis exclusive?

Blogs spin tale of computers, conspiracies
... Now some Internet Web sites that traffic in conspiracy theories have fashioned something of a political thriller out of a series of apparently unrelated events they say prove the elections really were stolen.

The tale reaches far beyond elections to include a dead investigator for the state Department of Transportation, a $210 red Coach purse, gambling trips to Las Vegas and Biloxi, Miss., a Chinese computer expert charged with illegally shipping computer chips to Beijing and an Oviedo computer firm accused of overbilling the state....

They have seized on an affidavit Curtis wrote Dec. 6 about his allegations of vote fraud. The affidavit was initially published the same day on On March 3, Curtis passed a lie detector test given by Tim Robinson, retired chief polygraph operator for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Curtis swore in the affidavit that he was at a meeting in Oviedo in September or October 2000 when Feeney asked if he could develop a program to alter vote tabulations on touch screen voting machines....

Curtis said he developed a program that included invisible buttons on touch screen machines that could alter vote totals, but he does not know whether it was ever used. He said he gave the program to one of his bosses, Li Yang, but did not keep a copy....

Curtis said he wrote the affidavit after reading about a reward for anyone who could verify vote fraud. He didn't want the money, Curtis insists, but wanted to prove the elections had been stolen. He presented copies of his affidavit to several congressional staffers and testified before a Democratic committee looking at fraud allegations in Ohio.

Mark Singer: "It wasn't as if the scales fell from my eyes all at once."
StarFiles: The Speedway Bombings, Part 2

FLASHBACK: Let's travel back to Patterico comments made in October 2010.
The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing. Except, of course, Brad Friedman’s darkest secret....

I can say, as I say in the UPDATE, that I am obviously messing with Brad in this post (or am I?). Whether it’s really a deep dark secret, or something he OUGHT to be worried about people knowing (but isn’t), I don’t know.

Me, I find it disturbing either way.....

[In response to "supposing for the sake of argument you are NOT just screwing with him but andy has something… where should i tune in?"]

I believe Big Journalism.

But if you knew where to look you could find it all right now.....

Sorry, I am having to be extraordinarily subtle here. If you do manage to scour the ‘Net and find what I am talking about, you will likely see how all the clues fit.

I think it will be a few days before the shoe drops.....


I see you quoted Socrates in your post.

Is that because I quoted Socrates in my comment above?

I have a feeling we may all be quoting Socrates soon re Friedman.

I'll wrap up this mailed in entry with another excerpt from Mark Singer's remarkable book Citizen K, Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 1996, p. 364 (during a trip to the Ukraine).
"You know, Brett," I said, "this is where the book ends. I came here with you because I hoped it would give me a scene I could use, and I think it did. I want you to have the last word. Remember how you told me to pack a bathing suit, because we might get to spend some time at Melekhina, on the Azon Sea? Well, I conjured this fantasy of us lying there on the beach sunning ourselves. And I imagined how great it would be if you would turn to me at a certain point and say, "Only in America." But then things got busy and we never made it. I hate to lose that as an ending, though, so I have a favor to ask. You wouldn't mind if I made that scene up, would you? What if I just pretend we went there? What if I write it up as if it really happened and end the book with that line?"

Kimberlin was propped on his elbows, looking utterly satisfied, smiling, then chuckling, "Sure, go ahead," he said. "Do it. Make it all up. Make the whole thing up."

It's Not Libel, If It's The Truth

Ye probably have read this before, but if not, please check out Uh-oh... THIS GUY!!!?

Larisa Alexandrovna, Ron Brynaert's buddy, was the first to spread the "double secret exoneration" schtick.
Progressoid: So, tell us the story of his arrest and what really happened. Frankly, I couldn't care less about pot issues, but bombs...that's a bird of a different feather.

Alexandrovna: I can only say that he was wrongly convicted, released, sued the government and won. As part of the agreement, he cannot discuss the particulars publicly....

Anyway, I know him. I vouch for him. The reason he has so little money by the way, is that he spends it all on promoting causes, like election fraud. He helps Brad Friedman, Clint Curtis, and so forth.

Take it or leave it, but for what it is worth, I vouch for him....

he was convicted wrongfully and he even served time for something he did not do while is attorneys fought the conviction... it was overturned, he was exhonirated, and then he sued and won!

he was put into jail because he was talking about Danny Quayle's drug habbit... welcome to Amerika
On November 14th, Brett Kimberlin offered the same kind of historical revision. Compare the following Larisa schtick to what Brett said in court.
i have an idea...

given that as part of the agreement, he has not been allowed to discuss it, consider how someone sentenced to 51 years on terrorism charges is not in jail? how is it someone like this is simply let go and has a clean record on this original charge? how many court cases would a fight to be cleared require?

better still, since you seem to believe you have an idea of what the truth is here (and frankly, you don't), based on some smear pieces that appear in Google searches, perhaps you can expand your research out and look through legal filings? you seem to have spent some time already on this topic, so why not take a few more minutes and do some of the work?

you may also wish to contact him directly, he is more than happy to privately discuss as much as he can.

but i do not have a link nor am i going to spend the day looking for one to documents that i have seen first hand, and don't even know if they are in the public sphere, given that the government made silence part of the agreement to begin with. i know him and vouch for him. take it or leave it. Brad Friedman also vouches for him, take it or leave it. David Swanson vouches for him, take it or leave it. and the late Andy Stephenson, also ironically attacked as a fraudster, also was Brett's friend. everyone he is close to, as well as members of Congress he works closely with, were all informed by him of the situation and everyone is quite comfortable with the facts of the story, which are supported by court documents and various agreements and attorneys (those who worked to get him cleared).

so off you go, find the links... and share them with the class.
Maybe Larisa actually believes that. I doubt it, but who knows? Kimberlin has had amazing success at sweet talking certain people into his corner. There was Doonesbury's Gary Trudeau and the esteemed Erwin Griswold.

I wouldn't say Mark Singer was snookered. He was under a strict deadline for Tina Brown's first edition of the New Yorker. His job was to report on Kimberlin's isolation during the Dan Quayle thingie. Afterwards, Kimberlin agreed to work with Singer in the writing of a book. It didn't take long before Singer was saying wow and wtf with his head spinning around 360 degrees. Singer scoured court documents, newspaper clippings, and conducted interviews. As a man with integrity, it is no surprise his outstanding book Citizen K did not turn out the way Brett had expected.

Larisa said Mark Singer was a bad "journalist joker" who took short cuts and "wet himself" by writing a "smear piece." She even had the audacity to write, "The journalist is trying to blame his shoddy reporting on his source."

Mark Singer is an accomplished journalist who has written for the prestigious New Yorker for around two decades. He has never backed off from what he wrote in his book, one which was based on facts.

The Team Numbnut spin is that I am a supertroll cyberstalker. That couldn't be further from the truth. Making relevant posts concerning a public figure is not stalking. As for defamation and libel, there's a truism that says it's not libel, if it's the truth. Brett nor Brad Friedman have ever explained what exactly has been posted that is disinformation concerning themselves. On the other hand, it is easily proven that Brett has spun himself as an exonerated ex-political prisoner, which couldn't be further from the truth.

Anyone can look into the history of BradBlog and see that Brad Friedman was a relatively unknown blogger, before Brett provided him with the Clint Curtis story, one with as many holes in it as Swiss cheese. One can look into Dieb-Throat and the Michael Connell threatened by Karl Rove nonsense and see, that BradBlog and Velvet Revolution have built their reputations on the deceptive appearance they have either proven black box voting or are very close to doing so.

Here is an excerpt from Yvonne Abraham's excellent piece, Crime and Publishing.
And Kimberlin soon began undermining his own credibility. The more Singer got to know him, the stranger the prisoner became. Believing himself exceptionally talented, Kimberlin was certain he'd become an international recording star, and he thought he might just ask Sting or Paul McCartney to co-write some songs with him. He'd also tried to intervene in the Iraq crisis of 1990, in the hopes of averting the Gulf War, thereby making a hero of himself. "The plan was for Hussein to release these hostages -- the human shield -- to my mother," he told Singer. Naturally, his own subsequent release would have been a given had the Iraqi ambassador to the United States acted upon the letters Kimberlin had his mother hand-deliver.

It dawned on Singer that he'd been "sucked whole and cast adrift inside Kimberlin's narcissistic universe." But rather than abandon the project, Singer became more interested in it than ever. "I knew I was going to finish writing this book," he says. "I never toyed with the idea of tossing it. Not even for a moment. If what this guy was telling me was right, that means I got it wrong the first time. I had to figure it out. I didn't have a choice."

Singer checked out Kimberlin's stories, from the big ones (his innocence in the bombings, for example) to the small ones (his proficiency in Russian), and dug away at them for four years and 363 pages. In the end, the only part of Kimberlin's original tale left standing is the essence of the 1992 New Yorker piece -- that the prisoner's rights had been violated in 1988.

Clearly, that piece would have been quite different had Singer concluded in 1992 that Kimberlin was deceiving him, which he might have done with more time and under less pressure, his comfort with his deadline notwithstanding. Believing Kimberlin guilty of the crimes of which he'd been convicted would have made him "question the credulousness of the people who vouched for [Kimberlin's] credibility," says Singer. "It would have made me more skeptical of both Trudeau and Griswold, not to mention Cody Shearer, who had political motives." How would "The Prisoner and the Politician" have been different? When pushed on this question, Singer says he would have cast Kimberlin less as a victim and more as a protagonist. Is it possible the article would not have run at all?

"Would it have existed is another question," Singer says. "I don't think I can answer that."
If Brett Kimberlin had such a propensity to tell whoppers back in the day, why should anyone believe things such as the Connell threatened by Karl Rove story?

Larisa wants the world to believe there is no merit to proven claims concerning the Speedway bombings. She is the modern day version of Trudeau and Cody Shearer. She has been a major cog in promoting the Michael Connell related bunk. Has there been a deep connection between Raw Story and Velvet Revolution? Of course there has! It's been proven.

So when one sees Ronnie Brynaert peddling plenty of supertrolling, it should come as no surprise that he has been an editor of Raw Story and a recent front page blogger for Brad Friedman. Is Brynaert collecting checks for his ramblings originating at Twitter and other blogs? And there's the rub. Without paystubs, such speculation is a dead end. Hence one comes full circle and sighs, "Isn't this idiotic?"

Is Internet Predator Neal Rauhauser Attempting To Manipulate Anonymous?


The Crying Wolfe did not write that the ip below visited his website. Here's the link in question. He basically listed search terms used to find his blog. So someone googled or whatever the ip address and it brought them to Crying Wolfe. Instead of a search term, an ip address was listed. IP's can represent websites. What I find most odd is why would someone google that ip with it leading to Mike's blog? It seems odd for a coincidence.

Maybe Legionnet is a true Anonymous person. Maybe not. I don't know. One other thing; Legionnet wordpress has been scrubbed. But the emails below were reposted by LegionNet and did not originate at that blog, as far as I can deduce.

This can't end well for Neal. His Kookpocalypse hoax has sputtered. The only folks left buying into his supertroll schtick are the Twitter account OccupyRebellion and some other sock puppet accounts.

Those appear to have two primary motives. One, to perhaps encourage Anonymous to attack those smeared by the Kookpocalypse hoax. Secondly, to establish Rauhauser's and other fake leftist's images as authentic Occupy Wall Street activists. This is internet convolution at its finest!

Nonetheless, Neal should pay heed to what recently happened to Tony Berman aka Root. He should keep in mind what happened to Hal Turner.

Crying Wolfe recently posted that ip # visited his blog. A quick google search of that ip leads to an interesting find.

root is a snitch
Hi Alexa:

I took a deal with the US Federal Bureau of Investigation and will be working with Wesley Hsu of the Cyber and IP Crimes for the US DOJ. I will be helping the US Government with the forensics against the individuals were logged with our “Whiny Da Pedo” honey pot.

They offered that I would not be prosecuted for any of my participation in Operation Darknet. I unfortunately have to turn over the source code of our modified Tor Button. From my last email, but the modified Tor Button had an LOIC component that would run secretly run denial of service requests TCP floods to Mike Perry’s website,

Sadly, they may request that I help with the hard drive forensics of any Anon’s that are raided in 2012. I suggest that you use Truecrypt with cascading ciphers AES – Twofish- Serpent or any combination of those ciphers.

I recommend using a 20-30 character password to defeat any forensics. If you ever need to contact me, my Verisign email is I wish you the best.

Tony Berman aka root #3
And there's more:
Hello Mr. Wesley Hsu:

I have additional information that maybe helpful in your DOJ prosecution against Jacob Appelbaum, “ioerror”, for Wired Fraud charges Tor Project funds in funding Wikileaks. Jacob Appelbaum is one of primary developers of the Tor Project and one of the core members of Wikileaks. His college Mike Perry is also using an Limited Liability Corporation for what I assume to be for tax invasion purposes.

I will be flying from Tokyo to Los Angeles for Christmas
celebration. I am willing to schedule sometime to meet in your Los Angeles office in January 2012. I am willing to collaborate with all investigations, provided that I am granted Immunity From Prosecution related to my involvement of Anonymous from October 2011 to November 2011.

Also, I would like also see that the individuals who were logged my “Operation Darknet” browsing Child Pornography sites be indicted for possession or access to such sites on the Tor Anonymity network. Attached to this email is also the current leadership structure of the Anonymous Hacking Group:

* Power2All
* evilworks
* Isis aka Effexor
* daboogieman
* Poke
* Jupiler
* pi
* Xq
* pie
* joepie91
* Sabu

I have additional information that the SCADA hacker known as “pr0f_srs” is a college student residing in the country of Hungary.

Tony Berman aka root #3
Neal Rauhauser reeks of being the same kind of spy factory tool.

shell access to BGP router, CALEA tips??
From: N Rauhauser []
Sent: Sunday, January 08, 2012 12:13 PM
Subject: shell access to BGP router, CALEA tips??

Ladies & Gentlemen,

I wanted to check something on an IP address block this morning and, much to my surprise, I don't have access to a single router that has a full table in it - first time since 1999 this is the case. I see route views is still happily serving up shells, but I'm curious to know if there are any other viewpoints available. I am probably going to script something for this particular problem, so I want boxes that have shell access, not graphical looking glass type stuff.

I am also plunged into the world of lawful intercept after a long absence. Other than providing muddled responses ten minutes before the deadline on obvious MPAA/RIAA trolls I haven't had to do a subpoena response since 2005 and I've not installed anything that needed to meet requirements since 2009. Is there a good write up somewhere on the current state of affairs?

Neal Rauhauser
Now things are getting curiouser and curiouser. From The Crying Wolfe blog:

Unless there's some sort of spoofing explanation, I like many want to know why internet convolution is being pumped out from a government ip address.

Anyway, my next project will be rewriting stuff that got deleted because of the default judgement. Keep in mind that Brett Kimberlin did not prove one example of my having defamed him or illegally interfered with his business. What got deleted were facts that transcend who I am. I will not simply copy and paste what got whitewasshed, because the court ordered them gone. I am fully aware of how to repost things without there being any way Kimberlin can get it erased. It's not libel, if it's the truth.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

This Is Idiotic

Neal Rauhauser and Ron Brynaert are steering people away from understanding what's truly going on. They want folks to think this has gotten beyond stale, and that there are much better stories to read.

Here are some bottom lines for anyone getting frustrated. This post is dedicated to all the cute newbies and fence-sitters out there whining, "Hmmmph, this sucks!"

Weinergate has been over ever since that dude admitted his Twitter account hadn't been hacked.

Rauhauser parlayed Weinergate into his Team Breitbart hoax. Mike Stack and myself comprise most of the hoax glue filler. Breitbart helping expose Weinergate acts as bookend hoax glue. Be very careful when sniffing hoax glue, unless of course you're having trouble falling asleep.

They simply don't make internet hoaxes like they used to.

Stack got swatted. He was wrongfully accused of all sorts of things, such as having been the primary Weinergate conduit. Rumour has it Patterico also got swatted.

Kookpocalypse is simply an extension of Neal Rauhauser's original Team Breitbart hoax. It's a rambling package of hoax garbage, filled to the hilt with outright lies.

Do folks want to waste time reading those, or wouldn't it be best to simply wrap this shite up for some closure while continuing to hope proper authorities start cleaning up the mess?

I had a good blogging stretch during the 2008-09 season. I was at Brad Friedman's BradBlog. I didn't understand why Brad was ignoring my Steven Hertzberg schtick. That pissed me off. Why was he ignoring that?

So I left BradBlog, and Brad wished me luck in digging up dirt on himself.

When one initially uncovers the connection from Brad to Brett, one experiences euphoria mixed in with childlike curiosity. Like OMG, you know what I'm saying? It's fascinating!

There's plenty we could discuss. There's the odd connection between Brett Kimberlin and Larisa Alexandrovna of Raw Story. To this day, recalling Larisa's vouching for Brett's "double secret exoneration" schtick causes one's head to spin.

Anyhoo, fast forward a bit to the Michael Connell hoax. That was pure gold for internet convolution. I mean, in regards to having entertainment value. That lasted until Michael Connell actually died in a small airplane crash; Then the laughing ceased.

Long story short, I emerged as a player in that story as Prepostericity. It was about two years later that Mandy and Patrick Frey picked up the baton. That coincided with my going on a posting spree writing with good friend The Last Name Left on Friedman and Kimberlin.

Shortly thereafter, I was sued by the Speedway Bomber. That case has now gone on for well over a year. It is apparently in a holding pattern.

Neal Rauhauser is a total dick. People in Anonymous should research that dude and see that he's trying to coerce Anonymous members to take action against people named in his Kookpocalypse hoax papers.

The Aaron stuff also seems to be in a holding pattern. The only update on that is Kimberlin keeps trying to slip his real name into the case file, with Aaron continually asking for such personal information sealed.


Neal Rauhauser? Insane!

The Poopocalypse; internet convolution at its finest

internet predator Neal Rauhauser

Neal Rauhauser's kookpocalypse was easy to figure out. He was trying to kill two birds with one stone.

*** Divert attention. Steer it away from having been exposed as an internet predator. Navigate hype towards Team Breitbart versus Team Numbnuts schtick.

*** Re-establish Neal Rauhauser as a Mr. Regular Guy from the Netroots.

Ron Brynaert has been tweeting a lot of garbage yet up to now is mysteriously quiet since Kookpocalypse. Correction on that. Ron and Aaron are now battling it out via Twitter. Aaron's clearly kicking Ron's ass. According to Brynaert, Aaron had to be separated by nine guards lol, and that I'm the "most notorious cyberstalking troll on the net."
@AaronWorthing If you didn't punch Brett Kimberlin in the face inside a courthouse and have to get pulled off him by 9 guards what happened?
What's up with him saying Rupp threatened Aaron with a court ejection?

Hmmm, I'm not sure what he's whining about. I'm the one who scooped the "incestuous relations" angle.

Oh, get your facts straight, Ronnie Boy. You've been saying for sure through Twitter that Aaron Worthing physically attacked Brett Kimberlin.

Listen to yourself, Mr. Intrepid Journalist!

Ron's probably paranoid because of Aaron's Lee Harvey OsCat twitter avatar.

Ron shouldn't be making such absolute statements, when it's innocent until proven guilty.

Ron calling Aaron the true terrorist

Neal revealed as Brynaert's "source."

Sugarpie doting Crying Wolfe

There it is. He unequivocally declared Aaron assaulted Kimberlin.

Aaron has a new entry: In Which Brett Kimberlin, Convicted Terrorist and Perjurer, Tries to Get Me Killed (In My Opinion)

Ron Brynaert recently became a frontpaged blogger at BradBlog. Brad Friedman is a co-founder of Velvet Revolution. Hmmm. So anyway, Ron penned some kooky conspiracy theory centered on an alleged media cover-up of the Benazir Bhutto assassination.

According to a court document from my case, it appears, imho, that by no later than December 21st, Neal Rauhauser had already obtained Aaron's real full name.
Aaron Worthing protection requirements
From: Neal Rauhauser
To: Aaron Worthing
CC: Mark Rasch

Aaron (or whatever your name is:)

I would normally point and laugh at someone associated with Breitbart's operation getting outed, but this situation is a litte different. I think you knew at the outset that your Everyone Draw Mohammed site was offensive to Muslims, bu there are some other things happening in the world that will likely make for an even more dangerous situation when your name comes out.

You are going to need someone that does the sort of things I do, someone you can trust completely with your name and other details of your life, and you've got a window of opportunity to clean things up before your name turns up in civil or criminal documents, and then on Jihad web sites not long after that.

The cc on this message is Mark Rasch, the man who headed the DoJ Cybercrimes division during the Bush years. He is also here in the Metro D.C. area and I hope including him will make the gravity of the situation clear. I am willing, at this time, to get on the phone with Mark and explain the nature of the potential threat - he'll leave someone who can help you. I get the slightest hint that anyone knows I sent this email and my schedule will be immediately full and stay that way until after the election.

Regards, Neal Rauhauser
Neal sent a similar thingie to me on October 5th. That too is in the court documents.

Here are some Aaron tweets:

"@ronbryn btw, still waiting for your investigation into whether Brett Kimberlin obtained his injunction against [Me] by perjured testimony."

"@ronbryn @AndrewBreitbart what is your evidence that i committed any crime? or do you trust the word of a convicted perjurer?"

Let's return to Poopocalypse. Or let's not and say we did. It's basically supertroll hoax garbage. Neal Rauhauser is part and parcel of internet convolution.

Tweet by SabzBrach: #kookpocalypse connections - (PDF) Tweet to this link: * * Issa, Barr, & the Breitbart Cell

Yawn, here's from some of that internet convolution apparently put together by Neal Rauhauser. It goes on for quite a while. If you get bored, consider strengthening your scrolling skills.
Andrew Breitbart’s ISR Cell?
Introduction: I filed a five page report on [Crying Wolfe] and his associates via email to four members of Montgomery Township, NJ law enforcement on 1/14/2012 (pdf link). I received a call from a detective on 1/16/2012 and he requested that I send him the full context (pdf link), with the agreement that this material was to be treated as a matter of fact, but not leading to a criminal complaint just yet.

The unwanted attention that [Cring Wolfe] is directing toward me and others is the latest episode in an eighteen month long running conflict between what appears to be a loose group of right wing activists, but there may be much more to it than that.

What I’m going to say later in this document will sound like conspiracy theory, so I’ll provide a few bona fides here before I start. It should be clear that I’m an analyst used to dealing with complex, ambiguous situations.

Prior to my 12/2010 resignation over the handling of Bradley Manning I was the oldest surviving member of Project Vigilant, clear back to 1997.

• I’m the author of the analysis that triggered the call for House hearings on HBGary Federal – of interest as the disgraced former CEO of the group may be playing a behind the scenes role in what is described herein.

• Some of the players and situations described herein are already known to the FBI due to a series of visits they made to my office in Illinois during the summer of 2011, collecting information on potentially violent right wing extremists ahead of the 2012 election cycle....

Summary: ...

• Aaron Worthing – 1/9/2012 arrest for assault after a libel suit hearing in Montgomery County, MD

• John Patrick Frey – Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney, currently under investigation for the long running cyberstalking effort aimed at Brett Kimberlin....

• Michelle Lessick – tentative name for Twitter user @ZAPEM, author of the Twittergate smear against Rauhauser, claims at times to be police dispatcher or married to an officer, resident of [redacted], NJ area. Observations of the now hidden Twitter account indicate this person is clinically paranoia they also kept very long hours – perhaps another methamphetamine abuser.

• Mandy Nagy – contributor, [redacted], NJ resident, responsible for the police report that lead to the 9/2011 arrest of [me], after she became fearful he truly meant to harm Brett Kimberlin. She has been involved in the distribution of the smear against Kimberlin....

There are a variety of reasons that [Crying Wolfe] & Co. have regarding their targeting Rauhauser, Kimberlin, Grandmason, and “Darrah Ford” that include:

• Rauhauser wrote extensively about Stack, Frey, Bloom, and their fabrications regarding former Congressman Anthony Weiner.

• Kimberlin and Rauhauser both promote the effort, a grassroots push to get Breitbart, O’Keefe, and Giles indicted for the 2009 wire tap violations in Maryland.

• Kimberlin and Rauhauser have both been involved in advocacy regarding terminating James O’Keefe’s probation for his 2010 attempt to wire tap Senator Mary Landrieu’s office in Louisiana.

• Kimberlin filed a complaint with the California Supreme Court regarding John Patrick Frey’s frequent misconduct.

• Kimberlin was assaulted by [Aaron Worthing] outside a court room in Rockville, MD.

• Rauhauser has drafted, made public, but not filed a libel suit against Lessick for the 2010 Twittergate smear.

• Rauhauser filed a complaint regarding Read’s stalking behavior that resulted in a “knock and talk” visit from Arlington PD....

• Rauhauser has attempted to get Ryan ejected from Infragard for his reckless, unethical conduct....

• HBGary – analysis of planned corporate funded targeting of Brett Kimberlin/Velvet Revolution and other activist organizations

• John Patrick Frey – collection of postings from, personally identifying information, his role in Weiner & Kimberlin stalkings

• Mike Stack – postings from CryingWolfe WordPress, Twitter, XXX Porn Talk

• Patrick Swift Read – co-operator of right wing cyberstalking cell with 25 members at peak, details come from observation and an insider that was burned by the group....

• Twittergate – complex smear created by Lessick that was aimed at Rauhauser during the 2010 election cycle. This included a direct threat that got FBI hate crimes squad moving to interview a man in South Carolina.

• Weiner Stalking – Absolute circus to interpret due to purposeful obfuscation, but particulars of Mike Stack & Born Free Crew involvement prior to the actual event are included.Conspiracy or Coincidence?

What appears to be conspiracy to the unschooled mind is often explained by association after the fact – two victims of the same criminal enterprise will often connect after each has been targeted, leaving the appearance that they were acquainted prior to the events that actually brought them together.

This could also explain the association between various bad actors seen here – each have made the mistake of engaging either Kimberlin or Rauhauser, gotten roughed up in the process, and then may have found each other after the fact and compared notes.

Let’s review a timeline of the top level happenings here.

• Summer 2009 Kimberlin smear – [Socrates] begins reviving the story of a domestic bombing conviction that Kimberlin was cleared of almost twenty years ago.

• 9 Oct 2010 Twittergate smear – Lessick, Read, and Greg W. Howard are the primary promoters. Lessick and Read become the go to people when wingnuts need paranoid theories about Rauhauser.

• 11 Oct 2010 Kimberlin smear in Huffington Post via Mandy Nagy

• 9 Nov 2010 Kimberlin smear in Huffington Post mentioned by Aaron Barr to another Team Themis person.

• 6 Feb 2011 HBGary Federal CEO Aaron Barr claims to have names of Anonymous leadership in the Financial Times. An Anonymous node tears the company apart and strews their email all over the internet.

• Spring 2011 HBGary intrusion analysis written by Rauhauser. 15 February 2011 through 12 May 2011, meeting Kimberlin during this time period due to his noticing that Velvet Revolution was a target of the operation.

• 26 May 2011 Weinergate smear becomes public prematurely on 26 May 2011, Weiner resigns 16 June 2011, teen girls and their mother determined to be fake 17 June 2011.

.... predates Aaron Barr arriving at HBGary Federal and its promotion is likely in place due to Kimberlin’s focus on tying Andrew Breitbart to the James O’Keefe/Hannah Giles wire tap in Baltimore in 2009.

The Twittergate smear is a paranoid delusion from a woman who was part of a group of Tea Party activists that were being harassed by kids from SomethingAwful and 4chan.

This has evolved and been used by others since the initial effort.

The Weiner smear was carefully calculated and the back trail appears to be four to six months before the actual event. Weiner slipped, or was pushed, letting it out before they had all their assets in place. Someone should have secured Stack’s identity before letting him near that stuff, unless the planner intended for he and Born Free Crew to be the fall guys.

So, these could all be explained by coincidence. However:

• This is precisely the sort of strategy that Team Themis, the information/surveillance/recon cell proposed to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce by Aaron Barr, was intended to execute.

• Barr and Patrick Ryan of [redacted] were actively discussing Mandy Nagy’s promotion of the smear of Brett Kimberlin that originated with [Socrates], as seen below.

• Barr and Thomas Ryan have been sighted together at events, and Ryan disclosed a connection with Barr via his sloppy “infiltration” of an Occupy Wall Street mailing list.

• Rauhauser’s authorship of the paper on HBGary/Team Themis is obscure, but public, and may well have come to the attention of Barr. Conclusion:

Some of what is covered here is simple grassroots activism, albeit by those with serious ethical deficits as well as substance abuse, organic mental problems, or character disorders that preclude good judgment. Some of it is clearly professional, strategic smearing of opponents, and very specifically instituted to intimidate or discredit for the sake of avoiding consequences for other crimes. Much of it is an implausible blend, brought on by the incompetence and arrogance of those trying to operate the slime machine, both amateurs and “professionals”.

The attention to Brett Kimberlin by many people connected with Andrew Breitbart seems motivated most by a desire to protect Breitbart, James O’Keefe, and Hannah Giles from the consequences of their illegal wiretap against ACORN in Baltimore in 2009.

The lack of attention on Team Themis is puzzling at first – this is quite literally the Watergate of our age, and there have been Congressional calls for hearings. Looking a bit closer we can determine that Congressman Darrel Issa is the chairman of the committee responsible for investigating such things.

... Stack alleges that he has several hundred emails between himself, the “Dan Wolfe” persona, and Seamus Kraft. This having been admitted, is obstruction of justice if neither he nor Kraft can produce this material for a Department of Justice investigation.

Here are a few questions that need answers:

• Did Andrew Breitbart inherit the remains of Team Themis?

• Is Thomas Ryan a cut out between Andrew Breitbart and Aaron Barr?

• Is any of the $10M Breitbart’s BigGovernment received funding an ISR cell?

• Was Darrell Issa’s staffer really guiding such ill conceived efforts?

• Why are there hearings on Occupy D.C, but not on HBGary?

.... Just imagine if these things were being done by unions, Occupiers, or Anonymous. What corruption provides Breitbart’s people a free pass for this crime.
So there's your idiotic Rauhauser hoax in a nutshell. Here's a bit from a second document currently available online.
*** Thomas Ryan of ProvideSecurity/Zetas Cartel 11/2/2011 ***

A member of the Occupy Wall Street group contacted me this weekend and notified me that Thomas Ryan of ProvideSecurity was endangering U.S. members of Anonymous who have had their names made public via a probable false flag operation aimed at the Zetas Cartel.

Ryan has a history of subterfuge – specifically the creation of the Robin Sage persona which invaded the privacy of many members of the intelligence community. He has also engaged in various infiltration schemes aimed at Occupy Wall Street, which have been reported on Andrew Breitbart’s BigGovernment.

This was a clumsy operation, in which he disclosed all his FBI and NYPD contacts, as well as a relationship with former HBGary CEO Aaron Barr. I’ve attached a brief about HBGary and their Team Themis project which was circulated to House and Senate staffers last spring. It provides a quick overview of that situation....

Ryan is writing for BigGovernment, Andrew Breitbart’s web site. Breitbart, or at the very least his operative, Los Angeles County Deputy D.A. John Patrick Frey have, for the last two years steered a subnormal conspiracy theorist named Socrates at Velvet Revolution founders Brett Kimberlin and Brad Friedman. This process ended when Socrates was outed during a civil suit and then arrested for threatening both the judge and Kimberlin. The matter was referred to the FBI as it might have qualified as a murder for hire plot and it crosses state lines in a variety of ways. This was in connection with Montgomery County, MD civil suit 339254-V.

I have a civil suit brewing against Twitter user ZAPEM. I’m fairly certain this is Michele Nagy-Reilly, sister of BigGovernment contributor Mandy Nagy, and author of a complex, long running smear against me known as Twittergate. I am a vocal public proponent of – a group dedicated to bringing Breitart to justice for his role in the illegal wire tapping of ACORN members here in Maryland. Given the mix of Ryan, Barr, Breitbart and the fact that I am known to be involved with Anonymiss (small group, mostly female, forensics oriented) I don’t imagine it’s going to be very long before I’m marked for death as an Anonymous kingpin.
There's a new docket snippet.
New motion: Docket Date: 02/06/2012
Docket Number: 133
Docket Description: REQUEST, HEARING
Docket Type: Docket Filed By: Plaintiff
Also from the case file:
Docket Date: 01/06/2012 Docket Number: 114
Docket Description: MOTION, WITHDRAW
Docket Type: Motion Filed By: Plaintiff Status: Open
Aaron denies assaulting Kimberlin.

It's very strange Kimberlin would send letters to the FBI and police requesting protection for Aaron. That makes no sense whatsoever considering he outed Aaron and persists in trying to unseal or slip in his personal info. Kimberlin's intent is to out Aaron, period.

If it hadn't been for Kimberlin, no one would know who Aaron is. Aaron Worthing is being cyberstalked in front of everyone, period. The most surreal part of this is to watch Kimberlin ping-pong back and forth between internet convolution and a real life Maryland court. All hail Judge Rupp the Magnificent! The Reign of Triple F has ended.

Oh my, what do old codgers say about giving them enough rope for something?

Aaron's new article is brilliant. He pretty much articulated everything which needed to be said.

Why does Kimberlin feel Aaron's personal info needs to be revealed? Why is Kimberlin emailing cops and FBI to help Aaron, since he's doing the outing? CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? What judge in his right mind would not side with Aaron?

Occupy Kookpocalypse

These Occupy day thingies are certainly "advertised." It's not as if folks are afraid of tipping off the bacon. Kookpocalypse was coined to signify this: Hey everyboody, this is "sane" Neal reporting live from Beantown.

Neal has requested his name be completely deleted from DFQ2.

Oh, does he think I'm gonna say "OK" and then delete? For crying out loud. p:>

It's called Kookpocalypse, because many refer to Occupy Wall Streeters as "Occupy Kooksters." Neal gets the added bonus of sconnecting that to his goofy hoax.

Let's have Aaron provide the last words to this mailed in entry.
Aaron: "So if you help this man and his co-conspirators, then that is what you are aiding. If you donate to his various non-profits, maybe they do lots of other good work, but you are also helping support this piece of human filth who probably should never have been set free in the first place."