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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Aaron Walker Arrested & Why The Right-O-Sphere Is Currently Losing Their Battle

From The Troll Wars, Part VI

Never mind. I checked it out and what I read confirms some of my suspicions raised in first comment above, except for:
My guess is, your amigos excluded, most of the minour league bloggers on the right operate from similarly limited perspectives.
Maybe I spoke too fast about your amigos. Maybe they too are spending too much time inside the blogbubble to be effective advocates for themselves.

For attorneys, who are normally cautious stay-inside-the-legal-lines types, these two give off the appearance of having gone all in while holding quite a bit less than a full-house from an evidentiary standpoint.

Plus, the virality that Team Breitbart have inspired on the right has taken the game to a whole nother level, way, way beyond their ability to control and shape, which is the worst thing for a lawyer to lose. At least thats what a lifetime of watching crime dramas has taught me.

No one wearing a badge is even investigating the Stack and Patterico swattings, correct? And yet the rightwing side of the internet has already seen fit to accuse Brynaert, Kimberlin and Rauhauser of that or other acts of "terrorism?" Based almost entirely on the Patterico and Worthing pieces?

Could this be an instance of rope-a-dope in reverse?

What makes it surreal to me is that while Team Breitbart is currently winning at internet (such as the game is, consisting mainly of whipping-up the easily whipped-up wingnuttysphere), they seem to be doing less well in the courtroom of real-life.

Maybe its only third quarter, or wtf, still time for a rally and an amazing comeback but it appears for now at least that Team Breitbart are looking very much like last night's Celtics.

[cheap shot at Boston fan alert] by: donkeytale

You're 100% correct The only caveat is that the Maryland court system is completely inept. If they weren't, this thing would never be escalating towards at least short term numbnut advantage.

The AHA! of blogging is mere socratisation. It is a beautiful thing in its own. Think of how Francis busted Markos Moulitsas or yourself thoroughly exposing Fairleft.

There are tons of examples, from the insignificant to the entertaining to kinda sorta enlightening.

Yes, Team Breitbart needed to keep it short and simple. Kimberlin has broken the law by filing false criminal charges and committing multiple examples of perjury.

I just got my nuts roasted for telling a somewhat popular libertarian lawyer it'd be a good idea for him to get off his blogging ass and actually do something about this in real life.

That was a dude who got Aaron pro bono help months back. He doesn't even know I exist. Too many, in fact most of the herd do not give one shit about me. There's been no pro bono help for me.

Some National blogger dude has been raising funds and supporting the four bloggers involved. I'm not one of them. I guess the four are Aaron, Patterico, guessing Mandy, and the McCain.

Michelle Malkin has gotten involved. Yet again I do not appear to exist.

What happened to Aaron today is exactly what was done to me last September. Kimberlin is making false claims and successfully getting people arrested.

The state of Maryland can basically go to hell. I will never again give that state the chance to abuse me.

And when they get there, to hell, we know who will be sitting there waiting for them. by: socrates

Sunday, May 27, 2012

All four of us are in agreement...

that this transcends libtard versus repukelican talking points. But I agree with you that what we think doesn't matter, at least for now.

Maybe in the past I felt Mandy had used me but not anymore. I never felt anything but respect for Aaron. We are polar for political views but both believe this is about free speech and the right to be left alone from a madman trying to get us imprisoned.

Patterico is my least favourite of the three, but he is the one who actually understands the meta part of it. First time I heard of him was well before this. I recall it had to do with his website covering the Leopold "Karl Rove Indicted" hoax.

It's easy to go libtard versus repukelican. We have all done that. Perhaps you were the first to stop and come up with the libtard and repukelican schtick. I wasn't really in your milieu 'til going to DKos in early 2009.

I'm grateful the three others can see how VR is lefty in only terms of a brand strategy.

It's fairly remarkable how this thing has exploded, no pun intended. Aaron came out with his thingie. Then MeSoc's old buddy Lee Stranahan successfully launched the Everyboody BK Blahg Day. The only one missing is Noom, which is ironic, because Aaron Worthington and Dustin Flanders are the Noomies of the right. He could have pulled an Other McCain and easily inserted himself into the top of the zeigeist. You snooooze you loooose.

I came out with my best tweet yesterday or the day before. Some Breitbartian claimed the NBC Today Show was interested, though I've seen no confirmation of that. Anyway, I said something to the effect that I've always had a huge crush on Katie Couric's legs. Of course I included her tweet address in the tweetage. Yes, I am keeping my eye on the potential big prize. Some leg.

I could go either way thinking maybe this will hit the big time or maybe it will peeter out.

If it comes to fruitionosity, I figure my chances for success will be 50-50. I'll either freeze in the camera lights, or sparkle on my way to becoming a national icon. [0op:)>

I wouldn't place any bets. Only thing we know for sure is that the Streisand Effect is for real. Oh yeah, before I forget. Sure I saw that article. I even tweeted the dummy who wrote it. And I tweeted Malkin a similar message. Basically that their narratives are off, since I was the first to scoop nearly two years before the others and the first to be sued and uhm, I am a lefty. But don't let the truth get in the way of a self-serving narrative. And yes, I read Ron's epic meltdown. That was probably the 197th time he has warned someone not to release an email with the opposite taking place.

by: socrates @ Sun May 27, 2012 at 07:53:02 AM UTC [ Parent | ]

Friday, May 25, 2012

Brad Friedman is Great, We are Evil

The Michael Connell Threatened By Karl Rove Story starred Brad Friedman, Brett Kimberlin, Larisa Alexandrovna, and Cliff Arnebeck. Brad and Brett are co-founders of the Velvet Revolution. Their primary fundraising carrot has been offering huge rewards for whistleblown proof of election fraud. Arnebeck has served as their attorney.

Alexandrovna played the intrepid reporter. She claimed Michael Connell was her source, was scared, and ready to talk. We're talking about the bookend to a B film-noir double feature (see Curtis, Clint and the assassinated dog for info on the first show). It was definitely juicy convolution yet wasn't going to be nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. Perhaps The Onion could have handed it a trophy in the category of creative bunk.

There was never any substance to it. Connell was never going to spill any beans. Imho, his small aircraft failed due to either icing or pilot disorientation. It happens.

Unexpected twists and turns are no sweat for Team Numbnuts. They are adept at improvising. Michael Connell having his knuckles cracked by Karl "Corleone" Rove was Act 1. If he refused to take the fall for the stolen 2004 election, things were going to get much worse. When he tragically died in late 2008, the script morphed a tragic accident into a probable murder.

Weinergate was easily improvised into having been a Team Breitbart production. That's putting aside the possiblity "Dan Wolfe" was a Team Numbnuts creation.

Apparently I was one of the key players in bringing down Congressman Anthony Weiner. Brett's associate Neal Rauhauser said so, thus I guess it's true. I must be suffering amnesia.

Oh, who am I kidding? Of course Connell was assassinated via a sabotaged plane. Andrew hired me to play the fake lefty. We- myself, Mandy, Dustin, Patterico, Aaron Worthing, and donkeytale formed the core of Team Themis Volume 2. We tried our best on behalf of HB Gary to derail Brad Friedman's intrepid journalist career. What skills he has. He's a modern day Edward R. Murrow, for crying out loud.

And were we ever terrified Andrew was gonna fire us after BRADBLOG.COM did the following feature concerning the MYSTERIOUS DEATH OF BUSH/ROVE/GOP IT GURU MIKE CONNELL. SCARY BUT "FACTUAL" STUFF! It was too close to the truthiness.

Connell died when the single-engine aircraft he was piloting just prior to Christmas 2008 crashed in flames near Akron. The tragedy came just weeks after he was compelled by a federal judge to give a deposition in a long-standing 2004 federal election fraud lawsuit, on the heels of reports that Connell had been threatened by Rove to "take the fall" for whatever happened in '04. After Worrall's year-long investigation, he believes it's highly likely that Connell was, in fact, murdered.
The Maxim article Brad referred to can be read here.

Ok, I'm done with the satire. None of this is funny, even if for some reason Worrall's article was in the Maxim humour section under this banner:

Team Numbnuts couldn't care less about the harm they do to others. They cybersmear, post outrageous hoaxes, file false criminal charges, and commit perjury (see see Vanilla, The Thrilla in).

Here we can see how the Connell family's sorrow was compounded by some lame hoax. It's all about the bottom line to Team Numbnuts. Nearly all of us have empathy, so this stuff is virtually impossible to understand. Was the money suckered off of people such as Lori Grace worth selling their souls?
With his wiry hair and designer glasses, Spoonamore looks like a character in a Tim Burton movie. A lifelong Republican, he is also one of the world’s acknowledged experts on cybersecurity, with a résumé that includes work for the U.S. armed forces and the FBI. In his spare time he has devoted thousands of hours to investigating cyberfraud in American elections. “I know I sound crazy when I talk about this stuff. No one wants to believe it. They say, ‘No one would steal an election.’ And I go, ‘Yeah, they would. And that’s exactly what they did.’ ”
100% HOAX!

Larisa Alexandrovna's big scoop in the script was One Of My Sources Died In A Plane Crash Last Night.
I don't usually reveal sources, but I think this is incredibly important. Michael Connell died in a plane crash last night. He was a key witness in the Ohio election fraud case that I have been reporting on. More importantly, however, he had information that he was ready to share....

I have been to Mr. Connell's home. Mr. Connell has confided that he was being threatened, something that his attorneys also told the judge in the Ohio election fraud case. When I met with Heather, his wife, I did so carefully because of the threats he was getting....

In fact, it was through following the Siegelman-Rove trail that I found evidence leading to Connell. That is how I became aware of him.

socratised interjection: That's the Ticket!

Mike was getting ready to talk. He was frightened.

He has flown his private plane for years without incident. I know he was going to DC last night, but I don't know why. He apparently ran out of gas, something I find hard to believe. I am not saying that this was a hit nor am I resigned to this being simply an accident either.
According to this newspaper article:
On Dec. 19, Connell flew alone in his single-engine Piper Supercub from a small airport near Washington, D.C. The plane crashed on its final approach to his hometown Akron-Canton Airport, between two houses. The cause is still under investigation but is presumed accidental.

The blogosphere refuses to accept this. "Mike was getting ready to talk," writes one online journalist who labels Connell a source. "He was frightened."
On April 30th, 2009, Brad and Brett's friend Larisa changed her tune. Which begs the question why she couldn't do the same with her vouching for the double secret exoneration schtick, when I confronted her at Daily Kos. It should be easy to see why I got my ass cybersmeared and sued. It was because I busted this story wide open starting three and a half years ago.

Not so...
There was never a threat on his person that I am aware of. The threat is - as I understand it - more like using the DOJ to go after him. That is not only plausible, I think it is probably likely. Just fyi
Hmmm. She was retreating from pushing the probable murder hoax. At that point in Connell hoax history, it had become fairly obvious the whole thing was fiction. I guess she was in damage control mode.

By the way, has anyone seen Larisa lately? She seems to have disappeared. Jason Leopold has returned. Brad's still plugging away. I bet Wayne Madsen and Mike Rivero are still blogging like nutjobs. Open note to Larisa: It's ok sweetie, you can come back. Not everyone realises you're a disinfo hack. This stuff has blown over. No one is listening and no one cares. Now it's all about right versus left, Breitbart versus BradBlog and Velvet Revolution. Truthiness rules. New convolution can always be added on for further obfuscation. There's a sucker born every minute.

Past Comments:

Gus W: If I get this right, the only person ever to assert that Kimberlin was the source alleging Rove threatened Connell was "trouble-in-winter" from DU. Did you get separate corroboration somewhere else?

As "trouble" is himself anonymous and has not explained how he got this information, the question remains unanswered. Arnebeck and Fitrakis refuse to reveal who their source was either way, correct?

Although Bradblog apparently removed my comment asking the question "was Kimberlin in fact the source of the Rove/Connell threat?", this does not impeach the other aspects of the story. I believe the question "was Connell murdered?" is merely distracting from the real issue the FBI should be looking into - did Connell set up a riggable vote reporting network?

Me: Wow. Was the post removed completely, as if it never existed? Or was it the standard deletion with a derisive comment left by Agent99 or Brad?

That such a comment would be censored should tell you all you need to know about Brad Friedman.

Here you go.
In his email to Mukasey today, Arnebeck writes: "We have been confidentially informed by a source we believe to be credible that Karl Rove has threatened Michael Connell, a principal witness we have identified in our King Lincoln case in federal court in Columbus, Ohio, that if he does not agree to 'take the fall' for election fraud in Ohio, his wife Heather will be prosecuted for supposed lobby law violations."
12/20/08: Bush Insider Who Planned To Tell All Killed In Plane Crash: Non-Profit Demands Full Federal Investigation
A tipster close to the McCain campaign disclosed to VR in July that Mr. Connell’s life was in jeopardy and that Karl Rove had threatened him and his wife, Heather. VR’s attorney, Cliff Arnebeck, notified the United States Attorney General, Ohio law enforcement and the federal court about these threats and insisted that Mr. Connell be placed in protective custody. VR also told a close associate of Mr. Connell’s not to fly his plane because of another tip that the plane could be sabatoged. Mr. Connell, a very experienced pilot, has had to abandon at least two flights in the past two months because of suspicious problems with his plane. On December 18, 2008, Mr. Connell flew to a small airport outside of Washington DC to meet some people. It was on his return flight the next day that he crashed.
pdf link of a declaration made to the Ohio courts by Cliff Arnebeck
38. Our efforts to secure Connell’s testimony in our case, after a threat by Rove against Connell had been reported to us, were supported by the Ohio Secretary of State and Attorney General offices and two federal judges. This resulted in lifting the stay in our case to enable us to seek the deposition of Connell, and the court order for Connell’s appearance in court and at deposition, in Cleveland.

39. Had Connell chosen to seek protection in the course of these proceedings, we believe he would have received it. Without his pursuit of witness protection from law enforcement authorities, we could not obtain it for him.

Further Progress in this Case

40. Since the tragic death of Michael Connell, a new witness has come forward with evidence linking the election rigging activities of this decade to organized crime operations based in Enterprise, AL. This witness has inside knowledge of this organized crime operation. This witness has also opened communication for us with another witness who has inside knowledge of Karl Rove’s activities.

I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct. Executed on May 22, 2009.

Clifford O. Arnebeck, Jr.
A sworn declaration by Brett Kimberlin


On July 19, 2008, two days after this news conference that was widely disseminated within the blogosphere, an anonymous tipster, describing himself as being within the McCain Presidential campaign, reported that Rove had threatened Michael Connell for the apparent purpose of intimidating him from giving truthful testimony against Karl Rove. See Declaration of Brett Kimberlin, Exhibit B, ¶ 3.
Wow, Gus W. says he got censored by BradBlog, yet he goes back and leaves another post like nothing happened. Thank you sir, may I have another.
After all the work Connell did for the Bushes, going back to pre-internet days, you'd think they would have issued a statement regarding the tragic loss of their dedicated IT specialist.

Weird that Mrs. Connell didn't comment on condolences, or lack thereof from Bush, Rove, McCain or staff. How did it seem to her in terms of her husband's hugely high-profile clients not publicly paying their respects?

I think the media silence on all this is stunning, especially Rachel Maddow (her decision?). The fact that the FBI is investigating the "Mark Felt" letters should be newsworthy. Can any of you media insiders get the story-behind-the-non-story?
What's stunning is your cognitive dissonance.

Look, I used to be a regular at BradBlog. Brad offered me the opportunity to be a guest blogger. That never came to fruition, because I started to pester him about Brett Kimberlin. I was an idiot. I was propping up that disinfo blogger for months. Are you man enough to admit your mistakes?

Denial isn't a river in Egypt.

Let's see. This is you writing at Oped News praising all the prime suspects at the center of the hoax.

HuffPo Heavyweight Asked To Retract Report on Slain Rove IT Guru "Conspiracy Theories"

Dude, my username at HuffPost is Broccolli. I snuck comments in at the beginning of the Edsall comment thread. Thankfully, they weren't censored.

[Update 5/24/12: Those were actually eventually deleted with myself banned. Basically I was telling the writer Edsall, "No dude, don't retract a thing. This story is indeed a rubbish conspiracy hoax." Here are those comments I screenshot before posting.

Here's a bonus screenshot I just noticed saved. It was made at Daily Kos.

Here is what Edsall attached to his article after feeling pressure from Larisa, VR, and others.
UPDATE: An earlier version of this story claimed: "Connell's death provoked a groundswell of commentary among conspiracy theorists on the web, including Larisa Alexandrovna, Raw Story, Velvet Revolution, ePluribus Media, and TheZoo." To be fair: Larisa Alexandrovna acknowledged that suspicions that Connell's death was the result of sabotage were unproven, and she urged that empirical evidence be pursued. Her articles and those that she cites legitimately raised questions that in many cases are worthy of pursuit (See Alexandrovna's letter concerning this story here.) I regret using "conspiracy theorists" to describe Larisa Alexandrovna, Raw Story, and the others.
The Intriguing Death Of Top GOP Consultant Michael Connell

[End of Update and back to my response to Gus]

I was Prepostericity at Democratic Underground. This disinfo crowd has inside power there. I was not only banned but nearly every post I made was deleted way after they had been written. Freelance journalist Joe Lauria told Mark Singer I had become a player. He had become aware of the meta brouhaha in real time. I ended up talking with Joe quite a bit on the phone. He said that unfortunately the media would only hire him to do the story if there was proof of election fraud, that internet convolution while interesting couldn't be the focus of a piece.

I carried on to DailyKos, where Larisa and her buddy Michael Fingerit (MajorFlaw), the dude exposed by Dave Weintraub (DFQ), got me banned.

You need to snap out of it. The longer you pursue the path you're taking, the more of a gullible chump you are coming across as.

No one's saying you're in on the scam. These guys are pros. There's been a lot of money involved. I am a fricken nobody who was just the right person at the right time to bust their act.

Others also deserve credit. Creeksneakers2 did a good job exposing the fact that there's zero proof the Ohio elections were rigged the way Spoonamore presents it. I was one of a few in the forefront of going for the head of this disinfo octopus. You don't know that, because they censored my posts. I had one thread going in DU's electoral integrity forum. It had close to 100 posts and 5,000 views. In midstream, I was banned and all of it poof gone nada no cache zip no more.

I'm trying to show you some tough love. Snap out of it. The election integrity movement has become totally infiltrated. It has been perverted into a big time confidence game. Until you face up to that and stop promoting the people who have turned the obvious into tinfoil, that the 2004 election was stolen, you are not accomplishing what you truly want to.

If you go to BradBlog again, this is what I suggest. Confront Brad. First get your questions together. Read the links just supplied. They are making you look like a fool. Tell him you are from OpEd News. Tell him you are taking screenshots of your posts, and that if he persists in censorship, you will do all you can to expose that. Otherwise keep helping him line his pockets with cash while having a good chuckle at useful idiots like yourself.

The fact is these people are proven liars or deluded. My guess is the former.

There's more reason to believe Brett Kimberlin might have been behind the murder of Julia Scyphers than Karl Rove had Michael Connell murdered via plane sabotage.

Brett apparently had a very awkward relationship with Julia Scyphers' 11 year old granddaughter. It appeared that Kimberlin was grooming her to be his future wife.


The truth will emerge at some point.

The momentum has shifted. Friedman, Arnebeck, Kimberlin, and Alexandrovna are finished in regards to credibility. That's why, imho, they should be investigated for fraud.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Brad Friedman of BradBlog Part 3


In 2010, The Last Name Left did a Mr. Fanastic job confronting BradBlog's anti-semitic moderator and her blog mates. What follows is clear cut evidence Brad Friedman didn't want it known his one and only moderator for many years was facilitating right woos left Joooo hate.

TLNL posted as Mr. Fantastic asking why criticism of anti-semitism on BradBlog was being censored. Brad replied (#34):
... I am aware of no "censoring" of you, nor any "censoring" of any "criticism of...anti-semitism and...facism". You are, in short, making shit up. Knock it off.

If any of your posts were ever disallowed, and I have no memory of such a thing, it was doubtless because you abused one or more of the very few rules we have for commenting at The BRAD BLOG.

One of those rules, I should note, is against posting knowing disinformation. I'd consider the above exactly that. So unless you'd like to be disallowed from commenting here at all, please knock it off. Thanks.... Shabbat shalom, amigo.
On post #39, Brad accused TLNL of being some right wing freak named Silicon Doc. He put him on moderation. On post #41, TLNL explained that he wasn't Silicon Doc and was actually a self-defined Marxist. In comment #44, Brad apologised for his Silicon Doc allegation and replaced it with other unproven accusations against TLNL.
Mr. Fantastic - Thank you for the reminder. I stand corrected. You are not SiliconDoc. You used a different name last summer (first "ANTI" and then others) while I was on vacation and others were looking after the blog. You proved to be a sockpuppet and/or friend of a long known, rather psychotic stalker of this blog, who had been repeatedly banned --- over and over and over again --- for repeated violations of the rules. You picked up where he left off, and thus, were set to moderate and your posts were removed.

I wasn't here at the time. May, or may not have dealt with you differently, but I stand behind the judgment of our volunteer moderators. Really, it's not all that hard to NOT piss them off. Sorry about that, but you'll have to find somewhere else to play. I really have no time for your ravings (evidenced in the thread above). If you don't care for that, too bad. You can find somewhere other than my own private property to call me an anti-semite if you like. One of us will end up looking like a fool in the bargain. I suspect it won't be me.

What Brad left out is that the above post replaced this censored TLNL comment.

Brad basically covered up the truth about his moderator Agent 99, Big Dan, and other BradBloggers being anti-semitic pigs. That's called card stacking, when not all of the available information in a debate is allowed to be seen. Instead of Brad answering to why he had allowed Agent 99 and her gang to spew their garbage via BradBlog, he deleted the question, as if it hadn't existed. Instead it was implied that TLNL was me or my friend. Brad is very dishonest. Anyone can objectively look at the facts provided about Brad Friedman and his convoluted blogging history and see he smells like rotten fish.

If Brad had any smarts, he would have allowed TLNL's post to remain. He could've said something like Agent 99 doesn't speak for BradBlog, she's no longer a moderator, and that's quite unfortunate she and Big Dan are connected to Jooooo hate. Then he could have said something else to try to get TLNL to leave for good or whatever and then say peace. But noooooo [/John Belushi].

As we have seen above, Mr. Fantastic was not banned or deleted after Brad said he was using a new username. Brad said that put him on moderation. TLNL as Mr. Fantastic was only censored, once he had proven BradBlog bars criticism of anti-semitism in regards to Agent 99. Brad did what Agent 99 did! Brad proved by censoring TLNL's post, that BradBlog has been "knowingly" allowing an anti-semite to moderate its forum.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Who Is Brett Kimberlin?

That's the title for Lee Stranahan's new video uploaded to youtube. It's actually called part 1. His related blog entry can be read here.

The only effective way to fight Brett Kimberlin is for as many people to research and write about him as possible.

So I’m declaring this Friday, May 25th as Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day.

Here’s what you do to take part…

1. Research Brett Kimberlin on your own. Don’t trust secondary sources; look for the orginal articles articles published about him, too.

2. On Friday, May 25th — write an honest, factually accurate post about what you learned and what your OPINION is. Brett may try and sue you, so be accurate, factual and separate fact from opinion.

3. The post doesn’t have to be long — ANYTHING helps.

4. After you post, Tweet, share, whatever — get the post out there.

This foolishness has gone on long enough.
Today Film Ladd blogged on the allegation that blogger Robert Stacy McCain "had to flee his home with his wife and family to an undisclosed location" because...

"Stacy fled because he believed that Brett Kimberlin, convicted domestic lefty terrorist bomber, was overly curious re: Stacy's geographic location."

I'm not saying it isn't true. Wasn't Patterico's home posted by a Team Numbnut member? Hasn't one of them recently broken court rules by snapping or attempting to a photo of Aaron Walker and then filing a bogus assault charge against him? I also agree with Film Ladd that such a thingie wouldn't be unexpected. However, this McCain statement sticks out like a sore thumb.
Nevertheless, my sudden relocation — The Mother of All Road Trips, as it were — will involve large expenses. We will have to rent a new house, pay people to pack up the belongings at our former residence, and move everything to the new location.

Remember that this is still a Shameless Capitalist Blog, and keep in mind The Five Most Important Words in the English Language . . .

One thing I definitely find unsettling is how many conservatives following and writing on this story are turning it into Repukelican versus Libtard rhetoric.

Film Ladd: As I said in my previous post, Social-Media Gate is the biggest story of the new century. Future historians will look back to this era as the beginning of the end of politics as usual, and the launch of the modern-day electronic equivalent of the Italian Borgias and Medicis. Rule by tribal political affiliations, with a dash of sword and social-media skulduggery.

And yes, I believe all of these roads lead to Obama, and yes, I think we'll have a messy third-world-style election come November. With a lot of people being forced to flee their homes in terror.

What does he mean by all roads lead to Obama? Hmmm, like Republicans don't practice dirty tricks on the internet? High profile Democrats suckered into donating to a con artist means they are into terrorising people with lawfare and other forms of harassment? I'm not saying Ladd is arguing that, but it sure seems he is conflating separate issues. Has he never heard of Lee Atwater and Karl Rove? Why can't righties blogging on this story keep their dogma out of it?

From the comments:
You're talking about Soros, who ratted out fellow Jews to Nazis, being worried about Kimberlin's conduct? You're talking about people happy to take money from a man who ratted Jews out to Nazis being worried about Kimberlin's conduct? The answer is no, they have no honor left; they never started with any honor.

Kimberlin is not a bug of the Democratic Party and the American Progressive Movement, he is a feature.. The Democractic Party has been nothing but a criminal conspiracy against the United States since Thomas Jefferson decided to not notice Aaron Burr and Tamanny Hall's corruption and intimidation as long as it bought him the White House.

You're talking about the Democrats, the party of slavery, seccession, segregation and now surrender.. The grubby little ward-heeler thugs have made common cause with leftist extremists and academic technocrats pushing a political religion that has failed everywhere on eartth it has been tried, at a cost of over 100,000,000 deaths, all for one last chance to loot the till.

And we as Republicans have elected spineless, vain , cowardly "representatives" who went along to get along rather than risk their own rice bowls, to the point where it may be too late to recover. Vote this fall like your life depends on it.
Here is more conflation and outright, hypocritical nonsense courtesy of the comments on Lee's youtube page.
What is it with Lefties and convicted bombers? If the Right embraced McVeigh or the Olympic Park Bomber as a blogger there'd be no end of hearing about it on the Cable News Channels. Thank you for posting this.

We need to know who the people are who finance this terrorist's organization.

Who is Brett Kimberlin? He's the Left's favorite convicted domestic terrorist after Bill Ayers.
Sure we need to know who the donors are, to inform them of whom and what they are donating to. More importantly, it'd be nice for investigations to take place in regards to possibly existent prosecutable crimes ranging from a spectrum including perjury, harassment both on and offline, and false police reports to commercial fraud. This story transcends left versus right.

Monday, May 21, 2012

This might help and some other stuff

I left two posts at Patterico's but am waiting for the second one to get through moderation.
70. BK is only a lefty to fit in with his brand model, period. The excerpt provided just above by Sarahw explains that.
63. I think it more interesting that the hard left has anything to do with him. What he’s selling sells in that quarter.. Bk is in the game for Bk.

On pg 54 of citizen K, google provides a snippet:
…he could get you to operate under a pretense of camaraderie! Then he would use that. he proffered to play on your greed And your insecurity about your meal ticket? He talked about going straight, but he had no interest in that. He had an interest in being a robber baron. Selling pot was love and peace to the rest of us, but to Brett it was fig-[ures?]…
Comment by Sarahw
His passion is for making money.

Dustin, basically I was able to dig into the hoaxing (not rocket science) while uncovering connections, e.g. to the heir of the Oliver Grace Estate, philanthropist Lori Grace. Myself and then TLNL had common sense questions with the latter summing up this story in one word. Kerching!

There was a woman at the Sept. hearing. Probably around 30. I googled for a picture of the Darrah Ford lady but couldn’t find one.

If Occupy Rebellion is indeed a female, my hunch is she’s that woman. The one with Brett at Aaron’s thingie was probably his mom or his philanthropist aunt Harriet Crosby, imho.

As for Ronald Brynaert, I can’t think of any other explanation than he is working for the bad guys. His recent pro-Kimberlin Wikipedia submission couldn’t have been written better than by Larisa Alexandrovna herself.

There are historical tangents to this story, but most don’t know anything about them. I’m talking about convolution from the past. I was able to make some startling connections. Here’s one. A VR affiliate is called Progressive Independent. Their founder Tinoire is a self-proclaimed hard lefty, but she also admitted to having been in military intelligence. Uhm, lefties don’t tend to be in the military. She made a blunder admitting that on a Ronald Reagan forum. It was similar to Markos Moulitsas admitting he had come inches away from joining the CIA full-time for clandestine operations.

Those were self-inflicted wounds. Same as BK’s past being ignored by Brad Friedman. He figured I was one person who could be spun as a multi-personality supertroll. While Larisa could do clean-up at DKos and Democratic Underground.

Sure I was persistent, but all I really had was my blog. I tried to get it done at the Political Flesh Feast-Daily Kos off-shoot (FSZ) but got trolled on very badly. The same thing happened to Dave Weintraub when he was giving Daily Kos its final beatdown for credibility. You righties have to understand that the few of us have had nowhere to go for the most part other than solo. Same thing happened to Francis Holland. This BK-BradBlog story only finally started to gain serious zeitgeist traction once the cavalry arrived in the form of Mandy, Patrick, and Dustin. (see the enemy of my enemy is my friend p:>) I also started to pile on with more entries during that October-November time frame (unfortunately deleted due to the default).

One of Tinoire’s best buddies is Mike Rivero of What Really Happened dot com. That dude has been so anti-semitic that even Alex Jones had to give him the heave-ho. Most of you on this blog who have been around for years know who he is. He used to post at Free Republic. I think he got the boot for being a crackpot.

Rivero is well-known for Jooo hate. As a right winger, it was surprising that he and the “lefty” Tinoire were so close. One bit later found showed that Mike Rivero had worked for McDonnell Douglas. For someone supposedly against the “New World Order,” it’s amazing he used to work for the #1 arms manufacturer at the time.

Hmmm, another find of mine was of a now non-existent, except for at my blog, screen capture from VR’s affiliate The Lonestar Iconoclast. At the bottom of the page was a frontpage blurb previewing an article within written by Eric May, another right woos left, anti-Jooo conspiracy theorist. I could go on. Better yet, anyone interested should read my blog posts titled Incestuous Relations parts one and two at DFQ2.

There’s so much more too. Wayne Madsen, another crackpot and apparently ex-NSA, is also friendly with Tinoire. And let’s not forget the close ties between the BradBlog-Raw Story milieu to ex-CIA Larry Johnson and hack reporter Jason Leopold.

I can’t win for saying it, but I feel justified in wondering if there has been some kind of modern day cointelpro in place on the internet. Now I am trying to keep it simple. Crazy hoaxes led to major donations and grants.
Comment by Prepostericity
71. Can we get a link to the Lonestar Iconoclast being a VR affiliate?

Anyone else remember that publication? If memory serves, it was a place where Ellie Light astroturf was published.
Comment by Patterico
Hi Patrick,

Here's something I rewrote from one of the 21 deleted entries.

Incestuous Relationships Part 1

The first half of that is mostly a rehash of the LA Steel-Raw Story-Larisa-Speedway Bomber, etc. stuff. Right after you get to the Karl Rove-Kimberlin photo from BradBlog, it gets briefly into The Lonestar Iconoclast. Then a bit further down is a section titled, The Lonestar Iconoclast Connection. I'm definitely feeling an itch to socratise it again and check out this Ellie Light you speak of.

In part 2, the connection is touched on again including info on Raw Story's Stephen Webster having worked for The Lonestar Iconoclast.

I never looked into it too much, but I wouldn't be surprised if The Iconoclast was a conspiracy theory tabloid.

I do know the links found proving they are a close VR affiliate were scrubbed.

If interested, folks can easily get to part two through the sidebar.

This is the kind of stuff I enjoyed most as a blogger, the so-called cybersleuthing.

And whenever someone trolled me, it pushed me to dig further. So thank-you Brad, Larisa, Mike Rivero trolls, Tinoire, et al for egging me on. Haha, myself and The_Last_Name_Left also had fun going after anti-semite David Dees (the animator highlighted by goofball Jeff Rense), fake lefty and Kossack Al Giordano of Narco News, and Agent 99 (the anti-semitic moderator for Brad Friedman).

There's something called right woos left. That was a phrase coined by I believe Chip Berlet. His schtick focused on mostly the 9/11 Joos did it nonsense. I think right woos left can be applied to a lot of things.

If folks research American conspiracy theory, they'll run across the John Birch Society, Lyndon Larouche, and other tools. I think a lot of the convolution on the net is an extension of that. I will admit that a guilty pleasure of mine was to listen to a good Alex Jones rant.

This is the kind of stuff I got into as a blogger, what I wanted to most understand. The convolution.

There's an endless supply of it. I noticed it had infiltrated the left-o-sphere. You know what I'm talking about. I think the first time I read your blog was way back when, probably to do with Jason Leopold. Or I was googling Larisa. Kinda forget. One of them. Or Larry Johnson.

Sorry for rambling and going off-topic or bringing up things too difficult for newbies and fence-sitters to fit into the big picture. Hopefully people can see how this stuff transcends right-left political discussion except for on the shallow surface.

Imho, both left and right have had their fair share of fruitcakes co-opting their ideologies through the dispersal of internet convolution. And I simply feel, as does freelancer Joe Lauria, that the MSM is simply not into covering it. They only covered it briefly with Weiner cause he was a Congressman.
Comment by Prepostericity
Strangely enough, Mike Rivero can be tied directly to a former Department of Justice employee.

Why might that matter? Because it's possible Team Numbnuts is working for them. @FilmLadd has a hunch that both Twittergate and Weinergate could be directly tied to the White House. I found that ludicrous and told him to get real. I don't see how crazy hoaxes portraying leftists as sadistic towards righties could possibly help Obama. But it got me thinking especially after googling and reflecting after posting the above at Patterico's.

Hal Turner was working modern day cointelpro for the FBI in an attempt to "flush out the crazies." Could Rauhauser have been attempting the same but substitute Tea Party and Breitbart followers for neonazis?

I'm not going to reinvent the wheel for this. It is conspiracy fact that the spy factory is all over the internet. I've blogged on this before. They've admitted to it. Do your own homework if you don't believe me.

Ron Brynaert is a Team Numbnut Tool

Ye might want to check out Brynaert's Kimberlin submission to Wikipedia before it probably shifts into some kind of edit war. Here are my recent tweets which explain what he did.
Ron Brynaert has submitted a pro-BK entry to Wikipedia. Mentions Kimberlin denial with no reference to overwhelming evidence....

No mention of Julia Scyphers but inserts hypnosis angle.

Ron gives a positive review of Brad Friedman. Cherry picks Wizard of Odd article. No mention of election integrity hoaxes.

Tweeted: "I didn't include any references to any "double secret" exoneration since there isn't any proof." Ron's crafty with disinfo.

"back-and-forth online battles have transpired between progressives backing Kimberlin and bloggers on the right." That's 100% astroturf.

Only "progressives" backing Kimberlin appear to be hacks such as Neal Rauhauser and the awol Larisa Alexandrovna.

I just made some tweets on Brynaert's pro-Kimberlin Wiki astroturf. @Dust92 @Patterico @Liberty_Chick @AaronWorthing @FilmLadd @NoodleSpoon

@NoodleSpoon Fricken loser knows there is proof from BK's Nov. 14th testimony not to mention Alexandrovna's heresay.

@NoodleSpoon Yikes- meant hearsay. Not sure if heresay is a word.
And Ron continues to be sadistic towards me. He or one of his Team Numbnut associates blew up a photo of my driver's license and is calling me Cookie Puss. It wasn't my best picture. My hair was tied in a pony tail, and I had rolled out of bed or something. That's why I put up the one picture I have on my twitter account. There people can see kinda sorta what I really look like. Anyway, if Ron wants to be such a sadistic creep in public, so be it. Same goes for the Mike who got swatted and cybersmeared. Though the latter I can forgive. He was put through the wash cycle. He was battered down by Team Numbnuts. So it makes sense he's now unhinged and getting manipulated. He's missing the big picture. Though I do wish him the best of luck getting Rauhauser thrown in prison where he belongs. Ron is being sadistic on purpose while also acting crazy on purpose which is obviously much worse than what Mike has been up to. It's part of Ron's job description, imho.

Ron was also effective in driving a wedge between myself and donkeytale. He definitely understands the art of social engineering. Hmmm, as in psychological operations? It wouldn't surprise me. Google Hal Turner. Do your own own homework. I am not a supertroll or troll and am a true lefty. I have a Master's Degree in Social Theory. My department taught us critical theory (see School, Frankfurt). Team Numbnuts has been desperate to spin me as a lunatic stalker who made a death threat. That never happened. And now anyone can google Speedy's name and see that the whole truth is crashing down on con artist Brad Friedman and his sadistic associates (see Effect, Streisand).

So anyway, Rona Bryntart's finally found out donkeytale is not as easy a patsy to control as the porn dude. Here you go.
Super Troll claims he reported "cyber crimes committed against" him... Calling Socrates "Super Troll" is apparently a "cyber crime" if you're dumb enough to believe that...but it's perfectly okay for him to call others "Super Troll" and accuse them of ridiculous crimes...
Donkeytale finally showed some common sense.
Aaron Worthing left a comment on my thread at FDL directing my attention here:

(links to Aaron's blog)

I know that you have had some interest and commentary around this alleged event of assault on the victimised BK.

According to Socrates you claimed the event happened before you had proof.
Aaron Worthing May 17th, 2012 at 4:22 pm


This is really off topic, but I remember when you covered the "Troll Wars" between myself and Brett Kimberlin.

Well, there have been some very significant developments in that story. Start here and follow the links. There are two versions of the post. The first is one massive post, and the other is 8 little posts. I created the little posts because people were complaining that their computers couldn't handle that much strain on the memory.

The short version. Brett Kimberlin tried to frame me for a crime.
That must have freaked out Ron, cause he came back with the same kind of Rauhauserish request he made to myself many months ago.
If you email me...

I will respond by email...but not publicly...provided you don't reveal my answer on this blog.

I'm not blogging or tweeting anymore about that crew because I will be reporting a related extortion threat to the NYPD very shortly. But I've spent 9 years reporting on the Netroots and fake news, and I'm not going to stop doing that for anything.

I often wonder what your true agenda is since you treat certain new friends of Socrates as if they are honest or sincere. You seem to get a similar kick when they link to you, just like Socrates.

The only reason I'm discussing Socrates is that he's too far out to even mention to the NYPD and I don't think he's part of THAT crew.

I still suspect what I have always suspected about Socrates..that he trolls Markos and BradBlog enemies pretending to be "leftier than thou" so that he can smear them. And I still believe it's mighty convenient that Andrew Breitbart was cc'd on a quasi death threat about BK. I believe that was probably done on purpose - that Soc knew the law about second hand threats - so that BK could attempt to use discovery to go after Breitbart and O'Keefe.
Donkeytale will never admit it, but in his own way he was admitting I had been right about Brynaert the whole time, and he had been wrong.
For the Pffugeecamp record, My FDL reply to Worthing:
I read through much of it last night. Very interesting. I'm sorry to hear that you were forced to quit your job.

Very excellent writing. You should get a book deal out of this saga. The right of anonymous free speech issues and the abuse of the court system by rogue internet clowns seem like a worthy topic.

Maybe if you offer BK a contract he'll he did with Singer.

I had hoped Soc would develop the book idea, but he can't seem to distance himself enough narratively speaking.

He will make an excellent Sancho Panza, however....
Ron knew it was time to bail out after another loss.
Enough said

See ya!
By the way, I read that above by Brynaert about five times, the thing about Kos and BradBlog enemies and to be blunt, it makes no sense. That's what I'm talking about with Ron faking craziness. He thinks he's being clever by throwing in a lot of noise. He bailed out quick once he realised donkeytale was finally onto his disinfo schtick.

Donkeytale might be a sadistic turdmeister for stretches here and there, but when push comes to shove, he ain't no sucker for pea brained disinfo fockers like Ron Brynaert. And I don't care if he or anyone else thinks I have a big ego and repeat myself and whatnot. I scooped this story. Team Numbnuts and the Montgomery Maryland Circuit Court can kiss my ass. All of you are the lowest of the low. You hear that, Triple Fock Face aka ambulance chaser aka Ricky Boy Judge? You dumbass.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

C.A. & Page Not Found

Several days ago Patterico's Puzzlefications pontweetificated the following.

One person offered some fascinating guesses with Patrick answering nope.

I tweeted my guess.

Patterico soon came out and said one person had guessed correctly. I then tweeted him with my own puzzlefication in an attempt to prod from Mr. Frey if he meant moi. Unfortunately, his twitter schtick usually contains "can neither confirm nor deny" type responses. He is akin to a puzzle book with no answers in the back.

I must come clean. Myself and the Los Angeles Assistant District Attorney were involved in a conspiracy. Uhm, not a criminal one. Conspiracy is actually not the correct word. I was just playing around with prose. I'll explain in a bit.

Patrick tweeted a little while ago:

Well, I think he's saying that was when Mandy came out with her article, and that now we are looking at the bizarre aftermath.

Back to the uhm, er, conspiracy. Myself and Patrick were basically into figuring things out such as the Connell hoax, Larisa Alexandrovna's vouching for some double secret Speedway bombing exoneration, etc.. Since I'd gotten the headstart on him, I shared links and whatnot.

Now, I definitely know the difference between a scoop and discussing things available to anyone. There's also a third realm of blogging in which we can share things with the public that are not much visible. I'm not gonna get into parsing the differences in regards to what I wrote. I am an unpaid blogger. Everything I have ever written has been for free. I was not scooping the Connell Threatened by Karl Rove story as a hoax. Many people were quite aware that was 100% bunk. Where I differed was in how I cybersleuthed the various people and connections pertaining to the hoax and generated commentary based on such. One of them was Cliff Arnebeck. Another was Lori Grace.

I now believe Lori Grace was an innocent victim. She is the heiress to the Oliver Grace fortune who provided a lot of funding to Velvet Revolution. She meant well. She wanted clean elections and felt the easiest way to make this a better world was to open up her checkbook.

Brad Friedman had accumulated a lot of gravitas as an internet "citizen journalist" and activist. Unless one dug deep, it was difficult to see that had been built up on fiction. Cliff Arnebeck is a semi-famous attorney. And since Mark Singer's book came out well before the internet took off, there wasn't much available on the speedy truth.

I used to blog at BradBlog and liked him. I thought he was the bestus of the restofus. It is human nature to fall for manipulators who tell us what we want to hear. Unforunately for them, it takes lie upon lie and mucho card stacking to keep the facade alive. I eventually saw through Brad's bag of tricks and set out to expose him for yellow journalism leading to donation and ad revenue.

I don't have a psychology degree and am thus mostly incapable of deducing who is an outright fraud from someone who's been duped. That can take a lot of wash cycles. Now I can see that Lori was a complete victim. In early 2009, I found an intriguing article at her blog. Today I noticed it is no longer available

It's not even available through the Wayback Machine.

But here is what I have that was originally copied and pasted. Somewhere I probably have the complete page saved, but this should suffice.
...As many of you know, I have been involved in tracking the unpopular topic of election fraud since 2003. I have been particularly involved in the neglected area of tabulator fraud....

I played a major role in enabling Barbara Boxer (D-California) to feel comfortable on January 5th, 2005 standing up to protest the 2004 presidential election on the Senate Floor. I helped her feel comfortable by listening closely to her aides about what she would need to stand up, and then, by working on providing her with it during December 2004. Boxer wanted to be connected with a federal congressperson in Ohio. With the help of Susan Truitt of CASE Ohio, I connected Boxer with Stephanie Tubbs Jones (D-Ohio). Boxer later wrote a letter stating that it was her connection with Tubbs Jones that was pivotal in her desire to stand up and speak her truth in the Senate on this particular issue. I also commissioned the Free Press to write a story about the elections, which I circulated on January 4th, 2005 in the U.S. Senate building when we were lobbying senators to stand up and protest how the 2004 elections had gone. That story became the basis for talks in Congress that both of these women made on January 5th.....

In 2007 and 2008, through my work with Velvet Revolution, I became aware that plans were afoot to once again steal a third Presidential election. Two people from the McCain campaign, one who went public, Steven Spoonamore, and another, who decided to remain within the McCain campaign, both complained to Bret Kimberlin about the tabulator fraud that was being set up to steal the election. In fact, the computer genius who had worked for Rove and the Bush family was also working as the chief technical officer for John McCain and political strategist, Karl Rove. Bret Kimberlin and I worked for many months to try to stop the rigging from occurring. One of the actions I took, at the advice of a lobbyist, was to connect a lawyer, Cliff Arnebeck, who I had worked with peripherally on election issues in 2004, with Bret Kimberlin. Mike Connell was eventually included in a lawsuit that had been started in 2005, and then stopped in 2006, charging Rove, Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, Bush and Cheney with the stealing of 2004. With the advent of new information, the 2006 stay on the case was lifted and Mike Connell was added to the lawsuit. The judge who had lifted the stay did not let us include Rove before Election Day; hopefully, Rove will be prosecuted in the lawsuit during the next few months. Mike Connell avoided the subpoenas for a week and then, finally, cooperated when the court compelled him to appear at a hearing the Friday before Election Day. On Monday, the day before Election Day, he was compelled to give his deposition. He appeared on Monday and was considered "obstructionist" in his responses and protective of Rove.

You might ask, "How did all of this affect what happened on Election Day?" Here is how: First, in late June, McCain announced that he would win in the last 48 hours. We started to be concerned then, because that is often the time when tabulator fraud starts to take place. Additionally, on the Monday one week before Election Day, he said that he would win after midnight, a clear sign of tabulator fraud by our standards. I became really concerned then. We had also been told by the whistleblower Spoonamore, in September, that McCain was set to win by approximately 51.5% to 48.8%. On Tuesday, the day after McCain made that announcement, the courts ordered Mike Connell to appear that Friday. On Thursday evening, we learned that he would be at the hearing. We rejoiced. He did appear at the hearing and listened to another man being given a lighter sentence in a fraud case by cooperating with the government. Connell was ordered to appear on Monday. On Saturday, three days before Election Day, I heard about another tip from an informant within the McCain campaign who said that the rigging would not take place if the polls were showing more than 3% difference between McCain and Obama in key swing states. On Monday, Rove announced that it was going to be an Obama landslide — the first time he had said anything of the sort. Mike Connell gave his deposition on Monday, where he resisted giving any information which implicated Rove.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT ROVE APPEARS TO HAVE BASICALLY CHANGED HIS MIND OVER THE WEEKEND. BETWEEN THE HEARING AND THE DEPOSITION AND THE RISING POLL NUMBERS FOR OBAMA, HE DECIDED TO CALL IT OFF. In other previous elections, such as the election in Georgia of Max Cleland in 2002, Kerry in 2004, and Governor Seligman in 2006, differences were slightly over 3% or higher and the rigging still took place. We know that Rove and Connell were nervous about the lawsuit because we were able to track them reading our website They were studying the website for close to a year. Additionally, Steven Spoonamore had left the McCain campaign and had submitted two affidavits to the courts, the second one after Mike Connell had been avoiding the subpoenas. There was a lot against them. And there still is. It is important to know that the vulnerabilities of our election system are still in place for another year. According to cyberexpert Steven Spoonamore, the system is vulnerable not only to Republicans, but also to Democrats, and to people outside the country, due to how easy it is to break into our tabulator systems.

So, in summary, my friends, what I did that I am so proud of is the following: I assembled about three-quarters of the main team. I brought together activist Bret Kimberlin with whistleblower Steve Spoonamore. And then I brought together activist Bret Kimberlin with Cliff Arnebeck, the lawyer with a background in election law; he had the ongoing lawsuit in Ohio with a favorable judge and district attorney on the stealing of 2004. I can only call this DIVINE NETWORKING.

After bringing everyone together, I could not help but continuing as an activist and important funder and fundraiser for the whole effort. I am very proud of myself for what I have done. I have helped create a country I am much more comfortable living in.....

Bring a snack or dessert to share and a towel if you wish to use the hot tub (swimsuit optional) after the evening is officially over.

My love to you all,


Friday, May 11, 2012

Ron Brynaert's Bleatifications

tweeted May 2nd to a real supertroll
promoting the Rauhauser/Kimberlin

This is what I think is going on with Ron Brynaert. I think he is concern trolling and probably paid for his efforts. It must be a tough balancing act because, if true, he has to support his employers' objectives while making it appear he is an independent nutjob. It's possible he's simply a very confused individual. Though, imho, he is paid to post for Team Numbnuts.

Folks can go back in time and see how he smeared me as having menaced Kimberlin. He called me a supertroll. When given proof of November 14th perjury, he tweeted the equivalent of hmmph. Lately he has made a transparent effort to convey the idea he is not a BradBlog/VR agent. But we're to believe it was a coincidence he was recently frontpaged by Brad Friedman and more recently libelled Aaron Worthing based on the word of Brad's closest associate? Ron thinks we are supposed to forget all that?

And now Ron has rejumped the shark. Today May 10th he tweeted the following.

The only one who fits that description is Aaron. Maybe Brynaert thinks he is being clever by not mentioning him directly as in past tweets. However, I'm not sure how he can expect to not be found guilty of further defamation, if he persists with such allegations. There is no shadow of a doubt escape clause for civil cases. He is acting precisely like Rauhauser by making such outrageous claims.

In a previous entry, I put up screenshots of Ron claiming Aaron had committed criminal assault on Kimberlin. Ron didn't couch it as alleged. He made the critical error of tweeting it as factual.

Now he's claiming Aaron is blackmailing him for 20 grand? Now he's astroturfing the Team Breibart, criminal conspiracy hoax? Yet he's also willing to testify for Aaron while contemplating reporting him to the police for blackmail? NOT BELIEVABLE!

I could go on and on parsing Ron's style of convolution. But that's what he and similar supertrolls desire. They want confusion to reign. They want folks to waste time reading their hoax garbage.

Nonetheless, the main question surrounding Ron is fascinating. Is he paid to post or simply deluded?

That was Ron running interference for Brad Friedman. Clearly Brett played a role in Raw Story's emergence. I think he's trying to make light of Kimberlin's role with them and thus such thinking can also be extended to Brad. I asked Ron to expose BradBlog/VR hoaxing, but all I got in return were crickets chirping and later on more invasion into my personal space.

Here is a tweet showing Ron pimping for Brett as having not set the bombs. And we'll then have more on that in a bit. And uhm, I'm positive Mark Singer believes Brett set the Speedway bombs which led to Carl Delong's maiming. So how would Mark Singer have had a problem with the judgment? And Ron wonders why so many believe he is working for VR? He knows why. It's because of junk like this.

Ron Brynaert is obviously supporting the Speedway Bomber. Why else did he just tweet this?

And to top it off so there are no doubts what Brynaert has been up to, let's take a looksie at some extensive Brynaert excerpts shedding doubt on Brett Kimberlin being behind the Speedway bombings. Then ask yourselves why would he be doing that for free?

A concern troll is one who tries to give the impression of objectivity and sincerity while attacking natural consensus building based on facts. In this case, Ron has been trying to make it seem he has no dog in the Brad Friedman/VR hunt. However, he is simply offering nothing but misdirection. He has never covered their outrageous, election fraud hoaxes. He's even tried to shed doubt on Brett Kimberlin having set the Speedway bombs. He's tried to make a mockery of the idea that Brett Kimberlin should have been a primary suspect for the murder of Julia Scyphers. If he's not paid by VR and/or Brett, why is he astroturfing such rubbish? He continued.

Why didn't Ron discuss what the motive might have been for the murder of Julia Scyphers? Not relevant? How could that not be relevant? Ron has smeared myself, Mandy, Patrick, Aaron, and Dustin simply for blogging the truth about Brett Kimberlin. Those four can be tied to Andrew Breitbart. And who has had a website devoted to indicting him? Which internet predator on the run from New Jersey authorities for harassing Mike used to have as his Daily Kos signature? And Ron wonders why we think he works for them? What kind of idiots does he take newbies and fence-sitters for? Here's more Ron Brynaert supporting the Kimberlin lie he never set the bombs.

Take note of how he followed the Alexandrovna approach of astroturfing Brett didn't set the bombs despite there being plenty of proof. Ron's objective was two-fold. His crowd wants to accept that Brett was only involved in the drug trade and nothing else. Oh those crazy pot people! He also wanted to attack Mandy and Patrick Frey. What he didn't mention was the strange relationship Brett had with Julia Scyphers' very young granddaughter. Nor did Ron mention how Julia was fed up with Brett and taking action to protect her family.

Julia Scyphers was killed execution-style. She wasn't robbed. Who had the motive to do that? Why was Ron twisting the truth to fit in with double secret exoneration hoax? And I'm not so sure Fred only got a glimpse of Bowman. But I've lent my Singer book to a friend.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ayn Rand Was A Stupid, Sociopathic Wench

This year's nominations for Supertroll of the Year (Meta Magazine®) offer up some splendid choices, including Ron Brynaert and Neal Rauhauser. While we await that decision, I thought we'd take a quick looksie back at who won the award in 1957.

There are two types of people in this world. We have folks who care deeply for humanity. We have folks who only care about themselves, their immediate family, and those they consider close friends. Ayn Rand was a member of the latter.

Unlike what many on the right believe, Ayn Rand was anything but a scholar. Her academic background is sketchy. It appears she only made it through an undergraduate degree before heading off to Hollywood to become a screenwriter.

One can watch this idiot in action during a 1959 interview with Mike Wallace. Check out how awkward she was. She wasn't exactly a people person. That makes sense considering her writings exposed herself as a sociopath. We'll get to those in a bit.

Now contrast that Wallace interview with one of a real scholar, Erich Fromm. I believe there is a fundamental difference between right and left. Conservatives simply do not much care for anyone but themselves. Ayn Rand actually considered it immoral to be our brother's keeper, that altruism is a sin. Those on the left tend to have big hearts and are basically true sweeties.

Ayn Rand as Sociopath

Yes, it's true. Here's the proof.

Romancing the Stone-Cold Killer: Ayn Rand and William Hickman by Michael Prescott

A bit of narcissism can be healthy. It's called self-confidence. But the problem with reactionary thinkers is they take it too far. They become in essence Calvinists with hard-ons for Friedrich Nietzsche.

They confuse luck for skill. They believe those who achieve so-called success always merit it, and that those who don't are fundamentally flawed. Such people miss the point of Fyodor Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment; In the recesses of their deranged minds, the point isn't that Raskolnikov was an anti-social creep, but that indeed some people are truly better than others and are supermen. Those on the right are incapable of realising there's a minority of self-serving fatfockfaces destroying the planet.

One of Ayn Rand's "crowning achievements" was Atlas Shrugged written in 1957. But before then in 1943, she found success with The Fountainhead. Hmmm. Her hero Howard Roark was a criminal, but it was society's fault, not his. Now go back to the Prescott article. Soak in how Ayn Rand was an admirer of the sociopath William Edward Hickman. The truth of Ayn Rand starts to add up. One can then have a better grasp of the nature of conservatism as a form of mental illness.

Great Minds Think Alike

I've had a draft of this entry on the back burner for a month or two. Today I stumbled across a pleasant surprise. George Monbiot of The Guardian recently penned, A Manifesto for Psychopaths. Yay! For an unpaid blogger who likes to mail them in, this is manna from heaven.
(fair use excerpt) Atlas Shrugged, published in 1957, depicts a United States crippled by government intervention, in which heroic millionaires struggle against a nation of spongers. The millionaires, whom she portrays as Atlas holding the world aloft, withdraw their labour, with the result that the nation collapses. It is rescued, through unregulated greed and selfishness, by one of the heroic plutocrats, John Galt.

The poor die like flies as a result of government programmes and their own sloth and fecklessness. Those who try to help them are gassed. In a notorious passage, she argues that all the passengers in a train filled with poisoned fumes deserved their fate(2,3). One, for example, was a teacher who taught children to be team players; one was a mother married to a civil servant, who cared for her children; one was a housewife “who believed that she had the right to elect politicians, of whom she knew nothing”.

Rand’s is the philosophy of the psychopath, a misanthropic fantasy of cruelty, revenge and greed. Yet, as Gary Weiss shows in his new book Ayn Rand Nation, she has become to the new right what Karl Marx once was to the left: a demi-god at the head of a chiliastic cult(4). Almost one-third of Americans, according to a recent poll, have read Atlas Shrugged(5), and it now sells hundreds of thousands of copies every year.
Ayn Rand basically created a cult. If she were still alive, Ayn Rand would probably be pimping for Mitt Rmoney. Which makes sense. Mitt is also cult member whose wife purchases $1,000 shirts.

Conservatives have been and always will be the party of the rich. They are able to win office because they effectively prey on weak-minded useful idiots. Of course Obama is a lousy president. Mitt would take us to an even uglier place. Hopefully the vast majority of voters haven't forgotten what the corrupt GW Bush administration did. We can expect more of that, if somehow the sociopathic, greedy Republicans return to the Oval Office.

Mitt Romney’s Mormonism

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Layman Interpretation of Swat Call Compared to Voice of Ron Brynaert

aspiring intrepid reporter
or supertroll?

Hmmmm. Well, is Brad Friedman an intrepid reporter or one who has peddled hoaxes into big money donations and fake internet gravitas? (see Connell, Michael... Curtis, Clint... Schakowsky, Jan [Democrat- Le Islande des Lesbos Espionage], Dieb-Throat, et al) There's your answer. And for crying out loud, Ron Brynaert guest blogged for Brad Friedman as recently as March 10th, 2011. (see relations, incestuous)

I have zero training in voice recognition. Nonetheless, I feel compelled to compare the swatting call on Mike Stack with audio of Ron Brynaert.

Listen to the following two items. The first is Ron Brynaert, the other the criminal. Are they the same person as a number of people are wondering?

1) Nicole Sandler Interviews Ron Brynaert

2) Swatting Audio

Ron Brynaert wrote, "Everyone knows I talk fast, excited, curse, and I’m damn glibber than that caller. His voice has a weird accent and is more nasally."

That's odd, because an immediate description of Brynaert that comes to mind is that he sounds very nasal.

What's interesting is how the swat caller seemed to be putting on an affected, Californian accent. If one listens carefully, there are spots where he does sound very similar to if he isn't indeed Ron Brynaert! Those brief moments are there, but one needs to really concentrate to hear them. In a few places, the swat caller's voice completely changed. Look for those.

:40 "I'm not gonna tell you that" A middle ground between monotone and nasal.

1:14 on "I don't know. I haven't checked on her in about two hours." Nasal seeping through.

2:12 "I gotta go" Steps back into full monotone.

2:24 "What do you want?" Nasal slips out.

2:44 "Yes on the, I shot her in the head." Starts out nasal then returns to monotone.

2:58 on "I gotta go." Full monotone.

Listen to Brynaert in the interview. How can he say his voice isn't nasal? For the most part he sounds like a dweeb. Though on the other hand, there are fleeting moments where he does sound like the swat caller in Califonian monotone.

Ron also wrote, "Dude, I sound nothing like that caller. And what would be my f***ing motive?"

Uhm, Ron actually does sound like the caller in those referred to moments.

As for possible motive, Lee Stranahan came up with a good one.
And — the reason for ‘throwing Ron’s name in there’ is that some people have suggested it might be Ron. And I — honestly — can’t rule that out...

Let me explain why I’m NOT ruling Ron out after hearing this call.

The long pauses before the answers. Sounds like someone restraining themselves.

Yes, Ron — I know how you sound. And YOU know how you sound. So I can predict you wouldn’t want to make yourself sound that way.

And motive? I dunno — who really seems desperate to be involved in a big story? ....

Am I the only one to notice how f***ing STRANGE Ron is? I mean — seriously. Just watch — here comes 12 questions asking me why I farted at 1:03am on July 23th as I tweeted during a radio show.

Crazy people do crazy shit.

ya dig?
That would be one possible motive. Another could be he is a paid member of Team Numbnuts. One strategy of theirs is to attempt to bully opposition into keeping their yappers shut and basically scare them into retreat.

So perhaps Mike Stack was cybersmeared and swatted thinking he would then fear making a blogging effort to clear his name. And it could also have been a message to "stifle it, Edith," to anyone else contemplating entering the fray. As in, if you don't shut up, you might be the next one to be cybersmeared and/or get an unwelcomed visit from a swat team.

I don't know if Ron Brynaert is the one who made the swat call. Nonetheless, I am in agreement with Lee Stranahan that he cannot be ruled out. He should be on any list of suspects due to his irrational postings made pertaining to Weinergate and related convolution.