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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Brad Friedman of BradBlog Part 3


In 2010, The Last Name Left did a Mr. Fanastic job confronting BradBlog's anti-semitic moderator and her blog mates. What follows is clear cut evidence Brad Friedman didn't want it known his one and only moderator for many years was facilitating right woos left Joooo hate.

TLNL posted as Mr. Fantastic asking why criticism of anti-semitism on BradBlog was being censored. Brad replied (#34):
... I am aware of no "censoring" of you, nor any "censoring" of any "criticism of...anti-semitism and...facism". You are, in short, making shit up. Knock it off.

If any of your posts were ever disallowed, and I have no memory of such a thing, it was doubtless because you abused one or more of the very few rules we have for commenting at The BRAD BLOG.

One of those rules, I should note, is against posting knowing disinformation. I'd consider the above exactly that. So unless you'd like to be disallowed from commenting here at all, please knock it off. Thanks.... Shabbat shalom, amigo.
On post #39, Brad accused TLNL of being some right wing freak named Silicon Doc. He put him on moderation. On post #41, TLNL explained that he wasn't Silicon Doc and was actually a self-defined Marxist. In comment #44, Brad apologised for his Silicon Doc allegation and replaced it with other unproven accusations against TLNL.
Mr. Fantastic - Thank you for the reminder. I stand corrected. You are not SiliconDoc. You used a different name last summer (first "ANTI" and then others) while I was on vacation and others were looking after the blog. You proved to be a sockpuppet and/or friend of a long known, rather psychotic stalker of this blog, who had been repeatedly banned --- over and over and over again --- for repeated violations of the rules. You picked up where he left off, and thus, were set to moderate and your posts were removed.

I wasn't here at the time. May, or may not have dealt with you differently, but I stand behind the judgment of our volunteer moderators. Really, it's not all that hard to NOT piss them off. Sorry about that, but you'll have to find somewhere else to play. I really have no time for your ravings (evidenced in the thread above). If you don't care for that, too bad. You can find somewhere other than my own private property to call me an anti-semite if you like. One of us will end up looking like a fool in the bargain. I suspect it won't be me.

What Brad left out is that the above post replaced this censored TLNL comment.

Brad basically covered up the truth about his moderator Agent 99, Big Dan, and other BradBloggers being anti-semitic pigs. That's called card stacking, when not all of the available information in a debate is allowed to be seen. Instead of Brad answering to why he had allowed Agent 99 and her gang to spew their garbage via BradBlog, he deleted the question, as if it hadn't existed. Instead it was implied that TLNL was me or my friend. Brad is very dishonest. Anyone can objectively look at the facts provided about Brad Friedman and his convoluted blogging history and see he smells like rotten fish.

If Brad had any smarts, he would have allowed TLNL's post to remain. He could've said something like Agent 99 doesn't speak for BradBlog, she's no longer a moderator, and that's quite unfortunate she and Big Dan are connected to Jooooo hate. Then he could have said something else to try to get TLNL to leave for good or whatever and then say peace. But noooooo [/John Belushi].

As we have seen above, Mr. Fantastic was not banned or deleted after Brad said he was using a new username. Brad said that put him on moderation. TLNL as Mr. Fantastic was only censored, once he had proven BradBlog bars criticism of anti-semitism in regards to Agent 99. Brad did what Agent 99 did! Brad proved by censoring TLNL's post, that BradBlog has been "knowingly" allowing an anti-semite to moderate its forum.

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