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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Brandon Darby As New Ted Gunderson & Fatterico Insanity

Is Brandon Darby deranged?

Usually one would expect an exposed FBI sewer rat to stfu and go away. Brandon Darby is an exception to that rule. His strategy has been to simply switch sides.

Hey guys! I used to be a far left anarchist before seeing the light and becoming far right wing. You can check me out at Tea Party functions where I act as security and toss out any left wing scum infiltrating our important activism. That's the stuff!

Brandon Darby is now claiming he runs a shelter out of his home for victims of human trafficking.

FBI Informants Speak Out: Eric Holder's DOJ Is Ignoring Child Sex-Trafficking Victims

Ron Brynaert is doing a good job at Twitter peppering RatBoy for proof of his claim Holder's DOJ is obstructing justice for this issue.
Your article is insulting. You make absurd allegations attacking the DoJ with zero proof. @HannahMGiles @brandondarby

The fact that conservatives publish and link to your conspiracy theory without asking for proof is sad, pathetic and scary. @brandondarby

Sorry. I think if you sell a wild, conspiracy theory u owe your readers "immediate gratification" of some proof to back it up @brandondarby
Darby's got nothing. This is reminiscent of Ted Gunderson and his satanic panic clutter. It's similar to the kind of crap peddled by Velvet Revolution associate Andy Stephenson. I used to cover the satanic panic a bit through my humble blogging. Most recently I touched on its relationship to the Amanda Knox story. I mention Gunderson, because that cat was actually once a big wig in the FBI's cointelpro program. The last decade he became a bigwig for disseminating internet convolution. Is Brandon Darby attempting to follow in Gunderson's footsteps?

Related link: Susan Polk Was Innocent Of Murder

Patterico Convolution

Every member of the Breitbart cult can be linked to convolution. Patrick Frey is no exception.

A hat tip goes out to Captain Ron Brynaert for the following. Ron linked to a paste bin of approximately 1800 Frey tweets. I don't trust paste bin. So I went to tweet tunnel which captures previous thousands of tweets. They currently make it to Frey's tweets from just before his SWATting.

While I do think Ron made a fool out of himself for claiming Patterico was hacked, Ron is correct that Frey was posting some of the craziest shite in internet history. I will copy and paste some of those tweets. They exhibit that Fatso was setting Ron up to be the SWAT patsy, promulgating a fake fight between himself and Lee Stranahan, and presenting himself as the intrepid reporter on Weinergate.

Please keep in mind that most things written on Weinergate were irrelevant rubbish. That's how scams work. The goal of confidence men is to keep highlighting shadows, to maintain an appearance we are ever so close to cracking the case, and to keep representing themselves as knowledgeable authorities.

God damn it! I'm a public prosecutor. I ooze integrity. I'd never be part and parcel of a hoax.

These are excerpts from late June through July 2011. My comments in the form of channelling Frey are in parentheses and italics.

June 25

@ronbryn You should call out @NYT_JenPreston for the numerous problems in her story. (Don't trust a NY Times reporter. Trust me.)

Talk to @JohnReid9 right now at my site. He is in the comments right now: (Waste lots of time at my website. I never shut up about things that don't matter.)

An important message to #Weinergate bloggers and journalists . . . Part 1. (Did I mention that I know more than anyone in regards to Weinergate? Always trust Fatterico content!)

June 26

@ronbryn Did I say I believe any of the stuff I am putting up is authentic? No. I vouch for NOTHING and wait to see if it is authenticated (Ron, the key is for folks to keep their attention on my website. Things will get very juicy when I start smearing you as the SWATter working for Brett Kimberlin. We just got Mike. Soon it will be my turn.)

@ronbryn Sure it is. It's open source journalism and it has revealed 100 times anything you have. (This is just the beginning of you being turned into a patsy.)

@ronbryn Gennette has authenticated virtually all of hers. I would like to see a news org. ask Weiner about the ones I put up. (I'm a public prosecutor. I can post all sorts of convolution, and no one will be the wiser I am a con artist.)

June 27

#Weinergate: #bornfreecrew member Mike Stack aka @goatsred is threatened.

June 28

@ronbryn Do you have any private info that I am being "targeted" or are you just talking about what is publicly known? (Ron, I'm playing you like a fiddle. Soon enough we will tweak your legendary bad temper to ensure it appears you are capable of violent crimes.)

Fatterico was SWATted on July 1st. He didn't return to Twitter until July 3rd.

July 3rd

@ronbryn Fox News was at the teen's house. The "tights and cape shit" quote has been authenticated.

Anyone else want to make up a totally false story about what I have been doing, what I think, and what I have said? Or just @Stranahan? (This fake fight will keep eyes off of the fact I am posting tons of convolution. My buddy Lee will act as strawman making me look good.)

RT @Liberty_Chick: .@Stranahan WTF is wrong w you? Why are u making shit up? "So getting played"? How? I haven't embraced any theory or ...

July 4

@Stranahan If you would keep private conversations private, and not misrepresent them, there would be no problem. Don't blame all on others.

The @Stranahan position that I was serving as a shill for @JohnReid9 is total and complete BS. He knows why no followup. KNOWS why.

@az5thdstrct Who lied? It was an imposter, trying to drive off JR. It apparently worked.

@az5thdstrct It felt deliberate and still does. Just like the lie Lee told saying i said JR was source for Ethel story.

@az5thdstrct I first learned of comment from John Reid in chat. Went to site and found it and angrily deleted it.

@az5thdstrct My recollection is that I then looked up whose IP had left it, realized it was Lee, and called him to yell at him.

@az5thdstrct I said it was not me and it wasn't. I believe I already deleted comment and explained it was not me before calling Lee.

@RocksEm Oh -- one more comment. I missed the part where he revealed that the Big Source of the complaint against me is a convicted bomber. (It's switcheroo time. Neal can handle BK, while we handle Ron, Mike, and Seth. No one will ever figure this out!)

So Neal Rauhauser is now placing all his eggs in the "Brett Kimberlin Speedway Bomber" basket? That is his credible source?? Wow.

Looks like it is time for mainstream media to investigate Neal Rauhauser's apparent ties to a convicted bomber. @NYT_JenPreston (Should I again mention I'm a public prosecutor sleuthing the story of the century? I wouldn't want folks to catch on we're not sincerely pimping internet convolution we generated as a topic for real papers such as the New York Times to cover.)

@Stranahan You know good and goddamned well that there is followup being done, and that it's not on the blog, and why.

@Stranahan What is worth noting is that you said law enforcement was involved, so OBVIOUSLY there is follow up being done. (To spread the hoax, I will keep repeating this story is mainly being solved in real life by real pigs.)

July 5

@ronbryn You buds with the Speedway Bomber?

July 7

@Stranahan Why did you make up something about sending a PI after Dan Wolfe?

@Stranahan I got in bed at 7:30 and listened to a couple hours of your radio shows talking about how you strategically lie. Kept me awake.

@Stranahan You sent me that chat 7/4 IIRC and yet posted it 7/6 after you were supposedly going to stop fighting with me. @AndrewBreitbart

@Stranahan Go back to 6/22 show at 25 minutes and listen to how sincere you sound, saying @razor419 lied -- right before you admit you lied

@ronbryn I have no idea what you're talking about. You have sent me a barrage of incoherent emails and phoned me incessantly. Please stop. (Ron, people see you as the deranged former editor of a popular, alternative internet newspaper, while I'm a public prosecutor with a real job. They will not remember that I harassed you with tweets and phone calls.)

@ronbryn I never said a word to you about your family being safe, or about them at all. Please leave me alone. (I have deleted the post on my website doxing you concerning your sister. No one will remember my warmonger buddies Dustin Farahnak and Aaron Walker terrorising you. They will think of you as unhinged and behind the SWAT calls.)

@ronbryn I assumed they must have based on the way you were acting. I do care but I also have my real job to attend to. Call police. (Don't blame me. No one will ever figure out I am part and parcel of the Breitbart cult and responsible for what they post on my blog.)

@ronbryn Not a smear. I didn't understand what you were saying and meant to be asking if you are friendly with Kimberlin.

@ronbryn Yeah? So Raw Story and Brett Kimberlin are unconnected? Really? @Liberty_Chick

@ronbryn Gotta get back to work. Feel free to fully lay out this alleged plot against me and I will read your evidence later. (Thanks Ron for making this easier for me.)

@ronbryn Hahaha. Well, sometimes I'm too stupid to be me. Anyway, you have been ranting about something. Of course I'm going to ask what...

@ronbryn It does sound like someone has been messing with you. But if you won't talk, you won't talk. (I can play good cop too.)

@ronbryn The editor of Raw Story admired me for years? Really? @Liberty_Chick

@ronbryn I'm only going to say this one more time. That was me. Please calm down. You know something few know and are being responsible. 10Q

@ronbryn I meant "responsible" and you know exactly what I mean. You're being responsible about something that you and I know about. (If Ron knew he was being set up as the SWAT patsy, this would be much more difficult.)

@Stranahan Not clicking on Twitter links these days. What are you trying to show me?

@Stranahan You claimed for days I published Ethel story based on tip from @johnreid9. Totally false. Tactical lie on your part?

@Stranahan On your radio show you admit you lied about 3-4 things in this story and would continue to do so. What were those lies?

@Stranahan I did not say @johnreid9 the source for Ethel story, Lee. You made that up. Admit it. @AndrewBreitbart

@Stranahan 1) I was trying to get @johnreid9 to open up. 2) He was not my source. So why would I tell you he was?

@Stranahan Why don't you just admit you strategically lied about that to find out who my source was? (Using Stranahan and Rauhauser as strawmen is truly making me look good while propelling the hoax.)

July 8

Spoke to detective on case where JG claimed @Stranahan threatened her. Not just unhelpful; appallingly rude.

July 13

@ronbryn When you threaten a lawsuit, people tend to get their back up.

July 14

@ronbryn The Scyphers Murder, huh? (Of course Dustin is The Scyphers Murder, but no one will ever realise we are working with Neal Rauhauser!)

@ronbryn As a fan of yours for years, I am concerned someone hacked your account to make you sound manic and paranoid. /ronbryn

@ronbryn As someone who claims to be a longtime reader of mine, what are your favorite posts or series I have done and why? Be specific!

July 16

@ronbryn If I predicted on Twitter the next post that would appear on my blog, you would just say my blog was also hacked, wouldn't you?

@ronbryn You're impervious to any evidence, meaning you are in league with BK and NR or just impervious to evidence for some other reason.

@ronbryn That made no sense whatsoever. Has your writing always been this impenetrable?

@ronbryn By impenetrable I mean "WTF are you talking about?" Which is how I feel when I read almost anything you write.

Had intended to stop talking about how @Stranahan lied about me but just saw another falsehood from 12 days ago.

That makes close to 10 lies @Stranahan told about me in a 5 day period. Checking his feed b/c I wanted to see when he was on @LarryOConnor

This is a warning to anyone who ever considers trusting Lee @Stranahan: don't. He will reveal your every private communication and twist it (Will folks wonder about this fake fight in the future? I doubt it.)

Lord knows how many other lies @Stranahan told about me that I never even saw. I keep stumbling across new ones...

And if you want to challenge me again instead if doing the right thing and apologizing I may have to do an epic post cataloguing all ur lies

July 17

@Stranahan I am telling people the truth about you and what you have done to me. Seemingly, you want me to write a post about it. (Mandy Nagy taught me this one. Say you will be writing something up yet never do, and no one will remember the earlier comment.)

@Stranahan You know why. You're using the fact that I don't want to reveal details of a law enforcement investigation. (I am so proud of my idea to make it seem internet convolution is being investigated by real life law enforcement.)

@Stranahan I thought you said you were done. I have documented falsehoods by him and it's looking like I will do the same with you.

@Stranahan If you want to start bringing other people into it then we'll have to explore all the people who have expressed concerns about u.

@Stranahan There's a list of people who have accused you of dishonesty and distorting communications as you well know.

@Stranahan See, this is why you lied. You want me to reveal who the source was. Well, I won't. Your motivation is transparent.

@Stranahan What @NYT_JenPreston Preston and @razor419 and Dustin and @Liberty_Chick and I and others said. You cannot be trusted.

@ronbryn Nice to read something from you that is easy to follow and makes perfect sense.

@Stranahan Your fault. Not mine. You revealed and distorted our private communications. I was setting the record straight.

@Stranahan Apparently you think you can lie about what people say to you in private and then be "above the fray" when they react.

@Stranahan What part of "don't reveal private communications" and "if you do, get it right" and "if you don't, apologize" confuses you?

@Stranahan The answer is no. The reason, as you well know, is because what you said could screw up a law enforcement investigation.

July 19

@ronbryn Tried calling you. You didn't pick up. We need to talk.

@ronbryn That sounds like a threat.

@ronbryn Threat.

@ronbryn Another threat.

@ronbryn More threats. Hacker!

July 20

@ronbryn Speaking of phones, I notice you won't answer yours.

@ronbryn Yeah, but you can recognize my voice. After all, we talked for a while. I recognize yours...

July 22

@ronbryn You sound like someone who knows a threatening call came from his phone number and is constructing a defense for it.

@ronbryn This all feels like someone trying to convince the world that Twitter DMs are hackable, therefore incriminating DMs are meaningless

@ronbryn You know what? Raw Story and Brett Kimberlin have always been joined at the hip and I'm not buying your act, buddy.

@ronbryn Funny how you bring Jester up out of nowhere just like Neal did. The act isn't working.

The decision by @ronbryn not to answer phone was the clue that I needed.

@ronbryn Because voices can be recognized. You recognize mine. And I recognize yours.

@ronbryn Even more absurd was when you did answer and did hear my voice and pretended not to recognize it.

@ronbryn Yes. But when you called, you didn't use that tech. Which is why I can recognize your voice. Does this make you nervous?

@ronbryn Apparently the fact I recognize your voice makes you nervous.

@ronbryn And the fact that I don't buy your crazy act.

@ronbryn Sometimes people try to disguise themselves. Sometimes they get frustrated and let the mask slip.

@ronbryn Oh, I'm not trying to be funny.

@ronbryn Riiiing......riiiiiiing.....riiiiiing...

@ronbryn The joke is that you're desperately trying to make everyone sound like hackers are everywhere ... as a cheap defense.

@ronbryn Kimberlin move. Bringing my job into it from nowhere. With every word you reveal yourself further. Thug.

@ronbryn When the day comes -- and it will! -- it will be satisfying. And you know precisely what I mean.

@ronbryn Riiiiiiing ...

@ronbryn Blog post won't be the venue, friend. (Maybe I should delete this tweet.)

@ronbryn Better not talk to anyone. Could be an undercover agent!

@ronbryn Funny. Belies your crazy act. You know precisely what I mean.

You have sounded defensive tonight, @ronbryn. Is there a reason you sound defensive tonight?

July 23

@Stranahan You claimed I went to your boss and tried to get you fired. That was a dishonest portrayal and you should be ashamed.

@Stranahan 1) Who started that exchange? You. 2) Did I ask for you to be fired? No.

@Stranahan Everyone who needs to know, already knows. Nobody I respect believes you on this anyway.

@Stranahan I did reveal it. You whined to Andrew, I defended myself, you portrayed the exchange dishonestly. The end.

@Stranahan Are you saying Breitbart believes you on this? @AndrewBreitbart

@Stranahan Just reviewed my emails to Andrew from two weeks ago. I see nothing I have not said publicly. I told him you lied about me.

@Stranahan Tell me specifically what you claim @AndrewBreitbart believes about me. That I am dishonest?

@Stranahan You are now claiming to speak for @AndrewBreitbart. So: tell me what he thinks about me. This should be interesting.

@Stranahan And I now retract any pledge not to defend myself. Just so that is very clear. @AndrewBreitbart

@Stranahan Hahahahahaha. "I sure am." That wasn't speaking for @andrewbreitbart? OK then.

@Stranahan Don't bother deleting "I sure am." I just screencapped the convo.

@Stranahan I asked if you were saying @andrewbreitbart believes you on this issue of me supposedly trying to get you fired. You: "I sure am"

@Stranahan Then, I note that you're speaking for Breitbart, and u not only deny it, you call me a LIAR for saying so. Right after you did it

@Stranahan This is why I cannot speak to you privately. You twist everything. This way, everything is right there for everyone to see.

@Stranahan And you needn't continue to pretend I am hiding those email responses of mine. They were blind copied to MANY people.

@az5thdstrct Now he is threatening to write my bosses, release Lord knows what other distortions, etc. As if I bend to threats.

@az5thdstrct I liked him. It's too bad that he so badly damaged my trust in him that I can never speak to him privately again.

@az5thdstrct Of course not! He's another Internet lunatic. My workplace has heard from plenty of those.

@az5thdstrct But you want me to simply ignore someone who has threatened to TRY (however impotently) to get me fired. Not sure I will.

@az5thdstrct He's trying to portray himself as victim. He started this by repeatedly lying about me, wants to play the victim when I respond

@Stranahan You have also added zero to the story. That's because we are letting law enforcement handle it. I thought. @az5thdstrct

@Stranahan Absolutely not. I was called by your boss who repeated your lies about me. I told him they were lies.

@Stranahan So you're threatening to contact my work? You'd hardly be the first dishonest Internet figure to do so.

@Stranahan I send @AndrewBreitbart a lot of emails. Quote the one where I supposedly tried to get you fired. I'll wait.

RT @Stranahan: @Patterico I'm not threatening. I'm telling you. Keep it up and they get emails about you. It's only fair.

@Stranahan Keep what up? You just called me dishonest. I am responding. I don't back down from threats. Don't try me. @AndrewBreitbart

@Stranahan No. I never authorize you to "reveal" anything because I know you'll lie about it.

@Stranahan Sounds like you want escalation. I'll take that under advisement.

@Stranahan You sent an email to your boss accusing me of things. I responded. Are these the emails you mean?

@Stranahan Apparently u feel u can write your boss, make accusations about me, and if I defend myself you'll claim I'm trying to get u fired

@Stranahan I sent my response to numerous witnesses because I knew you'd lie about it.

@Stranahan I reviewed the emails and they confirm my memory. You attacked me to your boss. I responded. I did not ask for you to be fired.

July 24

@ronbryn Yeah, this feels real and not like an act. This is your defense? Good luck.

@ronbryn I canceled ur food order. STARVE, HACKER!

@ronbryn Who is Anthony Levensalor? What is his relationship to you and to convicted bomber Brett Kimberlin? @Liberty_Chick (If Mandy can steal Seth's work, so can I!)

@Liberty_Chick There is no connection between @ronbryn and @thebradblog and it's simply the oddest of coincidences that Ron guested 4 Brad. (It's gonna be so easy to trick Seth into thinking Ron is in cahoots with Neal and BK.)

@Liberty_Chick You can bet your bottom dollar that @ronbryn hates BK and Braddy and all these connections are just an accident.

@Liberty_Chick Editor of Raw Story: @ronbryn. Driving force behind RS: BK. Co-blogger of RB: AL. Buddy of BK/VR: AL. Guest blogger 4 BF: RB.

@jeffeneff @liberty_chick Yeah. @ronbryn Is pretending to be crazy and that hackers are behind everything. Guess why.

July 30

@qritiq Who are you talking to (and seemingly threatening)? @Liberty_Chick @NYT_JenPreston @wittier @goatsred @GNCordova

Alicia Pain? RT @qritiq: oh I don't think you want to start harassing GC again. might not be prudent. nope. might not be prudent at all.

@qritiq Who's trying to shut you up? I simply noted that you issued a threat like one being investigated by law enforcement. Please, talk on

@qritiq That too sounds like Alicia Pain. But of course you were issuing a veiled threat, not speaking any "truth." @Liberty_Chick

@qritiq If you don't know about Alicia Pain might I suggest some research. @Liberty_Chick @NYT_JenPreston (We so own Seth. I wonder why he isn't answering my emails.)

@qritiq I have taken a screenshot. In the current environment it is noteworthy as similar to a real threat from a real goon.

@qritiq Anybody want to explain Alicia Pain to this hole-digger? @Liberty_Chick @NYT_JenPreston (If Lane only knew myself and Neal came up with that one during a conference call.)

@qritiq I am not interested in fighting and you may not have meant a threat but this is not a subject for snark. (Haha, this is serious stuff for law enforcement. There's a sucker born every minute.)

@ronbryn Your link does not work.

@ronbryn I don't even know who "Kid Kenoma" is. I have heard the name in connection with Socrates but that's all I know. (No one will remember Ron tried to help me when our hoax of Ron as SWATter is revealed.)

@ronbryn I see your diary was wiped off Kos, btw. Totally expected, that.

Neal Rauhauser just took away my "permission" to see this diary:

So, let's quote from the diary that he denied me permission to see. (Phew that Neal's diary was deleted. Dustin was inadvertently dropping too many hints we are working with Neal Rauhauser.)

Neal: "Patterico I want to see fired from his Deputy District Attorney job . . ."

Neal cont.: ". . . sued to the point of bankruptcy, or criminally charged."

More from Neal: "Better yet, all five of these would not be sufficient for this tiresome little punk."

@rsmccain He has been writing almost a diary a day with crazed fantasies about me for a good two weeks now. (No one will ever realise we are all in with Rauhauser. It will be tricky though to get folks to believe Ron works with Neal. Thanks and praises to Satan this diary was scrubbed.)

@rsmccain Can you see the diary? I can, because I already took screenshots of the whole thing.

@RocksEm I didn't have to tell him. He did research online, found my wife's name, and asked readers to get a picture of her. @rsmccain

.@ronbryn Did you block me??? (I'm sorry for trolling you, Ron. The money was too good.)

Was Neal Rauhauser banned at Kos? Click on the skull and crossbones. Am I reading it wrong?

@RocksEm How crazy do you have to be to get banned from Kos?!

July 31

@qritiq You wrote something that resembled a threatening email I got. @danriehl @rsmccain @andrewbreitbart @filmladd @rwrenfrew

@qritiq I mentioned the screenshot after you mocked me for noting the similarity. @danriehl @rsmccain @andrewbreitbart @filmladd @rwrenfrew

@qritiq No idea what your interest in all this is, but when you start issuing tweets that resemble threats I have received, I pay attention.

@qritiq What is especially puzzling is that I thought I explained this and you said you wanted to dial it down and not fight. Now this. Why?

@qritiq Jesus, the Internet is full of crazy people. You snark about a threat I received, make things up, and I'm supposed to apologize.

@qritiq Shouldn't you make up one more fact before you go out the door? Make it a hat trick!

@qritiq I'd be moved to write a blog post myself, if I thought yours actually mattered. #asitisillstickwithtwitter

My daughter suggests I not "text" (including DM etc.) people I don't like today. I wonder if I could do that all the time.

@ronbryn Not sure if I'm breaking my daughter's rule by answering, but it amuses me, so: why are you asking me? I thought I was a hacker?

@ronbryn Hahahaha. Coming from you, that is priceless. Have a nice day and thanks for the laff.

Reviewing DMs, it was probably unfair for me to say @dwp6776 laughed at what had happened to me and family. I have deleted that tweet.

I was angry that @dwp6776 was refusing to talk to law enforcement and concluded he was likely complicit. I don't know that I was right.

He "laughed" (said he was laughing) at the idea he was complicit. But he also said he was sorry -- words that I overlooked in my anger.

So there you have it. I still believe he is @JohnReid9, that he is not truthful about "Dan Wolfe" being his real name, etc.

But I don't want to let a potentially unfair statement stand. @dwp6776 may well be a fraud...

...but I don't want to claim that @dwp6776 "laughed" at our situation because it is not necessarily the case.

@az5thdstrct I became momentarily convinced @dwp6776 was complicit based on his strange refusal to talk to LE. I told him that.

@az5thdstrct Well, apparently @dwp6776's idea of "cooperation" is "they can find me if they think it's important" not "I'll talk to them."

@az5thdstrct So yes, I believe @dwp6776 is @johnreid9. And that he has lied about things. My only question is why? Privacy? Something else?

"It KILLS YOU that you will NEVER EVER EVER find me EVER!!!! HAHAAAAAAAAAA" -- "Dan Wolfe," 7-31-11

"You don't know me. I don't exist. You can't harm me ever. You can't prove where I am, who I am, what I am." -- "Dan Wolfe," 7-31-11.

@JonHenke I am hoping to get one. We are busy flushing out the dishonest people. Just flushed out one major dishonest player: @dwp6776.

@ronbryn What makes you think that is Dustin and what is the claimed significance? Tell real @Patterico! He is watching. (No one is listening, and no one cares that Dustin is The Scyphers Murder. Ugh, maybe having Aaron fake SWATted was pushing it.)

@ronbryn Want to put that up for a vote? Hey Twitterers! Who seems crazier? Me or Ron Brynaert? (Should I feel sorry for ruining Ron Brynaert's life? Naaah, I'm an asswipe.)

@markowenmartin She saw part of my discussions with Dan Wolfe and thought I should not do things that upset me. Maybe at least today.

@ronbryn When you speak it sounds familiar too.

@ronbryn Oh: and Boo! @Stranahan

RT @Stranahan: @Patterico @ronbryn tell the hacked fake sock Lee puppet that I consider "Boo!" a threat and have reported him to the FBI ...

@ronbryn No, you don't have to block me. You and I are the bestest of ... BOO!!!! @Stranahan @dwp6776

Friday, July 27, 2012

Lee Stranahan's Teeth and a Bit on Weinergate

It's been proven in previous entries that Lee Stranahan is a marketing whore. Now let's take a look at his teeth.

If you'd like to contribute to his dental plan, follow this link.
Announcing: The Dental Fund (excerpt)

I have a really awful mouth.

If you’ve never met me in real life, I’m being serious here. If you have, you know. Huge dental problems. Tons of missing teeth. I started to have work done a few years ago but I lost my dental insurance halfway through the process so they did the extractions and not much else, leaving me with a mouth full of nothing but shame...

Here’s the donate button. Again; you name the price. Toothless beggars can’t be choosers. Send some money and tell me what you want.
What Lee doesn't explain is how his teeth fell into such a bad state.

I'm not malicious... er uhm, not too often. I'm not trying to be so today towards pitiful Lee Stranahan. I'm simply curious if the cause of his teeth falling apart was a crystal methodone addiction.

PBS Frontline: The Meth Epidemic
* "Meth mouth" is characterized by broken, discolored and rotting teeth.

* The drug causes the salivary glands to dry out, which allows the mouth's acids to eat away at the tooth enamel, causing cavities.

* Teeth are further damaged when users obsessively grind their teeth, binge on sugary food and drinks, and neglect to brush or floss for long periods of time.

Meth use also has negative long-term effects on the brain. I must point out that this is a mailed-in entry. Folks are going to have to socratise for themselves, if interested, as to how Stranahan has evolved into a complete nutjob of a blogger over the years.

One of my friends has teeth trouble. But she explained why, and it had nothing to do with crazy drugs. She still has her teeth but in the future will probably be forced to get some fake ones. Why doesn't Lee explain how his teeth got so disgusting?

Or maybe he already has!

WATCH: Ex Speechwriter Announces Sarah Palin 3rd Political Party
We've previously featured interview segments with Sarah Palin wordsmith Dan Tubagoo, the heretofore unbeknownst 'man behind the magic' of soon to be ex-Governor Palin's electrifying speeches and a born again former Wasilla, Alaska crystal meth enthusiast with no adult, unsealed convictions.
Was Lee doing the "I'm labelling myself" something bad schtick, so folks will think it's not true?

Come on, Lee. Fess up why you lost your teeth, or by default we know why.

Here are a few before and afters of meth addicts. One other side effect is a caving jaw.

I had difficulty finding earlier pictures of Stranahan, but to my naked eye there is something very funky going on with his jaw.

A Little Bit On Weinergate

Recently Mike Stack offered me the opportunity to interview him. I sent the following questions.

1) Could you give us some background on how the "crew" formed which was interested in following Weiner's internet activities? Please provide approximate dates, the number of people involved, and a general description of what it was like.

2) It's been mentioned that well before Weinergate happened, someone (perhaps "Dan Wolfe") already knew there would be a scandal surrounding a US congressman. Please fill us in on that to the best of your recollection.

3) Please describe when you were SWATted.

4) What went through your mind when you found out Patterico was SWATted? When were both audios obtained? Who and when did someone first suggest it might have been Ron Brynaert making the calls?

5) Did you think it was Ron? If so, what happened to change your opinion?

6) What happened at the harassment hearing against Neal Rauhauser? Kimberlin was there? Have you any opinions on how Neal has seemingly gotten away with criminal harassment?

7) What set off the bad feelings between yourself and "Darrah Ford?" When did that happen? Do you think Occupy Rebellion is Darrah Ford?

8) Neal Rauhauser has some very disgusting sexual blogging in his history. Do you think Neal could be the one tweeting as Occupy Rebellion?

9) Do you think my theory that Neal has been working with Team Breitbart the whole time is plausible? If so, why? If not, then why not?

10) Did you find it odd "Dan Wolfe" asked you to retweet the Weiner wiener? Why did you go along with that? How were you outed? Was your personal info easily obtained through your internet activity? If so, how?

11) What's the username Goatsred mean?

12) What compelled you to post on an early Patterico Kimberlin thread? You hadn't posted there before or after until Weinergate. Why the lag?

13) Can you share with us anything on Brooks Bayne, Jamin "Jay Batman" Bates, and Joe Brooks?

I'm still waiting on the answers.

Before falling out with Mr. Ron Brynaert, I told him about this opportunity and asked him if he had any questions for Mike. He authorised the following and said to tell Mike they were from him. Mike did answer these.

When did he get the idea to create Darrah Ford sock?

I first learned of her on XPT Forum and you must be insane if you think that I would ruin my own name for five years now because of a sock. Thats what losers like you get hard-ons about, huh?

When did he first hook up with Zapem?

i'll keep an asshole in suspense..tell you later

How many socks has he had in last year?

had goatsred and shut it down, and have cryingwolfeblog... used one once to sit in on chat as DeanAmbrose1 during OccupyWallStreet NYC times

Is it hard to keep track of countless lies?

I don't lie and actually defended you and still do

Has he ever had sex with a goat?

no, but thats what your girlfriend, internet predator and only friend left, Kid Kenoma does

I'll cross-post this at Pffugee Camp to give Ron the opportunity to respond, if he so chooses. A few days ago he was berating Gennette Cordova with his brow-beating reporter schtick. He implied she might have been in on the hoaxing and that she sounded like a probable Neal Rauhauser sock puppet named Alicia Pain. That's the username which seems to have doxed Ron on a Fatterico thread during post-Weinergate convolution.

Ron says he's still probing the fake teens. I don't understand that. There's a limit to how much socratising one can do on a topic, especially when in essence it boils down to the chasing of shadows.

Gennette Cordova was the babe to whom Anthony Weiner allegedly tweeted his wiener pic. Hey Now!

What's confusing is how he could have made such a mistake. I'm new to Twitter, but there has to be an easier explanation than theories thrown around by chickens with their heads chopped off. (E.G. Patrick Frey, Lee Stranahan, Ron Brynaert, Joe Brooks, FilmLadd, Dustin Farahnak, Neal Rauhauser et al)

For myself to send a direct message, I have to drop click to the dm page. What I think happened but am not sure is he had the photo up elsewhere and someone found it. Weiner thought it was hidden but obviously it wasn't. So say it was Rauhauser or an associate as Dan Wolfe. He suckered Mike Stack to retweet it, when it wasn't actually a tweet.

That would explain why Weiner fudged the idea of a Twitter hack. It would also explain why that was pointless, since it was his photo, and he did have a reputation of being Mr. Flirt.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Open Letter To Ron Brynaert

[UPDATE: Sweet! Ron has blocked me on Twitter and is finally out of my life. END OF UPDATE]

In his infinite wisdom, blogger donkeytale has for the most part avoided emailing with other bloggers. I have made the decision to stop doing so. It seems to rarely lead to anything positive. Thus from now on, except for a possible few occasions, I will no longer be interacting with anyone in private except for real life friends.

Ron, I've been very happy that both of us have been able to come to a mutual understanding on many things over the last couple months. However, the misunderstanding we had today on Twitter makes me feel it's time for both of us to pretty much go our separate ways.

I hope you don't block on me on Twitter. I enjoy your tweets, even when I don't agree with them. You're a fun dude. I'm also not averse to us interacting once in a while in public, whether through Twitter, my blog, or at perhaps Pffugee. I hope you can understand why I no longer feel comfortable with private emails or direct messages with anyone. It's me, not you. I believe if bloggers have something to say, it should be done in public where all can read it. Or perhaps folks should live and let live.

I truly am not trying to make you look bad. I am actually trying my best to move on completely from the Breitbart milieu. I feel they are dying. I feel once a nail has been hammered in, it's time to stop hammering. The Breitbart cult is obviously a worthless sack of shit.

That being said, if our friction from today was generated due to lazy tweeting, I apologise. I am going to be cutting down substantially on my Twitter activity. It's stupid to think much can be said in 140 characters. It's too difficult to follow give and takes on Twitter. I like the open space of real blogging.

I'll copy and paste the tweet exchange we had that you didn't like.

Me: @ronbryn I now believe @NYT_JenPreston did steal ur work by not giving you credit. Stranahan & Fatterico otoh were retarded w Weinergate.

You: I never accused @NYT_JenPreston of stealing my work. That is complete distortion. @Prepostericity

Me: @ronbryn I didn't say you accused @NYT_JenPreston of stealing. You did used to complain a lot about her using you.

Ok, I'm not gonna go nuts with this entry. It's just one more step I'm taking to disentangle myself from internet convolution.

I've found a few links which refer to Ron's interactions with Jen Preston of the NYT. If he'd like to be civil and clarify or whatnot, he's free to do so. I am not looking for trouble. I now realise it is in my best interests to stop interacting so much with Ron Brynaert. I'm sure he understands and perhaps even believes it is to our mutual benefit to basically go our separate ways.

From Ron's article, NY Times Weinergate Expert Jen Preston Is Still On The Job!
I have a lengthy interview with Dan Wolfe which I still haven't published.
Why not post it?
Here's some more random Jennifer Preston Direct Messages to me. Maybe some were hacked...but since she has ignored me for three months I highly doubt she's an innocent victim. Preston has many, many ties to hackers and pranksters, and seems to be a fan.
What interesting things to say. I must admit I always found it troubling how often Ron has mentioned such and such being hacked. It'd be nice to see what proof Ron has that Preston "has many, many ties to hackers and pranksters, and seems to be a fan."
Andrew Breitbart and Lee Stranahan were two sources which helped me put everything together.
Hmmm, it would be nice to know what exactly Ron discussed with the head of the cult.

Ron put up some interesting dm's from Preston. Those will lead into my second link used for this mailed-in entry.

The following Ron tweets were posted by internet marketing whore Lee Stranahan on June 28, 2011.

Ok, so my question to Ron is why was it wrong to suggest Preston stole your work? Or do you believe she tried to get you money and credit but was overridden by the NYT's editor?

Other than that, I'm done on this specific topic concerning your dealings with Preston. I'm sorry if my couple tweets offended you or gave readers the wrong impression. For all the times I may have wronged you, the following is for me:

My last private email contact with a blogger might be with Mike Stack. He's offered me the opportunity to interview him. As a dumbass on Weinergate, I'm not sure what to ask. I guess I'll just give it my best shot and see what he has to say.

Bonus Screenshot

I stumbled across the following tweet from FBI cockroach Brandon Darby. He and Breitbart editor Dana Douche think they are effective in revising history in regards to the 2008 RNC. They are wrong. Those kids never planned on throwing molotov cocktails into a crowd. The plan was to toss them into an empty parking lot full of pig cars. They decided to not even do that. Those kids were not terrorists.

In contrast, there is Aaron Walker and his Everybody Draw Mohammed website which is simply a different brand of Hal Turner. There is Dana Loesch who would love to urinate on dead Arabs. Members of the Breitbart cult desire that the general public believes leftists against war are fomenting terrorism. The Breitbarts and FBI are the ones creating terrorism, not us. Now that their beloved leader has dropped dead, expect Breitbart Inc. to soon wither and perhaps even disband. No talent plus no Breitbart equals decay.

In a previous entry I linked to a Darby acquaintance who described him as deranged. Apparently so.


Monday, July 23, 2012

Big DFQ2 Announcement & Some Prose On Hypocrisy

Negotiations have been under way for quite a while to bring back universally acclaimed blogger donkeytale. It appears everything has been agreed to except for what will be included in the DFQ2 store.

We also have to figure out how best to utilise the $10 million recently provided to us by a mysterious donor. This was not given to us by the same bloke who chipped in $10 million to Andrew Breitbart. It wasn't from George Soros either.

Ok, the above was silly and not even funny. There won't even be a DFQ2 store.

My ultimate fear is donkeytale will attack me for posting mailed-in entries that one could find any day of the week at random blogs. You know the ones. They are on some form of current event. They contain a screenshot, a link or two, a copy and paste, and then a youtube video.

Well, I'm sorry. I like to once in a while socratise a current story with the aforementioned formula.

What's up with his hair? The dude who shot up the movie theatre is obviously nuts. So let's discuss the death penalty.

Colorado has it. But it doesn't look like they will use it. Since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976, Colorado has only used it once.

There are many arguments against it. I think the biggest reason it shouldn't be used on James Holmes is because he's nuts. He's obviously the one who did this, so no one can say the wrong dude might be executed.

There's actually an even better reason to not kill him than because he's a nutjob. It would be hypocritical. You'd be doing to him what you say he did which was so immoral.

I'm not going to socratise this story nor the death penalty much more than I just did. I'm more fascinated with the roots of hypocrisy than with any debate on the costs of the death penalty, the dude's internet history, his biography, why America has so much violence, or anything else we could muster up for interaction.

How come so many Christians are pro-death penalty? I'm assuming many are. We know GW Bush took great delight in killing Texans when he was governor. This link vouches for the fact GW Bush has been a self-proclaimed believer with a man crush on Reverend Billy Graham.

What doesn't add up then is this. What part of Thou Shalt Not Kill don't Shrub and other pro-death penalty Christians understand?

This is actually no surprise concerning GW's hypocritical sadism. It's fact that his mom in 2003 went on record as saying, "Why should we hear about body bags and deaths? It's not relevant. So why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that?"

The Snopes lady tried to justify what Babs said by saying it was taken out of context. Talk about a fail. If more people had considered what an invasion of Iraq would have meant in terms of destruction and loss of life, perhaps we'd have never gone there in the first place. There were no weapons of mass destruction. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. The Bush Administration had been itching to invade Iraq well before the WTC towers were attacked by planes. According to Paul O'Neill, the illegal war was hatched as soon as GW entered office.
"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying 'Go find me a way to do this,'" O'Neill said.
Hmmm, wasn't the first Iraq War justified because Hussein had illegally invaded Kuwait? All countries are born equal, but some countries are more equal than others? If I felt up to it, I'd get into April Glaspie and perhaps also how the Kurds were left to rot in the mountains. But I want to move onto a few more examples of right wing hypocrisy followed by a youtube video to polish up this mailed-in entry.

Look at the Breitbart Cult. They claim all these things about Brett Kimberlin and Neal Rauhauser including how they smear folks. Well, what have they done to Ron Brynaert? Robert Stacy McCain claims he is into facts, that he's a journalist who must maintain certain standards of proof. Then why has he linked to and posted claims that Brett Kimberlin ordered the four SWATs? What about Aaron Walker asking for folks to submit drawings under their real name and location mocking Mohammed, since he was doing the same as Aaron Worthing? How was that not hypocritical?

Finally, there is a right wing blogger named Zilla Stephenson who has actually graced some DFQ2 pages with her presence. She is probably a complete dollface in real life when not discussing politics. However, she recently came up with some ridiculous hypocrisy of her own.

Oh, Those “Compassionate” Leftists!
(excerpts) The idiots like to stereotype, they make the assumption that all Conservatives hate gay people; they think everyone on the Right is of a single mind, like they are – but we are not collectivists like they are, we do not have a Hive Mind like they do, and there is a wide range of where people stand with regards to gay issues among individuals who think for themselves, just as there is a wide range of where Conservatives stand on many other issues. I personally do not care whether or not a person is gay, and I never have...

It is the LEFT that is obsessed with race and identity politics, and that has always been the case. Assuming that everyone on the Right is racist is just ignorant, and it reveals the bigotry of the stalker trolls who have a nasty habit of stereotyping people despite their fictitious claim that leftists are open minded, tolerant, and caring – well you can see above just how “tolerant and caring” they are, especially in how they treat a person who is fighting a devastating and potentially life threatening illness.

There is a lot more of the kind of stuff posted above (and worse) that has been sent to me or “from” me, but I think you get the idea. Whoever is doing this is/are simply malevolent, and clearly not particularly intelligent or “compassionate”.
Hmmm. Why did Zilla put compassionate in quotes and not leftists? How is she not stereotyping the left based on a few trolls who are giving her and her friends some trouble?

These are right wing bloggers who are in bed with the Breitbart cult and their BK as Satan hoax. Thus, Zilla and her ilk are part and parcel of the spreading of false memes declaring leftists as supportive of terrorism.

They ought to be ashamed. They ought to also do something about their widespread authoritarian personality disorder.
Altemeyer studies what he has called the "right wing authoritarian" (RWA) personality type. This is the type who follows a strong leader and believes in a hierarchical social structure.

Altemeyer has now written a book himself which summarizes his 30+ years of work and posted it online for free.

You can read it here:

The chapters that may be [of] most interest to those who visit this site have to do with the correlation between RWA personalities and Evangelical (or Fundamentalist) Christians.

I think it is important for anyone who tries to debate "conservatives" to understand their world view and this book will help in that effort.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Is Neal Rauhauser on Team Breitbart? Part Two

He who smelt it dealt it

Neal Rauhauser is not only an internet predator. He used to vote wingnut.

He also has ties to the FBI, written in agent provocateur style, and attempted to infiltrate OWS and Anonymous.

In addition, Neal Rauhauser's resume includes disgusting perversion. He used to have a signature which glorified the act of sticking a gerbil up one's anus.

Neal Rauhauser has been a cyberstalker, a cybersmearer, and an all-around vile dirtbag. Here was one smear he made on me.
I do some protective service work, one client is the head of a Washington D.C. NGO that faced a credible death threat last month. Tonight I received information that the source of this threat traced one of the NGO's volunteers to her home address via Comcast IP, and the location is a relatively short drive away from a man who was arrested last month for criminal harassment almost five hundred miles from his home.

I have some genuine concerns for the physical safety of this Comcast customer, and I'd like to talk to someone immediately. We've got an annoyed FBI agent who will confirm the back story on this Monday, but the subjects know they're under some sort of investigation and I'm afraid of what might happen if further info leaks over the weekend.

This is a junk box for me - nrauhauser at gmail is the address I check regularly.
If he ever comes near me, I will crush in his skull in self-defense. After all he's put me through, no jury would convict me. He best keep his distance. Hey Neal, you know what you need to do to yourself to make this world a better place. You need to move into a cave. You are one of the most disgusting human beings to ever be born. You are pure scum. FU Neal Rauhauser.

a screenshot that never goes stale

Let's cut to the chase. Conspiracy theory has become a dirty phrase. Which is ridiculous. Conspiracies are real. Theories are real. Two real words combined do not necessarily add up to bunk. Some conspiracy theories are not ridiculous.

That being said, Neal Rauhauser's conspiracy theories surrounding Weinergate and Team Breitbart have been ridiculous. They have been so to such an extent, that one needn't debunk them. They debunk themselves.

In part one and a following entry, we have seen that Dustin Farahnak was posting as The Scyphers Murder at Daily Kos. Mandy Nagy confirmed that. Dustin had been my best supporter. He has pointed to my schtick as being well-played not only at Patterico's but here, at Twitter, and even on blogs few of us even knew existed.

Even if one doesn't believe my word or hearsay of Nagy's confirmation they were one and the same, that both usernames spoke of an Ericsson electronic device speaks volumes. Sure coincidences can happen. Keep in mind this is blog court. The bar for proving things is much lower than in real life courts. Perhaps if I was a public prosecutor, I wouldn't make such statements or couch it more as a possibility. I am quite satisfied that Dustin has been proven in blog court to have written as The Scyphers Murder.

The implications of that are astounding. In part one it was clearly spelled out how Dustin kissed Neal's ass, while both were setting Ron Brynaert up as a patsy for SWATgate.

In part two we will take a closer look at the ridiculousness which was Rauhauser's Weinergate schtick. It is not a stretch to argue Neal was a concern troll working on behalf of Team Breitbart. Neal did not look good in any way. Breitbart and Patterico, on the other hand, looked like they were being unfairly smeared. Weiner outed his wiener. No one else did. When he admitted there had been no hack of his Twitter account, that should have been the end of it.

One common law states that he who smelt it dealt it. That's what I think has been going on with all the convolution surrounding Weinergate into SWATgate. Folks should definitely make up their own minds. Personally I am trying to wrap up this story. To do so, I feel it's necessary to take a closer look at Weinergate. Then it becomes much easier to understand how it evolved into the Kimberlin as Satan meme, one which has led to seemingly massive intakes of donations off of gullible right wingers.

What goes up must come down. Kimberlin said in court that my blogging led to a massive decrease in funding to his Velvet Revolution. Since recently realising SWATgate has been a massive hoax, one I now believe has been an inside job, I have simply been trying to do my part in setting the record straight. I want the donations rolling into Team Breitbart due to SWATgate to dry up.

Weinergate Solved

not internet predator Neal Rauhauser

The following is what I believe happened. You can take it or leave it.

Anthony Weiner was acting all Mr. Sexy and a bag of chips on Twitter. He did so to such an extent, that it became easy for Neal Rauhauser to devise a hoax based on those lecherous activities.

On July 23, 2011, an apparent Dustin sock puppet named plkimin somewhat explained what had happened.
elaborate sting operation? (0+ / 0-)

To sting whom?

You create fake teens to trick the congressman you despise into engaging in bad behavior?

And then what? Who publishes this without ever seeing the real teens? NYT won't do that, as they've proven.

So who was the sting targeting? It was targeting whatever media operation would be stupid enough to publish the story that Weiner was engaging in objectionable behavior with teen girls online, when the teens didn't really exist. To quote you, "Fortunately, AW did not fall for that."

But think through the sting. If AW had taken the jailbait and sent the photos or engaged in dirty talk with the "teen" fans, what happens next? How do you sting the congressman for having fake sex with fake teens?

Well, let's think: Who habitually publishes irresponsible sting operations targeting left wing centers of power (ACORN, NPR, etc.) We all know who.

The target of the sting was The Bigs. Breitbart & Loesch. They're the ones who are irresponsible enough ("scum of the earth" as someone else called them here) to go with such a scandalous and fake story. And before the story blew up with the inadvertent photo tweet that Weiner made to Cordova, the story was being peddled to ...guess who? The Bigs.

Mission: Bring down The Bigs & Inoculate Weiner from his own behavior by making his detractors look like idiots.

(Remember, no one expected Weiner to slip up with that photo tweet.) Only after that accident did the fake teens peddle the story to the very liberal Tommy Christopher at And only then it was to prove that the interaction with the teen was completely innocent and fully sanctioned by, and under the watchful eyes of, her doting parents, who were big fans of Rep. Weiner. Post-accident Revised Mission: Show Weiner to be upstanding in his interactions with teen fans online. Family rallies to Weiner's defense. Attempt to show that Breitbart was working behind the scenes to try to wrongly sting Weiner.

But if Weiner had never sent that photo to Cordova, and if this is an elaborate scam operation, where was the story to go next? Was the evidence going to make it through NYT scrutiny? Through Brian Ross at ABC News? No. It was going to blow up on the pages of, maybe mentioned on Fox News...and then NYT or Brian Ross would expose it as a fake scam. Making fools out of Breitbart, Loesch, Fox News or whoever was stupid enough to publish it.
Neal Rauhauser responded, "I think you're really reaching with this interpretation. The simplest explanations are best - someone wanted Weiner, and this was the path they chose to get him."

I believe Neal was behind both the stalking of Weiner's online activity and the teen hoax. I believe he was one of three people who were probably Dan Wolfe. The other two showing up on my socratisation radar are irrelevant Team Breitbart bloggers Joe Brooks and Jamin "Batman" Bates. While I agree with plkimin that the Weiner wiener tweet was unexpected, I don't believe that altered the general flow of the hoax. In fact it made it easier for Rauhauser and Dustin to push forward in promoting Breitbart.

I am arguing there was never any sting of Andrew Breitbart. I am basically saying that Rauhauser and his Breitbart co-workers concocted a fake sting centered around Anthony Weiner being a slut. It was in the works well before the wiener pic emerged. The hoax was always meant to evolve into going after BK. The Aaron Walker shite was improvised after my victory on November 14th.

I believe Neal manipulated BK to go after Aaron. I do not believe BK has in any way been involved with SWATgate. Neal was a double agent troll working for Team Breitbart. It's the only way this story adds up. Imho, Frey and Walker knew beforehand they were going to be SWATted. I'm not sure about Mike Stack. I tend to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Erickson had no idea he was going to be SWATted. I think Walker or Frey told him to warn his police of the possibility. Ron Brynaert was clearly set up to be the patsy. He used to work for Raw Story. He was a guest blogger at BradBlog. He had covered Weinergate. He even had a hot temper Team Breitbart was able to manipulate to astroturf the idea that Ron the college boy had violent tendencies. I am acually now positive in my own mind that Rauhauser has been working with Team Breitbart.

On May 28th, 2011, Breitbart ran the Weiner story. On May 29th, Weiner lied and said his Twitter account had been hacked. The next day at 10:36 a.m. Neal Rauhauser was ready to go with his first hoax piece published at Daily Kos.

A person with the pseudonym of Dan Wolfe had discovered and saved the tweet in question before Weiner deleted it. There were a bunch of people who had been following the congressman's Twitter activity. That's not technically criminal stalking. That word is definitely overused. Larisa Alexandrovna of Raw Story accused myself early and often for cyberstalking Brett Kimberlin. Nope, I've never done that to anyone. Though it's been done to me. In that way, I too have been a patsy.

Mike Stack unfortunately was not as careful with protecting his real name as Dan Wolfe was. Stack quickly became the target of one of the most vindictive, sadistic cybersmearing campaigns in internet history. For that reason, it's difficult to believe Stack was involved in implementation of the hoax.

Since it would soon emerge that Anthony Weiner indeed had tweeted the sexually explicit picture, the story should have ended there. But it didn't.

So in the early hours the day after Weiner had declared his Twitter account had been hacked, Rauhauser published CNN Spreads Latest Breitbart Smear. Near the very top he linked to Kimberlin's Indict Breitbart dot Org.
I better put Indict Breitbart here in the lede so it doesn't get missed.
In that top section Neal established the essence of the hoax whose main characters included Mike Stack, Patrick Frey, Mandy Nagy, Andrew Breitbart, myself, and eventually Aaron Walker many months later.
Congressman Anthony Weiner has recently been the target of an intrusion on his Twitter and Facebook accounts.

The parties involved appear to have spent about six weeks stalking the Congressman online, studying his followers, and when they got in they had a smear ready to go.

Unfortunately (for him) Breitbart was either involved in the planning, or he was the first and only media source to treat the ridiculous stunt as credible, and it blew up in his face.
That was improvisation on Neal's part, because I don't believe he expected a real scandal to fall in his lap which would aid Andrew Breitbart even further. He added:
Kossack stef notices Dan Wolfe's Twitter Stroke of Luck. Mmmm ... conspiracy.
Imho, he should have added a projection alert.

Even before Weinergate commenced, one can see that on May 25th Rauhauser had already been lurking in the background establishing this strawman sting hoax to entrap Breitbart. Notice again his inclusion of Kimberlin's Indict Breitbart dot Org and how it was before Weinergate emerged.
It seems that America has had its fill of incivility and sleaze. After years of running roughshod over decent people and organizations, deceptive video editor James O’Keefe is now receiving some additional supervision from the courts during his probation.

Breitbart has been trying to stir up additional foot soldiers to do this sort of thing, and they thought they had something in Phillip Christofanelli. But there are complications....

There have been a lot of copycat ‘stings’, but they’re not working all that well. Mainstream news outlets don’t want to get any of it on them, and when a college student abuses a college professor with a deceptively edited video … well ….

So hope and change are breaking out all over – the American people are offended, they’re offended at how Patrick McHenry behaved towards Elizabeth Warren, they’re sick to death of Fox News lies, there is a concerted effort to Indict Breitbart, his little edited video game is all but over...
Mike Stack was swatted on June 23, 2011. Patrick Frey was swatted on July 1st.

I used to wonder why the SWATs happened. They seemed like overkill, if they were meant to quiet Stack and Frey. The general consensus was that they had originated from the left. Ron has said he believed that was the case. Maybe he has changed his mind. I certainly have.

There has been so much convolution, that it basically became a "who can you trust" situation for ostracised bloggers such as myself and Ron. We ended up not knowing who to trust nor what materials we came across were valid.

The BK as Satan hoax started in October of 2010 when Team Breitbart picked up the story I had been covering since July 2008. Perhaps I should post some Patrick Frey emails from that time when he was kissing my ass. Though that's probably unnecessary. He did give me major kudos on his teaser post for the upcoming Nagy piece.

Not much in Mandy Nagy's 2010 piece was original. The only thing she had that I didn't were the specifics on financials. While I had pushed for an investigation into possible VR fraud, I had no clue they were being supported by groups with ties to George Soros and Streisand. I knew of Lori Grace and Harriet Crosby, but that was it.

Until one finds him or herself in the heart of internet convolution, one cannot imagine what that experience constitutes. Even when small potato bloggers such as myself find "aha" evidence, we have no substantial platform to get that info out. The frustration can weigh substantially.

Team Breitbart preyed on my human nature. I never imagined this was all about Nagy stealing my scoop. Frey was giving me so many compliments for my blogging in private.

To sum up my theory:

*** October 2010 Team Breitbart through Mandy Nagy stole my scoop.

*** April-May 2011 Neal Rauhauser tracks Anthony Weiner's internet activity and devises a hoax on behalf of Team Breitbart centered around that and Brett Kimberlin.

*** June to early July 2011 Neal and Team Breitbart devise and implement SWATgate hoax with Ron Brynaert and Brett Kimberlin as patsies.

*** November 2011 After my successful court appearance, Rauhauser talks BK into including Aaron Walker in his lame attempt to have me jailed for contempt of court.

*** January 2012 Aaron deliberately confronts BK after the hearing (I-pad keepaway) knowing it's his only chance to stay in the picture.

*** April 2012 Aaron obtains videotape proving BK claims of physical violence were false. This was the beginning of Aaron's "change in battle space."

*** May 2012 Aaron publishes his epic "I was framed for a crime by BK" or something entry. Marketing whore Lee Stranahan pushes for an Everbody Blog on Brett Kimberlin day. Patrick Frey cybersmears Rauhauser, Kimberlin, and especially Brynaert. CNN's Erick Erickson is SWATted to ensure story hits the mainstream. Aaron Walker is arrested for blogging, something he conveyed to me over the phone he was very happy about. The money starts pouring in.

*** Late June 2012 As things start to settle down, Aaron Walker is SWATTed.

The last SWATting was basically a last ditch attempt to revive a rapidly dying story. It had become impossible to suppress any longer the following:

*** Ron Brynaert didn't commit the SWATs. He never worked for Brett Kimberlin.

*** Ali Akbar is a shady ex-convict.

*** Brandon Darby is a shady former(?) FBI sewer rat.

*** Stacy McCain has a racist background and came up with nothing original in his reporting for this story. He didn't help matters by publishing and linking with no disclaimer to commentary saying Kimberlin had ordered the four SWATs.

*** Lee Stranahan is a marketing whore.

*** Patrick Frey as a public prosecutor tried an innocent man for criminal activity through the internet.

*** Mandy Nagy is a hack.

*** Dustin Farahnak and Aaron Walker have been publishing a hate website in Everybody Draw Mohammed. Walker scrubbed multiple posts on said blog claiming to be Aaron Worthing from Mannasas, Virginia. He egged on "Islamofascists" to come and get him. He asked his "dear readers" to supply drawings of Mohammed say while taking a dump. He asked them to supply their real names and hometowns, since he did so as "Aaron Worthing from Manassas."

Patrick "Swatterico" Frey

Patterico is a deputy district attorney from Los Angeles. One can peruse his archives and see he blogged as much as anyone on Weinergate. The remarkable thing about that is Weinergate technically could have been written up in a page or two. But noooo. That sucker was dragged out for all it was worth. It was primarily Lee Stranahan and Patrick Frey running around like chickens with their heads chopped off blogging on Weinergate.

I've decided to mail in the rest of this entry. I'm having too much fun getting a second wind with cinema. I'd like to get into other topics if I'm gonna write. Rigor mortis hasn't only set in on Andrew Breitbart. Those carrying on his legacy stink. They know it. Their hoaxing has been exposed. It's time to let creeps such as Mandy, Dustin, Fatterico, Aaron, Lee, Darby, and Dana Douche finish out the last seconds of their fifteen minutes of fame. There's definitely gotta be something better to socratise than these assholes.

As a nobody blogger I am ready to move on. They too will find out soon enough that they are worse than nobodies. They are nobodies with no integrity.

I've been getting trolled on a bit. I've had to delete comments from a few, anonymous coward sadists. They want me to feel I am perceived as delusional. I know I'm not. And that's all that matters. There are also a few others who respect what I've done. They can see I fess up when I make mistakes. They know I get more right than wrong and that deep down I'm honest and sincere.

This theory is sound, almost airtight. Rauhauser has been in cahoots with Team Breitbart the whole time. Folks can say I haven't proven anything. Fine. I admit it. But I do believe that after looking at the totality of all we do know, this makes the most sense. I do believe Frey and Walker are con artists who were in on their own SWATtings. I do believe Ron was set up as a patsy.

I see no other theory that makes sense. Rauhauser's ramblings clearly made no sense. Why would he go to that much trouble to appear like a jackass for Breitbart's benefit, if he wasn't working for him? We're supposed to believe he threw my name into the Weinergate hoax mix for shit and giggles?

$10 Million dollars can pay for a lot of hoaxing. What are folks supposed to believe when it is conspiracy fact donors gave Breitbart that money? Are we supposed to believe Mandy Nagy, Lee Stranahan, and every other idiot who writes for Breitbart does it for free?

We're supposed to believe Dustin Farahnak sincerely felt Rauhauser had been duped by Brett Kimberlin?

Weinergate convoluted into being about Brett Kimberlin was a hoax, period.

Maybe if the folks at Team Breitbart had some actual talent, they could survive the looming schadenfreude. But they don't, and dickhead Andrew Breitbart is dead. Yes, enough time has passed where one can describe him as the scheming jerk he was. As Lori Grace wised up to BK, chumps giving money to Team Breitbart will also wise up, if they haven't already.

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Brandon Darby is a Government Snitch
"Seems to be a pretty smart jury to see through the lies of the government.

Did I mention snitches and informants are a menace to America and should be shot in the head?"
Sexism, egos, and lies: Sometimes you wake up and it is not different By Lisa Fithian

Of Traitors and Fools: Robert King Comments on Brandon Darby
Unfortunately this year has seen the rise of the far right and it saddens me that people have the propensity to be gullible, tricked and trapped by the lies spun by the likes of Brandon Darby who by his own actions has undermined his credibility.

In a recent presentation to a far right group, Darby recalls his endeavors within the progressive movement and his abrupt epiphany which led him to become an informant. However he fails while telling his tales to disclose he only had a short life as a credible informant. He now continues to spin his lies to far right groups who have no regard for the truth.

One word describes Darby: deranged. He continues to mislead people and he continues to attempt to rewrite the truth. In the final analysis, he goes the way of the fool, he impales himself on his own sword.
Common Ground Co-Founder Who Became FBI Informant Rises in Conservative Movement

Friday, July 20, 2012

Conspiracy Fact: Dustin Farahnak Was The Scyphers Murder

Hmmm, where did 2011 go, Aaron Worthing er uhm Walker?

New proof has been obtained through an anonymous source which clearly shows Dustin Farahnak was The Scyphers Murder at Daily Kos. People can whine all they want about conspiracy theory this and that. Only a dumbass would disregard all the evidence showing Aaron Walker and Dustin are probably on the same payroll as FBI sewer rat Brandon Darby.

Since Dustin was that person, it becomes more than obvious he was showing Neal Rauhauser way too much respect.

The peanut gallery says, "Hey Mister, you proved Mandy Nagy's a liar. Now you are using what Mandy said to prove a point. You can't do that, Mister." My response to that is, "A wise guy, why I oughta."

You want more proof?

Dustin at Patterico's
Since I have wifi on mass transit, at home, and at work, I’m fortunate enough to use a Sony ericsson C905a, which is free with a subscription, and with no data plan I can still surf the internet on wifi and use GPS. My wife has one as well and we pay $60 a month for both plans. And the camera on these phones makes the Droid look like a POS. Since we take pics all the time, and always have wifi, it’s a legit point.

Although I still an envious of those Droid apps. No reason to get an iphone, in my opinion, but there are so many cheap and excellent options out there these days.
The Scyphers Murder at Daily Kos
I've had luck with Sony Ericssons (0+ / 0-)

The problem is that ATT is usually the only provider, but you mentioned T-Mobile so you're probably able to use them.

They often come with relatively good headphones and mp3 functionality. The real hangup is that they use memory sticks, which are proprietary and expensive (and you need an adaptor for headphones, but it's never been an issue for me), but otherwise, I think they are great mp3 players.
The Scyphers Murder had fifty-four posts at DKos. One of them was very similar to a post Dustin made at Patterico's about a specific electronic. What are the friggen odds?

There were other similarities between the two usernames I could document. I'm talking ideas, patterns, even exact phrases. As The Scyphers Murder, Dustin even posted, "...I have interacted with [Seth] online for a long time and would be shocked if he's anything but a progressive. Sure, he's no fan of the DLC or establishment democrats, but this doesn't mean he's conservative."

On a side note, I am not sure why Dustin kept saying I linked Brett to supporting Pat Buchanan. I never did. Back in the day before Brad Friedman was known, he posted support for Buchanan. I guess when one is busy showing Neal Rauhauser respect while establishing Ron Brynaert as a patsy, such mistakes happen.

I've got better things to do than spend eighteen hours chasing Dustin Farahnak's sock puppet. They are one and the same. The implications of that fact were spelled out in my previous blog entry.

Dustin established a Scyphers Murder account at Google Plus. It can be found here.


What Dustin did is photoshop on the idea that Kimberlin is a terrorist. It's a common theme of wingnuts to plant the meme that the left supports terrorism. They talk up Alinsky and Ayres, to name a few.

So Dustin gave BK a terrorist's beard. You can also google around and see that the Smurfs have been played up as terrorists. Here's one example:

Hmmm, so we have Dustin and Aaron Walker running their agent provocateur styled Everybody Draw Mohammed Blog. There's rat snitch Brandon Darby who provoked kids into having violent thoughts in regards to the 2008 RNC. There's Breitbart's Dana Loesch who promoted the idea of pissing on dead Arabs. Yet we on the left are the ones facilitating terrorism?

Neocon slime can claim all they want that talk of internet cointelpro is kookiness. Too bad for them reality has a liberal bias.

Hal Turner is conspiracy fact. Brandon Darby is conspiracy fact. Aaron Walker and Dustin Farahnak are conspiracy fact. That the FBI creates terrorism is conspiracy fact.

Hey Dustin, Aaron, and the rest of you scumbags at Team Breitbart:

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Is Neal Rauhauser on Team Breitbart? Part 1

[UPDATE: I admitted in the comments and will do so here that this entry was probably a bit too speculative in places. Yet I still think there's a decent chance Neal Rauhauser has been in cahoots with Team Breitbart the whole time.

It's also been pointed out to me that it might be unclear who is saying what below in the copied and pasted comments. Unless it is stated as someone else, all comments were made by Dustin Farahnak aka The Scyphers Murder.

Uhm, an anonymous in the comments believes even my claim that Dustin was that poster is speculative. Perhaps. I am not out to staple my truth onto anyone's face. Nonetheless, I am positive they are the same person. One of my sources, haha I like the sound of that, has sent me links showing further evidence they are one and the same. I'll try to throw up a new entry covering those points. END OF UPDATE]

On the surface such an idea seems ludicrous. Yet nothing makes sense unless it's true.

Imho, the following two assumptions are accurate.

*** All four SWATs are related.

*** Weinergate is related to Everybody Blog On Brett Kimberlin... then donate.

The first two SWATs had everything to do with Weinergate. The plan was to frame Ron Brynaert with Neal Rauhauser as strawman. No way was Neal going to be taken seriously for too long. In fact, he was banned by Daily Kos for the excessive numbnuttery displayed with this specific diary.

The most awkward aspect of the Team Breitbart hoax has been their shift from blaming the SWATs on Ron and Neal to pushing the absurd idea they have been masterminded by Brett Kimberlin.

That makes no sense. Kimberlin had nothing to do with Weinergate.

Lately there's been some bizarre back and forth between Brooks Bayne and his Trenches with Patterico and Stranahan. It's a diversion from understanding the truth. Bayne was going on about there being a proven association between Mandy Nagy and Neal Rauhauser. He was called on it and asked for proof. He feigned ignorance of having made any such claim. Apparently he scrubbed his tweets. This stupid fight between Bayne, the self-described Federalist, with the neocon, hoaxing Team Breitbart seems to be staged and is most definitely a limited hangout.

I don't doubt too much that Neal has been working with Team Breitbart the whole time. But to understand that is more likely true than not, one needs to stop wasting time jumping into rabbit holes.

This will be a two-parter. Hopefully by the end people will see that this theory is not off the wall. In this part one, a working relationship will be proven to have existed between Rauhauser and Team Breitbart's Dustin Farahnak. In part two, we will look more into the specifics of Rauhauser's "Weinergate" and how it morphed into SWATgate.

On July 29, 2011, Neal Rauhauser posted a smear piece on Ron Brynaert titled, "Ethical Dilemma: Harassed By A Confused Man." That was on the Daily Kos. It is no longer available. I don't believe it's anywhere on the web, including the wayback machine.

I didn't become aware of Weinergate and Rauhauser's DKos conspiracy theory until around early August. I then saved as much as I could. One item was the above mentioned hit job on Brynaert. I'll copy and paste that now, so everyone has access to it.
Ethical Dilemma: Harassed By A Confused Man
July 29, 2011 by Stranded Wind (Neal Rauhauser)

I was harassed online by a mentally ill man last fall during the midterm election. The person in question is a right wing conspiracy theorist, he’s apparently stalking one of my female contacts here in D.C., and he generally makes a nuisance of himself with anyone who makes the mistake of interacting with him, be they friend or foe.

Another confused person full of opinions and theories has popped up in the aftermath of the stalk and smear operation aimed at Congressman Weiner. This guy used to be a journalist, but something changed for him last fall, and he now spends all his time online sharing what are obviously paranoid delusions.

I did make the mistake of interacting with him briefly, before I determined he was unwell, and now I think my new pal, Patterico, or one of his crew are purposefully winding this guy up and pointing him my way. This is, to my mind, a deeply sleazy sort of thing to do, and it goes double in this case because I warned him this guy was unwell and fragile clear back at the end of June.

Even so, I’m pretty tired of having my name drug through the muck, and I’m wondering what the right response is here.

The guy who was bothering me last fall is a man named Patrick Swift Read, a resident of Arlington, Virginia, and his nom de plume is @SwiftRead. He spent a lot of energy last fall smearing me as a George Soros operative, or maybe I’m funded by the Clintons, or some secret New World Order cabal. His “thinking” was just a bit sharper than street mumbler grade ranting.

I’m not terribly kind to Patrick; one of his associates, a man named @GregWHoward made a great show of having discovered where my ex-wife and kids live, and was otherwise a creepy menacing asswipe.

Both of these got their comeuppance, first getting savagely gnawed by a pack of beandogs, and then Howard and Read did some truly heinous things to one of the female organizers from their group and now they both seem pretty well discredited.

This new situation is a little different. Patterico I want to see fired from his Deputy District Attorney job, barred from practicing any sort of law, sued to the point of bankruptcy, or criminally charged. Better yet, all five of these would not be sufficient for this tiresome little punk. The motivation, briefly, is that he used to spend his time vigorously defending that little creep James O’Keefe, and his behavior of late seems to indicate he had a hand in the stalking and smearing of Congressman Weiner.

But this other guy, which he or his associates seem to be manipulating is another matter. Patrick Read is vile and dangerous, but this guy just seems to miss working in journalism. He likes to go and nose around, teasing out details and writing them up. But now that things have changed for him I think he has trouble telling when he has actually found some interesting pattern of behavior, versus just thinking he is on to something.

I publicly suggested on Twitter that he needed to go talk to a friend or family member about what he was experiencing, and he took this to be me threatening his family. Nothing could be further from the truth and I stand by my suggestion: when it’s hard to tell what is going on it is best to seek outside advice.

That sort of outside advice is what I am seeking here. If this were some random annoying and/or dangerous right winger like Patrick Read or Patterico I’d put a bunch of his information in this diary so people could go find and torment him. If I were being truly evil I could even send a link to the diary to those rascally beandogs, who are the internet equivalent of a painful rash when they take an interest in someone.

But I just don’t have the time or the temperament for such things. If people are unethical or criminal I often develop the urge to press the SMITE button on my keyboard. But this is not one of those times … so I eagerly await your wise advice, dear Kossacks.

I'd like to introduce everyone to The Scyphers Murder, my favorite source of pro-Breitbart talking points here on DailyKos. See below ... unless they've all been hidden already.
At Daily Kos, comments are not deleted even when diaries are. However, unless one has access to direct links, it is extremely difficult to find them. However, since I have the original via Google cache, those links are readily available.

You can right click for new windows. Please take note that Ron posted as edkra, and Dustin Farahnak posted as The Scyphers Murder. It is fact that was Dustin. Mandy Nagy confirmed it over the phone. I'll copy and paste mostly Dustin excerpts.

tip jar
Maybe [Ron Brynaert] and [Neal Rauhauser] have some common ground, or are relying on the same source who is sending [them] in different directions.

What kind of affiliation to Kimberlin (a public figure, mods) [does Ron] have? Honest question. And why does everyone freak out when I ask it? If the answer is none, just say none.
What's disturbing is Pat Frey's behavior

It was Neal Rauhauser who tied Weinergate into having something to do with Brett Kimberlin. He implied I was Dan Wolfe. He said I was working with Patrick Frey, Mike Stack, and Andrew Breitbart to destroy Anthony Weiner.

His were some of the most absurd allegations in internet convolution history. This is why I believe Rauhauser was a deliberate strawman for Andrew Breitbart's benefit. He wasn't even trying to make sense. Dustin Farahnak:
Sorry, but this accusation probably is a lie...
I've seen no evidence to support it...

Remember, Stranded Wind is the guy demanding photos of Mr Frey's wife while talking about his support for a violent felon, Brett Kimberlin. That's downright disturbing. He's accused Patrick of all manner of things over the past several weeks, and he has never shown a single piece of evidence for it. All we have to go on is Stranded Wind's word, but Stranded Wind admits to engaging in disinformation campaigns on twitter.
Dustin then made one of the most surprising comments ever, one which was a tell he was actually in cahoots with Neal.
Just be careful before you assume that Patrick Frey is doing any of the million things this diarist has accused him of doing. I don't know if Stranded Wind has strong evidence to back up his claims. If he does, I sincerely apologize to him.
WTF? Why not simply point out how ridiculous Neal's diaries had been, and that none of it was true? If you're Dustin Farahnak, why leave open any possibility Neal was writing the truth about Frey being the mastermind of Weinergate or any of the other junk?

Dustin didn't destroy Neal, because his main objective was to promote the idea of Ron Brynaert as a mentally ill, SWAT caller. The hoax was starting to push away from Neal Rauhauser being an obvious supertroll to the idea that Brett Kimberlin (as funded by Soros and Streisand) was the true menace.

The SWATs had taken place a month earlier. We now know Ron's voice was mimicked from his only available internet interview. Dustin's job was to promote the idea Ron was capable of violence and working for Brett Kimberlin. To help that along, he took it extremely easy on Neal.

Aaron Walker would not become involved until after my case technically should have ended on November 14th. Aaron had no part in the hoax at that juncture. More from Aaron's co-worker Dustin:
And I'm also here because Stranded has treated Brett Kimberlin as a trustworthy source, and used Brett's word to smear an innocent Kos Diariest that Brett outed.

Brett Kimberlin is not an honest man. He is a con artist who preys on democrats with stories that always implode. Anyone who believes him needs to be informed.
Yes, I'm primarily interested in Stranded's commentary because he was relying on Brett Kimberlin, whom I am very interested in setting the record straight about and was a source for his earlier discussions about this story.
Ron didn't know at the time he was being set up as a patsy for the two SWATs, but he did realise Dustin and Neal were creating a controlled opposition. Ron said:

It's all a game...

StrandedWind spreads confusion.

The Scyphers Murder and other trolls at Daily Kos spread disinfo and attack him so that everyone thinks it's a pie fight.

Neal Rauhauser is vile and spreads lies, because he emulates Karl Rove tactics.

Please stand up for justice and stop this thug...and don't fall for Dustin, the lying smearing troll who is behind the Draw Muhammed Day blog.

Neal gets away with this crap because he works with pretend conservatives on the right. He punked Greg W. Howard WITH Andrew Breitbart...and is probably working with him on this.
Dustin was acting as Frey's surrogate prosecutor. He wanted to give the impression he was sincerely asking a stranger in Neal to admit his source for all the convolution was Brett Kimberlin. Now it's obvious, at least to me, that Neal and Dustin have been on the same team the whole time. Dustin continued:
Seriously, I do not work for Stranded. I'm asking him respectful questions, at least as respectful as I can manage (I got really ticked off at one point).

I'm not trying to confuse anyone, I'm not trying to aid him in lying or telling truth or anything at all. I am asking questions because at some point his line of thought and my line of thought took a major departure and I think knowing who or what diverted him would be very helpful info.
After Ron asked him yet again to give up the act, Dustin replied:
"I don't even think anyone online really knows who you really are."

On that point, you're right, since you clearly don't know much about me.

It's very interesting that you're accusing me of working with Stranded when there is no basis for it.

You plainly are trying to sow confusion.

You[r] twitter feed shows you tried to accuse Dustin of being in Al Qaida because he's Middle Eastern, so you're quite a little man.

I don't threaten people and have never threatened you. Put up your evidence that I am a terrorist. Put up your evidence that I'm Dustin or working for Stranded Wind.
To repeat from earlier, Mandy Nagy confirmed by phone that Dustin was posting as The Scyphers Murder. Team Breitbart is very deceptive. They run hoaxes. Ron pointed out that he never did "accuse Dustin of being in Al Qaida because he's Middle Eastern."

Rauhauser and Team Breitbart are disgusting. They definitely would have fit in well in Nazi Germany circa 1933-1945. It's the height of sadism what they did to Ron Brynaert.

Here's an example of how manipulative they are. There was a time when myself and Mike Stack weren't getting along. It was actually small potatoes looking back. It ended up becoming discussed in a "Team Breitbart" email chain. Mandy wanted myself and Mike to buy into the Kimberlin as Satan hoax. The problem is Mike had nothing to do with Brett Kimberlin, never ever. Thus, the hoax from the get-go was a fail. Nagy wrote:

Myself, Ron Brynaert, and Mike Stack were basically used by Neal and Team Breitbart to promote their hoax. The RICO angle was actually first launched by Aaron Walker as early as December 30, 2011. Check out who he cc'ed.

Aaron Walker can be confirmed as being a scumbag con artist. Today he wrote, "...each of the people who have [been SWATted have] either written critical pieces about Kimberlin, or have been accused of doing so (including Mike Stack)." Mike Stack has had absolutely nothing to do with Brett Kimberlin. Aaron Walker was never my attorney. Aaron Walker can rot in hell.

We have four more subthreads from the scrubbed diary to peruse for more evidence that Neal Rauhauser was part and parcel of the Breitbart cult. Remember, if we can link Neal Rauhauser to Dustin Farahnak, then indeed that proves Neal was working for Team Breitbart. I do not believe Kimberlin was working with Team Breitbart. That would make no sense. The theory is Rauhauser manipulated Kimberlin, while Team Breitbart manipulated myself, Mike, and Ron.

A little background

Patrick Frey clearly doesn't add up. He appears to tweet and blog during his work hours. But it's not even that which is most bizarre. It's the topics he covers.

Just days ago he was covering someone named The Jester. Why would a public prosecutor evoking the image of a middle of the road neocon get into blogging on such convolution?

Why did he blog so much on the craziness surrounding Weinergate sock puppets? Why has he carried so much water for Andrew Breitbart? There's no way he did that for free.

It's one thing to see Brad Friedman, Fintan Dunne, or Mike Rivero writing strange crap. But a public prosecutor with a real job? That's what I'm talking about.

Neal Rauhauser was also too over the top with his Weinergate involvement. Neither Neal nor Frey were blogging in an organic manner. That the two became intertwined in some form of Battle Royale de Convolution and so quickly tells me the whole fight was staged. Dustin Farahnak's comments on this scrubbed diary back up this theory. Dustin is basically Patrick Frey's bitch.

To sum up so far: Rauhauser made smears on Ron Brynaert as being completely unhinged. Dustin showed up to agree. Dustin's task was two-fold.

1) Portray Ron as insane and capable of violence. Show solidarity with Rauhauser on this point while giving Neal basic respect and Ron none. Dustin also made sure to spin Ron Brynaert as being a Brett Kimberlin employee. Remember, this thread took place on July 29-30, 2011, well before anyone except for Team Breitbart knew much about the two SWATs. This diary was basically about Neal and Dustin planting "BK as the madman controller" hoax seeds.

2) Instead of simply pointing out the utter stupidity of Rauhauser's spinning of Team Breitbart out to get BK and Weiner, Dustin provided Neal with a clean exit to admit Kimberlin was his source. Dustin was minimising Neal's culpability and attempting to shift blame to Brett and Ron.

So you had strawman Rauhauser posting as a madman. At Patterico's, Frey was busy blogging on junk no self-respecting public prosecutor would have touched. These are the things Team Breitbart don't want folks to consider. They don't want folks reading Walker's crazy emails. They do not want it asked why on earth was a public prosecutor spending so much time covering sock puppet convolution which could never be solved? They don't want folks wondering why Mandy Nagy told Ron Brynaert that in her gut she felt I was working for Neal Rauhauser. Dustin wrote:
Weiner is yesterday's news, and hopefully the democratic party can find a better congressman to represent Brooklyn.

What you're really interested in is whether Patterico was simply reporting on the actions of Dan and John, or whether he was somehow dishonestly helping them. So far, you have not shown this.
One should be able to see with even just a smidgen of open-mindedness that Neal Rauhauser was Team Breitbart's best friend. He was the personification of a strawman for Patterico. As Dustin wrote:
At the end of the day, I don't think anyone minds if people were trying to dig up dirt on a politician...

...what if he planted evidence of a framing of Weiner being hacked, while Weiner wasn't hacked? What if someone (again, who hates Breitbart apparently) wanted to prove hackers set Weiner up, and Weiner confessed, ruining the effort?
We will see in part 2 how that was the spin; Team Rauhauser hated breitbart so much, they stalked Weiner on Twitter and then threw him under the bus in an effort to discredit Andrew Breitbart. That's a limited hangout! The hoax has been centered around Brett Kimberlin the whole time. The obstacle Neal, Dustin, and the others had to resolve was how to shift the story from Neal and Beandog trolling towards Brett Kimberlin trying to shut down right wing freedom of speech. They certainly figured that out. Thankfully, though, the truth is emerging and their cash cow is finally losing its juice.

Now it's easy to see why I was included in Rauhauser's ramblings. I was the patsy glue used to morph perceived sinister activities from Rauhauser to Kimberlin.

However, there's a fundamental problem with that shift. Mike Stack had nothing at all to do with Brett Kimberlin. It makes no sense to argue BK as behind the SWATtings precisely because of Mike.

maybe this is just too freaking obvious

Someone asked Neal why he didn't just break off contact with Ron and get a restraining order. Rauhauser replied:

I have continued to cover Patterico because I am relatively certain this guy is a key component to Breitbart's smear machine. I haven't said a peep to this other guy since about June 25th, but someone keeps winding him up, and that is likely either Patterico or one of his cronies.
Like clockwork Dustin continued pushing forward the hoax narrative that Kimberlin was behind everything with Ron as his goon. Dustin made it seem Neal was simply misguided because of his source Brett Kimberlin. Yet Ron wasn't cut any similar slack when he messed up using BK as a source. That's because the cash cow depended on the lie that BK ordered the SWATs with Ron making the calls. More from disinfo astroturfer Dustin Farahnak:
I don't think this story is really dying. I think the Weiner part of it is dead, but there's some other thing that keeps growing and growing.

Someone is definitely being a manipulative SOB. I've opined as to why I think it's one character, and why Stranded should consider what he knows that didn't come from that guy. But it's so hard to talk about this without sounding like a riddle.

Whatever he knows, I hope and urge him to take to law enforcement. He's following Patterico, so he knows law enforcement is involved already. If we're talking about the same disturbed third party (I wish he'd link him, but I'm new here... maybe that's not cool or maybe he thought it would make the situation worse) then I think Stranded is right in this case.

Someone is definitely manipulating other people, and it's harder for me to follow when half the players hold all their cards where I can't read them. This diary sounds serious enough to justify serious efforts to get anyone in need help.
Then came more strangeness from Dustin pointing to the idea he and Neal were working together.
So you admit you have no tangible reason to accuse Patterico at all.

You think someone is winding [Ron] up, and assume that must be Patterico or his cronies (whatever that means).

Anyway, you have named many people by name on here, without a shred of evidence. Now you know for sure of an actual stalker who harassed your friend, and he gets to remain anonymous. I assume this is because you know it's better to [be] careful before asserting stuff you're not sure about.

I get that you and Patterico have wildly different political views, but I wish you'd use that same responsible method with him, unless you have some reason to know Patterico is winding up your stalker friend, if you know that stalker is really doing something.

I also suggest you contact law enforcement immediately. Stalking and harassment are crimes.

Call the police.
There was a lot of confusion put into that comment. I believe that sort of thing is done deliberately, in an attempt to confuse readers while establishing the two primary meme objectives. Dustin's goal was to set the bedrock for Kimberlin and Ron being behind the SWATs. It makes no sense Dustin was showing a con artist such as Rauhauser even an iota of trust for intentions. It truly doesn't.

Dustin denied being The Scyphers Murder a number of times. However, it is 100% fact he was one and the same. Mandy Nagy told me so.

More from Dustin Farahnak:
I agree with you that Ron is disturbed and could hurt someone.

He particularly hates Patterico, though. He keeps claiming that everything Patterico said was 'obviously a hacker' even though it's obviously Patterico, in a stupid attempt to say 'this comment was too horrible for Patterico to say'.

I didn't realize Stranded was referring to Ron because I don't think anyone would seriously think they were allied whatsoever.

Anyway, it's really important that Stranded contact the police ASAP and explain his side of this.

I don't know what to believe. I just know that Ron used to work with Brett Kimberlin, that con artist I have mentioned several times before, and Stranded has mentioned his name a few times too as though this guy is trustworthy.

I wonder if we're all being spun by this con man. He's violent, so to be safe, it's a good idea for Stranded to call the police and just get what he knows out there. He may think what he knows is all minor stuff, but I sincerely and honestly urge him to just give them his information because there is more to this than he's aware of.

They might be able to use whatever it is that Stranded Wind knows but is unwilling to publicly share to explain his suspicions....

If you're talking about a disturbed stalker who we need to watch out for, I want to know who that is.

And I am saying that this other party, Brett, is violent. He went to prison for setting a bomb that blew up Carl Delong, then he told Mark Singer about this conspiracy theory about Dan Quayle that turned out to be BS just before the election. Then he got out of prison and started blogging about how much he likes Pat Buchanan.

My point: progressives cannot trust this man, and Stranded used him as a source a while back and has not really explained what info he got from this guy and what info he did not.

Brett is a public figure who told Kossacks he was exonorated, but he was lying. He then outed the guy who showed he was lying, and that guy has been named by Stranded as part of this Weinergate deal. When I've asked specifically how Stranded knows that, he censored the comment. I know he personally hid the comment because he explained why he did it to the other guy who said he's not supposed to do that to his own diaries.
Ron called out Dustin again for being The Scyphers Murder. Dustin yet again denied it.
You sound like you hate my guts, and you're clearly confused about who I am and the kind of person I am.

If you look at someone who is 100% polite in 100% of their comments, and assume they are being polite to mask their hatred, that's on you buddy.
Please don't take this the wrong way

Dustin continued to give Neal Rauhauser the benefit of the doubt. He did so, because he wanted Neal's basic premise of Ron being mentally ill and perhaps violent to be taken seriously. In hindsight, Dustin was an idiot for writing such disinformation.
I'm not sure how Stranded's name is being drug through the mud, but I have tried to reach out to him about a serious mistake I think he made in how he evaluated one of his sources. I have repeated the point a few times, and now Stranded is convinced I'm one of the bad guys....

I have to amend

I think I do know who on twitter is dragging his name through the mud, and I think that person sounds disturbed and needs help.

But I also want to note that person is not believable. It's sometimes hard to see that if you're the person being attacked. [Neal]: it's clear he's not telling the truth. He sounds crazy. If we're talking about the same guy, whose twitter handle starts with R. If you're upset that your name is being screwed with, take comfort that no one is going to buy anything R says.
It's beyond the beyond Dustin wanted folks to accept Neal's sincerity, despite his close to two month's worth of writing a smear hoax against myself, Mike Stack, and Patrick Frey.

It couldn't be more clear today looking back at Dustin Farahnak's comments on this scrubbed diary, that he was setting the table for the hoax claiming Ron Brynaert made the SWAT calls as ordered by Brett Kimberlin. That he showed so much respect to Neal Rauhauser in this thread, imho, proves Rauhauser has been part and parcel of Team Breibart.

About Stranded's accusation

This subthread consisted of one Dustin comment.
About Stranded's accusation

No, I'm not here to give you Breitbart's talking points and I would like to see any explanation of why Stranded says I'm doing that.

The two comments he took greatest exception to asked him to specifically explain two accusations he's making that I think he got from a bad source.

Asking someone 'hey, explain your evidence' is helpful not harmful. Especially if you ask someone who is right.

The questions were not trolling douchey talking point style questions either.

So anyway, I have no idea what Breitbart would have me say here. I admit I don't think he's nearly as horrible as many here do. I realize Stranded thinks he's a criminal. Fine. We disagree. But instead of answering anything I've said, Stranded has censored my comments and accused me of things.

That's not helpful.
Hmmm: "I have no idea what Breitbart would have me say here. I admit I don't think he's nearly as horrible as many here do. I realize Stranded thinks he's a criminal. Fine. We disagree."

That was a strange thing to say about Breitbart, considering he was indeed working for and supporting him.

I conclude that it's obvious Dustin was working with Neal to convey two things. First, that Brett Kimberlin was behind Neal's crazy postings. Secondly, that Ron Brynaert was the SWAT caller and made those calls at Kimberlin's request.

In hindsight, it couldn't be more obviously true Neal and the Breitbart cult worked as one in manufacturing SWATgate. Ron was the selected patsy. Myself and Mike were manipulated by Team Breitbart, so we'd be quiet and not point out discrepancies.

I believe Kimberlin for all his strangeness had nothing to do with any of this. I believe he was manipulated by Neal to go after Walker by reopening the case post-November 14th. I believe Frey and Walker knew beforehand they were going to be SWATted. Ron feels Mike is a fraud, but I am not sure about that. I believe Aaron Walker or Patrick Frey advised Erick Erickson to warn his police he might be SWATted.

I feel it's fair to say Team Breitbart has been comprised of primarily Mandy Nagy, Lee Stranahan, Patrick Frey, Dustin Farahnak, Aaron Walker, and Neal Rauhauser. They got away with their hoax for a very long time. Unfortunately for them, time has told the true story.

The Breitbart Empire is indeed decaying, and SWATgate is over. This story is now as officially dead as are the Walker and Frey blogs. They can keep peddling fake tweet fights. They can think long, boring Aaron Walker posts are still being read. They can believe Ali Akbar, Brandon Darby, Lee Stranahan et al have credibility. They would be wrong.