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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Is Neal Rauhauser on Team Breitbart? Part Two

He who smelt it dealt it

Neal Rauhauser is not only an internet predator. He used to vote wingnut.

He also has ties to the FBI, written in agent provocateur style, and attempted to infiltrate OWS and Anonymous.

In addition, Neal Rauhauser's resume includes disgusting perversion. He used to have a signature which glorified the act of sticking a gerbil up one's anus.

Neal Rauhauser has been a cyberstalker, a cybersmearer, and an all-around vile dirtbag. Here was one smear he made on me.
I do some protective service work, one client is the head of a Washington D.C. NGO that faced a credible death threat last month. Tonight I received information that the source of this threat traced one of the NGO's volunteers to her home address via Comcast IP, and the location is a relatively short drive away from a man who was arrested last month for criminal harassment almost five hundred miles from his home.

I have some genuine concerns for the physical safety of this Comcast customer, and I'd like to talk to someone immediately. We've got an annoyed FBI agent who will confirm the back story on this Monday, but the subjects know they're under some sort of investigation and I'm afraid of what might happen if further info leaks over the weekend.

This is a junk box for me - nrauhauser at gmail is the address I check regularly.
If he ever comes near me, I will crush in his skull in self-defense. After all he's put me through, no jury would convict me. He best keep his distance. Hey Neal, you know what you need to do to yourself to make this world a better place. You need to move into a cave. You are one of the most disgusting human beings to ever be born. You are pure scum. FU Neal Rauhauser.

a screenshot that never goes stale

Let's cut to the chase. Conspiracy theory has become a dirty phrase. Which is ridiculous. Conspiracies are real. Theories are real. Two real words combined do not necessarily add up to bunk. Some conspiracy theories are not ridiculous.

That being said, Neal Rauhauser's conspiracy theories surrounding Weinergate and Team Breitbart have been ridiculous. They have been so to such an extent, that one needn't debunk them. They debunk themselves.

In part one and a following entry, we have seen that Dustin Farahnak was posting as The Scyphers Murder at Daily Kos. Mandy Nagy confirmed that. Dustin had been my best supporter. He has pointed to my schtick as being well-played not only at Patterico's but here, at Twitter, and even on blogs few of us even knew existed.

Even if one doesn't believe my word or hearsay of Nagy's confirmation they were one and the same, that both usernames spoke of an Ericsson electronic device speaks volumes. Sure coincidences can happen. Keep in mind this is blog court. The bar for proving things is much lower than in real life courts. Perhaps if I was a public prosecutor, I wouldn't make such statements or couch it more as a possibility. I am quite satisfied that Dustin has been proven in blog court to have written as The Scyphers Murder.

The implications of that are astounding. In part one it was clearly spelled out how Dustin kissed Neal's ass, while both were setting Ron Brynaert up as a patsy for SWATgate.

In part two we will take a closer look at the ridiculousness which was Rauhauser's Weinergate schtick. It is not a stretch to argue Neal was a concern troll working on behalf of Team Breitbart. Neal did not look good in any way. Breitbart and Patterico, on the other hand, looked like they were being unfairly smeared. Weiner outed his wiener. No one else did. When he admitted there had been no hack of his Twitter account, that should have been the end of it.

One common law states that he who smelt it dealt it. That's what I think has been going on with all the convolution surrounding Weinergate into SWATgate. Folks should definitely make up their own minds. Personally I am trying to wrap up this story. To do so, I feel it's necessary to take a closer look at Weinergate. Then it becomes much easier to understand how it evolved into the Kimberlin as Satan meme, one which has led to seemingly massive intakes of donations off of gullible right wingers.

What goes up must come down. Kimberlin said in court that my blogging led to a massive decrease in funding to his Velvet Revolution. Since recently realising SWATgate has been a massive hoax, one I now believe has been an inside job, I have simply been trying to do my part in setting the record straight. I want the donations rolling into Team Breitbart due to SWATgate to dry up.

Weinergate Solved

not internet predator Neal Rauhauser

The following is what I believe happened. You can take it or leave it.

Anthony Weiner was acting all Mr. Sexy and a bag of chips on Twitter. He did so to such an extent, that it became easy for Neal Rauhauser to devise a hoax based on those lecherous activities.

On July 23, 2011, an apparent Dustin sock puppet named plkimin somewhat explained what had happened.
elaborate sting operation? (0+ / 0-)

To sting whom?

You create fake teens to trick the congressman you despise into engaging in bad behavior?

And then what? Who publishes this without ever seeing the real teens? NYT won't do that, as they've proven.

So who was the sting targeting? It was targeting whatever media operation would be stupid enough to publish the story that Weiner was engaging in objectionable behavior with teen girls online, when the teens didn't really exist. To quote you, "Fortunately, AW did not fall for that."

But think through the sting. If AW had taken the jailbait and sent the photos or engaged in dirty talk with the "teen" fans, what happens next? How do you sting the congressman for having fake sex with fake teens?

Well, let's think: Who habitually publishes irresponsible sting operations targeting left wing centers of power (ACORN, NPR, etc.) We all know who.

The target of the sting was The Bigs. Breitbart & Loesch. They're the ones who are irresponsible enough ("scum of the earth" as someone else called them here) to go with such a scandalous and fake story. And before the story blew up with the inadvertent photo tweet that Weiner made to Cordova, the story was being peddled to ...guess who? The Bigs.

Mission: Bring down The Bigs & Inoculate Weiner from his own behavior by making his detractors look like idiots.

(Remember, no one expected Weiner to slip up with that photo tweet.) Only after that accident did the fake teens peddle the story to the very liberal Tommy Christopher at And only then it was to prove that the interaction with the teen was completely innocent and fully sanctioned by, and under the watchful eyes of, her doting parents, who were big fans of Rep. Weiner. Post-accident Revised Mission: Show Weiner to be upstanding in his interactions with teen fans online. Family rallies to Weiner's defense. Attempt to show that Breitbart was working behind the scenes to try to wrongly sting Weiner.

But if Weiner had never sent that photo to Cordova, and if this is an elaborate scam operation, where was the story to go next? Was the evidence going to make it through NYT scrutiny? Through Brian Ross at ABC News? No. It was going to blow up on the pages of, maybe mentioned on Fox News...and then NYT or Brian Ross would expose it as a fake scam. Making fools out of Breitbart, Loesch, Fox News or whoever was stupid enough to publish it.
Neal Rauhauser responded, "I think you're really reaching with this interpretation. The simplest explanations are best - someone wanted Weiner, and this was the path they chose to get him."

I believe Neal was behind both the stalking of Weiner's online activity and the teen hoax. I believe he was one of three people who were probably Dan Wolfe. The other two showing up on my socratisation radar are irrelevant Team Breitbart bloggers Joe Brooks and Jamin "Batman" Bates. While I agree with plkimin that the Weiner wiener tweet was unexpected, I don't believe that altered the general flow of the hoax. In fact it made it easier for Rauhauser and Dustin to push forward in promoting Breitbart.

I am arguing there was never any sting of Andrew Breitbart. I am basically saying that Rauhauser and his Breitbart co-workers concocted a fake sting centered around Anthony Weiner being a slut. It was in the works well before the wiener pic emerged. The hoax was always meant to evolve into going after BK. The Aaron Walker shite was improvised after my victory on November 14th.

I believe Neal manipulated BK to go after Aaron. I do not believe BK has in any way been involved with SWATgate. Neal was a double agent troll working for Team Breitbart. It's the only way this story adds up. Imho, Frey and Walker knew beforehand they were going to be SWATted. I'm not sure about Mike Stack. I tend to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Erickson had no idea he was going to be SWATted. I think Walker or Frey told him to warn his police of the possibility. Ron Brynaert was clearly set up to be the patsy. He used to work for Raw Story. He was a guest blogger at BradBlog. He had covered Weinergate. He even had a hot temper Team Breitbart was able to manipulate to astroturf the idea that Ron the college boy had violent tendencies. I am acually now positive in my own mind that Rauhauser has been working with Team Breitbart.

On May 28th, 2011, Breitbart ran the Weiner story. On May 29th, Weiner lied and said his Twitter account had been hacked. The next day at 10:36 a.m. Neal Rauhauser was ready to go with his first hoax piece published at Daily Kos.

A person with the pseudonym of Dan Wolfe had discovered and saved the tweet in question before Weiner deleted it. There were a bunch of people who had been following the congressman's Twitter activity. That's not technically criminal stalking. That word is definitely overused. Larisa Alexandrovna of Raw Story accused myself early and often for cyberstalking Brett Kimberlin. Nope, I've never done that to anyone. Though it's been done to me. In that way, I too have been a patsy.

Mike Stack unfortunately was not as careful with protecting his real name as Dan Wolfe was. Stack quickly became the target of one of the most vindictive, sadistic cybersmearing campaigns in internet history. For that reason, it's difficult to believe Stack was involved in implementation of the hoax.

Since it would soon emerge that Anthony Weiner indeed had tweeted the sexually explicit picture, the story should have ended there. But it didn't.

So in the early hours the day after Weiner had declared his Twitter account had been hacked, Rauhauser published CNN Spreads Latest Breitbart Smear. Near the very top he linked to Kimberlin's Indict Breitbart dot Org.
I better put Indict Breitbart here in the lede so it doesn't get missed.
In that top section Neal established the essence of the hoax whose main characters included Mike Stack, Patrick Frey, Mandy Nagy, Andrew Breitbart, myself, and eventually Aaron Walker many months later.
Congressman Anthony Weiner has recently been the target of an intrusion on his Twitter and Facebook accounts.

The parties involved appear to have spent about six weeks stalking the Congressman online, studying his followers, and when they got in they had a smear ready to go.

Unfortunately (for him) Breitbart was either involved in the planning, or he was the first and only media source to treat the ridiculous stunt as credible, and it blew up in his face.
That was improvisation on Neal's part, because I don't believe he expected a real scandal to fall in his lap which would aid Andrew Breitbart even further. He added:
Kossack stef notices Dan Wolfe's Twitter Stroke of Luck. Mmmm ... conspiracy.
Imho, he should have added a projection alert.

Even before Weinergate commenced, one can see that on May 25th Rauhauser had already been lurking in the background establishing this strawman sting hoax to entrap Breitbart. Notice again his inclusion of Kimberlin's Indict Breitbart dot Org and how it was before Weinergate emerged.
It seems that America has had its fill of incivility and sleaze. After years of running roughshod over decent people and organizations, deceptive video editor James O’Keefe is now receiving some additional supervision from the courts during his probation.

Breitbart has been trying to stir up additional foot soldiers to do this sort of thing, and they thought they had something in Phillip Christofanelli. But there are complications....

There have been a lot of copycat ‘stings’, but they’re not working all that well. Mainstream news outlets don’t want to get any of it on them, and when a college student abuses a college professor with a deceptively edited video … well ….

So hope and change are breaking out all over – the American people are offended, they’re offended at how Patrick McHenry behaved towards Elizabeth Warren, they’re sick to death of Fox News lies, there is a concerted effort to Indict Breitbart, his little edited video game is all but over...
Mike Stack was swatted on June 23, 2011. Patrick Frey was swatted on July 1st.

I used to wonder why the SWATs happened. They seemed like overkill, if they were meant to quiet Stack and Frey. The general consensus was that they had originated from the left. Ron has said he believed that was the case. Maybe he has changed his mind. I certainly have.

There has been so much convolution, that it basically became a "who can you trust" situation for ostracised bloggers such as myself and Ron. We ended up not knowing who to trust nor what materials we came across were valid.

The BK as Satan hoax started in October of 2010 when Team Breitbart picked up the story I had been covering since July 2008. Perhaps I should post some Patrick Frey emails from that time when he was kissing my ass. Though that's probably unnecessary. He did give me major kudos on his teaser post for the upcoming Nagy piece.

Not much in Mandy Nagy's 2010 piece was original. The only thing she had that I didn't were the specifics on financials. While I had pushed for an investigation into possible VR fraud, I had no clue they were being supported by groups with ties to George Soros and Streisand. I knew of Lori Grace and Harriet Crosby, but that was it.

Until one finds him or herself in the heart of internet convolution, one cannot imagine what that experience constitutes. Even when small potato bloggers such as myself find "aha" evidence, we have no substantial platform to get that info out. The frustration can weigh substantially.

Team Breitbart preyed on my human nature. I never imagined this was all about Nagy stealing my scoop. Frey was giving me so many compliments for my blogging in private.

To sum up my theory:

*** October 2010 Team Breitbart through Mandy Nagy stole my scoop.

*** April-May 2011 Neal Rauhauser tracks Anthony Weiner's internet activity and devises a hoax on behalf of Team Breitbart centered around that and Brett Kimberlin.

*** June to early July 2011 Neal and Team Breitbart devise and implement SWATgate hoax with Ron Brynaert and Brett Kimberlin as patsies.

*** November 2011 After my successful court appearance, Rauhauser talks BK into including Aaron Walker in his lame attempt to have me jailed for contempt of court.

*** January 2012 Aaron deliberately confronts BK after the hearing (I-pad keepaway) knowing it's his only chance to stay in the picture.

*** April 2012 Aaron obtains videotape proving BK claims of physical violence were false. This was the beginning of Aaron's "change in battle space."

*** May 2012 Aaron publishes his epic "I was framed for a crime by BK" or something entry. Marketing whore Lee Stranahan pushes for an Everbody Blog on Brett Kimberlin day. Patrick Frey cybersmears Rauhauser, Kimberlin, and especially Brynaert. CNN's Erick Erickson is SWATted to ensure story hits the mainstream. Aaron Walker is arrested for blogging, something he conveyed to me over the phone he was very happy about. The money starts pouring in.

*** Late June 2012 As things start to settle down, Aaron Walker is SWATTed.

The last SWATting was basically a last ditch attempt to revive a rapidly dying story. It had become impossible to suppress any longer the following:

*** Ron Brynaert didn't commit the SWATs. He never worked for Brett Kimberlin.

*** Ali Akbar is a shady ex-convict.

*** Brandon Darby is a shady former(?) FBI sewer rat.

*** Stacy McCain has a racist background and came up with nothing original in his reporting for this story. He didn't help matters by publishing and linking with no disclaimer to commentary saying Kimberlin had ordered the four SWATs.

*** Lee Stranahan is a marketing whore.

*** Patrick Frey as a public prosecutor tried an innocent man for criminal activity through the internet.

*** Mandy Nagy is a hack.

*** Dustin Farahnak and Aaron Walker have been publishing a hate website in Everybody Draw Mohammed. Walker scrubbed multiple posts on said blog claiming to be Aaron Worthing from Mannasas, Virginia. He egged on "Islamofascists" to come and get him. He asked his "dear readers" to supply drawings of Mohammed say while taking a dump. He asked them to supply their real names and hometowns, since he did so as "Aaron Worthing from Manassas."

Patrick "Swatterico" Frey

Patterico is a deputy district attorney from Los Angeles. One can peruse his archives and see he blogged as much as anyone on Weinergate. The remarkable thing about that is Weinergate technically could have been written up in a page or two. But noooo. That sucker was dragged out for all it was worth. It was primarily Lee Stranahan and Patrick Frey running around like chickens with their heads chopped off blogging on Weinergate.

I've decided to mail in the rest of this entry. I'm having too much fun getting a second wind with cinema. I'd like to get into other topics if I'm gonna write. Rigor mortis hasn't only set in on Andrew Breitbart. Those carrying on his legacy stink. They know it. Their hoaxing has been exposed. It's time to let creeps such as Mandy, Dustin, Fatterico, Aaron, Lee, Darby, and Dana Douche finish out the last seconds of their fifteen minutes of fame. There's definitely gotta be something better to socratise than these assholes.

As a nobody blogger I am ready to move on. They too will find out soon enough that they are worse than nobodies. They are nobodies with no integrity.

I've been getting trolled on a bit. I've had to delete comments from a few, anonymous coward sadists. They want me to feel I am perceived as delusional. I know I'm not. And that's all that matters. There are also a few others who respect what I've done. They can see I fess up when I make mistakes. They know I get more right than wrong and that deep down I'm honest and sincere.

This theory is sound, almost airtight. Rauhauser has been in cahoots with Team Breitbart the whole time. Folks can say I haven't proven anything. Fine. I admit it. But I do believe that after looking at the totality of all we do know, this makes the most sense. I do believe Frey and Walker are con artists who were in on their own SWATtings. I do believe Ron was set up as a patsy.

I see no other theory that makes sense. Rauhauser's ramblings clearly made no sense. Why would he go to that much trouble to appear like a jackass for Breitbart's benefit, if he wasn't working for him? We're supposed to believe he threw my name into the Weinergate hoax mix for shit and giggles?

$10 Million dollars can pay for a lot of hoaxing. What are folks supposed to believe when it is conspiracy fact donors gave Breitbart that money? Are we supposed to believe Mandy Nagy, Lee Stranahan, and every other idiot who writes for Breitbart does it for free?

We're supposed to believe Dustin Farahnak sincerely felt Rauhauser had been duped by Brett Kimberlin?

Weinergate convoluted into being about Brett Kimberlin was a hoax, period.

Maybe if the folks at Team Breitbart had some actual talent, they could survive the looming schadenfreude. But they don't, and dickhead Andrew Breitbart is dead. Yes, enough time has passed where one can describe him as the scheming jerk he was. As Lori Grace wised up to BK, chumps giving money to Team Breitbart will also wise up, if they haven't already.

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