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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

As the Convolution Turns

I use Yahoo as my home page. In the top right corner they list what is trending on their search engine.

Charles Schulz's Lucy Not McGillicuddy had this schtick where she'd say, "Go ahead, Charlie Brown. Kick the football. I won't pull it away at the last moment like the previous 1,274 times with you ending up on your arse."

A similar thing is occurring with those darn Yahoo trending links. You expect a there to be there but there isn't. Nonetheless like Charlie Brown, you still fall for it every time, especially when the keyword is Chuck Norris.

Lisa Whelchel is going to be on Survivor. Wtf? Is that truly a current big cheese trending topic for Yahoo, or is CBS paying them a bit of cash for the second slot?

The top one goes to Kelly Rippa. Like a chump, I clicked on it. Who's going to be her next co-host is at stake. Who cares?

At #3 is Rosie O'Donnell. As a leftier than thou, I have always enjoyed her schtick. I am not a big fan of her acting or comedy. However, I think she's decent as a talk show host. She is definitely an A1 prime sweetie for being a human being.

She recently had a heart attack. God bless her. It appears she is recovering well. Rosie's already written up a blog entry on it. She popped in a few Bayer Aspirins after experiencing chest pains. She was very funny saying a tv ad literally saved her life.

I know what you're thinking. What's up with Chuck Norris? I don't know, and I don't care. I'm also upset at Yahoo for dropping Phyllis Diller so quickly from the top ten. A few days ago she unexpectedly passed away at the age of 94. I believe an autopsy should be conducted.

I will say this. She was the Bob Hope of comedy. Simply. Not. Funny. This is not speaking badly of the dead. I am speaking badly of her schtick. There's a big difference.

I guess it's time to move on to today's roundup of internet convolution news, so the title of this mailed-in blog entry will remain pertinent.

Basically the Breitbart cult is scrambling to maintain the facade of SWATgate being anything other than a convoluted hoax put together at the expense of myself, Mike Stack, and internet sensation Ron Brynaert. That's not sarcasm with the internet sensation descriptor. Ron puts the awe in awesome. I'm glad he and myself have patched up again. Though he still has a ways to go to reach the 117 times myself and donkeytale have fought leading to make-up blogging.

Anyhoo, the Breitbart cult's Neal Rauhauser has recently been going back to the convolution well. This has coincided with an apparent effort by BK to get his Wikipedia entry deleted.

I'm not going to discuss this too much. Here's the link to Neal's current rubbish. The thingie centers around myself. As it has to. Without my story, there probably would have never been any SWATgate. Weinergate might have also ended up looking quite different than it did.

But here's the deal. Eventually the Breitbart cult's run will end. The long running soap As the World Turns finally did in 2010 after 54 years. I doubt we'll have to wait that long. I mean for crying out loud their top pinhead is dead. And according to the prophet George Harrison, all things must pass.

Ron Brynaert has called out Robert Stacy McCain for plugging Neal's pastebin crap. I agree. It's idiotic. The hoax is dead in the water, so why keep mentioning it? The only reason it persists is because otherwise the Breitbart cult would be admitting through their silence that the whole thing has been a farce.

I started blogging on BK around June, 2008. The Breitbarts didn't show up until October, 2010. That was a gap of well over two years. McCain does deserve credit for pointing out that true timeline. However, he is very wong to continually plug SWATgate and the Breitbarts behind it. On fraud Aaron Walker's blog is a prominent call for donations. McCain is mentioned as being one of the recipients of such funding. Hmmm.

His Other McCain blog has censored donkeytale. The extremist has also made many disparaging remarks on Ron Brynaert while plugging Fatterico entries. He's a buddy of Ali Akbar. He has continually pimped the idea BK was behind the SWATtings, despite there being zero evidence that is true. McCain went too far. He has been anything but fair and balanced. He has shattered his own credibility. He has no one to blame but himself.

Oh wait a sec. I see McCain used to be the assistant national editor for The Washington Times. Haha! Has he ever had credibility?

I'm not going to repeat things already blogged on DFQ2 which explain what SWATgate was truly about. When a nail is fully in the wood, do we keep hammering?

The Breitbartian numbnuts are spinning me as a SWATgate truther. They want people to think I am a conspiratard suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. I've never claimed the SWATs didn't occur. What I'm saying is Ron Brynaert and BK had nothing to do with them. Neal did, imho. Neal has been on Team Breitbart the whole time, imho. These are opinions based on facts and common sense.

One last thought: Yet again internet predator Rauhauser has posted the idea I am on disability. It isn't true. I have explained that before on this blog and won't again. The dude's simply upset he's been exposed as a cybersmearing, cyberstalking con artist who's been working for Team Breitbart. He's upset it's become known to anyone looking into it that he is the personification of scum.

Darn, I'm going through Johnny Cash middle finger withdrawal. Yet since Ron took me to the woodshed for acting like a 12 year old for posting it too often, I must resist the urge. So instead we'll wrap up this session by going to a happy place with Chubs, Happy Gilmore, and the lovely and talented Maria Sharapova.

Neal and other numbnuts are encouraged to go this link.


donkeytale said...

Nice entry,

but why did you clutter it up with all the words?

And, sorry, I didn't mean to mislead you last week into thinking that I appeared on that boring thread, I just meant to illustrate that there was a boring META thread by linking to it.

This one's a bit better, and while it also contains no donkeytale, it does contain some TBOGG!!! Slumming with the unpaid proles, no less

donkeytale said...

And duly noted, yours may have been the comment that finally led to the demise of the PFF zeitgeist.

Or maybe it was Vox finally going off on somebody that signalled the end of herstory

donkeytale said...

I probably also could have done without the Happy Gilmore shot and to be honest, while I like George, he's not a blonde bombshell....his first wife was though....


donkeytale said...

To spare some of your failing eyesight, the herstoric troll makes first appearance about comment 140.

Also, notice how I'm bumping your comment numbers in the process so you dont have to do it yourself.

donkeytale said...

Patti on George:


socrates said...

Haha, great stuff! I mean your posts. It'll take some time to break it all down.

I invented the let's link to some boring meta schtick. I did that to My Left Wing a long time ago.

Everyone loves Meta. Especially the ones who complain about it. So it's always riotous to see such people out themselves as hypocrites. Laurajohn did the same weeks ago front paging some meta mess by Miss Devore. After claiming she never front pages meta. Then using that as an excuse to bury my mailed in work.

socrates said...

I love when a fake leftier than thou blog such as FDL is confronted with implementing censorship.

They usually allow the complaints to remain. They want everyone to think they are the cool clique on the net. That they would never do anything fascist without a darn good reason.

Yeah, I noticed my last post at Pffugee brought that sucker to a complete halt. But then again, you're correct it could have been Vox Humana's.

It was akin to Edith finally telling Archie to stifle it. At the time the crowd whooped it up. They were like you go girl, finally. Enough is enough with that cracker.

But then afterwards it leaves a bad taste in one's mouth. Like the episode where Meathead and Archie were trapped in the bar basement and ended up becoming best buddies. WTF? Without the tension, it became just another dumb sitcom. You almost expected All in a Family to be moved to the Hallmark Channel scheduled after reruns of The Waltons. Get out of town!

socrates said...

Ugh, 240 comments. No way am I reading through that. Plus I hate that let's not vote and that'll make a difference schtick. For crying out loud only 40% or whatnot vote as it is, so how would that strategy make sense? The reason progressives haven't done better at the polls is not only because Karl Rove knocked off Michael Connel. Oh wait he didn't. But you know what I mean. The country is moving left in regards to numbers, if more people not less voted. The minorities becoming the majority schtick.

socrates said...

I scrolled down to where you said to go. TWadeBoggs is a dick. There's no justification for over the top censorship. It's a slippery slope.

I'm trying to watch every film on a top 500 movie list. Star Wars Part IV is #17. WTF? And somehow Happy Gilmore doesn't make it. #Sheesh

socrates said...

I'm now chowing on your Patti Boyd link.

Maybe you could blog on women can't live with them, can't live without them.

I'm thinking of writing something up on synthetic marijuana. On the surface it looks like the new reefer madness. However, there's simply not enough hard data, making it tough to socratise.

Over at Twitter, the joint continues to spiral downward in blogging fun. Though I caught Lee Stranahan in a marketing whore juxtaposition. It concerned the "Not Chet" Akin's kerfluffythingie. He's saying what about the rights of the unborn baby of a rape victim. But a year ago he was declaring himself pro-choice/pro-abortion. I've never seen anyone on the net be that transparent in being a sell-out.

socrates said...

Gotta say Patti Boyd doesn't come off too well in that article. She sounds like a shallow tart who far too often made love to the mirror, and hence missed out on true enlightenment. She obviously ditched George for Clapton over looks. #NotCool

donkeytale said...

Uhm, I don't know if I buy "the Clapton had better looks theory," or that you do either, keeping with the trend in this thread of mailing it in from top to bottom.

I mean, chicks think George is handsome. Clapton? Never heard one say that, even back in the day.

Maybe she went for Clapton the same reason dudes did then, because he was about 1,000% better on guitar (not that George was terrible, just rather much more limited in his repetoire---in fact, rumour has long held that MacCartney either showed George his part on every song note for note or recorded it uncredited himself when the Handsome Beatle couldn't play it, which was more frequent then often assumed).

Neither George nor Craptalk sing well enough to perform outside their own shower stall, but I'd give a slight advantage to Harrison for his vocal harmony and give Clapton the songwriting advantage, also by a blonde c*nt hair.

Overall: Clapton's guitar virtuosity shades George's consummate third Beatle-ness for rock stud grateness factor.

And yes, doubtful that Geo or Clap picked Pattie up for either her intellectual or emotive qualities.

My guess, it was her lips that got the, uhhhm, job done.

Or maybe she just can't write very well, and so comes of as all full of herslef and a bag chits.

[projection alert]

She could be one of the nicest chicks you'd ever meet.

BTW, something that I hear is never said about Sharapova.

Looking over the totality of this comment thread, is there a reset button somewhere?

Mailed in hardly describes it adequately.

Presorted junk

donkeytale said...

Ok, I socratised (IE, "googled" ) on this and here is what I came away with:

"Boyd states that after
Harrison's increasing religious
explorations and continuing infidelities irrevocably alienated her, she left him for Clapton in 1974. Beatles' assistant, Peter Brown, confirmed Boyd's account stating, "George [Harrison] was the worst runaround of the bunch [The Beatles]. He had lots of girlfriends - lots"."

As for the guitar, there are several songs where Paulie is credited as playing lead, most noticeably on George's own "Taxman" and also on one of the best all time Beatle songs, maybe the best:

(although George is playing lead on this live version)

Apropos of mailing it in, since George is on lead, this is one of my fave Lennon efforts:

socrates said...

I never promised you a synthetic weed garden.

She obviously has few writing skills. Perhaps I should have put in a projection alert for her making love to the mirror.

Yes, I crossed the line by speculating why she left Georgie Porgie for Clapton. I don't know what her schtick was. I'm guessing she was the musical equivalent of a cheerleader scooping the quarterback. Or the local chick latching onto a baseball dude lining himself up for a minor league contract.

I also overstepped my boundaries for saying who's the better looking dude. I can tell someone like Johnny Depp is better looking than Horshack. But that's about it. I always figured George had a bit of a Herman Munster cheese schtick going on. I dunno, lad.

I also haven't a clue about George's musical gifts. If I had to I'd say he was good. The only one who seemed to get hammered for mediocrity was Ringo.

No way did George have a bad voice or bad music ability. He had some very good tunes with both the Beatles and going solo.

He was actually under a reverse quota system. Which made sense considering how great John and Paul were. I also disagree with you in regards to his voice. The same could be said of Elvis Costello, Leonard Cohen, or Janis Joplin. Unique doesn't necessarily equate to bad.

I'm trying to make better posts and entries. It's not always that easy. Sometimes one feels obligated to come up with something, anything for their beloved audience. We are probably a form of blog crack to at least 12 people.

socrates said...

Her quote probably explains it. At first she was like, "Who are you, George Costanza," in regards to the godhead enlightenment schtick. Then when the acid wore off, she realised Clapton was more of a regular guy. And like you said, he was more of a main cheese in the music world than Harrison. So to Patti Duke Boyd, it was a duh decision.

socrates said...

I'm not so sure I buy George cheated on her. Did he ever admit to it? She could be lying out of her ass so as to not come across as a shallow wench. You say the girls found George handsome. Where'd you come up with that? Maybe you're right. Thanks for raising these important topics.

socrates said...

I admit the second half of this could have been cut. Mea Culpa.

BradBlog tweeted me today. Methinks I done got the better of the echange. That's despite my not having gone back in a while for fear of what I'll see. I must resocratise the Jan Schakowsky (hope that's the spelling) lesbian spy caper Bradley wrote up.

It looks like I will post those Brad Friedman exposes after all.

[/evil laugh]

donkeytale said...

Dude, always trust donkeytale musical content, not to mention herstorical zeitgeist. I know whereof I speak.

I was, uhhm there in 1964. 'Ed Sullivan, we love you'. I inhabit the same space as George in the singing in the shower compartment: on key, able to sing the mid range of a three part harmony, uninteresting lead vocal qualities, weak voice, single octave range. To compare him with Costello and Joplin shows your knowledge of muzik is uhhhm non-musical. You're on solider ground with Cohen, although Cohen is technically more of a songwriter and a vvocal stylist like Dylan. George was not really a stylist. More an unstylist. Joplin's issue was not her vocal quality but her excess and lack of taste. She needed to be reined in and toned down, but it was the 60's y'dig? Her voice was too big, filled up too much space but on her best songs she is as good as it gets.

Me and Bobby McGee is timeless, and my personal fave "Get it While You Can" is a perfect song match for her emotional qualities, written by Joplin too I believe.

Her final solo LP accomplished some of that when she worked with some better quality musicians and more interesting motifs than the crappy SF garage band sound of Big Brother and the fake big band sound of her second album, which has it moments but is oversung.

Costello, while not original, all his stuff feels ersatz and mailed in, has only one redeeming quality and its his voice, which is truly excellent, both technically and stylistically. There is no valid comparison between he and George. Like comparing a donkeytale masterpiece with a Devore entry. The talent gap is that large.

As for Pattie Boyd, she was a model, an emblem of the Swinging 60's London, like Julie Christie and Jean Shrimpton. A Twiggy with a nice ass. In those days they had faces. And she had one.

Who is Brad Fried Man?

socrates said...

Joplin was epic, man. If you couldn't handle it, then you must have ended up with a bad batch.

Real men want a woman with some meat on her bones.

You should wash your mouth out with soap for what you said about Gerge's voice.

Just cause you're some wannabe tough guy doesn't change the fact George's voice could make birds chirp. It's fairly clear you are a Satanist. Grow up.

Elvis Costello is unoriginal? Three letters. Wow!

I have to run out and pick up some coffee. Otherwise you would have taken a more severe beating in this mailed-in whining.

socrates said...

I think you should take your blogging to the next level and revise your criminal justice schtick. I also liked your comments on the Margaret Houlihan thread at FDL. She exposed Wendy Davis for the wannabe sweetie she truly is. You know, I can see a third party voting choice as a legitimate option, but fricken only do it in a state where you're not gonna help elect a fascist. Say like in Florida 2000, when we ended up with the American version of Mussolini. Just say no!

Romney might be a half decent bloke if you're drinking a martini next to him in a sushi bar while watching the Celtics on the big screen. But there are a lot of nasty people in the Republican party who he'll play good cop for. Obama is definitely a disappointment, but at least he's handing out food stamps. Food is good.

donkeytale said...

Thanks for filling in the Fairleft role in my life that I sorelyb don't miss.

I definitely need someone to take my comments out of proportion, squeeze out all the nuance, misread and mischaractise them so generously.

Dude, I love Janis. I love George. I'm a fanboi too.

I'm working out my fake rolling stone muzik kkkritikkk schtick, not writing a pin-up for 16 Magazine.

Both are ok, OK?


As for what level I should nrxt take my blogging,