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Thursday, August 30, 2012

The White Album


Manson's interpretation became better known than the White Album itself

I don't remember all that well how I felt about it

I do recall the shiny cover smelling like the pages of the high school yearbook!

and biting off a piece of it one night

I bit off part of Paulie's stubbly bearded head

Or maybe I was sucking my own cock

It's impossible to separate one memory from another

I was doin loads of free blotter buying rolls of crossroads ten fer a dollah

and smoking dirtweed all day and allah da nite

Plus stealing all me mummy's valium that I could get my hands on

She never knew why her monthly supply, one hundred and twenty blues!

kept going empty every fifteen-sixteen days

Finally the doctor wised her up after he took her out on a date and decided she can't be this much fun that high

Or could she?



My mom was hot and wanting it bad too

I was in full oedipal flower among other ripenesses fruitier than the tangelo trees blooming all round the yard

Dad would come cruising passed in his pickup same time every night

staring into the open front room windows music blaring teen heat rising

He was still our Dad making sure we was all OK

Me, my sister and our friends endless parties when mom went out with the neighbour's ex-husband

or the Mayor or the bartender from the bowling alley

About once a week dad come bouncing up the driveway and out onto the porch

If anyone noticed they'd rush to the front door slam it shut first and lock it quick

We stifling giggles while he pounded on the door getting more and more pissed by the second

"Damn it! Hey Pete! Open up the god damn door God damn it!"

"Mom's not here dad. And she told us not to let you in."

That last part wasn't true but it always set him spinning off

crazy cussing a blue tirade through his teeth like a red neck

Dizzy puffed up and blowing that profanely upbent horn to the highest heavens

He'd stop after while light a cigarette, scratch his nose a few times then get back in his truck

and bounce back down the driveway laying rubber in the street


Mom started hiding the valium bottle around the sweaty little two bed one bath crackerbox

but never so's I couldn't easily find her cute little box when I needed some

which was all the time from morning coffee to last call cerveza

She loved me too much that was the problem

When her and dad divorced we should've just hooked up

the two of us and moved away to Morocco or somewhere it wouldn't raise eyebrows

Plus all that excellent hashish for sale in the bizarre cheap



socrates said...

I think your mom would have been played by Patricia Neal. If the ages lined up, you could have been played by Dean Stockwell, Harry Dean Stanton, or James Dean.

socrates said...

Edward G. Robinson as Pops. And Jerry Mathers as you know who.

socrates said...

Sherman Hemsley is trending 3rd on yahoo.

socrates said...

Other than that we await night time summer breezes.

socrates said...

F***ing Twitter. It's like how the tv turned everything into a nice, tidy haiku box.

Is fcol for crying out loud? If not, it should be.

I'm an idiot. So I actually think Twitter has a profound influence on zeitgeist management. Thus I tweet nonsense all day as if it matters.

socrates said...

I hope you don't mind I added a few screen shots.

As for the porn angle, maybe Stranahan would love to post it, put it on T-shirts. Personally I'd rather not have such smut published on this family values run joint. Hmmph.

donkeytale said...

The Manson photo at the top, of course, works.

The one in the middle makes no sense.

Wrong look, wrong haircut, wrong era, wrong mood.

Wrong placement.

Never interrupt my schtick with pictures in the middle. Top OK, if it fits.

Please delete that one in the middle.

Thank you,

The Talent

donkeytale said...

Never mind.

I deleted it myslef.

socrates said...

You mentioned dirtweed. On another thread you mentioned Joe Dirtweed and how it's all about the consumer. I thought a picture of Joe Dirt with his girl was more than appropriate.... I just watched another freebie at youtube. An Iranian movie. I'd go nuts without foreign flicks. Subtitles are good, clean fun.

thegoodsareodd said...

Hmmm, I picture The Talent as an alive, but younger Dennis Hopper or maybe a younger Robert Duvall.

I'm jealous that donkeytale's mother gets Patricia Neal and mine got Ruth Gordon.

Socrates, on the other hand, will always have to be played by the Family Ties era Michael J. Fox because I don't think he's aged in 20 years.

I've never seen FCOL used before, but I know FFS (for fuck's sake) is a "real" word. Just doing my part to help smut up this family values run joint.

I'm off to check out the music snobs at Pffugee. Even though I have two names over there I can't comment because earlier today I was accused of sockpuppetry by DFQs priggish owner.


socrates said...

Ok let's see what's on the DFQ2 agenda for this morning.

*** There's a fine line between being The Talent or a dick.

*** We've never seen donkeytale, so for all we know he's Sal Mineo from The Deer Hunter.

Give me back my boots.

*** I'm more like the fiance in Meet the Parents and donkeytale is like DeNiro. There's a lot of playful even hurtful dialogue, but deep down there's a chance he accepts me for being a male nurse. Or in this case one of the softest, sweetest lefties to be had this side of the Mississippi.

*** Ruth Gordon was very cute in her days and became an adorable babushka. Patricia Neal, otoh, ended up with some health issues and a Selma Diamond voice. The grass isn't always greener.

When people think of me, yes, Fox comes to mind from when he was a sweetie doing all sorts of nifty leading man schtick. Others I have been compared to are Rudolph Valentino, Fredrick March, and John Garfield.

*** I admit that's not sock puppetry. You have two different usernames. You don't use them at the same time. If anything, you're guilty of being indecisive. Sock puppet is one of the most misunderstood words on the internet. I often get unfairly accused of using them. Nope. Not my style. Though I did in the olden days head back to those major dives with zombies. Zombies are not sock puppets. Those are two separate thingies.

Oh well, in one day it will be September. This Summer cannot go on forever. Time for some football and brew. And that too is a blog entry.

socrates said...

Thegoodsareodd is whooping it up cause that wasn't Sal Mineo in The Deer Hunter.

I could've sworn it was the same bloke. I don't even know the character's name. Maybe it was this dude named John Cazale

Hmmm, I notice the url of this entry says beat the meatles part 3. Uhm, it doesn't work that way. It needs to go in order, like Brad Blog part 1, Brad Blog part 2, etc. for titles. Hmmph.

donkeytale said...

There are different sorts of orders, dude. You just need to open your closed, priggish mind.

I recognise that is actually happening, albeit slower than the decline and fall of the Roman Empire.

So who is the goods are odd?

1. Matty Jack
2. Eric S
3. commmmmentman
4. Sherman Hemsley

BTW, you're casting for the movie version of this masterpiece is as wrong as your art direction.

Just sayin.

The only one with a prayer for landing a role is Hemsley and it would be a minour role, like the Mayor or the Doctor.

But he would have to audition.

Actually, you've reminded me that there is no way in hell I would ever allow film rights to any of my work sold to anything resembling Hollywood.

Foreign films, perhaps, although I prefer Korean or Chinese to Iranian.

Euro is out, as a subset of H-wood. Maybe fassbinder. Or Cassvettes, since it would take a dead director to work with dead actors.

I mite let Stet take a crack if he paid me a 6 figure advance....

donkeytale said...

FWIW, My mom didn't fit the mould of the actresses you mention.

She was sort of a cross between Hepburn (Audrey) for looks and Ava Gardner for attitude and red lipstick.

Petite, fiery, exotic.

socrates said...

You forgot to mention TheLastNameLeft?

TheGoodsAreOdd knows her stuff for Asian movies. I like the old school stuff. Naruse. Ozu.

I hear you on Western Europe being a Hollywood subset.

The Iranian movies are fascinating. The ones I've seen anyway. Maybe if Noom watched some of them, he'd see the Iranians are not bad people. They never killed any of the hostages.

donkeytale said...

Noom's not saying the Iranians are bad people/ he backs the green movement.

The ayatollahs are the bad peeps

I'd like to think and hope that is Eric. He's a filmmaker, a cineaste and spent considerable time in Asia as a yute.

socrates said...

That's not Eric S. He quit the last time Laura ctbersmeared him. It seemed she even went so far as to create a fake facebook or youtube account.

That's a a friend of mine. She's a lady. Good luck trying to find out her age.

Rumour has it she posted as Thusnelda at Pffugee Camp.

socrates said...

Thusnelda created those fancy mash ups seen on various blog posts at DFQ2 and not THEBRADBLOG.COM.

socrates said...

Where the darn heck is TheLastNameLeft? I miss the kid. click link

socrates said...

Oh yeah you were talking about Sinatra somewhere. He had a fine fine voice but sold out. He had decent acting chops. Elvis took him to the woodshed for his version of My Way.

donkeytale said...

Elvis version emotes and builds while Sinatra's remains stately and reserved as befits the postwar generation gap.

Also saw Anka do it live, Hynes Auditorium, Back Bay! His version seemed to bridge the two others, more stately than Elvis more rock n roll than Sinatra.

Another worthy version,perhaps more in keeping with the topicality of this thread, here:

donkeytale said...

Or maybe you prefer the Hollywooody version:

donkeytale said...

Oh, what the hell:

donkeytale said...

Sinatra was all that and a bag of chips. Your comments are becoming increasingly weightlessly meaningless schlock.

"Sold out?" Whatever, Alex Keaton.

For my money this is the best Sinatra album never made and in my personal top ten:

socrates said...

Says the "wise" man who drools over images of his naked mom. Pervert.

socrates said...

It makes sense a DINOcrat such as donkeytale would be kissing right wing mafia ass. Bravissimo. See you at the Kazan Festival put on in loving memory of Walt Disney, Ronald Reagan, and Herbert Hoover.

donkeytale said...

Whatever, Alex.

Here, I'm shaking the bacon bits over at My fascist defense league:

donkeytale September 1st, 2012 at 7:35 am 10

Very excellent viewpoint, metamars, and let me add some more gasoline onto the upcoming (yet again!) white progressive electoral flameout:

racism is also the fundamental flaw in white, middle-class progressivism of the Green Party, or “third party” if you will, since this non-movement is all about symbolic default rhetorical positioning for future blog posts rather than practical (or even ideal) politics. Further, the assumptions used to gain this nihilist pose are steeped in as many false premises as any in the tea part platform.

When I read diary after diary by people like Barefoot Accountant begging for someone, anyone to take the lead for her, its like, ok, you’ve already been led down the drain by giving up your own right of self-assertion, a right the tea parties, for whatever their myriad faults, have demonstrated vociferously since Obama’s election. They have asserted themselves first in the streets, gaining power, self promotion and self identification and then crucially organising at precinct level to gain significance within the GOP.

And WMC progressives are talking about about obamabots being trapped in veal pens?

Look first at the log in thine own eye, loosers.

The WMCP disconnect is ironic to say the least.

How are White Middle Class Progressives racist? Because you’ve disassociated yourselves from the black and hispanic underclasses (the white underclass has long since disassociated itself from you) exactly on those issues over which the two parties (yes, Virginia, there are two parties, “uniparty” = empty rhetorical fallacy) are battling:


education funding/student loans

tax increases on the rich


For instance, one would never know from reading WMCP rants against Obamacare that the Dems passed a HUGE increase in Medicaid expansion, and while SCOTUS weakened that part of the law, which I’m guessing most WMCP wanted tossed in total too, a handful of states have already implemented it for which 500,000+ poor people (remember them?) have already benefitted.

Shame on white middle class regressive progressives for turning their backs on the very poor in our society in exchange for nothing but empty, broken rhetorical idealism.
Just so you can maintain your blogging poses post-election.


donkeytale September 1st, 2012 at 7:49 am 11

Another rhetorical fallacy: the Green party/third party is leftist.
The Green Party is middle class consumerist environmentalist. Where electorally empowered anywhere (Germany and Britain), the Greens practical policy (because of the need to lead and compromise) turns out to be the practical equivalence of the Democrats! RIOTOUSS!"

socrates said...

Thanks for the link. I was jonesing for some donkeytale. Brooooo duuuuude. I was wong.

socrates said...

Sweet, that's not an epic diary and only has 14 comments. I can cope with that.

socrates said...

I'm now logged into FDL and meticulously socratising the approach route proper. click link

Khaleb Abe said...

That's insane, before I saw this post I had no idea that this psycho was also singing. I was surprised when I found that he has so many songs. That is so interesting, I mean you never expect such people to express any emotions but it turns out that in reality it's completely different.

socrates said...

Yesterday, I learned that Louis Farrakhan was/is also a musician. Not that I am comparing the two. But your point is made. It's easier to pigeon hole someone than to actually research into him or her.