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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dept. of Defense Dumbass Outs Himself

I was on Twitter reading Crying Wolfe's feed and saw this:

DoD Counterintelligence Official Exposes Self on Internet -
Blogger Bob McCarty put up a screenshot filled with redactions from a private investigative website whose owner is the above flag waver. It took me five seconds on Yahoo cache to solve his name, that of his company, and his DoD status. I don't know what this signifies, but it's allowing me to bump donkeytale further down the DFQ2 front page.

Someone should inform Michael V. Porco he also needs to scrub his Linked In page. That too is telling the world he is "Deputy Director, Counterintelligence Functional Services at Under Secretary of Defense (Intelligence)."

I'm not sure if he is breaking any laws. Again, the main reason I wrote up this mailed-in entry was to bump donkeytale from the top slot. Though imho it appears dodgy that a P.I. company has easy access to tough to procure info.

This could be a job for intrepid reporter Ron Brynaert.

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