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Friday, September 28, 2012

Brad Friedman of BradBlog Part 5


It's unfortunate so many blog entries were deleted. Based on Judge Rupp's January decision, I could probably get away with reposting all 21. But since I've already rewritten most of it with my destiny cemented in regards to the Friedman-Kimberlin story, it seems pointless. This will be the last of the rewrites.

My biggest regret is having leaned on Mandy Nagy and Patrick Frey for support. They used me. They made it seem they were in my corner. They told lies such as Andrew Breitbart didn't have any money to help me. I wasn't asking for much. I needed next to nothing to get the frivolous lawsuit dismissed. The problem was I had absolutely nothing. It could have gone better. The writ of summons was illegal as proven on this blog, but I digress.

In short, Brad Friedman of Bradblog is a piece of s***. Not everyone is a good person. That dude knowingly outed me to a cyberstalker. I've posted the proof. Friedman is the one who originally outed my real name and an email address. Too bad the Johnny Cash middle finger has been retired.

Last Rewrite of Lost Entries (Then I'm done. Then I'm done):

Brad Friedman should be investigated. Anyone who does so will see why no one with media gravitas takes anything coming out of his website seriously.

Maybe Mr. Freedom of Speech can explain why he has put a robots.txt block on the wayback machine for BRADBLOG.COM? Is it because e.g. embarrassing questions were posed to him concerning one of his earliest hoaxes, the Clint Curtis one?

Brad doesn't want the public to realise he was a no-name until convicted bomber and drug smuggler Brett Kimberlin started supplying him with so-called whistleblowers. Brad claimed in a Time Magazine interview that he had heard of Brett's reward offer for info leading to an election fraud conviction, and then the two of them started Velvet Revolution. Uhm, that would have been about two days later according to whois information on

At the end of Brad's stories on Sibel Edmonds, he would beg the public for donations. Does that sound familiar, Lee Stranahan and Aaron Walker? Perhaps Brad can supply info on how much VR has raked in from gullible new agers concerned with electoral integrity. I scooped the name of one wealthy donor Lori Grace, the heiress to the Oliver Grace Estate. Perhaps Brett's wealthy Aunt Harriet Crosby has also relinquished a small fortune to VR?

Now I understand how my extensive expose on Brett Kimberlin was completely deleted from Democratic Underground. Brad had inside power at that forum. That's conspiracy fact. One can look into DU's 2004 archives and see that Brad was showcased as one of their bloggers. Excuse me? Why was some failed actor with no journalism skills being front-paged like that?

One of the last things Brad suggested to me was to dig up dirt on himself. I had come across startling info tying the Director of the Election Science Institute to an astroturfing chain. I found Steven Hertzberg busy promoting Republican Matt Damschroder along with Bev Harris. Then ironically Hertzberg ended up at a conspiracy website dissing folks including Bev and Brad for being "CIA Internet Fakes!" He also went on to do extensive political op work for Ron Paul. It was all very odd.

There's much more to the breakup with Brad, but that was the gist. Bradblog buried the story, even though it was accompanied with proof that Hertzberg's brother Robert was one of the first assemblymen to sponsor a bill for new electronic voting technology. That occurred right after the 2000 Presidential vote debacle in Florida. Steven Hertzberg is best known for having whitewashed the 2004 Ohio results while with ESI. His brother Robert once ran for Mayor of Los Angeles.

It didn't take too long to uncover Brad's achilles' heel was Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin. That name should sound familiar to folks. He's the one who claimed to have sold pot to Dan Quayle. It turned out even that was fabricated, just like Brett's claims that Michael Connell was fearful of his life due to Karl Rove. A common theme coming out of Brett Kimberlin Productions has been of the right winger turned whistleblower. Now an alleged whistleblower in Sibel Edmonds has become a new BradBlog associate.

Brad says he can't control what the posters at his blog write. He has one moderator Agent 99 who also blogs quite frequently at Big Dan's Big Blog. One can check them out and easily verify their part and parcel involvement in the dissemination of anti-semitic themes. Over the years they have relied on sources such as Willis Carto, Alex Jones, Michael Rivero and other dubious right woos left propagandists.

A lot of crazy stuff established its original mojo through Democratic Underground. Someone named Tinoire who runs Progressive Independent seems to have gotten her start at DU. She is an associate of Michael Rivero, one of the most widely known freeper conspiracy theorists on the net.

Tinoire would like folks to think she is simply a conduit for left wing communists and socialists. The funny thing about that is that to repeat, Tinoire has been a big supporter of Michael Rivero, an extreme right wing Joo hater. Not only that, Tinoire registered Republican to vote for Ron Paul. Not only that, she shared with a Ronald Reagan forum that she had worked in military intelligence. Not only that, Progressive Independent has been affiliated to Velvet Revolution!

Further socratisations revealed with proof that Mike Rivero had direct ties to McDonnell Douglas. During that time it had been the largest military contractor. Fancy that.

Here's another tidbit. Brad Friedman has a close friend named Larisa Alexandrovna who is an editor at Raw Story. A few years ago she blogged that acclaimed New Yorker journalist Mark Singer had wet himself with his work on Brett Kimberlin. She said Brett had been exonerated of the bombings and won a huge settlement. All lies. Brett Kimberlin has had a lot of gall to portray himself as an ex-political prisoner. We're talking about a dude vouched for by Alexandrovna who created Brad Friedman. If there had been no Brett Kimberlin, we'd all be asking wtf is a Brad Friedman. Crazy stuff indeed.

Brad Friedman IS NOT a journalist, far from it. He has been the face of a tabloid donation racket. He and others want folks to believe I am a supertroll with dozens of sock puppets. Brad's moderator Agent 99 has insinuated that. So has Larisa Alexandrovna. Intrepid reporters should contact Lori Grace and other VR donors. They should find out how much that group has raked in over the years through their various hoaxes.

While Bev Harris took a lot of heat as a "grifter," it appears that something far worse has been going on in regards to Velvet Revolution. There has not been one conviction as a result of anything VR has come up with.

It is highly doubtful Brad Friedman is unaware of the anti-semitism generated by his moderator Agent 99. So why has he allowed her to be the sole moderator of his den of sensationalism? I went through Brad's archives trying to figure out why and when she was granted that position. There's nothing. Agent 99 seems to have simply appeared and become part and parcel of BradBlog without much fanfare. Seriously, why is BradBlog moderated by someone with close ties to Jew haters?

So there was a BradBlog guest post by Rebecca Abrahams. She wrote on Michael Connell. Astroturfing refers to the creation of fake grassroot movement. Somehow the idea grew traction that VR was on the verge of cracking the 2004 "stolen" Ohio vote. Abrahams contributed to that hysteria.

I am not saying she is a fake. Yet I do think Abrahams crossed a line in quoting Heather Connell out of context. Here's one dubious excerpt from her BradBlog article.
Connell's wife Heather acknowledges he received threats in the months leading up to his death. But says she was unaware Connell was told not to fly.

"I have spent days and days and days trying to figure it all out. I don't think he would lie to me. Number one, I don't think he took the threats seriously. I never heard 'Don't fly.' ..."
The point is that the threat was real in the same way so is Santa Claus. Abrahams went overboard with this somehow thinking Heather's acknowledgement signified there had been an actual threat made on her husband. No, it only signified Heather Connell had become aware of the convolution generated by VR concerning Michael.

Abrahams' was a similar maneuver to that of Breitbart cult hack Mandy Nagy (via Aaron Walker) informing myself and Mike Stack we are were under risk of Team Kimberlin hitting us with a RICO suit. It was all a hoax andor social engineering.

Over the years Velvet Revolution raked in substantial donations from good-hearted but naive new age philanthropists. Their big schtick was a self-proclaimed ability to find "whistleblowers" blowing the lid off of election fraud. Act I started in late 2004 with Clint Curtis. There was also something called Dieb-Throat. Friedman and his buddy were constantly coming up with that kind of stuff. The "Michael Connell threatened by Karl Rove" hoax emerged in 2008. That had been circumscribed into Cliff Arnebeck's bogus King Lincoln case taking place in the Ohio federal court.

BradBlog likes to consistently whine for donations. Brad says he gets no funding. But why won't he publically disclose how much Velvet Revolution has generated? Bev Harris used to take a lot of flak concerning how much money her Black Box Voting organisation had generated through donations. Why has Brad Friedman escaped such scrutiny?

I just looked through the BradBlog tags for Michael Connell. On July 24th, 2008, Brad penned an article titled, Rove Threatened GOP IT Guru If He Does Not 'Take the Fall' for Election Fraud in Ohio, Says Attorney.

The attorney in question is Cliff Arnebeck. Nowhere in the article is it disclosed that Arnebeck is an attorney for Velvet Revolution. Brad wrote,
In a phone call this afternoon, Arnebeck could not publicly reveal specific details of the information that triggered his concern about the threats to Connell. The message to the IT man from Rove is said to have been sent via a go-between in Ohio. That information led Arnebeck to contact Mukasey after he found the reports to be credible and troubling.

"If there's a credible threat, which I regard this to be," he told The BRAD BLOG, "I have a professional duty to report it."
Well, why hasn't Brad been more clear in disclosing the fact that Arnebeck is an attorney for his and the Speedway Bomber's Velvet Revolution? Where is there any disclosure anywhere from Brad about the specifics of how he and Brett formed VR along with explaining Kimberlin's disgusting past? Brett Kimberlin was never exhonerated. He was never a political prisoner. Why has it taken a nobody like me to bring up these issues? One can scroll down to the comments in that thread and see that I confronted Brad about Brett Kimberlin. I wrote, "Search engine for Brett Kimberlin. Why no story on him, Brad?"

I've made my share of mistakes in blogging. I admit it. I wrote that Brett was a drug dealer, when he was actually a drug smuggler. I questioned Brad not sticking up for Bev Harris at Democratic Underground, when in fact he did. Such minor mistakes shouldn't cloud the message I now set forth with full confidence. All roads concerning Karl Rove making threats to Connell and his wife lead to Brett Kimberlin Productions.

There isn't just an elephant in the BradBlog room. It's fricken packed with a herd of them.

Brad is quite proud of getting published by right wing publications. He fancies himself as neither a Democrat nor Republican. He fancies himself an intrepid journalist, though he has no journalism credentials. If it weren't for Brett Kimberlin supplied "right wing whistleblowers," no one would know who Brad is. Look it up. I am not lying.

The last year Sibel Edmonds has joined forces with Brad. She has come out with her own smear hoax saying that progressive Democrat Jan Schakowsky's morals have been compromised. The "story" is that she has been blackmailed for a lesbian tryst she had with a Turkish operative. I can see how people have been snookered into believing Karl Rove threatened Michael Connell. Karl Rove is nasty, case closed on that. You hear that Rove threatened Connell, and it's human nature to believe it. But now BradBlog smears Jan Schakowsky, one of the most progressive Democrats in Congress? Give me a break. That should be the ultimate red flag to progressives that BradBlog cannot be taken seriously. Jan Schakowsky had lesbian sex with a Turkish spy? Get out of town!

The Jooos! The Lesbians! Donate now to BRADBLOG.COM!!! Kerching!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Omg Zilla's in Trouble!

She's "really" very sick and needs your help $$$. Sound familiar?

NJ woman accused of cancer scam for wedding, cash

Zilla doesn't claim she has cancer. Her illness is Lyme's disease. I do not have a clue if that is true or not. If so, I wish her the best of luck with healing. Simply look at her. What a sweetie! Simply look at her attempting to lure money through Wikinut.

I thought conservatives were against begging for entitlement. Apparently not this one. Here are excerpts from some links.

This Ain't Gonna be Pretty
January 16, 2012

This is what it looks like when I start to break. It ain't gonna be pretty, but if I'm going down, I might as well share my meltdown here so you won't have to wonder where I went or what the happened, it will all be right here, and anyway, it's fun to watch other people crack, right? ...

My Dental Hell/sinus infection is not getting any better; after the first round of antibiotics failed, they put me on another, stronger med, and I am halfway through the course of the new prescription and still in pain and sick. This thing is really kicking the life outta me! If this post turns out to be a garbled bunch of nonsense, I shall blame it on the mass of horribleness that feels like it is pressing on my brain by now and the accompanying intermittent fevers which continue to plague me. ...

My daughter, The Little Girl Resister, is very sick today. ... So every 5-10 minutes or so since about seven this morning, I have been cleaning up big puddles of puke from the floor in pretty much every room. ...

And then once the throwing up is temporarily over, I carry her back to the couch or her bed, and then I proceed to get the disinfecting supplies out to sanitize, and every five minutes or so I give her a teeny bit of water or Pedialyte (which I was able to buy today thanks to a nice person who hit my Tip Jar - thanks!) and wait for the next round. It has been brutal for us both. ...

I was worried about my internet getting shut off next week, but figured if I sold some ads or something, I might be able to cover it, but that has become a moot point, because with no electric, that is gone too, and it is bundled with the phone service.
The whole January 2012 link goes like that. Cry me a river!
I will of course go begging to the power company tomorrow and see if I can talk them into a partial payment, but they tend to ask for more than we have available, and at the moment, there ain't much available at all.

It didn't used to be this way! We were once (lower) middle class, we were never rich but we paid our bills on time, were able to put aside a little for savings and even could do fun stuff as a family once in a while. That was before Obamanomics took its toll on the country and our family, as I have explained *previously*.

** The Resistance Benevolence Society - Update: We're screwed **
Traffic has been been growing and remains steady even on days when I don't blog, I am forever amazed at how many old posts from my archives still find new readers and often wonder where those new people are finding my stuff from. My point in mentioning that is, of course, so people know that if they have ads here, or want to put ads here, they will still be seen! If you or someone you know has a business or organization that could use some reasonably priced advertising, please let them know that I offer custom made ads - but they need to get in touch with me soon, as I may be gone for a little while if I can't chase the wolves away again this time.
One link takes you to Mare's Blog Ads

Don't y'all forget to check out the MareZilla Store!

Then there's the following. Oh Sweet Zilla, for crying out loud.

A Few Things I’d Rather Not Talk About…
Now some of my regular readers have inquired about my health, and if you haven’t noticed, I am not the person who has been doing most of the blogging here or at the new site; I don’t have good news. You may recall that I had explained about how the tick-sick had destroyed my immune system to the point that it was too damaged to react to allergens and other irritants which meant that for a while my asthma and allergies really didn’t bother me and also I was not catching colds even after being exposed to them via my family.

A few weeks ago my allergies started going nuts, but it was mostly manageable with prescription and OTC antihistamines and decongestants, but then my asthma decided to join the party, and every single night I have been waking up several times choking, gasping, and wheezing. For a little while, my inhaler would be enough to handle it well enough so that I could go back to sleep after a short time, but then my inhaler ran out and when I got a new one, it wasn’t the same because the damned government forced drug companies to remove the CFCs that propel life saving medicine into closed up lungs with something called HFA which not only does not push the medicine hard enough to get into narrowed bronchial tubes, but is also something that I apparently have a sensitivity to and it has made my condition gradually worse to the point where all day and all night I am choking and wheezing and last night was the worst night of all in that I honestly feared for my life when I could not draw a even a shallow breath to get some of the medicine inside of my lungs which were in full spasm.

Me socrates cutting in. Yikes with that run on sentence omg.

I do have an old nebulizer machine that my dad used to use when he was alive (he died in 2001) and I have some medicine for it that expired in 2004 which I used anyway because I prefer not to die, and it has worked – sort of, it just doesn’t last as long or do as effective a job as fresher medicine would (it’s albuterol, in case you were wondering). there is not much to do about that as I cannot afford to see a yet another doctor right now and even if I could, I can’t afford to buy fresh medicine.

There is so much going on in the world that I’d like to be writing about, and the worse I feel the less I want to talk about it (which is why I have put off writing about my health lately), but when you can’t breathe, little else matters – and I can’t freakin’ breathe. Luckily, there are wonderful writers keeping my sites going and hopefully at some point this suffocation will pass. In the mean time, please enjoy the posts that my friends have been writing, and if you don’t mind, say a prayer or two for me (and of course I wold not object to anyone hitting my tip jar if they were so inclined).

Mare Stevenson wants to link me to a troll who apparently claims she is faking her illness. I don't know whether it's true or not. It is fact she latches onto big poilitical scammer movements (see dying empire, Breitbart) then grovels for donations. Woe is me, Horatio.

Now she's started a new blog called Batshit Crazy News. She's being propped up as a leading conservative blogger and webmaster by the likes of Robert Stacy McCain and Ladd Ehlinger. Her attacks on me are a diversion.

aaaw, mentioned with FilmLadd and McCain in Paul Lemmen's book acknowledgements

McCain and her promote the Aaron Walker - Swatgate hoax. Ladd's buddies with Dan Backer, the big wig, super pac, Republican political operative/attorney backing Walker.

It's a good thing truth always wins out.


Monday, September 24, 2012

Breitbart blogger featured in "Occupy Unmasked" may be pulling PR stunt with liberal troll

Internet journalist Ron Brynaert was nice enough to give this exclusive to DFQ2. Please try to keep comments on topic.
Coming soon: More emails between former RAW STORY editor Ron Brynaert and Lee Stranahan directly related to SWATings, Neal Rauhauser, Liberty Chick, Patterico, Mike Stack, Brett Kimberlin and many of the characters in Weinergate, SWATgate and Scammerhangate.

See Brynaert's blog at and follow his twitter account at for more details regarding Weinergate, Twittergate, and SWATgate, three never-ending stories involving an absurd #WAR between liberals, conservatives and hackers related to #Anonymous 4chan and #OWS. The NSFW blog post referenced in the emails was written by Schmalfeldt and can be viewed here:

lee stranahan conservative firebrand award winning movie maker one time erotic artist or former pimp for his wife investigated by child protective services now being investigated for kiddy porn.

(Warning: If this story may seem confusing, it's because left and right bloggers are deliberately creating convolution for reasons we still can't completely figure out. Feel free to ask questions in the comments. Play nice, please. Thanks, Ron and Seth)

This article is also referenced: Stars of ‘Occupy Unmasked’ Threatened with ‘Legitimate Rape’ Ahead of RNC Premiere

For weeks, a left-leaning journalist named Bill Schmalfeldt, who deliberately got himself banned from Daily Kos multiple times this year, has been harassing Lee Stranahan, a reporter for Andrew Breitbart's empire. Or so it seems. He has been using the Twitter handles @LiberalGrouch and @BreitbartsBane to promote extremely vile blog posts attacking Lee Stranahan and his family, and it appears that this may have been to promote the anti-OWS movie "Occupy Unmasked", which was partly financed by Citizens United and has been marketed as Breitbart's last film.

Each has been claiming to call the police and file reports on the other. And it may just be a publicity stunt.

Ron Brynaert, the former executive editor for RAW STORY, has been menaced and smeared by liberal trolls working with Democratic operative Neal Rauhauser and assorted conservative bloggers connected to Breitbart and Tea Party SuperPAC lawyer Dan Backer, ever since he helped the New York Times break a story about Congressman Weiner:

NY Times: fake identities were used on twitter to get information on weiner

Brynaert sent the following emails to Schmalfeldt and Stranahan after the following tweets from @BreitbartsBane were sent to the wrong Twitter account on Sunday night. Referenced in the emails is an argument between Seth Allen (who blogs at DFQ2 and tweets as @Prepostericity) and @BrooksBayne who claims to be a Tea Party founder. Allen got Bayne - who has been accused of antisemitism by many conservatives and liberals - to make some outrageous statements on Twitter regarding the Holocaust, claiming that as few as 100,000 Jews were killed and that the Jews declared war on Germany first.

23h Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@BreitbartsBane See, @robryn, to be a "smear," it has to be "untrue." So, back on the meds and let's get lucid, say what? You can't be on both sides, kid.

23h Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@BreitbartsBane As you dismiss all @stranahan's critics as @NealRauhauser @Shoq and Holocaust denying trolls @robryn take a good look at whose ass you kiss.

23h Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@BreitbartsBane Pimped out his own wife, @robryn. Is that disgusting? Possible child pornographer. Disgusting? In spades. But if @stranahan is your type?

23h Bill Schmalfeldt ‏@BreitbartsBane This might explain why you are held in such low regard yourself, @robryn. Your attempt to cuddle up with @stranahan is duly noted.

23h Bill Schmalfeldt @BreitbartsBane If @Robryn and @stranahan want to hold hands, shivering in the night, hearing voices together, I'm down with that. But learn the truth.

From: Ron Brynaert
To: Lee Stranahan ; ""
Sent: Monday, September 24, 2012
Subject: Fw: learn how to spell my name

You have permission to publish this from me, if you want.


From: Ron Brynaert
Sunday, September 23, 2012
Subject: learn how to spell my name

Learn how to spell my name, vile troll. It's ronbryn on Twitter.

I'll send you an email tomorrow to respond to your smear article, provided you publish my emails in full. This one first.

It will be completely my opinion, with absolutely no direction from Lee Stranahan or anyone else. He has no clue I'm writing you, now, and he won't know until you gleefully tweet it.

Your timing is rather strange, since it seems like you want to distract me from tweeting about Patterico, and jam up my timeline with your filthy presence.

You are a vile, disgusting troll who makes me want to vomit.

I think that Lee Stranahan was justified in contacting the police about you. Even if you are on your death bed, it doesn't change the fact that you are scary and menacing. And anyone who feels menaced has a right to call the police. And the degree to which a person feels menaced is something that they only know. Just because he didn't let you disrupt his life and wreak havoc on his job to immediately rush back home doesn't mean he isn't feeling menaced or scared.

I'm not on anyone's side. I'm on the side of truth and journalism, as I've always been. I proudly go after both sides, and defend both sides when I think they are wronged, and I try to always show both sides, if it's possible and/or relevant. Hell, I even defended Neal Rauhauser when he was smeared by Momus aka Jay Batman, who I believe works with him to make him a Phantom Menace Darth Vader.

That said, there are many folks who play victim on the internet. The Breitbart article was completely wrong not to mention that the Occupy Unmasked email - which the most likely author Neal Rauhauser also sent to me - was referencing Akin's words, but I think using "rape" like that is out of line, anyway. Unless you're Louis C.K. or Sarah Silverman, rape jokes are generally frowned upon by normal people.

Do you agree that Brooks Bayne is wrong to call Jewish people "German" when they aren't German, just to piss them off? Do you agree that anyone who claims as few as 100,000 Jews were exterminated is too cowardly to deny the Holocaust so they are just playing the numbers game instead? Do you agree that Neal Rauhauser is wrong to constantly refer to his wife as a Jewish American Princess, which is a derogatory term? Why isn't the antisemitism by Brooks Bayne something that you care about?

To: Ron Brynaert;
Sent: Monday, September 24, 2012
Subject: Re: learn how to spell my name

Are you done vomiting yet?

If I send you a note that says… BOOM! This was a letter bomb… do you have a reasonable fear of being menaced? Or, are you merely mentally unbalanced?

I'm not focusing on Rauhauser. I'm not focusing on Bayne. I'm focusing on child pornography allegations against Stranahan and the recent revelation that he pimped out his own wife. Do you find it peculiar that you don't even waste a pixel on that concern.

Say what you will about me. Machts niches. I could care less about your "tweeting about Patterico." Again, despite what the voices are telling you, there's no conspiracy. There's just people trying to get to the truth.

If the facts are vile, they are vile. If the facts are disgusting, they are disgusting. But Stranahan sending YOU — a mentally suspect, unbalanced widget with anger issues — instead of answering for himself — says all that I need to know about him.

Now, go wipe your mouth and chin.

Boom. This was an e-mail bomb.

From: Ron Brynaert
Date: Monday, September 24, 2012
Subject: Re: learn how to spell my name

I told you I'd email you today to respond to your smear article.

Brooks Bayne's Holocaust denial is even more evil than your lies about Stranahan and his family.

Does this mean you're not going to publish my first email in full? And it must be in full and uninterrupted, you can smear me and mock after my words, not in between them, or you'll get no second email.

You have very thin skin, don't you, Mr. Brain Salad.

Lee Stranahan has no clue I contacted you, and you seriously have to be mentally unbalanced if you think I'd take directions from someone who has falsely smeared me and lied about me for 15 months. I just stand up for truth.

PS: If someone sends someone an email that says "BOOM! This was a letter bomb, it very well could be considered a crime in New York state: Aggravated harassment in the second degree.

~ ~ ~

§ 240.30 Aggravated harassment in the second degree.
A person is guilty of aggravated harassment in the second degree when, with intent to harass, annoy, threaten or alarm another person, he or she:

1. Either (a) communicates with a person, anonymously or otherwise, by telephone, by telegraph, or by mail, or by transmitting or delivering any other form of written communication, in a manner likely to cause annoyance or alarm; or (b) causes a communication to be initiated by mechanical or electronic means or otherwise with a person, anonymously or otherwise, by telephone, by telegraph, or by mail, or by transmitting or delivering any other form of written communication, in a manner likely to cause annoyance or alarm or

2. Makes a telephone call, whether or not a conversation ensues, with no purpose of legitimate communication; or

3. Strikes, shoves, kicks, or otherwise subjects another person to physical contact, or attempts or threatens to do the same because of a belief or perception regarding such person's race, color, national origin, ancestry, gender, religion, religious practice, age, disability or sexual orientation, regardless of whether the belief or perception is correct; or

4. Commits the crime of harassment in the first degree and has previously been convicted of the crime of harassment in the first degree as defined by section 240.25 of this article within the preceding ten years.

5. For the purposes of subdivision one of this section, "form of written communication" shall include, but not be limited to, a recording as defined in subdivision six of section 275.00 of this part.

Aggravated harassment in the second degree is a class A misdemeanor.

~ ~ ~

From: "Editor, the Liberal Grouch" To: Ron Brynaert
Sent: Monday, September 24, 2012
Subject: Re: learn how to spell my name

Like most editors, everywhere, I make no promises to publish ANYTHING in full. That's why they call us editors. Now, if you want to prove where I am wrong about Stranahan, send me a letter. I will consider your evidence.

But why in God's name should I make a promise to anyone who has such a mistaken and low opinion of me and my three decades of journalistic experience? If you can point to a single thing I've written that is not truth, and you can prove it's not truth, put the cards on the table, Ronnie.

In the meantime, you know what they say about opinions.

Again, for it to be a "smear article," it has to be untrue.

Your friend,



On Mon, Sep 24, 2012, Ron Brynaert wrote:


Please get back to me within the next two hours on whether or not you plan to publish these emails or I'm going to send them to someone else to publish.

I wonder if Patterico took shots at me last night, because you forwarded emails I sent to you.

None of this makes any rational sense. I've now spoken to Dallas and NY FBI offices about the SWATings, Barrett Brown, Patterico, Neal Rauhauser and Tom Ryan, but I can never actually speak to an agent.

Since, duh, we're dealing with hackers, fraudsters and VOIP experts, it's possible that they are intercepting calls, emails, and impersonating people.

And I'm extremely tired of your evasion of questions and the way your posse leaks shit to each other, plays games on the Internet, threatens lawfare....but no law enforcement agency officials ever seem to actually be involved in any investigations.

But I'm going to keep contacting law enforcement agencies until I find someone who will care...and I'm going to make my phone calls from random payphones from now on, just in case hackers are fucking with me.

From: Lee Stranahan
To: Ron Brynaert
Sent: Monday, September 24, 2012
Subject: Re: learn how to spell my name

I'm not dealing with Bill publicly. I've been advised not to.

I appreciate your support on the factual stuff -- I know it's not because you like me or anything, so it means a lot.

This has all been difficult for my family. They don't deserve it.

On Mon, Sep 24, 2012, Ron Brynaert wrote:

You completely ducked many parts of my email, yet again.

You are obviously playing games to draw publicity for your movie and your sketchy journalism.

From: Lee Stranahan
To: Ron Brynaert
Sent: Monday, September 24, 2012
Subject: Re: learn how to spell my name

No, I'm working on a video, Ron. And I have articles to write. I'm not trying to duck anything.

From: Ron Brynaert
To: Lee Stranahan
Sent: Monday, September 24, 2012
Subject: Re: learn how to spell my name

How can you seriously claim you are not trying to duck anything?

I'm not only going to publish these emails, I'm going to publish all of our emails from yesterday, as well.

All you ever do is duck questions and play games. You are obviously a fraudster playing games with Neal Rauhauser and Patterico. You even ignored questions about nutty ZAPEM.

From: Lee Stranahan
To: Ron Brynaert
Sent: Monday, September 24, 2012
Subject: Re: learn how to spell my name


I'm busy. I'm working on a video with a two year old running around.

Attached screenshot of video.

I'm not ducking anything. I'm trying to deal with a lot of stuff, including your emails.

From: Ron Brynaert
To: Lee Stranahan; Brandon Darby
Sent: Monday, September 24, 2012
Subject: Re: learn how to spell my name

You've been ducking the same questions for 15 months, Lee.

I don't care about your stupid work for Breitbart....duh...of course you're not voting for Obama.

Stop making the fucking video and make calls to get to the bottom of Weinergate threats and SWATgate, or answer my questions about your pals Patterico and Mandy Nagy, and her pals Zapem and Doug Matthew Stewart. And Mike Stack.

Anyway, I already forwarded the last exchange and that's getting published...and all of our convos from yesterday will be published the day after.

Call Boston now and get the god damned police report regarding Jennifer George. Put in writing what Jennifer Preston told you. Answer one question related to Patterico and Nagy and D Matthew Stewart.

All you ever do is duck questions, and give horseshit answers...because you're obviously part of these hoaxes.

Did you or did you not forward any of my emails to Patterico or Nagy last night. That's one question you can definitively answer.

I'm including Brandon Darby on this reply, since he may be the only person that is honest that you're linked to and actively work with.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Tale of Two Dicks - Revisited

[editor's note - My purpose for re-posting this now classic dairy of the political science genre is two-fold. (1) The irrepressible desire to knock Socrates latest semi-mailed-in meta masterpiece off the top off the front page in the eternal tug of war between friends and fellow herstoric trolls of the whiteysphere.

(2) Humbly showcase once again the pure internet meme prescience for which donkeytale readers have long come to expect. This dairy was originally posted August 17, 2011.

Enjoie me while you can still have me, loosers]



Rick Perry, the latest under performing Governor of the Republic of Texas (Texas being a weak governance state by design, of course) to toss his all hat no cattle into the national ring of dishonour, is without a doubt the best thing to happen to Presidit Obama since the latter received the coveted Oprah endorsement back in 2008.As I (and Bruce Bartlett in Fiscal Times) have argued persuasively, the 2012 POTUS dance is shaping up much like the eventful, fateful 1972 election, the main difference being that the prevailing political ideologies of the times are reversed.

The Tea Party is the most extreme movement to have gained traction within The Uniparty since the 1968-1972 Demotards had a radical antiwar/civil rights movement within its ranks, who backed an outsider candidate, McGovern, to topple party boss favourite Muskie (the Romney of his time) on the way to getting trounced by an unpopular incumbent, the Obama of his time, the hated on all sides but the center Nixon.---Tale, in a Pffugee Camp comment thread responding to Fairleft's suggestion that Obama is Hoover reincarnated

It hardly matters which Republikaaner candidate ultimately succeeds to win the nomination. All of them are being skewed hard right during this thoroughly entertaining nomination process. It's just that Perry currently has the most shine on his male baboon's butt to attract the largest share of Republikaaner knuckle draggers in the primaries.

Romney, now on record as rejecting any tax increases ever, in any amount in order to restore fiscal sanity and balance the budget is in for some interesting times as he tries to hold the court for the Chamber of Commerce wing of the GOP against the lunatic fringe majority plurality organised minourity which will decide the nomination, regardless of the desires of the political establishment.

This places him in a similar position to another northeastern moderate, Ed Muskie, the man who was the consensus party boss favourite for the Demotard nomination in 1972, but whose campaign never struck a chord with anyone who actually, y'now, voted. Muskie was completely overwhelmed by the anti-establishment liberalism of the times and was sent quickly packing to a retirement community in Palookaville via a well-oiled, coordinated minourity liberal faction that found its winning candidate in McGovern.

Now, Perry may not make the nomination. In fact, Ron Paul (my personal favourite for McGovern status) or Michelle Bachmann probably both fit into my thesis more comfortably, since McGovern was an almost unknown and lightly regarded Senator from a state about which a large majority of Amerikaaners  have never entertained a thought, much less set foot in.

On the scale of longshots, Paul and Bachmann are more McGovernesque than the dick Perry, who is after all, the longterm do-nothing Gubernator of the second most populous state in the Disunion. But the point is, the tea parties have succeeded in packing the race with sympatico ideologues and Romney will have to dance like a marionette (admittedly, a Romney strong suit) if he wishes to survive to the championship round, and in so doing will necessarily have been pulled so far right as to be unelectable in the general election.

In 1972, another epic Republikaaner Dick, the ill-fated Mr. Nixon, was the sitting duck, hugely unpopular in general, and even somewhat among his own party mates, for betraying conservative principles by consistently suggesting and signing legislation that had a decidedly liberal bent.

Today, many know-nothings even buy the false, planted internet meme that Nixon was a liberal. Nope. Nixon was a right of center, conservative pragmatist, who presided over one of the most, if not the most, liberal Congresses in US history. Big, big difference there, which has been almost entirely lost in the fake history that is  today spewed across the Googlesphere, in this, the age of the info boob tubes.

Barack Obama is also a pragmatist, slightly left of center, presiding over one of, if not the most, conservative Congresses in US history, who has repeatedly angered his liberal base by suggesting and signing legislation that has a decidedly conservative bent.

Both men were eminently beatable at this stage of their respective re-election campaigns. Nixon was a polarising, viscerally hated figure among the New Left, just as Obama inspires insane rage among tea partiers today.

Yet, when faced with a choice between McGovern and Nixon.....well, you all remember the result. 1972 represents the beginning of the end of four decades of liberal political hegemony in the US. It has been all downhill for pwoggie political power ever since.

In 2012, we are once again in crisis after three decades of conservative political hegemony.

Will herstory repeat beginning in 2012, albeit in inverted ideological fashion? Will we witness the richly (pun intended) deserved beginning of the self-destruction of conservatism through the nomination of a lunatic fringe backed freak?

Or will the rightwing circle remain unbroken in 2012, finally completing the neo-Nazification of Amerikkka that began with Nixon?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Important Changes Coming To DFQ2

Haha, I'm kidding with the blog title and merely trying out a new attention grab schtick. There are no changes. Ye can continue to pop by and read high quality mailed-in entries any time ye like. That's the stuff!

There are certain creeps on the internet who subconciously beg for disturbing questions to be asked of them. We are talking major egos who rarely recognise when their schticks are being destroyed by a competent troll buster. I do not feel guilt for what may appear as smears. If it's truthful, it's not libel. Shabbat Shalom, mi amigo. [/insidebaseball]

There's this dude on Twitter named Douglas Matthew Stewart. He's wickad bizahr. He has pimped for both Mandy Nagy and Jamin "Jay Batman" Bates. We're talking obvious internet cointelpro. He might not be actual FBI, but imho he's obviously at a minimum a so-called informant.

Don't be naive my dear good, sincere, beautiful readers.

Stewart and Bates pimped AntiSec documents. They were also involved in posting an Arabic translation of The Federalist Papers. They messed up. They made it too obvious they were trying to flush out some crazies. Dumbasses can think I post too much cointelpro this and that. Their problem is they are too conditioned and have fallen into conspiracy fact denial.

I have two Master's degrees. I have been trained how to differentiate between facts and errant supposition. The Spy Factory is all over the net. If you don't believe me, socratise it for yeselves. Good luck though avoiding rubbish results shadowing legitimate sources.

Research the Hal Turner story. That's the kind of proven FBI shithead dudes like Stewart and Darby would have attended training sessions with. Mandy Nagy claims to not know who Hal Turner is. Haha! She's from New Jersey and is buddies with asswipe Sean Hannity. Socratise Hannity with his buddy Turner! And Nagy has never heard of Hal Turner? Yeah sure wink wink.

Anyway, it's not on me to show you every side of the square. That's not teaching. That's brainwashing. I don't do that. I leave that to the Breitbart, Velvet Revolution, various astroturf, and Spy Factory cults.

On With The Show

This is Douglas Matthew Stewart's current picture on Twitter. He does look fairly normal except for the photographic red eye glitch. However, compare that to the picture he sent to Ron Brynaert on April 20th.

Stewart admits to being an ex-con. I don't have what his police record is. He definitely doesn't appear to be anyone you'd welcome into your home for a game of spades. I've never been convicted of anything.

I do know that a lot of FBI informants were slugs given less time or amnesty in exchange for sewer rat activity. Has that been the case with Stewart and Brandon Darby, two numbnuts with direct ties to the Breitbart Cult?

Check out RatBoy Brandon Darby on this youtube video. Pay particular attention to the fact the Youtube url ends in KKK. What was up with RatBoy's sniffles? Isn't that the type of thing one gets from snorting too much stuff up one's nose?

Or check out Darby in this video assaulting an activist who had the gall to attend a TeaNut meeting. He looked and acted deranged.

Why was Brandon Darby acting like a policeman?

open question for Brandon Darby: Were you ever busted for hard drugs, violence, and/or weapon violations? If so, does that have any connection to your employment with the FBI?

We only have one picture of Patrick Frey aka Fatterico.

What kind of public prosecutor would ever look that disheveled? Perhaps Frey would be willing to take a polygraph and answer whether he has ever used hard drugs?

In a past entry I mentioned in the comments that I had deleted something on Frey as a favor. He and Dustin Farahnak asked me not to post that pizza tablecloth shirt shot. They claimed it would make it easier for gang members he prosecuted to hunt him down.

Dustin and Fatterico are disinfo wankers. That picture has been available for years at BRADBLOG.COM. I stumbled across it in google images from a now deleted website. I asked Frey where the hell the picture came from. He wouldn't answer. Here are some email excerpts.

Fatterico: Reading this, my first reaction is: you're going to put up my picture unless I give you a good reason not to? How about: that's what THEY do.

Please find where I called your statement a death threat. Kimberlin blamed you for a lot of statements you never made in court audio. Please don't do that to me. My memory is I said you "mused" about killing Kimberlin. That is not the same as a threat....

Please turn back from the brink. Some of your complaints are valid, but I am in trial and time is limited right now -- and you're threatening me with nasty stuff like putting up my picture. Remind me again why that is likely to be productive for you? I can try to make time for someone on my side. Not to respond to threats.

Dustin Farahnak: Yeah, you redacted a photo of a gang prosecutor. And you want credit for that? what in the hell is the matter with you?

I asked Frey where the photo was from. Neither he nor Dustin would explain. Instead they made it seem posting a public picture of Fatso hosted on BradBlog for years was gonna put his life in jeopardy. Wankers and tossers, that's what they are.

We can already form a legitimate opinion of how Lee Stranahan lost his teeth. It definitely wasn't because of the reason he now conveniently claims as having been a side effect of diabetes. He would have mentioned such a connection when he first did his marketing whore schtick for new choppers. Diabetes doesn't even directly cause tooth loss. Though crystal meth does along with jaw droppage.

Then there is the con artist, fake journalist Brad Friedman of BRADBLOG.COM. One source of mine was an election integrity activist. She told me word was Brad had a major drug problem, and that might explain why he's been such a lying dirtbag and internet shyster.

He can be seen in this video. Here are a few screenshots. You be the judge. Imho, Brad Friedman appears as if he should enter some form of drug rehab, visit a confessional booth, then repent for his twisted hoaxing and extensive collaboration with proven con artist Brett Kimberlin.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Say it isn't so, mister!

Ladd Ehlinger plugged by The Other McCain. Hmmmm.

It was the toughest of breaks. Inspired by the greatness which is Ron Brynaert, I was all ready to start cranking out a new blog entry. Then the modem crashed. It finally went after four years. I was looking at two to three business days of no internet. I still am. I start this draft on Thursday Sept. 13th, 2012.

(Update: My internet people sent me a new modem on one day air priority. I've been back online since Friday night. )

This is old-school. This is NO INTERNET. Thank God I know nearly everything. For anything not adding up, we can always ask Captain Ron.

There's a bit of convolution that’s important to cover. It concerns some snot-nosed, rich punk named Ladd Ehlinger who has zero talent for writing, directing, and producing. A source of mine smelt something fishy about him from back in May. As in, why the f*ck is a movie director talking shit on the net? Why is he this involved in shenanigans which have nothing to do with him?

Ron uncovered some goodies. Ladd Ehlinger is a vicious astroturfer for neocon propaganda. Where the hell is his disclosure? Look at Brandon Darby lying how he is no longer an FBI informant. That’s to be expected from a spy factory tool. On the other hand, a paid political operative such as @FilmLadd is under serious obligation to own up.

This isn’t open to debate. If I had internet access I could line ye up some links. It’s not rocket science. This is conspiracy fact.

I’m on a word processing program called AppleWorks. The year might as well be 1989. Aaah links schminks. I have something saved on this rickety old comp to copy and paste. I’ll do that in a bit. It’s kind of boring schtuff similar to anything ever written by Aaron “never my lawyer” Walker.

Oh, my. That bitch was punked on this very website. He is now totally naked as a scammer. If those guys want me to shut up they will have to cover all my fees and reimburse for the two field trips. There were obviously some punitive damages too, but I'm not greedy.

That’s my offer. Nothing less. A good lawyer could easily take on Malkin, Ali, Stranahan, Patterico, Nagy, Kimberlin, Neal Rauhauser, Ehlinger, et al and win lawsuits on my behalf. All those people crossed hideous lines. There’s also the fading Breitbart Inc. which has culpability. The only one I can think of probably in the clear is Glenn Beck.

This is socrates blogging live without the internet.

I missed out on socratising Barrett Brown's recent drama in real time. Ugh. Blame the modem, not me.

Ok, let's move on to the boring. Sorry, it’s all I’ve got.
Case 1:12-cv-01140-BAH Document 1 Filed 07/10/12 Page 1 of 26

PO BOX 75021

MESA, AZ 85206

MESA, AZ 85206


18016 S WESTERNAVE, #223






Plaintiffs Stop This Insanity, Inc. Employee Leadership Fund, Stop This Insanity, Inc., Glengary LLC, Todd Cefaratti, and Ladd Ehlinger bring this action for declaratory and injunctive relief, and complains as follows: ...
The thing’s signed by Dan Backer. It's political action committee nonsense designed at skirting the spirit of campaign finance reform. Backer’s fully involved with the Walker hoax and Ladd Ehlinger. He’s from DB CAPITOL STRATEGIES which has taken over for the disgraced National Blogger's Club. F*ck him unless he wants to pay all my legal bills, associated court costs such as gasoline, tolls, parking, and wear and tear of vehicle, etc. and add in $500 to cover punitive damages.

There’s enough proof this has all been a big con. Obviously Ehlinger was talking through his ass while attacking Ali Akbar. It was a quick improvisation. I wonder how much money has been given to McCain and Ehlinger in regards to the Aaron Walker hoax. It truly baffles the mind how much bullshit has been built upon my original second page story.

You stole my destiny, Gump.

I was going to embed a clip from Ehlinger's 2009 movie Hive Mind. F*ck that. It's retarded. In three years it has amassed only 26 votes from IMDB. That says it all!


Friday, September 14, 2012

Lets Everybody Draw Mohammed Day: The Movie

This no budget masterpiece has megaditto donations written all over it.
You make a video Mohammed, not some stupid stick figure Mohammed with a crayon, and then you post it to YouTube and watch in self satisfaction as Muslims world wide go apeshit over your “art”.
Naturally, you must then take your family and go into hiding. Family first, the GOP’s greatest virtue, after defending the rights of the unborn fetus.
And of course, taking care of your family in the manner to which a Young Republican is accustomed will costas muchos dineros, my fellow  a Maricones.
Place a couple quick calls to McCain (Other, The), and Strainaham. If Leigh doesn’t answer, call his dentist and see if he’s hiding out in an undisclosed location in one of the exam rooms.
Get a few pointers on how to blog from an undisclosed location and simultaneously pimp your freakin tip jar for maximum effect! Because dude, this time its for reals….
You ass is in some serious brownage….
But not to worry, the National Bloggers Club will play cowboy on you ass (literally) and ride you to their rescue, just as soon as they finish sucking off the RNC Gay Parade Board. And Patterico surely will tap his crew of stooges, and maybe you might pledge a slight percentage off the top. GOP middlemen know all about the importance of “handling” charges to the New a maricon Economy, eh Ali?
Voila! You’re there dude. Six stick figures guaranteed.
George Zimmerman eat your heart out! Or eat some black kid’s heart out if you’re still too scaredy cat to eat your own.
So the fuck what if your duncecap candidate might probably most definitely shall be enticed to step up and all over his own his dick trying to prove he’s more mightier/manlier than O and cost himself the election in the process. Coz all America know he not much of a man, really. That his rill trouble. No matter how f’ed up the economy, no one really likes that smarmy little dick mitt, not even the smarmy little GOP dicks committed to voting the Socialist Kenyan-in-chief out of orifice.
He wasn’t your true freaking choice for POTUS anyway. He just a nutter looser with a few undisclosed billions stashed in some undisclosed offshore freezer somewhere, while you, the real American hero, can’t even afford the price of a baloney sandwich, all the while Obama apologises for America all the way to the Bank of Carlo Marx.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Strange Mandy Nagy document

This is the url for a document titled Emick-BK. It recently emerged and appears to have been written by Mandy Nagy.

Breitbart hack

Why is spy factory numbnut Emick's
name included?

I can't tell where the original comes from. Or perhaps that is the original being published. The uploader for the above was an OccupyUnMasked.

To me, he smells like Rauhauser. It's simply more of the same Breitbart UnMasked schtick. But why would the Numbnuts post something that makes Team Breitbart and myself look good? Why would Rauhauser support Breitbart? I know, this shite is that twisted.

Mandy put in information that we had discussed over numerous phone conversations. She was adept at portraying herself as legit.

I offer a few tweets:

It's pretty obvious, imho, what's going on. It's scripted convolution merging sadistic e-commerce with spy factory nonsense.

There's a lot of inside baseball going on indeed.

Someone please ask @Liberty_Chick how that scribd recently emerged. Where is the original(s)? Why is Emick's name included in the title?

Mandy was wrong about Lane Lipton. "Qritiq" certainly exhibited bad discretion facilitating Kenoma's sadism. She messed up thinking I was part of the Breitbart cult or aiding it. I don't know. She was wrong. But that didn't prove Lipton was a perpetrator working for the "Rauhauser axis."

I was cyberstalked and smeared by someone with the alias Louis Aubuchont. We did discuss how my online identity was faked. That happened quite a number of times. Nagy said law enforcement was involved. To be patient. I believed in her. She spoke of a class action suit on behalf of all us victims (including Stack). She said she was going to publish something just like this. Was this the roughdraft? Why did she shelve this? Wtf is going on?

That's actually not too shabby a document by Nagy. I tip my cap to her for evolving into such a successful hack. It does spell out quite a bit.

It was obviously written several months ago. What's up with this having been published by OccupyUnmasked?

Meanwhile Fatterico is making a plea for further funding of co-star Aaron Walker.
The bad guys are swarming Aaron again and he could use your help.

I told you over the weekend how pro-Occupy and pro-Kimberlin forces had threatened Lee Stranahan and Brandon Darby, who participated in the making of Occupy Unmasked. The story was reported in the Hollywood Reporter: ...
I recall Keith Olbermann kicking Breitbart's butt in regards to OWS rape allegations. But I digress.

Fatterico reported:
Aaron still has no job and is still fighting these cretins in court. He could use your help. Just go to his blog and hit the top PayPal link. I just donated $50.
Now Barrett Brown is posting a youtube video calling out Patrick Frey.

Brown's the fella portrayed as a spokesman for Anonymous. He reeks more like a paid fake and/or informant.

There are other side issues percolating in regards to this major scam constructed around my true story.

Liberal Grouch and Lee Stranahan are busy trading barbs. Lee claims to be putting together a defamation lawsuit against Grouch, Mike Stack, Brooks Bayne, Occupy Rebellion and anyone else he alleges is working for Rauhauser.

Grouchie recently stole a screenshot of mine of Stranahan showing missing front teeth during a tv interview. That's ok. Grouch's buddy Breitbart Unmasked lifted a whole section of mine, even glorified it, before shutting his doors for quite a while. Comparatively what Grouch did wasn't too bad.

It's definitely odd that OccupyUnmasked has appeared at the same time as Breitbart Unmasks' renewal.

Lets return to the "new" Mandy document. I always wanted her to write something like this up. Telling my story. Explaining it. She told me she was going to but I never saw it.

To reiterate, Mandy claimed law enforcement was working on it. She told me there was the likely outcome of us having a class action suit against both Kimberlin and Rauhauser. Personally I desired more conclusive proof Rauhauser and Kimberlin were close associates. It was obvious, but that's not the same as proving it in court.

The Breitbarts did absolutely nothing for me. Andrew Breitbart knew all about it and did nothing. He was definitely an asswipe in a lot of hot water for the Sherrod and other thingies. He was high strung. If he hadn't been such a douchebag, perhaps he could have lived much longer.

In short, the Breitbarts run things the same way as Friedman and Kimberlin run Velvet Revolution and affiliates. In my humble opinion, all of them (both sides) are absolutely worried many people will read the truth through this blog of what really happened.

Brad Friedman wants folks to think his reputation hasn't been given a legitimate hatchet job. Credibility is gone for ALL of them. I take solace in that fact.

I'm done. I'm done.