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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Omg Zilla's in Trouble!

She's "really" very sick and needs your help $$$. Sound familiar?

NJ woman accused of cancer scam for wedding, cash

Zilla doesn't claim she has cancer. Her illness is Lyme's disease. I do not have a clue if that is true or not. If so, I wish her the best of luck with healing. Simply look at her. What a sweetie! Simply look at her attempting to lure money through Wikinut.

I thought conservatives were against begging for entitlement. Apparently not this one. Here are excerpts from some links.

This Ain't Gonna be Pretty
January 16, 2012

This is what it looks like when I start to break. It ain't gonna be pretty, but if I'm going down, I might as well share my meltdown here so you won't have to wonder where I went or what the happened, it will all be right here, and anyway, it's fun to watch other people crack, right? ...

My Dental Hell/sinus infection is not getting any better; after the first round of antibiotics failed, they put me on another, stronger med, and I am halfway through the course of the new prescription and still in pain and sick. This thing is really kicking the life outta me! If this post turns out to be a garbled bunch of nonsense, I shall blame it on the mass of horribleness that feels like it is pressing on my brain by now and the accompanying intermittent fevers which continue to plague me. ...

My daughter, The Little Girl Resister, is very sick today. ... So every 5-10 minutes or so since about seven this morning, I have been cleaning up big puddles of puke from the floor in pretty much every room. ...

And then once the throwing up is temporarily over, I carry her back to the couch or her bed, and then I proceed to get the disinfecting supplies out to sanitize, and every five minutes or so I give her a teeny bit of water or Pedialyte (which I was able to buy today thanks to a nice person who hit my Tip Jar - thanks!) and wait for the next round. It has been brutal for us both. ...

I was worried about my internet getting shut off next week, but figured if I sold some ads or something, I might be able to cover it, but that has become a moot point, because with no electric, that is gone too, and it is bundled with the phone service.
The whole January 2012 link goes like that. Cry me a river!
I will of course go begging to the power company tomorrow and see if I can talk them into a partial payment, but they tend to ask for more than we have available, and at the moment, there ain't much available at all.

It didn't used to be this way! We were once (lower) middle class, we were never rich but we paid our bills on time, were able to put aside a little for savings and even could do fun stuff as a family once in a while. That was before Obamanomics took its toll on the country and our family, as I have explained *previously*.

** The Resistance Benevolence Society - Update: We're screwed **
Traffic has been been growing and remains steady even on days when I don't blog, I am forever amazed at how many old posts from my archives still find new readers and often wonder where those new people are finding my stuff from. My point in mentioning that is, of course, so people know that if they have ads here, or want to put ads here, they will still be seen! If you or someone you know has a business or organization that could use some reasonably priced advertising, please let them know that I offer custom made ads - but they need to get in touch with me soon, as I may be gone for a little while if I can't chase the wolves away again this time.
One link takes you to Mare's Blog Ads

Don't y'all forget to check out the MareZilla Store!

Then there's the following. Oh Sweet Zilla, for crying out loud.

A Few Things I’d Rather Not Talk About…
Now some of my regular readers have inquired about my health, and if you haven’t noticed, I am not the person who has been doing most of the blogging here or at the new site; I don’t have good news. You may recall that I had explained about how the tick-sick had destroyed my immune system to the point that it was too damaged to react to allergens and other irritants which meant that for a while my asthma and allergies really didn’t bother me and also I was not catching colds even after being exposed to them via my family.

A few weeks ago my allergies started going nuts, but it was mostly manageable with prescription and OTC antihistamines and decongestants, but then my asthma decided to join the party, and every single night I have been waking up several times choking, gasping, and wheezing. For a little while, my inhaler would be enough to handle it well enough so that I could go back to sleep after a short time, but then my inhaler ran out and when I got a new one, it wasn’t the same because the damned government forced drug companies to remove the CFCs that propel life saving medicine into closed up lungs with something called HFA which not only does not push the medicine hard enough to get into narrowed bronchial tubes, but is also something that I apparently have a sensitivity to and it has made my condition gradually worse to the point where all day and all night I am choking and wheezing and last night was the worst night of all in that I honestly feared for my life when I could not draw a even a shallow breath to get some of the medicine inside of my lungs which were in full spasm.

Me socrates cutting in. Yikes with that run on sentence omg.

I do have an old nebulizer machine that my dad used to use when he was alive (he died in 2001) and I have some medicine for it that expired in 2004 which I used anyway because I prefer not to die, and it has worked – sort of, it just doesn’t last as long or do as effective a job as fresher medicine would (it’s albuterol, in case you were wondering). there is not much to do about that as I cannot afford to see a yet another doctor right now and even if I could, I can’t afford to buy fresh medicine.

There is so much going on in the world that I’d like to be writing about, and the worse I feel the less I want to talk about it (which is why I have put off writing about my health lately), but when you can’t breathe, little else matters – and I can’t freakin’ breathe. Luckily, there are wonderful writers keeping my sites going and hopefully at some point this suffocation will pass. In the mean time, please enjoy the posts that my friends have been writing, and if you don’t mind, say a prayer or two for me (and of course I wold not object to anyone hitting my tip jar if they were so inclined).

Mare Stevenson wants to link me to a troll who apparently claims she is faking her illness. I don't know whether it's true or not. It is fact she latches onto big poilitical scammer movements (see dying empire, Breitbart) then grovels for donations. Woe is me, Horatio.

Now she's started a new blog called Batshit Crazy News. She's being propped up as a leading conservative blogger and webmaster by the likes of Robert Stacy McCain and Ladd Ehlinger. Her attacks on me are a diversion.

aaaw, mentioned with FilmLadd and McCain in Paul Lemmen's book acknowledgements

McCain and her promote the Aaron Walker - Swatgate hoax. Ladd's buddies with Dan Backer, the big wig, super pac, Republican political operative/attorney backing Walker.

It's a good thing truth always wins out.



Anonymous said...

Now, see, this is a great entry.

It represents something of widespread social significance, or at least something from which social significance can be drawn.

As opposed to the endless twitter nooks and crannies from which, at least to date nothing can really be drawn except boring personal vendettas going back and forth.

Perhaps something significant can be drawn from these twitter feuds beyond, "Twitter Sucks and is a waste of time" a meme which you have put forth but haven't developed into a meaningful treatise.

Perhaps because you are too busy Twittering.

Maybe the significance of Twitter is that its just another flavour for the internet junkie?

In this dairy you are usefully showcasing a member of the Romney 47% who blames Obama solely for her current economic troubles and will likely vote for Romney who in turn will do nothing at all to support her if he gets elected.

My question is, has she taken government assistance? If so, then shame on her!

If she's purely begging on the street corner, er, I mean whoring for blog donations, then I would say she is standing firmly in line with conservative principles.

Currently, Conservatives are only against the Government assisting the poverty stricken. Ironically, they are OK with the Government assisting "Job Creators."

For instance, conservatives would be against paying for Starnahan's dental work but OK if he gets the dough through his own efforts of puttingg a tin cup on the sidewalk, er, I mean whoring for blog donations.

I use the term whoring in a metaphorical, not literal sense, but obviously, conservative Goopers must then promote whoring too in order to remain consistent.

Whoring and begging are small businesses, after all.

And they are unionised,er I mean they have their own lobbyists! The National Bloggers Club provides for them.

Anonymous said...

Ironically, and this is not a broadly based sample, but it seems the Zilla's and the Sraanahanies, Worthings, and Other McCains all share unemployment in common.

Is blog whoring for donations the infoboobtube era equivalent of street begging?

I have a few friends who are really down on their luck, gone through bankruptcy, long term unemployment and they are also all conservative!

And not willing to admit it is conservative principles that got them where they are and liberal safety net programs that are keeping them off the street.

One guy moved out state back home to a midwestern swing state and into his late Mother's house that he now owns with his brother who also lives there. That state has safety net programs which don't exist in Texas which he's taking full advantage of for his disabled adult child who moved with him.

And yet, he's as delusionally backing Romney although he hates Romney (but hates the 'Socialist' Obama more of course).

Its a weird dynamic, a form of denial, I think, a way to keep failing white people self-delusional about their real circumstances and interests.

They become even more hyper- conservative while they play the whining victim card and hypocritically blame "others" (mostly black and Mexican) for portraying themselves as whining victims.

socrates said...

Most internet fakes don't even try to hide their con games.

That is until they are busted.

The National Blogger Club has been out of the picture for a while. Ehlinger showed up out of nowhere to blast Ali Akbar.

The shift was on to Dan Backer. This is really some outrageous stuff.

I don't actually believe Zilla Stevenson is sick. She should have to prove it or face criminal charges like the fake cancer patient at the link I provided.

As for your pointing out some plausible deniability for folks voting Republican when they shouldn't.... It comes down to education. It wouldn't take much either. Anyone who would vote for Richie Rich over sweet Michelle Obama's husband has been breathing in too many gas fumes. I do agree with you we might not see another Republican President for a long time. Though I doubt Biden wins in 2016.

Haha, this election seems so over maybe we can start speculating on 2016. Or let's not and say we did.

Anonymous said...

I'll get back to you on the legality of Zilla from Manila's donation seeking.

I confess to skipping over the cancer patient scam so now must consider that before I render an opinion from atop Mt. Olympussy.

2016: with an Obama win it does get interesting. I don't believe Biden runs, although it would be awesome if he did. The ongoing Onion schtick alone would be worth it for me.

Hillary is another option, especially if the economy recovers, the Middle East blow-ups are managed and people stay happy with the Obominator for a second term.

Lots of is, there.

Also, Biden and Hillary are yesterday's papers.

There will be new blood coming on the scene, and as I have noted, the Democrats are now pretty much a party of colour which is why the typically racist in denial fake left hate him more than Romney, just as the tea party racists in denial do too.

But there's Deval Patrick, Gary Booker, and that Castro cat from San Antonio. All dynamic young men.

Who knows, we might even get a chick besides Hillary to kick around sadistically, also.

Anonymous said...

My guess on Akhbar is the publicity related to his and Rove's alleged gayness may be the true cause of the former's downsizing.

That came out initially from that former Bush Admin chick's lawyer from Alabammy that was then amped in the toobs by your buddy Grouch and that other guy from Alabmammy, the Liberal something or other.

I have a soft spot for him because he helped take my Putziler Prize winning Troll Wars Series to the masses. Yet, I cant quite remember his tag.

Anonymous said...

Notice a few typos in 4. (Socrates impersonation alert alert)

"lots of IFS, there"

"which is why they hate OBAMA more than Romney"

Yours Truly,

The Comment Thread Opitimiser

socrates said...

I don't know how you miss the FilmLadd Dan Backer connection. You're missing the big cues and falling for the side shows in Stranahan.

The Karl Rove thingie I beg to differ caused Akbar's downfall. It was cause he turned out to have a criminal past. The Karl Rove thing seems to be a he said, she said and a no comment.

Politics is boring. Only thing people have enjoyed was Sara Palin in 2008 and Richie Rich getting his comeuppence.


socrates said...

I'll gree you are correct it is the process which matters most. Democgraphics and whatnot will eventually lean left. But we nmust count every vote. Every vote must be counted. SEND IN YOUR CHECKS NOW TO BRADBLOG.COM TO ENSURE DEMOCRACY CONTINUES! DON'T LET WHAT HAPPENED TO MICHAEL CONNELL EVER HAPPEN AGAIN! ET TU, DIEB-THROAT? $$$$

socrates said...

We're like Mick and Rocky, two has-beens pontificating our last tweets or wtf. You're a bum, Rock! What about my prime, Mick? Forrest Gump stole that dude's destiny. It happens. It's nuts I tell you. On a wide scale. and both sides. Intrepid journolista Ron Brynaert cemented in the final details. I still believe fact for fact from July 2008 on I've been the story. Facts are facts. I remain the story today and every day. Ron too. Because we were smeared to prop up a massive hoax.

socrates said...

Zilla then other wingnuts twisted my destiny joke. It was a reference to Forrest Gump. Is Letterman the only one allowed to tell jokes?

Anonymous said...

OK, after an extensive review and an exhaustive analysis of the ALLEGED cancer scam (I think I called it, definitively a scam in the earlier comment and apologise profusely for so doing--please don't sue my ass off, ok?--)

I render the following Solomoinc judgment. If people are too stupid to check out somebody's story before coughing up hard cash, then shame on them!

They were victims of a fake victim.

Ya gotta love this cuntry.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of boring politics, here is my latest boring political entry, which because I have mercy on you, even if it is tinged with an occasional bout of fake sadism, I will not post on top of your latest masterpieces.

socrates said...

I didn't check to confirm if the main story was true. You're correct people are stupid to give money to anything or anybody without vetting. Nonetheless, I assume the New Jersey woman is guilty and is busy negotiating a plea bargain.

Buddy, the only thing more boring that twisted Twitter Args centered around Anonymous, OWS, and Breitbart are your debates at FDL concerning the lovely and talented third party candidate Jill Stein.

One more important note: I have located Zilla Stevenson's long lost twin sistah: click link, don't be scared.

Anonymous said...

We'll have to agree to disagree on Akhbar. I'm guessing he's doing fine, just lying low because of Rove.

The woman who outed Rove is big time, mainstream media appearances to her credit on some scandal involving Rove and she came right out and said it.

I sincerely doubt that the GOP to which Akhbar attaches his lips cares about him or his club enough to worry about him, except in relation to Rover.

You seem to think that all these blogger shenanigans in the Breitbart/Bradblog/Kimberlin/Patterico world matter to anybody beyond the participants and adversaries, and they just don't.

You have to have a narrative and while we came up with a fairly coherent one, or I should say I came up with a coherent one, as noted at various times by Brynaert, Worthing, the Liberal Schnauser, McCain, and Breitbart Unmasked, this story still barely pierced the public consciousness because its a story that only matters to like 12 people and its one of thousands in the murky world of political operatives and paid and unpaid fakes that is a historical worldwide fact of life.

Its like writing a story about trees or sidewalks.

Props to you for exposing those guys and you coulda been a contendah but I dont believe you cared enough to whip it into a compelling narrative while it was hot and besides your audience, the leftwing is to diffuse and into more "weighty" pseudo intellectualising to care about these grubby backwater beats, which are tabloidesque at best.

The fake left is too pretentious to appreciate this saga. Its strictly a rightwing phenomenon, and to your credit you remained true to your ideals and didn't switch sides. Had you, like all those other whores, you'd be more famous. Tho still used and abused, no doubt.

socrates said...

I agree mostly with what you say. But you are not exactly correct.

This story can even be hooked into Assange, Wikileaks, Anonymous, et al, but you'd rather discuss mundane third party politics which mean even less. If you dont like what I blog, then whatever, be respectful like you were right above.

However, there was no need to be an ass like you were with previous comments. I'm a human being. I'd rather be alone than shit on.

socrates said...

Haha yes, I probably could have had a Stranahan enlightenment. Darn those liberals. This is why I am now a card carrying member of the Breitbart Society (not a cult). Yes I have integrity, am honest, and try my best. I have striven to be a supertroll for good.

socrates said...

or is the word epiphany? The internet and fairleft dumbed me down.

socrates said...

If you don't like Twitter, don't go there! I agree it's limited. Nonetheless, a lot of fakes have been exposed through micro-blogging. I do think Brynaert should blog more and tweet less. He doesn't like commenting in blogger. But I am sick and tired of Pffugee Camp and await its whitewalling. FDL sucks too. The internet as "community" is dead. Those trees and sidewalks you speak of are too vast to overcome. All one can truly do is say f*ck you with some facts and move on. I'll agree with you there. Though the extent you go to stifle what interests others is not cool.

Anonymous said...

I can't recall the last time I looked at anybody on Twitter. Its been two months at least.

I'm not spending too much time blogging these days although I have pretty much perfected the art of the mailed in entry, although I admit I'm not half the postman you are.

Assange has a real schtick to exploit. His career tanked when Manning got caught. That is Assange's weakness, besides being such a lousy lay the chicks busted him.

Everything he's done including now his very future depends on the kindness of strangers.

Assange is the Blanche DuBois of the whiteysphere.

socrates said...

Yes, Twitter sucks. Moving on.

Whoa, slow down hotshot. How was it Assange's fault that Manning snitched himself out to sewer rat Adrian Lamo?

You may have pinned for being a lamo with chicks, but then again you were the one who scoffed at proof a right wing fake lefty chick with CIA ties trolled him.

You can belittle my blogging career. I know. I'm an easy target.

But there's still weather modification going on. I was correct about Brad and Larisa and the only one, while you took the snail route to realising thus.

Chill out dude. If I'm not being mean to you, remember some players do better under Coach Pete Carroll than The Tuna. Stop being The Tuna.

socrates said...

Another thing. You're kissing Spy Factory ass with that analysis. Sure Manning is in deep doodoo and Assange is relearning how to win friends and influence people. Nonetheless, that was historic. The bottom line is that the US Military Industrial Complex got busted committing war crimes.

socrates said...

Donkeytale appears to be a DLC operative. Sometimes he is entertaining. Other times he is sadistic. Go Obama!