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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Does Jane Hamsher Even Know I Exist?

So I was on stalking donkeytale's mailed-in entries. I worked my way up to his most recent dairy, Why I’m Voting and for Whom.

This historic troll has been apparently working for years as a Democratic operative on Netroot milieu blahgs. From attacking Ralph Nader to sweetie Jill Stein, his primary goal has been to herd fake lefties into voting for the DLC nominee.

This year he claims to be voting for Gary Johnson. I don't have a clue about him or Jill. I may be a rugged, blogger version of Rudolph Valentino, to be honest I am as cynical as it comes to elections. I simply do not believe that my vote counts. Others may retort, "Well Mister, if everyone takes that position, then it's your own fault when looosers like GW Bush are elected."

Uhm, no. There is simply no such socratised butterfly effect. So stifle it, Edith.

But I digress.

To my chagrin and shock/awe, FDL owner Jane Hamsher made the first post.
I have to say donkeytale, that nobody has been a bigger advocate for Obama here than you.

This is a surprise.
Wtf? Not only did she add to donk's entry, she implied she follows his schtick very closely.

I should've been nicer to donkeytale. For Janey is the type of gal I would marry no questions asked. Unless she's already married. I don't believe in bigamy.

ooh la la

Arguably Ms. Hamsher is most well-known for having produced Natural Born Killers starring Woody from Cheers.

I am not deeply in love with her based on that. As a leftier than thou, it is her progressive leanings which I have found most appealing. If I had to pick one blogger to do sushi with after honey pie Larisa "I Vouch for Brett Kimberlin" Alexandrovna, it would be Jane Hamsher. I believe Alexandrovna is actually already married, and come to think of it, I hate her guts.

Oh the irony of it all. For the last several years donkeytale has been relying on my top of the internet zeitgeist status to stay afloat as he plummeted into irrelevance. But now the tables have turned. I never saw this comeback in the works for him. And now I am the one who is down to 12 page views a day from the eyes of my dwindling audience.

Donkeytale, please forgive me. I was wong.

If it works out with Jane, I'd like you to be my best man. If you can't make it to the wedding, there is always Ron Brynaert.

Since I can't sing, I'll let this dude do the serenading on my behalf.


Anonymous said...

David Soul rules.

I made the connection immediately between Starsky, Hutch and Rooster as Brynaert, Rates and Tale.

Here is a recent piece about your girlfriend. based on her prior choice of hunk, she could (and has) done worse than you.

What is it about you and older women?

Anonymous said...

This is pretty awesome too. I love this Mark Ames guy. He cracks me up. He pantsed Breitbart more completely than anybody on the planet. He danced on his grave the day Breitbart died.

He's like a cross between Starsky and Rooster.

Here, he takes down my son's Presidential candidate. I'm picking him up from skkkool today. Make sure he sees this. Kid'll learn.

For everything, there is a season.

socrates said...

I used to think David Soul was the male version of a sweetie based on that tune. Then I found out he apparently beat his wife.

Pick your response, oopsies or RIOTOUS!

The older woman schtick isn't anything too Freudian. I think in most cases the margin of age error for dating is +- ten years.

I think that falls into the I'm done, I'm done or Johnny Cash middle finger category. It's a good schtick at first. It's ok a few more times. But then it passes its shelf life.

Oh my, I agree with you Twitter sucks but there are some good chuckles to be had reading wingnuts ready to jump over the ledge.

I remember those two links. Those are reruns and I endorse those messages.

The only reason I chastised that pissing on Breitbart's grave in real time was because back then I had yet to become enlightened of the true nature of those Breitbart people who lied to me. Now that I know they were wong, f them and f Breitbart.

Did you see that proof leaked out Walker was canned by that hospital because of his blog? Apparently the info was illegally leaked from his Virginia case by BK through Rauhauser and Grouchie.

I think my theory from before is aging well. BK was manipulated by Rauhauser every step of the way. I think he is highly impressionable and that's what happened. If true, then it also makes the theory that Rauhauser was working with the Breitbarts much more plausible.

Meanwhile Crying Wolfie says he will be on an Inside Edition SWAT story to air today. This one looks true. I asked him to post the video at youtube. Yet he also said Weinergate wasn't included.

What I suspect is since he was approached in July, it was originally a story to be done on KimberlinGate but once that turned out to be idiotic, it got nixed.

But then with the recent rash of celebrity SWATtings, Inside Edition decided to fill in some time with Stack's SWATting so as to get an actual victim on screen.

We shall see.

I actually don't have a crush on Hamsher. This entry was basically a classic hits love siren.

And finishing up with the David Soul video was the blogging version of a Hollywood ending. By the way, check out his eyes. If he wasn't baked during that video then I don't know what was up with his wet eyes.

In hindsight I wanted to add another video or start a new diary on videos in which actors make love to the camera through melody.

Ok, here is the video I almost added.

William Shatner "Sings" 'Rocket Man' (1978) - BEST QUALITY!

The main point of my entry is that not only am I an internet addict but I can never get enough of that charming, funny, iconoclastic, acidic knucklehead named donkeytale. It blew my mind that Hamsher follows your schtick. Good show, lad!

socrates said...

Haha, the last post spoke of weed and is time stamped for 4:20. God must be a pothead because that was not deliberate on my part.

socrates said...

Wasn't there a Gary Johnson who played tight end for the Raiders back in the 70's? Anyway, you'll have to update your dairy. I didn't read the link but I bet Jill Stein never swindled anyone. She's a sweetie.

Anonymous said...

In a different thread of someone elses she admits that they've kept me from being auto-banned because so many of comments get flagged simply because I offer an opinion that diverges from the echo chamber, which is one of the worst in whiteysphere.

So, at least it's good to know that I've still got the chops.

For awhile there I was beginning to think I'd mellowed. And yes, of course I recognised the classic Socrates come-on, which I was popped over.

Our chemistry's instinctive at this point, we're like Desi and Luci.

Or Fred and Ethel, anyway.

I was thinking for a post-election depression alleviator you ought to cross post this masterpiece at FDL and then see what abuse and scorn gets dropped into the thread if anything. But don't comment because you'll probably be auto-banned orgo far enough to get me banned too, like you did at MLW, in my Lorraine masterpiece.

I have to admit pulling off my banning along with yours was a pretty nifty bit of trolling, even if it was the second or third time MSOC had banned me.

I'm sure after yet another election proved me exactly correct they'll be looking for any excuse to get rid of me.

So don't expect me to show up unless the thread develops into something interesting.

Anonymous said...

I skipped a few words there typing to fast on a cell phone, but you can probably fill in the blanks.

This is a masterpiece. I'm sure if you post it The FBI will be adding another entry to the Socrates stalker investigation file they opened when MSOC complained about your love sirens to her.

I think you mean no harm but y'know I'm a dude. What do I know?

Anonymous said...

No, I wasn't aware of the Latest Walker-BK-Rauhauser contretemps.

I've been too distracted by show business to keep myself informed and up to date with the vital information required to be good American citizen.

My bad.

socrates said...

Yeah MSOC claimed I was cyberstalking her because I googled past posts of hers including her not so lefty endorsement of lower taxes for the rich.

I'm sorry you got banned from MLW but it's for the best. Now you are on top of the FDL zeitgeist while MLW probably gets less page views than Pffugee Camp. That despite there only being one post made there in weeks. I believe by Stu Piddy.

I noticed someone new wrote a long diary and LauraJohn didn't frontpage it.

As for Noom, I can't believe he's done blogging. My new theory is he's The Jester, the hactivist against Jihad websites. I'll find you his Twitter address and/or blog if interested.

I'm going to sell on your I Love Lucy theory. Neither of us seems to have a pencil lodged up our butts like Fred. Maybe I am similar to Lucy but I can't picture you singing buballoo.

Melvin, now there was a bloke who could have played Fred Mertz of the blogosphere.

Unfortunately that's probably slipping into too much inside baseball. We know LauraJohn as a lurker probably appreciates that but not many others.

Maybe I will cross-post this at FDL.

Apparently Mike only got a bit of showtime on Inside Edition. They said he was SWATted over Weinergate, he walked them through what happened, and then they quickly moved onto discussing some celebrity SWAT job.

socrates said...

Since it's all about the consumer, this has been cross-posted. I even put in a disclaimer at the top which will hopefully keep both of us from being banned. Maybe with a bit of luck, we can even end up as invites to one of Janey's fancy Hollywood parties.

FDL cross-post

Anonymous said...

Seems you've been jackassed (proper term for donkeytale) and diary cowed!

socrates said...

It was no fun posting in the comments. Those people are conformists and ridiculous.

It wasn't my best entry. So what?

People who think Nazi Germany couldn't have happened here are retarded.

People are people. Mean people suck.

Multiple people tried to get that deleted. If they only knew how boring they are. They are haters.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should've gone with the Shatner instead of the Soul?

Ah, well, I think it was a fine effort, very humourous and gentle.

What are you getting is backlash from the echo chamber psychosis that will only continue to ebb then build like a wave before it crashes on the same beach fours from now.

I'm being merciful and laying off with my patented brilliance for now.

Letting them get therough the stages of grief.

But you done good. And I don't care what anyone says, this was a masterpiece a beautiful knuckle ball that an entire blog whiffed on.

Well done, Socrates. Well done

socrates said...

Thanks, donkeytale. I've figured out why you never sign in here. You claim laziness or forgetting the password but deep down subconsciously I believe you daydream yourself wearing one of those Guy Fawkes masks.

I thought it was good too until my gal said it wasn't one of my better ones. Yeah, we are back together. Yay!

One dude understood. He called it a masterful troll piece which no one got. He understands the concept that troll can sometimes equal good.

I reread it a few times just to make sure there wasn't anything bad in it. There isn't. Maybe they are upset that I like you or it was mostly apolitical or they seriously took it as some kind of creepy overture to Miss Hamsher I do declare with a sasparilla.

I mean the projections on their part was very obvious. One of them said I picked the worst photo of Janeypoo possible. So that person basically was saying she looked awful while claiming I was the one dissing her looks.

If you watched Shatner's version of Rocket Man at the scifi or whatever convention, that audience didn't get his schtick either. I was cracking up. Someone in the Youtube comments even said that Shatner was the original troll but as in troll can be good.

I would've embedded the video but I couldn't figure it out.

I was even able to slip in a zinger on TBoggs in the middle of it for deleting one of your Troll Wars masterpieces along with some other inside baseball schtick.

Yeah, I think you were smart to only make a cameo. I think a year ago I would've been a dick back at them but I truly am in a better place now, very at peace with what has happened the last couple years.

Maybe the biggest problem is most of them have no idea about BK or say the UGOGs.

It felt good to post that quote from Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. How they shoul go ahead and make fun of me if it makes them feel better. That I'm an easy target etc. and so forth.

I bet Hamsher noticed that sucker and was flattered. I bet you, myself, Noom, Ron Brynaert, and other big fish in small blog ponds are read more than we think by some people who are biggies, that we are their guilty pleasures.

The problem isn't necessarily that people who agree with us are too shy and lurkers. It's probably that they know if they support us or similar ideas, they are going to open themselves to the same abuse.

Of course we are humble despite generating masterpiece after masterpiece. And if we can keep our wits and not be dragged down into the pit of cynicism they have succumbed to, then we become in a way the blogosphere's army of Jesus. And if we can take that a step further and convert to Mormonism eventually we will be given our own planets.

Anonymous said...

Well, I disagree with your chick. I find it gets better withe acj successive reading.

It is so good I've forgotten its actually all about me.

When you can blind me to my own all consuming vanity and make my pay attention to your brilliance, well that's a major achievement.

She doesn't understand the milieu with which we are dealing, perhaps.

Yes, it was hard not to ring in but you're threadwork was very subtle and effective. Normally, I would anticipate that you'd pull a laurel and Hardy and completely trash the place while the wives were out shopping, but you held yourself together quite admirably.

And the title alone was worth the price of admission.

I can well imagine Miss Hamsher gathered a chuckle out of this entry. I mean think of how she must feel having to look in the mirror every night knowing that she is responsible for that echo chamber?

Anonymous said...

I only madeone comment but I made it count. I managed to work in a link to Ron's twitter mesmerising twitter feed and a link to a classic rerun of the great Jerry Lewis' Cinderfella dance.

As usual, my linkage was both infotaining in its own write while being 100% on point with th etopic of the dairy.

Brynaet was even twittering with Kevin Gosztola about manning. Gosztola I believe is one of the FDL big leaguers, a serious journo like our favourite fake SWAT suspect.

socrates said...

Thanks, that's very nice of you. By the way my gf gave me a refresher on proper use of commas. I've been botching those for years. The internet truly dumbs us down in more ways than we probably are aware of. Which makes your misspellicism schtick even that much more brilliant.

Yes, I think she and others are missing a few references that we know only too well. It also had more of my Michael Scott sexist and conceited angle than usual. I'm not saying I was or am sexist. There was the ooh la la part. While Brynaert took me to the woodshed for posting the Cash middle finger a few ok 17 times too many, she doesn't appreciate the sweetie schtick.

What people who don't blog like we do probably don't understand is we are much nicer people in real life than on the net.

Sure we have both become nicer. I truly believe that. I also want to apologise for every once in a while being mean to you. I'm sure in real life you're a heckuva fella.

We basically can't see facial expressions which makes it very difficult to get context all the time.

Yes, I did throw in a few tidbits here and there in this diary that in hindsight were fairly decent.

I opened up the opportunity for people to hash out more if they like the lesser of two evils schtick versus voting by conscience. I think it was actually very sweet of Hamsher to post on your thread the way she did. Moulitsas would never have done that. She acknowledged your "just a blogger" status and gave it respect.

So she was doing the same for all of us who don't have her Hollywood resume. Imho she is a nice lady. She's no Ann Coulter of the left. She genuinely appears to care and want to make it a better world. Unlike Huffington who obviously was out to make a buck.

I agree she probably read my entry, again was flattered, and then got a chuckle like we did watching many people make fools of themselves. I'm sure she's been an ass before and I believe you proved that with one of your links. But that doesn't mean she is an ass too often.

That's life. We are not going to be perfect. We are going to get emotional at times and lose our cool.

But the key is to not be persistent. To be an ass here or there is not trolling. To do it with malice, which is the prerequisite for libel against a public figure, is immoral. Like I believe you said another time, that says more about the person making such statements than the one they are smearing.

I think you've finally found a home there. It seems big enough to satiate your ego and they're not gonna ban you unless you get plastered and go nuts.

I wouldn't say she is to blame for that echo chamber. It is cool that she's supplied a subdomain for us common slobs to have our own pages.

Sorry this post was kinda sorta boring. Oh yes, one more point. It took a while but you have tried to get me to take the high road. I am a late bloomer. Something changed in me last November but it's taken a solid year for my maturity to catch up with my intellect.

You and that other person truly helped me immensely to survive what I went through. For that I can show both of you nothing but gratitude and respect.

socrates said...

Hopefully Ron has turned a corner. He is definitely getting more respect of late and acknowledgement for his work.

Maybe he is simply a few months behind my being able to disengage from the convolution.

I can't wait to get my new computer. I did find an old keyboard to attach to my old comp. That has made the last week much easier. However, too many pages I try to visit freeze or take too long to load.

I do appreciate what Ron does. I used to do the same schtick as him albeit with a goofier approach.

You also have a unique approach.

Perhaps longterm the internet can do some good.

I'm sure you're excited to see what Obama can do now that the Republicans will no longer be working to turn him into a one-term president.

Hopefully if the Republicans continue to gridlock, voters will be smart enough to vote them out in the mid-terms and then those of us in the middle to left will no longer have any excuses for a couple years.

I don't really understand the specifics of the Bradley Manning story. It'd be nice if he can be let out soon. I mean, that wasn't cool what our military did. I believe he was a whistleblower.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't let this paragraph go by unremarked upon.

This may be the best thing you've written in years:

"Of course we are humble despite generating masterpiece after masterpiece. And if we can keep our wits and not be dragged down into the pit of cynicism they have succumbed to, then we become in a way the blogosphere's army of Jesus. And if we can take that a step further and convert to Mormonism eventually we will be given our own planets."


But also correct. You posted a piece and had the corage tro stand by it. I think you have a future at FDL. As long as you stay true to yourself and not go apeshit when someone attacks, but counter,parry and thrust with you rapier wit, you too become an elegant troll.

Anonymous said...

My long-awaited post election masterpiece is up:

socrates said...

Because of past, traumatic experiences at Democratic Underground, Daily Kos, and elsewhere, I am always a bit paranoid even my non-supertrollish posts are going to be scrubbed. Thus I'll copy and paste the two I left on your thread.

Oh my, the tables have truly turned. Our best move seems to have been to become a kinder and gentler contrarian cell. We are the sweeties speaking rationally while the herd has outed itself as anti-social numbnuts.

Quite a number of them have had their posts cleaned up by moderators, a truly riotous development.

I do forgive you for yet again stealing some of my schtick. There was the Oh My which I actually stole from Dick Enberg. You didn't use the related whoa Nellie. I used to like that one but must come clean and admit to stealing it from Keith Jackson.

I'll also let your theft of Ciao pass by without a browbeating. I stole that from the lovely and talented Sophia Loren.

Without further ado, here are the two posts I left on your glorious diary.

1. In response to fredcdobbs @ 12

I’m just picking this one post as an example of the hypocrisy shown on this board. Miss Hamsher is a very nice lady and doesn’t deserve this.

Fred wrote, “Argue facts, do not call names how much does the DLC or OFA pay you for this idiot drivel?

At the risk of troll/paid-shill feeding …”

Haha@ Fred! Hypocrates isn’t a river in Egypt. … Wait a sec. That didn’t sound right.

Anyway, I highly recommend this diary. Anyone who is disappointed that donkeytale’s “candidate” won must have been rooting for Rmoney. Those were the only two choices with a chance of winning.

If you don’t agree with donk then state it with some dignity. Otherwise, you are not worthy to be in the same room of someone as lovely and talented as Miss Hamsher, I do declare.

Grow Up!

2. in response to montymarket @ 13

Dude, that you think it was a personal attack on yourself speaks volumes.

Did you know that while you were in Vietnam doing what you were doing, donkeytale was off in Canada or somewhere smoking herb and listening to Creedence Clearwater?

Or at least he claims that. It’s yet to be socratised.

Y’all are sounding like whitey suburbia should keep on alienating people of colour. Last time we did that, the result was Ronald Reagan with tomato catsup becoming a vegetable.

Now I’m off to relax and have a sasparilla. I suggest y’all do the same or take a bubble bath.

Donkeytale. Is. Not. The. Enemy. He’s just a blogger.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think if nothing else, that thread proves conclusively that I am more hated than even you are hated.

That is quite an accomplishment.

If you wander back over there you will also find a comment or two I made promoting your rather excellent slef.

socrates said...

I can't believe how hypocritical they are. Wendy says you play games yet calls us the same person. Another tells you to stop using name calling and in the same paragraph calls you a shill troll. I don't know who they think they are fooling.

Now there is someone showing up on one of those DFQ2 BradBlog Part something entries. It might be part 17.

It looks like the dude is saying Jan Schakowsky was in some kinda sorta lesbian spy tryst and that Brad Friedman rocks.

So now I have to waste more time and respond to that.

Anonymous said...

here is my latest, a boring, pedantic, abstract roadmap for how these poor people can ever find their way out of the wilderness to which they are bound.

The Woods of the Whiteysphere.

I'm sure you also won't like it.

Since you are at base a low information, possibly non-voter yourself.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Anonymous said...

socrates said...

The thing is you're as clueless as any of them. I haven't read your new diary but can envision what's on it with the responses.

None of this matters, not even you and what you think is vibrant political chatter.

Everyone is a tool except for those who transcend the system. Period.

Be patient. I'll come up with a new entry soon. That's what this is probably about. Of course it all comes back to myself and Al Franken. I'm just not not feeling too inspired of late after the responses I got from this one at FDL.

My working title is None Of This Nor You Matter. At the top will be a screenshot of Bill Murray from Meatballs.

Real Truth Online said...

Most of the comments posted on your articles are YOURS...LOL.

socrates said...

You're an idiot, Larry, if you're implying I use sock puppets. If not, then so what? I admit it's been mostly myself and donkeytale as anonymous.

Are you here to troll or do you have something decent to add?

Real Truth Online said...

Nothing to add, just pointing out that you love talking to yourself. Why hasn't your BFF posted a story since January? Yes, Im talking about the last douchebag left. He comments on my site all the time. I guess he ran out of irrelevant things to post about. LOL

socrates said...

I hope you enjoyed making that last comment, since it will be the last of yours ever allowed on this blog. Seek help, you sick f***.

Anonymous said...

I'll be looking forward to that...has mailed-in classic stamped all over it (haha-"stamped"-"mailed-in" get it)...the trailer sounds abit like my fake monk schtick, so I'm sure I'll be able to add many fine comments.

I thot Larry's was appropriate given the way Wendy Davis played the same card on us in my thread.

He was satirising the whiteysphere, is all...anyway, regarding what does and doesn't matter, I thinkthat all depends on context. Does it matter as in change the human perception of the Universe matter? No.

But, do you enjoy writing and then re-reading a well-turned phrase like this "And if we can take that a step further and convert to Mormonism eventually we will be given our own planets?"

I enjoyed it. matters. Larry enjoyed dropping that comment, I enjoyed the interaction between you, knowing the lengthy history.


reading the the echochamber back in full dysfunctional anti-Obama mode as if the election never took place and can ignore their non-matterness (Non Mattingly?)as if the inevitable gearing up for another 4 years of online grousing the same schtick over and over and over, which they basically just copied and pasted from Stoller or Greenwald followed by yet another Green Party less than one percent symbolic Presidential vote (because it matters that it doesn't matter).


I mean, it doesn't matter to us but it matters to them, y'know what I mean?

And ergo, since we have stuff that matters to us,, therefore whatever matters to them matters.

Or wtf.

socrates said...

I'm probably now within a week of getting the computer upgrade. That means no more page freezes. That means no more limitations on socratisation.

Brynaert has taken it up a notch and forced me into this move.

Maybe you're correct that the yang to our yin or wtf also matters. Perhaps I will not delete Larry on sight. I simply don't want him guttering up this page with salty sailor talk and putdowns on my friends. The Last Name Left must have his reasons for going Garbo on us. I respect him and any blogging decisions he makes. Hopefully he is in good health and spirits.

Oh my. Zilla Stevenson is sending out a call for donations for her buddy the Amusing Bunni. Apparently she is going to die within a half year from terminal cancer.

I don't know. If you go to Bunni's page, it sounds a lot like the Zilla schtick. How we are now on the path to ruin because of Obama. But wait I am near death, so please send in MONEY!!!!

I hope I'm wrong. There's nothing sleazier than someone faking an illness to sucker kindhearted people out of their moolah.

Anonymous said...

My latest GBCW (nobody does it better, makes me feel sad for the rest)

Disassociated Press

WASHINGTON,DC – Democratic Leadership Council Chairman Harold Ford announced today that the Soc-donk Autopilot II, an automated social media tool cited by experts as one of the critical elements in both the election and re-election of President Barack Obama, will be taking its regularly-scheduled quadrennial maintenance at an undisclosed CIA Spy factory/Island Resort in the Caribbean.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that among other essential items requiring urgent attention, the Soc-donk II will have its wiring closely and lovingly inspected, then receive a series of full metal jacket three-in-one oil massages. All maintenance routines are expected to be performed by a spy agency expert code named “Agent Well Broad.”

The triumphant internet bot program departed from the White House Heliport early this morning after shaking hands and trading low-fives, Gangnam-style with President Obama, the First Lady, their daughters and the family dog.

“I am grateful for its valiant service!” The President shouted to assembled reporters over the loud, whirring rotors of Marine One.

Except for an unfortunate “urination incident” that occurred when the First Fido “Bo” apparently mistook the Soc-donk II for a fire hydrant, the ceremonies on the White House South Lawn went off without a hitch, clearly foreshadowing the upcoming festivities already scheduled for February 28, 2013 when the Chicago Bears, winners of the 2013 Super Bowl XLVII will visit. (Nate Silver has already called it).

In a brief press conference after the helicopter departed with its jubilant passengers partying and whupping it up on board, DLC Chairman Harold Ford addressed reporters, reading from a prepared statement.

“2012 marks the third consecutive election that the Democratic Leadership Council has deployed the Soc-donk Auto Pilot II to overwhelming success as a covert weapon in the Democratic Party’s ongoing war against the ‘Professional Left’ of the liberal blogosphere,” Ford said. “We devised the Soc-donk after the 2000 Ralph Nader debacle, and it has become one of the DLC’s most devastating automated campaign tools, whose effectiveness was exceeded this year overall perhaps only by the Nate Silverbot”.

socrates said...

I recommend that post. That's the kind of stuff you should write more often.

The basic point is that bloggers have taken themselves far too seriously.

You do realise that Dave Weintraub confronted Harold Ford at the Nutroots thingie those years ago?

Everything has come full circle. It all makes sense now. We fought the blogs and the blogs won.

Or did they?


Anonymous said...

You recommend it or you recommendeD it?


That Onion-like schtick is OK once in awhile. I used to do more of it but it's hard work, dude, if its funny.

Plus,in late life bid to get healthy I have given up teh weed, which seems to stimulate my pffunny bone.

Most of my schtick depletion in recent years has been the result of clean living coupled with hard work.

Something had to give.

socrates said...

I hear you. Your latest at FDL was actually pure brilliance. I should've said that. Your thoughts and paragraph construction was excellent.

I almost became a great teacher. Not to sound conceited, but teaching writing was one of my better schticks. That was darn good.

Weed isn't that bad for you unless your lungs are in rough shape. My thingie is I need to quit tobacco. I've seen some say it's more difficult to quit than heroin.

This Zilla thing is depressing the triple f out of me. I'll probably write something up soon. It seems obvious to me they are the same person.

Yeah we are said to be the same person, so that is not always a great post to write up.

Some things are so fricken obvious. Like Brad Friedman was running election fraud hoaxes. Larry is a deranged wingnut. Stacy McCain enjoys the sauce. Lebron gets away with traveling.

You've been correct the whole way against that third party nonsense. I did notice that Hot Flash Carol thread. She was pretty cool. I didn't see her dissing you. So you're a funny curmudgeon troll who's better looking than me. Shit happens.

socrates said...

haha were not was above in a paragraph where I was kissing my hand and making love to the mirror for writing knowledge. And I no longer have a clue, where commas should go. I blame, the internet.

Anonymous said...

Interesting factoid.

I didn't know this, but Nate Silver apparently got his start in life as an anonymous nobody at Daily Kos.

No wonder they hate him at FDL.

Well, that and he didn't factor third party candidates into his analysis of the polls.

donkeytale said...
This comment has been removed by the author.