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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Jane Hamsher: Another Victim of Obamabottery

Jane Hamsher, Queen Bee of a curious, dying online breed known as the Dilettante White Left (AKA 'the .35 of one percenters') has filed for Chapter 7 dissolution of CommonSense Media, an internet advertising network founded in 2007.

From the vantage point of your intrepid reporter, this latest sign of financial woe within the Hamsher Cult is both entirely predictable and richly [intentional pun alert] deserved.

Creditors include, among others the Daily Kos, National Review Online, the Drudge Report, plus Firedoglake and Hamsher herself.

Hamsher's audience dwindled during previous years as her reader's blog, MyFDL, came to be increasingly dominated during the first Obama term by the inchoate and often incoherent rants of elderly white people railing against America's first African-American President, scapegoating him personally for virtually every single social, economic and foreign policy problem, both real and imagined, most of which have dogged the United States at least since the 1980s.

Over time, MyFDL became known mostly as a sort of  a 'crazy aunt in the progressive blogosphere's attic' laughingstock. Hamsher herself steadily lost personal mojo among the blogging elite as her readership polarised itself into little more than yet another cranky third-Green Party adjunct group during the 2012 election.

Meanwhile, as everyone now knows, the political zeitgeist had changed in ways that were not discerned by self-absorbed ranters of either the Tea Party or Fake leftist nut fringes. President Obama quietly won a relatively easy and resounding victory in his 2012 re-election bid.

The finances of donor and ad supported blogs such as Firedoglake and Daily Kos tend to be shrouded in secrecy as privately-held businesses are not required to publicly disclose earnings.

Hamsher, reached by phone, referred The Huffington Post to her attorney, Warren Gorman, who declined to comment.

In the absence of transparency which is the ironic byword of many so-called progressive blogs, a reading of the tea leaves indicates that Hamsher's FDL donation stream may very well have spiralled downward along with her readership since the 2008 election.

For one thing, as the 2012 election season deepened into summer and blog participation increased cyclically across most political web sites, it was not uncommon for solicitors masquerading as anonymous commenters to directly or indirectly solicit donations from other commenters in My FDL threads, sometimes using cult-style shaming tactics in the process. Whether these were officially promoted by Hamsher or simply volunteer FDL acolytes is not known.

Another 'tell', FDL's two most renowned staff bloggers, Marcy Wheeler and David Dayen, have both left the blog in recent years. While their terminations were described as mutual decisions, left unanswered are questions of whether these were simply layoffs in a bad economy or the result of ideological differences or some other reason.

Hamsher's exceptionally good at getting people to put their money where her mouth is. But because Firedoglake is a blog that's dependent on financial support from PACs, it makes me wonder how much of her outrage is real and how much is driven by the constant need to fire up donors.

I posed that question to David Ferguson, who used to be in charge of Firedoglake's "Late Night FDL" feature under his pseudonym TRex. He replied, "I would hope that Jane wouldn't be so cynical as to exploit her readers in any way. I do know that working for her, there was a constant sense of crisis. Everything was always a blazing, four-alarm emergency, and I think some of that is what comes through on her blog. I don't know whether that's something she's working for effect or if that's just the way she is. Some of her alliances over the last year have genuinely surprised me, though, particularly with regard to the flap over the health care bill."  

Hamsher was widely criticised  for her handling of two PACs that collected nearly a half million dollars of donations for numerous "progressive causes" as regularly advertised on FDL.

The FEC reports show that Hamsher's PACs are a significant source of income for Firedoglake, but my experience trying to question her about them suggests that she's not big on transparency.

FDL Action PAC supports liberal causes and candidates, often with targeted campaigns such as "Tell Blanche Lincoln and Mike Ross to Act Like Democrats." Accountability Now's stated goal is to recruit primary challengers against members of Congress who "sell out the interests of their constituents in favor of corporations," according to its site.

Accountability Now collected $113,695 in donations during 2009, as it reported to the FEC, and spent $169,992 that year on nine consultants. Six of those people managed the committee: The PAC paid Hamsher $24,000, another $24,000 to PAC cofounder Glenn Greenwald of Salon.Com, $65,710 to two executive directors and $38,047 to two management consultants.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Time to Make the Donuts; Five Blog Entries in One

screenshot to go with blog title

The following were written quite a while ago. I'll lightly edit and add updates to each story.

God bless the audience

#1 The Mother-In-Law From Hell?

This is one of those stories that is tough to look away from.

In the white corner, the bride. In the pink, the mother-in-law from hell...

The last thing any bride-to-be wants is to fall foul of her future mother-in-law - particularly when her damning criticism of your behaviour goes viral on the internet.
Mother-in-law sends worst email ever to bride: forgivable?

Heidi Withers and Freddie Bourne

I'm not suggesting anyone spend too much time on this one. It's interesting, but then one starts to wonder whether the whole thing has been rigged.

Mother in law email from Carolyn Bourne to Heidi Withers
Anonymous said...

Go ahead and laugh, but the joke's on you. This is just a publicity stunt.

They'll have television producers with wads of cash knocking down their door in 3... 2... 1...

Catherine said...

As someone said earlier: "the joke's on you." How easy it is to fool the masses. Clearly, Mrs Bourne has friends in the media. Nice stunt to get her name out there. Sometime soon we'll be hearing about a book deal or a TV prog on "good" manners perhaps. *Yawn, yawn*

BTW did you hear that 121 women were raped by government troops in Congo last month? I know it's trivial compared to the Bourne Identity, but thought I'd let you know....
I've heard a lot of the stories on Jerry Springer and other so-called reality shows were fake. This one smells fishy too.

*** UPDATE: I had forgotten about this one. Apparently it hit the zeitgeist in June 2011 and soon withered. At the time it was an entertaining and juicy flamefest to follow. Yet, after the fact it was a "here today, gone tomorrow" or one-hit wonder. I googled "Carolyn Bourne Heidi Withers" and nothing more recent than that time frame popped up. This one needs to be tossed into the blogospheric shredder. Next. *** END OF UPDATE

#2 Is Roger Ebert a Jackass?

I was viewing that show Jackass a few years ago. I didn't like it. Watching people hurt themselves seemed pointless.

One of them killed himself and a co-worker through drinking and driving.

Ebert tweeted something about friends not letting jackasses drink and drive. I don't think that kind of comment should be causing such a brewhaha, pun intended. Sure it was insensitive, but the degree of backlash against him is unwarranted. He had his facebook removed for a while. He's getting called all sorts of names. This thing has gone viral. Stupid is as stupid does.

There is always more to a story than what's on the surface. It turns out Ebert is an alcoholic who promotes Alcoholics Anonymous.

He says it's totally unfounded to refer to them as a cult. Yet, the truth is they probably are one. Anyone can research this and decide for his or herself.

The moral of the story is we are a lost nation. The educational system has hit an all-time low. As explained by Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, we have lost our gumption, an ability to think for ourselves.

We are too absorbed in the cult of personality. We are always seeking out experts. Film critics like Ebert tell us what movies to watch. Politicians authorise illegal wars and wiretapping for our own so-called good. Sports authorities such as Bob Ryan tell us what a great coach Doc Rivers is. Then he must be!

I was okay with Ebert's tweet. It probably would have been better to not refer to the deceased as a jackass, despite that being the title for his movies. The deceased was horrifically irresponsible. (see fact, conspiracy)

Ebert shouldn't have said it. The Devil's Advocate says the dude himself used the word and simply did something Ebert feels strongly against.

The thing was blown out of proportion.

I just watched a very funny Letterman top ten with Justin Bieber. Dave was in total snark mode. If Bieber knew Letterman's history, he could've gone into Cher mode, if you know what I mean.

So Yahoo decides to blow it out of proportion with an article titled, "What Happened to Justin Bieber's Bromance With David Letterman?"

It's crazy what gets passed off for news.

***(UPDATE): Via Rolling Stone Magazine - Selena Gomez and David Letterman on Making Justin Bieber Cry END OF UPDATE ***


Yahoo is my homepage. So when I turn on my computer, I usually get at least a glimpse of their various highlighted stories. They also have a feature where they give the top ten yahoo search requests. Today's was very scary. Abe Vigoda was #2. I was like, damn, please no. Fish is meant to live forever.

It turns out the big story is that Abe Vigoda was on The Today Show. Wtf? Just for that, he's the #2 search item?

There is something sick going on called celebrity death pools. Dissemination of false rumours appears to be on the rise. These things go viral and cause a degree of personal distress for each victim. This has happened a bunch of times to Vigoda. It's happened to Bill Cosby, Sinbad and even the lovely and talented Betty White.

10 Celebrities You Think Are Dead But Are Still Alive

Two older celebrities you don't hear much about are the old-school, actress sisters Olivia de Havilland and Joan Fontaine. They are both in their nineties, God bless them.

They have been hating on each other since they were little kids and haven't spoken to one other for over 35 years. This article explains that their animosity developed because their mom kept flip-flopping on who was her favorite daughter.
Yet the cause of their estrangement goes far beyond professional sibling-rivalry. Its real roots lie in festering family jealousy and in the desperate battle waged by both women for the love of their mother, Lilian — who switched her affection bewilderingly from one sister to the other for more than half a century.
My theory is the two are hanging on to see who can last the longest in spite of the other. I say the two need to grow up, make up, and perhaps do so on a Barbara Walters or Oprah special. Now that would be must-see tv.

*** UPDATE: Betty White at age 91 is still going strong with appearances in all 71 episodes of Hot in Cleveland.

Olivia de Havilland and Joan Fontaine are still alive. Olivia turns 97 in July. Her last acting credit is from a 1988 tv movie. Fontaine turns 96 in October. Her last acting credit is a 1994 tv movie.

Abe Vigoda turned 92 in February. He is currently involved in a comedy in production titled, Mobster Movie.

Sinbad will be 57 in November. He is rumoured to be starring in a movie in production titled, The Independents.

Bill Cosby turns 76 in July. His Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids was remade in 2012 for approximately seven episodes. END OF UPDATE ***

#4 Memorial Day

I was reading a post from a right wing blogger on the essence of Memorial Day. He had kind words for folks who have lost family due to soldiering. To wingnuts, they have some crazy notion people die in wars for some legitimate cause. The tip of the iceberg is usually they died protecting our way of life. Uhm, no.

The way I see it, someone like this can post what I feel is propaganda and not run the risk of being called out for it. On the other hand, if someone were to write an anti-war essay, they'd probably be attacked for being a commie agitator. The blogger's last sentence was straight out of Orwell's 1984.

I don't get how being a soldier and working for the military-industrial complex protects peace. Now if someone could direct me to any wingnut posts calling out the Bush Administration for its prosecution of an illegal war, I'd be more quick to give such people the benefit of the doubt.

I'm also not some pacifist no matter what. Hitler and fascism did need to be put down through the use of violence.

However, war and the death industry need to be stopped. Imagine all the good that could be accomplished if the money put into death and destruction were instead used for creating job growth, good schools, housing, protecting the environment, and all other bipartisan ideals.

Peace and war are polar opposites. It is the height of doublespeak to proclaim that war protects peace. War by definition is the bane of humanity. Our biggest enemy is perhaps ourselves.

It is true defense contractors and chicken hawk politicians deserve the scorn more than soldiers do. I think most sign up due to the economy and because most schools are bad. The right waves the flag and typically has pledged allegiance from the earliest of ages. It's thus no surprise many end up enlisting. Many feel there is no other opportunity to go to college or have a real so-called career.

For all of Ted Kennedy's flaws, he was against the Iraq War from before it even started. Now his seat is occupied by a Republican, not because the people like Scott Brown, but because they didn't like Coakley's establishment ties. It was a protest vote. Now we have one less "voice of reason" in the Senate.

The House of Reps is always open to corruption due to gerrymandering. I don't know what's up with possible(?) shenanigans centered around Kucinich's seat.

Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. We had no right invading Iraq. It should't have been done. It went against the reasoning of why we went into the big wars, to protect human life and borders.

At least with Iraq War #1, Kuwait had been invaded with the U.S. not acting alone.

Plus, there's always this gnawing fact that the U.S. picks and chooses which countries to invade. It ends up looking racist and more to do with greed without even a touch of a humanitarian principle being involved.

Many Americans are fully aware that the U.S. has always been corrupt and full of war profiteers. But we lack any political clout. Guys like Kucinich and Ron Paul are deemed as crackpots.

Maybe they are. I do respect their anti-war stances. Too bad Obama has continued with the previous administration's methods for the most part. The first hints that we are up the creek, to me, was when Pelosi "took impeachment off the table" for GW Bush.

Wtf? And Obama seems to love all that spying and war as much as Bush and Cheney. It all reeks of good cop, bad cop. We need another FDR, someone who's going to strongly point out that the world has hit rock bottom. That to get things back on track, we are going to have to lift up the people. This same old, same old of war and blood sucking capitalism is absolutely destroying the planet.

*** UPDATE: Haha, yes that was a good rant. It is also further documentation of yours truly's truly leftier than thou status.

The Ted Kennedy Senate seat was won back by the good guys. What's her name, Elizabeth Warren or something? I am really out of the loop. END OF UPDATE ***

Let's wrap up this mailed-in entry with journalistic coverage of ...

#5 Kurt Cobain's Daughter's Middle Name Is Bean

Web Searches Surge for Frances Bean

Kurt Cobain gave his daughter the name of Frances Bean. He thought she looked like a kidney bean after looking at the ultrasound. Her godfather is Michael Stipe. Her godmother is Drew Barrymore.

I got this info from Yahoo. They say people on the internet are into finding out more about her. It comes up with these quirky, fun kind of stories Huffington does but their pages load a heck of a lot faster.

Frances Bean Cobain sounds kinda groovy. She seems a mix of goth and hippie. She just turned 18.

She's kind of an internet troll, which is not always a bad thing. I mean, a lot of great people in history have been considered bad news by conformists. Here is what she wrote on her twitter page showing that it's not cool to live off of other's names. Maybe she learned such humility from Drew Barrymore.
She clearly has problems with those who, in her opinion, rely on famous family members. In 2009, she let those thoughts be known on social networking site Twitter. Frances ranted about Lindsay Lohan's younger sister Ali. To Ali, she wrote: "You blatently (sic) don't care how your recognized, its the objective to get famous and that is what makes you replaceable and a recycled idea."
She appears to have a good head on her shoulders, all things considered. We know what happened with Kurt, and her mom appears perhaps a tad unhinged. Maybe in their personal lives, Frances Bean is more of the mom with Courtney role-playing the daughter.

*** UPDATE Frances Bean turns 21 in August.

Wow, I don't know what's up with some of the stories listed at this link. Haha, Courtney and Frances exchange tweets. And omg there is something about a home invasion and attempted murder.

Frances Bean Cobain News END OF UPDATE ***

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mr. Obama, Tear Down This Veil!

You, so concerned with your legacy, should cringe. Instead of being remembered proudly as the first African American President, one who changed the domestic political zeitgeist away from the prevailing conservativism of the prior forty years, you will be remembered as the one who finished shredding the first amendment for the war against an ah...whatever.

Not the liberal who boldly nationalised the auto industry, who sorta-kinda-almost boldly championed a weakened, privatised version of national healthcare reform, who raised tax rates on the wealthy for the first time in a generation, who, against historical partisan opposition did better manage to mitigate the worst effects of austerity during a deep recession than an "enlightened" Western Europe, which dove headlong into triple dip territory.

Yes, you will certainly be remembered for your skin pigmentation.

And your wall of secrecy.

Remember LBJ?

Less than a present day Lincoln, you are beginning to remind me of a postmodern Johnson.

Johnson spoke often about wanting to be the "president of all the people." He had great skill in crafting decisions that offered up something for everyone. In Vietnam increased bombing raids were conducted to appease the "hawks," while gradual troop increases and intermittent efforts at negotiation were touted to please the "doves." Johnson's efforts at consensus building on Vietnam often meant avoiding the more difficult decisions inherent in leadership positions.

If the record of Lyndon Johnson's presidency were to end in 1965, his would surely be ranked among our nation's finest. Thrust into the role of Chief Executive on that tragic day in Dallas in November 1963, Johnson reassured an emotionally devastated public by pledging to honor, and build upon, the legacy of his slain predecessor -- "John Kennedy's death commands what his life conveyed -- that America must move forward." Johnson did indeed move forward, presenting a program of domestic reforms originally crafted in the mold of the New Deal and imbued with the vigor of the New Frontier. By 1965, Johnson had devised and signed into law more than 200 pieces of major legislation, including a sizable tax cut, a billion dollar anti-poverty program, and a groundbreaking civil rights bill. But the promises of his Great Society were swallowed up in the quagmire of Vietnam.

The boldness with which Johnson moved on the domestic front was undermined by his own hesitance and duplicity concerning Vietnam. By March 1968 a Gallup poll recorded that only 26 percent of the American people approved of his handling of the war. Most damaging to the man and to the presidency itself was the opening up of a "credibility gap." Lyndon Johnson, who had done so much to fulfill the idealism of the Kennedy era, was blamed for ushering in an era of increased public cynicism toward official Washington.</blockquote>

Wake the fock up, looser Mr. President.

A common thread that runs through many of the American foreign-policy misadventures of the last couple of generations—the overthrow of Mossadegh in Iran and of Allende in Chile, the Bay of Pigs fiasco, the Vietnam War, the Iran-Contra debacle, the catastrophic Iraq war that was launched ten years ago this week, the torture scandal—is the manipulation of secrecy, deceit, and unchecked executive power. The Obama Administration’s so-far-unaccountable drone war may never rival the damage of any of those. But isn’t it bad enough that it has somehow managed to cast Rand Paul—who would abrogate the American social contract, consolidate the country’s transformation into a merciless plutocracy, and destroy the global power of the United States not just for ill but, in both senses, for good—as the conscience of a nation and the hero of its enlightened youth?

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

We Have Tweets Part 2

Jaimie Cochran and Jen Emick might as well be called informants. It's all leading to Spy Factory anyway. @FoolishReporter

I notice journo @kurteichenwald can't come up with top five list for Bush administration policies. Was there even one? They were pure evil.

Paid informant? InfinitySnake (Emick?) attacking #Anonymous?

I think he and Uber are working a script, @sealystar. BK can't help himself. Neal, on other hand, puts on an act. The question is why.

Spy factory watches both right & left, @sealystar. Anonymous & OWS lean left. Neal as strawman draws the right's ire while tainting left.

Neal is Hal Turner of the left, @sealystar. He fits model of agent provocateur. Neal as Dr. Mabuse comp. genius doesn't pass stink test.

Tom Ryan is part & parcel of spy factory, @sealystar. I don't buy that the conversation was leaked but rather deliberately disseminated.

.@sealystar, ZAPEM's plausible deniability is that she's a kook. I'm not buying that either. She is third wheel to cover "Tea Party" right.

To answer these questions as best as we can, we'd have to treat ARG surrealism as factual. Meanwhile, Barrett rots in prison. @sealystar

Manning is also victim of spy factory shenanigans. Bet on it. It seems half million had access to stuff. He exposed war crimes. @sealystar

I finally saw your show, @mindykaling. It was delightful. Unfortunately, you seem to have jumped the shawk in episode two.

Not true. After I won in Nov. to end it, you freaked out over name being outed. RT @AaronWorthing I became a target bc I helped a liberal

.@AaronWorthing put in 200 page kook motion for dumbass appeal I didn't even attend because it was over. Judge Rupp saw BK was full of it.

Judge Rupp almost threw @AaronWorthing out of hearing. Transcripts at my blog also contain proof Brett Kimberlin is delusional.

Says dumbass who ruined his life propping up Breitbart. RT @AaronWorthing it's not really about politics. That's just what they hide behind.

On phone claimed civil ct. would find @ronbryn guilty. RT @AaronWorthing well I am not ready to publicly accuse #BrettKimberlin of [SWATs].

Do you realise that yourself & @kennethlipp give off an Al Giordano aroma? @sabzbrach

Al Giordano of Narco News had a conniption because I am leftier than thou, or at least him.

Here's another one on fake leftist @markos's buddy being socratised. Al Giordano of Narco News P*wned!

It appears @markos had '06 interview with Commonwealth Club scrubbed. He claimed CIA as liberal institution he'd have no qualms working for.

Thanks to, one can listen to interview fake leftist @markos would rather folks not know about.

Dave Weintraub Versus @markos Moulitsass: One respected the other not so much. (scroll down a bit)

.@markos orders Townhouse KosKops starve oxygen from payola type scandal. "THE BLOGOSPHERE'S SMOKE-FILLED BACKROOM:"

.@Markos Moulitsas of Daily Kos Is Not A Progressive:

Not much is worse than people falsely portraying themselves in pursuit of profit. Mainly for this reason is why the internet truly sucks.

1st amdt rights to freedom of speech & assn are at risk due to the net. It is currently a false steering device for positive social change.

Oh yes, major props to Francis L. Holland, another person driven off of Daily Kos. @FoolishReporter @markos @fieldnegro

I guess it's possible interview with @markos by Commonwealth Club was moved. Sorry if I have my doubts about that. @FoolishReporter

Hey dude, check your mentions. You've gotten away with nothing. @markos Moulitsass

It's basically an absurd joke for one to claim @Markos represents the left. Same goes for Neal Rauhauser as rep for #Anonymous or #OWS

mollycrabapple @mollycrabapple 26 Feb
Greece has hired Blackwater to help contain civil unrest, according to recently retired diplomat-
Retweeted by socrates

Tweetledee or tweetledum? RT @FoolishReporter tweet

Looks like bad guys tried to hack my email. From a "Mike Stack" I doubt was him. @FoolishReporter

.@rsmccain said Brown needed FBI probe, then he's an informant, to now what? RU a journo? Is The Washington Times a real paper? @ronbryn

I fell for one of those Twitter dm phishes. Thankfully followers cut me a break. This one was different. @FoolishReporter

A week or so ago I got an email with an attachment from "Mike Stack." I didn't open it. Two arrived today.... @FoolishReporter

I don't think this was some random spammer fishing through my contact list. They were again from "Mike Stack." .... @FoolishReporter

Why especially for the sleazebag? Why protect Jen's image? Are there Emick posts admitting to being an HB Gary snitch? @FoolishReporter

I don't care if they are FBI or FBI snitch or Infraguard. It's all the same thing imho. People who should not be trusted. @sealystar

Yeah fascinating, and there she is all buddies with @rsmccain and Mike Stack. Jen Emick is a rat. @sealystar

We're in a legitimation crisis. Why can govt. spy on us, but we can't return the offer? Some should not be created more equal than others.

Where is Jen Emick @Asherahresearch now? I would type her name no mention, she'd still troll me. Has she ever admitted to the HB Gary job?

I forwarded the two emails to FBI Boston & specificly Special Agent involved with famous art heist schtick. @FoolishReporter

Next on the socratisation docket is Skippy Stalin.

If Tom Ryan is right wing rah rah security but in the open, whatever that means, that is a crew collision. @FoolishReporter

Net fake @AsherahResearch has me blocked. She's a rat fink who worked for HB Gary. So when she claims to be far left or left, she's lying.

She posts a dubious link pimping herself as anti-ratfink. Yet where is any mention of when she emerged from sewer rat closet?

Where are Emick's links explaining her job at HB Gary? There are none, because this shows she's an internet fake.

So why should anyone care what she thinks or believe any of it? @FoolishReporter

Aaah, not to put words in your mouth.... So this is old news & Jaime Cochran as rat is so-called breaking news? @FoolishReporter

It's very confusing. I don't trust any of them. I wish there were posts that explain with proof the wtf's. @FoolishReporter @SealyStar

Ahhh a parody account. Youse guys crack me up but don't realise this adds to socratisation (unpaid) workload. @AsherasResearch

Let me find the link. She doesn't deny/dispute interview description of herself as HB Gary Jen Emick type. @FoolishReporter

Brynaert should realise entries need 2B written at 10th grade level. This is convoluted stuff. Don't expect folks to easily understand it.

Jen Emick, UR a net fake period! You were paid by HB Gary to spy on Anonymous. It's over, sweetie. Go back to sock puppets let adults speak.

Anonymous is only a word. I used to be anonymous. I was never anonymous anonymous. Maybe I was annoymynous.

This one. Jaime Cochran admits to being co-chair of Rustle League AND online security professional. @FoolishReporter

Ok guys, here's the plan. Emick, slide into Ryan's role. Tom, stay off Twitter & pump out socks. ... Oopsies I just outed myself as kingpin.

Thanks Jen Emick for making it clear people can make a difference & expose stuff.

Jen hon @asherahresearch, I can respond to ur blocked tweets through Twitiq. Tell us where you've posted before on HB Gary job of yours.

Das Beet RT @Mededitor The Omega-3 Man #healthnutfilms

Emick setup Brown? So fight between her & Rauhauser is rigged? Hat tip to intrepid internet journalist @ronbryn sr.

How stupid can one be to own co-chair of Rustle League and title of online security professional? This is more outrageous than Chuck Barris.

.@asherahresearch, own up to your numbnut-ness. Tell about HB Gary days. Could be treason by you, miss cockroach blogger. @ronbryn

One more lying cybersmearer on block.

I heard about Raytheon going for a piece of spy factory ARG pie. Karoli is one blocked. I could sue some people for defamation. @sealystar

Can you please explain what those names mean, @sealystar?

Sorry, what video? Link @sealystar @sealystar

.@sealystar Oops thought I had please in there.

Thanks, @sealystar. The Guardian is a classy paper.

.@sealystar Sounds retarded.

There seems to be a crew. @sealystar

They are paid internet fakes, no doubt in my mind. @sealystar

Why, @sealystar? Where did you get the screenshots?

The hacked exchange of Jen Emick working at HB Gary is the equivalent of a paystub. Shouldn't she be upfront about her job? @sealystar

It boils down to chasing convoluted shadows. It becomes pointless. @sealystar

She doesn't seem to be the type to get her arm cointelpro squeezed for crime. @sealystar

You're saying you have to break the law to get an FBI C.I. job? @sealystar

I'll have to google that. @sealystar

Though there is always the saying, "Convicted? Never convicted." @sealystar

Wow, this is from June 2012. I've been way behind the curve. @sealystar

Haha, Starsky and Hutch is old-school. @sealystar

That article even calls her a rat. So she is off-base to say there isn't a problem here. @sealystar

What is going on with this render64 and Jester characters? @sealystar

Emick is HB Gary. That seals her reputation. Next. @sealystar

Who is this Jester and why should anyone care? @sealystar

Are they mere "good guys" in a script or are they "good good" guys? And what is the proof? @sealystar

Swann de Whatever @SwannEsq 28 Feb>br /> RT @sillycheese76: Being popular on Twitter is like sitting at the cool table in the cafeteria at a mental hospital
Retweeted by socrates

MT @ronbryn ... against informants spying on Americans on behalf of sketchy security firms & federal agencies 4 profit, revenge/lulz.

Maybe you'll care if you end up in court for defamation. @Fara1

I get harassed in clear cyber sunlight by @NadiaNaffe Leiderman, Neal Brett, @Fara1 @BostonPhoenix & others, there's never any truth.

.@RonBryn, of course I had nothing to do with any of that. I'm just a blogger. The following have wronged me.. @Fara1 @BostonPhoenix

Transcripts show what happened in MD. You @Fara1 & @BostonPhoenix have no right to publish defamation.

You have cybersmeared me, @Fara1 & @BostonPhoenix. I was regular guy, wrote articles on Kimberlin over two years before Nagy stole story.

A wild conspiracy created by Kimberlin & Rauhauser revolved around me. I had exposed Velvet Revolution for hoaxing. @Fara1 & @BostonPhoenix

Sorry to burst your bubbles, @Fara1 & @BostonPhoenix, but you need to clean this up or expect a lawsuit.

With your defamation @Fara1 & @BostonPhoenix, you have contributed to cyberstalking/smearing campaign by internet predator Neal Rauhauser.

For someone acting all know-it-all, @milowent, you have a lot of nerve including me in a tweet with a cybersmearer. #blocked

The block button is nice.

.@AsherahResearch is still standing? Sure, as a blogger participating under false pretense while collecting informant pay. @FoolishReporter

You fucking piece of shit lying smearer. When you least expect it, it will happen. @Fara1

I'm suing you and @BostonPhoenix, @Fara1. You will not get away with this. You are going to court for defamation.

Chris Faraone @Fara1 of @BostonPhoenix writes lies & will be sued. You will be sued also Boston Phoenix. You can't defame people like that.

all cybersmearers and harassers will be blocked.

Not only are @BostonPhoenix & @fara1 facing defamation lawsuit, I am planning on making a criminal complaint for conspiracy to harass.

Where are "free speech" hypocrites like @MarcRandazza when you really need them?

Oopsies on that one. It's @marcorandazza. After long talk he referred me to lawyer asking for 45 G & most of that upfront. @Mededitor

I have to figure out how criminal complaints are made. This harassment has gone too far and in broad daylight. @Mededitor @marcorandazza

.@Fara1 & @BostonPhoenix smear me with defamation, yet you call him a reporter with a real job? @sealystar

Chris @Fara1 Faraone & @BostonPhoenix commit defamation. U lowlifes will pay for publishing lies. @NadiaNaffe U2 can expect blowback.

Despicable @Fara1 @BostonPhoenix @NadiaNaffe & Neal Rauhauser have criminally cybersmeared me and will pay for it.

You @FoolishReporter continue to plug HB Gary's Jen Emick, yet when I am cybersmeared by Boston Phoenix, you lend no support.

This is sickening. "Bullied boy dies a day after turning 12" by Christian Science Monitor

It used to be a decent alternative paper, but @BostonPhoenix has since turned into a rag with escort section, ads, etc.. @FoolishReporter

A certain section of Netroots corruption didn't like being exposed. The truth actually fits neither narrative. @FoolishReporter

There was no paper chain to O'Keefe emails or anything like that. Kimberlin tried, but it never went that far. @FoolishReporter

I try to ignore the cybersmears, @FoolishReporter.

It's preserved at DKos & my two blogs, If anything, Patterico was my pet poodle for blogging. They were 28 months behind. @FoolishReporter.

It's in case records somewhere. .. I think there was a neo-nazi blogger named Socrates. I don't know about the other one. @FoolishReporter

The multipersonality sock puppet angle has been overused in this cybersmearing. I'm tired of the smears. It's not fair. @FoolishReporter

I must take a look. I alluded to Armstrong in some tweets. I'm either psychic or it was a coincidence. @FoolishReporter

Each side attacks. Breitbarts completely ignore Nagy stealing story. I actually exposed real fraud not terrorist schtick. @FoolishReporter

I'm reading ... Very interesting. Reminds me of a couple lads who were quite vocal during Honduras' troubles.

I gave you a plug, @FoolishReporter.

Yeah, it was pretty bad. I could sue them or something. I bet I could file charges against Neal Rauhauser at a minimum. @sealystar

Well, it is very embarrassing @FoolishReporter was/is buddies with Brooks Bayne & also sticks up for HB Gary rat Jen Emick. @sealystar

Fake journalist Ron Brynaert made the same attacks on me the Boston Phoenix did. Cause everyone including Ron is full of shit.

Brynaert's a paid troll imho: "I don't agree the #1 target for everyone at Occupy was banks. #1 target for Netroots & Dems was Tea Party."

Ron Brynaert is paid to post. That's how he rolls. No one could make the mistakes he did and not be an internet fake.

I won't be taking action in blog court. @sealystar

Ok fine. So you dm me the articles but make no public tweet against smears on me. Gotcha. @FoolishReporter

.@AaronWorthing always gets his hands in the cookie jar, no? Same as Lee @Stranahan. Meanwhile, Grouch's cry me river act is getting stale.

Colonel Grouchie retreats to his bunker. Like some cheese with that whine? Vile and menacing indeed.

@ LiberalGrouch is on a rampage. What does this mean? Is he nuts and off to prison?

I've given Grouch advice to stop. He can't help himself. This is all very sad.

People mocking LiberalGrouch are no better. It's ugly all the way around.

There's no part to anything. I have nothing to do with anything from Breitbarts to Naffe to Rauhauser/Kimberlin.

That's just another troll like Brynaert, Emick, Qritiq or any other asshole putting hand in cookie jar. @FoolishReporter

Change profile to full of shit working internet convolution teamed up with obvious bad guys not much to offer. @FoolishReporter

UR well aware of things. Yet when it happens in real time, you show zero support. Yet you do for internet slime Jen Emick.@FoolishReporter

McCain mentioned how much Rauhauser lies. Brynaert turned that into McCain projecting. I still wonder why Brynaert worked for Kimberlin.

Brynaert promotes Lane Lipton who promotes Rauhauser. Ron is a full of shit supertroll. Probably makes a good chunk working for FBI.

Brynaert needs to get off internet. He either finds real journalism job or is an internet addict nutjob or FBI informant. One or the other.

Of course anonyops is a net fake. Real Anonymous does not pimp Neal Rauhauser related hoax garbage. Anyone near that id cannot be trusted.

and don't think I've forgotten smear merchant Skippy Stalin

Anyone caught with fingers in cookie jar, pretty much everyone except me, it's all shady tunes.

Now Ron's pandering to Breitbart crowd. He needs to start at bottom at local paper work way up to real paper. Or his schtick is shady.

Haha @FoolishReporter with 142,241 tweets. Kissing Mitt's ass. Cochran's, VITB's, Emick's.. As in look at me a rw into cool security stuff.

He's praising Darby. Toolish has no answer to ending up with Brooks Bayne & all these others yet should be taken seriously. @FoolishReporter

Even though drone strikes are not legal on US soil, right woos left on internet continues to push the very idea as fact.

.@rsmccain has can't vouch for RJ/Sock story disclaimer but forgot to do same when pushing Kimberlin SWATGate angle.

In March 2011 internet enigma Ron Brynaert guest blogged for con artist Brad Friedman of BradBlog. Conspiracy Fact.

Monday, March 4, 2013

We Have Tweets Part One

I'm fishing through my tweets from the last month for ones I don't want falling into a memory hole. New commentary will be added in italics.

I am constantly making lists and prioritising. Something must be done about this criminal cybersmearing. Other priorities are none of ye business.

It's pretty bizarre to find out one is totally alone in this world. I get harassed in broad daylight. It never stops. I see next to no one steps up to defend me. This is a promise not a threat. Criminal charges are going to be filed. Knock on wood I find an attorney to take this pro bono, and then lawsuits will be filed. Bet on it.

On Edit: I only made comments at the beginning. Then it's all tweets. It's called micro-blogging.

.@FoolishReporter Crying Wolfe Blog is back.

Who cares? Mike Stack pals around with internet fakes. He owns that.

Cyberstalker/smearer Neal Rauhauser claims I weigh 70 more pounds than him. For the record, I weigh 135 pounds. @FoolishReporter

I am making a criminal complaint against Neal Rauhauser. He belongs in prison.

How do sincere people in #Anonymous & #OWS feel about FBI informant Neal Rauhauser infiltrating their groups & entrapping Barrett Brown?

I admit my original blog is hard to follow in too many spots. I apologise for that.

How can there be a so-called truce when certain names have never owned up to cybersmearing & hoaxing? @sealystar

I am moving this fight from blog court to real criminal and civil justice systems.

I have never made a death threat against anyone, but if Neal Rauhauser ever comes near me, I will do what it takes to protect myself.

Rauhauser is upset whole world knows he is a cybersmearer/stalking con artist who infiltrated #Anonymous & #OWS

It is disinfo to say @GreggHoush was let off hook with court troubles (implying he's informer), though he should comment/apologise on Neal.

Disinfo writer Ron Brynaert called 11/14/11 my final reckoning, myself a troll, and that @Patterico was slandering BK.

Politician moves to make vulgar Photoshopping illegal

Yes, back in day when the Speedway Bomber sued me, I waited for it to end to tell my side of it. @jsigwart

It appears ‏@emptywheel has the sense to not side with the imho open and shut electronic harassment that @Karoli does.

It's pitiful that to see @Karoli continue to ignore facts and align herself with obvious (imho) criminal harassment.

Sound theory imho. MT @canuckamuk Someone at Team BK cld b doing this 2 set him off as lone kook. Sacrificing pawn who no longer has value.

Yes, Old Grouch might be getting sociually engineered into carrying harassment bag.

I agree @jsigwart Lee should stop. Bill is obviously not well. He should not be prodded in public. Blog court does not equal irl court.

I can't see Liberal Grouch escaping prison time.

If I harass back to harassers, @elechues, I end up looking just as bad. That is a personal issue I am working on to stop doing.

I agree again, @MonitorAccess. It's like Lee & I both talked sh*t to each other (regardless of first punch). But neither of us persists.

I'm not trying to diminish fact activities are apparently criminal. But if he is mentally ill, he deserves some defense. @MonitorAccess

I am not a shrink, but he appears to have mental illness. He's in over his head and being manipulated by bigger cheese. @MonitorAccess

Imho what is going on behind scenes (yet available) is Grouch making things worse. Strangely I end up feeling pity. @MonitorAccess

I see your point, @MonitorAccess. But of all the times people have gotten a commissioner to sign off on something, has it ever advanced?

If Grouch's Ides of March and working the Enola Gay has court thinking he poses serious threat, I could see him arrested on arrival.

I used to relay Rauhauser's cyberstalking emails to Nagy to look at for me. I don't get why she ever thought I was working with Neal.

I think Grouch did the same to me. I think he photo-shopped a picture of me into something disgusting.

But I don't go looking for these things. They cause me extreme pain and poke at my anger issues.

BK got busted lying under oath. He somehow gets people detained who are then let go when it reaches a prosecutor/judge. @MonitorAccess

Breitbart Unmasked is the website Grouch now runs. That's what it has to do with everything. @MonitorAccess

On and on down the list each person can be pinpointed for either being a con artist or duped. WITH FACTS! @MonitorAccess

.@rsmccain is 100% pure hack who personally pimped that BK was behind the SWATs with NO PROOF. Eat it! @MonitorAccess

Breitbart was informed of my situation in February 2011, @MonitorAccess by Frey. He did NOTHING!!!!! It's all a scam.

Once credibility is lost, it can never be regained. Once something is seen as truth, that is what it will always be. @MonitorAccess

It's all one, big ARG scam. Can't any of you guys keep it real? Breitbart & other side are tools. Marketing whores. @MonitorAccess

2/3/11 Frey email to Andrew Breitbart & Me- "Andrew: this is the fellow I told you about. All I ask is that y'all keep in mind ..." (contd)

"... that if a litigation fund is established, I may need to be a part of it if (as I expect) Kimberlin sues me too."

So thanks for nothing, Andrew Breitbart. Maybe if you hadn't been such a self-serving media whore, you'd still be alive.

For exposing notorious 20th Century criminal & his internet scams, I was sued, cybersmeared/stalked. @elechues

Rauhauser started death threat hoax that I was going to kill people. I've all this proof of smears/stalking but FBI does nothing. @elechues

Anyone can get a copy of my case file and see that Kimberlin put in crazy hoax of Team Breitbart out to get him.

Only reason I had trouble in MD was because Breitbarts did nothing for me and I had no money.

.@LiberalGrouch you have wronged me but you need to stfu and face reality.

Lori Drew was SWATted. Ron Brynaert did not lie on that one.

Liberal Grouch is being charged with hacking? Computer Illegal Access? WTF??? @wjjhoge

According to MD Case website, new criminal charges have been given to Bill Schmalfeldt by CARROLL COUNTY. A summons. @stranahan

Charged by @wjjhoge Way to go @LiberalGrouch go take the fall for Neal Rauhauser you moron.

I am a proud card carrying member of The Kook Society. [:>) @bombecerise

Omg one hr ago Grouch announced tomorrow is "Liegh Strammahang's Perverted Pussy Palace" Doesn't matter Lee's public figure with the malice.

Disinfo much? I'm an unpaid blogger farther left than you. You have jumped shark & will not regain limited credibility you had. @Karoli

Bravo for egging on apparently mentally ill man into potential, long-term prison sentence. @Karoli

I think Grouch needs help. He's getting egged on. Let's face it. He's gotten progressively worse & wasn't this bad at first. @MonitorAccess

BK is what he is, the #1 draw. Otherwise no one would care. Then there's @TheBradBlog Friedman who fronted the hoaxes. @MonitorAccess

.@Karoli "Still...some things deserve thought." Yes, like how you plug Grouch, Breitbart Unmasked, Occupy Rebellion & have 225,157 tweets.

Or how @Karoli lumped me in with Team Breitbart. Talk about clueless or insidious.

@ LiberalGrouch "Check your e-mail, @Stranahan" What part of "do not contact me" does a certain cyberstalker not understand? cc: @Karoli

Whomever is behind Breitbart Unmasked also deserves time in clink, imho. I wonder who that would be. Hmmm. @shawnnoneya

.@Stranahan as public figure is wrong thinking no one has right to ponder about his teeth or if wife was an escort. At question is malice.

It's @Stranahan's fault in a way that he didn't block wayback machine & a predator posing as journalist found curious offers.

Imho @Stranahan should simply keep his mouth shut about exotic photography. I was told to keep my mouth shut about BK's exoneration lie.

When it was Larisa Alexandrovna who should have kept her her mouth shut of lies about BK being exonerated for the Speedway Bombings.

I would never post like Grouch has. I dealt in truth and without malice. If you're a public figure telling lies, expect to be busted.

FBI informant i.e. agent provocateur Neal Rauhauser infiltrated #Anonymous and #OWS ... That is conspiracy fact.

Neal Rauhauser cybersmeared myself & Mike Stack. He thought he could bully us into silence. That too is conspiracy fact. #Anonymous #OWS

Multiple sources claim Neal Rauhauser drove Barrett Brown over the edge into conspiracy delusion leading to his imprisonment. #Anonymous

Conspiracy fact also says Rauhauser was close associate of Adrian Lamo & Chet Uber whom are tied to arrest of Bradley Manning. #Anonymous

It's mind bending if u look into convolution. Believed by many Rauhauser & BK are behind website Grouch now uses to harass Lee. @elechues

I'm still waiting for @Karoli (owner of 225,160 tweets) to admit she was mistaken or is an outright disinfo merchant.

"You people raise money" ... Prove it or apologise, @Karoli.

With all the facts available, anyone associating with Neal Rauhauser is a fake. #Anonymous

Oh what's this? Kookiness? No, it's the truth. It's what Neal does.

.@Karoli & @Stranahan deserve each other. Both post false narratives for profit. They are proverbial fake left/right respectively.

The Breitbarts et al & Bradblog/VR/Neal/Kos et al deserve each other. Ditto for them on falsifications.

I was smeared by all of them. Think about that.

Here is the total dollar figure for what I've accumulated from blogging.... $0.00

In blog court it's @LiberalGrouch vs @stranahan. In real court it will be Asst States Atty Claude de Vastey Jones vs Bill Schmalfeldt.

You don't want to discuss @Patterico cherry-picking & would rather discuss observation Neal does impressions? @Kimberlinunmask

Ok, you're not Dustin Farahnak, @Kimberlinunmask. Gotcha, lol.

You make money off of cybersmearing/stalking, when folks can easily get free advice and help. Pretty lame, bro. @StopWebBullying

I sense it's almost time to purge follower list. I won't let ratio drop below 1:1 but don't feel need to maintain 2:1. It's meaningless.

I refuse to suffer fools. If someone is trolling me or seems aligned with such, I don't want them following me. This transcends politics.

Hey @R1VER_TR0LL. I finally read some of your schtick. You see/listen to LiberalGrouch's stuff? He makes you look like Fred Rogers. [:>)

Sauditeam1 has been deleted but death threats still visible on sauditeam2.

Of course you're a sock puppet. RT @Kimberlinunmask I am not nor have I ever been a sock puppet or somebody's bitch, unlike Schmalfeldt

I see your blog has a contact form for names and addresses. Get bent, Mr. Internet Fake. @Kimberlinunmask

Net fake KimberlinUnmask asks for name, email, phone, two addresses, city, state & preferred contact #. Hahahahahaha!!!! Mr. Fed????

Where the hell's Brynaert when I need him?

Thanks, @elechues. If you have any questions, please tweet them. I can vouch for your sincerity. Context of fake death threat was...

I had no money & was getting cybersmeared by Rauhauser. It was just me and a kid from Wales later helping out on story.... @elechues

Kimberlin had website Indictbreitbart dot org. Breitbart was rich yet did squat for me even when aware of situation.... @elechues

Nagy stole story while Frey wouldn't loan me 200 hundred bucks to prevent bogus default. That's when I made awkward joke.... @elechues

just after I couldn't attend August hearing. It was made in private to prominent Breitbart people who left me to rot. I was... @elechues

arrested at beginning of civil hearing in Sept.. Held for over a day in oppressive conditions. Cleared early morning next day... @elechues

but not let out until well after 5 pm. It was a bogus charge made by notorious 20th Century criminal Brett Kimberlin... @elechues

All he needed was some loser Commisioner to sign off on a piece of paper full of lies. Then at Nov. 14th hearing... @elechues

I exposed BK for the delusional liar he is. The transcripts back this up. I am not going to waste time with sock puppet... @elechues

trolls asking me, "Uh, what was the context?" I've already answered that a number of times, but here I have done so yet again. @elechues

You control Twitter &R the moderator. Don't allow outsiders to make it a bad experience. Nice acquaintances R fine. Meanies no. #TwitterTip

I agree & apologise for talking too much about myself at times. I joined for specific purpose am also addicted to drama. :) @pippinproject

Why is SaudiTeam2 and its death threats still active?

Buh-bye MT @ConradRocksTX I get paid ever[y] once in a while to tweet ads.. you can too.. sign up here:

Aaron Swartz files reveal how FBI tracked internet activist via The Guardian

And you sir are a self-serving idiot. Fascism is extremism on the right. @KurtSchlichter

Extremes = totalitarianism. Right=fascism/Left=communism. It's a spectrum. look at intelligence. smart=genius/you=moron. @KurtSchlichter

Hey Mr. Vanity Fair, you just agreed to do interview with LiberalGrouch. Why do I doubt you have a clue about that story? @kurteichenwald

Thanks, bro. But you must realise these are closed-minded ideologues. It was easy to block nearly every one. @Storris @KurtSchlichter

Lots of dumbasses are on Twitter. Plus know-it-alls who think deep interaction is possible in 140 characters. @ImpoliticOne @kurteichenwald

Haha, @kurteichenwald. I just tweeted the same thing. You've yet to be socratised, so I cannot as of now say great minds think alike. [0>

Be grateful how obvious some make it to not respond. The Breitbart avatars kind of give it away. @kurteichenwald

We should do sushi, @kurteichenwald. I'm the one who was sued by Brett Kimberlin & got used by Andrew Breitbart and his lackeys.

Reps & Dems are both historic liberals. They only differ in nature & quantity of advocated reform. But you know this. @kurteichenwald

I guess you'd rather interact with trolls than get a scoop, @kurteichenwald.

That was cool. Obvious trolls blocked. Breitbart loser Kurt Schlichter exposed as idiot. Contact made with Vanity Fair's @kurteichenwald.

Contact Mark Singer of The New Yorker. He will confirm who I am. I exposed Brett Kimberlin & Brad Friedman, not Breitbarts. @kurteichenwald

Liberal Grouch is not of sound mind & is getting his chain yanked by you know who. He quite possibly faces prison time. @kurteichenwald

.@Storris You said fascist - corporate, socialism - communism thus backing my initial point to dumbass @KurtSchlichter.

I also pointed out Reps & Dems are both liberals, @Storris. You must have me mistaken for someone else. @prepostericity B.A., M.A., M.Ed.

Kimberlin appears to be one behind website Grouch is using to imho cyberstalk marketing whore Stranahan. @kurteichenwald

It's very convoluted, but all that SWAT/Weinergate stuff starts with myself & gentleman named Mike Stack of NJ. @kurteichenwald

Mark Singer will confirm I became player at Daily Kos in very early 2009, @kurteichenwald. Mandy Nagy of Breitbarts stole the story.

A disgusting, elaborate hoax was created by net predator Neal Rauhauser who's a confirmed associate of Brett Kimberlin. @kurteichenwald

There's plenty more if you want to talk off Twitter, @kurteichenwald. The internet waters are very convoluted and murky.

Are you the real @KurtSchlichter or the parody? What's your education resume, chump?

I heard Aaron Walker youtube videos of Grouch were pulled. That's YT policy not Grouch #winning. They pull first, answer appeals second.

AnonTeamBaker's pastebin is total disinfo. Hmmm. Who could have written that? Hmmmmm

"(@Prepostericity) repeated Julie Sigwart’s accusation that Lee Stranahan was behind our control account." Uhm, no I did not.

I said Lee must have ESP to know AnonTeamBaker was going to make a death threat.

This is misdirection from usual source. You who have been following the convolution know exactly who I'm talking about. See Grimm, Michael

See kookpocalypse... see Breitbart's isr cell something.... see predator, internet

see bus, I'm driving the.

Not shocked U follow Stranahan & not me, @TheRealRoseanne considering I wrote, Someone Needs To Deprogram Roseanne.

Omg @TheRealRoseanne is plugging internet fake Wayne Madsen.

Cowardly @TheRealRoseanne has put me on block but not before committing libel.... "you are a pedophile apologist"

See you in court, @TheRealRoseanne? I betcha didn't realise a real name is attached to my Prepostericity username.

Omg @sealystar, do you know any lawyers in Lala Land? Roseanne Barr just called me a pedophile apologist. She put me on block too!

As long as I avoid Tiki Doll that attacked the Brady Bunch, it should be all good. Maybe lawyer can take care of it without me. @tksjewelry

I thought so. Thanks for confirming. RT @sealystar Totally rigged.

She hoit my fweelings, @sealystar. I won't sue. She's a sweetie despite having mentality that led to innocent people going to prison.

It's only a matter of time before Ron Brynaert tweets I'm a vile supertroll menacing Rosanne Barr. @sealystar

.@Karoli honey, I only need 217,818 more tweets and we're tied.

Twitter's making me dizzy. Thanks for the good times. @sealystar

I didn't notice in any of your responses an explanation for your dumbass idea that Stalinism was right wing fascism. @bentrem

Mike Stack kicked me off his blog, @sealystar. Why won't he answer Weinergate questions at bottom of this thread?

I look at that rambling document by ZAPEM directed to Breitbart and the idea of rigged opposition comes to mind. @sealystar

I'm also curious of so-called coincidence of Stack posting once and only once on that early Patterico thread on Kimberlin. @sealystar

My developing theory is that most everything has been rigged and is related to spy factory goal of controlling social media. @sealystar

You just thanked a spam robot for retweeting your post. I blocked it. @michellebeckham

EFF Transparency Project: Social Networking Monitoring .... That's what these people are up to.

Is Project Vigilant A Hoax? Yes and no.

Project Vigilant is both about the monitoring of social networks and strawman all in one. @ChetUber is a tool.

Yes, interesting because of the Bradley Manning connection & since this Rauhauser dude shows up everywhere. @Mededitor

From one EFF FOI PDF: "Facillitate public's desire to knowingly submit operationally relevant info and interact with DHS Ops & the NOC."

What is NOC? Network Operations Center? Why are so many characters from New Jersey? Is that where the NOC is located? ....

DHS Social Media Monitoring and Situational Awareness Initiative Privacy Compliance Review

The DHS lies? ... DHS: We mainly monitor the social media of government officials

DHS launches cybersecurity career website Hmmmm. I wonder who on Twitter is a spy factory fake?

House Panel Decries 'Chilling' Effect of DHS Social-Media Monitoring

I remember posting link showing many spy factory tools are located in NJ. But my google skills must be off & the Celtics are almost on.

It's definitely garbage that the Hal Turner story isn't widely known. Imho, nearly all of this Twitter convolution is spy factory games.

That was dumb. I'm looking around for the basketball game and it's tomorrow.

I had to reread the tweets too, @Storris. These people don't understand the historical context we take for granted....

Feudalism to Mercantile Capitalism... Renaissance, Enlightenment, Counter-Enlightenment, Political Revolutions (French/US) etc.. @Storris

Not to toot my own horn, but my background was in critical theory, modernity, & the roots of fascism. Good luck with your studies. @Storris

It took me ten seconds to see you promoted the Institute for Study of War. Loser. @jetx86 #Blocked

Aaah, another self-serving wingnut from the Breitbart cult. Creep. @ChrisLoesch #Blocked

You just called @kurtschlichter a dummy and can't even type the #tcot hashtag proper. I thank you for this. @m_stewart_paine #blocked

Zzzzzzzz @dorothy1961 #blocked

Technically I could report wingnuts for spam but will simply apply block. #TwitterTip If you're gonna troll, at least make it entertaining.

.@bentrem Wingnut @KurtSchlichter needs to fetch my bowl and fill it with some wheaties. #caring

Dumbasses messed with wrong dude. I'm driving the bus. MT @bentrem Yet another path. dummy. Stalinism is RW, as is fascism. F'ing d'uhhh.

Are we having fun yet, @sealystar?

Oopsies, @bentrem. No way is Stalinism right wing. Buy a vowel next time.

.@rsmccain I suspect Mr. @kurteichenwald will not fall into baited trap, i.e. assisting convoluted, alternative reality games for profit.

What part of #blocked insignificant, sock puppet don't you understand? @Kimberlinunmask

Dear gentle, sweetie pie readers: Please forgive any grammatical or spelling errors arising in my crusade of speaking truth to numbnuts.

Haha, what a load of horse hockey coming out of all quarters from the alternative reality security games played out on Twitter & elsewhere.

Those are spy factory and/or their informants getting paid with taxpayer money to spread convolution & dominate social networks.

Internet Fakes Working For Intelligence Emerges As Fact

My work's done here, Team Numbnuts. Keep acting as if ppl don't see through ur garbage! Johnny has a message for you:

New blog entry: Andrew Breitbart Notified Of Situation Early February 2011

Yes, the internet is a joke. Now I have to respond to thug @rsmccain who cowardly didn't include you in a tweet. @kurteichenwald

I'm now catching up on @kurteichenwald's trollbusting of you @rsmccain for that despicable attack on a teen.

You lack integrity, @rsmccain. Sure Grouch crossed many lines. I hope the money has been worth the selling of your soul. @kurteichenwald

Thanks for the support, @elechues. I am no longer a victim. I am driving the bus.

People should also be aware that @rsmccain is not only racist & homophobic, but that his comment sections are censored. @kurteichenwald

.@rsmccain also pimped idea as fact that Kimberlin was behind SWATs. I'm the last person to defend BK, but truth is truth. @kurteichenwald

.@rsmccain, you should block me, unless you enjoy being p*wned. I stopped following you quite a while ago, yet you still follow me. #Idiot

Marley via YT: Natural Mystic & Crazy Baldhead 202 thumbs up 1 thumb down from @rsmccain.

Robert Stacy @rsmccain must have polished off too much hooch or inhaled a bad batch of snuff. I'm going to bed.

Since @Amusing_Bunni is so ill & at the end, wouldn't it make sense to reveal her true name, @DaTechGuyblog?

How does someone allegedly in hospice manage to go out to a fancy Chicago restaurant for steak, lobster tails, & fancy wine, @DaTechGuyblog?

Why does so much of the blogosphere lack critical thinking skills?

Driving the bus wouldn't be so rough, if not for the fricken state-sponsored sandstorm.

Haha @ @rsmccain who always goes into ignore mode, when he gets his ass kicked in debate. It's because he markets to specific type of tool.

.@rsmccain must be dreaming, if he thinks he looks good compared to thinker, esteemed journalist @kurteichenwald.

Haha, @rsmccain worked for The Washington Times. @kurteichenwald is a bestseller who worked for the NY Times. Who should we trust?

I haven't blown this much coffee through me nose since self-proclaimed "journalists" Larisa Alexandrovna & Ron Brynaert smeared Mark Singer.

Hiya, @sealystar! Is it me or except for a few people, does whole enchilada seem rigged? ... Yeah, Twitter needs to get us some smileys.

Mike Stack has confirmed P2_D_U is the Cypress Hill Gang something troll. Which means it is probably Brooks Bayne.

Someone named @Zoraidassij has followed me. It looks like some form of scam. Do not click on strange link in profile. #Blocked

That reminds me, @tksjewelry. Who would order a pizza with anchovies? Someone once requested pickles for a topping. Scary stuff.

From your mouth to God's ears. RT @Dtishbite Now Dat hs to do wt ur heart RT @nobleakins: Can ℓ̊̊̊ still get my virginity back???

Why won't @RonBryn recant his vouching for Rauhauser lackey Lane "Qritiq" Lipton?

Why do self-proclaimed leftists Rauhauser & Lipton attack Brown. Why did Neal attack Manning & make death threat on Cheney? #Anonymous #Duh

The reality facing Jamie Cochran (asshurtmacfags) is its use of real name is now akin to that of Hal Turner's or Rauhauser's. #Anonymous

You are interacting with some internet fakes, @Diadeedee. So far I trust you and your 29 tweets over their evoking of fake authority.

I'm starting to think it's best to leave out the @'s when discussing people on Twitter, to sequester the static. @sealystar

I see asshurtmacfags is an "online security professional," "co-chair/Rustle League" & I think "rofl" when Barrett was arrested. @sealystar

I see Vince in the Bay acting transparently stupid, as in what am I missing here? @sealystar

Proof is clear not tinfoil due to freedom of info requests. Of course that hasn't stopped FBI from redacting/blacking out stuff. @sealystar

I must admit Brynaert possibly prescient with his Mike as fraud schtick. It'd be easier to get away with fake SWAT(s). @sealystar

Stack "stupidly" claimed Marianne Stevenson as NJ cancer fraud based on my blog, then next week or so she is on his blogroll. @sealystar

I heard him once on Lee's podcast. He was smart and articulate, opposite of his internet persona. @sealystar

Mike should have stuck with ban reason based on my wondering wtf's a ZAPEM & her security schtick/crazy "file" sent to Andrew. @sealystar

Instead he also banned me for confronting @rsmccain's hideous attack on a gay teen. @sealystar

For the blocked fool we'll refer to as NotDustin, my cash flow is much better now. Thanks for your concern.

NotDustin's upset with wasting hours creating fancy blog not generating names, addresses, phone #'s, etc..

Neal & @ChetUber aren't that stupid. But that's how they want their participation in spy factory games to be perceived. Same as many others.

It's a hoax! Oh, we are deranged! Noise to signal is so high, real journalists won't figure out we're paid to collect info for Spy Factory.

Then there are the Sue Basko's & Kenneth Lipp's who merit full socratisation. We need to pinpoint who are real & fake gadflies. @sealystar

I wish there were people we could trust to cut to the chase. This is Sue's blog. @sealystar

NOC from my earlier tweet might also refer to intelligence officers, i.e. non-official cover.

Folks should now better understand Project Vigilant as both real & strawman. Reflect on Infraguard/this screenshot:

Why does Sue Basko refer to crazy tweets of as may or may not being Tom Ryan's?

That's from an article she titled: Cyberstalkers Rob Others’ Civil and Human Rights: Creep or Cointelpro Agent?

She claims Tom Ryan is an associate of Rustle League. There's no way that's Tom Ryan, unless he is lulzing himself. So why add any doubt?

Kenneth Lipp is another one impossible to trust. Why the heck did he plug Neal Rauhauser's crazy Team Breitbart hoax which featured me?

Sue Basko goes on to post one & only Adrian Lamo tweet confirming she has been "cyberstalked" with Jaime Cochran plant cc'ed.

We are witnessing net cointelpro. Who can we trust? Sue Basko? That would need further socratisation. I forget why, but she has me blocked.

Haha, it's the parody dude. I took care of real one the other day. I showed off high-powered academic skills. @KurtSchIichter @sealystar

I am saying don't trust her that quickly, @elechues. Some portray themselves as one thing and it's just not so. @sealystar

People need to let's say put together an internet bibliography and study, perhaps take notes. Beware of rabbit holes. @elechues @sealystar

I am gonna try to track down specific pdf I keep using as source for this screenshot. @elechues @sealystar

Maybe Basko and Lipp are well-meaning but confused. I used to think that of Stack. This can be very confusing stuff. @elechues @sealystar

I may be currently driving the bus, but we need more sincere drivers and a fleet of reliable vehicles. [0> @elechues @sealystar

This is the Wired article: This is the Pdf: @elechues @sealystar

You should investigate Neal Rauhauser, Project Vigilant, Infraguard, and other manifestations of net & Twitter shenanigans. @joshjonsmith

Grouch has a PhD in trolling. I hadn't ever read through your timeline before. Fred Rogers can be googled. That is all. @R1VER_TR0LL

Creepy OccupyRebellion now has avatar of cat with over-sized glasses. My last one was of a chihuahua with the same.

Stack & it as "Darrah Ford" had some long running feud via porn blogs. Net cointelpro loves to keep an eye on far right, left, & porn.

Rauhauser has history of "sex blogging" too and an affinity for creating sock puppets. Perhaps he is it.

The rationale behind an Infraguard (Project Vigilant?) is so law enforcement can't be busted for entrapment & cases thrown out so easily.

Patterico's chat with Brown shows that Barrett is a good (albeit in over his head) kid, while Frey is all about what's in it for me.

Brown admitted to once being in good contact with Neal, so I believe it wasn't far-fetched to wonder if he was FBI informant.

That idea gained traction. Brown wanted Frey to confront McCain on that smear. He was willing to look into Liederman/Naffe/Neal crap.

Hey @ChetUber, you're not fooling anyone with your end-around of intel laws to monitor American citizens.

If @RonBryn is correct with rat snitch Lamo working for intel without using real name @ChetUber, that's what I'm talking about. Numbnut.

Your multiple lol's concerning Barrett Brown, @asshurtmacfags, make you appear to be a sewer rat. #Anonymous

.@ChetUber, what part of your participation in lamo "alternative security reality games" don't you think is obvious?

I thought I'd pipe in on this thread to let folks know truth about @ChetUber can be ascertained by looking thu my recent tweets last days.

Yes, and you @_Golden_Rule_ trading tweets with disinfo conduit Vince in the Bay gives you sooo much credibility.

What's so funny to @_Golden_Rule_ about Barrett Brown in trouble, whose hypocritical profile says one's freedom ends when another's begins?

I don't know you, @_Golden_Rule_, but it's more than obvious the supertroll claims to work for security & was laughing it up during arrest.

.@PaperFishies, keep making light of conspiracy fact numbnutted spy factory is all over the net with the delusion your opinion matters.

Jaime Cochran doesn't work for so-called security, @_Golden_Rule_? She lied in that interview?

Name Barrett Brown's alleged crimes with proof, @_Golden_Rule_, or you are a waste of time.

"@asshurtmacfags on Twitter) is a 20-something online security professional" @_Golden_Rule_

Just what I thought, @_Golden_Rule_. You have nothing.

Thanks. I saw his other tweets too. I want exact charges with proof. RT @Mededitor You win. @_Golden_Rule_ lost this exchange.

Brown specifically said he wasn't making any violent threats & that if FBI was gonna research him, he'd return the offer. @Mededitor

I'm not clicking on any of your shady links, @asshurtmacfags. #Blocked

You still have nothing, @_Golden_Rule_. Thnks 4 mentioning weather mitig.. U sure know lot bout someone with only 165 followers. @Mededitor

I deal in facts and good sources, not sophistry, @_Golden_Rule_. #Blocked cc: @Mededitor

I got a RT from @plussone, who protects her tweets. She co-hosted show with disinfo conduit VITB. I won't be requesting a follow. #Blocked

Don't you mean sorry for the spam? #Blocked MT @robrtstefan Hello. Sorry for mention. Get interesting facts and funny here. thanks :) ...

They flush out the crazies (see Turner, Hal). I flush out the disinfo. I am a white hat supertroll.

Thanks for the kind words, @Mededitor. Message to all: Be careful clicking on links. I'll try to use Twitter 4 links so people can see them.

Thanks for the retweet, @FoolishReporter. My days of emotional overreacting to trolling are in the rear-view mirror. Not that it's about me.

Chet Uber @ChetUber 24 Feb
I like it when all things start to fall into place and people hang themselves on just the little bit of rope you give them. Makes work easy!
Retweeted by socrates

Haha, @ChetUber! Google projection.

I deleted last tweet to @Mededitor, @FoolishReporter, & @sealystar. You're the only three I trust. Am curious about

.@Mededitor, you may not have interest or been following it close enough to chip in with opinions. I won't include you in other mentions.

.@sealystar & @FoolishReporter, I know you guys follow this. Still, I won't include you in following mentions. I am gonna tweet a bit here.

Somehow the transcripts were just put up at Stack's website but with an added intro by "a guest." It's dated Jan. 29th same as the pastebin.

Excerpts plugged into Google only return Stack's blog (as #1). Since this sucker was posted an hour ago, it is not yet in cache.

The actual transcripts of the call between Uber and Ryan tell me this. What a load of garbage hoax!!!!!

I admit the Jan. 29th date is meaningless in a way, since Stack has plausible deniability through his image of making errors.

There are already six comments left by Mike, Relic, and Aftershock. Which one of them is supposed to be "a guest?"

Whole thing is a scam from every angle. It's called raising the noise to signal ratio & creating honeypots. All paid for with tax dollars.

As the kids say, all your bases belong to us. This is what Patrick Fitzgerald meant by, "... the umpire gets sand thrown in his eyes."

.@kurteichenwald, The convolution is spread thick so journalists like you won't cover what's going on in plain sight, e.g. Uber/Rauhauser.

Hi @elechues! It's a glorious morning on this side of the pond. I trust you too but don't expect you to have any comments on dumbass hoaxes.

Yes, always make sure to throw in peaceful activist part, so you don't get shipped to Guatanamo or hit by a drone. @elechues

I'm not a democrat, @kurteichenwald. Thus I am exempt from saying anything good about a Bush policy. Please name top five in your opinion.

Interpreting internet convolution is my specialty, @Diadeedee.

Good point RT @Diadeedee @sibeledmonds I wonder why someone would retweet your work if they wanted their own work taken seriously .

Aaah, @Diadeedee. I don't know that username. I meant yesterday with Rauhauser. Liederman's shady too for retweet.

I just tweeted out a blog link where in comments I had a gutter mouth. I think that's under control... @elechues

Hopefully folks will cut me some slack & ponder why I was so upset with that person. Not making excuses. It is what it is. @elechues

It's time to get off the internet and live some real life. @elechues.

Some of these people who follow us on Twitter seem to be trying to jack up their numbers. That makes it meaningless. @elechues

I rarely follow first, @elechues. If they are going to follow, why not send a tweet & interact a bit? I'd follow back if it's sincere.

What's up with Barrett Brown, @NyxNyx2? You know who he has for lawyer & exact charges? Seems he should get a misdemeanour at most & rehab.

.@RonBryn, delayed correction. Mistook Kramer 4 Kubrick. Was thinking of The Killing & Killer's Kiss as flicks Tarantino couldn't touch.

I do want to take my best tweets & turn them into a blog entry for prepostericity. But yeah, real life is better. @elechues

Not only that, it's a #TwitterTip @elechues

Thanks, @NyxNyx2. Much appreciated. Gotta get off net but want to look into it. It's bizarre how many attack him & with such glee.

Would? - Alice in Chains via YT

WhoWhatWhy @whowhatwhy 25 Feb ,br /> Wonder why you -- @Anon_Central -- are parroting dubious line from Feds(?!) in re
Retweeted by socrates

Plenty of so-called anons on Twitter reek of being plants. Anonyops has been in bed with net fake Neal Rauhauser. @whowhatwhy @Anon_Central

.@kurteichenwald Barrett Brown worked for your magazine. Why is there no article on his story?

.@kurteichenwald Or do you have a link? I googled within Vanity Fair and see nothing.

Oh wait a second, @Diadeedee. Why talk up Obama? Do you realise this is a Military-Industrial Complex problem & not partisan politics?

Why would I mean @whowhatwhy, @Diadeedee? #blocked

Bizarre! @Diadeedee suspended in real time. Wtf?

.@FoolishReporter. I bet Brown did nothing criminal. Maybe kid statement was a little bit of a no-no. Give him time served and let him out.

I'm housebound but car will be out of shop in the afternoon. But enough about me. The dude's getting railroaded. @FoolishReporter

I'd like to know more about so-called automated sock puppet program. I only buy it to a point. You can't fake soul. @FoolishReporter

I hate to talk ur head off, @FoolishReporter. I don't buy that Uber-Ryan call. It's a strawman to scare off the @kurteichenwald's of world.

What's that supposed to prove, @FoolishReporter? It's circular for evidence.

I smelled a script when Uber had to spell out we both Infraguard we can talk. Like a heavy-handed movie. @FoolishReporter @kurteichenwald

I don't buy them hacked. leaked or whatnot. Well some, In that they are an end-around to domestic laws. @FoolishReporter @kurteichenwald

Rauhauser smears himself on purpose, @FoolishReporter. Uber was heavy-handed with Neal as deranged & trying to overthrow govt.

Kurt's too busy trying to form kumbaya with Republicans and Democrats, @FoolishReporter. @kurteichenwald

.@FoolishReporter, He'll probably block me for telling him to do his job. @kurteichenwald

.@Diadeedee imho was a Neal sock. Thinks he suckered me in with attack on BradBlog's Edmonds. I've been kicking his ass. @FoolishReporter

Neal outed Aaron & Dustin. How? Facade is he's "deranged" dude without money to pay child support. No, he's spy factory. @FoolishReporter

One would have had to be born yesterday to not realise Neal Rauhauser's the proverbial agent provocateur who infiltrated #Anonymous and #OWS

.@ChetUber is full of shit saying Neal was trying to overthrow government, while others in PV wanted to put him through woodchipper.

Fake is as fake does.

@ChetUber, Neal Rauhauser, & all these other "security" loser/fakes remind me of "Feds pull suspicious .gov site"

Was Access One Network Northwest's "Defense Security Intelligence" a test pilot run for the current "Anonymous" disinfo campaign?

Adrian Lamo is mentioned in that 2003 CNET article. @ronbryn

Thanks for retweet, @ChiTownPhilly. Why would anyone block their tweets? "plussone" says, "Locked so I can WORSHIP MY TROLLS in private." 58% voted in poll "cyberwarfare is a real threat and not just a scary name." How many socks does it take to make 58%?

Uhm, follow the money. It's all about money. America's #1 enemy is the Military Industrial Complex.

People can waste their time following the Emick's, Ryan's, Rauhauser's, Jester's et al. Or they can look at facts.

I had you blocked, @Diadeedee. Earlier today you were showing as account suspended. Who are you? Please present some links of your blogging.

Are you 12 years old, @Diadeedee? I also notice the OccupyRebellion sock switched to an anime avatar. I don't waste time on trolls.

Rituals are essential for avoiding jinxes, @SplendidSpoon. Back in 2004, myself & a few friends used them ensuring end of Bambino Curse.

#Blocked MT @Diadeedee I can attest under oath while on twitter several people have commented on specifics seen in my home. @DarrellIssa

First one had crazy link I didn't click. The second one had "I'm Sorry" in header with text body of "email was hacked." @FoolishReporter

I'm using Twitter more because you can see the links & not that tiny url nonsense. @FoolishReporter

People can be as net savvy as Bill Gates. But if a friend's compromised account sends attachments, all bets are off. @FoolishReporter

Hurdle for bad guys is convincing targets to open attachments or click links. But you know this. @FoolishReporter

Only thing I can't resolve is there are too many people involved to sell spy factory ARG as coordinated conspiracy. @FoolishReporter

You're correct. I'll try to find one of those. But even then I'm paranoid hackers will crack that code too. @FoolishReporter

I mean safe website which translates tiny url's into real link. Maybe you are thinking of something else beyond proxies? @FoolishReporter

If it wasn't "Mike Stack" or more came from unrelated contacts, I'd avoid pushing "kook" theory. @FoolishReporter

socrates @Prepostericity 26 Feb You're making good points. People need to become accustomed to honed bad guy skills since Nigerian email era. @FoolishReporter

This is why they social engineer. They crave real people involvement to give texture to hoaxing. @FoolishReporter

I don't think it's a collision of crews. Not when both sides dish out such complementary schticks. @FoolishReporter

But in other milieus I'd agree. Say like Netroots versus Bill O'Reilly or Kimberlin versus Breitbart. @FoolishReporter

I think Rauhauser has been manipulating BK and Grouchie. I think Aaron Walker has been socially engineered too. @FoolishReporter

I have messed up that way too. More research, humility & reflection before blogging would have helped presentation. @FoolishReporter

Disinfo tactic is create enigmas. @sealystar wonders why Ryan is in Uber mix. If we're confused, then journos R X's 1000. @FoolishReporter

It's difficult to say because if we're wrong, then we're asses. I think Aaron saw this as opportunity to become player. @FoolishReporter

The Everyone Draw Mohammed blog reeks of cointelpro, especially what was scrubbed. Maybe Aaron was socially engineered. @FoolishReporter

It's disturbing @Patterico egged AW on with his 200 page kook motion put into dumbass BK appeal. Mandy's another enigma. @FoolishReporter

Aaah, dabbling in the kooky. Fair enough. It's called right woos left, bro. We Anonymous already took care of that story. @kurteichenwald

He's suffering from authoritarian personality disorder, @kurteichenwald. @JimmyPrinceton

.@FoolishReporter What is @RonBryn doing here? I only see the name Jen. Does Emick admit to this?

Ok, I see @AsherahResearch uses the same username elsewhere. So she worked for HB Gary? What a loser. @FoolishReporter @RonBryn @SealyStar

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Miss Teen Delware USA Escorts

God,  do I love women.

Not only for what they can and often do for us abject loosers on the other downward trending end of the great genitalia divide, but also for the way they can and often do backhand each other with such slyly quiet delight in the manner that the average dumbass dude [projection alert] rarely even takes notice of the cat furr flying much less recognises how much he is being pwned each and every day of his wretched pain wracked existence by these wondrous, superiour beings.

[run-on sentence alert]

It is not too surprising that a young beauty queen aspirant circa 2013, who is obviously very ambitious, only sorta above average cute looking in the rather generic way of postmodern teenaged femaleness (IE, so many are above average goodlooking that they are all average looking), and who is very quickly clearly distinguishing herslef as a supreme ironist of the first rank, [allegedly] decides to make an amateur porn video simply to earn a few bucks upon turning 18.

I mean, jeesh, you only live once! Give the grrl a brake, ladeez.

(And yes, I will interrupt here to confirm that I am a true lefty in more than one sense of the word, if you are scoring at home)

No, this fact seems rather totally typically on topic for where the conjunction of the infoboobtubes, celebrity and capitalism is leading our children (and grandchildren!) as we trip the light fantastic through the bowels of the 21st Century.

Nay, what truly truly cracked me up is this little concern trolling hit piece in what just happens to be the number one or two widely read print medium of record in the US of A-holes.

Uhhmm, I'm also pretty sure the DC print medium of record is fairly popular in nearby, uhmmm, Delaware, too, isn't it, Ms. 'We the Sheeple'?

As for Melissa King, I am certain she has many strengths and that her hard work and thoughtfulness helped get her the temporary tiara. (“Melissa began volunteering in her 8th grade year and fell in love with the joy of helping others!”) She will now have ample opportunity to hone those qualities as she prepares for her adult life. (As Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor might have told her “being princess is not a career.”)  
Happily-ever-after takes a lot of work. 
If it was the beauty queen having sex on camera, it was a bad idea — but she can still have a satisfying and productive life. I hope for King that it will unfold in many surprising and wondrous ways, and I wish her good luck.

Ah, yes, thanks for those nobly uplifting sentiments there, grandmama...

I'm also picturing in my mind (for I don't watch TV) all the clucking and twittering by all of those cable news infobabes (who got to their stations in life through their Murrow-like journalistic abilities, no doubt) over this little story.

These buds're for you, Miss [former] Delaware Teen USA....I'm sure that we will be hearing more, a lot more, from you in the very near future.

Self-promotional genius like yours doesn't grow on trees.

Not anymore, anyway.