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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Jane Hamsher: Another Victim of Obamabottery

Jane Hamsher, Queen Bee of a curious, dying online breed known as the Dilettante White Left (AKA 'the .35 of one percenters') has filed for Chapter 7 dissolution of CommonSense Media, an internet advertising network founded in 2007.

From the vantage point of your intrepid reporter, this latest sign of financial woe within the Hamsher Cult is both entirely predictable and richly [intentional pun alert] deserved.

Creditors include, among others the Daily Kos, National Review Online, the Drudge Report, plus Firedoglake and Hamsher herself.

Hamsher's audience dwindled during previous years as her reader's blog, MyFDL, came to be increasingly dominated during the first Obama term by the inchoate and often incoherent rants of elderly white people railing against America's first African-American President, scapegoating him personally for virtually every single social, economic and foreign policy problem, both real and imagined, most of which have dogged the United States at least since the 1980s.

Over time, MyFDL became known mostly as a sort of  a 'crazy aunt in the progressive blogosphere's attic' laughingstock. Hamsher herself steadily lost personal mojo among the blogging elite as her readership polarised itself into little more than yet another cranky third-Green Party adjunct group during the 2012 election.

Meanwhile, as everyone now knows, the political zeitgeist had changed in ways that were not discerned by self-absorbed ranters of either the Tea Party or Fake leftist nut fringes. President Obama quietly won a relatively easy and resounding victory in his 2012 re-election bid.

The finances of donor and ad supported blogs such as Firedoglake and Daily Kos tend to be shrouded in secrecy as privately-held businesses are not required to publicly disclose earnings.

Hamsher, reached by phone, referred The Huffington Post to her attorney, Warren Gorman, who declined to comment.

In the absence of transparency which is the ironic byword of many so-called progressive blogs, a reading of the tea leaves indicates that Hamsher's FDL donation stream may very well have spiralled downward along with her readership since the 2008 election.

For one thing, as the 2012 election season deepened into summer and blog participation increased cyclically across most political web sites, it was not uncommon for solicitors masquerading as anonymous commenters to directly or indirectly solicit donations from other commenters in My FDL threads, sometimes using cult-style shaming tactics in the process. Whether these were officially promoted by Hamsher or simply volunteer FDL acolytes is not known.

Another 'tell', FDL's two most renowned staff bloggers, Marcy Wheeler and David Dayen, have both left the blog in recent years. While their terminations were described as mutual decisions, left unanswered are questions of whether these were simply layoffs in a bad economy or the result of ideological differences or some other reason.

Hamsher's exceptionally good at getting people to put their money where her mouth is. But because Firedoglake is a blog that's dependent on financial support from PACs, it makes me wonder how much of her outrage is real and how much is driven by the constant need to fire up donors.

I posed that question to David Ferguson, who used to be in charge of Firedoglake's "Late Night FDL" feature under his pseudonym TRex. He replied, "I would hope that Jane wouldn't be so cynical as to exploit her readers in any way. I do know that working for her, there was a constant sense of crisis. Everything was always a blazing, four-alarm emergency, and I think some of that is what comes through on her blog. I don't know whether that's something she's working for effect or if that's just the way she is. Some of her alliances over the last year have genuinely surprised me, though, particularly with regard to the flap over the health care bill."  

Hamsher was widely criticised  for her handling of two PACs that collected nearly a half million dollars of donations for numerous "progressive causes" as regularly advertised on FDL.

The FEC reports show that Hamsher's PACs are a significant source of income for Firedoglake, but my experience trying to question her about them suggests that she's not big on transparency.

FDL Action PAC supports liberal causes and candidates, often with targeted campaigns such as "Tell Blanche Lincoln and Mike Ross to Act Like Democrats." Accountability Now's stated goal is to recruit primary challengers against members of Congress who "sell out the interests of their constituents in favor of corporations," according to its site.

Accountability Now collected $113,695 in donations during 2009, as it reported to the FEC, and spent $169,992 that year on nine consultants. Six of those people managed the committee: The PAC paid Hamsher $24,000, another $24,000 to PAC cofounder Glenn Greenwald of Salon.Com, $65,710 to two executive directors and $38,047 to two management consultants.


donkeytale said...


That's what she gets for banning The Talent.

Not that I'm gloating in a fellow human beings misery or anything like that.

donkeytale said...

Yes, this is a mailed-in entry.

donkeytale said...

DDayen is sayin on Twitter that its not abt Hamsher per se, its the end of political blogs as a money grubbing concept.

donkeytale said...

Wow. FDL in full meltdown mode


Like you I’ve decided to quit FDL and essentially for the same reason. The recent revolting episode of top-down blatant racism had decided me that I do not want to have anything to do with the site. To the point where when I have the time later during the week I will be deleting all my postings here.

Learning from our mistakes is the key to a brighter future.

But alas they don’t want to learn, or even believe there’s a need to.
I wish you well, agree with your analysis, and admire you for holding fast to your principles.


donkeytale said...

Wendy davis and the Roots of Blogging Fascism.


socrates said...

Yeah, I've been busy with so-called real life. I read the comment from your latest link. Haha @wendydavis.

Slow and steady, mi amigo. We have this blog right where we want it. 150-200 page views a day. Ability to crank that up at times.

What are you talking about deleting your posts. That's against the rules except for good reason. Which ones and why?

socrates said...

Ok, I just checked and we are doing much better than 150-200 hits. There were three recent 250's and a 324 for March 29th.

Please don't delete anything.

donkeytale said...

Huh? Oh, I forgot to use the blockquote thingie and bottched that comment.

That was a cut n paste of a comment by the great Mark from Ireland (MFI) who is one of the more splendid contrarians ever and most cutting of commenters at FDL.

As example, he detests fairleft.

He is known amongst the longtimers and insiders too. Interesting that he alleges racism, "from the top down." Of course, Hamsher's hysterical anti-Obamaism, like that of Fairleft and all the peons who contribute to the meaningless blather is fundamentally steep in racism.

Everbuhdee know dat.

These recent goings down could probably use a wee bit of mailed-in socratisation after the fact.

I aint got time for that now, as the song says.

donkeytale said...

Follow up comment from MFI

"markfromireland March 30th, 2013 at 12:26 pm 18
In response to Phoenix Woman @ 16

A pack of white Americans behaving disgustingly is what happened, I nearly got sick when I got a screen shot of it and a link to both postings in my mail. One of the reasons why the services I run are successful is that is well known that I will have no truck with racists or racism. I am embarrassed and ashamed that there are people who associate me with this site and its denizens.


Isn't this simply confirmation of what I had spoken truthfully to FDL numnnut over there, always singling out racist 'White Middle Class Progressives' as consistent objects of my derision?

socrates said...

Phew! I thought you were gonna decimate our recent (mostly yours) foray into the Hamsher fun house.

I'm pretty sure back in the day she was a sweetie, same as Maryscott or even Obama.

Power corrupts and there's something about absolute power too, but I am too lazy to googlify.

Thanks for clearing up the MFI thingie. I simply have never liked the FDL aesthetic or any of it. Similar to my aversion to DKOS or any other fake left blog.

Democratic Underground had a nice look, but it too was overrun with fake lefties of the DLC variety.

If you're not gonna allow true progressives into the equation, and I don't mean Wendy or fairleft with their everyone listen to me, not Al Franken, schticks.

I am the true leftier than though. And with your speaking supertroll to Obama power take off the veil something, I'd say it's pretty safe to say that for a sellout, you're not too shabby.

Take off the veil? Was that your way of telling Obama you know Bernie Saunders and he ain't him? You are from Texas like Lloyd Benson. Oops, Bentsen? I always get him confused with the Robert Guillaume character. What was the question?

socrates said...

Yes, next to the word prescient in the dictionary, if you follow the asterisk from the entry on me below Nostradamus, you are mentioned as some form of Watson to my Holmes. You may have ended up as the waterboy of the blogosphere to my driving that bus, but that's ok. Not everyone can be the star. A good cast will include character actors such as yourself. Hold your chin up, son.

socrates said...

I was watching this really cool movie starring John Barrymore Jr.. It was cutting edge, I tells ya.

minor spoiler alert- anyhuagh (Sid Caesar Irish for anyway), he was checking out this Black lady doing a song in a lounge. He somehow ends up talking to her outside.

It's going well. Then at the end he said something about how she was pretty phenomenal for someone who is....

Cutting edge!!!!

That Hays Code was garbage. Not only could criminals never get away with anything in a flick (so twists and turns were exponentially more difficult to include), the black and white ebony and ivory schtick was a no-no.

That kid by the way had decent acting chops. Unfortunately he ended up with a drug/alcohol problem. His daughter by the way is the lovely and talented Drew Barrymore.

that is all

donkeytale said...

I was gonna go hard at her but why kick a bitch when she's down and out.

Plus I hoped you might do some socratising. Your pal Osborne tore into her a few years ago. A lot of the real dirt is already old news.She's been sick since then andnot really appearing. Angry Black Lady has some good stuff including where Hamsher posts ediited versions of her Talk Show appearances to make herslef look bettter than she is.

Idont have the time or inclination. As stated above this was a mailed in entry, just to keep my hand in snce you havent posted for awhile and what you did post was a compnedium of retreads anyway.

I wouldve thunk you might at least add an image, perhaps with jane in a bee costume, or wtf.

Not a big NCAA fan but was gratified to see the inclusion of Wichita State in the final four along with the deletion of Duke.

WSU as I recall was a playa way way back in the day during the original UCLA John Wooden run in mid-60s.

Then again so was Duke.

Nothin ever changes. Nuthin I tells ya.

donkeytale said...

There is more to this story, I guess, especially for non business users. Jane took money and ad content from dreaded corporations, including BP during its greenwashing phase of the Gulf spill, and placed it with online blogs, both left and right.

When she went belly up, she owed the blogs. This means she not only accepted corporate cash but then turned around and stiffed her fellow whiteysphereans.

Not too pretty.

But then as we've learned, nothing about the money grubber is pretty.

I think the recent scapegoating of WD by FDL insiders Partridge and canfield has some truth. She clearly brought a number of her own acolytes from some other blogs to FDL to pimp her schtick up the ladder, from where she became the queen bee of the minour league version. Traffic went down as any crit or differences of opinion in the anti-Obama tirades were met by flagging, obtuse responses, etc, the usual conformist bully boy schtick.

But at base, the zeitgeist tone of the blog was created by Hamsher who bet big on taking down Obama in 2012 and lost.

Payer, meet Piper.

donkeytale said...

Give me Barry sanders over Bernie Sanders every single day of the week.

Best. running. back. Ever.

Who is not named Jim Brown.

Adrian Peterson may also sneak into that realm by the time he is done.

I;m done.

donkeytale said...

Okay, Earl Campbell also probably deserves a mention in rock n roll running back heaven.

socrates said...

You forgot about Colonel Sanders, whom I believe still has the record for most special ingredient yards collected in an Army-Navy game.

Anyway, you didn't let me finish.

Barrymore, we're talking Jr., he was about 19 when doing that film-noir I mentioned.

He didn't call her black. He stopped right when getting to the word. And then it was him feeling like a dog saying I didn't mean it, I didn't mean it, you have to believe me.

Cutting. Edge.

It's barely after 9:00. I need to run to the store to get some smokes.

Real life is calling. I used to socratise with the best of them. But life is funny like that. Things change.

I'll never fully quit. No way. But there's no looking back. There's actually no looking forward either.

You can look at it one of two ways.... Be here now, man, or this is dystopia.

donkeytale said...

Hot off the press.....Twitter is a highly addictive waste of time.

Remember you read it here first.

donkeytale said...

Colonel Sanders should be indicted for the garbage he fraudulently foists on the public called "food."

Besides, as everbohdee no, KFC is the choice of po white trasf folks.

Us'n white negroes much prefer Church's or (my own personal favourite)

Popeyes spicy fried chicken.

Loves me summa dat red beans and rice (w/biscuit) from Popeyes.

Git u sum of dem lowdown Nawlins greens with that shit, too, baby.

Yumyum. Dont count the calories

socrates said...

I was reading a few days ago that Twitter is not a fair representation of society. So there is merit to what you say.

Although you have to admit it's not a total waste of time or irrelevant.

There's cool securo-drama arg picking up. Involves Manning, Assange Barrett Brown, Neal, Ryan, Emick, The Jester, your buddy Chet Uber, hot chicks, intrigue, plenty of I think I just wet my pants kind of stuff.

Oh yes, through Twitter the Jane Hamsher connection to ManningSpyGate has been established. Or at least mailed in from the main source. I socratised it in ten minutes.

Hamsher was in cahoots with David House, an MIT computer expert/fricken you know it's shady shenanigans & very Lamo over there.

The obvious inference is Hamsher was thinking of making a movie. Come to think of it, you should get your arse over to Twitter. At least give it a try. You already have the account set up. You can even add the avatar you use here. Haha@ forcing you to sign in.

socrates said...


David House Visits Bradley Manning In Prison By Jane Hamsher 02 February, 2011


Make sense of that, Horatio.

donkeytale said...

I think someone you may know somewhat already has made a stab at making sense of that...and his schtick has a surprisingly familiar ring to it.

Cue the DFQ2 theme song "Money Money Money"

by the mighty, O'Jays...

donkeytale said...

I'll just live off your twitter refuse like the vampiric leech that I am.

According to the scientific Twitter study, 90% of it is a waste of time.

So, I figure, you have more time to waste and I can grab maybe 3-5% that way and spend the remainder of my limited time to waste churning out mailed-in masterpieces that garner us 250-300 bot views per day.

Sounds like an efficient use of wasted timeto me.

BTW, I scored like 14 reccs for one of my trollish comments on the latest Gruntwald Grauniad thread.

'Grauniad' is the ironic insiders term for the Guardian, which is apparently infamous in Blighty for its participation in the misspellicism mystique...

Mine is a very respectable number for someone who isn't kissing Glen's arse, that will easily net automatically in the 20+ range.

30+ if you go for tongue penetration.

donkeytale said...

And the Juice!

I forgot OJ on the RB greatest list.

I cant think of any others. I suppose I could also make a case for Emmitt since I met him once and found him to be a eally cool guy plus he won dancing with the stars, but y'know, I'm talkin creme de la creme here. Nor Dickerson because he fumbled too much.

Even Payton doesn/t make this list:






Top 5.

socrates said...

Shoq I only know about because I don't care. I truly know nothing and don't give a rat's arse. I hope that makes sense.

socrates said...

I bet if Hamsher was still hot like in the old days, you wouldn't be giving her half the shite you do. (;/ You need to drop the reverse-sexism schtick. Very unbecoming a historic watson troll in stature.

socrates said...

I switched the top ten list for popular blog entries to the last thirty days. Check it out.

donkeytale said...

Really? Thats a bet you would lose. You are the sexist in this group with all your "sweeties" and "honeys".

Dude, she reeks every inch as much as anybody you've ever gone after over the blog pimping for the donations.

I guess for you its the ol reverse double standard schtick.

I could care less what she looks like then or now. Hardly have any idea actually

donkeytale said...

Couldnt care less. to be precise.

I've a;ways been impressed how you manage to keep getting hits on your oldie but goodies.

I guess the subject matter appeals and you managed to get up the google charts enough.

You are the King Bee buddy. So relax. You da man. Needy as shit but still da man.

donkeytale said...

That concludes the week's pad stadding project.We now return you to Twitter/

socrates said...

Unbunch your panties, dude. We are on the same team. You done good going after Greenwald and Hamsher. It added some meat to the convolution potatoes.

What is going on is thus, Horatio.

Somehow around 2000, this internet as right-left marketing schtick took off. The problem was on the surface it seemed that f***s like us were right wing plants.

But then all the facts come out of the wash.

So check this out. Barrett Brown's ex-girlfriend has been in cahoots with Adrian Lamo and Tom Ryan. They don't make internet fakes like they used to.

The proof got leaked through intrepid, internet journalist, Ronald Brynaert III.

He comes from a family with along line of journalists dating back to the late 1800's.

Or maybe I am confusing him with the Barrymores.

Yes, the oldies here showed I did at times put in some good research, reflection, and writing on specific big named stories.

Like with the Susan Polk story. I nailed that one. You know that milieu. The satanic panic. I ended up into that for a variety of reasons. But one was Andy Stephenson, Bev Harris' mensch til they fell out, who was deep doo doo in spreading the government, sex ring/satanic, 666, mk-ultra schtick.

Susan's son showed up recently. I hope Susan can be healed and let free.

donkeytale said...

Yes, I failed to comprehend the brilliant, subtle parody within this comment:

"I bet if Hamsher was still hot like in the old days, you wouldn't be giving her half the shite you do. (;/ You need to drop the reverse-sexism schtick."

So what yur sayin is, if only I could treat as a young sex object, I wouldn't be sexist?


And my panties panties are bunched?


Brilliance.. sheer brilliance/

donkeytale said...

It was the Iraq war, precisely, along with I/P, that gave rise to the right woos left.

Many of the schticks emanate from, which does not hide its paleoconservatism. Nor does Ron paul.

But many, like Alex Jones, Hamsher and Greenwald hide behind a veneer of fake leftism to reach the do-nothing fake left audience as exemplified by propganda consumers Fairleft and Laura.

Interesting, GG is going after Sam harris, a new atheist acolyte of war on Islam and admiration of Israel.

He's a Dawkins student. Dawkins the eugenicisit. This used to be an Otvos schtick before he gave up blogging.

I dropped an ambiguous comment into the GG thread. After all, it is claimed 7% of 1.3 billion Muslims are of the radical variety. Thats 91 million, a not insignificant number.

This is not an easy argument. There is something to those insane religious freaks blowing up themselves and many others mostly rival sectarians, that is threatening and ominous for the future. Had they left the US and Europe alone no issue.

But they didn't.

donkeytale said...

Brynaert is solid gold. He's made some mistakes but then, so have you.

About Brynaert's connection to the Swats for instance, among others.

Also, I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop in the Grouch episode. Last you mentioned he was looking at indictment or WTF.

How did that predicition turn out?

socrates said...

I proved that someone was mimicking Ron's voice from that one podcast whatnot he did.

I never said Ron did the calls.

He cybersmeared me with lies. That is conspiracy fact. Worst I ever did to him was show his kissing pro-Iraq War mother ass. Ron's another fake leftist. That limousine, Seinfeld, Smirky McSmirk. A wise guy.

I am not going to do your homework.

socrates said...

Grouch broke the law but Stranahan the marketing whore he is botched the case.

It was a publicity stunt after all perhaps?

socrates said...

Who cares?

socrates said...

If you can't figure out screenshots, you're a lost cause. It's sooo easy. the code too. I use my net images dot com, dumbass. ... Don't you have the snipping application? For crying out loud?

donkeytale said...

So, you cybersmeared Ron, then.

And now you have cybersmeared Grouch.

Not to mention, you have also cybersmeared me too in the past.

This is also conspiracy fact.

You too are guilty of what you condemn others.

Preacher, heal thyself.

No, I don't have image stealing capability.

socrates said...

I guess everyone is guilty but you, the anonymous coward?

donkeytale said...


I never smear anybody. I bring facts to the table.

You are welcome to show where I have engaged in smears.

But those were probably simply parodies of smears


socrates said...

I didn't cybersmear anyone, you liar. Each one of them attacked me with lies and out of nowhere. So f them and subsequently you too.

socrates said...

I forgot about donkeytale's anti-Muslim message. I don't think he's ever made one critique of Israeli policy. So yeah, not only is he an anonymous coward but also has no intellectual integrity.

donkeytale said...

Ah, so you decide to cybersmear me just to prove my point that you too are a cyber smearer. Riotous!

Also, nonsense.

"I don't think he's ever made one critique of Israeli policy."

Whatever, dude. I generally avoid I/P discussion but I have been an ardent supporter of Arab Spring revolts wherever they take place, including in pro-US places such as Bahrain.

You really dont have the chops to take me on wrt politics.

So son't even go there.

Stick to dunkin donuts

donkeytale said...

As usual, Socrates wants to oversimplify into a pathetic dualism: Us against Them.


I support the Arab Spring, which is a long over due Muslim movement to throw off the chains of postwar imperialist oppression.

It is not a pro-Israeli movement by any means. In fact, I cheered the power realignment evident when Morsi backed Bibi down last year from attacking Gaza. Unfortunately, that was on FDL, and my commentary has been deleted...

So, in yur stick figure mind, sure, whatever smear works for you...

"counterintuitively, I believe the "Arab Spring" will in the long run help lead to peaceful cooperation between Israel and the emancipated Arab people, who will be freed from the Anti=Israel dogma that is partly legitimate but self- sustaining self defeating overhype used by all the very wealthy and corrupt Islamic national despots to keep their long suffering people distracted from the main cause of their misery (the islamic despots themselves) by providing a time-tested proven scapegoat:

The Jooos."

donkeytale said...

More recent of my ME commentary. This is an anti-Muslim message to you? Or are you just to simpleminded to grasp complexity?

"Destabilisation of the Middle East caused by the Arab Spring makes no sense for western imperialism including Israel. None whatsoever. Imperialism is about stable profit making at a minimum of political upheaval. Destabilisation is costly.

Bush in Iraq was the idiotic exception that proves the rule.

In fact, what triggered the massive rebellions, including in those of which the rulers are puppets of the US, is an example of class based revolution. Not secular western styled but religious/tribal sectarian Arab-styled. Still, despite the difference in sociocultural traditions, the Arab Spring rebellions are indeed class-based.

The impoverished victims of their own imperialist rulers sinking economic conditions, the young increasingly educated and internet connected 'have nots' brought low by the same neo-liberal, corrupt forces that have also harmed Europe and the US lower classes, the Arab Spring was triggered by a wave of people who at least have the balls to fight and die for their cause.

Meanwhile, smug, safe and secure keyboard radicals such as Laura and Fairleft blame the US, GCC, Turkey and Israel for the carnage, obviously omitting recent economc history responsible for the Syrian destruction played by the historical Alawite bourgeois, plus their imperialistic neoliberal overlords Iran and Russia, who have kept the doomed regime on life support through infusion of heavy weapons, money and even boots on the ground at the cost of destroying the entire country."

socrates said...

Here's the link you left out to your second post. I had to google to find it.

Poor Sgt. Schultz. They only allow you 5 minutes of blogging per day

socrates said...

You should create an "About Me" page about yourself and include that. You did well stealing my schtick. You was my brother, Charlie.

socrates said...

looks like you slanderered me in your last comment, because you're too lazy to edit your posts. Thanks. Wow.

socrates said...

I have to admit I didn't even read it. ZZZZZZZZZZzzz It was a snooze fest.

~~ the true talent

socrates said...

Your laziness is bullshit. You're making it seem I'm involved in the above posts. You from the Boston Phoenix? Fv(|< Y0V & &R0\/\/ VP!

donkeytale said...

Slander? HAHA. You need to return to Crackerjack University and fish your fake law degree out of the peanuts and popcorn kernels.

I'll wait in line for my lawsuit for the SLAPP "slander" suit.

Wasn't Thomas "Slapp" Slanders the great Celtics defensive specialist forward from the Bill Russell era?

But of course, I'm lazy....


"Law. defamation by oral utterance rather than by writing, pictures, etc."

donkeytale said...

As for the rest of yur stat padding, I cant decypher wtf you are talking about.

But thanks.

socrates said...

No problem, mi amigo. That's what supertrolls are for.

Keep snarking, keep shovelling
Knowing you can always count on me, for sure
That's what trolls are for

For good threads and bad threads
I'll be on your back forever more That's what trolls are for

donkeytale said...

You're a very menacing troll
The kind you can't expose to Brynaert
You'll just start him posting
a hundred thousand tweets

Donk is pretty freaky
He doesnt even tweet
He's an anonymous coward
You'll never get to meet

But Soc's alright!
academics are airtight!
Grouch is busted tonight!
You'll see...

We're supertrolls!

socrates said...


I almost had the urge to start a new blog entry. Almost.

Lots of ideas r circulating within me noggin. But 4 sum reason I can't get beyond 3 sentences. @donkeytale @ronbryn

donkeytale said...

3 sentences have more than 140 characters?

I LMAO at you trying to insinuate yerslef into the RS mcCain and Liz Mare chat and being roundly ignored by both.


Maybe it's the Garfield thingie.

Try Bette Davis or Joan Crawford and no one will ignore you, especially gay and lesbian goopers.

That reminds me, you could have posted a clean image of the Joan Crawford movie poster.

People would get it. I have intelligent readers. Me and you.

Queen Bee = Drama Queen = Jane Hampshire.

socrates said...

Not at Twitter. They don't count the spaces.

socrates said...

I had good questions and observations for those wingnuts. Those may end up in we have tweets part 3 or 4.

Have I not written enough? What's the end game?

Mailed-in can be good, when it's either entertaining, profound, or both.

donkeytale said...

Apparently my latest is neither.

I saw where Worthing jokingly mentioned BK as a potential suspect since you live in the Boston area.

Wow. (h/t intrepid reporter Ron Brynaert)

Sad day filled with weirdly bittersweet memories for me. I lived in the South End just off Clarendon Street maybe 5-6 blocks away from the scene. I spent copious amounts of time sashaying to and fro down Boylston and Newbury Streets in those halcyon days.

One mammary hit me: taking me daughter when she was a wee one to the Public Library for a free screening of Charlotte's Web and suddenly out of nowhere breaking into tears at the conclusion, when the spider dies...

donkeytale said...

In fact, attended more than one Red Sox Patriot Day game, freezing my arse off on an April morning with the odd 11AM first pitch because there was nothing better to do on my day off.

Many the times too passing the Marathon finish line as runners staggered in or passing crowds of them as they trundled about in the post race cool down phase in those tin foil blankets which were new then.

socrates said...

I'm too busy in real life to keep up with all the various, current bloooger opportunities. I do appreciate you wrote a new entry. Yeah, we are the McCain/Smitty of the anti-fake left.

Don't sell yourself short. You are showing extreme signs of insecurity. As if you are Dustin to my Patterico or Oatsie to my Darryl Hall.

You are not Ed McMahon. (sorry for spelling if off) It's more like we are two Johnny Carsons... or wait a sec. We are different Shatners, different rocket men. I think it's gonna be a long, long time, touching down da di duh yeah. I do not know the words to the sng, but oh no, I do carry on... my wayward son. Yeah!

I have to run down the latest. I did see that McCain has either had a meltdown of not so epic proportions or is mixing up his begger schtick. Or maybe sometimes the cap lock does get hit by accident.

socrates said...

Ugh, is is John Hall? He's the one with the skills? Or the other dude got ripped off? We can say with a certain amount of confidence that Davy Jones of The Monkees couldn't play an instrument. He might have been hand-syncing those tambourines or whatever they're called.

socrates said...

I want to know whether any Joe Schmoe can make those bombs. I bet so.

Has anyone yet to claim responsibility? Don't they usually do that?

And if it was some Al Queda or similar terrorist group involved, all I awkwardly tried to express through Twitter is put your patriotism to the side dear readers. Put on your thinking caps.

Why do they do they hate us. Why do they do things like that?

donkeytale said...

Oates is the swarthy one who looks like a terrist. I think his real name is Ortiz.

Hall is a regular commenter at Stormfront.

Both actually could sing really well but the 80s, y know?

Ed McMahon doesn't get enuff credit for hosting Star Search. I mean, cmon, the dude invented not only Mary Hart (I think?) But also Arsenio Hall.

I don't think we should jump to conclusions yet as to who done it.

Obama has to be top of many suspect lists on both ends of the nut sack.

donkeytale said...

On the one hand it makes no sense for founding father fetishist wingers to besmirch Patriots Day, otoh maybe they feel they are taking the day back from effete elitist leftwing wine sipping marathon dilettantes.

Or maybe the Aryan Bros just couldn't take another sport becoming dominated by illegal alien Muslim Socialists from Kenya. Home of the Marxist POTUS.

The possuibilities are many here. I suppose its poor form to speculate.

I'm done. I'm done.

socrates said...

I am pretty much done. I have many things to do in real life. I've been rut free for a while. @R!VERTR0LL got through to me. Sometimes you have to have smell the coffee with some fresh air. By the way, parental discretion is advised for that dude's tweets. Omg. He makes me sound like Vox Humana, the original Ned Flanders of blogging.

socrates said...

I assume this is old-school terrorism. But you are correct. In support of your theory is that, uhm, no one has fessed up. I thought those M.E. terrorists liked to take credit.

That looked terrifying. I'm not a big fan of marathons, so I missed it.

socrates said...

If you use certain words or hit a more specialised story, you're more likely to get responses out of the blue. You can't blame Google which runs Blogger and gives good search results.

socrates said...

Aaron Walker is a strange bird. He emails yet has me on block. I can't respond.

The only one who should have commented on me was Ron, since this is on his journo beat.

I'll assume you read about the previous paranoia Aaron expressed to me, concerning Kookageddon or something.

Hmmm. He's the one who taunts extremists to come and get him. He calls them bitches. He said his real name is Worthing.

Thanks for nothing in many ways Aaron Walker.

Enough is enough. It's not even funny.

donkeytale said...

Yeah I know but isn't that a form of selling your soul? I confess I contrived the Hamsher entry on that premise and it seemed to work.

I'm hoping against hope that the BM culprit is revealed to be a disgruntled whiteyspherean of either political nut fringe.

I'm sick of the Muslim hate as much as I am the jew hate.

I notice that militant atheist backlash is gaining fans lately, so that's a good thing. Its such a dull argument either way and so one-sided. The believers in general seem to give two shits.

Worthing seemed promising at first but he seems to have tossed himself completely overboard in the process of wtf it is that he does.

socrates said...

Haha yes. I figured out how to school Blogger eons ago. I mailed my way in to the top of the zeitgeist through that Google racket.

It would be more interesting andless likely to cause a further crackdown on civil liberties.

Yes on Worthing. He did seem legit, until he showed up after my thingie had already ended.

socrates said...

Oopsies, wtf, the M.I.C. is gonna squeeze our nuts further no matter who done the very bad thingie. Fricken unspeakable. Wow.

socrates said...

Oopsies again. Yes, they kept it going with a crescendo in May. That had to be an elaborate hoax. Of cours you'll dismiss the likelihood even though myself and Ron seem to agree on many things. I'm not talking about movies either.

socrates said...

You are basically as useless as Ed McMahon in a move.

For twelve years, you were kind sorta like, "Who is Larissa Alexdrovoknivich?" Then you came around and understood intricacies such as the infamous mailbox snafu.

The irony is I did make it. I did do something.

Putting aside all that garbage.

donkeytale said...

Did anybody definitively answer "who is Larisa Alexand-whatsherface?"

and does anybody outside of a tiny hermetically sealed internet milieu truly care?

The same could be said for all the playas with the possible exception of Breitbart and he's dead.

Now can we move onto more pressing issues like who dunn it in Boston?

Greenwald scoring cheap strawmanic propaganda points today so why cant we also take the low road to nowhere?

FDL loosers seem to be leaning towards the false flag.

Run of mill American loosers seem to want to give up even more civil rights to be protected from these awful realities of the age.

I say its a crazed anti-Obama hater but haven't fully determined whether foreign or domestic, whether right or fake left.

Secretly, I hope its revealed to be some looser FDL blogger or other but realise the actual chances of a blogger to pull off something that real are nil.

Bloggers are the essence of impotence in all things.

donkeytale said...

Sure a hoax but you give too much credit calling it elaborate. Simple money grubbing catches on pretty easily.

And if you and Ron now exist mostly on the same page it is because I opened your eyes to Ron when you were 100% anti Ron.

Ed McMahon wouldnt have schooled you half as well as I have on your own story, including introducing the ARG theme that so many have adopted in my now classic Troll Wars series.

donkeytale said...

ARG theme that so many have adopted from my classic Troll Wars series meant to say.

socrates said...

I told everyone what it is right away. This was old-school Middle Eastern terrorism. No doubt.

You Americans are pampered. Have never been invaded. You talk up freedom but let your govt. drop doodoo on you dodo. Grow Up!

socrates said...

I came across a link. The military is now using ARG's. That's the side you are missing. There is a dimension you cannot even fathom. And don't doubt this. It's true.

donkeytale said...

well thats certainly the safest choice, like betting the 4/5 favorite in a horse race but based on what evidence? More like playing the odds really.

donkeytale said...

Military using ARG? Yeah I can fathom that, seems like standard spy schtick is historically ARG.

socrates said...

You are moving the goal posts. I went directly for the bull's eye, like Teddy Kennedy did when he immediately said no to war in Iraq.

i can only be tied, never beaten

my president lied to me

back in bowl

for administrative purposes

socrates said...

US Military Runs First Alternate Reality Game

Oh yeah, like they are only just starting to do this. Yup,sure. Gotcha.

donkeytale said...

Hey, I think my prior comment above would actually qualify as a tweet.

"Military using ARG? Yeah I can fathom that, seems like standard spy schtick is historically ARG"

donkeytale said...

RIOTOUS! I'm moving the goal posts.

Socrates is building an empire of cliches.

As Regis Philbin to your Joey Bishop, I'm always happy to halp.

donkeytale said...

Linky thingie

That concludes today's stat padding.

socrates said...

Dude, I haven't been this busy in real life since m tryout with the Red Sox back in 1989. It was as a knuckleballer, so ok I made that up.

But point is I am soooo busy.

Which is good. The way it should be. And no, I won't be revealing anything. It's a just saying point so you don't think I am ignoring you or that I don't appreciate your blogging.

I don't know why you are so scared of making a couple tweets. It's not like you're activating WWIII. It's easy. You check for people mentioning you with one click. You decide who you respond to etc..

I know Ron would like it. He's a hybrid. He's one of us, but he's also an internet journalist. Raw Story. Has worked with regular papers.

I think that's also how he got into trouble. It couldn't have helped him one bit and in fact had to make it worse hanging out with that sleazy Kid Kenoma.

socrates said...

Let me know what kind of screenshot you'd like for any entries. Especially now it would help seeing that I am now Mr. Rut-Free!

donkeytale said...

Surprise me with the screenshots. This one was excellent and of course the manson.

As intrepid cub reporter Jimmy Olsen to your suave superhero Clark Kent I of course retain editing rights to all images posted with my schtick, primarily to quell any future Joe Dirt sightings.

You can never go wrong with Maria Sharapova, btw.

Just sayin, y'know, when in doubt.

Weird that I have personal ties to both Boylston Street and West, Texas where the fertilizer plant blew same night, actually causing much more death and mayhem in a thank G.O.D. sparsely populated area.

West, you see, is the Kolace Kapital of Texas, a small truck stop town between Dallas and Austin, just north of Waco.

Kolaces are these little Czech pastry thingies that are typically fruit-filled, or creme cheese filled, but actually come in hundreds of variations including beef, chicken, sausage, jalapenos, you name it.

Darn good.

I never actually visited the fertilizer factory but have stopped off the highway many a time to pick up a dozen kolaces.

Which are pronounced co-LA-cheese, and are actually available all over Tejas, usually at these little independent donut shops in strip malls that are run by recent Asian emigres.

Ain't it America?

I've even been in Corinth, Mississippi, where they busted that poor sap who sent the poisonous letters to Obama and others. Guy seems a bit off. A paranoid, conspiracy obsessed blogger.

Who woulda thunk? This part cracks me up: given the guy thinks everybody is out to get him:

"Latoya Brooks, 32, who lives two doors down, was in her driveway with her 10- and 13-year-old children when she said Curtis seemed to speed around the circle toward his home, stop in his driveway and return to his white SUV moments later with a duffel bag.

“All of sudden, they were coming from everywhere, huge trucks; it was scary,” said Brooks. At least three black SUVs bearing U.S. government plates sped from hiding spots through adjacent yards, pinning Curtis’s Ford from the front and the back, the neighbors said.

With guns drawn, the agents ordered Curtis to the ground and soon led him away, the neighbors said."

Yeah, I would say that bust definitely qualifies as a case of "justifiable paranoia in the First Degree."

what is it you kids say?

"conspiracy FACT?"