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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mr. Obama, Tear Down This Veil!

You, so concerned with your legacy, should cringe. Instead of being remembered proudly as the first African American President, one who changed the domestic political zeitgeist away from the prevailing conservativism of the prior forty years, you will be remembered as the one who finished shredding the first amendment for the war against an ah...whatever.

Not the liberal who boldly nationalised the auto industry, who sorta-kinda-almost boldly championed a weakened, privatised version of national healthcare reform, who raised tax rates on the wealthy for the first time in a generation, who, against historical partisan opposition did better manage to mitigate the worst effects of austerity during a deep recession than an "enlightened" Western Europe, which dove headlong into triple dip territory.

Yes, you will certainly be remembered for your skin pigmentation.

And your wall of secrecy.

Remember LBJ?

Less than a present day Lincoln, you are beginning to remind me of a postmodern Johnson.

Johnson spoke often about wanting to be the "president of all the people." He had great skill in crafting decisions that offered up something for everyone. In Vietnam increased bombing raids were conducted to appease the "hawks," while gradual troop increases and intermittent efforts at negotiation were touted to please the "doves." Johnson's efforts at consensus building on Vietnam often meant avoiding the more difficult decisions inherent in leadership positions.

If the record of Lyndon Johnson's presidency were to end in 1965, his would surely be ranked among our nation's finest. Thrust into the role of Chief Executive on that tragic day in Dallas in November 1963, Johnson reassured an emotionally devastated public by pledging to honor, and build upon, the legacy of his slain predecessor -- "John Kennedy's death commands what his life conveyed -- that America must move forward." Johnson did indeed move forward, presenting a program of domestic reforms originally crafted in the mold of the New Deal and imbued with the vigor of the New Frontier. By 1965, Johnson had devised and signed into law more than 200 pieces of major legislation, including a sizable tax cut, a billion dollar anti-poverty program, and a groundbreaking civil rights bill. But the promises of his Great Society were swallowed up in the quagmire of Vietnam.

The boldness with which Johnson moved on the domestic front was undermined by his own hesitance and duplicity concerning Vietnam. By March 1968 a Gallup poll recorded that only 26 percent of the American people approved of his handling of the war. Most damaging to the man and to the presidency itself was the opening up of a "credibility gap." Lyndon Johnson, who had done so much to fulfill the idealism of the Kennedy era, was blamed for ushering in an era of increased public cynicism toward official Washington.</blockquote>

Wake the fock up, looser Mr. President.

A common thread that runs through many of the American foreign-policy misadventures of the last couple of generations—the overthrow of Mossadegh in Iran and of Allende in Chile, the Bay of Pigs fiasco, the Vietnam War, the Iran-Contra debacle, the catastrophic Iraq war that was launched ten years ago this week, the torture scandal—is the manipulation of secrecy, deceit, and unchecked executive power. The Obama Administration’s so-far-unaccountable drone war may never rival the damage of any of those. But isn’t it bad enough that it has somehow managed to cast Rand Paul—who would abrogate the American social contract, consolidate the country’s transformation into a merciless plutocracy, and destroy the global power of the United States not just for ill but, in both senses, for good—as the conscience of a nation and the hero of its enlightened youth?


donkeytale said...

In keeping with my new dictum to speak truth to power, a loghtly edited version of this dairy was submitted to whitehouse.gove, response requested.

I'm sure that the Chief, recognising my long years of service tothe DLC, will answer me personally before the day is over...

socrates said...

Wow, you actually attacked Obama policy. Maybe you can reapply to FDL. Just let Jane know you think she's a sweetie, even if you don't. You get better chips with salt and vinegar than horseradish flavouring.

socrates said...

Oops, make that sea salt, mi amigo.

donkeytale said...

I much prefer horseradish.

Salt is bad for your blood pressure.

I have less than zero interest in re-upping my contract at FDL.

I did take another look at MLW and thot about re-upping there.

Talk about failure. The ONLY commenter on the comment list is MSOC herself, except for maybe one other acolyte.

Whither Karmafish? The Fox radio dude? Lorraine? Caliberal?

And of course, Curmudgetter?

There has to be a story in there somewhere....

And yes, I attacked Obama and to his face too. Waiting for the drive by droning at any moment.

socrates said...

If you're thinking of returning to MLW, you might as well blog here. You can either speak to the 12 people reading MSOC's blog or the 100 or so regulars here.

The issue wasn't salt. That was a joke. I was being facetious. Though I am too lazy to look up meaning of facetious so will assume I am using the correct word.

Omg, you'd think the dumbasses who keep pimping idea drones are gonna be used in America would stfu since they have no proof.

It's bad enough they are knocking off people (including Americans) in other countries without due process.

Throw in John Lennon's Imagine and we should really be fed up with all forms of state sponsored murder whether done on "Americans" or "foreigners."

socrates said...

If we blogged here more often, we'd get a solid 200-300 unique views a day and rising. But since we are unpaid, that will probably not happen.

donkeytale said...

Uhm, I was also being facetious, although accurate too, in that I use very little salt but do tend to enjoy horseradish. Except for when I overdo it and it burns my brainstem through me nostrils.

And for the record, I do blog here.

Also, I forgot to mention that the reason I went to MLW was Noom put a dairy and some comments.

PS Are you actually becoming as humourless as these comments read or are you merely parodying humourlessness on the inforboobtubes?

donkeytale said...

Not only do I blog here, but I noticed that two of my more perverted reent features currently rest atop the most popular list.

Manipulated love sirens, no doubt?

Pat stadding completed for the day, Keemosabe.

socrates said...

Serious times deserve serious posts. So if I come across as humourless, it's not because I had my funny bone removed.

Blogging as we know it is at risk. I am doing all I can to ensure future generations of bloggers will have the same rights as us to waste as much time of their lives through internet addiction as we have.

I'm just trying to give back to fake society.

donkeytale said...

Blogging isn't just a non-calling, it's also a way of non-living.

You may not agree with my right to be an anonymous coward on the internets but you will non-defend that right until your next fake GBCW.

socrates said...

The only gbcw that hasn't stuck is Twitter. Otherwise, this is the only spot one will find me blog representing.

You have the right to stay anonymous. You should respect that my privacy also be respected. Please think twice before blurting stuff out, if it all touches on my real life.

I was outed by Brad Friedman then cybersmeared by Brett Kimberlin and Neal Rauhauser. That is conspiracy fact.

Anyhuagh, I'm working on a new blog entry. I think you'll like it. Nowhere on any major lefty blog will you find stuff like that.

The astroturf is a bit too rich, Junior. We were prescient.

socrates said...

The popular posts thingie can be manipulated. You have choices for how long past and how many to list on that right side.

donkeytale said...

Some really substantive entries on that list tho I don't get the last 7 day thingie.

The Duncan is one of my faves in yur oeuvre. For some reason yur chick schtick tends to hit the spot.

Also, I'm immensely pleased w our Manson collaboration. That could be a New Yorker piece but only if they agree to use the picture. I love that picture. Purrfect.

donkeytale said...

I sometimes imagine that papparazi and media figures surround yor place 24/7.

And I saw the Phoenix closed doubt out of fear over what the mighty Socrates legal juggernaut was going to steamroll them.

Too bad, I loved that paper back in the day almost as much as the LA Free Press and the early Rolling Stone before it dould out.

socrates said...

Those are the most hits for last seven days. It could also be set for a month or all-time. This isn't rocket science. We could list twenty of them.

I guess Aaron took the big hit. But he seems a-ok it's a rag no one reads. He was prescient.