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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Breaking: The Internet is Fried and Yur Still an Idiot

Online conspiratard tribalisation makes otherwise 'normal' people extremely cynical, overwhelms them with feelings of powerlessness and adds nothing, nothing at all to the stated but never realised objective of bloggers to change the status quo we all waste so much time railing impotently against.
Since Hofstadter’s book was published, our access to information has vastly improved, which you would think would have helped minimize such wild speculation. But according to recent scientific research on the matter, it most likely only serves to make theories more convincing to the public. What’s even more surprising is that this sort of theorizing isn’t limited to those on the margins. Perfectly sane minds possess an incredible capacity for developing narratives, and even some of the wildest conspiracy theories can be grounded in rational thinking, which makes them that much more pernicious. Consider this: 63 percent of registered American voters believe in at least one political conspiracy theory, according to a recent poll conducted by Fairleigh Dickinson University. While psychologists can’t know exactly what goes on inside our heads, they have, through surveys and laboratory studies, come up with a set of traits that correlate well with conspiracy belief. In 2010, Swami and a co-author summarized this research in The Psychologist, a scientific journal. They found, perhaps surprisingly, that believers are more likely to be cynical about the world in general and politics in particular. Conspiracy theories also seem to be more compelling to those with low self-worth, especially with regard to their sense of agency in the world at large. Conspiracy theories appear to be a way of reacting to uncertainty and powerlessness. Economic recessions, terrorist attacks and natural disasters are massive, looming threats, but we have little power over when they occur or how or what happens afterward. In these moments of powerlessness and uncertainty, a part of the brain called the amygdala kicks into action. Paul Whalen, a scientist at Dartmouth College who studies the amygdala, says it doesn’t exactly do anything on its own. Instead, the amygdala jump-starts the rest of the brain into analytical overdrive — prompting repeated reassessments of information in an attempt to create a coherent and understandable narrative, to understand what just happened, what threats still exist and what should be done now. This may be a useful way to understand how, writ large, the brain’s capacity for generating new narratives after shocking events can contribute to so much paranoia in this country
Pay heed, fake leftists and tea baggers. You are on the wrong track, loosers, even in the unlikely event that you are still able to make an occasional foray into a halting attempt at pretending to be somewhat sane.
Alex Jones, a syndicated radio host, can build fame as a conspiracy peddler; politicians can hint at conspiracies for votes and leverage; but if conspiracy theories are a tool the average person uses to reclaim his sense of agency and access to democracy, it’s an ineffective tool. It can even have dangerous health implications. For example, research has shown that African-Americans who believe AIDS is a weapon loosed on them by the government (remembering the abuses of the Tuskegee experiment) are less likely to practice protected sex. And if you believe that governments or corporations are hiding evidence that vaccines harm children, you’re less likely to have your children vaccinated. The result: pockets of measles and whooping-cough infections and a few deaths in places with low child-vaccination rates. Psychologists aren’t sure whether powerlessness causes conspiracy theories or vice versa. Either way, the current scientific thinking suggests these beliefs are nothing more than an extreme form of cynicism, a turning away from politics and traditional media — which only perpetuates the problem.
Of course, you will dismiss this and say the article itself is part of the MSM conspiracy to hold you down. Yes, and the research even offers a pre-emptive answer for that typically inbred piece of polarised nonsense.
In 2006, the political scientists Brendan Nyhan and Jason Reifler identified a phenomenon called the “backfire effect.” They showed that efforts to debunk inaccurate political information can leave people more convinced that false information is true than they would have been otherwise. Nyhan isn’t sure why this happens, but it appears to be more prevalent when the bad information helps bolster a favored worldview or ideology. In that way, Swami says, the Internet and other media have helped perpetuate paranoia. Not only does more exposure to these alternative narratives help engender belief in conspiracies, he says, but the Internet’s tendency toward tribalism helps reinforce misguided beliefs. And that’s a problem. Because while believing George W. Bush helped plan the Sept. 11 attacks might make you feel in control, it doesn’t actually make you so. Earlier this year, Karen Douglas, a University of Kent psychologist, along with a student, published research in which they exposed people to conspiracy theories about climate change and the death of Princess Diana. Those who got information supporting the theories but not information debunking them were more likely to withdraw from participation in politics and were less likely to take action to reduce their carbon footprints.
I just love it when scientific research bears out the accuracy of observations that I have been making for years. I may not be a real man of genius, but I play one on the internets.


donkeytale said...

I didn't even have postage with which to mail-in this entry.

I made a paper airplane out of it and shot at inm your face.


donkeytale said...

Take that, whiteysphere!


[projection alert]

donkeytale said...

And just for the record: yesterday, having lots better to do, I decided to log off, call a friend and go out and spoil a good walk by playing 18 holes at the local goat track.

And miracle of miracles, despite having played exactly twice during the prior twelve months (both times forced due to business considerations)I fell into the semblance of a halfway decent swing, clocking the ball long and straight off the tee and and even putting fairly well.

With the wind gusting at times 30-40 miles per hour, the afternoon and hot and sticky, and many children being killed just a few hours to my immediate north in OKC, yur obedient servant managed to shoot a highly respectable 89 and beat my playing partner who gets out on the course an average of 3-4 times per week.

I would have scored even lower had I not wasted a beautiful tee shot on 18 by skulling my approach shot into the parking lot (ball coming to rest against the curb between a Chevy Cruze and a Lexus 350) and taking double bogey after a drop.

The odd thing to me is that if I were a pro on the PGA tour my errant shot on 18 would have bounced off the grandstand wall, leaving me a relatively easy chip and putt coming back for a makeable par.

The pros get all the breaks. Even when they sky one INTO the grandstands they get a free drop coming back in line where the ball entered the stands because it is a temprorary obstruction (no penalty).

Life sucks when you are w rank amateur

donkeytale said...

And no, we didnt rent carts. We walked, my partner has a pull cart and I carried my bag.

So there.

Total greens fees at the Muni were a splendidly worth it $18, which I can write off my taxes because we discussed business.

And no, I passed on the doobie.

donkeytale said...

$18 a piece that is...

donkeytale said...

This concludes todays stat padding

socrates said...

Well, well, well.... Hmmm.

Talk about your love sirens.

I guess I'll respond here to your comments on the previous thread.

Alexa stats are meaningless. Period. It all depends on people who are logged into Alexa and then drop by the blog.

Maybe we are that low number worldwide. But in America no way are we that far down the totem pole.

Plus who cares anyway about stats schmats. We have proven at any moment we so desire to take control of the internet zeitgeist, it is ours.

Uhm, er, I'm not done.

socrates said...

Dude, a bit of sports here and there is fine and dandy. But no one cares what we think about sports. Exclamation mark.

I'm getting ready to get into the sports cards trading business. I have a decent chunk of them. But no way am I going the Ebay route. I'm gonna find meself a dealer and get it done that way.

Talk about ridiculous bubbles or whatnot. What the heck is so great about cards?

The best (or worst I suppose) is seeing the cards placed with their inflated condition ratings. No, not believable. A card is not near mint if all the corners are fuzzy, with creases and scruffiness etc..

I'd love to cut out the middleman and sell them directly. But then folks can return them within 14 days. Wtf? For all I know some dude is wiping his nose on them then deciding he no longer wants the cards for crying out loud.

Don't worry though. I got one of those pricing guides and know exactly what they are worth. So no falutin, scamming dealer is getting his paws on them without coughing up 40% of value.

Yikes, the only thing worse for DFQ2 ratings than talking NBA playoffs is discussing how the condition of and how to unload sports cards.

The irony is I am still not done.

socrates said...

You need to be careful about going too heavily into anal retentiveness with conspiracy theory analysis.

People in position of power do conspire and do f*** with us, we the alienated, powerless little men. Hmmm, Wilhelm Reich wrote Listen, Little Man. I recommend it. The dude was way out there but came up wth some great stuff. Especially The Mass Psychology of Fascism.

I've been going through a lot of my stuff. I have all the papers I wrote. I could possibly mail in some non-mailed in writing pieces.

Hey, I hope the screenshot above doesn't get nixed by you. Look at it. All that schtuff is from planes. It looks too low, in the Troposphere. You need certain conditions for persistent contrails to form.

If the skies are pure blue, that signifies no humidity. No humidity signifies that contrails should disappear within seconds to a minute or two. Just saying.

Then there is all this other proof confirming this is not a kooky conspiracy theory. Admittedly 98% of the stuff on this topic is complete gobbledy gibberish. I agree.

In short, I am not backing off on my campaign to stop the weather mitigation programs.

If people want to take the easy way out and read some anal debunkers who only appear to be in the right, then that's those tamales.

But yes, you are correct on the #1 point. The internet is a dead end for changing the world. And yes, there are a lot of spy factory numbnuts flooding the internet with nonsense for whatever psy-op reasons. It's why we never read about Barrett Brown in regular guy papers. No one cares about Collateral Damage. That's some sick shite our military is involved in.

But oh no. They hate our way of life. There's no logical explanation why more people than not hate our country. Instead of solving why they hate us, let's just keep bullying them around.

Meanwhile our own country is going downhill fast. But your buddy Obama, you love him. He's good for your stock market. Regular people willing and able to work but vulnerable, screw them, right?

If I had to guess, now I am done.

donkeytale said...

This little tirade of yours couldn't by any chance be related to the fact this air mailed entry rose like a meteor to the top of the DFQ2 latest 7 day charts could it?

Or did you think you were actual target of my devastating yet sophisticated scornful wit?

Niger, please.

Yes, all of life is a conspiracy aimed at the poor on behalf of the rich.

Class warfare, I believe they call it. As impetus to correct the situation thru class struggle this is a motivational tool.

As impetus for the impotence of doing nothing about the situation except proclaiming yur leftier than thouness on a blog in the service of being infotained, you too are RIOTOUS!

I'm cool with the pic altho I'd prefer the one with the cubicle dweeb smashing his desktop monitor to shreds with his keyboard used as a hammer.

This entry was aimed at Fairleft and Laura especially but thanks for proving the universality of its appeal.

Besides. I suspect the views were mostly by spider bots anyway.

socrates said...

I knew it wasn't aimed at me. But I still truly contend there is a certain form of debunker who should be locked up in a cage and forced to watch Nimoy's In Search Of.

I did notice you shot up to the top of the charts. I'm not sure what that means. I also agree with you there could be some kinda sorta spider/robot explanation for our latest polling numbers.

I think we should take down that right hand margin listing. People can shuffle through the archives all they like. The way it is now, I believe is a self-fulfilling prophecy. People see what's listed and go oh boy, those must be the good and/or important ones.

The only way anyone is gonna figure this joint out is to read every word from start to finish. Not only do I recommend that, I encourage it. This is very important stuff and just may be the 100th monkey blog schtick that ends up saving the planet.

donkeytale said...

Look, boss, I'm doing schtick here and would appreciate you rolling with me in the vein which, uhmmm augments the work in an infotaining yet humourous fashion.

Read the piece again. 63 pct of Americans believe in one level of conspiracy or another.

That puts you in a solid, filibuster-proof majority.

Now personally, I believe Weather Mitigation to be so obscure that even Nimoy would take a pass on it, but I understand and appreciate your sensitivity. After all, this was a major period of your oeuvre and naturally you don't want to be lumped in with the real whackjobs and their garden variety paranoias.

But dude, can we at least milk a few laffs out of the process?

I mean, OK, you believe in chemtrails while I believe the Kennedys were offed by the Mob.

Its OK, man. There's a little bit of Elvis in everyone.

CT is a guilty pleasure, like watching Nancy Grace.

donkeytale said...

I'm back in front of an actual computer so I now see where you did try to have some actual trademarked socdonk autopilot 2 dialogue.

Sorry about that. Its hard for these old eyes to read the fine print on the dummyphone for wiseguys.

I believe the sports talk at playoff time is a timeless aspect but I agree its deadly for the ratings.

Credit where due, Greenwald has done some schtick on Barrett Brown. he's in my red neck of the woods, no?

Dallas, Texas.

Not the best of places, perhaps, to be an incarcerated lefty.

I'm not sure what his deal is but I recall he's being railroaded over some reporting he did about Anonymous which got him linked to them by the pigs because they didnt believe he was a "real" journo, is that about it?

Dude, jail sucks. I know that you know that having pulled a day or two there over the fake Kimberlin death threat.

The DoJ is out of control. No doubt its worse under Obama than Bush even, and it was historical bad under Bush.

WTF? Bottom line is Obama probably wants to survive the presidency and in the back of his mind HE believes in conspiracy theory too.

Unless, that is, the illuminati actually pulled him aside before his first inauguaration and laid down the facts of life to him.

donkeytale said...

I've had a few collectibles in my day but of course have lost them along the strange journey of my life.

One of the problems of being a lifelong wanderer is that you cant really drag much shit along with you.

Plus collecting material stuff agitates me mentally and wears me down physically.

Basically, I hate stuff.

But I do still have the original first pressing vinyl copy of the Dylan "Great White Wonder," from like 1967, which was the very first bootleg LP and also the first time we heard from the group eventually known as The Band. Recorded in Woodstock, NY at Dylan's house on a tape recorder, it was mostly demos of different schtick, most notably the first recorded take of "I Shall be Released."

It's a classic with horrible sound quality.

In my possession, its not in mint condition exactly.

And I havent had a turntable in like 35 years, or wtf.

Plus, Dylan eventually released on Columbia a slightly modified version called 'The Basement Tapes.'

So, its worth nothing but memories.

donkeytale said...

Linky thingie:

I had the original with the plain white cover.

It was released in LA in 1969 actually, where I bought it from an indie record shop I frequented. The owner knew me and one day pulled it out from under the cash register.

I thot he was trying to rip me off. There were no identifiable markings on the cover. Its a double album.

But I bought it for some ungodly amount of like $7 (LPs in those days if I remember were going for like $2.99).

I remember rushing home and ripping off the cellophane and immediately being suspicious because the label on one of the disks says something like "Johnny Strange Surf Guitar" or wtf.

I was sure then I ;d been ripped.

But once I started playing it I loved it. The ppor sound adds something to the overall impact of the tunes. Ethereal in many spots.

Truly, Dylan's best album before he released Blood on teh Tracks a few years later, which is the masterpiece of the era, artfulness up there with Shakespeare IMHO.

donkeytale said...

From Teh Rolling Stone of the time (when it was still useful and underground, sort of):

'New' Dylan Album Bootlegged in LA.

By Jerry Hopkins.
[Photo: "'The Great White Wonder' at Edwardsville".]

LOS ANGELES - More then 2,300 copies of "bootleg" Bob Dylan album are now being sold in Los Angeles in what may be the entertainment industry's first truly hip situation comedy.

The simply-produced package - 26 cuts on two plain unmarked discs, called "Great White Wonder" - was made from tapes never before released by Dylan or by his now rather miffed record label, Columbia.

Rather, it was collected, pressed and currently is being marketed by two young Los Angeles residents both of whom have long hair, a moderate case of the shakes (prompted by paranoia) and an amusing story to tell.

Before getting into the trials and tribulations of the city's only visible "Bootleggers," some statistics:

Nine of the songs are apparently from the "basement tape" made in the cellar of Dylan's upstate New York home more than 18 months ago, shortly before he went to Nashville to record "John Wesley Harding". On these, Dylan performs with what later became known as the Band from Big Pink.

Another 16 cuts - 12 of them songs, four of them brief rap sessions - are allegedly from a tape made December 22nd, 1961, in a Minneapolis hotel room. All these feature Dylan alone, with an acoustic guitar and harmonica, and if the date is correct, the tape was made before Dylan signed with Columbia.

The final cut, "Living the Blues," was taken direct from the television set when Dylan appeared on the Johnny Cash Show earlier this summer.

Effect of the album's "release" on the local record scene has been phenominal. Five radio stations - KCBS in Santa Barbara, KNAC in Long Beach, KRLA in Pasadena and KMET-FM and KPPC-FM in Los Angeles - immediately began playing the LP, thereby creating a demand that often far exceeded a shop's limited supply.

The supply line was ragged at best, largely because the two men behind the scheme (a third put up the initial money, the say) are the "exclusive distributors."

Not only that, "We don't have a car of our own," they say. "We have to borrow cars to take the records around."

Distribution has been further hamperered by the fact that they will not give their names, addresses or a telephone where they might be reached. This, for what they term "all the obvious reasons."

As a result, shops are charging whatever they think the traffic will bear. The two producers say they are wholesaling the package at $4.50 each ($4.25 apiece after the first 50), and shops are asking from $6.50 up. One store, The Psychedilic Supermarket in Hollywood - its name tells where it's owner is at - is even asking, and getting, $12.50 for the two-record set."

donkeytale said...

Note the two mispellicisms in the above news report:



Hmmm. Maybe I didnt create the movement after all....

donkeytale said...

OOPS> Bonus linky thingie:

Definitely worth a full reading

donkeytale said...

Interesting the article also screws up some of the song names, obviously because there were no liner notes or song listings, for instance "Emmitt Till" is called "Abner".

Also, the perps of this now-classic sixties tradition were.....anonymous cowards!

"In the meantime, they're still struggling with their little "company's" first release and protecting their anonymity.

"What're your names?" I asked.

"Call me Patrick," said the one with the longest hair.

"Call me Vladimir," said the one with the bushiest sideburns.

"How do you spell Vladimir?"

"I don't konw, man. Make it Merlin."

Why did they do it?

"Bob Dylan is a heavy talent," Patrick said, "and he's got all those songs nobody's ever heard. We thought we'd take it upon ourselves to make this music available."

"Do you know what will happen if you get away with it?" I said. "Why, if John Mayall or anybody opens at the Whisky tonight, there'll be a live recording of it on the stands by the middle of next week."

Patrick and Vladimir/Merlin just grinned."

socrates said...

That was an outstanding bootleg/whatnot mini-series of posts. I'm not dismissing that. It was not only enjoyable but was a pure delight to read.

I have no qualms with those dudes. They were funny. They were providing a service. I'm pretty kinda sorta sure Bob Dylan wasn't hurting for the bread. The Greatful Dead loved the kids stealing their marmalade. I heard that in some Eskimo culture, the dudes share their wives. But perhaps keep your nose to yourself until husband dude gives the go ahead. I am not sure and this is surely a digression.

I could have responded better to your diary. Yes, people want to hear what they believe. Others are deluded. Others are scammers. Carl Jung developed a fantastic output on personality traits. And it's spot on. So maybe we should come up with the eight personality traits of bloggers. Or not.

It's not always about people believing what they want to hear. There's also the conspiracy fact that forums have been rigged. I would come up with minutiae proving this. Like I tracked down Major Flaw/Fingerit having inside power to Democratic Underground. I've one thread here with proof DU has direct ties to the DLC and its attorneys were these big shot right wingers.

Look at Moulitsas. He fricken admitted to coming within a whisker of being CIA. He was in training. Or the numbers don't crunch. The debunkers or whatever they are turned it around. Giggling about tinfoil and decoder rings, etc..

What left winger would have the background of Markos Moulitsas? None would. Just look at how he hammed up some schtick about walking over dead bodies or wtf he was on about in a little scribble buried in the mountain of his irrelevant Daily Kos.

He came from the El Salvador that was aligned with death squads. Not cool.

Ok, fine, people change. Even insiders change and say fu I won't do what you tell me. They are called whistle blowers or simply regular guys as coined by the zeitgeist vernacular. He lied! He covered up his own true history. The saving grace is that he did get exposed and has been reduced to being the nobody he is. It's one thing to be a little man overwhelmed by feelings of powerlessness and alienation. It's another to in this short life scam and sham.

You mentioned Nancy Grace. She is definitely a sweetie. She is not always correct. Same as Judge Judy. But they do seem sincere. That has to count for something. On the flip side, those who hustle and bustle for freakin tip jar ad hits, well, uhm, they can go break bread with like-minded users and abusers. Ok, let's move on. It's been fun but at some point it must be done.

You know what I'm talking about. There were those old-school radio guys, the original Limbaughs, the Huey Longs of the culture industry.

Now they are all over the place and specialised. And yeah, Greenwald does come up with some good stuff. But from the material you have provided me, I must say deep down the only people he cares about is himself and Al Franken.

Ariana Huffington. Ditto.

The only person I can think of who has been near mint condition for goodness was Mother Theresa. Yeah, there have been many more. But it is early and the coffee is only just starting to kick in.

socrates said...

Here's how backwards your state is.

Lesbian couple can't cohabitate, Texas judge rules

The woman was nuts to allow such a clause into a divorce agreement. Or maybe it is only to protect kids from having mom bringing in too many fellas or gals in this case for slumber parties.

This is 2013, if we were to cry out loud.

Let the lovebirds marry or live together. That's my advice for your nutjob state of Texas. Or get with the program. Or become a sister state of Utah and completely show that Texas and America would be better off, if it were rightly given back to Mexico.

Really? 2013? Oh yeah, you're the fools who brought us GW Bush. Ok, he grew up in this area, but you're the freaks who made him governor.

Repent, Texas. Grow up.

donkeytale said...

Srsly dude. I had that same attitude toward Texas when I was like uhm 18. Yo seem soemwhat stunted in yur growth in certain ways, perhaps you need to get outside the Bay State a bit more. Might do you some good.

I hear Maryland is a nice progressive leftier than thou state


You seem upset about something that has nothing to do with Texas or conspiracy theories or chemtrails or wtf.

Dude. Relax. No one in Texas including me cares what some neurotic uptight nebbish from some two bit boring suburb of Boston thinks about them.

socrates said...

You forgot the projection alert.

socrates said...

You're saying the picture was photo-shopped? Or all the trails were made within a couple minutes and soon disappeared?

The photo was taken by the lady from Arizona. That state is famous for getting next to no humidity. No humidty = no persistent contrails.

socrates said...

Maryland sucks. I've already said the whole country sucks. It's not my fault Texas is in the top five for suckiness.

socrates said...

An anonymous coward calls me neurotic. How brave.

socrates said...

And I don't do collectibles either. I'm simply working on moving them. Which takes time and effort.

socrates said...

Wait a sec. From the article you didn't read (projection alert):

"Ken Upton Jr., a Dallas-based attorney who is familiar with the case, told the Dallas Voice the provision, which courts can include in divorce decrees without people knowing, are used to unfairly target gay couples."

socrates said...

They are lesbians. They are not allowed to marry. Your courts are stupid. In this case, they are not even allowed to live together. Wow.

donkeytale said...

Step away from computer now and dislodge sharpened No 2 lead pencil from whiny tight sphincter, Beavis!

Lemme guess, last week you were bragging about having a real life....

socrates said...

I tried to let your sadistic comments pass. But seriously go away. I don't need some let's face it supreme creep and anonymous coward taking potshots at me for no reason. Yeah, go away or something. You're not that special. You're definitely not a nice person.

donkeytale said...

You forgot the projection alert.

Your giving me grief for the entire state of Texas and I'm taking potshots at you?


donkeytale said...

Your state gave us the Salem witch hunt, Chappaquiddick and let us not forget for a moment that Supreme piece of whitebread AKA "Mitt".

Not to mention Nadia Naffe.

Whoever the frick she is

donkeytale said...

This thread may set an alltime record wrt my oeuvre for staying on topic.

And, ok, I apologise for characterising yiu as a neurotic east coast nerdy dweeb. I was tit tatting yur eastie Texas stereotype with a favourite one we rugged southwestern studs hold of east coast tiny apartment dwelling metrosexual..

I am fully aware that you are more of a cybersleuthing James Bond as portrayed by Daniel Craig (who somewhat surprisingly, like you, appears to be non-gay in RL) than a Woody Allen.

Actually, I believe Ron would enjoy a satorie in Tejas. He could come down and get an interview w Barret Brown and then we could hit the clubs, pound some ice cold Shiners and get flirty with the ladeez.

Or, if as rumoured he swings the other way we could hang with the boys in the vibrant and very out large Uptown Dallas gay community. As for moi, I am versatile and always willing to bat from either side of the plate.

Who knows? Maybe we'll even 'bump' into our hansome Gov 'Dick' Perry while we're out and about.

Or swat him, if we get bored.

donkeytale said...

Oh, and b4 u d side 2 go all Nancy Grace/Liberty Chick and turn me in for threatening our Governour, I meant swat him on his cute little tushy.


socrates said...

All I can really say in regards to the gay schtick is two things.

I'm not gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

You're a very handsome man, but not to me.

Ok, I admit to double schtick theft. The first was lifted from Seinfeld, as most are aware.

But can you guess the second reference? Ironically, and so both we and the readers can move on with our lives, the actor in question fr that one went on to play a neurotic dweeb sleuth called Monk.

And now you know the rest of the story

socrates said...

I'm not neurotic or obsessed. I hit a rut and went internet addiction. Along the way I came up with some interesting stuff. Weird shite then happened to me. Stuff that no one should ever have to experience.

No, I am not a Mandela who stayed in prison for his ideals. Yet I do have strong ones. There is a level of truth to my pretentious leftier than thou schtick.

I did nothing wrong. Or at least nothing worth getting sued and cybersmeared over.

And yes, I am truly happy and feeling as good as I ever have. Anyone who believes the Phoenix smut on me or any other garbage circulating is a moron or someone so shallow I have zero respect for.

Hey, I'd love to chat all day but have stuff to get done. We missed you at the last sensitivity training session for bloggers. Jane says she might let you back to FDL, if you complete the program.

First things first. You need to come out of denial. It shouldn't be so difficult to say, "My name is donkeytale. I am an internet addict and anonymous coward."

You got the first part done. I'm definitely not sure what you think gives you the right to pick at my scabs after what I've been through.

Attack the schtick, not the schtickster. Say that five time times fast, then we'll do sushi.

donkeytale said...

Is that the class where you reserve and demand all the sensitivity for your yourslef while giving fuck all about anybody else's feeling?

You and jane have certainly studied well.

As for me, looking at the shocking success of this piece of crap I'm considering a new phase of oeuvre, perhaps a neo-trollish phase, or maybe a "neal-trollish" phase in homage to the obvious master of the genre.

I'll try not to singe yur eyebrows much in the process, but you might also try to refrain from attacking me as I ascend the heights or descend the depths, as you have done here however passively- aggressive (IE, attacking me by attacking Texas, or wtf) simply because I have recaptured a narrative strand that consists of both timeless and universal truth. As such, you will feel compelled to find my work speaking directly to you, but take heart, for I am speaking to all of humanity as well.

This isn't personal.

It is art practiced at the highest lowest level.

As an alternative, you can ban me again.

Or better yet, re-up yur own game and together we can take this blog in the stratosphere of the whiteysphere, which may be farther down than it is up.

But at least it is somewhere nowhere.


donkeytale said...

Er, ah nevermind... I see that you are back to twittering again.

That explains alot.

Carry on, my wayward son....

socrates said...

I've become a Twitter minimalist.... You should have also noticed I plugged your schtick here.

We've both critiqued the internet and have come up with very similar conclusions. Not sure why you are considering going megatroll on society. They can't help being retarded. They've been brainwashed.

donkeytale said...

Exactly. Consider me Megadeath to a brain dead society.

Or at least AC/DC.

I am Listerine for the chicken shit soup soul.

Cleanse yur empty soul and bite my knob with your straightened whitened perfect teeth,

I can't feel you, loosers.

Real Truth Online said...

Socrates, One question. Why is it that when I click on donkeytale, the profile says "MY BLOGS: DFQ2". YOU'RE donkeytale??? Why are you talking to yourself? And where is the last fucktard left? Did he die? Or hasn't the new library opened up yet?

socrates said...

Donkeytale has posting privileges here. We have actually known each other since around early 2009.

We are in counseling to figure out which one of us is real and who is Sybil. Actually, we may start production of a movie titled, The Three Faces of Noom.... Sorry, inside joke.

Thanks for your attention to this matter. We are working on it. Sorry for any inconvenience.

P.S. Aren't you scared the Feds are gonna do something to you? The info you crank out is so dangerous to the New World Order. I've learned to apologise and kiss Uncle Sam's arse. Are you some kind of terrorist?