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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Arab Spring or 'Irish Spring'?

******** The Whiteysphere's beloved Trotskyite (among a phalanx of other pundits) has rushed into print with his latest flavour of the moment. In the threads, as at his own blog, Seymour's thought yacht runs aground against the peculiar form of internet utopian reactionism that passes itself off as 'far-left' when it is in reality part and parcel of a 'reactionary right' ******** Thus, the internet left in a few short years reduces itself to nothing more than a smushed sectarian windshield bug fellow travelling with the Iranian/Syrian/Russian express which is running amok through the humanitarian trainwreck that is the Syrian counter-revolution. [mixed metaphor alert] ******** In fact, in the tried and true manner of the 'we cant figure this out so lets blame the shallow mainstream media' parlour game that never goes out of style and never adds a whiff of insight or original thinking, the internet utopians falafel all over themselves, signifying nothing. Same as it ever was. ******** Step back, whiteysphere and ponder the Marxian sweep of history. Ditch the Stalinist/Hitlerian pretence and behold the late imperialist stage of capitalism, that must be traversed before we can enter into the next phase of historical development. Do not take sides in this imperialist struggle. It is not our fight. You are being led astray by your small circle of Russian-financed pundits. The US vs BRICS is an illusion that is being sold to you as if it were a bar of soap. There are no shortcuts to Utopia. This is a war that must be waged. The 'Arab Awakening' is as unavoidable as body odor on a rotting corpse. The Middle East Unraveling is a stealth world war that still flies beneath the radar of the newest highest technology. It remains hidden inside sectarian tribal reckoning that has played out since Biblical times, at least, and if the Word is believed or not, it will play out until the end of teh world (as we know it). Believe it, Whitey, there is no Emerald City at the end of your internet-fed rainbow, and there is no escape from your eventual participation. There is Kansas, and that is all.


donkeytale said...

This laptop kills fascists.

(Or blogs, whichever is lesser)

socrates said...

You forgot paragraph breaks...

I'm mid-40's, bra, I mean bro.

From what you've shown before, Mr. Seymour seems to be a credit to the leftier than thou movement.

As for goofy, fake leftists we see on the net, they come in all varieties.

There is no one size fits all. If you are still getting your rocks off reading/posting at Pffugee, that is on you, Horatio.

Just don't expect me to care or look over there. It's not happening.

As for What's Happening, that was a highly entertaining show and much underrated.

donkeytale said...

Actually, I performed a copy/paste off Pffugee. For some reason the paragraph breaks don't translate.

Mercifully it is a short but succinct piece of mailed-in garbaje de fluff.

Mailed-in might be too strong a term, in fact.

OK mid forties. If my math is correct 47 this year.

Hate to break this to you but that is "late 40s" territory. I guess you can cling to the illusion as long as you remain 46.

donkeytale said...

A black sitcom entry might be a useful topic for discussion.

Maybe we could pull F. Negro and/or F. Holland into the thread.

If I had to go to the mat with policial correctness it would be too close to call among the Jeffersons and Good Times and of course some version of a Cosby thingie.

But I'll go obscure on you here and take Room 222, altho I believe that was a multiracial series.

Sanford & Sons probably my fave for intensely personal reasons having more to do with myintense time of life during that period (SEE also Album, White masterpiece for details) than show quality.

I loves me sum Fred Sanford, tho.

No doubt bout dat.

socrates said...

It's beyond lame you keep prying into my personal information. Stop it.

socrates said...

Yeah Boss, but no way Field or Francis will show up here with you spouting ebonics.

The show with Venus Flytrap was pretty good, I recall a restaurant set in New Orleans. But unfortunately many quality shows do not last long.

I'd have to go with Good Times for best African-American sitcom. It wasn't very politically correct with JJ acting the buffoon.

James Evans, who used to be the weather dude with Mary Richards under the auspices of Lou Grant, was a terrific father figure. Much more realistic than Cosby. The Cosby Show was much more racist, imho. It's like let's go join Whitey in the house. Good Times was more of a field negro production.

I'm more Black than Clarence Thomas

n.b. Due to my reverence for Francis L. Holland, I am capitalising the word black and no longer using the word spook.

donkeytale said...

Thats funny, you used to dig on my age(s)all the time.

The political correctness thing was the white liberal Jewish overlay that kept all of those shows from reaching true grateness. It was the Norman lear schtick, controversial only because the lead character was the inocrrect one, whether JJ, George, Archie or Fred.

Extremely formulaic.

There was just something about Fred.

George was pretty out there too.

To be honest, I was never a huge All in the family man, I seem to recall it was on Saturday nights. And for me, the best of the cast was easily Jean Stapleton, who just passed on. I recall seeing her on a talk show and she was hugely intelligent, erudite even, serious.

She was a great actress.

A lot of good sitcoms were on Sat nights, and variety shows too, I missed them mostly because i were out and about. (Canadian ebobics style pronunciation). Out and about and down and out. And something of a lout.

No doubt.

donkeytale said...

Rockford Files was truly great TV in those days, altho I don't believe it featured many African American charactors.

That show encapulated the zeitgeist of early mid 70s LA very well.

donkeytale said...

Never a big Cosby guy here.

Found him funny when I was like 9 but after puberty not so much.

Richard Pryor was da man.

Flip Wilson had his moments.

Godfrey Cambridge.

In one of those brush with grateness moments I shared a flight w Jimmy JJ Walker to Vegas around 2000. It says something about the man that he was flying coach class along with us plebes and not hiding his head. He was outgoing, in fact sort of worked the cabin in a needy sorta show biz way that was pretty cool.

According to the Wikipod, he is something of a right winger.

"Walker appeared on The O'Reilly Factor on July 11, 2012. He stated that he did not vote for Barack Obama and that he would not vote for him in the 2012 election either.[4] In an interview with CNN, Walker described himself politically as a "realist independent" and stated that he opposed affirmative action, saying that it had outlived its usefulness. He also said that he was against gay marriage on moral grounds, but believed legislation for its legalization should be passed, stating it was not worth fighting against.[1]

Walker described his political beliefs at length in his autobiography, Dyn-O-Mite: Good Times, Bad Times, Our Times: A Memoir. In it, he called himself a "logicist," who believes in "logic and common sense." He holds typical conservative positions on the death penalty, the size of government and capitalism. However, Walker is in favor of amnesty for the children of illegal immigrants and a system of universal health care for the United States. He voted for Ronald Reagan and noted that he also "loved Bill Clinton as our president" for welfare reforms instituted under his administration.[5]"

donkeytale said...

Now itcan toad:

"There is now a menace which is called Twitter," Erdogan said. "The best examples of lies can be found there. To me, social media is the worst menace to society."

socrates said...

Yes, you are touching on the theme of even when we make advances, there is still some form of glitch.

So when we get a movie on Biko, it becomes as much if not more about the white reporter dude.

There was The Little Foxes with Bette Davis. It was definitely not racist racist. Nonetheless, it was still racist in that it took the good crackers to protect "child-like" African descendents of slavery from cracker crackers.

Malcolm X was the man because he stood up to the tank. He wasn't saying but master, we wants us some freedoms. No, he was a smart dude AND a true rock.

All those shows and movies were heavy-handed, in addition to as you say being a white man's vision of societal race structures.

I will point out there was at least one exception to your Norman Lear analysis. That was Maude! She was both the star and the heroine. She was 100% solid for a human being. Sure, it wasn't about race. But it was on sexism. Kinda sorta related.

In capitalism, what we are seeing is the slow dismantling of the retarded racist structure replaced with one that is more to do with class structure.

You do have dudes, like Field Negro, imho, who are still a little bit too fixated on black versus white. But that's ok. It's his schtick. There is also much reason to believe racism is alive and well. Obviously it's nowhere near as bad as it was in the past. So there are nuances to this discussion.

Uhm, I am drifting into unclear thoughts. Or perhaps I am being lazy in this post-internet addiction state.

What I am thinking is we get Thatcher, yet sexism persists. We get Obama, but racism persists. We get Roseanne, but class issues still persist.

We are given mere crumbs of social change. I think we'd be better off with no crumbs at all. It'd be almost better to hit rock bottom and be 92% oppressed in this so-called beacon of freedom country than to be suckered into basically saying to the Man, thank you Master Mister.

For what? Cable tv? The illusion of social media? Denzel Washington and Ellen Degeneres? Nifty toasters? Keith Olbermann?

What we need is job creation with livable minimum wages. We need it so applying for food and other benefits becomes a safety net for fewer and fewer people.

You do this by putting an end to the excesses of Military Industrial Complex and corporate welfare. Then you put that money into rebuilding society. You use it to ensure environmental and social justice!

You do this by making all schools equal. Educational opportunity should not be dependent on individual town or city revenue.

That is just one issue, education.


socrates said...

We are in agreement that the internet sucks. Obama has his formula of hope, one that many use on the net to wine and dine for web hits, tip jar donations, linkage, etc..

The critical theorists spelled it all out. There is no need to reinvent the wheel.

The puzzle is to figure out why things never truly get better and what we can do to turn that around.

It's difficult to not succumb to full-fledged cynicism. It is easier to follow entertainment gossip, watch sports, blah blah about, etc..

And that's what most people have bought into. It's like that movie The Matrix where people are being controlled through computers.

And that's why we are hated and thought of as ugly Americans. We are the most powerful country, now the only superpower left, yet we still rape and pillage the world (perhaps kinder and gentler) with few Americans seeming to care. Our government is asking for terrorism. They promote it. It is good for their business. PERIOD!

The USA is the main reason why the world is teetering at the edge.

Two words. Legitimation Crisis. There are a million examples of this. Predator hacks like Rauhauser and Sabu are enabled by the Spy Factory. They are their employees. Their job description is to subvert any kind of positive social movement. Their job is to entrap and flush out so-called crazies.

Internet cointelpro is real. I called it. I was prescient.

The idiots of the world, those in power, see everything as a jungle. We are living through a Hobbesian nightmare. Order and profit have become ends in themselves.

There are no true leaders. Mostly only users, cheaters, and subconcious collaborators to the fascists in power do well in this society.

The personal is political. Yet, the personal is not allowed to flourish through so-called social media. Look at Huffington or your buddy Greenwald or even Breitbart before he keeled over.

They have turned activism into a commodity. Nuance, subtlety, and consensus forming based on deep research and thought is gone, kaput... and all in the name of personal hoarding.

Capitalism at its core is destructive fascism. Obama has tweaked GW's model and turned it into ordinary fascism. In short, we got the good cop after the bad cop.

Everyone deserves the right to education, food, housing, and health care. Republicans, in short, are scum. Unfortunately, the Democrats are not too far behind.

That's why there is a market for conspira-libtards/repukelicans (right woos left to libertarian, so to speak). There is the illusion that the internet can become a steering device. When people find no real venues to make even a little difference, they are then directed to so-called alternative media. Hello Brad Friedman. Hello Alex Jones. Hello the internet is garbage.

donkeytale said...

It's a nightmare but it's an airconditioned nightmare (h/t Henry Miller).

Life is pretty good all in all for Whiteys such as oursleves. F. Negro knows a different reality and that is why he persists (correctly in my view) in seeing the ebony/ivory as a disconnect rather than the MJ/PMcC confectionary mix.

Here is the problem. You say you want civ to hit rock bottom, and I agree that it must before there will be real change, but historical (and present) evidence seems to indicate that the hitting of rock bottom will be accompanied by even tighter authoritarian rightist control. (See Germany, Nazi and Greece, New Dawn for dtales)

And it is way way far too glib to trot out all those convenient easy cookie cutter progressive steps we should take to turn around the current capitalist corporatist dystopia.

Lets face it. Progressives don't have a clue. Cut the MIC and the economy tanks. Green jobs? What are those. Throwing govt money at a concept simply is the MIC all over again.

Human nature seems to indicate that whatever forced changes will simply shift the greedy corrupt excesses into a different set of hands, or worse, the same set disguised as a different set. Tes, its better that Dems get rich quick than Repubs, or is it?

We need to hit below rock bottom, I guess is what I'm sayin. Whats beneath rock? Paper? Scissors?

The Fire Next Time!

Apocalypse now!

But without a phony Jesus or a phony Brando to muck it up all over again.

Buddha, Buddha is our only hope.

And that is because we are all Buddha if we want it.

or wtf.

socrates said...

I just belted out and then edited. The phrase now trending which characterises such a process is referred to as, "mailed in."

That's true wisdom you spouted on Field Negro. Kumbaya does not always get it done. He knows the refs are working hard to protect the Miami Heats of the world.

The bad guys love Dr. Huxtable and obfuscate James Evans. The latter did all he could and still never received his slice of pie. The former has some high-priced brownstone in NYC.

The American Dream is mythology.

But back to my schtick. The M.I.C. must be drastically curtailed. It is our #1 problem. You just don't want to admit that it's been your man Obama who has solidified what Bush put in place.

There'd be no conspira-libtard base, if there were no Obamaic right wingers dressed in progressive clothes.

socrates said...

You also forget something called the Civilian Conservation Corps.

socrates said...

Rock bottom would be very painful. I concede. Maybe we are already there. To feel so powerless. To know but not be able to do anything about it. There's the itch.

donkeytale said...

You think? Haha. Dude, without getting into personal details that you hate me to do, lets face some truth here: you have it made in the shade. So do I. So do Fairleft. So do most everbohdee within spitting distance of the whiteysphere.

Rock bottom is an abstract concept we use to joke about online. We dont want to go there and thats why we gripe online but chill in reality.

I believe what you describe may be the basic internet malady of teh whiteysphere. Its why social media leads to action in some countries but to nothing in the affluent West.

See my previous diary. The connectedness gives an illusion of potential power that is in fact nothing at all in reality.

Thus, the disconnect or the feeling of powerlessness.

What would we change if we could? The internal psychology of other people?

This has been the ultimate beef of everyone about everybody else since time immemorial.

If only everyone else would live up to my ideal standard for human behaviour (AKA as God to some).

Oh, and allow me to ignore the fact that I also do not live up to everyone else's ideal standard for human behaviour. That doesnt count because I am not them.

But we are all together.

donkeytale said...

Funny, too, your perception of Maude.

I didnt watch that one much, but she seemed to be haughty, arrogant and know it all in my memory.

Or maybe I'm confusing Maude with Golden Girls.

Maude was like one Lear formula entry too many for me. I was done.

donkeytale said...

We are in total agreement on the Civ conservation Corps.

Also, bring back the military draft.

Those things might, maybe restore some connectedness and some soul to an alienated by airconditioning (windows rolled up/locked down) society.


But you are correct there.

Also, more people need to be exposed directly to the criminal justice system and its heinous unrighteous abuse of those without the resources to fight the power.

I'm talkin bout the DA office and the Courthouse as much as the for profit prison system.

donkeytale said...

There is something for your notation of the halting, zig zagging advance of human progress.

We of course are caught up in the moment and things look bleak, indeed, for bboth present and future.

But there is hope. The Greatest Gen is about gone and their children, the baby Boomers, are getting on. According to reports, we are also offing ourselves in record numbers, so there is further hope for youngins reading tea leaves in that.

Recall that the greatest advance of the industrial age, the French Revolution, which eventually revolutionised all of Europe, was actually a failure, and most of its social change was exported through a very offensive war waged by the original imperialist, Napolean Lajoie.

Er, uh, I mean Bonaparte.

At the time, we leftier than thous may have disliked the turn of events. Napolean was a worse sellout than Obama. He was also more warlike. And he beget his own line of Chelsea Clintons/George Bush the IIIs or wtf.

But stepping back and looking thru the wide angle lense we see these events now as a naturalistic flow that could not be denied.

And 1848 revolution was another failure that also added to the momentus change of civilisational direction away from the aristos to the booboisie.

It feels like the beginning of the end of that historical phase. But we have a long way to go.

All in all, excellent comments above by you, forgiving the standard issue "what needs to happen" idealism that isn't going to happen schtick, truly thought provoking rant.

socrates said...

Thanks. That was very kind and non-sadistic for you to say.

Yes, no one wants to sound like the unhinged kook in Freedom Cage Square.

I've much more to say but must get some things done.


socrates said...

Rock bottom was probably the wrong phrase. It's more akin to we just swilled a lot of high % hooch. So we are buzzed with all good right now.

But just wait until the inevitable alcohol poisoning sets in. We are basically imho in a pre-doomed incubator.

Like all the pollution. It just doesn't create dystopia all at once. It takes time for Satan to ferment the juices of our collective sins.

Yes on the #1 beef from time immemorial. Why won't the bloke or lass think like me? This is definitely better than bowing to ptb's in regards to the buddha initiative.

And if we play our cards right, and the -Morons- Mormons are correct, we will eventually end up with our own planet as a god with as many wives as we can seduce and talk into sharing us with the other girls.

socrates said...

Yes, you have confused Maude with the Golden Girl incarnation.

socrates said...

I know you keep pushing this bring back the draft schtick. It won't make a difference. The military doesn't need the kind of troops from back in the 'Nam Era. Reinstituting the draft won't put an end to the kinder and gentler raping and pillaging.

Maybe we are trying to solve what is beyond our abilities. Maybe we should focus in on the criminal injustice system. I've always thought that was your most effective schtick.

This back and forth troll versus troll stuff feeds internet addiction. It does not feed saving the planet. On that I am in agreement.

And on that note, I bid you adieu for now, my bestest, internet buddy. :)

donkeytale said...

Well, Uhm, actually, you are probably better deferring to my existential wisdom having lived thru the draft/Vietnam era and not mindlessly repeat the right woos left schtick.

Sorry I cant endorse your take here much at all, especially as it is completely bereft of anything other than empty rhetorical assertion.

Of course the military is more proficient and efficient whenit is professionalised. Its also much easier for politicians to wheel and deal their way into whatever foreign affairs they want.

D'uh. That was the whole point in Nixon's professionalising the military in the first place. Sorry to see that you along with pretty much all of the intellectually and spiritually bankrupted fake left agree with Nixon and the MIC.

Still, there is this badly dated thing known as the Constitution that strongly argues my side. The 2nd Amendment I think the Wingnutz call it.

There is also a more thriving and emotionally whole society known as South Korea which derives both communal cohesiveness and something that call "jung" at least in part from the shared burden of national self-defense. [conflation alert]

We could probably have a more fruitful discussion about the draft and criminal injustice if you actually brought something to the table.

Tsk. Tsk. Mr. Academic Achiever.

Oh and this about Maude, from the wikipod.

"Maude stars Bea Arthur as Maude Findlay, an outspoken, middle-aged, politically liberal woman living in suburban Tuckahoe, Westchester County, New York with her fourth husband, household appliance store owner Walter Findlay (Bill Macy). Maude embraced the tenets of women's liberation, always voted for Democratic Party candidates, strongly supported legal abortion, and advocated for civil rights and racial and gender equality. However, her overbearing and sometimes domineering personality often got her into trouble when speaking out on these issues."

donkeytale said...

Its probably more that Bea Arthur was typecasted into playing the same role twice.

Or maybe she was a limited character actress, unlike Jean Stapleton who was a truly accomplished thespian.

And no, the above comment was not meant sadistically.

It was an honest reflection of disagreement with yur assertions.

Plus an attempt to stir the flagging ratings.

Probably time to go back to the well and dredge up another Alex Jones thingie.

donkeytale said...

This an interesting bit of the positive and negative aspects of "jeong", with I have close existential relationship, both good and bad.

"Unlike other emotions, such as depression, anger, and anxiety, jeong is not entirely definable
even in the Korean language; it is ambiguous and amorphous. The best description is that jeong
has multiple faces.

The earliest time an individual is exposed to the experience of jeong is when a baby is held and
carried by his or her mother. As the mother’s warmness permeates to and is felt by the baby, so
to the jeong permeates to the heart of the baby. This type of jeong is called “mo-jeong,” which
exists during the remainder of the person’s life. This total trust of life and person without logic
or reason starts from the earliest experiences of life. I would consider this comparable to the
Freudian concept of basic trust during the oral stage. As a child grows older, the jeong
experience will expand to include interactions between him/her and the father, friends or other
relatives, neighbors, and members of the community. As jeong evolves through these different
forms, it is alternatively called “bu-jeong,” “in-jeong,” and “woo-jeong.” Jeong can exist not
only in the interpersonal space between people but also between a person and objects, such as a
house, book, or hometown. These are then expressed as a “jeong-deun” (jeong-layed) house,
book, mountain, or stream.

The manifestation of jeong in a social structure and in social values is primarily through loyalty
and commitment without validation, logic, or reason. This can be compared to the concept of
amae in Japanese, which is an expectation of behaviors without validation. It is very interesting
to see that interactions in Korean culture, whether formal or private, often carry the assumption
of commitment. In Western culture, commitment is often contractual and defined, such as in a
marriage, instead of being implicit. When commitments are made based upon contextual
significance, for example, because of “jeong-related” affairs rather than logical interpretations of
content, individuals easily become members of a cohesive group at home or work, bonded by
jeong or perhaps even held in bondage by jeong. Interdependency and collectivism are highly
valued, rather than autonomy, independency, privacy, and individualism."

donkeytale said...

In the Korean tongue it sounds more like 'tschung.'

donkeytale said...

These revelations about the immense amount of internet and telephone surveillance is both angering and rather to be expected.

I have had people tell me for years that there are programs that record phone calls based on pre-programmed word identification, certain terms triggering a recording or a marking of a call for later review by a pig.

If this doesn't stir a huge outcry and demand for heads to roll from, yes, Obama' impeachment down thru all the Congressional ennablers, there is no hope for this country.

This is nothing short of a Constitutional crisis.

socrates said...

that's pretty sick. sounds like you are almost advocating for conscription.

socrates said...

I don't have to bring anything to the table. I would survive if nothing more gets blogged and you learn to stfu. Nixon? Rhetoric? You are a sophist, contrarian agitator troll? You don't say.

socrates said...

Out comes your implied sexism. Edith knew her place in the system, except for the one time she told Archie to stifle it.

Maude knew her shit and was up there with any of them. You have this thing where you feel the need to slander greats such as George Carlin and Bea Arthur simply because you can. You know, there's a reason why we appear superiour to animals. We have a great capacity to discern based on reflection. Learn how to do that and grow up.

socrates said...

You can't just impeach these asshats. C. Wright Mills said the conspiracy is in the institutions not the individuals.

socrates said...

Ok, I see The Washington Post is reporting the US government has access to and is collecting our actual emails and other junk. That's pretty sick if true.

Dang was I ever prescient.

donkeytale said...

Yes you were/are. Stapleton was playing a character as was Arthur. I wasn't commenting on the quality of the characters sociopolitical beliefs, which were self evident but on the quality of the acting.

Unfortunately, yes I am in fact for conscription. In the more socially aware world in which we find oursleves dying every minute for more infotainment while the rest of the struggling suffering world goes by, this would have salutary effects IMHO. Increased jeong in American youth, increased participation in the world in general, better physical conditioning and so on. And the first time another Vietnam and/or Iraq invasion occurs I will be again leading the advocacy for protest, one of the most profound being "dodging the draft."

And yes, I would also offer a civilian conservation corp as an alternative but yes it would bbe conscriptive.

Credit where due, Greenwald broke the stories on the telephone and email surveillance. Big time props. He found him a leaker. Let's hope said leaker manages to stay undetected and unknown, for his/her own protection.

Personally, as I said I am aghast and in support of any bill that limits or undoes this damagae to our liberties, while at same time knowing nothing much will happen except som limp hand wringing on the left and soem anti-Obammery from the fake left and Tea bagger wingnutz.

As you said, the corruption is in the system but you still have to deal w the perps.

donkeytale said...

The main point of the draft is to achieve a less functional war making machine. Vietnam showed this to be the case.

I am convinced that an Iraqi invasion would never have happened or would have been met with a ferocious antiwar movement had the US Military included everone's sons and daughters.


donkeytale said...

Recall too that I am of the historical period of All in the Family. You cannot fairly judge Edith simply by today's standards.

Rather, Stapleton had a large mainstream impact on what was a relatively new political idea in the pop culture, feminism.

Stapleton was reflecting back the PostWar and earlier Generation housewife in a complex, realistic way. Edith was both a sympathetic figure and one the new generation of women could recognise as their Mothers and react by saying "I'm not going to be that person."

In that sense, Edith was something of a revolutionary totem of the period.

Maude, quite frankly, was an ugly caricature of the angry feminist and perhaps she is still the reason feminism has become rather unappealing to the millenial generation. The reaction is "that's my mom and I don't want to be that person."

Of course, the miLlenials are watching reruns.

socrates said...

One thing we appear to agree on is Americans have become apathetic in regards to television heritage.

This is healthy debate. But only if we keep out our own biases. Maude was hot shit. She had the zebra do working. On Golden Girls, she had simply lost more than a step or two.

It's all about the timing. When we were ready for the punch line, she was still dragging out the initial but maaaaa.

And it's not all about velocity. Steven Wright goes slow motion, but it works.

They had that corny sound track.

Network entertainment went so downhill that a show like Golden Girls got overrated, just like Cosby did.

I've been watching Nurse Jackie and Breaking Bad. It's not gonna save the planet but is fun.

socrates said...

I have been given a Venus Flytrap. Wtf? Am I supposed to capture live bugs for the critter? I don't see many in the house.

Fricken some neighbour will think why is that strange man collecting bugs?

socrates said...

You can't have conscription for anything. Mandatory schooling until 16 is where it's at.

I've been looking at the stats. We got some of those spammers but it's a small percentage.

Most of our hits come from blogger. A big hit did come from Patterico's back in the day.

Our problem has been the lack of fresh content. I will try to blog more. Maybe I can mail one in at least once a week.

donkeytale said...

It is statements like these that make you the beloved, endless riddle of the whiteysphere:

"This is healthy debate. But only if we keep out our own biases. Maude was hot shit."

"You can't have conscription for anything. Mandatory schooling until 16 is where it's at."


I knew that you were going to play the "conscription is slavery" card or some variation.

It is all the rage of libertardians.

Right. No more taxes! No more government! Guns for everybody who wants one.

Next time you need a policeman call a hippie!

It was perversely gratifiying to see the Philly crane operator admit to messing up because he was high.

I feel for the guy.

never killed anyone but I messed up a lot of people by getting high.

Myself mostly, followed by those who depended on me.

IE, my wives and family.

I will shirley be conscripted by Satan.

Bet on it.

donkeytale said...

I don't believe the lack of entries per se is the issue vis a vis our waning popularity.

It is rather the lack of quality, hard-hitting invesigative, adversarial cyber sleuthing that made your name which is missing.

I can handle the mailed in garbage entries, although you do those fine too.

The problem is one can't sustain a blog on a steady diet of fluff.

Personally, I believe there is evidence of a growing backlash against blogging (based on the same critique that we have delivered for yours going mainstream) and everyone is now on Twitter anyway.

I know that you are in a good place in RL.

If you can maintain that and still find time to present the occasional well-researched masterpiece takedown of some odious character or another, then grate!

The rating will return although perhaps not to the level of formal glory. Unless, that is, you can manage to attract another huge wing nut following.

If you decide to walk away and live 100% in RL probably even better.

If you decide to publish the occasional stamped and licked plain vanilla fluff piece, also more power to ya.

I'm OK anyway you want tos lice it.

donkeytale said...

Also, as befits a person of high moral fibre and rectitude, I dropped a comment over in Greenwald's thread:

"Bravo, sir."

donkeytale said...

Left the same two words in the original Snowden story and as of last night the comment garnered 128 recommends, obviously a huge number, reminiscent in a way of my cut n paste 2004 state election results mailed in masterpoece (the one that presciently tipped future Dem hegemony) that MAMZ promoted to the front page.

A majour league blogging career seemed plausible if I just had stuck to mailing stuff in with my heart and mind locked into the prevailing zeitgeist and my huge, decadent and ultimately foot shooting ego sent to the spam filter.

But enuff abt moi. This story is abt a non anonymous non coward who gave up the cush life for a cause. This looks like the crowning achievement of the whiteysphere and he leaked it to the press not to a website.

Julian who?

socrates said...

It sounds like you have been getting in your blogging fiber. The blogging ruffage. The stuff that makes for a healthy blogging diet rich in vitamins and minerals.

But for crying out loud, I haven't a clue who or what you're talking about in the last post.

socrates said...

It's time to take a looksie at who won game 2 last night. I'm hoping Miami gets taken to the cleaners. Yeah, San Antonio is part of the evil state of Texas. But Wade makes me want to puke. Lebron is greatness, but he gets away with a lot. I like pure sports, not professional wrestling-ish this feels rigged sports.

socrates said...

Right when you think we are about to enter a post-Twitter society, Stack and Brynaert are going at it like two school girls at an Alex Jones convention.

socrates said...

Ok duh, I see you mean this Snowden kid. Which you mentioned. Yup, the kid done very good at first viewing. I'm not sure why you have to pick at Assange's scabs. He was historic too. Maybe you think he was a bit histrionic. But that's semantics.

socrates said...

Let me see. Snowden is better off in Hong Kong than China? Up is down? The world is rigged?

socrates said...

Better to say bravo, sir, than touche, Mr. Bond. That's what I say.

socrates said...

All those years people have said the government sucks, the NSA/FBI Spy Factory suck. That all this is garbage and they are scum. We were prescient.

All those times someone called this country fascist and middle of the roaders like you laughed like it was one of the best Jimmy Durante hours of all time, we were prescient.

socrates said...

I can feel my blogging life slowly slipping away. I must socratise something and soon.

donkeytale said...

Oh, I'm on the record as being anti-fascist. I'm top ten all time in issuing Godwin alerts. The problem is its a thin line between far left and far right.

And anyway, political posturing on the internets doesn't cross any lines.

I don't actually take yur politics any more srsly than I take Fairlefts or my own. Its all infotainment in the post toastie consumer world of hot air.

But, yes, you do need to socratise something. The times beckon. Like Rick in Casablanca you cannot turn yur back on the world when it is coming unglued all around you. You must rejoin the fight at some point, perhaps wiser, picking your spots.

I'll be yur Captain Reynaud, tossing the Vichy/DLC sparkling water in the trash as we walk into the cyber fog in trench coats smoking camels on our way to the Front.

socrates said...


Oh wait, it's probably impossible to pull a Godwin when there are only two blokes on a thread.

Thanks for the cliche. Aaah yes, going too far right and too far left, one reaches a very similar existentialism. Bravo. Perhaps. Or not. That's the kind of mush that leads to many dumbasses declaring Hitler as left wing and Alex Jones too! That's not the truth.

I could play your game too and squeal that you are spouting right wng talking points. But I won't. I don't care much for contrarian troll games.

I am itching to write something up. It'll probably be on Snowden with the Gonzo what about my prime, Mick ... it's all about me in the end schtick.

Thanks for bringing this current event to my attention. It is certainly more far reaching than the story on the dude who held the girls as sex slaves. And it can easily be tied into topics that draw in the fringies. That should boost our sagging ratings. And isn't that what it's all about? Or is it time to drop the Al Franken schtick as was done to the sweetie line?

socrates said...

It's like Henny Youngman. Or the Fonz. Take my wife and Ayyyyy!

No, come up with some new material.

It's time to toss mailing it in into the blog disposal system.

donkeytale said...

This isn't cliche, this is a parody of cliche.

And whenevr you start promoting some important work you have forthcoming that's a sure sign another self indulgent mailed in entry is wending its way thru the postal.

(Projection alert)

God, I love to be wrong here but you'll have to deliver the donuts first and the audience wikk decide.

socrates said...

I've got real life stuff to do, but I will try to put something together soon. It won't be great, however, if you mail in your reading comprehension.

donkeytale said...

I admit my comprehension has been somewhat 'off' of late, although thats down from my usual world class level so its still pretty good.

Real life also beckons me, including sick elderly parent duties along with a suddenly busy business life which must signify something greater going on in the economy at large.

Im a definite leading indicator.

I suffered during the recession and only now coming back around.

Snowden contributed $500 to the Ron paul campaign so this again is the Libertardians leading the charge.

Whither the fake lefties?

Havent watched any NBA finals. Spurs up 2-1. Surpprising but Popovich is a great coach so not very.