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Monday, June 29, 2015

Hoe Can I Miss U When u Wont GO AWAY


donkeytale said...

socrates said...

There's a youtube button in the posting box. I'll add the video. It's really easy to add photos and videos.

socrates said...

You click the video button. Then Youtube. Then copy and paste the url or title in and they pop up.

socrates said...

I added the video too that you posted as a comment.

socrates said...

I'm not trying to drive you off the top spot, but I have just finished my first rough draft. That means the entry is very close to being published.

socrates said...

Blogger's pissing me off. They are anything but user-friendly. You need a fricken computer degree to know how to fix crap.

donkeytale said...

The whole entirety of the online life is beginning to wear. Who needs this shit? And half the time none of it works. And when it does work it's slower than Monday.

I think I am staying off this weekend and forcing myself to do something else. Watch some fireworks. Or wtf.

donkeytale said...

By the way, I read your masterpiece and I must say it is one of the better efforts in awhile. Long form.

I don't grok a lot of it. I suggest trying to get that Deray guy out of your system once and for all.

Obsessing over handsome black men is not the way I wish to remember you.

Is it is not possible that it is what it is from time to time? He's charismatic in an online way. Maybe offline too. I haven't the slightest idea except I know he's at the front or at least standing around, or something, at all major news events effecting the black community.

He will probably end up as a correspondent for CNN.

He could be working for the government or maybe his self-interested mind just happens to bend in a certain direction that grates you.

People occasionally rise up out of morass and achieve stardom. Nate Silver started on DKOS. Noom too. Stu Piddy. Francis. The Field Negro (may have started elsewhere). The list is fairly lengthy. You have achieved a measure of fame as well.

I re-read parts of Thrilla in Vanilla along with some Troll Wars (the entire series is now back online at FDL).

I may repost 6.66 and a few of the others here since this is summer re-run season. Maybe you can repeat some of Thrilla we can get a retro dialogue going about the true significance of the affair.

Or bask narcissistically in our former glories. Either works for me.

socrates said...

"The whole entirety of the online life is beginning to wear [thin]. Who needs this shit?"

One word. Beginning?

I have been over the internet for some time now. I am actually quite proud of my Youtube channel(s). I have one for the base. I haven't lost a channel in a while. Some of them were pure brilliance and it would be nice to know which movies caused their downfalls. Then again, I already saw those, so it's not on me to be Kimdot FreeMoviesCom and upload movies I've already seen which might get a channel scrubbed and blacklisted or wtf.

I am not gay. I denied being gay yesterday on Twitter. That was after some Rauhauser-type sock puppet, now to forever be known as Hazel Rauhauser posted something about butthurt. It was much more graphic than that and included the word gerbils. But that's not the point. The point is that you are going out of your way to protect and serve Teach for America!

Even though I often use you as a literary device, it is not about me writing about and for you. It's a big zeitgeist out there. But yeah, stay off the net for more time. That sounds good. It's overrated. I am hoping you produce some new stuff. I like it when you talk of herds and infoboobtubes. The basketball talk seems to have run its course, as well it should or at least not be given such a big dfq2 stage.

I explained why the Deray stuff was added. It was already in the draft bin for about a month collecting cyber dust.

As for your not grokking my new entry on targeted individuals, I suppose that's because you don't really engage with the links and ideas. You seem to mail in your responses. You do it in a way where it is difficult to be mad at you. It's a masterpiece. Great effort. One of the best in a while. but, but, but Clinton, I mean, it makes no sense?

Have you even looked at the two specific Snowden links I shared?

I know it's difficult to admit you underestimated the amount of paid disinfo on the internet. I can accept that this isn't your cup of schadenfreude. And I also noticed you never commented on my made up German word I dropped somewhere over the last week or two. I thought that was greatness. We are all Henri Rousseau. Fuck what anyone else thinks.

We will get our due after we die over hundreds of years. We will probably be the ones astroturfing such greatness in new incarnations. But we will not know that we are shilling for ourselves. Even the little kids aware of being reincarnated forget about it by the time they hit ten-years-old.

I wouldn't copy and paste old entries just to do it. You might want to do that on your own blogger or try wordpress or wtf for posterity.


socrates said...

Dude, I thought you were wondering wtf about Targeted Individuals? I know you despise Joe Dirt, but I was taking the high road by keeping in mind that it's all about the consumer.

Anyhoe, and maybe I need to add an update (which I probably won't) that I fricken exposed a JTRIG Conspiracy Story Entrapment scam centered around mentally ill into conspiracy theories and who are anti-government.

The "Matt Reis" guy only shows up for a second in "Harry Link's" video. They should not be together like that. There's no indication anywhere they have anything to do with the other. And I found a fourth guy to go with "Nema" and those two anti-terrorism cops/informants wtf.

A clownhat interviewed Linkiepoo, the dickhead flashing the fricken Rambo weaponry Rauhauser style. He has a linkedin to something called websense in Austin. Kenny "Game Day" Sims went from Austin to Boston. This other dude seems to have gone from Boston to Austin. But I digress.

Websense is Raytheon!

"Harry Link" has a schtick where he goes to big protests and gets in people's faces. At the end he calls them cointelpro and they walk away. He goes, AHA! That proves they are cointelpro. Did you see how they react to being exposed?

I did the same to those bitches on Twitter and I have received in return nothing but crickets.

On a side not some cops ran over little kids in Detroit and the police loving news channels are not covering it very well, if at all. I confronted one news anchor. Guy didn't respond to my three or so tweets. He did favourite my last one where I asked him if he likes scotch to go with the Will Ferrell I Love Scotch anchorman schtick. That in a nutshell is why Twitter sucks. And your response to not being able to grok my new entry is why even this blog sucks.

I a trying to balance that the internet sucks with the rush one gets for uncovering something. I busted cointelpro mf's who are probably wiping their tears while changing their soiled undies from being spooked out.

socrates said...

side note

socrates said...

I should have quit Twitter, here, and Youtube after tweeting the following. How can I ever top this?

"Wow, it's already 10:30! I'm done. I'm gonna warm up some milk and throw on a Lawrence Welk dvd."

donkeytale said...

No, I grok you even when I don't grok the links. I noticed the deft turn you made when admitting that Deray and you are on the same side at some level against a common foe who is much worse than whatever distaste you feel and one must go to battle with the mates one can in a war against the true enemy of die linke.

Maybe your disdain for deray is a projection of your problems with Obama. I readily admit that Obama presents an ethical and moral dilemma for the leftier than thou, just as Dick Nixon posed a thornbush for his natural constituency. Still, I will take to the grave the analogy that as conservatives had to go thru Nixon to get to Reagan so must Liberals traverse Barack to get to Bernie.

Of course, I am auld, which means I am a half step behind the beat and allowing for some silence to stretch the melody.

Thinking is lost these days. No one allows a pause, all space must be filled with noise immediately. I grok that much. The medium is the conspiracy. We, the actual sheeple are merely cogs twisting inside our biases and trapped within the soft machine.

donkeytale said...

There probably should be a law against against the treble use of "grok" within a single comment.

I feels like I just committed verbal sodomy.

donkeytale said...

Also, paid fakes are not new. Every left movement since at least Marx has been infiltrated. It is a sign of success and a cross that will ever need a borning if the ultimate victory of the Buddha versus darkness will prevail.

There is nothing pure under the sun.

The heart? Psshaw.

The battle requires two sides, the dialectic of nature must be embraced before it be overcome. Without two there cannot be anything. Even God requires Lucifer. Ditto, Lewis and Martin.

In many respects that is the essence I grope from our dialogia.

donkeytale said...

Wait a second....what?

"An armed intruder who forced his way into the motel room of former CNN anchor Lynne Russell has been shot and killed by her husband.

Lynne Russell told reporters on Wednesday that her husband, Chuck de Caro, decided to stop at a Motel 6 on Albuquerque’s western edge because they were tired after a long day of travelling during a cross-country road trip. When she went out to the car to get something and returned to the room, a man was at the door with a handgun.

“He pushed me into the room and that’s when my husband came out of the shower and saw what was happening,” Russell told Albuquerque station KOB-TV. “We tried to calm him, confuse him and do everything we could do to just come out of it in one piece.”"

donkeytale said...

The Motel 6 on the western edge of Albuquerque.

Was this another meth deal breaking bad or are we expected to accept this tale at face value?

They better call Saul.

donkeytale said...

FWIW, Lawrence Welk most definitely had his moments.

I prefer my polka in the Tejano vernacular but, once again, I maintain that you must pass through Poland to get to South Texas.

donkeytale said...

Marisa Meta featuring Shadowtale, HCfM, brinn, eat all.

Notice how I baited the hook with Pyrrho and ST bit hook, line and low hard slider off the edge of the plate.

socrates said...

I woke up today with the worst headache in recorded history. I'm gonna grab a couple advil.

socrates said...

I googled for your story:

The first story I noticed when waking up today on the internet was on some lock down terror scare. It included tweets! You can't have a real fake news stories without a tweet or two.

Of course by the end of the article one realises there was no there, there. But they had to come up with something. The MIC already told us to be VIGILANT about 4th of July terrorism.

The problem with Twitter is there are a million fuck faces coming at you from every angle.

I have seen before the concept of the longer tweet. Now that is a good idea. But I don't think many people use it. Maybe the twit longer twat domain is a honeypot anyway? Maybe I am a kook?

I know what sets me off. Fake news. No nuance. No grok in the wok. Malcolm X was correct. After my rant late into the Twitter am last night I finished by linking to Malcolm. It was interesting how he came to terms with differences between the other civil right leaders. He mentioned religion. He was extremely cool about saying religion is personal and if that's the point of departure, nothing will ever be accomplished. So let Martin believe in Christianity. I'm a Muslim. That's between us and our personal beliefs and the big cheese.

He was charming and funny.

I dislike hypocrisy.

I despise Teach fr America. That is the deal breaker. Deray is not anywhere near Martin Luther King Jr.. He serves people who are destroying public education for huge profits.

It is a deal breaker.

You know exactly what I meant about hating the racist disinfo more than Deray.

You are astute in bringing up Obama. I am with Uncle Tom. And I suppose for the gang stalking TI schtick, we should mention Major Tom and ground control?

Is it a coincidence that The Intercept abbreviated is TI? I think so. That can be taken off the table.

socrates said...

I am coming around to your idea that the conspiracy is in the medium. That's what I'm talking about. I love that stuff. That is the intersectionality between donkratics and socratamy. I would love to read some prose from you on that.

I am a wait a second kind of guy. I am a put the coffee down kind of guy. It's ABC. Always. Be. Critical.

We are too late in the game to be mickey mousing around.

Anyway, I am more interested in those four asshats I have accused of being paid fakes. What is tha weapon the dude Harry Link is showing off? How is that legal? It looks like a fricken monster-sized machine gun.

And who is that guy Matt Reis? I don't think those are their real names.

I want to know where is the real movement. It's definitely not on Twitter.

I fought the good fight. Sure. One thing in my favor is that I am speaking closer to the heart. Closer to the heaaarrrrttttt.

I'm just tired is all. How did you as Henri Rousseau keep plugging along no matter what. He never got his due. He did decades or centuries later. A lot of good that did him with the worms eating through his brains six feet under.

Saul.... I a going to guess that is one of the characters in Breaking Bad. I watched about half of the first year then stopped. I did the same with The Wire, the show on Baltimore cops.

I admit I too am an asshole and suck. I don't know what the answers are anymore.

I definitely know it's not to pussyfoot.

Are there any people actually out there fighting for real change or is that an illusion? Look at education. That has gotten worse under Obama, under the Democrats.

Look at the military. Ditto.

If we took money out of the military and say, some of that was used to build up Baltimore and create jobs, that would be wonderful. So how ca that ever be accomplished.

This is why I get pissed and then become not funny and a bit too trollish and I guess useless.

I should probably quit Twitter. I had a good run the last week, probably my best stuff in a while. I stumbled onto nailing those four asshats. If you ever get a half hour or a couple hours, run through some of those Matt Reis videos. Same with Harry Link. It's bizarre. And I can't get over that the other dude interviewing LinkFace has a linkedin showing he works for Raytheon.

So I am saying Put The Coffee Down. What is that about? No, I don't care about anything else. I want that explained.

It is illegal for the govt. to perform psyops on citizens. How do we stop this? Are we doomed? Is there any way for the world to ever be the way it should?

I don't believe we can accept anymore that everyone is held ransom by something.

Oh, and now my fancy Socialist community college professor Thao is selling jewelry through Twitter. It never ends. I am always being let down. I let myself down.

socrates said...

I meant I do not think so on The Intercept as TI meaning something and thus let's take it off the table. I leafed through the thrilla in vanilla too. I got fixated on the idea of off the table. I suck. I admit it.

socrates said...

Ugh, now I see that my original words made sense, that I didn't need to correct anything. The advil has kicked in, but not the coffee.

socrates said...

Deray is playing off of race politics. I believe that Teach for America has been getting pounded over the last couple years and that their interest in Blacks being abused by cops is a cynical marketing strategy.

donkeytale said...

I am sure Rousseau did for the love of the game, just as we do. In the end, it's all about the great line.

The age of the Great Man, especially Great Man of Letters, is over and done.

Look, a journalist can't even make a living these days, unless he's pimping infotainment. The intersectionality of donkrality and socratility is also necessarily catalogued under infotainment.

I mean the info is great but we live for the tainment.

Or wtf.

Yes, I was prescient beyond former bounds with my Medium is the Conspiracy schtick. Actually, it was posted here first in the comments section more or less, then adapted at pffugee.

Then I found that there were others who were already mining that field rather well. Assange for one.

I could repost it because I believe it is saved somewhere. But I think you are demanding fresh schtick on the topic.

I'm sorta in a fallow mood right now from a schtick schtandpoint but the mood will strike soon enough. I'm kinda involved up the eyeballz in the kind of stuff that doesnt present immediate opportunities for Masterpiece Theatre. So it will be Mail-In Mindlessness for the short term.

Luckily, you seem ripe to go on a tear, as evidenced by your latest, which I don't mean cavalierly. It is good very good a return to form. The only quibble I have is that continuing to ferret out paid fakes or possible paid fakes is that it becomes a distraction and breeds paranoia. Not in you but others. Which leads to give up. That is what they want more than anything. Inadvertently, you may be hurting the cause rather than helping by pointing out all these creeps.

Back in the day the organizers would tell us, as if we didn't already know, there were narcs and FBI provocateurs in the crowd. Don't follow anyone who wants you to do something weird like blow up a building or start a police car on fire. Etc.

You just have to accept these shenanigans as a cost of waging a movement and keep moving ahead with these assholes all around. They aren't going away that you can depend on.

But it is summer after all.....time to lay around and get baked in the heat.

You know what I find weird is all these sites that cut n pasted our schtick unto their sites. I realise we didnt copyright but what is up with people, what is their motivation? Someone even posted some of my pffugee schtick on reddit for some reason. Then there is that Phil Elkins dude who posted out stuff regularly.

Here is one as an example. What does this all mean and whyfore? Enquiring (analog) minds want to know

donkeytale said...

I never watched Breaking Bad but I did catch like 3 episodes of Better Call Saul one night a few months back with my daughter, which I gather is a prequel.

All these things like internet TVs and Netflix just pass me by. Sorry. Not interested. I'm still rocking out to 1971 for god's sake.

Saul was pretty good but I had no itching desire to follow up and catch the rest of the season. It was an interesting take on the thorughly corrupt nature of our postmodern Blade-Runner-here-we-come society.

The replicants are everywhere. We're surrounded.

I did see Blade Runner back in the day. It too was pretty good, although it definitely helps if you're from LA or very familiar with the ambience of LA when you see that flick. You grok it at a slightly more knowing level. LA as dystopia is as timeless as LA being destroyed by an Earthquake. These movies will continue to be made as long as there are humans wasting our time on canned infotainment.

donkeytale said...

In fact we had undercover cops on our high school campus for a time and I was lucky that I didn't get roped.

We lived in a downtrodden, somewhat transient part of LA in the 60s. I mean, the population was on the rise. There were new kidz almost every week. And the place was fairly dripping in drugs. Weed, of course. LSD. Seconals (reds) for the vatos and Benzedrine (whites) for the surfers.

So the pigs did something really smart. They inserted these two hot chicks who went around coming onto certain people for dope. This was not that unusual back then. Some people ordered their lives and relationships around drugs.

I noticed but not on that level where I even got suspicious. They were after the dealers above the campus level and I was always more of a consumer rather than a seller.

Plus they were more into the pill segment and I was mainly an herbal and psychedelics guy. Pills were the province of the Mexican street gangs

Eventually, the chicks got found out somehow and they got into some trouble, although I think were extricated before really harmed.

Those were tough people in those gangs. Familia. Intergenerational. They still exist. You learned in the 7th grade who not to fuck with and you had to be especially careful in high school when you tended to get drunk and act stupid sometimes at parties. You could get beaten or worse if you offended the wrong cholo. Or even the cholo's little brother who you didn't know had a big bro in the big house.

google Surenos, although these gangs predated the mexican mafia which came together when they all started going to prison. I suppose I could get even more specific with gang names if I wanted but I will leave it at that.

I grew up alongside these guys. We knew real fear as well as paranoia back in the day. Enemies everywhere.

socrates said...

Yes, it has become pointless. The great thing about The Last Name Left and Canadian Bob was they were also regular guys into the dark side of the blog. I googled relentlessly and could not find one of those people saying hey fellas, here's the lowdown.

Malcolm X had the crowd in stitches. He said what you did above. We have some "friend guests" in the audience. I forget what he said.

He was smart. I read his autobiography a long time ago. I think he was originally from Beantown, so people misconstruing Boston as racist are idiots. It's nuanced. We're not here for 12-year-olds who never heard of the first regiment or Red Auerbach as pioneering the end of racism in the NBA. Uhm, Freddy Douglass. Abolition stuff. A Black Governor. Yes, flip side busing, the guy who said Black men killed his wife when it was him, other stuff.

I subbed in Milton. I was a house sub, there every day. I didn't actually have the title. I even stood in for a social studies dude on hospital leave. It borders Mattapan. I did notice Boston cops definitely suck and are racist. There is racism there also. I didn't see it but researched. I'm kind of mixing up ideas. That school was half-Black. I subbed the same way in Quincy with half Asian people. I love all people in a sincere way. I lived in Ireland. I got lucky and had a great life. I don't know what else to say. This world is painful. But we don't want a potential Myron May reading here and things get exacerbated. Then I am a hypocrite. Then again, this is the real world. It's bullshit for say taking Durkeim out of Social Studies because suicide is such a painful subject. The main message is that is obvious bullshit. I'd love to go on and on about more details, but you're right. I am putting it to rest.

I never know where I am going next. I am going to quit Twitter finally because it is a hate machine and I too have sinned. I'll just blog here. I tried. Now I just want to go BLOCK BLOCK BLOCK BLOCK BLOCK. and hate, like that song anger is an energy.

I get your point about paranoia. I agree. And ironically the TI conspiracy theory is about that. There are definitely victims out there. Myron May was a big story.

A weird story is being underreported. I made my point.

That was great writing above. I found that MarisaCat thread. So I will stop reading about a Frenchman apparently a big wig for medics without borders. I hope there aren't a million comments.

Yes, who wants to work at writing blog entries?

We owe nothing to nobody.

socrates said...

You should watch that Henri Rousseau movie by Ken Russell. It was fun. It was for the love of the game. There is work there to find out who originally said that. James Joyce may have been brilliant with Ulysses, but I get the point and am not going to read it.

socrates said...

That username in itself was pure brilliance. It means something which is funny without realising it. I made up a word. I couldn't repeat it. but the schtick failed due to lack of italics. Snob nosed old world order academics are cooked. Touché again, Mr. frtitzcat

socrates said...

That is one of my specialties, education meta.

socrates said...

Did you delete the post about Marisacat? I must be blind.

socrates said...

Marisa Meta featuring Shadowtale, HCfM, brinn, eat all.

Notice how I baited the hook with Pyrrho and ST bit hook, line and low hard slider off the edge of the plate.

Yes, I need to see again what you were saying.

socrates said...

My short term memory is lost. Pyrrho to me is a memory. He doesn't really matter for paid fake or supertroll meta?

Inside baseball must suck for the outsiders.

Shadowthief is the interesting one that will bring in page views. The Swedish reporter wanted to speak with you, if my long-term memory is stronger. Veronikkka Larson got busted as shadowthief trolling The Guardian. It's probably you, me, and Jack, I think that's his name. Yes, I am wondering about those strange websites lifting content. I advise people to not click on anything weird. They definitely can track you through your going on youtube. I should track down that part of the snowden document. That struck out at me. It was one of the most fucked up comment areas in the whole internet.

And Yahoo is not passng the smell test either.

socrates said...

operation angry bird shitstorm five eye numbnuts

socrates said...

That is great meta. Sweetie is calling you TitzyWitzi.

socrates said...

You remind me of myself during the golden age of schticks. The schtick draft is a crapshoot. You had gone from deer in the headlights blogger to strong part of a championship rotation. Hey, I am 2% or was of Sullinger's favourites. He hit me up twice. This is murky waters ay marisacat's. I see hairclub is talking over you. It's already an adversarial situation. I'm afraid to scroll and miss something I was supposed to read. Shadowthief was Veronica, lots of weird stuff. Marisa was clever to leave it on that blog. It's free too. Soapblox was a big joke of a loser cult wtf something. Pay month after month and then they fricken delete it. Wow.

socrates said...

That's good shite. So Phyhro sp? was a techno-numbnut? Like a Facebook/google employee talking trash on the net of various shite? People could use basic info.

I still think the ip was faked and that it was Tor. Not. Berkeley. Education. Faked. A guy did that to me once. A moderator. He showed me how you could change location. That's what I think it was with shadowthief. It's weird. He was very political and powerful as an anon coward. He had so much power at My Left Wing. And his co-blogger we know curmudgette she is/was all politically emotional. Weird stuff that tends towards chasing shadows.

socrates said...

No way in hell am I reading their posts, but they are totally ignoring you! It's weird. Lots of scrolling going on.

socrates said...

#22 Shadowthief shows up. More scrolling. I just want the meta. It's like you expect us to eat the rinds. they were artsy know-it-alls with no entertainment value.

socrates said...

#26 bait taken (evil laugh - popcorn time)

socrates said...

the pure grapefruit after pealing off the skin and that bottom crap of meta.

socrates said...

Shadowthief banhammered you, blacklisted, get out of town pal, chucked you out of the saloon, rubbed salt in your schtick wounds. I mean that seems his intent. He's saying he's driving the bus.

socrates said...

I should tweet what's his name but also provide which post #'s to read. There must be a way to solve the story better than the Metro te swede paper. celtics got a swede. interesting NBA loony season so far. most staying put.

pure meta went out the way of the dinosaurs. I don't know who said that first, the dinosaur schtick. I always thought they were cute but weird. It's fucked up right there for a point of departure. There were gigantic weird animals. That's the nightmare but not really scary. I forget seeing them in a museum.

socrates said...


socrates said...

Okay, he is facilitating a supertroll war between yourself and Pyrrho. He is being provocative, paid or not to the side.

socrates said...

Who is BooHooHooMan?

socrates said...

This sucks. What is this? too much scrolling to do.

socrates said...


socrates said...


socrates said...

Not much in that. a goose chase link

donkeytale said...

I dont know what thread you were reading. Context matters and I realise that you dont have any so you should too and stop supposing.

ST was obsessing over Pyrrho and basically just repeating my schtick, which I introduced in the one brilliant. I wasnt wanted there thats why most wouldn't comment. Marisacat was smart but she was an insufferable piece of shit for the most part, one she banned meta her blog no longer had a point.

I used to poke fun at their blog snobbish elitist asses right in their face as well as at MLW where they all read religiously. MSOC hated them all, so that was one schtick I did that she appreciated. HCfM and I became friendly later on at PFF where he was a regular. Boohooman was a physician he liked some of my PFF genius. I recall that he linked approvingly to my "Secret Agent MAMZ" masterpiece song lyric parody posted at FSZ approvingly at Mariscats, the great schtick that also encompassed Dave and Matty jack. Dave liked it and reccd it as I recall. It was truly great and totally relevant to the times.

ST was all schtick. It was pure persona totally insincere. I figured that out mainly at PFF where never ever forget I outed his Veronica the Viking character as him.

I pwned him for all time with that one, perhaps my greatest meta moment. He turned to instant Viking cheezewhiz from that point and then a few days later hilariously came back as "himself" as if nothing had ever happened.

This, is Pyrhho. Need I say more? He came down for the banning of Francis, which is why I jumped his ass at Marisacats

donkeytale said...

Here is confirmation from mamacat herslef that I outed V the V. This was huge meta supersleuthing, I tellz ya. I was driving the Opera Glasses bus, holmes. Make no mistake.


Other assorted reactions tolong forgotten PFF schtick

socrates said...

Sorry if I was rude. You linked to the thread. At least one good point was made in addition to your rehash of this Pyrro guy: Marisacat was caught between two schticks, a common critique of movies. You'll be watching a decent flick, serious, has you thinking, then it gets goofy. It has one character that's in there for some sort of so-called comedic relief.

Marisa had a good blog for meta. Meta rules. If we don't understand what's going on, there's no point in acting all serious, going linky-doo, and thinking this is a movement. There's a need for consistency.

Look at FSZ. They were some of the biggest, most pretentious blowhards who felt Byron and others were derailing the movement. But what was he actually derailing?

Guys like us were always told if you don't like it, start your own blog. MattyJack stole the milieu. Don't steal the milieu and then decide who can and cannot post.

Writing in the Raw did that. Maryscott did that. Peeder wanted to get rid of that formula. But some guys took it too far and he decided why should I put my neck out like this for these assholes?

I've known people like Pyrro. I watched a minute of his video. There are a lot of egomaniacs out there who act like their #2's don't smell.

This was all exciting stuff to read a year or two later. Political Flesh Feast was here today, gone tomorrow. I tried archive dot org, but it is not near complete.

It was just one blow after another. What MLW did to Francis Holland ruined that blog. MSOC went okay you know I love a bit of Markos bashing myself, can't be a hypocrite, wouldn't be prudent, but that is now over.

If you noticed, the times I needed a break from our friendship, I pretty much stopped blogging here. I was facing the same internal confusion other blogs have faced when they said one thing and did another.

I rationalised it as this is a personal pizza blog. It was my ego. But now that I feel I've covered everything I needed to tell my side of things, I'm over it.

Yes, you outed Shadowthief having a transgender sock puppet at PFF. I don't recall (from reading archives) anyone denying you did that.

Where is the "conspiracy is the medium" you wrote? Is that gone now?

Sorry for all those comments I left above. I was live blogging reading an obscure thread from 2007. That's the kind of loser I can be at times.

socrates said...

#154 Marisacat seems to back what I said, that she can't figure out what her milieu identity is. Like a basketball team. Are we trying to run or be half-court? Is this a drama or comedy? She was like, who are you George Costanza? These people come and go, power schtick takeovers of threads, then morph.

Yes, she confirmed the Veronika-Shadowthief thingie and of course a lot of the ensuing meta involved her blog. MLW was the anti-kos. Marisacat was the splinter group.

I think we turn off a lot of people because we are confident and do our things. We do not morph. That was probably not her best post and was made over a Martini or two.

People thought you were Noom because of the similar misspellings and stuff. But I could tell fairly early you were two separate dudes. You were always intellectual.

socrates said...

How did you figure out Blogging Curmudgeon (former moderator at My Left Wing)/ Veronika Larrson (got written up by big Swedish paper as Guardian troll) was Veronika the Viking?

There was so much high weirdness with what he was up to, I don't think it's out of the question that was a military troll.

GCHQ man, it's in the Snowden documents.

He could now have a PhD and be working with the social scientists over at Google and Facebook or fricken Austin. I bet the Spy Factory is still all over that city. Raytheon is there. Something called Websense.

I didn't look into it too much, but apparently there was a bit of recent hacktivism. There's also that 20 year old M.C. McGrath. I just learned about him. Julian is hosting his data center for intelligence personnel. The pigs who control this society are pretty arrogant. That is the opening for any such movement.

The supertroll movement. The pesky bloggers were driven to so-called sewers. If the internet truly becomes a cyber war, roles will be reversed. People not only realise that Fox News is garbage, but that so is CNN.

People know what's going on. The problem is people do not absorb greater truths (meta) and improve on their tactics.

Police are getting clobbered. That is such an exciting story for those who want to feel they are living during a time of purpose. There is an infotainment element of course, you are correct again. But I am not so cynical not to see that the tide is turning.

But not so yet for the military. That history is still missing. Police are on the clock.

My drive/goal has mostly been to send out a clear message that things are not what they seem, another line already spoken before.

I have always been an alternative kind of guy. Lefty. I'm not saying I am anything special or that I did anything. I want people to think about the internet. I wan them to think about it more deeply than anything imaginable. Assange was ahead of the curve for Meta. I'm glad you mentioned that. Last year I found his original blog. It's still out there. He wrote some good stuff. It's interesting.

C. Wright Mills said basically that things get circumscribed. The pure meta of Assange and cypherpunks got stolen by state power. One cannot discuss the past without looking at the grandest conspiracies of all time. And this is why the internet is saturated with garbage. Snowden documents have confirmed my schtick. I intuited that there's been an angry bird or wtf internet cointelpro program based on my personal experiences. It is not paranoia and I'm not scared.

I'm just talking.

People need to also use pen and paper and take notes.

Web surfing is evil. They need to man up and find some focus.

Meta is the medicine.

donkeytale said...

Yes, not having the context is tough and when so much is scrubbed piecing back together timelines (essential part of context in the blogging milieu) is even more difficult.

Then there is that fading of memory from the daily online assault from every direction.

A year or so ago when that Swedish Jack dude wason these pages I posted a comment from Supersoling at Pffugee that directly confirmed my outing of Shadowthief as V the V.

As I recall I stumbled upon it, I believe on Marisacats. He was going on about spending all this time in Sweden, and there were some direct references he made that matched direct references made by V the V at PFF.

Byron then quickly found the picture ST used on a photoshop account that identifed the girl as a Nurse is Schenectedy or WTF, a totally different persona.

That was it. The great thing is that Shadow continued to post as V the V for maybe a month or two after as if nothing had been revealed, then without fanfare simply disappeared, only to be replaced by the return of Shadowthief, who also acted innocent and never referenced. Since socks were allowed and even encouraged on PFF no one ever called him out on any of it, including me.

Sorry those MC threads are so lengthy and they veer in many directions, you are forced to pick out the nuggets. It is good that its all there. It is important to note that nearly all of those regular posters also posted regularly at PFF. Revisionist posted at pffugee up til maybe 1-2 years ago.

HCfM had been duped by Shadowthief on marisacats as you can see. He was a volume PFF commenter and went after Shadowthief vociferously all the time. He went after me too, and then we reached reproachment, I think it was after he was shunned and banned by marisacat, who generally shunned and banned everyone in her milieu at one time or another, with the possible exception of Lucid and Supervixen (AKA Heather Rose Ryan, rich chick spiritualist) and Madman Across the Water. Madman I had my dust up with at Boomans earlier. He was a complete political moron, thinking that the founding fathers were somehow leftists, which maybe they were in the context of the day, but the fact was they were actually neocon landowning slaveholders for the most part who merely wanted to escape taxation. We jousted and he finally came around to the (cynical) admission that he had been too idealistic about the past and present therefore he was now (like Mcat herslef) totally cynical about the future.

Cynicism is the dumbest and most destructive of human traits. It is essentially committing suicide while still hanging around and taking up space, breathing and consuming resources.

Cynics deserve the death penalty for their own good, and ours.

I will repost Medium is the Conspiracy maybe next week.

I want to give your latest masterpiece room to breath at the top of the zeitgeist.

donkeytale said...

The thing with Marisacat, she was not prescient. If you note in the second thread I posted this is where she decided that I was a political operative, a theme she then never let go (until she banned meta altogether, which was the death of her blog until she died herself or perhaps went insane). As you now recognise, I am not a political operative. Yes, there are operatives on the big box blogs of course, that was revealed early on and confirmed at the first Yearly Kos, which was freaking sponsored by the Democrat party.

In the second thread also she goes on and on about GG, essentially correct in her crit, but then she predicts he will never amount to anything.

LOL. Marisacat was one of those people who at end of day was wrong about everything and a complete cynic.

Worst of the worst. I am so pleased to have gotten so far under her skin and really I seldom posted on her blog.

donkeytale said...

Shadowthief became much more friendly to me on FSZ which is sorta weird and maybe one reason why Matty jack banned us all together.

Fun times.

I remember on PFF after a rather sordid personal incident where I got rip roaring drunk one night I totalled my wife's car. I wrote a poem about the incident that included the line "I killed a child I could not see." Now I meant that metaphorically, the child I had killed was the child inside me but that didnt stop V the V from attacking me vociferously. You would have thought she was the chapter Swedish-Japanese head of Mothers Against Drunk Driving. It was hilarious.

Then a year later at FSZ, Shadow was talking about cars in his erudite manner and I made a reply to him. Out of the blue he then asked me about the drunk driving incident and what type of car I had smashed up. My wife's BMW to be precise. he wasn't threatening or accusing but coolly analytical.

We then went on and had a discussion about teh virtues of German auto engineering or wtf.

donkeytale said...

Byron was perhaps the one true greatness that came out of the DKOS bannee diaspora.

Highly intelligent and uncompromising, an excellent writer and thinker. A communist. he had that one hitch, his anti-feminist schtick which when you look at a certain way he was correct. Considering women a politicially protected minourity has led to a lot of horrible real life results, including huge divorce rates and too much single parenting, children raised in poverty, etc.

I tracked him down through research based on some of his few autobio comments to being an English expat teaching math at a college somewhere in North Alabama. But never pursued it further as an expose or wtf. I loved his work and respected him too much. There were even pictures of him posted in some places. He was a good looking guy, sort of a modern DH Lawrence type. He was married and may have had kids.

That was his real name. He was what he said he was. Regular guy.

Once he stopped posting dairies it was only a matter of time and he finally, like most everyone, simply ceased and went back to real life. He claimed no socks and I believe him. He was too singularly unique to hide behind a sock anyway.

socrates said...

Wow, thanks for the great posts. It will take me time to absorb them.

I pounded out a new one today. I was up at 4 a.m.. I pulled a Lawrence Welk last night and slept from 9 p.m. to the aforementioned time.

The last one I wrote was also in next to no time. I am going for cheap hits and walks with one Earl Weaver styled tater. Let the other team strand 12 runners on base, while we have five runs on four hits. of weed.

donkeytale said...

Yes, great post. I am going to begin commenting under that one. This one has run its course. Yours deserves more interest from the admiring public.