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Sunday, July 26, 2015

#BernieSoLeftierThanThou Ambushed by Pro-Hillary Fake Left

There's the saying that if it walks and talks like a duck, then it's a duck, morons. You know who isn't a moron? That's me. I proved that with the series on my greatness. But I digress.

There is no point in reinventing the wheel. Donkeytale has challenged me to jump into the fake, medium movement fray and explain in my own inimitable way wtf truly happened at Netroots Nation 2015.

I was relieved to see that a lot of the heavy lifting has already been done. Wonkette is a snarky, little news aggregator which covered this.

Go to All Of U.S. America Was A Total Sh*t Show, How Was Your Weekend? Scroll down. It's the second entry. I suppose I am not the only one who likes to do the three or even nine blog entries in one diary schtick or is this yet another indication of schtick theft? Anyway, one of the links provided by Wonkette is to Haha What? Basically, I do not have to spell out why the #BernieSoBlack Twitter tag is so off-base. Why reinvent a wheel that already exists?

Let's cut to the chase. Two Black folks seem to be the driving force behind the recent Bernie bashing, Elon James White and Tia Oso. Let's get to Ms. Oso first.

The Black Lives Matter movement seems to be akin to Anonymous in that anyone can act on its behalf. I think BLM started as a Twitter hashtag. This is how low America has sunk. Politics has become a race to see which tags are trending and then to pile on with hidden agendas or useful idiocy. #BernieSoBlack was apparently started by a random regular guy and then took off. The guy who started the schtick seems to now have nothing much to do with it. It's like when the Breitbarts took over the #KimberlinStory, in which the dude who started or revived it taking it further than anyone else (moi), became the afterthought or that liberal fella according to Glenn Beck.

Co-optation can certainly take on a life of its own. That's not a bad sentence. I will hit enter on the monitor and start a new paragraph.

[UPDATE: donkeytale says that the felony charge was changed into a misdemeanor as part of the plea agreement.]

Tia Oso works for the Black Alliance for Just Immigration. It looks legit, although I am not going to research them. One thing I did learn early (in this process started by donkeytale's breaking news on the Netroots Nation brouhaha) is that Oso is a convicted felon. I admit that doesn't necessarily have to be a deal breaker.

However, The Phoenix New Times has reported that Tia Oso embezzled over $11,000 from Arizona Citizens for the Arts/Arizona Action for the Arts in 2007-08. She pleaded guilty and was sentenced to a whopping three days in jail (in Mayberry?) and two years probation.

This wasn't someone getting busted for selling weed or anything else having nothing to do with one's general honesty. She stole money from a non-profit. I don't know if she works for the FBI or if she is simply very lucky to have found a lenient judge. I admit to having no clue about courts and sentencing. I do imagine that if I stole 11 grand, I'd be in prison for at least a couple years, not just three days.

The bottom line is that her kind of display at Netroots Nation was not what I envision as positive protest. As donkeytale pointed out on another thread, somehow this might end up helping Bernie Sanders acquire votes from folks who otherwise might have felt he is too much of a commie.
If anything, this article will broaden Bernie's appeal to the not so leftier than thou masses (you know, the ones he will need to attract to have any chance of uhhm, winning).
Oso has been getting major support from Elon James White.

The Bruenig article cited by Wonkette contradicts what those two would like us all to believe. He put up some startling quotes from Oso. She did an interview with David Dayen. The full transcript can be read here.

I remember when there was a big-ass protest against the Iraq War. It was going swell. It was a zeitgeist event, in some ways similar to the growing Thank You Youtube for Exposing Violent Police movement. The solidarity against the war seemed to lose steam once A.N.S.W.E.R. took over. What Oso and her crew did at Netroots Nation similarly brought everything to a screeching halt. It was confusing. One could understand the crowd booing O'Malley for his all lives matter moment. The going after Bernie Sanders part was quite ridiculous.

Donkeytale wonders whether Team Clinton was behind that. I don't know. I do know this. Daily Kos is part and parcel of fake leftism. Elon James White is part of Netroots. Finally, Oso's co-optation of #BlackLivesMatter was wholeheartedly facilitated by the Netroots Nation moderator and staff putting on the paid fake or useful idiot event.

 Methinks Elon doth protest too much?

Elon is all over Twitter flailing his typing fingers attacking Bernie Sanders in the twisted way described accurately by Bruenig. This is called Astroturf, Useful Idiocy, or Self-Promotion Within the Medium 101. It is the manufacturing of a false grassroots movement.

How does a convicted embezzler plus blogger Elon James White mixed in with #BernieSoBlack add up to a real story? I am with Wonkette and Bruenig.

As I try to figure out how to end this, Fareed Zakaria is on in the background. He is a confirmed plagiarist. Yet somehow he is meant to be viewed as a journalist. GTFO!

I called this a non-story at Twitter in pretty much real time. I posted the actual videos. I asked the creator of #BernieSoBlack directly, "Where's the beef?" He had nothing and there is a Vox article in which he "explains" himself and still it added no substance. One reason I want to completely quit Twitter is that I am putting time and energy into things which are not as satisfying as putting it all into blog entries. I no longer want any good stuff to get lost there.

I took on Dr. Jason Johnson of NBC. He wrote up an article basically doing a public relations schtick for the Tia Oso/Elon James White script. I think there were 50 people with Oso, but I am not sure. How do around 50 people end up speaking for all of #BlackLivesMatter?

I asked Johnson where his article was for Hillary Clinton saying all lives matter in an African American church. He had nothing. It seemed he didn't even know what I was referring to.

I then did a mini-socratisation and found this:

Jason Johnson has worked as a campaign manager for Republicans. In conclusion, while there is no verified proof Hillary Clinton was behind the ambush of the greatness which is Bernie Sanders, she might as well have been. In real time and even perhaps only mere days ago, this was a terrifying bit of schadenfreude for that greatness. However, to the blog gods I ask this: On what planet does "journalist" Jason Johnson have credibility? I rest my case.



donkeytale said...

Thanks for this. I read the links and must admit I was impressed by the guy who created the hashtag. Is he a regular guy or a Clinton operative?

Actually, does that even matter? He seemed on point and on target with his....not really criticism, exactly......but his wanting more in the way of "what have you done for me lately" and also what will you do for me when you are elected?

Like Bernie and most of the white fake left, Fairleft also plays the class card versus the racist card but takes it step farther, blaming blacks and Latinos for playing identity politics, and even reverse racism. He is particularly against affirmative action.

The problem is that even when your only answer is "jobs, jobs, jobs", then you are ignoring the fact that minourities are systemically discriminated out of the best "regular guy" jobs, the best paying "white guy" jobs in corporations and must compete on an unlevel playing field for the lower/middle tier jobs that remain open to them.

Blacks are the last to be hired and the first to be let go in a downturn. There is an implicit racial preference in the good ol boy network to hire people who look, think and talk like they do.

donkeytale said...

Take Silicon Valley as an example. Take almost any large corporate structure, the best of the middle jobs (not even talking the upper tier) tend to be sales or some form of creative team playing in the case of high tech that requires special education and also a certain sociocultural outlook that is available t whites and Asians but not blacks or hispanics unless they were lucky enough to assimilate early in life into the middle class.

There is a slow improvement but the burn since 2008 has been even slower to recede in the minourity communities.

Can Bernie solve systemic racism? Of course not, but his "I marched with MLK fifty years ago" isn't a satisfactory answer for MLK's grandkids who are without great future prospects in the world. Clearly, that schtick is resented.

And the criticism seems more to be levelled against the Bernie Twitter followers than the man himself.

Of course, he has time to make inroads and needs to start showing up and lending his voice to the black community in a constructive looking forward way rather than relying on what he did 5 decades ago. His campaign needs a strategy to compete for these voters who after all will have a lot of sway in the primary and even the general election. Failure to do so is a sign of incompetence, in fact.

Netroots, BTW, is heavily pro-Sanders. Netroots is the whiteysphere.

OTOH, this does seem to be a Hillary dirty trick, whether it is a conspiracy or a conspiracy within the medium. Blacks especially are politically motivated right now and so such outbursts should be anticipated whether they are spontaneous or not, Bernie's team should be better prepared. Otherwise, how is he going to face up to the GOP when they train their sights on him?

Or reule the unfree world from the White House?

O'Malley should simply drop out now. That he gave the same tone deaf response as Hillary is telling, very telling. Goodbye Martin. Maybe next time around.

Also, this cannot be emphasized enough, minourity people, by virtue of their living closer to the edge of police state repression and economic scarcity, need results now. In a sense they are more conservative by necessity. They will settle for a little less leftier than thou if that person can win and move the cheese even a few inches in their favour. This plays to Clinton's advantage big time. Sanders, for all his rhetoric and maverick status, is an unproven commodity, a radical who may not only not move the cheese but may create a backlash which could harm the cause of minourities.

Don't forget, the next Presidit will face a lot of opposition from Congress, enough so to derail whatever he/she intends to accomplish. Stop blaming Obama for that element if you don't intend to also blame Bernie for it.

But yes, overall, I would tend to agree this manoeuvre is Clintonian, although again it is entirely to be expected in the all out political power play, just like infiltration of movements by the pigs are a fact of life on the leftier than thou side.

If your movement is moving the cheese. And Bernie's is.

donkeytale said...

And on the chick's doing 3 days and receiving two years probation for stealing $11,000.

Seems a bit light yes, but in the refreshing sense that as a black person the judge showed her some leniency. This no doubt based on her class status as an ambitious, college educated striver.

And she paid the money back.

Is she a Clinton dirty trickster by affiliation or as she presents herslef, a #blacklivesmatter organiser?

Her organisation if truly pro-immigrant is refershing to me because many blacks resent the inflow of cheap south of the border labour taking away many of the bottom of th etotem pole job opportunites for undereducated black folks.

donkeytale said...

In summation, this from my reposted 2012 schtick which seems unfortunately to be just as relevant to the Whiteysphere and Bernie's campaign today,

"Why are we not seeking to affiliate politically with minourities in their homes, joining and voting with them, supporting them with our dollars and our abilities, enhancing the future prospects for this tidal wave that will surely crush every obstacle in its path sometime after the middle of this century?

For this tidal wave represents also the future United States of America of our children and our grandchildren."

donkeytale said...

One answer to my schtick comes from the weird fact that the Iowa caucus and NH primary are still seen as the key momentum shapers for Democratic candidates.

Both are so lily white you need to wear sun glasses even after the sun goes down. Iowa is 92.5% caucasoid while NH is even whiter.

Another example of structural racism, perhaps?

"While O’Malley and Sanders stumbled at Netroots, the nominating process itself actually disincentivizes them from focusing on the issues that animate #BlackLivesMatter. Both men are caught in a difficult race against a strong frontrunner, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who did not attend Netroots. That means that their candidacies may be cut off in their infancies unless the two candidates find a way to shine in Iowa and New Hampshire. And the overwhelmingly white states of Iowa and New Hampshire are far less likely than other states to be moved by proposals addressing the legitimate grievances of communities seeking to cast off the yoke of racism."

donkeytale said...

More whiteyspheric trivia shows Bernie may be succeeding along a path that may help him in Iowa and NH, while hurting him nationally in the general election (if he can't match Obama's minourity vote turnout and percentages in 2008 and 2012).

"We also included the wide split between white and non-white voters. The NBC/Marist and CNN/ORC polls are different polls at different times, talking to different people. But it's still interesting that Clinton gets +70 favorability among Democrats nationally and +50 or so among Democrats in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Part of that may be related to those numbers on white/non-white approvals. Iowa is about 93 percent white, per 2013 Census estimates. New Hampshire is 94 percent white. (By comparison, Colorado is 88 percent white, while Virginia is 71 percent. The country, on the whole, is about 77.7 percent white.) Support for Clinton is stronger in states with less-dense white populations.

We knew that Clinton needed strong support from non-white voters in the general election, a group that has been a larger share of the electorate in recent elections. These recent polls suggest that she may need that support more than we might have anticipated at first."

socrates said...

Today is turning out to be my busy day. I definitely appreciate you having dropped a bunch of commentary above.

It looks like Jason Johnson is going to ignore me. Some other dude showed up while I took off about three Twitter days. I returned expecting Thao Ha to discuss a bit of what exactly she covers in regards to C. Wright Mills. She had nothing and blocked me.

It's a very interesting story. I hope to some day write it up. It concerns the internal dissent within historic academia. It gets right to the how's and why's of why education sucks or feel so ultimately disappointing.

But that's another topic and it looks like we have been generating some interest since the blog shifted into politics, and especially in regards to Bernie, Hillary, and #BernieSoBlack.

I suppose you got the ball rolling with your Greece schtick. We have already had 278 page views today. And the newer entries, especially yours and this one are holding their own against the esoteric Theresa Duncan and Project Monarch wtf type entries.

You may want to donkratise this:

"Hillary faces dangerous enemy in the Obama administration"

This person Valerie Jarrett, an Obama Senior Advisor, appears to have it in for Ms. Clinton.

The article mentions Warren from Massachusetts and Joe Biden as candidates who may jump into the race. It is The New York Post, and some dude I never heard of making the claims, so who knows.

Google loves to give suggestions. For Jarrett, words such as Muslim communist, and socialist are provided. But seeing how Daily Kos got spun as communist and Obama as socialist, again, who knows.

I bet Warren didn't run because Hillary was. If Hillary is a loss waiting to happen, and there is a lot of scandal chatter surrounding her, I could see Warren stepping in, but then again, I doubt it will come to that. Wouldn't she have the same trepidation of running if Bernie took over front runner status? I am not sure where the idea of Biden is coming from either. I guess that is a possibility.

The person who created the #BernieSoBlack tag has tweeted some stuff which makes it obvious he is not a true player. I believe the same can be said about Elon White and Tia Oso. Maybe I am missing how to read the hash tags, but the #BernieSoBlack campaign seems done.


socrates said...

Did we tip off the Sanders campaign to pick up the pace with the minority vote? It's unlikely, but maybe. Thank God Bernie came out with the following in June, well before this recent manufactured controversy.

"Mass Incarceration in America"

The fake shitstorm produced by Rod (hash tag man), Jason Johnson (NBC/media man), activist Tia Oso, and ambitious Netroots blogger Elon James White seems to have been nipped in the bud. I am so happy those websites I linked to in the main entry came up with what they did.

Those people are the real losers in all this, imho. They look like idiots. While I do agree with your explanation above of what they were trying to convey, it was amateurish at best what they did to Bernie. It seems like they have no idea at all who the man is. They just see white and Vermont. Jason Johnson is a joke. I saw him on CNN.

The real Socrates would be having a field day with the amount of power players not as smart and prescient as they would like to appear.

That story was pitiful. The moderator was weird as all f***. I do agree that O'Malley was exposed and needs to step down. I think the mainstream media is simply unaware that change can happen more quickly than imagined. I do think you were onto something thinking what is going on in Greece could impact what happens here.

Sanders needs to look at how Dukakis got the nomination, minus the Willie Horton later on.

I think the mainstream media was hoping that Jim Webb or someone like O'Malley would be the one to challenge Clinton. Bernie is too messy for them. He is also doing very well. I do understand that New Hampshire and Iowa couldn't be better opportunities for Bernie Sanders to grab an early lead. I agree it will take much more for him to capture the imagination of the rest of the country. But he's planting the seeds.

I think this would be Warren's nomination if not for Hillary. Her not running helps Bernie the most. It's one thing to go after a demographic of 10-30%. Women make up half the population. It is only a matter of time before a woman becomes president. Hopefully it's not Hillary. Bernie could catch fire. Women make up half the population, but a greater percentage of people may actually exist that contains those who do not like surveillance, war, and banks.

donkeytale said...

Warren was smart not to run. Bernie has worked his way up from single A to the big time and seems to have the right pacing and nuance. He has a grasp for retail politics that Warren doesn't have. One has to remain cool in the intense glare and pick your spots.

Warren is a bit like Sandy Koufax, who never spent a day in the minour leagues because of his phenomenal talent.

Yet, it took him many, many years to find the strike zone before he was actually ready for prime time. Warren is the same. She wouldn't now, and frankly may never, wear well in the media spotlight all the way through a presiditzial slugfest.

And she is also pretty old which Ii was surprised to hear because she looks pretty good, in shape enough to go the distance under duress. Something I wonder about Hillary, who has already taken an old people's fall and couldn't get up.

Hopefully she has a life alert around her neck.

And there is so much cynicism surrounding the Dollar Bill Clinton Family Fund that the first thing I thought when the media said Hillary promises 25 million solar panels, or wtf it is, OK so how much will that move rake in and from which slime ball solar panel manufacturer with his hand in Dollar Bill's pocket?

donkeytale said...

I disagree somewhat with your assessment of the Netroots ambush.

To me it was well played and made a point without doing too much harm.

It got us talking and people clicking your bait.

Bernie needs some toughening around his weak spots.

Sure, it wasn't spontaneoue like Tia just decided at spur of the moment to jump the stage and the shark. Sure, she is no doubt backing Hillary and maybe paid for her efforts. However, questions were raised that were inevitable and valid under the circumstances. two weeks ago you were into the black protest schtick against the man. Now that it's against your man you all of a sudden change tune. Relax dude, Bernie's not Jesus on the Cross. He's just an ambitious dude trying to do the right thing and seize a moment.

This isn't that big a deal. And politics is all about point-counterpoint. He has consciously chosen to chase the white vote by necessity because of Iowa and NH.

You bet Hillary will make him pay all she can in the bargain.

In the 60s similar activist eruptions were a standard staple at many mainstream estbalishment gatherings.

Then again, so was streaking in the 70s.

Abbie Hoffman made a legendary career out of this schtick. Not streaking, LOL, thank gwad, but confrontational disruption of the establishment.

Doesn't bother me a bit, frankly.

donkeytale said...

Dukakis was a terrible, terrible politician. I lived in Mass during his gubship and he was far less than interesting or accomplished and probably the weakest presiditzial candidate since....Mondale four short years earlier.


The Demotards were at an alltime low for 16 years there, going from Humphrey 68 to McGovern 72 to Carter who manages to sneak a win in 76 thanks to Tricky Dick but then gets his ass whupped in 80.

I mean I liked Carter, still do, and McGovern too but holy cow that is not exactly the 1927 Yankees line-up of contendahs there is it?

donkeytale said...

!6 years hell, that's 20 freaking years!

Two solid decades of abject loosers.

donkeytale said...

Dollar Bill gave a great speech, perhaps the best of his life at the 2012 convention and really sort of set the tone for Obama and settled everyone down coming after the GOP curiousity where Christie promoted himslef as if he were the nominee and Clint babbled incoherently to an empty chair.

Obama owes for that one bigtime and he will back Hillary all the way to the Wall Street bank. Bettonit.

Personally, I would love to see Biden in the race. Especially the Onion Joe Biden.

But I loves me sum Biden. How about the Duel in the Sun (City) starring Biden and Bernie for all the marbles?

I'm done.

donkeytale said...

The following is excerpted from my forthcoming poetical masterpiece entitled "The Sociology of a Horndog:"

Thao Ha....

Ooh la la.

socrates said...

I agree with your analysis, even the homer element in regards to my sticking up for Bernie a wee too much. As soon as I realised the fire was under control, I backed off. Sanders is the only presidential candidate (and perhaps including Republicans) who has a positive rating. He is still getting pounded in the polls. but this is Fenway Park. A 5-0 lead after two innings means squat.

Yes, Dukakis was a big time looooser, but he did win the nomination. He made it to the Finals. He was as close to the Carter, McGovern, Bernie liberal crowd as say Hillary would be to Bill and John Kerry. Or Libby Scooter. Wasn't he a Democrat (in name only) and somehow Cheney's best buddy?

MSNBC is back! They are now doing breaking news. They are no longer afraid of CNN. It could be another indication of a hard left turn. It's like we may get Greek pizza over the Mussolini inspired Italian style.

That's where I got the good info on Bernie. According to CNN, he might as well not exist. We the people need to do a wrap-around the medium as message.

I agree Warren looks younger than she is. She became a player too late. She joined the PGA tour at age 48. In a couple years she will be doing senior tour committee meetings.

Bernie is as old as dirt also, but considering he does not play dirty, I don't think this is a quick affair. I think Bernie can take this to seven games. Hillary could foul out with scandals.

This is one of the first elections in the internet age in which most people finally see the big brother picture. We have the numbers. Your preguntas article shows that it is inevitable the minority will become the majority and already is in California.

Sanders would accelerate the process. I know. I know. He will get the Obama treatment. But he also won't be pro-banks, pro-surveillance, and pro-police. I called it a long time ago that this is Obama's Katrina. Him giving speeches in the last year or two of his two terms is pitiful. People forget that he is half-white and filthy rich. He is the most overrated brain in the world.

socrates said...

The worst part of getting pounded by Republicans for that long stretch, say go with Nixon to the first Bush, that meant the Supreme Court, a so-called third of the balance of power, was handed to fascists.

Obama has sucked in regards to being a leftier than thou, but he has shown that there is indeed a lesser of two evils schtick in operation.

Bernie seems outside of that paradigm. I refuse to be that cynical. He oozes sincerity, imho. Vermont is one of the more groovier states. I think he hit for mayor, governor?, and now senator. Senator is some big cheese to attain. Teddy Kennedy was pretty good. In fact, for all the bitching people make about Boston, we have consistently been in the trenches fighting for WE THE PEOPLE. Anyone remember Tip O'Neill? There have been some others. States like Massachusetts, Vermont, California, Oregon? Minnesota, these are the people who consistently vote the right way.

We don't know how a Bernie presidency will go. No one can predict the future. But the difference between him winning and losing means so gosh darn much. It couldn't be more obvious. I am obviously not paid to campaign for him, but I sincerely believe he's simply the best, better than all the rest. hat tip tina turner Hey! make that his song. It's much better than don't stop thinking about tomorrow. Maybe a Bernie on the Run done up to Band on the Run?

Thao Ha... She shouldn't have deleted those tweets. But anyway, I don't care. I know I am a better sociologist than her. I know exactly what she is. This is not petty jealousy or jealousy. If I was teaching soc 101 and have an assignment with the sociological imagination, I would pour out my soul in lectures sharing knowledge. And I wouldn't hang out on Twitter when I would be teaching writing and you know, be a damn professor, for crying out loud.

It would take a blog entry to spell out Mills versus Parsons. It goes to the root of everything, enlightenment versus counter-enlightenment, liberal arts versus positivism, social and environmental justice versus marketing.

socrates said...

Maybe Biden can talk Fareed Zakaria into becoming his speech writer.

socrates said...

Blogger ends the day early. We ended up with 349 page views. Today (really tomorrow) has 40 views so far. I don't know if it's sustainable. And now Russia is showing up on the blogger stats in a noticeable way. Maybe it's a robot something. Maybe we got linked to by a Russian blog. I am more interested in the long-term. We're leaving something behind. We tried. That message is the medium stuff was extremely fascinating. Despite our amateur status as bloggers, this has been a good ride.

socrates said...

(see awareness, integral)

socrates said...

I'm not gonna ooh-la-la Thao. I like her. I just think she is a phony. She is building a cult of Thao personality, making jewelry, co-opting the greatness of C. Wright Mills, and generally being petit-bourgeois for a job that's supposed to be filled by radical, progressive idealists. Like I wouldn't be surprised if Elon James White is voting for Hillary. I could see Tia voting for her. Not everyone possesses integral awareness.

Lori Grace got that treatment because she was some sort of sex specialist. Plus, you know how I appreciate the older ladies. You exposed my old movie fetish. They are so cute and on film from a long time ago. I love that stuff. Not all of it, but a lot of it.

I haven't watched much in a while except for Ray Donovan. Wow, it's pure entertainment and quite good.

I had fun blogging. I'd like to write tighter stuff in the future and not overdo the Gonzo attempts.

socrates said...

I meant I'd take the counter-enlightenment over the enlightenment. Positivism is garbage. I'm not saying a having a King and being a peon serf was any walk in the park. Whoever designed modern society gets a big fricken F from me, in a literary, amateur blog sense.

socrates said...

In general, this is an apple pie blog with mostly American readers. Perhaps we have little cult pockets across the globe.

This is my free speech cage.

socrates said...

Scooter Libby made no sense. He's in the Lyndon Larouche tier for mixing and matching insane policies and actions. When I first heard of Larouche I thought he was a nobody. Oh, I also heard that a lot of those Republicans are courting the Koch Brothers. I bet they are hoping for a Hillary. It'd be both sides a loss waiting to happen, but one of them has to win.

Bernie, okay between you and me he is a crusty, Larry David type Brooklyn is it? Or Queens like Dave Weintraub. Somewhere in there. He is a character from Seinfeld.

But he is smart. Regular guy libertarians might bite their tongue and vote for Bernie. Of course SV wants business as usual with Hillary. The Republicans are so bad, a hard left turn sounds accurate. We need to maximise this opportunity.

socrates said...

Those out of prison should be allowed to vote. I don't know how that works. It comes down to like Bernie said, millions coming behind him. They need to volunteer and register voters and tell them about Bernie. That would be the best way to spend the cash. Let Hillary spend for stupid ads. Bernie is getting big turnouts wherever he goes. Keep hope alive?

socrates said...

Bernie has the Ron Paul free internet money schtick working. There's that.

socrates said...

And he is non-money. He is against Citizens United. He's old-school. It looks like we have a winner. It's the Church of Bernie. We are not worthy.

socrates said...

This is long, boring and irrelevant by a phony co-opting McLuhan.

socrates said...

I can confirm that the professor who wrote that is a moron.

socrates said...

The Medium is the Massage is public domain. I am going to read it.

socrates said...

This is greatness. He was prescient.

socrates said...

We were the television children he speaks of.

donkeytale said...

I'd like to Putin's paid fakes flip over to DFQ2 as a guilty pleasure when they're on vodka break and getting away from the daily grind of paid professional trolling.

They probably feel a bit of sadness and regret at being blogging prostitutes while we are unpaid whores who do it for the love of the game.

OTOH, you hit the zeitgeist right between the eyes, as usual with the best of your schticks, and yes the homerism is an enduring feature, the only think better is the coming denouement when the scales fall from your eyes, which may or not happen this time around, depending on whether or maybe I should how much Bernie is forced to sell-out to reach the magical 54,000,000 or so votes he will require to be elected.

For me, the fact that he is even seriously trying to be elected says as much about the current state of the art as anything. And of course, after making a career out of dissing third party attempts and pushing for leftier than thous to stay within the confines of the Demotardic machine and actually move the the general zeitgeist left in reality (as opposed to the internets only) I must back him even as I will tend to be analytical and critical.

For his own good of course.

After all, my first comments on Marisacat as I recall circa 2007 or so, were on this very topic, for which Mama Cat forever branded me astroturf.

At least you left open the possibility of me being a useful idiot.

Abbie Hoffman, Brandeis man and Marcuse devotee. I was and still am a firm believer in the Yippie Party, which actually wasn't as much fun as it sounds and wasn't really a party, but it was a great pre-internet troll schtick that informed my blognality from the beginning. Maybe Abbie wouldn't have offed himself if he had realised he would be able to blog from the old folks home.

donkeytale said...

Being old may be the key for Bernie, why sell out for the cheap win when you are his age?

Makes little sense. People tend to do their selling out in their 30-40s (projection alert) when time still seems to be on their side.

By the time you reach 60-70s if you are lucky life has fully innoculated you from all the travails of the ten deadly sins and you can bask in a sea of goodness, at least in your own mind, taking delight at what you can still achieve as opposed to worrying and regretting what you missed and maybe missing while you prostituted yourself during your 30-40s.

From all accounts it seems that Bernie stayed the course pretty much even as his old friends whisper "sell-out".

Good for him. Everybody will always have some problems with you no matter what.

Age also makes that prospect seem inevitably manageable as opposed to motifying when you are younger.

donkeytale said...

Not sue why I leave letters and words out of my commentary so much these days, my mind moves faster than my fingers and my eyes too dim to see even when I do prooofread, which is seldom.

Marcuse was brilliant. I have long noted that the most prescient and savvy of past thinkers never dent the modern zeitgeist, perhaps because of the current vanity that confuses our own intellectual brilliance for what are simply improved media with which to rehash thoughts someone long ago already thought and if possible printed or spoke in the ancient dialectand means of media production.

Marx and Freud are also widely resented which I have never understood.

Civilisation and its Discontents, a book I stole from the UCLA bookstore when I should have been stealing text books (Abbie Hoffman: Steal this Book. LOL. I think paid for that one and it sucked) sticks with me effervescently like a bottle of champagne that never stales.

Once you have digested and felt the immensity of his thinking as a young man who also dropped LSD to gain a sense of the arbitrary cultural forms of reality which enslave our existence, you can never again elude these basic truths again no matter how hard you try.

Ich bin fertig

socrates said...

I liked that Freud book too. I also liked some people who came after Freud and socratised it. That would be Marcuse, Fromm, and Alice Miller made a lot of sense.

There does seem to be a general resentment towards thinking too much in America. Maybe that's why Twitter has done very well for itself.

It's too much to expect people to remember something I wrote before, but once or twice I mentioned an old professor who did the supplement course to a sociology course. Now that I have read McLuhan, I think he got his schtick from him. It is amazing to read McLuhan. On an intuitive level, one doesn't have to in order to recognise some kind of high powered introspection is going on with that phrase.

The Medium is the Massage is McLuhan's Communist Manifesto. The latter wasn't Marx's best stuff, but it made it accessible. Wilhelm Reich did that with Listen, Little Man. I guess in an amateurish way, I did the same with the socratisation backstory or wtf.

McLuhan and I suppose a buddy or two collaborated with him on it put in basically screenshots from his day, kind of sorta my schtick, which now I see is not original. I read McLuhan and it feels like if one substitutes internet for television/magazines etc., it is golden, supersized integral awareness.

I feel the same about the few great thinkers I tend to namedrop. They wrote things that transcend time.

I too do not like to proofread. There is something exciting about just belching it out, taking good rips at the plate. If I strike out, well, I will still probably get at least two or three more swings at it, more if the game goes into extra innings. And it always does.

Yes, you have been vindicated.

I had a tweet or two the last couple days with extreme diction problems. I said in one blah balh every day, then at the end of the sentence I wrote every day again. I hate that. But McLuhan loved regular guys. He was the counter-enlightenment dude of the 50's, in that time era.

Freud was too cynical and it distorted his conclusions. He was a Jew living in between world wars. He also seems to have overdone the psycho-sexual part of life. Of course that is a huge factor. We are basically animals, though with the capacity to combine letters into words and then beyond.

How do we get beyond the beyond?

I learned that phrase living in Ireland, beyond the beyond.

I want to find McLuhan's earlier stuff. I think the first one I linked to a week or so ago was an excerpt and not the full book.

You have done a great service bringing the man's vision back to life. I did it with Fromm. I saw a little bit in the credits for the massage book that Asimov was in their clique.

He speaks of how we are born into a world that operates with a rear view mirror.

There is so much to his ideas, same with C. Wright Mills, that is becomes extremely grotesque to view others co-opt such greatness.

I went to Brandeis as admitted elsewhere. I didn't go there because it had that proud legacy of trolling. It was about twenty miles north west from my hometown. It borders Watertown which was in the news for the Tsaernev boys. I know you lived here, but I toss that out for everyone else.

What's her name was big too, Angela Davis, and I think she is still plugging away. And people can research Louis Brandeis, a Supreme Court judge, who was apparently a hall of fame thinker. Good on him.

socrates said...

Even if Bernie doesn't make it, he seems to be pushing the conversation left. I agree with you as older regular guys, people can become very bold. It is not a death bed confession, when it's literally now or never to spit it out.

None of us gets out of here alive. Worms will eventually eat through all of our brains. It sucks, but that's the way the world was created. Reincarnation throws a monkey wrench into that equation, but it's certainly not the easiest thing to prove if at all and can only be suggested.

I put up a screenshot or two from McLuhan on Twitter. That is where Twitter gets it done. One of them I was very fearful that McLuhan's words were going to be a punch in the gut to me, personally. But then I read on and it seemed that antisocial can be good. Someone may appear as a troll, but in actuality they may see reality for what it is and simply be supplying tough medicine.

donkeytale said...

You can't remove the thinker from his time period and I believe it unfair to castigate Freud with hindsight, especially as his postwar critique of civilisation was most prescient as we now know what came after in the next decade for German speaking Jews in Vienna.

And we make our own value judgments from the cushiest of economic times, but if we can learn a lesson from the first half of the 20th century, those cushy times can end in a blink of an eye in unforeseen ways.

I would also disagree that he overdid the psychosexual aspect of human nature. My belied from personal study of my own pecadilloes is that he was pretty darn near 100% on target. Sure others will come along after the fact and update, modernise. The fact that Freud looms over all of this latter acolytes (who subconsciously resent being his followers and thus will manufacture criticism to set themselves apart from the great man in itslef sort of justifies the oedipal psychology that he determined as a foundation of human nature.

Methinks this postmodern resentment that latter day thinkers are merely shadows of the great past thinkers is a reflection of narcissism and decadence.

donkeytale said...

And not to harp for I understand what you meant but the Manifesto was not conceived as an timeless intellectual treatise, but as a simple pamphlet, a call to the barricades conveying a sense of urgency and something so strikingly original in the context of herstory.

It can be viewed in retrospect as a breathtaking study in political polemics that shook world history and certainly helped change the course of European political attitudes for all time.

The catchphrases alone are immortal. But you are correct that is not in the strictest sense Marx (or Engels) most intellectually challenging work.

socrates said...

It's not resentment, imho. I don't believe Marcuse or Fromm ever took Freud to the woodshed. They were obviously working with his philosophies and taking it to another level. That is what's meant by not reinventing the wheel. Alice Miller, a prominent 20th Century German thinker who I believe is still alive, has been both adherent and critic of Freud. She makes compelling arguments. She attacks Freud at his starting point.

Look at Hobbes versus Locke. Can they both have been correct? In theory, no. Is there a clean slate or not? They both did arrive at the same conclusion, however, in that we need rules or government to referee.

It serves no purpose to articulate ideas produced by other thinkers without attribution or awareness of their contribution. There is something beautiful about pure academics. There are established rules that have been developed over centuries. I mentioned the enclosure acts of the 1300's. That pushed people into cities. We were all taught about the Renaissance and Enlightenment, then of the third revolution, the political revolution.

We should have already evolved into a better society. So what is the hold up? If it's not the medium as message, I don't know what it is.

Those not playing by the rules of humanity are the problem. Marx was astute in pointing out that if such inequality persists, it is only natural for the oppressed to rise up. Eventually that may include violence. Malcolm X echoed this idea with his ballot or the bullet schtick.

How are we to transcend this collective insanity? We have to go back to the basics. What are we looking at? What are we trying to say? Has anyone said it before? How did that work out? There are specific tools to use in such an undertaking.

The main tool is called social reconstruction. The word exegesis also plays a major role. Those are the two passkeys to collective, academic knowledge. It has to be mentioned that not everyone possesses integrity. C. Wright Mills was on the fringes. He was a late bloomer. He was a whistleblower on widespread, academic fraud. He was original.

One cannot make tautological claims and expect to be anointed as greatness. However, that is the medium is the message in a nutshell. Actual content becomes meaningless or impotent. Just because a phrase sounds good, whether it's workers of the world unite, the medium is the message, or the iron triangle, no one has the right to simply lift and distort it for a privatised agenda.

The link above to some essay on McLuhan was apparently written by a fat, ego-head professor from Canada. He provided no social reconstruction of the medium is the message. There is no explanation or exegesis. That is no different from Thao Ha co-opting Mills in order to maintain her false power over impressionable youth who ultimately pay for her exorbitant salary.


socrates said...

That is where co-optation occurs and is the source of all conflict. PTB's are speaking from an emperor with no clothes position. Phrases such as legitimation or constitutional crisis cover this. This explains why there is finally in real time a growing backlash against Hillary Clinton. Her words reek of bullshite co-optation, period.

Mills called it circumscribing. Mills is the one I most recommend you read, even to skim (scroll) through it. He documented how ptb's co-opt academic greatness. McLuhan also asked what the f*** are we so willing to accept as the foundation for reflection and awareness, that is, the basic starting points by which action is taken? Why do so many folks take at face value the fools who doublespeak and evoke authority? McLuhan pinpointed the exact barrier propping up contradiction. People cannot act on injustice if they either do not know it exists or if it is couched in terms by the same people reaping profits from the grotesque structure of social reality.

That's why little moments such as "You're an Uncle Tom, Don. Why are you so angry, Don?" are so vital to collective integral awareness.

It is the smashing through of a so-called fourth (estate) dimension or wtf.

Just because "the medium is the message" or "sociological imagination" are great phrases does not give anyone the right to lift them. That the phrase sociological imagination refers specifically to the co-optation of sociology by bad guys cannot be denied. That is historic fact and known by anyone who has read the darn book.

Education has become monetised.

Divide and conquer tactics are everywhere and taint everything.

Freud deserves massive respect and is accorded it. That doesn't mean critique of his ideas necessarily represent resentment or jealousy. When the messenger is extracted from his or her ideas, pure thought is then enabled.

Since we are not allowed to lift, circumscribe, reinvent wheels or otherwise distort social reality, yet the ptb's do not ascribe to such cosmic rules, that is the crux of conflict. That is the barrier to positive social change. The medium in all its manifestations is the problem. On this we seem to have hit the sweet spot of agreement.

donkeytale said...

In what may be an alltime first for DFQ2 I am typing this at 35,000 feet looking out the window from the middle seat across the space of the pretty young girl seated next to me (hope she doesnt peak at this but seems absorbed in a book) to see fluffy white clouds of summer massing against a later afternoon blue sky.

I am reminded of your cloud seeding schtick from years ago. I passed on the cerveza because the laptop takes up too much space.

You make excellent points. However, I wasn't clear enough in my crit of postmodern resentment was not aimed at academics or the names you mention specifically but our peers in the whiteysphere who prefer to be coopted by fake planted schtick without even realising or questioning the way in which they are herded into circumscription by anonymous nobodies.

I have loads of respect for Marcuse as the father of the new left (1960s) and hardly know Fromm. I admit most of my heavy reading came years ago when I had more time and was forming opinions about my philosophical outlook, which you can probably tell is open and malleable, although I hold certain truths to be self evident.

Hell is other people.

God is a concept by which we measure our pain

Woman who fly upside down bound to have hairy crack up (unless she's over Brazil)

The door that opens up for you did not open itslef

Awareness is more essential than purity

Help me Rhonda yeah

Git her out of my heart

donkeytale said...

The book she's reading.....Go Set a watchman

donkeytale said...

The other minds who formed my insights are more literary than academic. I grokked some of Sartre but not all.

Camus the Fall.

Yes, Tropic of Cancer.

Journey to the End of the Night.

Huckleberry Finn

Miss Lonelyhearts

The Hardy Boys


Le Carre and Deighton (literate British spy schtick)

Decline and fall of the Roman Empire

Decline of the West

Stendhal Red and Black, Charterhouse of Parma





The Buddah

Lao Tsu


The Bible

The list is endless and I hope it continues to grow

Inside me

donkeytale said...


EM Forster

DH Lawrence



socrates said...

Go Set a Watchman sounds like the new old Harper Lee book.

I f'ed up. Miller loves Freud's schtick (no freudian slip intended). She probably adored the starting points. She didn't like his horndog conclusion. She spoke of the child within. She's Locke to Freud's Hobbes.

That guy Elon James White is the media director of Net Roots. Is Angry Black Lady a political operative? He is in with her and some other familiar DKos names.

His schtick is to divide and conquer Black nationalists with white progressives. That is a deliberate thingie on his part. He did the same thing with something to do with Patricia Arquette then he went after a radio host named Nicole Sandler who used to be on Air America.

I believe that was a made up story the whole time.

The Counterpunch guy Joshua Franks is mad at Bernie because he refuses to run third party if he loses the primaries. I tweeted him how did that work out with Nader, to no response.

You wrote some interesting things above.

I have to make some coffee.

socrates said...

You are correct. While I call out Freud for being a pervert with the conclusions, he is greatness, and I am not.

Maybe Freud could have used a good shrink.

I haven't read as much either compared to my younger days. We both know freebie magazine and newspaper articles don't count. I do try to grab something more extensive once in a while, speaking of internet. I still have The Medium is the Massage to finish.

I loved Brothers Karamazov. It had good mileage. I remember reading The Stand by Stephen King and one of his short story books. I can't remember much, but it was good. I remember staying up late younger as a kid, too late, reading Bradbury sci-fi. I think what burnt me out were all the Bobsey Twins, and Nancy Drew, that old school stuff the baby boomers hung onto and placed in the basement. They were good. But then when you get to Catcher in the Rye, Huck Finn, uhm, Crime and Punishment for high school, it definitely got real.

But then I shifted to the serious stuff and I found the people and language I liked. I keep meaning to buy a scanner. I have some stuff saved, photocopied articles and books. I would like to do some heavier stuff like that and just put it into language accessible to all.

This enlightenment thing isn't rocket science. It takes rolling up one's sleeves and hitting the books. There is no way around it. It will be a safety net also from one's sinking further into the programmed life which is now the internet.

It used to be we were the few, that while most use the net, they use it for email, facebook wtf, check rates or sports, knitting, I am rambling, but nowadays, the internet is huge. All the places now use the same facebook comment system. People have enough time to find the free stuff that rocks their curated experience.

socrates said...

I recall enjoying Great Expectations. I remember reading Watership Down. I forget the ages, but I was very young.

My downfall was the professor I picked to be my advisor. He was from South Africa. I assumed he was the best at critical theory, but his accent and lack of teaching skills destroyed it. I very much liked two or three other Irish professors. I gave up a PhD program at UMASS/Amherst for the M.A. in Ireland. I would have had to play the game at UMASS and do quantitative, i.e. bullshit fake social science.

My status/gravitas was injured by decisions I made, but not ultimately my soul.

socrates said...

I'm trying to wrap my head around your point. Yes, and I notice it is getting worse with younger people this reliance on joining fake progressive herds. It happened with me and BradBlog. I think it pretty much took a number of years to finally come to this final positioning with McLuhan.

You are good because you are sensible.

I tried my best to cover the weather mitigation story, whether it could be proven or whatnot. The convolution part of it was too much.

The same thing happened with DKos, as you well know. It went from Hey guys, how's the movement going, to hi MSOC thanks for having us, Peeder, not me, I have always been my own one man band.

I do think we trigger in the other some impetus to crank out some freeform almost first person testimonial, history, attempts at levity, attempts at greatness or to at least hint at it, for everyone.

You want your family people to be healthy and happy. Everyone ultimately wants the same thing, health and happiness, sustenance with dignity.

You are a great person because even though you are obviously doing well for yourself, you still care about others. Part of this with us may be internet addiction. Another part I believe sincerely are little men seeing epic historic change, unexpected perhaps, into this internet age. We got in fairly early, not cypherpunk level early. I think the mid 2000's for me, 2006, and yourself 2004, was fairly early in the process, in that history.

I'm sure you were on the net too a little bit like I was from 2000 to 2005. I totally missed 1990 to 2000. I did not see it coming. I have only had a year or two distance from my own weird experience internet-wise.

This is extremely weird how the internet took over.

socrates said...

I've switched to MSNBC. Maddow is showing Sanders versus Republicans in polls. MSNBC loves Bernie, so he is getting a lot of free publicity from them. And from wc fritos who apparently speaks for all Bernie Sanders supporters and is ruining his chances. :/

socrates said...

Trump just lost the Asian vote. I'm not sure if he ever had it. Or I am just making up fantasy punditry because he called this Asian woman on t.v. disgusting.

Hillary lost some environmental votes.

Bernie is losing the third party loooosers, but they are part of that herd we speak of. They are already set in their ways thinking Bernie is part and parcel of Hillary/Obama DINOs.

Trump is winning because there are so many other Republicans. Once that whittles down, I see him getting pounded.

I do not see him as a real threat. Reagan was Governor of California and had that hypnosis routine, svengali like, well, there you go again. That was his schtick.

He was The Candidate, a great movie by the way.

Back then Republican didn't have the nasty connotation it does today.

I think we know how the status quo persists. We are witnessing oppression in real time as it transfers from old medium to the new.

O'Malley is desperate. He is railing against the banks. Hopefully he and some others will drop out and Bernie will get most of those votes as it moves from Iowa and New Hampshire to the other states.

A good, hard scandal against Hillary would be nice. It would make thing easier.

Otherwise, it's 8-1 in the third inning and Bernie needs to chip away. A couple runs one inning, a three run tater, make it close and then it's anyone's game.

I don't think we truly know what will happen. It coul go in any direction. It seems Hillary is a guarantee. But you still have to play it out.

donkeytale said...

OK, so I ended up chatting with the young girl on the flight, when she brought out an SAT study guide.

I asked where she planned to go to college. She had no idea but she wants to study the "classics" and she maybe kinda sorta wants to be wrighter.

I told her about DFQ2 (kidding). Actually I told her I had studied journalism for a bit in college, had been the editor of the high school newspaper, etc.

She laughed and said her dad too was the editor of his HS gazette.

She was remarkably self-possessed and confident young woman, and it is obvious that she will mature into a stunner within a few short years. The intellligence and sophistication of this younger generation never fails to amaze, even down to the 4 year olds I run across.

I have to admit I felt a bit self-conscious even talking to her, which hopefully says more about society (superego) than it does me.

Or maybe not. After all, I have been (indirectly) accused of paedophilia by certain whiteysphereans in the past.

donkeytale said...

OK, re-read this masterpiece, and I wouldn't even classify this one as mailed-in, for it is pretty good.

A few corrections should be noted: one, Tia Oso is not a "convicted felon." Her charge was dropped to a misdemeanor after she served her probation and re-paid the money.

In this age of maximum minimum sentencing guidelines (federal injustice system) I am decidedly on the side of reducing sentences, especially for these types of crimes where the criminal can make restitution and return productively to society. In my mind this is the way the system should work for many non-violent crimes.

Also, it is almost certain had you stole $11,000 from an organisation (as opposed to live humans) as a first offense, showed contrition and a willingness to repay, along with evidence that you had already straightened yourself up since the crime, your sentence would be relatively light, same as hers. In the state penal system, anyway.

If you impose federal sentencing (this generally would be the result of interstate transfer, mail or wire fraud placing your crime under federal statutes) then it appears she would be a level 10.

However, as a first time offender who took repsonsibility for her actions, showed remorse and demonstrated a change in nature she woould likely have droped to a level 7. Also, the prosecutor could file for a reduction of sentence, then you are looking at 0-6 months or 1-5 years probation and $500-5,000 fine.

My guess is she would have gotten 2 years probation with $2,000 fine plus court costs along with the stipulation that she make restitution as a condition of probation.

The max sentence would be 6 months in jail. Since she ripped a foundation she lead rather than a real human who would have been more damaged from the loss it is doubtful the judge would have imposed the harsher penalties.

Whatever one thinks of Ms. Oso as a potential agent provocateur or paid fake, she is certainly making headway in life and while your take is politically correct in the sense that you may disagree with her politics (or maybe not, since we actually have no clue for whom she's voting), however we have no moral right to judge her criminality since she paid her debt and is one of millions with a misdemeanor on her record.

Uhhm, I have a few, maybe as many as a half dozen meslef.

donkeytale said...

And, of course, Oso wasn't attacking Bernie so much as the whiteysphere in general. This was also the point of Mr. Hash Tag.

This is an important distinction. I believe White makes that point in one of his tweets. It is also far from certain that White is a Hillarian plant. You say he works for Kos?

The Kos milieu is anti-Hillarian and pro-Sanders, just as it was anti-Hillarian in 2008 and pro-O.

The point of crit against the "white prog space" or the "white middle class progressives" as I termed them in my Preguntas masterppiece is a point that I hammered into the "white prog space" at FDL too last election. Prescience, thy name is donketyale.

The whiteysphere needs to meld its efforts into the Afrospear. Although I realise "effort" consists of keyboard warrioring only but you get my drfit.

It makes zero sense for this not to occur but by and large has not occurred, your principled efforts in supporting #blacklivesmatter notwithstanding.

donkeytale said...

Ok, one more and I gotta go.

Although I totally get where you are coming from and you are not wholly incorrect in the comparison, I would say the #BlackLivesMatter compares more closely to #OccupyWallStreet than it does #Anonymous, for the former two are street movements taking place in real time while Anonymous remains an online phenomenon only.

This is not to say #Anonymous is not a valid movement, because of its cyberreality it has not had the same political impact in moving the conversation left.

In fact, I'm not even sure #Anonymous is a lefty cause as much as a libertarian one. Anti-establishment, yes.

donkeytale said...

Actually, I saw those polls too, the fact that Bernie will whip every single GOP candidate is huge.

And I believe the score is closer to 5-2 and we are only in the first inning with the home team (us) still at the plate with runners in scoring position and less than 2 outs.

In fact, the real game has barely begun. Chin up Mr. Sanders Supporter, for a more positive spin and avoidance of dissing folks who may in fact be undecided and maybe willing to swing Bernie's way in the later innings.

Avoidance of negativity and crass assumptioneering is perhaps the best way to present Bernie's case at this point. I believe that is the same counsel he would offer you as well.

I'm dunne.

socrates said...

Russia has taken over the readership viewer leader board for the last week:

United States

I don't know what that means. I am guessing that is some sort of robot thingie. There is nothing showing up in Google stats to explain it.

Israel? I don't know. And it's also interesting that Ukraine and Germany are making a humble dent.


As for the Bernie stuff, I have nothing to do with him. I hope he wins, but in no way do I believe myself personally is any sort of factor. I also don't believe the internet is all that much of a factor either. Maybe MSNBC is playing a role. They are treating Bernie with respect.

One analyst yesterday on cable news chuckled and said we all know Bernie has no chance. No one rebutted that.

If it is 5-2 in the first inning with Bernie as home team with a current rally still cooking, I would take that and embrace such odds. I hope you are correct. I am probably still psychologically damaged goods from the Red Sox. I always expect the worst, even with the Red Sox winning three world championships since 2004.

I will add an update into the entry retracting the felony allegation and replace it with misdemeanor.

socrates said...

You make good points and I agree with most of them.

I added some info to Twitter. Elon James White worked as a public speaker for Keppler Associates Inc.. He claims to be a comedian, but I see no proof of that. He is also the media director for Netroots Nation. If interested, one can also google him with Patricia Arquette and see that the divide and conquer schtick is a common one he utilises.

I got no response from him until I did make an inroad with an African American voter. The dude thanked me for linking to Bernie's words on mass incarceration and unconstitutional stops. Bernie came up with that well before Oso showed up.

We also both know that the people who post on Daily Kos are not the same as the DINO's who own and ultimately control it. I remember them driving not only Dave off of the website, but also Cindy Sheehan. You well know all about the fakery which is Daily Kos. Look at Annette Appollo who liked to post at Democratic Underground. She got trolled on for posting that Jason Leopold and Truthout were full of shite for their Karl Rove indictment hoax.

Cindy might not be the best example. DFQ was 100% democrat who was crushing the right wing media forces within his geographical, political beat (NY-NJ). He too got run off.

socrates said...

I have found another instance of Elon James White being a George Jefferson reverse-racism troll. This Ebony power player called out a republican for being another white man who should stfu. I am paraphrasing. It turned out he was a Black republican. Elon James White hopped right in with his schtick.

I have no problem with Black people who are not too eager to like white people. It makes sense. And I am not too happy to call out a Black man as being racist. It's not politically correct and worse, it is a republican talking point in many ways.

Elon isn't mentioned in this article, but it tells the story. From Wemple:

The medium is the message, no? I don't respect or trust Elon James White. I am not saying listen to moi a white man talk about Black issues. I am saying Black leaders need to be as legit as anyone.

It's the difference between listening to Bill Russell or Charles Barkley. Look at his Twitter page. Where is he coming up with anything that transcends his own bankroll? Indeed Elon is not a Barkley or Don Lemon selling out his own race. I'm not saying that. I am offering the idea that Elon has nothing to offer, zip, zadda, nada, nil, squatamoochie.

socrates said...

I just found this thread at DU. The blogger liked the word ambush also. I have not read this yet, so I am unsure if it has much good in it.

DU always struck me as being more of a chat board than a so-called salon.

I wouldn't be surprised if Hillary was behind it. Seeing yourself and others wonder about that possibility has given me some confidence to wonder it aloud.

He is on the Netroots payroll.

The medium is the message. There is no movement. There are opportunists with hidden agendas trying to manipulate useful idiots. Youtube videos was the movement. A general awareness of events captured or discussed on film formed a breaking point. The medium is the fake movement.

socrates said...

Yes, BLM is more similar to OWS for on the street, in real life stuff. Black Lives Matter is now a universal idea, same as the medium is the message. My point was that anyone can say they are anonymous. Anyone can now say they represent BLM. OWS seems to be more like say Woodstock. Woodstock was an event and an idea. Some people can love the kind of music played there and it has nothing to do with the original Woodstock.

I am rambling, of course. Anonymous was started to expose Scientology. Black Lives Matter I truly do not know enough about. I did see the name of a woman or two who coined it. It may have started for Trayvon Martin. It may have been used before then and took off with the Zimmerman thing.

In summation, I see a lot of incompetence and fakery.

socrates said...

"Hillary Clinton Voices Support For $12 Minimum Wage, But Balks At $15"

Bernie is clearly forcing Hillary to pivot to the left. African Americans might want to calculate how much more money they will make with Bernie's $15 offer.

He's also been talking this stuff his whole life. I don't know what else to say. It seems we are in agreement.

Hillary was obviously trying to pull a 1985 Chicago Bears campaign, an easy win from start to finish. Now she has to take care of the regular season too and not just campaign now in anticipation to facing the republican.

donkeytale said...

Yes, I grokked your comparison with Anonymous being leaderless was apt. OWS was also theoretically leaderless. I just felt like OWS was a bit more apt. I'm not sure about Anonymous. At all. I mean anyone can say they are part of it because it is...anonymous.

At least with BLM and OWS people have to show up somewhere in reality to do something and it is pretty much there in the open for others to see.

The reason I said the score was 5-2 is because the latest poll I saw from somewhere (too worn out from a long week to go back and find it) was something like Hillary 53%-26% Bernie.

Yes, the netroots are Demotards in name obviously. I don't actually read there at all and I know there is no official favourite at the moment but I also know the herd are generally left of Hillary. They were for Dean in 2004. When bombed out they kinda went Edwards, or at least I did, then settled for Kerry only after he won the nom.

Lesser of two evils.

I think in 2008 they were solidly Obama all the way, as was DFQ himself, although O ignored Netroots too.

This year will follow the pattern of 2004. They will be for the leftier than thou candidates but will rally around the eventual nominee.

So will you and I more or less.

socrates said...

There's a lot going on in Baltimore. There were emails coughed up with a million redactions. I think that was a conspiracy, how the so-called riot went down.

Yes, I have been milking this story past its freshness date. 5-2 in the first sounds correct. I have wondered about the stats. It'd be nice to show the history. I assume he started out as a 5% type candidate like the O'Malley type dregs. Now he has over a quarter of the votes, a chance. There is a good chunk of undecided votes he could gobble up. He still has a lot of work to do. He must actually eat into the Hillary votes.

I noticed something or other how he is coordinating stuff in real life, people on the ground, all across this glorious cultural wasteland. I keep hearing about a looming Republican debate. I guess the Democrats can't be far away for t.v. debates.

Bernie needs to get the Hillary lead down to ten by halftime. Oh, that's basketball. Baseball is more appropriate. This sucker is going to lead into next year.

I see the Republicans taking a spanking in the Finals. I am mildly interested in which one of their candidates emerge. I do not follow it. Trump is not that entertaining, imho. The Republican stuff to me is an eyesore. I don't get it. They are very stupid. They never evolved. It is kind of weird, if you think about it.

I see a landslide in the general election.

socrates said...

I got retweeted by Congresswoman Donna Edwards for quoting her on t.v.. She wants good meat on the bones for criminal injustice system reforms. The medium is a small world.