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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Wall Street Angel

                                              actress/singer Xuan Zhou in Street Angel

I said I'd fix the subtitles for Street Angel and have just completed the project. The "Wall Street Angel" part will be explained a bit later in this post when we segue back to presiditzial politics. Here's a hint. I'm referring to Hillary!

Street Angel came out in 1937 when Xuan was nineteen. This movie had to have utilised more genre techniques within any one flick than ever done before or after. What are folks in for if they watch it?

* film noir elements
* crime/drama
* a critique of capitalism
* music/entertainment
* surrealism
* romance
* comedy
* action/adventure
* coming of age
* other mailed in genre elements

My original intent was to research and reflect on China in 1937. I was going to try to find info on the actors, etc. and turn this into a high brow film festival angling in on a specific flick. There has been a change in blogging plans.

I will simpy explain wtf happened with the subtitling process. A few years back, I started uploading public domains to my Youtube channel. I set up other channels with the same plan. Unfortunately, I would find out over time that some movies were still copyrighted. It was not my goal to pull a Kim Dotcom and make money on stuff that wasn't legally mine. It was for educational purposes. It was about fair use. I understand that Youtube had no other choice but to scrub some of my channels such as the legendary Jimbo Jones and George Costanza old movie channels. But I digress.

This is what I think happened, although I could be wrong. Someone from Italy or wtf was studying Mandarin in Denmark. He or she found some awkward web page put together by a Professor Dingleberry or somebody with a different name from Wichita State or somewhere else. It kinda sorta gave a translation of the movie.

I looked all I could for a decent set of subtitles but only had the above to go on. The person who made the one subtitle file I could find had utilised the professor's work. The problem was the timing was all off. Not only that, but the translation the student was working off of was not a great translation. It mush-mashed together dialogue which  included the prof's personal narrative technique. I guess you had to be there. I understand that folks simply want to watch it without some blah blah pity card about what I was up against for a subtitling challenge.

Over the last several days I went at it. I fixed all the times, so that the subtitles line up with the actors' voices. I lightly rewrote and edited parts of it. In short, I did the best I could.

This isn't just any movie. It is considered one of the best Chinese movies of all time.

Without further ado, here it is. Make sure to turn on closed captions for the English subtitles.

Wall Street Angel

                                "Hillary Clinton's Not-So-Subtle Message to Bernie Sanders"
"Well, I'm not in any way going to criticize Sen. Sanders," Clinton told Todd in an interview for the new MSNBC show "MTP Daily." "And he's running a great campaign and I respect that." ...
"But the fact now that I have so many of my Democratic colleagues, present and former, in the House and the Senate, out in state Houses who are lined up to say, you know, 'This is the person we want to see as president,' is very gratifying," she said. "Because they look at what they think I can do for them." ...
"I think it is significant that people that have worked with me in the Congress, you know, when I wasn't running for president, even Republicans were praising me," Clinton added.
Maybe a better title for this blog entry would have been Coronation Street Angel.

I have been trying to figure out a way to incorporate Joe Dirt into this piece, but it's just not happening.

A funny thing has happened on the way to Hillary's coronation. It's no longer set in Wall Street gold. Bernie has been masterful using a Howard Dean/Ron Paul styled internet campaign. Hillary is definitely being protected by conventional television media. However, on the internet, it is much more difficult for a corporate beast such as Hillsbury to hide her true nature. This has forced even mainstream media to ask how can Hillary possibly prove this late in the game that she's a regular guy. Authenticity is not something one can lean on Super PACs for to fix stuff with manufactured consent messages. We the people are apparently not even kinda sorta ready for Hillary. One can't simply go on the Ellen Show and claim, "For crying out loud, I am as authentic as the next regular guy."

The vast right wing conspiracy theory schtick is finally falling flat. The Clintons are gonna attack the New York Times for critiquing her? They must be boiling and seething while inhaling caviar in the Hamptons. The narrative was supposed to be about "Breitbart Cult" styled wingnuts holding back the leftier than thou movement. That' snot how it is anymore.

What's all this talk of a Bernie Schmanders' insurgency? The coronation must go through!

Every dirty political trick currently used by Wall Street's Clinton Dynasty is backfiring at least on the internet. There was pushback from the peanut gallery in regards to David Brock's pro-Hillary Super PAC smear job on Bernsies. That wasn't donkeytale smearing George Carlin as not funny. It wasn't some subjective opinion posed as fact. Bernie was made out to be a communist or wtf.

Laura Meckler of the Wall Street Journal recently wrote up a disinfo piece claiming one of Bernie's economic platforms would cost zillions of trillions and tank our alleged greatness. The professor she used as her source was published by Huffington claiming otherwise. To paraphrase, the dude said, "Get out of town!"

I confronted Meckler on Twitter. Instead of responding in public, she sent me a private message.

Uhm, no. Donkeytale has had a long established practice of not doing private emails and whatnot. He is a wise person despite having a weird antipathy towards Joseph KKK Dirt. If Meckler can't explain her trashy article in public, then she can bugger off. Methinks she was implying I'm some anonymous coward troll and that her direct message would scare me away. I guess she has never heard of Kimberlin or Glenn Beck. I am an established supertroll.

The Downfall of Nate Silver and

The latest NBC/WSJ poll has Bernie Sanders within seven points of Hillary nationally, while he continues to look strong in both Iowa and New Hampshire. If true, then this is a huge development. Nate Silver and his stupid buddy Harry "The Bern Surge is Done, Done" Enten have been droning on for many months about the inevitability of a Hillary presidency.

This is the intersectionality (and sorry, that's not a real word) between donkeytale and blind spots. It is against the law in Canada for media to lie. That there isn't a similar law in Amerikkka does not change the fact that disinfo does influence elections. There was the Willie Horton thingie which brought down Dukakis. Kerry was swift-boated or wtf.

That was from an August 28th round table discussion on the possibility of Joe Biden entering the election. And check out the picture they used of Joe. FiveThirtyEight probably isn't on the Hillary payroll. I won't go down that kooky road. I'm just saying.

                                      I remember when Pops bought me a cola for a nickel.

Here are some predictions for future 538 article titles:

* The polls failed us.
* What we missed in regards to the assumed coronation.
* Keep coming back for more infotainment garbage, you suckers.

Even in the 538 peanut gallery section, it is emerging that Nate Silver and Harry Enten are full of shite.

I'm not sure if the following is the equivalent of the Nate Silver blog but from a pro-Bernie slant. This dude loves Bernie, no doubt. This is by someone named H. A. Goodman:

10 Reasons Bernie Sanders Will Overtake Hillary Clinton in National Polls Before the Iowa Caucus

I hope it's true. The first debate is two weeks from today.

And this is the current 538 coronation garbage entry:

"No One Knows Whether Hillary Clinton Is Authentic
And it doesn’t really matter."

The solution to Hillary Clinton’s recent slide in the polls, according to David Axelrod: Be more authentic. And, indeed, Clinton gets heaps of abuse for alleged inauthenticity.
But authenticity is overrated. There may be no other word more misused by the media and by political pundits. And it’s doubly useless: First, “authenticity” means different things to different people; we use it as a proxy variable for traits that we do like, forgetting that authenticity can just as easily stand in for variables that we don’t. And second, even these varying definitions of authenticity don’t necessarily lead to electoral success. ... 
This is my response to that mailed in nonsense (scroll down):



socrates said...

I forgot to add there was homage paid to both silent films and the Three Stooges throughout the movie.

socrates said...

If you plug in Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton separately into Google News, you get an amazing contrast in results.

Hey, even when the subtitles sucked, there was still a bit of truth to them. It's gotta to be the same with polls.

If there's one thing Americans don't like, it is being told what to do. Think about the original coronations and what we did to the Brits. Well, not my relatives personally. I'm fishing for a point, perhaps.

Bernie is getting a lot of celebrity support. He has a dominating lead over Hillary with college students. There is plenty of time for the kids to annoy the fock out of parents during the holiday season.

I think you are correct we are pretty much at the 50-50 point. Biden still needs to be resolved. The best thing going for Bernie Sanders is that his voters love him. A friends mom was going Hillary all the way. She was ready for Hillary. The grapevine is getting around to those milquetoast Hillary supporters that she indeed sucks. It's not always about Breitbart.

Yeah, put a fork in the fivethirtyeight website. They are officially irrelevant.

socrates said...

Haha, the DINOs put all their chickens into a Hillary coronation basket. They should have approached this as a non-coronation cycle. The four, five, and sixth guys are barely registering. The third guy isn't even officially in the race.

Nate Silver looks like a moron. Sorry. And George Carlin is still funny. In football... he had the low, tough guy voice. Then in baseball, he became Stuart Smalley. That was very funny.

His books are very good. They have a lot of short stories and he was a wizard with words. You might want to give those a chance. You don't help your case very well by referring to broccoli or posting that Bill Hicks was awful, while you ignore that Denis Leary stole from Hicks.

socrates said...

Bill Hicks was from Texas and you basically took a dump on him. You can't even stick up for a local kid who done good. Wow. It looks like my instincts about Texas are correct. Maybe it is the heat. That's why it's better to live in the North. It's easier to warm up than the other way around.

socrates said...

Hillary - 42
Bernie -- 35
JoJo -- 17
Webb ----- 1
None ----- 1
undecided- 4

Hillary - 53
Bernie -- 38
O'Malley - 1
Webb ----- 1
None ----- 2
undecided- 4
other ---- 1

Maybe it's Hillary 5-4 over Bernie in the fifth inning?

socrates said...

Hillary's losing stamina? Maybe the score right now is irrelevant and Bernie is giving great odds right now? I'm feeling a Foreman-Ali fight for this one. Bernie has a strong gut and Hillary is running out of steam throwing punches that either don't land or don't hurt Ali, I mean Sanders.

I thought this was obvious for quite a number of months now, that the trajectory has Sanders easily winning the nomination. I hate to jinx it, but it's looking good right now. The debates will probably be the crucial decider. Americans love that stuff. Bernie knows how to talk. Hopefully sometime after a debate or two, it becomes a 5-4 Bernie lead in the sixth.

donkeytale said...

My earliest memory is Coke for $.12 with a $.03 bottle deposit.

Bottles were a big deal when I was a kid. Each stray one you found possessed cash value.

donkeytale said...

Coke gave way to Jim Beam


Jim Beam 'n coke.

With a hit and a hit and a hit.

Today's zen and yoga

and realisation

living feels better

on all fours

socrates said...

That was probably the best part of the entry, that Biden photo with the quip. And somehow I was able to toss in a few extra images into your last entry. Putin was tossing back one of those Ocktoberfest keg mugs and Obama was tossing back a Guinness while giving the thumbs up. They weren't as funny as Joe Dirt, but more in line with what you wrote and requested for edited in images.

socrates said...

I am not seeing much difference between Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney. I believe that is the fairleft/Jill Stein argument. But it falls flat with Bernie in the race. I can understand Stein not endorsing Bernie or maybe I don't. That Fairleft is not endorsing Bernster or I assume he isn't says it all about that poser. Anyone not backing Bernie at this point is a moron. It kind of boils down to that.

Hillary is scum and so are the people who support her. She's not a very good liar and is her own worst enemy. She's got zero game. She's the kid who sucked at little league, but the punk's dad was the coach or wtf, so she got elected, I mean she played at second base while the better player MaryAnne Cunningham sat at the end of the bench.

donkeytale said...

The latest fund raising totals are interesting and provide further illustration of my current 50-50 stance. Hillary $28 mill Bernie $26 mill.

And you just know that the qualitative part favours Bernie. His money comes from regular guys while hers comes from Paid fakes and useful idiots.

Or maybe it is more correct to say hers comes from those for whom she is a paid fake and a useful idiot.

donkeytale said...

The Biden picture/caption was great and I admit you hit a home run with the images in my masterpiece.

Actually, I've seen that Chinese movie before with Frau Tale.

There is plenty of crossover between Chinese and Korean culture over the internet.

I believe this is because the websites that post the videos are housed in China.

But I could be wong.

donkeytale said...

Biden for me is OK from a number of perspectives. He is of the working class, he never kept a home in DC but traveled to and from Delaware all those years via Amtrak. He has a groovy personality with just enough of the recognisably human foibles to let you know that he's a regular guy.

He doesn't even seem to be posing when he goes on Talk Show circuit these days.

Is he leftier than the Bern? No sir and I will support Bernie in the primaries, however as a general election fallback, you could do a lot worse than Biden as the Demotardic nominee, especially against a Trump or a Fiorina. Hillary, for instance, altho I agree that her negative news loop appears to be growing into a Tsunami from which she will hopefully never recover. What is there potentially out there to change the story lines? Nothing, because she is all prepackaged phony and that's her best trait.

It's harder to consider Biden an elitest with the way he carries himself and the two huge personal tragedies and his humble response immunise him to some extent.

I'm not sure the Demotardic debates will have much impact. Anyway, the normal thing is to say the underdog gains credibility by sitting on the same stage as the favourite but this year as the election zeitgeist definitely appears to be changed (and yes, I grudgingly admit the internet plays a role) the reverse may happen.

The debates offer an opportunity for Hilliary to end her negative news loop by being favorably compared to the outsider.

Take nothing for granted at this point.

50-50 with or without Biden.

donkeytale said...

I'm done with Carlin. History records that my take is correct.

The guy was a self centered buffoon whose best humour was unintentional.

I grasp he comes from the "I agree" school of comedic observational "wit."

Maybe he even is a founder of that movement.

Still, the problem there is all comedy is observational at root and someone doing 100% observational better be damned funny and Carlin simply wasn't that funny.

I grok that your likes and dislikes are all about agreement/disagreement black and white heroes and villains, which is an internet staple of the times.

What makes your schtick interesting is when the scales fall from your eyes and you realise that your take may have been somewhat "off" in either direction and your revised take might still be "off" in a different direction.

Hence, my favourite Socratic pieces tend to be the ones where you attacked me.

donkeytale said...

The Silver question is still open for debate. The good thing is he is out there on the record to be validated or invalidated. Since he is a compendium of polls his track record depends on his ability to predict which polls to analyse and weight based on historical track records.

If this election is truly different then there is a chance he will be wrong. Too early to tell, obviously, so the disliking of Silver says more about the disliker than Silver at this stage of the game.

I don't grok that his is a message for Hillary at this stage, it is more of a statement against the herstorically non-compelling predictability of elections.

If this election is truly different the data will arrive in time and Silver will be vindicated behind his protective wall of science.

Mixing punditry with scientific observation is a weird result of his creating his own website which I believe is the real problem for his schtick. Too much space to fill and he's too much front/center.

He shoulda stayed at the NYT, IMHO, where he seemed refreshing next to the regular oped bloviators.

donkeytale said...

In fact, they just posted another one of those chats that seem to get Bernie Fan Boi goats more than any other and the very topic is HRC.

Silver doesn't want to answer the question, because he knows it's irrelevant at this time and won't truly matter until Iowa and NH then beyond. However, he is not shilling for Hilliary which has been the (sorry to say this but true) fried Bernie fan boi take.

I'm guessing that Citizen Silver casts his ballot for the Bern.

natesilver: On the one hand, it seems clear that the press cherry-picks bad polls for Clinton. And, furthermore, that it underappreciates how her favorability ratings have not deteriorated much with Democrats. But I’m not sure that I buy that they haven’t declined. It seems clear that they have. Even among Democrats.

hjenten-heynawl: But the question for this chat is: “Has the email scandal hurt Clinton’s chances?”

micah: (Nate still hasn’t answered that.)

natesilver: Her numbers are down. It’s a question of cause and effect. Or not even cause and effect, exactly, but what her numbers would be in a world where she didn’t have a private email server.

faraic: Articles like this one — a recent update on questions about when and how she used the server — get back to the question of whether this is a slow-drip that will hurt or one that will pass. Is it OK for me to say, “I don’t know”? I do think, in general, that she is built to withstand this type of scrutiny.

natesilver: Getting sustained negative media coverage can matter, especially when it’s reinforced by declining polls, even if voters don’t care that much about the details of the scandal itself. We’re at a phase of the election where the tone of media coverage is just about at its most important. Voters are tuning in, but only along the margins; they aren’t getting a comprehensive picture.

But can I repeat my question from before? What would her numbers be now in a world where she didn’t have a private email server?

So, in your mind, merely commenting on the media coverage and the negative feedback loop which seems real to me, is some form of support for Hilliary?

Probably more this Enten character that you seem to detest in fact because he plays the devil's advocate role in these dialogues, instead of a Sanders fan boi.

Admit it, you won't be happy with any bloviators unless they are openly Feeling the Bern, correct?

donkeytale said...

linky thingie:

I'm done.

socrates said...

I went back to Twitter and tweeted that link before you wrote the above. I don't think you're paying close enough attention to that website to hit the bull's eye with your analysis. How can they possibly discuss Hillary's electoral death spiral without mentioning the Bernie factor?

They also never cover the nitty-gritty as in Wall Street, regular guys who vote, not just those stinky politicians who endorse Hillary, Super PACs, the Clinton Foundation, uhm, her voting for war or say her weird turnarounds or so-called evolving. A mere three years ago she was against gay marriage. How could anyone gay vote for her? They don't discuss her and Bill's mass incarceration scam or the Glass-Steagall thingie.

Nate Silver's biggest mistake is probably allowing Harry Enten to destroy the website. The guy is a dickhead of epic proportions. I am against violence. I am not promoting revolution in regards to violence. So what does that leave me with but the ability to fire on sight truth staples at all losers holding back humanity's destiny for peace and love?

Those posers don't even cover the recent polls which give Bernie much better odds than ever before. They do not discuss the trajectory and how it is still in operational mode. They are praying for a stop to the surge. They want to restore balance to the capitalistic balance. They are pea-sized brains. They lack soul. I am not sure why you keep propping them up. It could be contrarianism 101. Someone who you wish was fairleft is against the 538 people. So you make this knee-jerk reaction. I understand and am not judging you.

The new poll has Bernie within seven points nationally. Is that a mirage? Look, those guys do a lot of trash talking in regards to politics and "Las Vegas" odds. But they leave out so much.

Your blind spot is thinking that the medium simply reflects social reality rather than being an enforced rationalisation of the status quo.

Even if the part of the poll without JoJo having Bernie down fifteen points would be remarkable if true. That's obviously not a seven point difference, but it is the equivalent of turning a runaway game into a question mark by halftime.

Bernie has also made gains with the African American vote. He hasn't reached the 40% you request, but I imagine it is at around 20% from 1%, if I had to guess. And I also disagree with you that the debates might not make much difference. They will. The first Trump debate got huge ratings. People are into this election like never before. There is a real political insurgency on the table.


socrates said...

The 538 blowhards are grasping onto outdated schtick analyses with their fat knuckles. I find it hard to believe you have been paying much attention to them. Otherwise with such a high powered contrarian mind, you should be able to see that all they have been producing this election season is proverbial weak gravy. And the potatoes are lumpy and/or overcooked.

Seriously, they are saying a 50% favorable rating is good for Hillary? Wasn't she around 70%. What if that drops to 40% or 30%? Why are these guys so determined to predict Hillary as the sure winner, though they seem very ready to whine about their excuses for being losers if she doesn't win.

It's true when I find out I've been had, that is when my lust thirst for revenge peaks. I'll concede that one point.

Did not Malcolm X have the same reaction to finding out the truth about Elijah Muhammad? He gave up his life to out that jackass as a hypocritical piece of shite.

All the 538 website is doing is scouring for clicks. They are capitalists. They are fat fuck faces. They deserve scorn. Then they deserve to be ignored.

Why play the game the old way and give them any undeserved credibility at all?

Seriously, f them. F the medium. They have nothing to offer at this point. They refuse to let scales drop from their clouded eyes and give a more nuanced, factual reporting combing facts with statistical analysis of polls or wtf they do.

They are proverbial useful idiots. I'm shocked you can't see how full of it they are. Google news Bernie versus Hillary and do it over an extended period. There one will get a more honest portrayal of what is going on. 538 is pretty much now no different than Breitbart or Salon or Reason or any other garbage website. Maybe you need to add "devil's advocate" to your schtick. I don't mean continue being 100% contrarian. In the academic world, one must play devil's advocate with their own ideas and conclusions. If we don't do that, readers may imaine that we too are numbnuts, highly evolved numbnuts, but numbnuts nonetheless.

socrates said...

fricken typos. i'm not on my game today. mea culpa.

donkeytale said...

This is an interesting take:

They are proverbial useful idiots. I'm shocked you can't see how full of it they are. Google news Bernie versus Hillary and do it over an extended period. There one will get a more honest portrayal of what is going on. 538 is pretty much now no different than Breitbart or Salon or Reason or any other garbage website.

Google aggregates biased news in a biased manner that is the essence of gaming.

Silver aggregates biased polls, however, and this is a big however, he applies his own weighting of the polls in an attempt to predict electoral reality. He lives and dies on his predictions. So we will follow and revisit after November wtf, 2016.

You re a social theorist. The theory must be testable correct?

socrates said...

Yes, your theory is extremely testable. The problem is we are not only talking about Nate, but of all the people writing in this political/polling as sport genre. The one before the round table said that authenticity didn't matter. They are playing by old rules. This is what, the third BubbleBoy freak society presidential campaign? Say Howard Dean, then Ron Paul? Bernie's the third?

538 has too many blind spots, such as with the more disciplined liberal arts of social theory and social-psychology. You covered the Greece story in real time. You must know what I'm talking about. Nate Silver and the others are missing crucial variables.

This boils down to a litmus test on every voter. I believe we are in agreement that only a true numbnut would vote for Hillary over Bernie. There's a lot of stuff that will soon unfold. Debate #1.

538 never mentions the day to day grind Bernie is doing campaigning old school style. Didn't they used to take long train rides back in the day of nickel colas? To meet the nation and offer the platform?

Bernie is doing that, while Hillary fundraises.

I saw she is going to do Saturday Night Live. Yawn.

New drip drips are looking good for Bernie email wise.

She told Blumenthal it's a good thing for diplomats to lie.

There's also something about her having a conniption fit over a change in wording on passport applications. From 2011. She should lose every gay vote she has left.

Dudes at 538 should have discussed the Bernie trajectory. They can't All they have are the early polls and Hillary dominating the super delegates and politician endorsements.

The nurses endorsed Bernie. Rappers left and right are endorsing him. The teachers went against and denounced a fake endorsement made by a Hillary crone. I forget her name. There are a million stories that 538 is not including in their game.

I'm kind of losing interest in anything they have to say, except for this little project we have going. To keep an eye on what they are saying, when, and how it turns out.