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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Fight or Flite

                                     (DFQ2 stock photo. No schtick infringement intended.)

At some point life cannot sustain through rational thought. Our acts are not rational but absurd. Yes, we talk and we write intelligently [Pinocchio alert]. We make studies. We take polls. We conduct endless experiments that prove both the veracity and falsity of the mind.

We are successful beyond the dreams of our grandfathers.

Nihilism cannot obtain. Our duty is to ancestors and children to remain vigilant against our inside out decay.

We see resurrection but we earn no redemption. Eventually, all fall down. Right is wrong is right is right is wrong is right.

History reduces to a stained page written by winners who dissolved.


Lenny Fritos said...

Fight or Doritos and a six pack? Pizza? ESPN Classics, anyone?

This one probably falls into the instant oatmeal classic blog genre.

Yes, for all the sheer brilliance of say Herbert Marcuse or Benjamin Dixon, when are things going to be the way they should be?

We are all from another time and place. Exercise, exschmercise. You're going to finish that large pizza on your own and you're going to enjoy it. Just like the dissolved winners of History have pre-coronated.

donkeytale said...

Not a good night for the Bern. Luckily it went worse for the Fat Lady who sang off key.

His opening was awful, robotic and lacked empathy. He may have come back later but I could only stand watching about 30 minutes of the blah blah blah. It was tres boring and Hillary's shouting out her nonsense was disgusting. Talk about putting lipstick on a pig. That was textbook piggishness on display. I saw her pre-debate entrance up a short flight of about 8 steps. She wobbled and appeared to lean on the wall to make it up. She should be disqualified on lack of physical conditioning alone. No way is she fit for the job either mentally, emotionally or intellectually. She reminded all of her flaws but Bernie smelling blood didn't deliver enough, IMHO.

He's looking for a win on points but it will take a knockout to defeat inevitable Queen Fatty. I'm really beginning to wonder if he actually wants to win or just push the conversation leftier?

To the extent Foreign policy is going to be a meaningful part of the election (and it appears it will be) Bernie is cooked. Did the GOP work with ISIS on the timing of the attack? Nah, course not but then recall that they persuaded the Iranians to delay the hostage release until after the 1980 election, too.

Bernie needs to speak extemporaneously more not relying solely on a rehash of his stump speech. He is becoming a caricature and people want to feel the humanity in their Presidit, a willingness to mix it up play rough and dirty even, when the situation calls for it. He needs to take the gloves off and go harder after her Wall Street connections, her Foundation and the fact she tries to hide behind her femininity (such as it is, cloaked in Dorito and beer perfume). She wobbled badly on those points but he didn't close her out. Poor people want to see a fighter and he's not fighting her hard enough so how will he ever fight against the GOP Congress???

The voters know HRC has fought the GOP all her career so he needs to show that he can fight and fight effectively.

It was inconclusive but I got the zeitgeist sniffing impression last night that Bernie and Hillary lost the debate and O'Malley and Rubio won.

No, I will never vote for any Republican and I will not vote for Hilliary either. She is repugnant. The more I see of her the less I like. If she manages to drop 30 lbs. and get in shape I may look at her differently, not from a sexist standpoint but from a "OK this is someone who wants to change her uber comfortable lifestyle maybe she does want to change the status quo for me too" perspective.

Bernie needs to do to Hillary what Rubio did to Bush earlier. He needs the knockout kick to the side of the head like that MMA chick delivered to the supposedly invincible Rousey.

I predict O'Malley may now start to gain some votes while Bernie and Hillary stand still. He may not become competitive but he seems to be gaining at least some rhetorical momentum while HRC and Bernie seem stuck in their tracks. Yes, O'Malley has the most to gain because he's coming from nowhere. Bernie is starting to worry me. He just doesn't seem to be evolving with the flow and direction especially WRT foreign policy but also "doing whatever it takes" to win the votes he knows he needs . He doesn't seem to buy your theory that the polls are wrong, probably because he has his own polling telling him basically same thing. Yet his outreach isn't far reaching enough.

donkeytale said...

Silver said something in the 538 live blog that will raise your hackles:

Twitter is not representative of the electorate.

Lenny Fritos said...

I agree with you Bernie was off his game. It took him a while to wake up. I also agree he needs to come up with new material. He does sound like he is repeating himself. He looked old last night.

I also agree Hillary was even worse. Her response about being the Wall Street candidate of choice was atrocious. O'Malley did have a great night. Bernie needs that dude to drop out of the race. It is Texas Hold 'em. Get rid of the dudes with the small chip stacks. You never know when they are going to go all in with four of a kind.

Is Nate Silver famous for calling a Presidential race a few days or weeks before anyone else other than unknown statisticians who predicted what he did? I am starting to think Silver is irrelevant at least for now.

Yes, I want Bernie to shut up about polls.

If you had been able to get through the boring first half hour, you would have been happy watching the debate. You pulled a Heidi football game swap and missed Bernie Namath connecting on a few hail mary's. You shouldn't have rushed through my last entry and watched the Flutie miracle in Miami.

donkeytale said...

Actually, I re-read your classic 4 degrees of Bacon bits in one entry and lmao.

PFF the original was a great site and you were able to capture some of its flavor.

What sucks is this comment box is now auto Amerikkkanising my British spellings unless coupled with mispelicism.

Maybe Meta will make a stuning comeback.

I don't see Omalley going anywhere simply because he is the only Demotard left who is not ancient. He stays the course and he collects a VP ship nomination.

It will be interesting to see from whom he collects votes. Obviously, if it's from her than you will want him to stay in the race. And I suspect the Bern has his support locked.

Silver made his name in the 2008 primaries when there was much handwringing on DKOS regarding HRC making a late comeback. He doused cold water on that theory and was proven correct as an anonymous coward. He was also trolled on DKOS (naturally) and wasn't an insider/front pager at all.

But when he revealed himself as "Nate Silver" it created a shitstorm of publicity because the real "Nate Silver" was already semi-well known in beisbol geek circles for his statistical genius.

Whether this was a genius stroke of PR or dumb luck I cannot determine.

However, Silver has been relevant for two elections in a row and he will have to loose one before you can impugn his integrity (or wtf).

BTW, his commentary last night indicated his being close to the Bern campaign. He had obtained an advance copy of Bernie's opening remarks. Doubt he would have that if he was in HRC's camp.

donkeytale said...

If this campaign becomes more about foreign affairs than domestic policy the GOP may actually win which would of course be a disaster for Amerikkka both from a foreign and domestic affairs standpoint.

My view is always keep your affairs foreign as it will be harder for your significant other to catch you in the act.

donkeytale said...

I had a thot that a great Saturday night debate could be had between Webb and Chafee.

Call it the junniour varsity drop out debate.

I can't put my finger on why exactly but I missed those guys last night.

Lenny Fritos said...

That was one of my best bad entries. I made factual mistakes. I think sometime recently I added a comment to the end correcting those. I am not sure why that entry has returned to glory. Maybe Canadian Bob can explain as he will apparently own this blog for eternity with the mk-ultra schtick, Theresa Duncan or no Theresa Duncan.

The big moment last night had to be Hillary talking up 9/11 as her rebuttal to kissing Wall Street ass.

Then CBS put up a big tweet screenshot of a regular nobody asking wtf. How dare you? Have you no shame, Secretary Clinton? (see Olbermann, Keith)

Chafee and Webb were excellent television. Chafee was goofy and had the best anti-moment with his I was just elected and had no time to figure out my vote, so I joined the herd.

Webb was greatness because he coco channeled the spirit of Colonel Flagg from M*A*S*H. People love schadenfreude. It's a word that not only sounds soothing, but people love to go gotcha you suck, it's your fault this all sucks and f*** you. It's the Howard Beale factor.

Hillary did what we all used to do in college blue book midterms for liberal arts courses. No matter what the question, we will fudge in what we prepared.

Maybe she overthinks things? That 9/11 junk was totally uncalled for.

And I don't know why she keeps talking up her amazing plan to rein in Wall Street. Maybe it is in the imaginary folder which includes her Black Lives Matter policy plan. She downplayed Glass-Steagall.

O'Malley helped Bernie a lot who was stammering about enough is enough with the billionaire class. I imagine O'Malley is planning to vote for Bernie or is unaware that if he plays his cards right, Hillary will hire him for when she takes the crown.

As for the Celtics, I predicted they would beat Atlanta and tonight they play Oklahoma without Durantula.

Man, you were right how it has been the early innings. Say this started around April/May, then took off in June/July. That sounds like a Democratic Party nomination process that will last about 14 months.


Lenny Fritos said...

The big news might be Nina Turner endorsing Bernie. I need to stay on topic and not digress about Tina or Evan Turner. Or I need to take my own advice about Bernie needing to mix it up more and figure out some more people who have the last name Turner. There's Nat Turner. There was a product called the tuna turner which Letterman presented to Tina. That also made for some very compelling television history.

Lenny Fritos said...

I wonder who John Amos is voting for.

Lenny Fritos said...

Bernie is going for the win. He is naive on polls. He is probably feeling dejected that the polls don't seem to be giving him very good odds. It is human nature to have doubts. But I also believe polls are showing Bernie does well in the Finals while Clinton doesn't. The Bernie supporters are correct to blackmail the DINO's for our votes. You are saying you will never vote for Hillary. That is a strong statement. Maybe you are experiencing some Stockholm Syndrome with the Nader vote. If donkeytale would avoid voting next November if it's Hillary versus whomever, Hillary is in deep doodoo whether she wins the nomination or Bernie steals it with a we the people enough is enough protest movement.

Fieldnegro is even taking notice that there is a big chunk of Democrats who do not like Clinton. He is reminded of the ObamaBot versus HillaryBot wars. He is curious whether there will be a let's kiss and makeup moment when the coronation dust settles.

donkeytale said...

This oatmeal entry is actually a sequel to my now classic "We Hold these Twats to be Self Manipulated" entry.

I just didn't reallise it while writing.

I think I was channeling Spengler's Decline of the Corney West schtick. Yes, our civilization is dying but wtf?

There is now no question that we will be going to war with those ISIS clowns, which will gain us some revenge but prolong the war.

Bernie's falling back on the I voted against Iraq and it's the reason for the ISIS conundrum is of course a correct statement but it was the wrong answer. The next presidit has to DO SOMETHING about the situation he inherited from Bush/Cheney, just as Obama had to do something not only about the ME but also the economy.

One just can't say it's all your fault and let it go.

Bernie needs some foreign policy coaching, stat. He needs a plan. His schtick is fraying in that department. Badly.

Hopefully, the French will be leading the way with their boots on the ground this time. Jessh, about time they did something to repay the Western world for saving their effete snob bacon bits throughout the 20th century.

The Russians also seem to have a reason to fight these ISIS loosers and so does Iran but all either truly cares about is propping up Asswad so I don't see it happening. Putin is too clever to waste his resources when he can count on NATO to squander ours. Besides he hate us and we hate him even though our economies love each other.

It is a fine mess. I would also like to see the Nazi Germans put some storm troops on the ground. And the British too for that matter. Let the ungrateful Euros do the dirty work for a change.

WWII is over. Time to commence WWIII.

I think that was the subliminal theme of this dairy:

Oatmeal is better for you but bacon bits taste better

Lenny Fritos said...

You love Nate "Turner" Silver, but watch and see what he does if Bernie takes Iowa. He will say it doesn't matter. Hillary is LeBron and D-Wade whooping it up against Dallas. We are being coronated! This is our destiny!

How'd them apples work out? What is LeBron, 2-3 in Finals?

Replace LeBron with Hillary. I will be coronated not once, not twice... not seven times.

How'd Scott Brown win Massachusetts?

That is the elephant in the Nate Silver analysis.

People don't like getting phone calls from stranger (pollsters). They also don't like to be taken for granted. I think you are onto something about my anti-polling schtick. How many people will vote for Bernie because the coronation and polling got a little bit too obnoxious?

donkeytale said...

Well, I hope you are correct that Bernie is going for the win. I have my doubts or maybe he just hasn't got it figured out?

He just has a strange way of doing so, I guess.

Lenny Fritos said...

Bernie is saying the Middle East countries need to step it up.

It doesn't matter anyway. Chatter will soon resume to being about Carson and Trump to go with the inevitability of Hillary.

Lenny Fritos said...

Bernie did change gears. He started out with the strategy of not attacking Hillary. He let her and the David Brock Super PAC make the first move. He solidified his base.

Now that both sides of the base have been established, Bernie is rolling up his sleeves. She got absolutely pummeled last night and the only thing that stopped her from sweating was CBS moving on to the gun control topic.

Bernie is not a spring chicken. I think he needs to take an afternoon nap before the NH debate. He is at his best when he is a lone guest, say on with Maddow or the other media outlets. It almost seemed as if he forgot to go to the bathroom and was cringing for the first commercial break to arrive.

It wasn't his best showing. He definitely needs to give the broken record a rest. We are always trying to build on our profound dissection of the medium. Of course we are no different than Bernie and are simply repeating ourselves. But we mix around the words and bring in random old-school television references to make the audience think they are reading new material. That is Bernie's challenge. To make sure he gets to sleep on time and not stay up too late playing video games with his wonderful grandkids. And like you pointed out on Hillary, she needs to be extremely careful on Thanksgiving and not overdo it with plate portions and sleep walking to the fridge in subsequent days.

donkeytale said...

Silver is covered in the event Bernie takes Iowa or the nom. He states that Bernie has a path to the nom thru Iowa and NH>

You're confusing him with Enten. Enten gives Bernie no chance.

The two have even debated these very points in one of those roundtable schticks they do.

Silver backs the Bern but he's a numbers guy. And numbers can change, is what he's saying, besides it is still too early. Polling in Iowa is notoriously bad because it is the kickoff event and it's a caucus which means harder to determine whose voters will turn out. A caucus requires more time and effort than just going in the booth and pulling the handle. It means venturing out attending a pep rally in zero degree weather for several hours. Only the hard core will do that. Bernie's core seems harder than HRCs and she fell on her 3F in Iowa last time so let us see.

All I know is Bernie needs to start punching. Hard.

And he needs to stand up straight and takes his hands off the podium. He's also showing some physical unfitness with that leaning on the podium schtick. C'mon gramps...

I need to stop....or I may vote for my dog in the primary the way things are going....

Lenny Fritos said...

Bernie needs more sleep and Hillary needs to have the fridge bolted down. That is my up-to-date political analysis.

donkeytale said...

Kathleen Turner.

1980 something.

Lenny Fritos said...

You admitted to only watching the first half hour. Your analysis is quite good... for a half hour.

If Silver thinks Bernie's chances run through Iowa and NH, then that is a good sign. I admit that Enten is the problem.

But I thought Iowa and NH are deemed lily-white, so that even if Bernie wins those, it will be spun as a Howard Dean styled premature ejaculation.

Lenny Fritos said...

I was never impressed with Kathleen Turner.

I googled:


Lenny Fritos said...

There was a "Bulldog Turner (1919–1998), American football player." (wikipedia)

Hmmm, I see there was "Big Joe Turner (1911–1985), American blues singer."

donkeytale said...

Yes, but a winner has a chance to keep on winning.

And Bernie will be cooked if he looses the lily white states.

Here is a google that pretty much touches all the bases, including both Sliver and Dave Weasel!!!

Silver also predicted GOP to win Senate in 2014. The guy walks on water unless you are walking in the Thames River.

He doesn't pay attention to the DLC, either.

donkeytale said...

"Silver cultivates that aura by declining to listen to the Democrats’ spiel. According to Cook, the DSCC sat with him and his team for “hours” before they issued a tranche of terrifying new Senate race ratings. Silver does not submit to any spin sessions. He collates the numbers, tells readers how he did so, and then laughs at the deniers."

Money quote.

donkeytale said...

Keena Turner.

Lenny Fritos said...

How could neither of us mention Josephine Turner? She used to do makeup in 1920's movies:

Yes, there is an art form to covering all bases. Good point that Bernie needs to win lily-white states. It's like in the NBA it's all well and good to upset Oklahoma and Golden State, but if you lose trap games to Philly or Brooklyn, you will have to end the campaign, bench Smart, trade for Rondo, and go for more draft picks.

One must survive to battle another day.

Hillary can win coronation battles, but a surviving, competitive Bernie will put NY and California big boy delegates into play.

I think Nate is cool beans. You win. I am a loser. You are the winner.

Bernie needs an upset or two to go with NH. That might mean Iowa. But it also might mean Nevada and some SC delegates no one gave Bernie any chance of receiving. Hillary has some super delegate pile which seem to represent a tie breaker.

Omg, that would be bizarre if Bernie could keep it close enough where the DNC would have to steal the election to coronate.

Super Tuesday doesn't look so imposing from my apolitical view. I had thought it would be all southern styled backwardness, but Minnesota and Massachusetts are also in play. Bernie must win those kinds of states. So I guess I am saying I should stfu and listen more to you and Silver.

I see there is a Sophie Turner, but I think she's a Brit and not eligible to vote. Maybe though she voted for Corbyn and can be fudged into the zeitgeist sniffing analysis.

Seriously, though, check for one article or whatnot on Hillary talking up 9/11 last night. That is what people will remember. It won't be like the first one with, "Thank you, Bernie!"

In another time and era, I suppose O'Malley would be getting his kneecaps shattered by the Karl Rove of Democrats from back in the day. Oh, there was one other moment you missed that seemed important and I tweeted about it in real time. After it was over, Hillary looked a little bit disoriented and was leaning over to somebody. I tried to read her lips. I am not positive, but she seemed to be saying get that bourbon ready, and make it a double. I don't think she was ready for the clobbering she took.

Think about this: In response to her being questioned on being in bed with Wall Street, she started talking about 9/11 and how she helped rebuild Wall Street. I guess you had to be there. You were right. The France situation completely overshadowed the debate. I read Bernie even had to fight to make it not 100% on that story and its offshoots for discussion.

I am a little schizo about O'Malley. I think he wastes space, but then again, he is clearly not in Hillary's and the DNC's back pocket.

There was also something about Wasserman Schultz breaking down in tears during an interview. I think she and Hillary and all the DINO's are just realising leftiers than thou are fed up. They are worried about the Finals, imho. It's not that they are forced left because Bernie makes good points. It's that they know Bernie voters are not Hillary voters. A lot of them are not even Democrats.

Bernie also kicked ass saying he won't raise taxes on the rich like the commie Eisenhower did. I like Ike. He was kinda sorta like the Ron Paul back in the day or maybe Amerikkkan politics and life is so bizarre, it will never make sense. People are fed up. Life shouldn't be this difficult, in general, for masses of people. The chickens are coming home to roost. We just can't simply fast forward ten or 20 years into the dystopian future when a Bernie type would be the clear front runner.

It's shocking how few democrats ran. They must have been chicken shit and scared of Hillary. I think Biden even admitted it was pointless to run against the coronation machine. It apparently wasn't about his son or anything personal and came down to his not having the balls to try. Same with Warren.

The problem is we don't have time to f*** around waiting for Amerikkkan politics to evolve.

Lenny Fritos said...

Evan Turnover?

Lenny Fritos said...

This is what I think is going on. You were always correct that debates are for the most part meaningless. You may have made a concession or wto about the Lincoln-Douglas debates or I think I may have tanked my own reasoning by talking up Lloyd Bentsen over Dan Quayle. Or who said where's the beef? Wasn't that Mondale to Gary Hart?

You are experiencing infoboobtonic stockholm syndrome. You feel pride in your little troll buddy finally waking the fock up and following the elections. Deep down you are happiest when people discuss the topics you enjoy.

You were Ali having to concede that Leon Spinks was a bad man. Maybe this is Bernie's problem. I think he should start leaning on the senior citizen card. Or who knows? Maybe he had a little indigestion.

Hillary got clobbered, period. This was us telling off Matty Jack (inside meta talk) but he was unable to delete it. CBS even put up the exact quote we the trolls wanted. Of course I take it much farther and completely obliterate Hillary Clinton for anyone who trudges through my posting patterns.

(see breakers, deal)

I then throw in the image of Olbermann at his most fake real angriest.

I toss in some subliminal Flutie magic.

And I cover every possible angle.

Conspiracy schtick (big picture how we are brainwashed/old-school Frankfurt schtick) not Elvis spotted in NASA secret footage.

Or Bernie wins. The anti-polling schtick was accurate.

And thus this is some 14 month adventure that can't be reduced to a where's the beef moment.

I see comments about polls. I see whatever comments I can without experiencing nausea.

They talk about landline polls that don't reflect reality. Maybe I'm wrong?

We'll know in a week or two what the new polls tell us about The View/Joy Behar crowd?

Obviously primaries are a completely different beast than the November count.

I always thought right and left who are fed up should join forces. That will explain Bernie's upcoming upsets more than any of these polls suggesting otherwise. If Hillary can't win Iowa or Bernie can't win NH, I might have to call the race over for one or the other.

If Bernie can't win NH, that means the country is not ready for an insurgent candidate to win. It could be easily done. I may be leftier than thou, but I accept Bernie's strategy of people working together to make it a better society.

Ron Paul is certainly crazy on a lot of things, but I like that he was antiwar and anti-police state.

I am not saying I am wrong, but that I don't know. I can see Bernie's path to victory. I also see that the way the media relies on weird polls and presenting this as a horse race with Hillary the shoo-in, it leaves a sour taste.

There is an arrogance to those who believe in so-called progress, civilisation, and positivism. Maybe Bernie is a little in over his head.

Lenny Fritos said...

No way however do I believe he is giving up or not going all out to win. I guess we should hope for O'Malley to be the Biden vote and eat away at Hillary votes. He needs to get a bump soon. Who wants to vote for someone with no chance?

Hmmm. Hillary or Bernie? I'll vote for O'Malley? At least Biden had some name recognition.

The smart Black vote is coming around. That's my prediction. I mean, no one ever retweets me or discusses it, but Hillary Clinton dreamed for Obama to be assassinated. That has to count for something. Her being an obviously calculating, scheming, self-centered and all this is transparent and should count for a zeitgeist sniff.

I guess I may not have debunked polls, but perhaps I a the first to say the polls are apparently meaningless and being taken out of context.

The Snowden vote? Has that vote ever been a factor in US Politics? You might have liked Chafee because I think he was one of the heroes fighting the Patriot Act. But I'd have to research to confirm. That sounds about right to me. And of course you used to praise Webb at FSZ. Yes, I listened. You liked his work on criminal justice reform I think.

But you can't go giggling about killing another man. Webb looked deranged. And Hillary cracked up in NH recently when a man spoke of wanting to strangle Fiorina. Or Hillary said something about Black dudes in hoodies. She said all lives matter. I may not be as organised as Goodman or Dixon, nor articulate, Evan Turner what?, hopefully we will get our due someday for the zeitgeist sniffing schtick.

donkeytale said...

My favourite part of the debate is when Webb looked deranged and talked about killing a man. Dude context is everything. First off, war was not necessarily a choice in those days. I will concede that only the deranged and the extremely macho volunteered for the Marines. I think with the Marines you got a shorter duty, but I could be mistaken. And it was the Marines who pulled the hand to hand combat duty.

Secondly I believe the story was harrowing, like they were reconnoitering (I have no idea what that word means but I'm using it here because I love the look and sound of it) a village and suddenly these guys jumped out at Webb's group. He was wounded, his buddies were wounded or killed. It was the ultimate existential crisis.

I would worry more about the guy if he wasn't deranged after living through that. Seriously, I like him a lot but not as a Presidit.

I just wanted to see him debate Chafee.

I am sniffing the sound of drumbeats. I mean I'm hearing the taste of the coming war. Surely, the MIC will push hard. The GOP too. They would love to keep the election about foreign policy rather than the economy.

This will change the equation.

Lenny Fritos said...

Yes, we will enter a new phase of infotainment content that doesn't matter. More neoliberal mistakes on the way.

A Bernie win would be epic. Hopefully national races will go left. I have no clue. Maybe this country is doomed because of the two party system. Bernie is the obvious choice. How can someone not see she is corrupt?

As for the other stuff you mentioned, I tweeted War Pigs. I've also upped the ante to the military gets chopped by 80%. My former platform was at 50%. I namedrop Herbert Marcuse a lot. These things have to count for something.

donkeytale said...

chopping the military isn't in the cards except maybe 1/20th of the next year's 15% increase. Nor is banning guns gonna happen.

I forgot to reference Armageddon in my instant oatmeal, didn't I? Maybe that's why you found my tale non=compelling. Actually so did I.

Once Nato comes fully loaded and cocked to the table you pretty much have the lineups set. Bernie now more than ever but here is where human nature always wins and beats us down.

We need a disinterested democratic socialist to just say nyet. But in this world we do what we want too often not what we need. Ironically, that goes for them too. They are also infotainment junkies.

The big Q for the Bern is, how will Jane and John Amerikkka respond in their hearts and minds?

To the extent we the sheeple start singing with patriotic fervor the 'Le Marseillese' like that drunken hooker in Casablanca, this turn of events may not go down so well for the Bern's chances. He needs to dwell on this subject matter pretty quickly is my belief. The quick brush off he gave it in the debate probably won't help him with the average undecided regular guy. Again, could be wong.

Listen, say what you will about those rad guys and gals all dressed up in black out there in the desert but they aren't stupid. They know how to scare the living shiite out of aging Christian, Western societies. Timing was perfect, the night before the G20.

This is just zeitgeist sniffing, I have no sources (waves to NSA lurker) but methinks they are wanting to draw us in. LOL. Not me and you. The entire Judeo Christian world of nations. They would probably want to attract the Hindus and the Buddhists too.

You know I've been of the thought that the leaders are simply playing their recruited sheeple but then the thought dawned on me that maybe this is one of those rare occasions where the leaders truly reflect the sheeple and they too are all wanting to die ASAP by holy war in order to automatically ascend to heaven.

None of our Western schtick of "today I'll sin, tomorrow I'll repent but by Saturday night look out cos here I come, and then on Sunday I'm stuck in my oatmeal again with a wicked guilty hangover that doesn't start to subside until the pregame show.

donkeytale said...

When I pop my first Sunday top.

Lenny Fritos said...

Life is a perpetual Match Game episode. Oatmeal is not a pejorative. I'm not talking traditional slop oatmeal. Instant _______ Oatmeal might not have even been a third tiered audience polling qualifier. I messed up. I should have said instant caviar for everyone, wine and cheese....

I gotta go soon for the next basketball game. I have been feasting on the Celtics. They sort of beat on Washington, Atlanta, and Oklahoma. Westbrook it turns out is some form of crybaby. He couldn't just keep it real and tip his hat to Marcus Smart.

He could be like a Billups but stronger on defense. I think he has to be best defensive player in the league. He is driving to the hoop and can dribble.

It's weird, but somehow Danny has the Celtics in the driver's seat headed towards greatness.

Lenny Fritos said...

February 1st is the Iowa Caucus. Then NH on the ninth. This is like watching molasses drip.

Lenny Fritos said...

Bernie kicked ass. You fell asleep early and missed the fireworks. It happens.

Lenny Fritos said...

It was like that Yankees Red Sox 1978 or wtf brawl. O'Malley was Mickey Rivers punching Hillary in the back, while Bernie connected with straights and jabs. Ironically, the anchor punch was thrown by Hillary by herself with the 9/11 schtick you missed.

You just saw the part where Bernie was leaning on the podium and looked like he needed to take a bad dump.

Did you see what Flutie did?

It was a great debate, just not at the beginning.

Lenny Fritos said...

Strange game tied at halftime. Houston was up 15. They are another pretender team like Oklahoma. It is GS and maybe San Antonio. The Clippers have never proven anything and they lost to the loser team Rockets.

They look awful. There are tons of empty seats. McHale should do t.v.. That job doesn't look very fun. McHale might be the Rondo of coaches. They outlasted the Peter Principle and everyone felt deflated. Though Rondo is on fire. I believe in Rondo under the right circumstances, as a backup who plays hard on both ends and team ball, which he is. Yes, he can't shoot free throws. It's weird. He actually got fairly good at the straight away 15-20 feet. Must be psychological. I was always a gifted shooter. A natural. Though I saw better than that mailed in satisfaction. Fricken. I should have watched the Patriots. They are trying to run the table to shut everyone up. They are a modern day Auerbach and Russell. Belichick is not someone to mess with.

Lenny Fritos said...

The Celtics jumped from 14 to 6 in the NBA power rankings. I like it, but who knows? They are only 5-4 and this one is a war.

Lenny Fritos said...

I don't want to jinx it. I wish halftime would end so I can't jinx it. But I get the feeling Houston will wilt during some stretch. They don't get back on defense. It is cringe-worthy. The C's like to run it for easy hoops. Dwight Howard doesn't play back to backs. He's in this one. Harden is a ball hog. Etc..

Lenny Fritos said...

Welcome to the NBA elite, Boston Celtics. Or closer. They are destroying Houston.

Lenny Fritos said...

I think they have one more at Dallas then two against Brooklyn. The Celtics have amazing defense. They also have incredible depth and can always put in fresh bodies.

Lenny Fritos said...

This is insane. It's 93-70 Boston with ten minutes left.

donkeytale said...

Bernie lost a great chance in the first five minutes. He simply blew his response on Paris and dug a deeper foreign policy deficit to claw back from. This is curious because he had to know that this was the most telling moment for many fence sitters to determine if he is real presiditzial material or simply a one hit wonder on inequality. The fact he didn't even make an honest attempt at addressing terrorism from a leadership of the unfree world perspective leads me to speculate that he isn't really in it to win it. I'm hoping against hope that I am wong but he seems stuck in place these daze and that somehow needs to change.

I missed the rest but of course as a veteran zeitgeist sniffer I nailed it anyway in my sleep.

The polls are out. The Amerikkkan sheeple decided HRC clobbered Bernie and O'Malley although that isn't what really happened it is the perception. Debates have no winners/loosers unless someone falls on their 3F.

I know, I know, the polls are wong. Heard that one many many times before. I think last was from George Karl Rove right before Obama clobbered Rmoney in 2012 and Rover melted down on Fox news air. Or maybe from you for the last week or so.

In fact, the GOP may well have just won the WH thanks to the terrists. A definite PR win for the NSA too. 538 tries downplaying the theory in their latest snatch chat but I believe the drumbeats will continue to quicken for the next year.

These ISIS dudes clearly want to create a warlike neoliberal conservative mindset in the west and will go to any length to achieve it.

Yes, my apocalyptic schtick has also been validated in the MSM today too.

donkeytale said...

To clarify the above which I see appears slightly more negative than intended, the context is "debates don't matter." The only time they matter is if something noteworthy trnspires, like Quayle buying weed from BK or Lincoln applying facials to Douglas, none of this will have a lasting impact.

On to next time!

donkeytale said...

How about Charlton Heston avatar as a fake Mexican in "Touch of Evil"?

Lenny Fritos said...

I can certainly do that for Twitter, but I don't want to change it here. I'm sticking with the Lenny Bruce theory on reincarnation.

I scooped everyone on Twitter by saying the next debate is in a month in NH.

Yes, the polls are garbage and you might want to wait a week or two.

Bernie dominated the Twitter DeRay Mckesson poll. You can't debunk my idea that a lot of Bernie votes are inaccessible to polls.

You also keep missing the point about Hillary, Wall Street, and 9/11.

She got clobbered by O'Malley and Sanders. She lost a regular guy Black woman endorsement in Ohio. Remember we kept coming up with Turner's? How short are memories?

That wasn't Cornel West who at this point I would like you to back the triple f off of my brother. He tries his best.

I showed that John Lewis is not the same guy. Hopefully, Bernie wakes up and comes up with better material.

Ye of little faith. No one fricken knows. Where's this poll you speak of? Didn't you agree 418 landline wtf people from across 50 states means squat?

And you said focus in on Iowa and NH.

I am bored by it. With that I agree with you. Talking about Rondo or watching paint dry might be more interesting.

Though, Humus Abedin was in one of the emails foi'ed by Ron's conservative buddies he works for. She said Hillary often gets confused.

Now is not the time for you to dave weasel out of the 50-50 queen's coronation gambit.

Toughen up. Grab some rebounds. Make yourself useful instead of turning the ball over and blaming everything on Mark Cuban.

Hey, in the above you debunk yourself. It doesn't matter that BK tanked Quayle same as I was a numbnut for mentioning Lloyd Bentsen. Uhm, who won? Where's the Beef is the best argument. That was huge. Hillary pissed off a lot of crusty vets including your good buddy Jim Webb.

The biggest problem for Bernie is that Hillary is made out of teflon. Wtf does a person have to say or do before folks realise she is not a good person?

Lenny Fritos said...

I am now leonardo doritos at Twitter. I hope you're happy. And I threw in Muhammad Ali to the top of this minimalist expenditure of quality energy you put forth.

I'm going through withdrawal with no Celtics. It's been a long time since they were any good. Those last couple Pierce/KG years were no fun. The funny thing is while the Celtics don't terrify anyone without superstars, Isaiah Thomas can score. Bradley is that guy one is forced to say wow he is good let him shoot.

Sullinger has this magical way of grabbing rebounds. Olynyk needs to step it up and score more. He is no longer bad on defense. Don't sleepwalk on the Celtics. It is bizarre they got bumped to #6 in the power rankings. Maybe the league wants to reward them for fielding a competitive team and not being tank losers. Philly is scaring me. The Lakers can go to hell for apparently giving them such a high pick. That is very scary. I think it is top three protected. Even if the Lakers ended up with the worst record, fate could give them the fourth and it goes to Philly the cheaters.

Maybe the rule should be you can't get a top three pick in two straight years. Teams shouldn't be allowed to tank year after year. Embiid might never play. Okafor seems to be great on offense, bad on defense and vice-versa for Noel.

Philadelphia is very desperate for transcendent players.

The lottery haunts them.

Maybe the lottery needs to be tightened to deter such habitual nonsense. They shouldn't be able to field half a team of D-Leaguers.

donkeytale said...

I can't argue with any of your points, as you may be 100% right or more likely in the 99.3% range.

Nobody's perfect.

The point I wanted to make is that recent events have cast domestic policy, racial discrimination, wealth inequality to the sideline. For how long and how strongly FP stays in the game the election could be impacted.

My guess is the Territs will keep the pressure up and force we the sheeple to overreact thus inciting our dear leaders to also overreact.

Or even elect a Donald Trump. The thought both excites and depresses. The blogging possibilities become endless that is unless The Donald orders a state of emergency and shuts off the internet.

LOL. THAT would get some people on the streets, eh Malcolm?

OK, I hereby promise to lay off the following objects of my scalding wit:


Everybody else remains fair game.

I'm not sleepwalking the Celtics. Just barely paying attention to the NBA more like it. I agree they are off to a good start and are playing excellent team ball.

Like you say if they draft or sign a transcendent player they would go straight to serious contention. Ainge has done a good job to date. The draft picks I guess will tell the story for the Celts to get rings.

I never liked Ainge but I never knew why I didn't to be honest.

He's just one of those guys nobody likes. Funny thing is I usually like the guys nobody likes. Not this time.

It's just too early yet for me for both elections and basketball. Too much drama signifying nothing. I'm staying on 50-50 until Iowa and NH then I will re-assess, although my odds factor Bernie winning NH and either winning or close second in Iowa. I guess it will depend on the quality of his performance in those two states.

I am no longer a viewer of much TV sports. Playoffs for sure but hit or miss, although other than going to one playoff game I can't recall watching much of any on MLB including the World Series.

The roid era ruined the game for me. Not so much the individuals but the overall schtick. Baseball players are mostly supposed to be skinny guys with moustaches.

Today you have second baseman routinely going for 25 homer seasons.

I guess.

Leonardo Doritos. Nice

donkeytale said...

Woke this fine morning wondering what became of Dennis Kucinich the former Senator from Ohio.

So I went immediately to the wikipod and too many huge relief discovered he is not dead.

Also, never a Senator but a congressman for like three terms who was succeeded in office by.....

donkeytale said...

.........Mike Turner

And now you know the rest of the story.

Stand by for nudes!

Lenny Fritos said...

It seems you are saying that for all the alleged greatness of Kucinich, a Republican ended up with the seat anyway.

People are fed up on both sides of the political aisle. That's why I recently extended a hand to the PaulBots and invited them into the Bernie tent.

I have much thicker skin than years ago or possibly even a week or two ago when I was jonesing for some devil's lettuce.

I also realise I tend to flip the blogging debate process upside down and into non sequitur directions. I also have a tendency to forget to mention a word or phrase or even an idea that were meant to be part and parcel of some comments. I understand the confusion towards socratisation. People are demanding better infotainment these days. It is a fine line between greatness and stfu.

Lenny Fritos said...

Bernie agrees with you and that's why he said no way fuckfaces, we will not be zeroing in on foreign policy exclusively. You can't expect me to sheep herd for Wall Street. He probably didn't use those exact words.

Bernie runs the risk I did by going BK, Larissa, repeat, rinse, flush. I ended up being mocked for the mailbox gotcha. I was still ultimately correct and Alexandrovna did seem to drop out of sight soon thereafter, BradBlog went down the tubes for ratings, and the Breitbart Cult did co-opt my schtick. Isn't it ironic that the right wing nutjobs have a leftier than thou as their founding BK George Washington founder? Didn't Glenn Beck ask who is that liberal fella and can we get him on the show?

My point is Hillary has already been exposed as co-opting every decent Bernie idea. She doesn't even co-opt them effectively, say with okay we will have studies on medicinal marijuana or lay off of Glass-Steagall if you want more thanks, Bernie!

Bernie can still go with an occasional look, I disagree, and enough is enough with the billionaire class. But he can't sound robotic. He can't simply repeat himself.

He should really spell out more his vision of a first 100 days and describe the kind of people who will be in his cabinet, to alleviate any fears left that he is not a successful politician but is rather a Howard Beale. He got the world's attention. He got us to go to our windows and blog about being fed up and not taking it anymore.

You have convinced me that we must wait and see how Iowa and NH will vote and then take it from there.

There will be the debate next month, but otherwise maybe folks should kick back and follow basketball.

Lenny Fritos said...

Bernie is absolutely crushing it in this interview with Crazy Legs Couric. I am about halfway through and he sounds very good discussing foreign policy.

Bernie is pretty good at clarifying his schtick when it needs to be. He is an old-school politician who listens. He proved that with his evolving on Black Lives Matter. He is also good in that he doesn't simply wilt like me or the Houston Rockets and concede he was wrong. He had one minute for his opening statement. His idea is that of course the Paris attacks are major news, but that he isn't going to shut up about the loss of the Amerikkkan Dream for the middle class.

He is also saying that everyone deserves to be middle class. That's why he stands firm with the minimum wage schtick. It's why he says Wall Street growth is meaningless. Obama looks good to anyone into stocks and to people like you and me for the current low gas prices. We forget that maybe it isn't easy to get a job. Maybe we shouldn't live in it's a jungle kind of world and not everyone can make it.

Hillary is from hopefully a dying era in which decisions are made on the basis that not all can be happy. One can see it with her record on criminal justice matters.

She can evolve all she wants to. Bernie is saying he was right about Iraq. And that not only was he correct, and Hillary snot, he led the group which said deep breaths everyone and no blank checks should be given to destabilise Iraq and the whole region.

The only thing propping up Hillary is the feeling that she is inevitable with Bernie having no chance or not many ping pong balls, perhaps only 10%. That may be the current Vegas odds.

Hillary f'ed up big time. People who would tend to vote for her over Bernie are now lost votes based on her 9/11 Wall Street schtick.

That's all I'm saying about that debate. I agree most of the time they are meaningless. I agree Bernie needs to rest and eat better or wtf before hitting the prime time (weekend) debate show.

I agree he tends to sound robotic and that eats into the authenticity schtick.

He called Hillary's statements absurd and silly. Bernie could get the Jim Webb/Chafee vote. I think he already has O'Malley's vote, but Marty wants to give it a go in Iowa before calling it quits. I think he realises he has no chance in NH. And I'm sticking to a Bernie win in NH because many months ago the Hillary people were planning to hit the brakes on that state. She got a bump from The View polls and changed back on that one. But my point is MoM has no chance in NH which is sandwiched between Vermont and Massawhojits.

Lenny Fritos said...

Your personal malaise with the electoral process is clouding your analysis. Nothing personal. You need to update your info is all. Bernie is all over Hillary calling her the establishment candidate. He got pissed off with the "Thanks, Bernie" narrative from debate one.

I am busy too. I am bored with it also.

I guess the Dallas game is tonight in Boston. It could be a good, close game. Dallas is shutting up some critics who were ready to put a fork in them. And the Celtics are currently a team no one wants to face.

Yes, I think you simply missed that Bernie switched gears.

Lenny Fritos said...

H.A. Goodman knows my zeitgeist sniffing technique poses the greatest threat to his destiny as being most prescient. So what does he do? He steals my schtick. Wow.

"Voting Only For Bernie Sanders and Not Hillary Clinton Will Teach the DNC a Lesson"

Who keeps repeating that Scott Brown was the ultimate protest vote. No one with a pulse actually wanted Scott Brown to be Senator. They didn't want another DINO. And if you look at how them apples turned out, we got ourselves an A-1 primo sweetie in Elizabeth Warren.

I told everyone I was driving the bus, but no one believed me.

Lenny Fritos said...

Goodman has clearly jumped the shark. I couldn't get through that. It was quite boring.

Lenny Fritos said...

You are right about the drumbeats. They keep showing an old video allegedly from Isis with shots of Times Square. And of course the news never gives any details about it to prove its veracity. The Bin Laden raid story is another potential elephant in the room. I am not sure if you ever donkratised what Seymour Hersh came up with.

It seems to be common opinion consensus that Woodward was a plant or turned into one and Bernstein was the true rock star journo.

I think Couric is okay for a fake media person. She at least allowed Bernie to feel comfortable and say whatever he wanted to. She also had good follow up questions, forms of softballs to clarify.

They had a good interview another time.

Maddow needs to slow the f down and speak slow like Crazy Legs. That's a nickname for one of the Bennett actresses in Scarlet Street. Dan Duryea was the movie troll. He called her Crazy Legs.

I'm done. Everything must now zoom in on the Celtics and nothing else. Or I'd go nuts always with the world on my shoulders. If that makes me a sellout fake, it happens.

donkeytale said...

"My play was a complete success. The audience was a failure."

Oscar Wilde

Lenny Fritos said...

The new poll has Bernie down only 16 points.The previous poll had him down, what, 25-30 points?

So something fishy is going on.

You can't tell me the who, what, why's of these polls and neither does anyone else except for random, rare buried NYT's and other news articles claiming polls cost too much and aren't accurate anymore. But I'm the kook! That's the narrative!

I had a bit of success astroturfing Hillary wanting Obama assassinated similar to RFK.

The new poll makes it seem yes, debates do a little thingie called a bump. So you were wrong to fall asleep. And I have certainly been vindicated that Hillary sounded like a monster. It's hard to take your analysis very seriously when it is virtually non-existent? Everything you wrote about the debate was meaningless and mailed in. Same with your zeitgeist sniffing versus statistics lingo. You try to sound smart without actually saing much and usually with nothing to do with anything tangential. It's like you are related to Nate Silver and work for him.

This is why sometimes I end up hoping you'll just leave the blog. You have been fairly useless in figuring out what the polls are and what they truly represent. The only thing I can grok is that you like Nate Silver and Ezra Klein. You're such a radical!

Lenny Fritos said...

I don't give a shit about Ezra Klein or Nate Silver. That's the difference between you and me when it comes to critiquing the medium. I don't pick and choose what I think is infotainment then push it as being anything different than part and parcel of oppression.

"Blah, blah, blah, no one is going to reduce the military."

Yeah, not if people like you accept it.

You seem to be to the right of Eisenhower on a number of issues.

Lenny Fritos said...

"Wall St. Ties Linger as Image Issue for Hillary Clinton"

donkeytale said...

LOL, wut?

The polls are wrong as you have argued or they're right when you perceive favourable to Bernie trend?

I say polls don't matter this far out, especially national polls.

I was out for much of the week and left off where you stated that I was correct the election is drip drip drip of molasses and time to focus on the Wut happened with that correct in my view stance? I took you at your word there.

I'm dunne

Lenny Fritos said...

I was talking blather. I was off my game. I was grouchy and hopefully will be forgiven.

The bump was within the polling which is being pushed as more than it is.

Zeitgeist poll sniffing is taking it to the next level.

Within that group of cranky dumbasses who are somehow in a house with a landline phone, they bumped for Bernie after they had bumped for Hillary over "Thanks, Bernie" and Benghazi.

I call this The View demographic.

Dirk looked good. The refs bailed out Dallas, but they only let them survive. The Mavs closed the deal very professionally.

So are the Patriots going to run the table or did I just jinx them?

I feel done as a blogger. I am very busy too for the next couple weeks. Maybe I'll feel inspired then to write a real entry.

donkeytale said...

No worries. We're all entitled. This is like Vegas. What yu say here stays clear of fear.

I see the trend developing more towards Trump unfortunately just as I predicted with the post-Paris fear mongering. I may have to mail in an entry about that although it will depend on meaningless polls so I'm still thinking about it.

Dallas is looking pretty good of late. I think they won like 6 in a row including 3 on the road. Ainge probably wont get more than a mid late first rounder out of Cuban's blundering it appears.

Dallas doesn't use the draft anyway.

donkeytale said...

HRC is talking boots on the ground and Bernie is basically in agreement with Obama on FP no ground troops and let the damn refugees in but john and Jane Whiteysphere are leaning far right on this one. Trump wins the battle with his xenophobic race baiting.

A black live matter protester was beaten at a Trump rally. Need some reinforcements there. I predict ongoing ongoing ugliness. This could become a very interesting race before it is over but in the most worst of ways. Il Duce style.

Lenny Fritos said...

I saw that and it all went on while Trump blathered. That has to be cringe-worthy and embarrassing to any American with a soul.

I tweeted the above comment along with the link to your new entry.

This could help Hillary in the general if she makes it that far. She'd get votes from fools like us holding our nose for Il Douchobag over Il DickoFace.

donkeytale said...

I changed threads. You made a great series of comments there. I don't know where to begin. I think you overrate MSOC. At the end of the day she was an empty narcissist who frittered away a potentially great milieu because she had too much ego.

MAMZ, for all his faults never was overbearing. In fact he was minimalist. Besides, he frontpaged me, something MSOC was too self absorbed to allow even when I did some brilliant work there. Francis Hollan should have been automatic. Stu Piddy. Instead we got the same ole same ols every day.

Garland's issue was she hit the very top at 17 or wtf. Nowhere to go from there. And she wasn't actually the greatest singer, although she was very good.

But yes, in 1939 she was definitely Amerikkka's sweetheart for eternity.

And listen, there are worse ways to pass the end of our days than with some valium and a bag of weed. If I could control myself I'd be there already.

Alas, I'm another Judy. A frickin drunken mess with emotional issues that sooner or later torpedo me ever single time.

Enten had an article today that was a schtick steal from my Terrorism Inc being good for the GOP. So Zeitgeist theory tops Stat Guru by two and a half weeks in the prescience categoary....

Lenny Fritos said...

That makes sense. Blogger isn't too user friendly to read someone else's comments while responding. That must be why you opened up this new dimension.

I wouldn't shut up.

Speaking of jinxes and things going too well to be true, you forgot to mention when JJ's sister's fiancee got tripped up by JJ ruining his knee and future guaranteed NFL payday.

They were finally gonna get out of that housing project in the Chicago inner city.

I think it was ultimately Bookman's fault. There was too much negativity in that building.

It's not like JJ did it on purpose.

I just did a fact check. J.J.'s sister was Thelma and she got married to Keith. At the wedding, Keith tripped over JJ's legs and bye bye NFL career and geez, they had only just emotionally gotten over the pain of losing beloved sitcom dad James Evans, who used to be a meteorologist with television news director Mary Moore and renowned paper man Louis Grant.

Here's some linkage. You can probably get to the game from here. I see this GS/Boston isn't national. The one yesterday against Chicago was.

You click basketball at the top. It seems safe enough, but you might want to wear an internet condom. Ad/pop up blocker etc..

I'm not surprised Enten is trying to regroup and reestablish his fake gravitas.

Yes, it is always a joke to watch losers find something way after the fact and then act like they are prescient. Not DeRay, but the guy who might be white similar to Dolezal, somehow now he is writing for a New York tabloid. I saw him do that covering the G.I. Joe story way too late.

Being prescient is like getting to the movie theatre early enough to pick your seats. Being prescient is not being fashionably late.

I was prescient on the Yale professor. I found out about that one way before most asshats. I did that here with the lady teacher who fired the teacher for teaching about BlackFace. Someone who should be known as FuckFace fired a man for covering blackface.

It was ridiculous.

We both are in agreement that the internet sucks. It is precisely because few think for themselves and are being herded. HERDED. Yes, I stole your herd schtick word.

It is very rare to get a scoop. Like you said or lifted from God, there's nothing new under the sun.

They say the world is smaller, but it feels like the opposite on the internet. Instead of people going to wherever they must to find not very well known stories, they drool and get fat over aggregated news services such as Yahoo or Huffington. God forbid someone could come up with an original idea or a new path, a new way to look at stuff.

Judy Garland never had a chance. People weren't too sophisticated back then and that was exacerbated by the Hays Code. People aren't too sophisticated nowadays either. That's what truly sucks. People are selfish and idiotic.


Lenny Fritos said...

I can't believe how easy it is to expose millions of people as being dickheads.

But it gets stale.

The only good thing about "social media" is if one likes to vent. We both know that is all this is. Yes, it could've been more. People like maryscott were overrated and not the right people to put into milieu power.

Think about how as bad as MLW was, we ended up in a worse boat under total losers named Jack's Smirking Revenge and Laura. And there was that Lauren S. who in real life was probably a Rauhauser sock.

We all loved it. We loved the ability to say, no, you stfu.

There's a great line in the movie RepoMan. This old woman is upset garbage barrels got knocked over.

"You made the mess. You pick it up."

No one wants to work at anything to fix the messes. They'd rather click on Google News or CNN and be told what and how to think.

This Bernie thingie should heat up soon. If fake polls are accurate, Bernie has NH and Hillary has Iowa. And South Carolina fucking hates Bernie.

It's gonna suck the big one if Hillary wins. She recently said nuking Iran is an option. Then SC Judge Breyer went pssst Hillary, you don't mean that.

Huma said Hillary often gets confused.

I know Bernie isn't perfect, but compared to every other candidate he is Jesus, Buddha, Judy Garland on top of her game, and Stephen Curry all rolled into one.

The only thing holding us back is some kind of weird brainwashing technique in which we are told Bernie has no chance. People see wtf is going on. Maybe that is how Bernie will pull off the miracle. The more he gets dismissed as kooky uncle in the attic and that Hillary is the only chance, the more I believe Hillary is ripe for getting her ass chewed out in actual voting situations.

I am ready to forget about South Carolina. Do you know about that state? They are fricken ignorant and corrupt. And polls have never been so not believed. Thankfully I got in early on wondering about polls. That could be the next big story if Bernie takes off. It will evolve from the polls failed us to polls have become obsolete. And of course months, years after the fact of our being prescient, someone will lift our ideas and even receive a paycheck for doing so.

donkeytale said...

I'll be completely honest here. it was those Ruby slippers wrapped around those ankle socks that did me in. I couldn't been more than 6. Young Judy had a set a gams on her, I tells ya.

So did me mummy. It was weirdly jumbled in a gooey sorta way.

Lets just say when I read Freud at a later date I went aha! That man was truly prescient, the exception to the "nothing new under the sun" cliché.

Freud was right. No one will ever convince me otherwise. I lived it and I am willingly not in denial.

Yes, I am a sick puppy. We all are. That's Freud's point. And also why people go to such absurd lengths to try to minimize his incomparable achievement of "figuring it all out." Too admit Freud nailed it is to condemn yourself to being a pervert. And the fact is, we are perverts.

There was Buddha and there was Freud.

Understand those two and you have understood the meaning of life.

But it takes courage. Unless you're an anonymous coward.

And maybe that is all social media is really worth.

I've been to S. Carolina once for a winter weekend at the beach with a girlfriend. Mostly, I studied the inside of her vagina for a few days.

We got out and explored some of the coast and Charleston. I liked the land. That's pretty much my take of the entire country.

No, actually the people are cool enough. Personally, in the flesh. Online not so much. I remember some interesting accents and cultures along the coast.

I'm sure it becomes grimmer as you venture inland into "Deliverance" territory.

donkeytale said...

I remember reading that Garland was not exactly the sharpest tool in the Hollywood universe, but she was definitely in with the in crowd via her marriage to great directors Vincent Minnelli and Sid Luft.

No, I guess Luft wasn't a director. According to the wikipod he was an "impresario."

This is another word for "Bullshit Artiste" or "ne'er do well."

My dad was a gardening and handyman impresario. We are blogging impresarios.

anyway, the wiki has an unintentionally funny opening paragraph about him:

Sidney Luft (November 2, 1915 – September 15, 2005) was an American show business figure, the third husband of American actress and singer Judy Garland and the second husband of American actress Lynn Bari. He was known primarily as Sid Luft."

I recall that he hung out in the hipper than thou Bogart milieu which did nothing except make movies by day and drink their faces off by night. Plus smole a lot of cigarettes. Glamourous stuff. Supposedly, Bogey held Garland in great disdain because she was sorta of a boring drunk, of wtf.

At least I think that was the case. I could be wong. Since all of them are dead I doubt I will be sued for libel. If Liza with a Z wants to bring it on, here I am baby, come and get me.

LOL. What was up with her? She turned out to be arguably a bigger mess than Judy. Yet she had nice legs too. I saw her singing live once back in the 80s. Pretty good infotainment value if you enjoy that big band/show tunes song and dance schtick.

Marvin Hamlish was her opening act as well as her bandleader/pianist. He wrote some memorable tunes in his day that I can't remember, but as an act he warn't too good. Obviously, not bad on the pianie but couldn't sing a lick and his stage patter was also nothing to write home about.

donkeytale said...

Ok, so the Mexican next door who supplied the weaponry flunked the Tin Foil Theory test.

He actually grew up next door to Muhammed Ali Clyde Barrow. They went to elementary school together. They weren't living next door to each other currently but were still buddies.

They were lifelong childhood friends. So, unless the FBI Hal Turnered him into setting up Clyde Ali (which of course is now required by Tin Foil Theory to keep the theory alive wrt the "Mexican Next Door" story) it still appears that these "terridts" were inspired but not actually connected to ISIS, unless the NSA can unencrypted some doctored online evidence from the dark net.

The Mexican did turn into a Muslim himself along the way, so there is that.

Muslim is the new black.

I should call the Trump campaign and give them a new talking point.

Any Mexican Muslims he can find need to be given the boot back across the border. Stat. Even if they are Amerikkkan Mexicans.

donkeytale said...

Maybe I'm underselling Hamlisch's grateness. After all, he won he coveted EGOT


Actually, you can throw in the Pulitzer and the Golden Globe.

So let's say he won the EPGGGOT and call it a day. Also dead.

Lenny Fritos said...

Okay, I have a question, Dr. donkeytale.

How come God put the female orgasm thingies in a place where intercourse is unlikely to get it done (for her)?

Freud was a clever triple F, but I still think it's easy to tear down a lot of his conclusions. Sublimation? F off.

It could be Freud's fault we are so messed up. You're telling me it was healthy to have married people sleeping in twin beds? Would it have hurt to see a little Ricky Ricardo/Lucille in action? I don't mean porn or soft porn. I mean the proof is in the youtube pudding.

Keep it real?

The most repressed woman I ever saw was Barbara Bush. That hairstyle and right wing old-school woman schtick was scary. Though Nancy Reagan for the same right wing angle had the Judy Garland gams you mention. Ann Coulter. I'm not seeing an adam's apple and I am not afraid of her schtick. Though I never see it. I saw it a couple months ago when she said something that helped Bernie.

I watched the bio movie done by Lorna. It was good to see Judy Garland was a nice person who loved her kids. I don't know what was up with Minneli versus Luft, but yeah, apparently one daughter turned out healthy and the other 100% fruitcake.

You can click on that one. It says it all in autobiographical, art mirroring reality fashion.

Lenny Fritos said...

Judy Garland was the original screwed up by Hollywood child star. Most of them seemed to do okay until Buffy from Family Affair. And Uncle Bill also knocked himself off. And I think Uncle Bill's dad was married to the chick who jumped off the Hollywood sign. There was some connection there. And don't forget about Elvis. He wasn't a child star or I have no clue how old he was when he became famous. I do know the brain doesn't stop growing until 21-22.

I like Judy in the early 60's when she became a Frank Sinatra type. Tom Jones? I always found all that Vegas/Hollywood stuff a bit amusing. Bill Murray went to the top of the zeitgeist when he mocked them with the Star Wars lounge singing schtick. But I digress. Maybe you know about these random pop culture drops or don't.

Maybe I am some hybrid of Chauncey Gardiner and The Truman Show with a bit of Joe Dirt for comedic relief.

Lenny Fritos said...

Okay, I've one more response because I have the other thread to mail in some stuff to.

I don't know Hamlisch. It's a famous name, no debate there. I do recall Edith Bunker had a deep affinity for the work of Henry Mancini. Myself, I was more of an aficionado for Edith Head's costume work. Haha, I jest with old school movie fetish digressions.

The Hal Turner connection is with Facebook or whatever the ptb's are claiming for an ISIS connection.

Yes, this was Bonnie and Clyde on steroids. It was no different than Timothy McVeigh or other cases of mass murder.

There will always be random nuts who tarnish the name of others. Those people had nothing to do with ISIS. They had more to do with Bonny and Clyde, as mentioned previously. Or Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake. What about my prime, Mick?

Okay, I'll concede that the Latino guy became Muslim. I'll take your word for it. It still has no bearing on anything. I saw that Jeb Bush is using this as an example to ramp up civil liberty violations on Americans through the Military-Industrial Complex and police state.

Things are pretty bad. If this isn't Bernie or bust time, then nothing makes sense.

I'm probably more nervous than Bernie.

donkeytale said...

Marvin was responsible for a little number "The Way We Were" which was emoted with great style by La Streisand. It was from a huge chick flick in the 70s of the same name also starring goyish Prince Charming Robert Redford. Hamlisch was also responsible for the hit Broadway musical "A Chorus Line" which I believe is like the longest running Broadway musical in infotainment herstory. He probably earned a few sheckles along with the accolades.

He probably also had some other schtick that exceeds our blog fame by a notch or two.

As for the female orgasm, the good news (for her anyway) is that you care about it all. This puts you well ahead of 98% of most guys. OTOH, some chicks can only get off with guys who disdain them so the point is, when it comes to female sexuality one can never be too sure about anything.

I would advise experimentation. If she gets off in a different manner that may be all there is, and there is nothing wrong with that.

I had a GF once it took literally 45-60 minutes, some times longer.

I looked at it as aerobic exercise and I was just greatful that in my 40s I could hold it up that long. In my 20s I was more like 45-60 seconds. She was obviously very appreciative and reciprocation is what it's all about.

So, the main thing is if you dig each other's company. Sex is a weird deal. It is not all in the mind. Sometimes the one you get along with best is not necessarily the best sex partner.

I guess if we had it all figured out what would be the point? I've been married 3 times and had numerous other types of relationships over a long career as a horndog.

I'm no Wilt the Stilt, but I been around the world a few times, if you know what I mean.

At the end of the day, it is all vanity and a striving after the wind but I still look at people that have been married once, monogamous all their lives, apparently happy (who knows for sure?) and I can't say I would exchange places with them even after all the sinful heartache and abuse I caused and my various partners caused me.

donkeytale said...

Of course, I am assuming this was about you.

Apologies if you were asking for a friend...

donkeytale said...

Er, I mean, I guess it is all in the mind, but beneath a layer of consciousness, to be exact.

Score another one for Siggie.

donkeytale said...

I don't know if you ever caught the Warren Beatty flick "Reds"?

It is one of those sweeping Hollywood herstorical epics that gets undercut by having too many Hollywood stars playing real herstorical figures and it was too long by about an hour. I may have fallen asleep in the theatre before Lenin even returned triumphantly from Switzerland, or wtf.

But anyway, Beatty spliced some interview commentary into the narrative from people who were alive at the time that I found way more interesting than the movie itself.

One old guy who talked with a matter fact Brooklyn accent was none other than the grate Henry Miller of Tropic of Cancer fame. This was right before he died in his 90s. I recall one of his comments: "There was as much fucking going on then as there is now, only we had our hearts in it."

That line cracked me up but like much of Miller's best schtick it had the authentic ring of street truth that I strive for with my own schtick.

Not saying necessarily that people were more sincere back then but the thought occurs that what he stated is what great sex is all about (at least most of the time in my experience) in the final analysis.

Two people getting together who have their hearts into it for themselves and each other.

When you discover the right level of intensity, the right movement, the right motion and you go slow and relaxed is when it is best, building into something awesome that is shared, heartfelt and physically an emotionally satisfying.

Finding that place which works for both is usually a matter of trial and error, sort of like partner dancing.

Practice makes perfect.

I'm done.

Lenny Fritos said...

Whoa, Nellie... wait a second... Oh. My. God.

Yeah, I mean if you were 24 and I was 18, this would make a lot of sense, the cool older brother Charlie looking out for Joe "new to sex" Palookaville.

I was saying it matter of fact. As in, I was the greatness defining a fundamental problem between Mars and Venus.

And you as the astute supertroll extrapolated on that.

It takes two to tango?

It was a simple question. Your buddy buddha God seems to have messed up a bit in the grand designing phase. Maybe God wasn't all he or she was cracked up to be. Or maybe God was a crackhead during a short period due to the time crunch of putting everything together in seven days. And if my memory is correct, didn't he take a day off? Maybe he fucked it up in that one day of sleeping off his or her responsibilities?

If we cannot question God, then nothing makes sense.

Elliott Roddgggers was a confused horndog. He also had some other issues.

It is kind of funny. You took what I said in a whole other direction than I thought you would. But you did it out of place of compassion.

I think the problem is the medium.

Maybe we should focus in on sexuality like a Masters and Johnson, Dr. Ruth, hmmm, who else? Gabe Kotter probably knew what he was doing in the sack. I would say dudes like the Vinnie Barbarino had no clue and were relying strictly off of their pretty boy schticks.

Isn't it ironic in a fake sexed up society like ourselves most people have no clue?

Yes, though, you have articulated the most important point for confused blokes. Figure out what makes the lady you care about get her moment in the Freud primal sense.

Guys need to realise that women too are horndogs. Or maybe they are called corndogs. (see Mars, Venus versus)

No, I think I figured out everything in this world, including the female body.

Oh, I saw a month or two ago that men and women have the same brains. They just have different equipment, so to speak.

Everything (er, uhm, mostly) is based on socialisation, i.e. big picture mind games.

I do imagine you are correct that sexuality is possibly underrated for explaining social angst/issues.

I just woke up in a puddle. No, not that. Take your mind out of the gutter, my friend! It was a pool of saliva. I tend to sleep Three Stooges style and truly enjoy it. The only thing better than food and making love is sleep. Place a bet on that.

Lenny Fritos said...

I have no excuses for not being more aware of Hamlish's fake gravitas platform.

Memories is the prime example of a song that sucked but somehow became #1 based on a dumbass audience willing to eat anything. We are all Mikey from the commercial. Mikey will eat it. He'll eat anything? Maybe Mikey does pretty good with the chicks? Whatever happened to Mikey, anyway? Is he now as an adult sick and tired of being called Mikey? It's Mike, goddamit! Or Michael! Show me some respect. It was one commercial I did as a kid. For crying out loud?

Lenny Fritos said...

As I tweeted last night, the Celtics were the better team and deserved the win last night. It was a home game in the middle of a long season, so that's not saying much.

And if GS has both of their guards, they are pretty much unbeatable. When one only has to deal with Curry, he becomes much easier to troll. That dude got very discombulated towards the end of the game. He stepped out of bounds three times. Those were unforced errors by Mr. MVP.

The Celtics also lost because Brad Stevens messed up twice not calling timeouts with chances to win the game. He too is developing as are the young players.

And don't forget the refs. Sure, every homer always complains about the refs as being unfair to their team when it just might be that reffing hoops is the equivalent of taking a poll. Good luck?

The conspiracy theorist might imagine that the league wants GS to remain undefeated as long as possible or for as long as it takes to get in some more national games with them as undefeated.

Last night was available to only two cities and to anyone who buys the NBA league pass or if they go to unauthorised streaming sites.

Lenny Fritos said...

I was prescient about Avery Bradley. If one didn't know who was Curry and who was Bradley, they might think Bradley is the one at the top of the NBA zeitgeist mountain.

Isaiah Thomas blows my mind. He is not inept at shooting jumpers. He is very streaky, however, and that probably makes him a backup microwave off the bench if one were to bet on his ceiling.

Last night reminded me of all the times the C's beat down and embarrassed LeBron. Teams with one superstar do not beat good teams. You can place a bet on that too.

It takes a balance. You need a couple guys you can count on. They don't have to be immortal, but they need to be very good.

This is why Houston is falling apart. Harden might be the one to draft for fantasy hoops, but I wouldn't go near him for building a championship team.

DeMarcus Cousins is another player I do not have confidence in. Guys like Magic and Bird dominated the league because in addition to their greatness, they were total team regular guys. Tom Brady is another classic example. For a guy with movie star looks and a supermodel wife, he knows where his bread is buttered, and it's by his buddies who share the locker room.

donkeytale said...

You were prescient. The C's shoulda coulda woulda.

I believe you also interpolated some sports'-related tin foil theory on Twitter regarding the refs? Mark Cuban would be proud of you.

Yes, an otherwise meaningless December 6th consecutive road game in a brutal stretch of 7 for the Warriors missing two starters and they become the second winningnest streak in NBA herstory, only 5 away from matching the legendary Lakers of Wilt, West and Baylor.

Also, a win tonight will make them the first team ever to go 7-0 on a road trip.

All these grate accomplishments of course mean nothing until they cap it off with a 2nd consecutive title.

I didnt want to say anything earlier but in my research this week of Celtics players it is readily apparent that Thomas is a herstorically poor percentage shooter from both 2 and 3 having his worst year yet. Bfore last night something like .419 from 2 and .321 from 3.

Curry had a terrible night by his standards but looky here: he still went 6-13 beyond the arc and 14-14 from the line. Meanwhile Boston goes .57 from the charity stripe.


donkeytale said...

FWIW, I tried playing the Way We Were youtube and couldnnt get through it. I posted a littel sixties folkie protest schtick instead.

hard to believe but that song was top of the charts in its day. Yes it wasnt good musically but think of how different the mass media zeitgeist was in the 60s compared to supposedly freer social media button down 20 teens.

donkeytale said...

I knew you were making a rhetorical point which is exactly why I ran with the Fake Dr. Ruth schtick....and yes I didnt mean "you" I was dispensing wisdom for the possibly sexually confused post-millennial generation in our readership as a pubic service.

I loves me sum sex advice columns and this was a cue to provide a parodistic tribute which was masterfully done, even if I say so myself.

Your mas murder stats comments earlier in the week have seemingly spurred a brief resurrection of my commentary greatness. Which I'm sure will be shortlived but much needed to reconnect a battered humanity to its higher self.

Or wtf.

donkeytale said...

The last thing I wanted to whine about is why wasn't last night's game nationally televised?

In fact, until they loose why isn't every GS game nationally televised? They are drawing huge crowds eveb for their warm-ups. Hundreds last night per the internets reports.

Especially knowing it looked like a close game with Boston having an excellent chance to win I tried tuning in on one of those illegal streaming thingies but TOO SLOW to follow so I shut it off.

Now, admitting that I'll probably get busted also. This world sucks. LOL. Just kidding.

Tonight is a true trap game for GS.But it is one they should win by 40 if Thompson plays and maybe by 20 if not.

donkeytale said...

Course, now that I think about it even if nationally televisedI would need to go somewhere to watch it since weekday NBBA games are only available on cable channels I don't subscribe too. But c'mon man. I woulda gone to a sports bar last night for that one.

Woulda coulda shoulda.

That will be my epitaph.

donkeytale said...

This concludes todaze stat padding.

Lenny Fritos said...

Yes, I think I predicted GS by five or ten and it was a five point win.

It is very difficult to find a trap game for for GS. The Celtics could have been the one, but they have been getting hyped to the yin-yang this month.

Milwaukee simply sucks as a team. The only advantage they have over truly bad teams is that they are not too bad and are actually trying to win games. Brooklyn almost did it. But they have no draft pick and frustrated vets.

A true trap game would probably be say Miami if they are missing Wade or something. Perhaps Orlando. I have no idea what GS's schedule looks like.

I suppose as a Boston fan I should be rooting for GS to break the Laker record for most consecutive wins. I see that Boston is now within 35 wins of tying LA for most wins all-time.

Like you say, the only thing that matters is who wins the last game.

As in titles.

It is a long season and GS is one Curry nagging hamstring pull or wtf away at the end of the year to piss away their mini-dynasty aspirations.

The C's probably at a minimum put a dent into GS's reign of terror.

Other teams can now see what the C's did to make it an extremely close game.

Hmmm, now that I think about it, not only did I predict a 5-10 pt. GS win, I also called it a pick 'em. Two overtimes with the C's having two chances to outright win means I called it exactly.

Yes, I have noticed that Isaiah Thomas for all his greatness is not that good at shooting.

He needs more practice.

He also needs Danny to find him a stud or two like Bradley who can knock them down to take the pressure off.

Isaiah is the sort who gets to the free throw line a lot. So that's his defense for not shooting as good as one would like. Field goal percentage doesn't mean as much if someone is piling it up with free throws.

And you are correct Curry didn't have as bad a game as it seems. Though he did make those turnovers and the C's did often attack him at the other end whenever there was a mismatch.

He chucked up some air balls. He looked pretty bad at the end of the game playing hero ball.

The Celtics basically put the fear of God into GS.

A Seattle baseball team went nuts during the regular season one year then came up with zilch in the playoffs.

GS may be getting over-hyped.

It's not like Cleveland was at full strength in the Finals. Also, other than San Antonio, which team in the NBA has a realistic chance of winning it all? Oklahoma perhaps.

The Clippers are a nice schadenfreude outlet for those of us who never thought Doc Rivers was a bag of chips or that he was stale, mail it in chips with moldy salsa.

The C's are definitely now in the hunt. Maybe they make a move and jump into the top tier. Maybe they have to wait a couple more years for draft picks to kick in.

Lenny Fritos said...

That winning seven straight on the road being equivalent to a baseball team coming back from 0-3, that sort of challenge, well, I'd need to know how often teams have been on seven game road trips.

What about the Bulls team which went 72-10 or the Lakers winning 33 in a row.

It sounds like made up gravitas if GS beats up on the mediocre or actually a pitiful team in Milwaukee.

Lenny Fritos said...

The free throw disparity says it all. They were calling Mickey Mouse and even phantom fouls on the Celtics all night. The refs were either manipulated in a subconscious manner or the league asked the refs to make sure GS had the edge.... and of course they don't want the FBI on their arses or have to pay the FBI too much to keep them off their arses for cheating.

I still see no explanation for what happened with Lakers-Kings in 2002.

Talk about a ripoff. The Kings were robbed and the NBA looked not much different than fake wrestling.

There should be zero star and rookie calls. If the problem is psychological, then send the refs to shrinks. If it's rigged, then only teams with a chance should give a rat's arse about the NBA.

donkeytale said...

One other stat says it all and that is rebounds. GS 67 (17 offensive) Boston 51 (11).

Curry the point guard had 11. And Green had a monster game, one of only like 6 players in the last 30 years to have a 5x5 game. He is becoming a transcendent player too. A power forward with several triple doubles this year.

When and if Boston gets at least one of this calibre of guy on their roster they will start winning these types of games and become part of the contending conversation. It doesn't appear that any of the current players have that potential and I was surprised to see that many of their guys have been in the 4-5 years already so in their primes. I thought they were all 1-3 year guys recently drafted.

Yes, they are playing well as a team but honestly I don't see them quite there yet at the same level as SA, Cleveland and GS. But definitely their star is pointing up you and 538 were prescient there. 7-5 at home isn't too good, but that could be more from tough schedule? Either way the truly contending teams always dominate at home during the regular season. Period.

I'm not sure if OKC belongs either although they definitely have some transcendent studs, chemistry might be the problem. Same with the Clippers. And supposedly Durant is gone after this year to Washington which could further change the Eastern Conference.

What indicates transcendence to me beyond Curry and Green is more style and more hustle on GS part, which along with O boards means more free throws. This is akin to the Wooden formula of total team transcendence. GS gets to the line a lot in all their games because they outquick and outhustle with superior ball movement and that adds up to more calls in their favour, but I don't disagree the NBA has to be the toughest game to call of any sport, although football has gotten more difficult too. And I didn't see the game last night so can't comment on the officials. I just know winners seldom complain about officiating.

Tin foil Theory must always be considered possible as there have been crooked officials exposed in the recent past. Gambling and point spreads. They should pay the officials a mill a year and see if that doesn't put an end to it.

I used to whine a lot about Jordan too in his day. So for Curry that is a badge of honor for him.

Lenny Fritos said...

Thanks for the interesting comments.

The C's were a bit off with rebounding. Sullinger had close to 40 of them (maybe 36) in his previous two games. That guy is a natural at rebounding, but he is taking forever to get into shape. I think he could be right under the transcendent tier at basic all-star level if he got into shape. High BB iq. Long arms. Very strong, though he might have the best butt in hoops history. But you couldn't keep him in the game, not against GS. If he lost the weight, maybe last night would have gone differently based on the rebounding stat.

I noticed no one on GS had an answer for Kelly Olynyk. He is a former pg who had a major growth spurt at a late age. It'd be like any of us waking up one year from being six wtf feet to seven.

He is very Bird/Nowitski like in his methodical slow white man gets it done somehow manner. Or Pierce wasn't exactly the fastest player, but he could still never be stopped on his younger day drives to the hoop.

They had to go to Bogut to try to slow down Olynyk. And at that point, when you are forcing GS out of what they do best, in a way you have thrown them off-balance.

Yeah of course you missed the game, so I can't cry too much. This guy Olynyk for example would just be standing there, hands up high, does the vertical leap, does nothing to no one, and then gets called for the foul. GS was bailed out too many times by the refs.

Maybe my Hagler-Leonard analogy was over the top. I am assuming Hagler won that fight. I am sure there are other examples of boxing matches where the winner was definitely not the true winner.

That was last night's game.

The C's are one or two players away. They have the "assets" in place to make a trade for a disgruntled dude. I think you have missed the boat on Bradley. Last year he had the same green light. This year he is finally knocking down shots maybe not as good as a robot like Curry, but he is certainly not putting up percentages near Isaiah's.

You have to keep in mind that players are leaving college after one or two years. This dude Amir Johnson is only 28, but he's been in the league for ten years. Some of these guys are much younger than it seems. Isaiah Thomas is only 25. Bradley and Sully and Olynyk etc. are all around 23-24.

You are correct about the Green guy. He was the MVP from last night.

If I was Ainge, I'd try to trade Sullinger and waive David Lee if Brad Stevens wants to keep playing him. I don't care if he's still able to have two good games out of every ten.


Lenny Fritos said...

Olynyk has been on a tear of late piling up 20 point totals off the bench. He has a lot of potential. He looks awkward out there and I think people are too quick to base his ceiling on the eye test rather than on how he keeps improving. People want so badly to be prescient and put notches onto their irrelevant sports blogging.

Yes, we are in agreement. There is GS, San Antonio, and everyone else. The latter includes teams up in the long-term air such as Oklahoma, Chicago, and the Clippers with their superstars to a team like the C's with a lot of depth but not many with the highest of ceiling potential.

The C's have a rookie named Jordan Mickey. He could be like that guy Green. He is currently in Maine with the D-League. Maybe that is what you meant by Bradley having played in Maine.

He is a mini-Bill Russell, period. He's six eight and can jump with long arms. He can be a rebound/block machine. He would have been perfect for last night's game, but for some reason the decaying fossil called David Lee is still getting a lot of minutes. For the love of God, please put the fork into him. He's cooked.

Amir Johnson is the real deal. No one knows about him because he's been playing for Toronto. And Pau Gasol, wow, kudos to the dinosaur still getting it done. I am not exactly sure for ages, but right now I'd rather have Gasol than Duncan for a dinosaur.

The C's are very close, closer than most probably think. They are missing one superstar and a few of their own simply aging a little bit and garnering confidence and consistency.

They say Durant is going to Washington, but I see it as he is more likely to go to Boston if he is looking for the best spot to land in regards to winning titles.

It may be time to put the fork into Gortat.

The Celtics have exposed Washington a couple times. I know Durant's family/friends are there, but I don't imagine he will want to play for them unless they start playing more like they did last year.

Danny loves to make trades. We shall see. I don't want Carmelo, Kevin Love, or Cousins. I don't want a big ego superstar. It would damage the team's chemistry. Durant could be the missing piece. You could start him with Crowder off the bench.

pg Smart
sg Bradley
sf Durant
pf Olynyk
C Amir Johnson

That's 55-60 wins right there. Or switch out Olynyk with some mysterious option like Jordan Mickey or someone to be determined. Keep guys like Thomas, Evan Turnover, and Gieuseppe Jerebko for a bench. I like Olynyk a lot.

It's all about chemistry. I like Olynyk because he can play outside the paint and be a facilitator and not get in the way of the second big big who can score inside or isn't known for drilling threes or even two pointers.

I am rambling. It is your fault.