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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Sucking in the Seventies

The 60s were the Classical Period. the 70s were Rococo. In the 60s a few people were smoking and getting high. In the 70s everybody smoked and nobody got high.

I think Lennon wrote that one. Nobody told me there'd be days like this.

Jagger was the 60s. Bowie was the 70s.

Both good in their own way but Bowie started out in Jagger's fan club. He was derivative not original.

Everything in the 70s that was good derived from the 60s.

Everything that sucked in the 70s also derived from the 60s too but in a bad way.


donkeytale said...

"Sucking in the Seventies" was the title of a live Stones LP.

Never understood whether it meant they were inhaling the decade or commenting that things sucked.

This Lennon tune makes explicit.

Lennon in particular seemed shattered (another 70s Stones tune) by the loss of the 60s zeitgeist and never truly recovered until his untimely crucifixion-through-fame in like.....what 1980 or 81? A ptowerful metaphor for he dawning of the dead Amerikkka that was Ronald Reagan. I still remember hearing the dulcet tones of Howard Cosell dropping the news on Monday Night shocking in its way as the JFK assassination.....that led to the rise of the Beatles and the 60s zeitgeist in the first place.

Never let anyone tell you JFK was underrated. As a Presidit maybe, he was only there 2 years after all, but as a zeitgeist maker, no one and I mean no one is more responsible for the modern and postmodern era.

donkeytale said...

In fact, Hemingway also deserves mention as a key influence to the 60s zeitgeist.

Everyone read Hem back in the day. Some of his work even found its way into English Lit textbooks.

Big Two Hearted River.

Hemingway (and of course the lesser remembered lesbo Gertrude Stein actually invented the term per Hemingway) created that "Lost Generation" thingie post WW1.

In the 60s we had that Vietnam parallel. The Lost Gen was the 20s, which were the original 60s, sort of the classical period to the baroque period, with the 70s being rococo.

The wanton drunkenness, the living for today, the illicit sex, "The Sun Also Rises" etc. etc.

It all fits together.

The 60s also an outgrowth of the 50s Beat Generation, which itself was a reaction to the deadliness of WWII and the growth of the new postwar consumer society.

The issue for the Beats is that the social anomie and alienation of the 20s and 60s was less pronounced in the postwar era. Those peep, my parents perhaps your grandparents, had already lived through an unrelieved nightmare starting with the stock market crash of 1929 and ending with a mushroom cloud over Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

They never had the time or the excuse for the type of exultant,degenerate behavior that characterized the 20s and the 60s.

donkeytale said...

The 50s was the be-bop literary decade, the 60s was the rock and soul era, the 20s was birth of jazz and bathtub gin. Women set free to party hearty with the boys. Ah, evolution.

The great R Crumb cartoon with the hippie standing there receiving oral sex from Honeybunch Kaminsky on her knees and he holding up a clenched fist shouting "Viva la Revolution!"

Loves me some R Crumb. Irony is the key to understanding the 60s.

And still to this day. The death of irony is the death of truth.

donkeytale said...

A 1960s chronology:

donkeytale said...

There is nothing new under the sun: taken randomly the chronology (1967):

October 21-22—The March on the Pentagon is staged, including notable intellectuals, Noam Chomsky, Norman Mailer, Dwight MacDonald.

Black Power! by Stokely Carmichael
The Medium Is the Message by Marshall McLuhan.

R. Crumb's Zap comics are the first underground comics to reach a large audience.

Muhammad Ali is stripped of his heavyweight championship title because he refuses to serve in the army.

United States troops in Vietnam increase to 474,000,and the death toll exceeds 13,000.

Lenny Fritos said...

I saw your last comment about mea culpa's. Thanks.

I guess it is a nuanced situation. There is the irrelevant department of bragging rights. There is also detached, non-schtick, common sense from the gut analysis. I have never followed one of these thingies this closely. Perhaps it has something to do with there finally being a candidate who actually gives a damn about things other than traditional smear/money influenced politics.

You bring in truths that transcend esoteric discussion of the value of polling. You say that national polling has never mattered and that even polling done in the hyped early states also does not matter or not as much as it may seem.

Sorry if I ever put words in your mouth.

Some points can stand even when they appear to be in direct contradiction. Polls may not matter but still have an influence. How can that be?

I suppose my escape route is the one you offer, that instead of a mea culpa it will be a rant against useful idiots who vote in Hillary out of fear of losing the WH to the GOP.

There is a group who feel that Hillary is the clear front runner and that Bernie has no chance. They are saying Bernie is last year's Celtics getting swept by LeBron James. They never think about Joe Namath, Ali over Liston, or Villanova.

The examples above show that not all underdogs are created equal.

Namath was before my time. Maybe the Jets should have been the favourite.

Ali-Liston was also before my time, but ESPN Classic made it so that any whippersnapper could relive the past. And that sounds very similar to McLuhan's concept of the rear view mirror. Ali should have been the favorite over Liston, but that is only realised years later.

No way on Earth Villanova should have beat Georgetown. That was a pure upset.

I think Bernie could perhaps survive the ten or under point loss you set as the expectations bar.

I suppose I put the cart before the horse in wondering about Massachusetts. But it does appear to be the perfect example. The field goalpost movers might say if Bernie wins MA that well it is a state very close to Vermont. I see it as one of many states where Hillary has a sizable lead in ineffective or obsolete polls.

Maybe Minnesota will be the litmus test to see if Bernie has a natural base of states.

Is this Foreman-Ali or Liston-Ali with Bernie as Ali? I'd take either scenario for a win is a win.

If Bernie is Villanova, I am not very happy with the match-up.

Villanova had to shoot 79% and only beat Georgetown by a point or two. It was lucky. It's okay in sports when there are upsets. If the underdog loses, then one can say it's only a game. Bernie versus Hillary is all about real life.

I think to beat expectations, Bernie must win Iowa or it has to end up very close almost tied. I'll put the number at 5%. I could see your more generous allotment of ten points being true too. In NH, I imagine Bernie has to outright win and it'd be nice if it's by 10+ points.

Hillary has just gotten another round of negative feedback loops. There was some funky email in the new batch that seemed to imply Hillary asked someone to copy and paste a classified document and keep out the top secret or wtf disclaimer.

If banks are too big to fail, is Hillary too powerful to be arrested?

If all Hillary has is a good showing at the Benghazi hearing and the thank you Bernie moment, that may not be enough for her to mail in a coronation nomination.

I suppose we are in agreement that the Democratic Party battle has turned into a litmus test for we the people. Are we ready for Hillary or are we ready for substantial, positive social change?

donkeytale said...

No, Baltimore had the better team. Namath rose to occasion and so did his team. They overachieved. Significantly they nor Namath ever came close again. In many respects Joe underachieved. My fave Joe moment is when he came onto Suzy Kolber on TV when he was quite obviously skunk drunk. That is awesome YouTubeage. And yes, I did happen to catch the interview in real time which was on field at halftime of some game which was even more delightful to watch unfold.

Ali was better than Liston obviously. Sony was more menacing than great boxer. Ali was still young and more known for his mouth than skills at the time. He hadn't really fought anyone good either.

Namath's successor at Alabama turned out to be both a better player and partier than Joe: the late grate Ken Stabler.

donkeytale said...

I read where Bernie will use Dodd-Frank law to break up the banks. Will be interesting and a test of his ability to overcome the type of obstruction that derailed Obama.

Here is how it will have to go: The Fed will have to break up the banks under Dodd-Frank. IOW, bankers will have to break up the banks.

Good luck with all that Bernie. Just remember, Bernie will not be allowed by the system to walk on water even tho we agree that he is zen.

BernBots must always maintain the awareness that apparently escapes them regarding Obama. Its the system, stupid. Otherwise you risk turning into bitterly defeated Marisacats.


donkeytale said...

Altho if the sheeple rally behind Bernie in his efforts the chances for success will be much greater than under Obama.

And especially if they remember to come out and vote for the midterms. The state legislatures are mostly GOP held and they have rigged the voting districts into perennial GOP control of Congress thru gerrymandering. This too needs to change.

Lenny Fritos said...

I learned about Lennon also from Howard Cosell. Patriots-Miami was the game.

The Lennon assassination can perhaps be added to the Big Four killed in the 60's.

The song Shattered was greatness. In fact I am gonna listen to that now to wake up.

Yes, you are referring to Chiclets of awareness that have persisted through decades and even centuries.

It used to take much longer for sincere sheep to wtfu.

Now things go viral.

Jeanette is good. She is very good at putting stuff together and crunching various Hillary moments caught on film into easy to digest morsels.

A troll out of nowhere decided to tweet her friends/acquaintances with an I need to block JJ. She has become too nasty.

The troll also tweeted something about being a liberal progressive her whole life, that she's a 68-years-old abuela who is still undecided.

I had one of my better or more popular tweets with something saying progressive liberals are not going to be undecided at this point. I also don't get where someone can spin Jeanette as a hatemonger.

I will look like a kook no matter what if I call someone an outright paid fake. Maybe it's true. John Lewis (see another place, from another time and) is not David Brock or Sergeant Schultz. He seems to be more confused than anything. Without pay stubs, it becomes impossible to distinguish the paid fake from the useful idiot.

Bernie's early declaration that he doesn't do smear politics disarmed the DNC. There is a yin-yang between oppressor and oppressed. Just because someone is more powerful than their opponent doesn't mean they always win.

It does for regime change, however. Noriega found that out, as did Hussein and then Gaddafi.

And this is where media conspiracy or incompetence comes into play.

Hillary wants to spin everything as Republican versus Democrat. Under the old rules, such a strategy would have ensured her presidency in regards to current conditions.

The mess in the Middle East is owned by both Republicans and Democrats. ISIS is the result of buying into a two-party, good cop/bad cop system.

BLM is the result of the same two-party system not representing the will of the people.

I am not equating BLM with terrorists. I'm just saying there are very bad consequences to being run by a fake liberal society catering to corporations and the military.

Lenny Fritos said...

I see you commented more. I am still waking up and have some chores to do. Good job moving us to a new thread.

donkeytale said...

R Crumb, historic troll:

Crumb has been acclaimed for his attention to detail and satirical edge, but has also generated a significant amount of controversy for his graphic and very disturbing portrayals of sexuality and psychology. There exists a feminist backlash against his comics because they became more "violently misogynistic, as he graphically poured what were essentially his masturbatory fantasies onto the printed page. Women were raped, dismembered, mutilated, and murdered, sometimes all at once."

Lenny Fritos said...

This dude Crumb sounds as if he doomed by his last name. What a crumb?

Young people probably don't know that used to be a pejorative, the antonym of swell. Some fella might be a crumb or swell.

I am not saying there is no value to drugs, sex, and rock and roll. But the drugs need to be moderated and any depiction of sex as violence is wrong.

I think people should realise that weed is enough.Cocaine is garbage. I know you like the sauce and prohibition kinda sorta didn't work, but less booze is probably a good idea. I am no fan of MADD, but yeah, try not to drink and drive. Yes, it is the ones who don't know how to drink and drive who ruin it for the rest of us, but just say no, then no one is arrested and there are no accidents.

I wouldn't mind Xanax every once in a while. I've tried it a few times. I wouldn't want to become addicted to it, but oh my, that is nice for a drug that doesn't give the stereotypical buzz.

And don't even try heroin or any other hard drug. Maybe I am a hypocrite since as Lenny Bruce I was famous for opiate abuse. I'm more convinced than ever I was Lenny Bruce.

Lenny Fritos said...

You have put a lot on the pop culture table, but it was important to do so. We are McLuhan in that chair which slowly rotates as we pan the infoboob internet network.

What other website or wtf has ever cut to the chase like ourselves? McLuhan? Who ever talks about him? We have demanded that his greatness be recognised.

Asimov was good.

Hillary and the sheep want everyone to forget about humanity and universal truths. This has to be the most cynical election run ever, imho. She is overrated in that she doesn't realise how many people define her as cold and calculating.

She has no self-awareness.

Or maybe she has some health concerns. Dr. Drew is saying there could be health problems.

Hillary Clinton Health Issues – Dr. Drew Answer’s

You have to sit through a Flo car insurance ad which is an odd coincidence since I tweeted her yesterday.

Dr. Drew was interviewed for a Breitbart article. This could be filed under the tag, the enemy of my enemy is my buddy. I hate Breitbart and Hillary. They are classic both sides sucks and feeds off the other.

Rigged fights. Controlled opposition.

Anyway, that's what I'm up to listening to Dr. Drew. I don't put much faith in him or Breitbart, but who knows?

Lenny Fritos said...

Boston fans can't come right out and say they are praying that Brokk Lopez of the Nets has a season ending injury or at least gets banged up. We have their #1 pick with no conditions.

It's like when Hillary was losing to Obama and said hold up, there's still time for an RFK styled assassination.

I'm not hoping Hillary has health issues or something similar to wtf she was on about to RFK. I'd rather see the Nets lose with Lopez. I'd rather see Bernie beat Hillary fair and square.

It could explain a lot, though. There's a reason Boyle and the other guy tried to keep Redford on script in The Candidate. There was also a famous Elia Kazan movie starring Sheriff Taylor of all people, you might know him as Matlock. He had two people with similar jobs to Peter Boyle. Or in Taxi Driver you had Albert Brooks and Cybil Shephard. For Andy Griffith's character in A Face in the Crowd, his handlers were sultry Patricia Neal and Walter Matthau.

H.'s handler is Weinergate's wife Huma. In one email she said that Hillary often gets confused.

Cold and calculating only works when it's done to perfection in a low energy race, i.e. with lots of voter apathy.

Bernie-Hillary might be turning into Spinks-Ali.

Bernie would get the Leon Spink's champion belt win over an easy opponent.

I mean, you are correct we are still in the fourth inning, if that.

Maybe where we failed was in zeitgeist sniffing too much her calorie intake when there are these other issues such as concussions and blood clots.

I don't wish illness on anyone except Rauhauser.

I'm just saying maybe this explains why Hillary says so many stupid things tanking what should have been an easy win. All she had to do was show up and be somewhat close to the top of her game.

Though this might be rewriting herstory. She looked crispy professional in Benghazi hearings and in debate number one.

Maybe it is a stamina issue. She also has had this persistent negative feedback loop coming from all directions.

Maybe no one else ran because they knew she has so much money and perceived power. It's bizarre not one traditional Democrat ran. Webb was the closest in regards to the blue dogs.

Chafee was a former GOP who switched. No Dean. No Edwards, No Gore. No H and O. I didn't follow it closely. I even confuse 2004 with 2008. It seems no one ran this time because Hillary had too much loot. Then Bernie ran.

And Bernie surged.

Yes, good luck to Bernie when he actually becomes President. That'll be a blog entry in the far future.

Maybe he can write an executive order to test cops for steroids. That would be amazing. If he somehow became a benevolent dictator for the people.

The only thing holding back any true progressive from going full H.A. Goodman styled Bernie fever is there's an element of somebody pinch me. Is this really happening? Knock on wood and godspeed he wins. I mean it. Bernie winning the WH would be the best thing to happen since the invention of sliced bread.

donkeytale said...

Boston fans appear to be living a bit too much in the "future of an illusion", to quote the great Sigmund Freud. It's not just you, I'm scanning the local rags and reading about how Ainge needs to pull off another spectacular deal like he once did many moons ago....and blah blah blah. Back in the day we used to call this notion "California dreaming." or "if, ands and butts". It is unhealthy to take your eyes off the present in order to dream about the future.

Maybe because there is no guarantee that the Brooklyn number whatever lotto pick gets them to the promised land either. Let's look at some facts:

Quick, without googling, name the last 8 years' NBA number one draft selections and how many titles they've led their team to......

If that's not bad enough then quick, name Danny Ainge's last transcendent player drafted/developed during his reign atop the storied house that Red built.

We do know the far and away current most transcendent player on the planet was indeed a lotto pick.....a number 7 out of storied Davidson College. Who among us saw Stephen Curry at that point becoming the future King of the NBA?

We know that former #1 King forever in waiting, the Prince Charles of the hardcourt, LeBron Sweet Baby James was of course a transcendent pick on arrival but yet he had to team up several years after his original drafting with the same year draft's #5 pick (by Pat Riley), the also couldn't miss king of mispellicism, Dwyane Wade from Marquette, to get his only rings to date. But he did get two so there is that.

Oh yeah, and Wade already earned a ring of his own (and a finals MVP award) before James took his talents to Miami. Which means lotto pick #5 has one more ring than #1.

So the point is, living in the future is never a good idea because the only reality is in the here and now.

Secondary point: Danny Ainge is no Pat Riley. He still has some time left but its also not like he's new on the job either. Riley has a lot of rings both as coach (5*) and executive (3*). *-in 2006 he was both coach and exec....

And Pat Riley is no Jerry West (1 ring as a player and 7 as an executive), who just happens to work for....Golden State.

Second secondary point: there are no proven can't miss James or Wades, not to mention Currys, waiting out there for Danny to suit up in Kelly green underwear who have championship transcendence knitted across their brows as "can't miss" superstars to be. The more likely route may be free agency as in 2008.

Third secondary point: Where did Kawhi Leonard get picked out of storied San Diego State? 15th. How about Draymond Green out of (OK, truly storied) Michigan State? 32nd. These guys are transcendence too and both already have rings. Leonard also a finals MVP.

Fourth secondary point: what is the most important part of "draft/develop?" Methinks it is "develop" and in the NBA this has more to do with the player himself and the talent surrounding him than with coaching.

So, in closing, Danny Ainge still has a lot of work left to fulfill his promise but lets focus on 2016 and the task at hand.....electing Bernie Sanders.

donkeytale said...

R. Crumb's hugeness as an artist is not in doubt. His weird drawings were ubiquitous in the late 60s. Yes, they bordered on perversion but so did life back then, especially in California. It is hard to imagine now in the button down fascist Amerikkka of the 20 teens, but sheeple had more freedom of expression back in the day and less to worry from the thought police, who are alive in well inside many bloggers of the so-called leftier than thou persuasion.

"Political correctness" is a 70s concept. Bet on it.

How is that for bringing my schtick back around to the current thread topic at hand?

donkeytale said...

The 60s was the decade of McLuhan. His schtick was very huge, one of the first examples of high end academia crossing over into pop culture.

Freud was also a very big deal in the popular imagination of the 60s. Indeed, one may say that the 60s were the decade of Freud. Breaking through his taboos were what the counterculture of the day was all about. His brilliance and prescience were fully accepted and appreciated. As was his sexual perversion and drug useage.

Why is it that today that they are forgotten, or at least in Freud's case repressed?

Methinks it is because of the same culprits inherent in the medium is the conspiracy: the thought police and political correctness....also professional jealousy on the part of present day academics who can't hold a candle to either McLuhan or Freud.

If one admits these guys essentially figured it all out, just as Marx, Nietzsche and Spengler had done in earlier times, then what use is yet another dissertation about the same thing that doesn't quite nail it all down so well as the original thinkers?

I'm dunn.

Lenny Fritos said...

Basketball: I don't agree with yahoos whining for a big trade. It is called the silly season. I don't know if that is the original or a derivative for the phrase.

Players are nervous. Some get more unhinged than others. Some are able to shake it off, the uncertainty.

The Celtics and Dallas are similar, neither really has a good chance to advance far, but we shall see.

Long-term Ainge is set for life. The Brooklyn pick is third or top five almost assured. Maybe top three with some luck.

That's three straight years of unprotected #1 picks.

Danny may have to go a longer route. Personally, I'd try to get Superman. It'd be a good roll of the dice.

The Brooklyn pick's are gold.

Riley has more gravitas than Ainge for GM, but we shall see how that ends up. Riley copied Ainge's Big Three derivative from the original Big Three. So he just had to have Bosh. Dwaunye (sp?) Wade?

Yes. already. Riley benefited from buying championships. Ainge earned it with trades and astute drafting. Maybe James Posey was a free agent. Amir Johnson was a good pickup, but who knows how it will play out. I am not expecting major trades, more like fine-tuning. Then there will be more silly season with their Fall vacation and the C's will be what they are, with new all-stars from trades or slow and steady phenom development route. No one has a crystal ball.

Lenny Fritos said...

I'm going to pass judgement on Crumb. It'll be too much work to figure him out. You win that round by default.

I don't have much to say on the topic, your entry. It's all true. I am watching a documentary on Bonnie and Clyde from the 30's. I thought I'd hate them for killing 14 people, but so far it seems they've only killed cops out of self defense.

Lenny Fritos said...

I googled every asshat who hosts a CNN show, even for a lot at MSNBC. They are all asshats and owned. You are correct about Maddow. She is a bit of a poser.

Why does every CNN host lean right and suffer from authoritarian personality disorder?

Lenny Fritos said...

Three weeks one day to go. I think I'll do some google news for hillary and bernie. I'm now following a lot of Bernbots. I can turn on Twitter and it is 100% Bernie love.

donkeytale said...

Ah, the hermetic seal of Twitter. I guess. If only the election were on Twitter.

Ainge is on the record, that is the great thing. He has chosen a path, disclosed an idea and set it out there for all to see. He deserves props for that. Big time. Whether it works out has a lot to do with forces outside his control. You can draft or trade for a talent but the talent is responsible for his own role in the matter which by the nature of sports is more important than anything the executive can do.

The executive has to pick physical talent but that also has the undefinable will to become transcendence. With all the money on the table that is easier said than done.

The next 4-5 years I guess will tell the story for Ainge.

As for the Bern, you nailed it with your Massachusetts schtick. Bernie will need to win all the white leftier than thou votes, which seems a given, plus turn out the youngsters to the polls, which also seems a given post-Obama blazing that trail, and then pick off a wide number of the black, brown and yellow vote in those blue states where most of the sheeple reside, NY, Cali, PA, Ohio, yes and Texas and Georgia too in the primaries.

Texas and Georgia are not Misssissippi and Alabama. They are in the rural sections but the sheeple are congregated in the big cities and they tend to be ethnic or from blue states originally.

I'm sticking on 50-50. I think it is quite possible for Bernie to sweep Iowa and NH and get on a roll with minourity voters in places like NY, Cali and Nevada.

The Clintons have long herstory among southern minority communities, many of whom have made themselves wealthy in the process of the south growing up in the last 30-40 years.

The 60s is settled dogma. It was a watershed. Maybe the 20 teens is the next watershed, the social media finally overcoming the mass media as the WWII generation dies out and the boomers head for the retirement homes. [projection alert].

I feel good for the future although I see no nirvana in sight, just another in the endless round of social and class struggles that will eventually lead to the death or the redemption of mankind over a long arc.

This accidental experiment in consciousness will endure well beyond our own limited yet universal participation.

God bless the audience, as a wise man once stated.

donkeytale said...

I LOLd my way through this self-important Hollywood hooey leading to udder banality, as always.

At the end of the day EL Chapo is just a regular guy. And Sean Penn is snot.

donkeytale said...

I LOL'd my way through this article too, as it contains so much donkeytale schtick stealing that it is a veritable dissertation on the Whiteysphere.

The author is an obvious troll.

Then I got to the comments and smiled knowingly. The readers hated it.

Say it loud, I'm a troll and I'm proud.

You can have all the regular guys.

It ain't me. It ain't me.

I aint no Senator's son, no

It ain't me. It ain't me

I ain't no fortunate one.

Lenny Fritos said...

Schmencta? Is the word schmancter? I use Google as a form of spellcheck or dictionary or McLuhan, while not predicting Google exactly, spoke of a future computer system in which each of us would become a mini-encyclopedia. McLuhan needed to come up with words that would cement his prophetic greatness. I am no expert on Nostrilsnotus (sp?), but didn't he say there would be a war between the big bear and Audolf Yitlin? I'd need to fact check that; something about Russia as Big Bear and coming very close to naming Hitler.

Maybe people see a rock on mars and claim it is a mouse. Maybe folks read that famous clairvoyant and see things in his words that weren't there?

McLuhan mentioned microfiche. That should cement his greatness with being prescient, but it just doesn't have the commercial value of say that monstrosity of a restaurant mascot in Herr Bergen King.

That is how depraved we are. People know all about that creepy Burger King giant, but not many know of Marshall McLuhan.

I have been waking up a bit later each day. I am on the article you say stole your schtick. Of course somehow people end up on this blog and then steal our profound insights. They act like they are the greatness. They are essentially stealing our destinies.

When we found out or it otherwise became known that we had stolen McLuhan's schtick, what happened? We owned it. We built a shrine to Marshall McLuhan. We are both a different form of Chris Farley in awe of and drooling over Paul McCartney.

I perhaps drool quite more than yourself. You are the crusty hippie who may crack a smile once or twice a year to display you are more of a lovable grouch than toxic supertroll.

You are Wayne's World, yet a bit more academic and not as stoned. I am Garth, yet also with a bit more academic gravitas, but also a tad more emotional.

The first rule in some kind of awareness self-help manual is to admit schtick theft, to admit we are not worthy.

But along the way we found out that most people are not worthy and if anyone is worthy, it's u snot them.

Maybe it is now becoming clearer to masses of internet addicts what is meant by that we are driving the bus.

I will probably pass on the rest of the article and comments, but I grok your point.

I see the dude is throwing in various "fucks," as if that's the kind of language that should find its way into prime time newspaper articles.

The lines separating social media and mainstream media have become blurred.

Maybe it help explains why CNN and cable news have gone the numbnut op-ed route over providing as much authentic news as possible and limiting the blowhard element.

Dumbasses succeeding in New Medium want to be seen as regular guys. Now they curse. Now we see Donald Lemon getting shite-faced on national television.

Trump wants to be perceived as a regular guy. Unfortunately, the regular guy he is deep down is a decrepit ignoramus trying to see if there are enough racists and various idiots in the electorate who could vote him in as president.

Or Trump and the Clintons came up with some kooky conspiracy to rig an election between a fascist and a "progressive who gets things done."

Bernie is derivative of all the artistic trolls and rare politician wannabes such as Upton Sinclair who spoke truth to power.

Bernie is the square peg being jammed into a circle opening by Sergeant Schultz.

50-50 odds are not bad at all. It is to your credit that you jumped on the Bernie bandwagon early. You didn't wait until it became obvious that Bernie posed the greatest threat to the Hillary coronation to articulate that idea, and that was expressed in your coin flip concept.

Lenny Fritos said...

I'm still reading that. The dude is now talking about opiates and police assassinating Black people. If that wasn't a direct lift off of my schtick, whether deliberate or not, that is further proof he poached off of our junk.

Lenny Fritos said...

Omg, it is a direct lift from both of us. He's talking about the scawwy Muslims and then he segues into how at 39 he is forced to exercise and eat better.

Lenny Fritos said...

Now he's mentioning the Rolling Stones!

Lenny Fritos said...

He then starts mentioning polls and adds, "And so [Trump] moved on to the more qualitative aspects of his greatness."

Are there too many coincidences to write this off as our minds are seeing schtick theft that isn't there?

Lenny Fritos said...

I'm live blogging a Guardian article.

This has to be a low point in my unpaid blogging career.

It's your fault.

Just kidding, my friend.

Lenny Fritos said...

Some people think long-form is something to be mailed in. This guy needs to wrap up the Trump part and get going to the Bernie stuff. I was planning to stop reading this, but like any internet article which is the personification of a train wreck's personification, the mailed in DFQ2 blogging carries onward. Cue up Elvis, "His schtick is marching on."

Lenny Fritos said...

Omg, seriously, now he is discussing movies and various decades of movies. Wtf?

I thought you were kidding about schtick theft. You can't afford to look kooky. I own the label no matter what, so I am determined to get my money's worth.

Lenny Fritos said...

"A Trump show is good value for the money, especially since it’s free. They don’t even ask for donations."

The only thing he didn't directly lift is your infotainment/infoboobtubes words.

Lenny Fritos said...

"The fundamental difference between the Trump and Sanders crowd was that the Sanders crowd has more money, the natural consequence of the American contradiction machinery: rich white people can afford to think about socialism, the poor can only afford their anger."

Sometimes I read comments from the team's fans the C's played. Every once in a while there are these fools who think it's funny to say they'd like to punch so and so in the face. It is a primal and immature emotion, but I am feeling it towards the writer who obviously reads here and steals from us.

Lenny Fritos said...

The problem is he's extrapolating from our ideas. He is perverting them. He knows we come up with some good stuff, so he circumscribes it into his fake newspaper entry.

And to top it off, he takes what we have figured out and flips it around to aid the Hillary coronation. Bernie supporters are rich and racist. Or the direct taking out of context of your idea that white folks in the middle class and up or who otherwise have it herstorically easy, have the time to act like phonies and support Sanders.

I am not mad that I'm almost through this article in that I will never be able to get back the lost time.

There are just too many coincidences to not think he has read our blog.

Lenny Fritos said...

Somehow I made it to the end.

"Back in Toronto, my wife took a look at the brown patch on my groin and sent me to a doctor, and the doctor told me it was a rash from running too much, and I had been given the greatest gift anyone can hope for, in this time and this place. I had been forgiven, for a while, for my body."

Another time and another place?

Who the fuck is Stephen Marche and why does he write such disheveled gobbledygook?

It's cringeworthy to read people like him. It is double cringeworthy considering there is strong circumstantial evidence that he was feeding off of our creativity and originality.

Lenny Fritos said...

I'm going through the comments and so many have been scrubbed by The Guardian. It makes me wonder whether those were all troll comments which should have been deleted or whether the moderator is corrupt.

Lenny Fritos said...

Maybe we should collate our best exchanges and read them out, similar to Bukowski's "born into this" poetry reading schtick.

We wouldn't be acting as ourselves. It would be cold, calculating detachment bordering on ironic genius. The closest comparison I can come up with is would be Matt Damon reading from Zinn's "A People's History of the United States."

It would be like if Jon Stewart or Bill Maher were funny. They were derivative of what'shisface.... Jay Mohr or Colin Quinn. Or someone we debate on, Bob Hope.

It'd be like Bukowski coloured by a Malcolm X ~ Steven Wright hybrid schtick.

Anyway, that's how I'd direct it. We can hammer out the details, debate production values. I'm not trying to pull an I'm Paul Simon and you're snot, Art Garfunkel.

Of course if clear separation is shown, say like Hall and Oates, the gravitas should be distributed in proportional value.

Laurel and Hardy had the dimwitted skinny man getting most of the loot. The fat man didn't mind. He figured his little buddy did most of the writing of wtf and he was in it for the love of the game.

donkeytale said...

TBH, I rather thot it was a good read and pretty much on target since those were the same ideas we've been pounding on these keyboards of ours since 2005 at least.

This was more a Hunter S. Thompson gonzo excursion than a new fangled social media thingie.

I think he nailed white people zeitgeist both left and right and right very well, in fact.

Haters gonna hate because they hate having some troll hold up the mirror to the ugliness that is all white ass Amerikkkan privilege, yes and including yours and mine and his too.

I'm not to worried at all all in fact. I think he makes good points, even if many of them are already mine.

For the Graun to actually publish something of asthetic value is rare. To have it be journalistically relevant at same time is almost a miracle.

Compare this piece with the Sean Penn entry. For me the Penn schtick was all about how cool Penn is. This guy was more into making fun of his own white guy frailties and unwarranted ego tripping.

I thot his descriptions of the US of white A-holes were 1,000 pct on target.

Lenny Fritos said...

That guy is not American. He has no clue.

Have you any more links smearing Bernie Sanders and his supporters?

That article was very boring and not well-written.

Let's compare Bernie to Trump?

If you read rather than skimmed that and still think it was a great piece, you're a bigger chump than I've been suspecting.

Filling in establishment spin for what you don't have the time nor inclination to academically dissect is useful idiot territory.

Who cares what Ezra Klein thinks about anything?

Born into saying fuck you?

Not you, you. This is prose. This is the real stuff.

MSNBC said something about the Black voters switching in droves to Bernie.

I should google that. Someone tweeted about it.

Lenny Fritos said...

Bernie so Black, troll?

Lenny Fritos said...

tl;dr means too long, didn't read.

Lenny Fritos said...

What happens if Hillary is arrested within a month or two? Does Biden then enter the race?

Lenny Fritos said...

If that was a mouse on Mars, then that was a fake picture of Mars. You missed the point.

Lenny Fritos said...

Okay, I didn't know anything about Sean Penn and the drug kingpin. This looks interesting.

donkeytale said...

I don't grok the "smearing of Bernie Sanders" any more than he "smeared" Donald Trump.

He smeared white people is what I saw, something I have been doing for more than a decade.

It looked very much like truth stapling to me.

And what's with this he isn't Amerikkkan?


Make Amerikkka great again. Seriously. LOL. Relax man. Life is all good. You are seeing everything to much in a one night vocal range these days.

The writer also made the great point but nothing will change, inches/molasses/ the Amerikkkan way. He implies what I imply. White people are fakes. Our fascism and our socialism both. And the whites who would be most served by Bernie are backing Trump, who will shit on them just like every Republikkkan alwys shits on the poor. Ah, whatever. I know that you are immersed in the Twitter BernBot milieu. Just remember, there are also "paid fakes" in that milieu, maybe even some of the ones to whom you are making Twitter love.

Bowie died. Weird that he was featured in this very mailed in entry. Never a huge Bowie fan actually, especially in his early Ziggy period. Me first wife was a huge Bowie fan. One of the tributes on the Graun stated he was a great fresh air change to the GLUM 70s, which fits the subject matter of this here schtick.

Yes, the 70s sucked in reality if you were there you would know what I mean.

I hope that you are right that Bernie is gaining black adherents and I believe I saw a poll where he was withing 5 of Hill in Iowa, but again, are the polls right or wrong or do we now succumb to confirmation bias as a way of life?

I see this all as a progression of a movement to confirm donkeytale prescience.

Frankly, still bored but then I don't get my rocks off playing Twitter games of fake internet activism.

The Penn thingie looks interesting only because the drug smuggler comes off as a rather boring regular guy and Penn as a complete and udder phoney.

What can you say? I'm sure he has a huge Twitter following.

Lenny Fritos said...

Yes, the dude is not Amerikkkan. We live in a gigantic country. Just because someone writes junk that superficially supports your long-running whiteysphere schtick does not mean you have to glorify the totality of the article.

Long-form for many is no different than the bullshite, blue book college exams for Liberal Arts. Volume replaces quality.

Penn is starting to age and Hollywood tends to discriminate against older actors. I thought his piece was a bit gratuitous, but otherwise, it was a million times better than the disheveled pile of crap the Guardian writer produced.

I agree with you there is a side story to Chapo that might have gotten himself arrested. It does not seem that Penn meeting with him did that. It is mysterious and all we seem to have is conjecture. Was it the Penn thingie which got him busted? Was it a neighbour dropping a dime because suspicious people moved into his or her area? Or as someone at Twitter thinks, was this an inside job?

If America is huge and not easy to cover, how is one to understand Mexico? Last year or whenever students and activists disappeared. Mexico is apparently a disgrace to civilisation with a wild, wild West mentality. It is beyond my knowledge base to figure it out.

I do agree the most revealing thing about Chapo is that he's a regular guy. He seemed to be looking for acceptance or at least the admitting that the consumer is as much to blame for drug problems as the kingpins. He seems to be a kinder, gentler form of mafia leader. He seems to have given money back to society in a Robin Hood way. Maybe I am wrong.

I think you are being overly harsh on Penn and taking the easy way out with the Canadian journo who curses and writes about his groin.

Sanders and Trump should not be lumped together, ever.

I highly doubt any of the BernBots I plug are paid fakes. I checked out Jeanette and she is apparently an artist. If she was a paid fake, she'd be linking to her Bernie Sanders' styled artwork. She doesn't.

You can't paint with such a broad brush in regards to Bernie voters. It's unfair. It's lazy thinking.

This is your blind spot, son. You tend to support writers like that Canadian clown and hacks here such as Weigel and Ezra. This is how things become circumscribed into the wheel of oppression. It's not good enough that someone is on topic if their overall game supports the overall status quo schtick.

The endgame is to vote in Bernie over Hillary. It's not to come up with Hillary talking points and embed them into blowhard, long-winded, shallow articles.

donkeytale said...

We will have to agree to disagree, especially about lazy thinking.

That was a thoughtful article. It illustrated accurate themes of white working class despair and white middle class racism that I have propounded for years. Y'know, actual social theory. You just didn't understand it because it somehow disagrees with your bias. However, I think you actually are knee jerking because the article made little to no comment on the quality of the candidates and instead was all about the white milieu.

You have given yourself over completely to BernBottery and Bernie homerism. And there is nothing wrong with that but you obviously missed the perspective of the article and skewed its meaning. Like all the looser commenters on the Graun who are too caught up in the horse race before the horses are in the starting gate and can't see what is obvious truth about this demented racist culture we find ourselves within.

Asking for pure Bernie propaganda from the media doesn't become you, dude. But you just admitted it. The media and the polls are not deciding the election. They are reflecting the demands of the sheeple. donkeytale said again. I guarantee you 99.99999% of the voters never read the Graun, (a Brit paper!) after all, and especially especially an intellectually stimulating gonzo entry that speaks to the essential nature of white Amerikkka. So, you are overstating the importance while calling for pure propaganda. Wow. Just wow.

As I stated previously if you want to give this blog over to the hive mentality, even the politically correct herd of Bernie, then I will stand down. It is your blog.

Not a herd animal. Never have been never will be. Sorry, way I roll.

donkeytale, an herstoric troll since 1968.

donkeytale said...

Actually, on second thought I am done, at least until after the Iowa/NH.

I must confess the schtick is very boring and if I wanted to argue with Bots I could go find fairleft somewhere or log back into the Graun.

In fact, I may be taking a knee throughout the entire primary season.

"This ain't rock n roll....this is genocide!"

--David Bowie


Lenny Fritos said...

Lots is going on. You call it boring. Hillary has gotten flustered and is attacking Sanders. I saw for a second time a reference to private polls. I wonder what that means.

I'm not sure what about don't compare Bernie with Trump people you don't understand.

You're promoting the BernSoBlack meme without realising it. It's a blind spot. It doesn't mean you're evil, only that you are wrong. It's not the end of the world.

Stereotyping BernBots seems counterproductive. I thank you for apologising for doing so and saying you'll stop.