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Sunday, October 30, 2016

So I got this weird tweet from Hal Turner

That Twitter account doesn't have a verified blue thingie, but I still think it's Hal. I have been prolific in mentioning his name, so I wouldn't be surprised if he knows my schtick.

Hal Turner is or was an FBI sewer rat. I was entrapped and smeared by the same people who went after Barrett Brown. Hal is still posting disinformation, so I assume he still works for the Military-Industrial Complex.

He is definitely failing at his comeback. He is getting no attention compared to the success Brandon Darby had when first joining Breitbart.

The shite has definitely hit the fan for American politics. We are in historic and uncharted electronic waters. We might finally get to see the deleted Hillary emails. If so, they better be about Hillary going to her grandkid's school play or asking Chelsea if she can pick something up at the pharmacy; that sort of thing.

Phase 3 could be mere hours away.

This is unprecedented in our lifetimes.

I'm sorry I stopped blogging. I will probably return soon. I like to write, edit and go voila, here's some infotainment.

Twitter has been fun after all. It's like a public square or what the Berkeley Free Speech Movement was attempting.

I believe that the medium needs to be destroyed. It's not about waiting for a new cycle of fourth estate. We each now have the ability to self-publish. It'll probably never happen, but we could blog something and if it goes viral, we somehow have the power of a CNN. Yet at a minimum, we are creating pockets of awareness.

I am not ready to blog tonight except for this little tidbit entry to wet my toes.

I tweeted back to Hal but have yet to hear another response.

Perhaps it's true Hal Turner suggested cointelpro to leave me alone. I don't think he was making a death threat. I think he was saying he stopped myself from being locked up as a terrorist.

I think he was merely blowing out smoke cheese. He's got nothing for followers. I think he was just bullying me to cease and desist from trolling an FBI confidential Informant who used to be a big name and buddy with Sean Hannity. It was his demented form of asking, "You're a pathetic little nobody whom Glenn Beck didn't even know by name. He called you the liberal fella or wtf. Could you please leave me alone?"

I have integrity. I have exposed cointelpro to the best of my abilities.

I look at my Twitter performance as radio shows. They might be gone or hard to find, but they certainly generated an audience in real time.

Oops, I forgot to include the date. That was my personal record. I usually don't get more than 10-15,000 views and mostly less than that. That might have been September 11th the day Hillary collapsed. I don't know, but I'll take it, stat padding or not. Maybe my Russian audience was intrigued with the idea of a Tokyo Shemp. I had been attempting for quite a while to develop a Twitter relationship with Mr. Putin. I was trying to be Sean Penn bringing together nations. It's mysterious.

Writing is fun. Anyone can do it. I have just hit a point where I don't find it as fulfilling as I used to. I suppose I could just take from my Twitter and flesh out some stuff. Sometimes I feel like writing a lot of pages not necessarily in my typical Twitter formula but more philosophical and stream of consciousness.

Something happened to me about a month or two ago. I can no longer not be in the moment. I grew up as a spacer and I've a post here somewhere about being INFP for personality trait.

The best advice I can leave ye for now is to avoid Alex Jones and corporate news. It will wear you out and bring you down. That is probably one of Alex Jones' main job duties; to make one feel like meaningless, angry confused shite.

The CNN/MSNBC clips can be kind of funny. I think a few people should upload segments by fair use when appropriate and otherwise shut them down for revenue. The same goes for corporate newspapers and magazines which have primarily emigrated to the internet.

I found a great Youtube video on online covert agents. I'll end this mailed-in entry by embedding it here. The Frenchman or where he comes from makes it clear what the Batman JTRIG, Five Eyes Snowden documents were all about.

The difference between myself and nearly everyone else is that I have tried to line up real people to those documents.

Yet, it's not about my false ego. I believe anyone can put two and two together and become free.

Alan Watts said that each of us is the universe. We are all one. It should become second nature to discern between regular guys and paid fakes.

We are the universe. We will be the replacement for the fourth estate.

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