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Monday, November 13, 2017

Bryan Cranston is an Insincere Turd and Moron

So, I basically have three hours to kill until I'm allowed to post again on Twitter. It makes me wonder. Will a day come when we are banned from everywhere for posting facts and opinions that fascist pigs deem unacceptable?

I took a power nap. Despite the micro-blog penalty getting lifted during soon to arrive overnight hours, I should still be awake to at least say, "Hiya, fellas. I'm back. This is your good buddy Tokyo Shemp."

Cranston is saying that Harvey WeinStain and Kevin SpaceFungus could possibly make future comebacks because the shite revealed happens everywhere. According to that numbnut, this is a societal problem.

Sure thing, pal. There's nothing weird and demented about the entertainment industry. It is a fantastic institution like baseball which survived its own nasty troubles from 1919. Back then folks thought the game was over and cooked done. This is Cranston talking, not me. He didn't mention baseball, but his point is similar. Look at the game show scandal when it was exposed as rigged and fake. No one thought the genre could survive that, but it did. Match Game ended up on prime time t.v.. There was Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Cranston is saying come on guys, make some popcorn and keep on a watching.

I had an epiphany the other day. Hollywood is the problem! Many other countries do not have the sexually deviant and violent tendencies we do.

The wow moment had me remembering life as a kid and young adult. I could trace back my road from innocent cute boy to very aware, no going back understanding of sexuality in terms of myself as an individual. It then made sense that whatever I had experienced is not much different than anyone else and it's getting worse. Young people are not provided the room to develop as normal, ethical full humans capable of goodness and living life the way it should.

I once tweeted that the answer perhaps lies in between the burqa and the striptease. You don't want to be a slut nor prudish. I mean this in regards to both sexes. All of us suffer when demented worldviews are pumped into everyone from young age well into adulthood. We are only able to cop on to what happened decades later.

Some never do. Most cling to the false ego all the way towards one's inevitable death. Eating disorders are a result of Hollywood. Blokes acting macho come from the medium. Stupid nationalism is crammed into our minds. We are gaslit and abused psychologically to this day. That's why I have quit accepting any of this garbage, from the mainstream outlets to the Military-Industrial Complex controlled alternatives. Think of a place like Reddit Conspiracy. To read there is to be in direct contact with deep state psychological operations.

They are not only perched and contaminating that small pond. They are everywhere.

Hollywood wants us to drool over strangers. They want us to know that if one is single, they can still let their depraved minds drool over Taylor Swift's legs, for example. Gwyneth Paltrow presents herself as if we should want to gobble her up. Who would name their daughter an apple? These people are demented. Cranston and the men like him are also 100% fvcked in the noggin. It's not my fault that 95% of people are fake and deranged. I am simply observing and probing social reality.

There are as many sexes as there are people.... in theory, in the way it ought to be. But noooo, the ptb's want you to look to Hollywood to teach you how to act as men and women.

Cranston has basically wet his pants. I wouldn't be surprised if he also took a dump, a number two in said undies.

We must 100% boycott and ban all of the entertainment industry. We must do the same to cable t.v. news and all mainstream news outlets. We must also accept that so-called alternatives are also full o'shite and not worthy of trust or support.

I hate to be the bearer of nightmarish news, but that's what is truly going on. It is a leap of faith to kill the medium in one's mind, yet that's the only possible path out of the big mess. There are to be no Cranston styled comebacks. His point is correct only in a simpleton way. Two cancers do not make a right. The entertainment industry is one of the biggest tumors of them all.

Vast numbers of men and women are not living the lives they should because they have been psychologically beaten down by all forms of medium, from parents to entertainment to government to schools to military to corporations to any that I forgot to include.

The reason why people are incapable of living in the moment and at one with Tao is because of scumbags, turds and garbage. While they are to be somewhat pitied, they are not your friends and couldn't care less of your pain. This is an epic battle between free will and indoctrination. If this is lost, we are done and cooked as a society.

Most people have this societal cancer or like myself stay in direct contact with it. I do realise there are more spiritual steps for meself. No one is perfect. Yet, until one can first accept that there is a big mess and that it is institutionalised, one will remain mired in terminal conformity. They will continue to get their chains yanked and not understand why they are miserable and why it never gets better.

                             eulogy for the medium and its fake life

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Reverse the Propaganda: The U.S. Military Equates to Garbage

                                       image from

Uncle Satan wants you to defend our freedom to enjoy fake entertainers, media and government. President Trump loves himself some military and Rodrigo Duterte. Meanwhile, Donna Brazile hustles and bustles for the DINO Neoliberal Resistance. Divide and conquer is on the move. Our rigged nightmare continues.

This is a documentary done on military manipulation of Hollywood:

Jesus, help me find my proper place

Each day I wake up more surprised that some vigilante nutjob hasn't ended the life of a famous alleged sex predator. It's almost as odd that some of the accused haven't done all of us a favour and done it to themselves. While innocent until proven guilty is a good thing, scum like Kevin Spacey and Harvey Turdstein have already been convicted through the blog court system.

I'm glad people are starting to wake up. The vast majority have come to the conclusion that police are criminal scum protecting government and corporations. If we are waiting for cancer to cure itself, it's not going to happen.

Power must have its feet held to the fire or nothing will change. Masses of people must seize power from the fascistic, brainwashed elite. I'm not sure if it will happen. We are clearly living in a form of matrix. Many kooks feel vindicated with justice lagging behind.

So who will be the next Weinstein? Steven Spielsberg's name is whispered. The Dan Schneider scumbag from Nickleodeon is mentioned.

Go to Youtube and search for videos on Amanda Bynes and Britney Spears, that sort of child star stuff. It all starts to add up. Many Hollywood celebrities are basically freaking out because their bread and butter is falling apart. Their whole lives have been one big fat, ugly lie. The dirty laundry is everywhere.

We the audience feel disgusted.

Oh, there really is something called autotune and it is apparently in use by nearly every modern pop artist. Not only are appearances tweaked and brushed, most of these so-called celebrities and artists have been exposed as victims, predators, narcissists and con artists.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Fake is fake.

                                           Ashlee Simpson on SNL

Scoops are rare. Sometimes there are coincidences. There is the phrase great minds think alike. I mentioned that the music industry is a hoax and many of these people are no different than Karaoke singers.

This is old news while it isn't. It is a pattern. Simpson got busted lip-syncing on live t.v.. She was unprepared to sing as a plan B if the piped in music went wrong, which it did.

This is an hour long Opie and Anthony Show in which karaoke is mentioned around the four minute mark.

They talk about looks. At least they have that. No! That, too, has been revealed as a manipulated shenanigan leading to a critical mass of body image and eating disorders.

This is sort of old news. I think there was a big brouhaha when folks found out singers were faking it on Solid Gold.

That is not art. That is schtick commodification. Ain't it a riot? The so-called entertainers raking it in aren't even real artists. It's all banal packaging and fluff.

Illuminati Whores

The real question might be who isn't an Illuminati whore. How many people have you met who called it like it is in regards to the Military-Industrial Complex? I've met next to none except for during college where folks read books and worked with facts. I associated with people who had devoted their entire lives to study, reflection and teaching.

One of the great pleasures in life is telling scum to its face that they are not as smart, talented and beautiful as they would like us to believe. Kyrie Irving is great at basketball. However, there's no justification to flash the 666 symbol. I'm not even Christian. I am into Zen and what is. If someone promotes any kind of secret society sign, that's basically admitting he or she is a turd, scumbag and garbage.

Kurt Cobain sang, "I'm so ugly, that's okay, 'cause so are you."

Is Mila Kunis attractive? I guess so if one goes by a recent appearance on Conan.

But then if you look at pictures taken by the Stalkerazzi, it becomes clear that she is very ugly. This below is just one example of how much Hollywood is a lie.

Aaaw, she wants to spread love. But wait a second. How come there is a pentagram for the letter O? Why does Ashton Kutcher wear a Mason's hat?

We the people need to let these scumbags know that their guts are hated by placing a 100% permanent boycott on Hollywood. There are new Twitter rules. If you confront any of them directly, then be prepared for a suspension. There is no such thing as free speech. Thus, the only way we can stop the madness is by cutting off the demonic industry's income. The medium is a closed shop. It will not change through an increasing of the collective consciousness. That has been tried and is ineffective. The only option left is to take over the medium or simply admit that it's dead.

Men can be whores. This fucker below makes me so mad. Our country is extremely fucked up and it's easy to see who is responsible.

It is time to get very mad at all the scum who have ruined the world.

Cops are whores. Every single one of them who has broken the law needs to be locked up.

                                       cops planting drugs on a victim

The people who uphold the law should be the cleanest of all. But video don't lie and now most folks hate and fear the police for verified reasons.

Taylor Swift is someone who caught my eye when first seeing her. She was sooooo cute. But as time passed and awareness grew, it became obvious how very ugly nearly every celebrity truly is.

                                                 the beauty hoax

How fake is everything? How would I know? This is mere probing and living in the internet moment. Women slap on makeup. Photos and whatnot get airbrushed and wtf. Young women end up with eating disorders because they assumed Hollywood was real. Men develop complexes. Young people deserve the truth. Famous male and female sluts paraded around are not better looking or more talented than us everyday slobs.

We have been feeling inadequate for no good reason. We are in emotional turmoil because we've been socialised over whole lives to emulate or live vicariously through numbnuts propped up by the militarised entertainment paradigm.

The medium must stay dead in order for children to finally have a chance at a normal upbringing. Maybe books will make a comeback. Maybe someday "entertainment" will become worthy of one's time. But it ain't gonna happen in this lifetime, imho. Things are way too fvcked up.

I'm saying deal breaker. They say it's time to double down and gin up the fake. You will eat the fake meat or there'll be no pudding. That's from The Wall. We don't need no education and thought control. That was a good album. Subject yourself to authoritarian personality disorder and you'll get your materialistic treats. Keep waving the flag and supporting the troops if it makes you feel better, ya conformist pigs.

I see claims that there is something called autotune. Apparently the way people can fake as incredibly beautiful is similar to the scam which is studio music. The basic point is that if you listen to Taylor Swift and others when the conditions can't be rigged, it becomes clear that there is a definite lack of talent; that it's not what you know or can do, it's who you know.

                                       People are starting to wake up!

Joe Rogan is not a comedian or actor. Taylor Swift isn't a singer. These are truly interesting days. You can trace the modern day medium back to almost 200 years. That's when it started to form through literary devices. Edgar Allan Poe wrote articles. Mark Twain is an early pioneer, I suppose. We take this stuff for granted? Photography emerged, then movies and radio, onto television and the internet.

There has always been one constant amongst all the various techniques and platforms. It's called content. And there has always been an us versus them. They produce and we consume. They define what we think and who we are from behaviour management to sexuality. But people are starting to rebel. They are attempting to think for themselves.

Unfortunately, the ptb's knew you were headed in that direction. So they come up with an infinite number of Plan B's. That over there tricked you? That is bad. We are over here with the others. Rejoin us. Think Donna Brazile.

Deal breakers are finally emerging. To cops we see on video, the natural response is no, that must end. Football players are saying enough is enough. I agree with them, but football should be banned. It is barbaric and a health risk. There will be a never ending road of nothing ever improving if we do not let go of the medium's corpse.

If Taylor Swift can't sing, if Joe Rogan was never capable of doing stand-up comedy or acting, then what is going on? Maybe all of this is a hoax? I say yes.

Friday, November 10, 2017

I do not support the military or anyone who does

The Celtics just won their eleventh straight game. I'm starting to not care. Tonight was yet another bullshite military event. Saying the Pledge of Allegiance is stupid. Nationalism is for conformists. The Star-Spangled Banner is racist.

So many are spitting it out on Hollywood sexual abuse. Others are screaming of demented videos marketed to children. Above is LeBron flashing the 666 beast symbol. If one wishes to argue he is really saying everything is A-okay, then what's up with the Illuminati all seeing eye T-Shirt?

I'm not Christian. It seems to me that a lot of the occult nonsense is generated by the Military-Industrial Complex "Conspiracy Story" program. Regular guys are forced to procure data amidst a deluge of strawman content. People who are into God should tone it down. They shouldn't proselytise which only furthers divide and conquer.

It is pretty messed up how many celebrities flash demonic signs. A few blog entries back I pointed out Tom DeLonge of Blink-182. He's a big fan of the Masons who puts their symbols all over his equipment and it's just what it is. He's a CIA asset working the alien schtick. He's the proverbial paid fvck dovchebag. Truth is truth.

I see Trump would like to get rid of the non-tax status for Scientology. That is a good move. People need to move on. He won. It is not helping anything by retreating into neocon versus neoliberal alternate reality games.

It is moral to feel disgust for the U.S. Military and all people supporting it. It's not my fault the vast majority of people are stupid and set in their ways. But someone has to say it. The MIC is the most destructive element of the United States. They are the fvckers who are spying on you. They are the ones contaminating social media. They are the ones who make it that none of us are too safe visiting other countries. Tell folks you are Irish or Canadian. Learn to fake one of those accents.

But most of you accept them as the protectors of freedom and oh my, you never shut up about their alleged sacrifices. You are the same clowns who loved marijuana as illegal and you always supported the police. Youtube and the video changed that. It made you look like the mediocre, self-absorbed idiots you've always been. You've been wrong on many things and continue to sleep walk through existence.

Where is good guy cia when you need them?

This scumbag claims to have killed someone when he was sixteen over an alleged look. He is the president of a country which is executing people without trial. Our deep state is supposed to be very concerned with balance and global security, yet Rodrigo Duterte continues to walk free.

The Elsagate Psyop

That's Max Headroom above. Elsagate seems to be about inappropriate Youtube videos gathering way too many page views to make sense. Weird spam gibberish has been spotted in comments. There is blatant lifting of copyrighted characters such as Spiderman and Mickey Mouse. There's a lot of stuff. It's very weird and unsettling.

I'm an ignoramus on the topic because I choose to not go too far down this specific rabbit hole. Here's a video. This guy is speaking my language. He speaks of psyops and alternate reality games.

                                 Is #Elsagate a PSYOP/ARG Run by Robots?
                                          The Honeybee, AI 2.0 (Lift the Veil)

The video maker runs another clip from somewhere else. It turns into a more traditional podcast around the 9:30 mark.

Huh, what about the harvesting of energy? Don't get too kooky on me, bro.

I liked how he mentioned George Webb and then the Defango guy. I had told Pappy Korn that Webb was an obvious fake. I have that kind of knack. Maybe it's a skill and my education was what enabled me to develop a cybersleuth/social critic schtick.

I really wasn't interested in Defungus. I already forget his name. But it appears that he was a plan B to Webb. There is always a next disinfo person or so-called community as a safety net for heretics.

Or that's how I see it. It happened with both Daily Kos and Democratic Underground. There was always a "next man up" offshoot forum to cater to the divided disgruntled.

I don't know if KornBreath was a paid fake or not. But if he was. Yikes, I sound like O.J.. If he was a paid fake, this is what happened. His role is to distract independent minds with ARGs (to co-opt and distort real stories) close to impossible to ignore. Pizzagate. The funny thing about David Seaman was I had already classified him as a paid fake well before he reemerged with any pizza stuff.

This may sound tough to believe, but I have found that the less energy one puts into chasing shadows to figure out the totality of internet fakes, the easier it is to perceive the elusive big picture.

Life happens in patterns. If you've watched one paid fake, you've seen them all. It's back to the idea of untouchable minds. Once one has applied discipline for good, inner strength is formed to shield oneself from outside hostile entities.

I don't like the word LARP. My gut tells me it is a cointelpro phrase in the batch including conspiracy theory, gaslighting and the evoking of authority in attempts to circumscribe all within the rigged internet bubble.

At the 34 minute mark, the dude goes after David Seaman.

I've been at this a very long time. I come to my own conclusions and pretty much go with the flow for what is created from fingers to keyboard. I am writing quite a bit more lately due to getting me arse suspended twice by Twitter. I'm terrified to go back there. I don't want my page deleted. If it happens, it happens. I feel safer here.

I'm going to have to tone down my Twitter.

He is apologising to someone if he had implied the other person was a government agent. He invites them onto his turd show. This guy himself could be part and parcel of the psyop. I don't have the time to vet. Perhaps I have the time but refuse to spend it on anything contained within the bubble that obfuscates and distorts social reality.

I wrote a blog entry on the internet bubble boy age or something. My stuff might not be great, but I was sort of prolific and some of it was very good. I know I'm not a paid fake. I know that it's obvious I am not one. That's what I mean. Saying you know you're not one could be said by anyone.

I'm not sure what it means to live outside the internet bubble, yet I know that's what I'm doing. I'm participating in "social media" but on my own terms. It is sorta kinda a leap of faith.

You know that you aren't them. You're not any of it. You're just you and that's good enough. We are not alone even if the internet makes it seem that way. Have fun surfing. Try to find the best stuff or make sense of what's in front of you.

Quit cable news. Quit cell phones. Quit internet "communities." They are all infested with old school mind control. Snowden and Assange have freed us. We are free. The nightmare is over. Let it rot. We are the untouchables outside of rigged scripts.

Potato. That's another one. Out of nowhere everyone was saying potato as if it's funny. Or bacon. Fvck off.

At 34:36 he whispers, "It's a big mess." That's my fricken phrase. Et tu, Pappy Korn?

Energy Harvesting? I guess I have to watch this through. There is a form of disinfo schtick in which someone will sound really good, but then at some point it's segued into the most insane garbage. It's like back the fvck up, wait a second. You just said such and such making the "kook community" look demented.

This is how it's done. There is circumscribing. Mimicry. If you look at the Snowden cyber magician documents, the power point presentation is right there. You don't need Greenwald for anything. It is eternal public info without copyright. But I'm not going to run around in circles explaining why The Intercept is gatekeeper garbage. I do like the Snowden documents. They are enlightening.

Spit it out on "energy harvesting."

He's saying things that make no sense. Now he is ranting about DeFango and expecting his viewers to run around like chickens with their heads chopped off.

Omg, this guy is saying that robots are producing Elsagate. He says Artificial Intelligence is hiring the actors. It's Stephen Hawking styled future fear mongering and dumb as bricks.

He says he hasn't even gotten into the psyop part of it. I've got thirty more minutes of this guy and then he's out of my life for good.

"If DeFango hadn't been slowed down. Well, he's the lynchpin."

See what I mean? There's always a Plan B. If you don't like DeFango, there's this guy. I just wanted to learn about Elsagate. Wow.

The weirdest part of all might be he looks and acts a lot like Seaman. He's also acting specifically like someone would if they were involved in and promoting a militarised alternate reality game.

This is getting too stupid. He is talking about a HoneyBee and George Webb. I am very suspicious of this guy! Yet, I kind of couldn't care less. My general thought is that this guy is mimicking me.

I've never seen him before. He's shifted the topic from wtf is Elsagate to discussing Webb. He name drops H.A.. He's boring the fvck out of me. I just want it to end.

 Yeah, why is he wearing ear pieces?

He gives away the show by never shutting up about AI. He's sounding like a fruitcake. He's taking serious issues such as cointelpro infested social media and weird videos at Youtube directed towards children and has turned it into energy harvesting (wtf?), Seaman, Webb and more in regards to the internet clown industry.

He is attacking someone named HoneyBee. How is he not part of the alternate reality game?

I can't speak for any of the so-called names (Honeybee?) except for Seaman, Webb and folks I've already looked at.

I can speak about these kinds of things because I was victimised by one. It was called Weinergate. It is conspiracy fact that the deep state fvcked with me. This guy gives me bad vibes. He is clearly scum. Folks shouldn't waste any time on such bullshit.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Cancer cannot cure itself

Cancer cannot cure itself, yet Donna Brazile suggests otherwise. She claims to have located the malignant tumors within the DNC. A big chunk of the disease is situated in the medium as exposed by Assange and Snowden documents. Thus, it is no surprise that the "cancerous" Brazile is currently using the recently deceased medium to spread an illusion of a political reboot. Or Donna Brazile is greatness and not cold and calculating.

Sean Parker was president of Facebook and is apparently worth $2.4 billion. He claims to be a "conscientious objector" towards social media's covert use of psychological manipulation to Svengali increased membership participation. Is he going to donate the money to socialism? Why does anyone think cancer can cure itself?

I'm still suspended from Twitter for the next four plus days. Parker does make a good point that websites manipulate their users with false positive encouragements defined as likes, sharing, responses, etc.. At Twitter, there is the retweet button. It can be akin to being in a casino with bright lights and noises. Mental health and internet addiction have been linked together by some studies.

The ptb's desire a return to the days before Snowden and Assange performed reverse-disruption activities. Yet, the more they attempt this, the more they themselves become caught in a reverse-double bind. They cannot control everything and everywhere. There will always be independent thinkers with the gumption to stir things up. Many people value integrity over zipping their yappers and staying in rigged lanes. Some people are untouchables in regards to co-opting.


Maybe things like this are why young people are opening up to the idea of democratic socialism? The word capitalism is no longer assumed as a positive.

The rich are part and parcel of the big mess. They will eventually get what's coming to them. Let all the dominoes fall!

The internet, as is, is a control mechanism. It is an extension of all the bullshit we've been socialised to accept. The system in itself is the disease. The medium is the cancer. The Military-Industrial Complex is a grotesque fungus. Fvck this and fvck everyone who is responsible for the country and world going down the youtubes.

But, but, but Trump will save us!

There is so much utter bullshite propagated that it cannot be coincidence or explained through social psychology. The "kooks" are  currently claiming that Trump is "Q Clearance" from 4Chan /Pol/. Where have we seen this convolution rodeo before? Perhaps it has similarities to Jason Leopold's "conspiracy story" claim that Rove had been indicted.

Most of the time these silly alternate reality games emerge, it is darn obvious it's cointelpro styled garbage time.

This Q dude is really not much different from the Alex Jones-Pieczenik fiction. The narrative is pushed that there is internal struggle within hidden power. The schtick claims that there are good guys fighting against bad guys within military intelligence.

Apparently there are tons of indictments in the pipeline. I think folks are saying Tony Podesta has already been arrested. There might also be hints that Hillary Clinton will get pinched.

It's Happening!

Sure, then you woke up in a puddle, to take a line from Repo Man.

Emilio was deep in thought telling his co-worker about this dream he had, that it was real, so realistic. Then the other dude said, "Yeah, then you woke up in a puddle."

I don't know if that was a digression or clarification.

The bottom line is that the PTB's do not want us to say fvck off to everything and everyone. They want us to always migrate to new milieus. We're not supposed to be independent actors. You are fed up with neoliberalism? Then join up with H.A. Goodman and Tim Black, the self-described non-sellouts.

4Chan is just one more dead end option. There is nothing on the internet worthy of respect. Everything is controlled, surveilled and manipulated. It is impossible to "handle the truth" when it is all fake.

Yeah, I'm pissed at Twitter for censoring my free speech. Why isn't someone allowed to call public figures Illuminati whores and Magic Negroes. Bob Marley said, "Who the cap fit, let them wear it."

I scrolled upward through this rough draft and have apparently written enough to edit then publish.

Here is a prediction poem to pad the mailed in entry with bonus content:

***   The reboot will not be ending any time soon, fellas
       Academic ideas have zero value within the bubble
       There is an outside in which untouchables soar
       Not everyone is a paid fake or useful idiot

       Censorship and behaviour management are on the rise
       The biggest lie is that there are internet communities
       Disinfo operates with an infinite number of plan B's
       Think of concern trolls. gaslighting and doublespeak

       How many of these damn lines must I write before the edit
       Uhm, er, like you know, whatever, I'll write ten more lines
       Participating in social media equates to feeding the system
       I love me some Hollywood crumbling into dust bunnies

       It's interesting that so many folks are speaking out with "me, too"
       That is clearly a positive development, e.g. Spacey et al on the run
       Probe and stay-a-busy yet balanced for the medium is the madness
       When in doubt, listen to some Alan Watts or anything with meaning
       Learn how to vet by watching for patterns
       Don't take anything personally by remaining objective
       They don't know who you really are and never will
       Social media is a hoax


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The shite hits the fan for Sheen and Spacey.

I hate to say I told you so. Actually, I do. I love it. I micro-reported on Charlie Sheen as the Haim rapist and was quick to share Heather Unruh's accusation against Kevin Spacey. Corey Feldman has been vindicated.

Donna Brazile is full o'shite and symbolic of a demented Amerika

No one's denying she's a handsome woman, cute, bubbly, sophisticated, wonderful and delightful. But that's called acting. One would have to be quite the numbnut to buy into her recent apology tour.

She couldn't just admit the election was rigged for Queen Hillary and leave it at that? Paid fake fvckers are some of the worst liars. Sociopaths have an innate ability to lie and move on. Power in itself is their endgame.

I don't do medium reboots. I don't stick around with abusive partners. I deal in a reality which consists of deal breakers. You do something so wrong and you're dead to me. You might as well not exist. And I would tell you to your face, "Fuck you and fuck this."

If Twitter wasn't squeezing my free speech nuts, you could be getting this information in real time. So I am under a lot of duress attempting to come up with junk before its freshness date elapses.

Today is the day that nothing happens? There are a lot of losers on Youtube and elsewhere claiming ooooh, this is the big one. The swamp is getting drained. I'll believe it when I see it. It's okay to take a while to find yourself and break the chain of medium bondage, but at some point it is on everyone to admit that everything is rigged and fake.

Stop being a complete chump?

No, the person on 4chan called Q Clearance is not some good guy upper echelon power player letting you in the know. A trashy cointelpro infested website like that needs to deliver some goods, some scripted nonsense to distract people into repeated visits. I don't like racists and untalented writers? Maybe my writing is overrated. I'd be the first to admit it. But fvck 4chan and anyone who goes there. Fvck me for going to Daily Mail. I had all these emotions building up over time. The easiest way to articulate this was saying fuck you and fuck this.

Are you going to go back to Alex Jones? Because that's what that 4chan garbage is all about. It's Lucy tricking Charlie Brown yet again into kicking the football.

Life is unfair and corrupt, and always has been, but now is the time to completely pledge allegiance to a reverse disruption program. The government has crossed a line and you know what they deserve.

But anyway, I just wanted to point out that nothing has changed. The medium is still state-sponsored garbage. 95% of all people are scum who make no effort to improve spiritually or to truly understand the social structure they were born into.

Here's Donna on The View. You go ahead and accept her new schtick or kiss Trump's butt. I accept neither as the truth. Both sides are demented dog shit. Both sides are controlled and manipulated by the Military-Industrial Complex. Fuck Donna Brazile. FUCK YOU, DONNA BRAZILE. FUCK OFF. YOU FUCK OFF TOO, REPUBLICANS AND TRUMP. AND YOU MILITARY FUCKERS ARE WORTHLESS DEMENTED SCUM. ARE YOU PROUD CHARRING ALL THOSE BABIES AND RUINING SO MANY COUNTRIES INCLUDING YOUR OWN? ARE YOU PROUD OF YOURSELVES, YOU TREASONOUS DIRT BAGS?

Go wank off to pictures of J. Edgar Hoover in a dress?

There is no epic battle between good and evil in the shadows of the medium. You didn't notice that Q Clearance or wtf is implying the same crap as an Alex Jones?

Brazile is talking out of her butt because Bernie or Bust was successful! It was Bernie or bust and that's how it ended. Take the neoliberal doublespeak and stick it up your paid fake butts.

The View is retarded. What is going on there, a panel of three neoliberals and two neocons? I haven't watched that show in years. Is Hasselbeck still on the show? Did Baba Wawa retire? I see that "Ice Princess" McCain is the alleged new freshness.

As an alleged INFJ, I knew within seconds that Brazile was cold and calculating with her new book. She's trying to portray herself as a regular guy and whistleblower, but that is Rebooting Medium 101. And within a minute of the start of her talking, Joy Behar is already licking her chops anticipating the new shift, a new paradigm in which cancer is alleged to have the capacity to cure itself.

No, she didn't just say Bernie was abused and leave it at that. Nope, she segues into the Russians hacked us! Ye can't see what she is up to?

A true leader would stick to facts. There'd be no hidden agenda or spin attempts. She'd be saying the superdelegates have to go.

You jackasses are just gonna forget that she got the debate questions from CNN to give to Hillary? You're gonna forget the dump she took on Wikileaks?

How does an apology for an unfair election due to DNC tumors turn into the Russians yet again?

Snowden documents revealed that hidden government loves itself some simulation of social reality. We've all been brainwashed our whole lives. This is the point where we must say, "NEVER AGAIN!"

Sorry for the capital letters in spots. This Corey Feldman guy uses it all the time. I am trying to be objective in my coverage of his story, but there might be a bit of Stockholm Syndrome going on. He is a ridiculous dude in many ways, but he is very difficult to stay mad at or not empathize with his experience. So it becomes difficult to not let his schtick bleed into me own.The digression is no one is a mountain in Tibet at one with the cosmos. We are influenced by medium and others. Socialisation is not fake news.

We end up in a double bind. This is our country and government. We can't just run away to Canada or Ireland. This is our medium. We can't just ignore it. Yet, it never changes. It never cleans up its own house. It couldn't care less about truth, justice and the American way. As Philosopher David Bowie put it:


This is life imitating art, period
This is Orwell's 1984, but real life
There is a fancier phrase than reboot
This is the reproduction of social reality

Or it was as in past tense and not the now
'Tis the reproduction of social convolution
"Fighting for the right to be right"
That's all this is and CIA produced

We want to live but not like this
Weinstein hired ex-Mossad agents
Beyond the beyond of insanity
Corruption contaminating content

At the two minute mark, Whoopi is like you are a very charming woman Miss Donna, but ain't this an attack on your own party?

                                                      Et tu, Whoopi?

Donna claims she never said nothing to nobody about any rigged election. She states that this is about cancer within the DNC. This reminds me of another politician from back in the day.

Donna Brazile is a doublespeak wizard
She knows that the party has lost the true left
She wants to treat the cancer, not kill the patient
She knows there are only two parties to pick from

The scumbags who denied us Bernie say they are the doctors
Naive leftist posers are upset with the DNC for making them look bad
"We attacked the BernBots based on your party's manipulation"
People are more worried about looking right than being right

Joy Behar is confounded and discombobulated
Why throw the party under the bus now
Why leave us nowhere to go
then comes doubling down and ginning it up

The Russians! The Russians attacked us!!!!
Never again, never again
We are cancer for good
The reboot is on

And on that note, Whoopi says we can go to commercial.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Bits and Pieces

I've just bumped into a bit of synchronicity. What is that?

I got suspended from Twitter for Lenny Bruce styled provocation. I asked what are these terms Uncle Tom, coon and magic Negro? You'll have to trust this really is a coincidence and I'm not just making up crap to look prescient or magical.

I went fishing for a Lenny Bruce photo for this entry because I have many legit reasons to believe I'm his reincarnation. Perhaps I'll get more into that at the end of this pseudo article and it will become part of the pieces. Anyway, I clicked on one photo and it led to a New York Times article dated for yesterday, the same day Twitter slapped my hand, told me to grow up and stop being a racist pig.

Brandeis Cancels Play About Lenny Bruce After Protests

This is a fascinating story that I think folks should check out for themselves. It is "life imitating art." The play was written by an established writer named Michael Weller. He wrote the screenplay for Ragtime. It was Cagney's last movie and extremely anti-racism.

Lenny Bruce was 100% against racism. It formed a big part of his worldview. He despised discrimination and segregation. I don't want to give away too much, but basically this play is based somewhat on Lenny. Weller is a Brandeis alumnus. A student gets into Bruce's famous bit centered around the "N" word. He wants to perform it himself. Brandeis (within the play) threatens the student with possible academic punishment if he goes through with the schtick theft.

The New York Times is verified paid fake garbage, but they did include the link to the Brandeis paper covering the controversy.


The article's title is accurate except replace dissent with chicken shit. This is George Soros 101. This is CIA and FBI modern day cointelpro. Someone would have to be a complete moron to think Bruce or Weller were/are racist.

Coincidences like this happen to me all the time. Today I also stumbled onto videos explaining the difference between INFP and INFJ. I took the personality test quite a number of years ago and it was an eye opener. They scored me as INFP. However, now that I have heard some bits and pieces (hence the title) on alleged differences between the two, I am apparently an INFJ. This is a retraction. I am not INFP.

I judge the shite out of people. Integrity and authenticity form my inner core. There is something magical to the way I sometimes put stuff together. A close friend wondered if cointelpro thought I was a hacker because I had figured out a lot on Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin which led to my initial fifteen minutes of fame. I say initial because I've also had an "in fifty to one hundred years" schtick. So I might get some extra fame time in my next incarnation or two.

What was the question? Ha ha?

So yeah, the people at Brandeis are turds who can't think for themselves. They have been brainwashed by the system to such a point that they look like neoliberal idiots.

I would like a copy of the play. It seems to have Black Lives Matter involved in the plot. They don't like Weller's tone or the character I mean. When life imitates art, there tends to be an explosion of convolution leading to hysteria that the CIA and Soros love them some of that or that phrase the kid's use. I love meself some Boston Celtics basketball. That phrase. 

I love meself some censorship? Wow.

I need music in the background or I can't think.

I kind of ignore Bowie in the dress, but it's his best album. BUT I DIGRESS.

I think like Lenny. I have his personality. I went to Brandeis where his work is housed. I was born eight days after he died. My real name is extremely close to Steve Allen his good buddy who cut him breaks and tried to help him.

There's more but it's very let's say impossible to prove. The conditions are there. At a minimum, I am suspected of being the same kid. I am in the running. I would like to meet Kitty and get her opinion. It's said soul can't be faked. She'd know.

I am back on this blog. I love meself some writing.

I am not afraid of the U.S. military and their corruption. Someday perhaps in fifty to one hundred years their swamp will be drained. Hopefully sooner. But when it happens, perhaps descendant internet addicts will notice my blogging from the past which is actually right now.

We become the future's rear-view mirror. I'm actually trying to leave soul crumbs so my future incarnations will go aha, I'm that kid. Then it will be perceived that they were also Lenny. Those folks will leave soul crumbs, too, and so on and so on and so on and maybe so on some more. Then in all future incarnations, I can get the meaning of life crap out of the way more quickly, take power and eradicate cointelpro and fake news. The endgame is for all of us to chill out and live in peace and the reality which is Tao.

We are not supposed to live this way.

Oh, Lenny has a message for all the intellectual losers and posers dry-humping CIA divide and conquer and got the play cancelled.

Free Speech is Officially Dead

I've been suspended again from posting at Twitter. This freeze out will last a week. Based on what is getting me into trouble, it seems unlikely I can continue without being permanently banned.

Twitter censorship is nothing new. We recently learned they were heavily censoring the #DNCLeak(s) hashtag.

I have never been censored before until recently. They first got me for calling Taylor Swift an Illuminati whore. Now I am out of action for a full week for speaking my mind on Neil deGrasse Tyson.

They forced me to delete one tweet. Absentmindedly I did so before screen capturing. Yet, a copy was sent to my inbox. It is missing just the image of Tyson flashing the devil horn symbol. So, here it is:

There is a clear banality of evil. I am not racist. Not one drop. I see people as people. There are cultural differences in general. I do not think of the above in any negative way in terms of race.

Where's the "N" word? Yeah, I didn't use it. I used terms that express disdain for Black elitist pigs who present nothing positive for their own people and culture. I even asked if as a white guy I'm allowed to use the terms. It was a rhetorical question. I believe as someone non-racist that I'm just the right fella to let it rip.

Coon was never a word I thought much of. Yet it is clearly a true descriptor of a certain African-American who trades integrity for personal gain. There was a famous Black actor named Stepin Fetchit. He was 100% "coon." I'm not saying he looks like a raccoon or was any less human than Whitey, but he did sell his soul to act the buffoon and make all Black people look subhuman.

So how is it racist to use the word coon? I bet Spike Lee would have no problem with me schtick.

Magical Negro is a well-known phrase. Obama could be that. Again, it is not an attack on the essence of Black pigment. It is a consequence of a rigged social structure which works to divide and conquer. If people are people, then being a woman or Black or anything is never an indicator of one's self-worth and decency. I am fighting for the Black man by bringing up this topic. Tyson is a public figure. I broke no rule. It was not harassment. Tyson and anyone else can block me and many do. The truth can be censored, but it doesn't mean it is destroyed. It just migrates to pockets of awareness to survive another day of state-sponsored medium oppression.

Uncle Tom is a tough phrase and it feels that it is often misused. I guess he was the servant in a famous book. So, that doesn't seem to apply to deGrasse Tyson. He has a Phd and is very smart, not a typical butler or at least he'd be the Benson type, someone in the chief service position for crackers yet still the smartest dude in the room.

Tyson does seem ultra non-threatening, so if I had to pick one of three options I pigeon holed the topic into, Tyson is a "Magic Negro."

Tom DeLonge is Paid Fake Garbage

One trend or pattern I've noticed more over the last half year is that there are a lot of comics, musicians and other so-called entertainers who have no verifiable gravitas. It makes one wonder how they rose high into the upper regions of zeitgeist awareness.

Joe Rogan. Seriously. Check out any of the few available videos of him doing stand-up comedy and show me how he is funny or what he has for talent. No one can explain how he got the News Radio role which made him famous.

He was no actor. Go watch some karaoke in your local pissing dive. Listen to how bad people are at vocals. What if all of a sudden one of them is leading a band and topping the charts? That is what happened with Delonge and Blink-182.

This is not a matter of opinion. There is a difference between subjective opinion and fact. One could say, "I hate Elvis Costello. He has a bad singing voice. Why does anyone think he's good?"

I liked him. Some people love broccoli. Others hate it. I hate olives, others swear by them. That is called subjectivity. Yet, it is objective fact that those are two food items.

There is something catchy to a few of those Blink-182 tunes. But the same could be said about a lot of commercial jingles. Would we call those art? Costello had soul. He was considered a form of poet. His voice might have grated on others, but that doesn't mean he wasn't a real musician.

Listen to Delonge. Watch him fake play guitar. Fricken check out Corey Feldman with his Angels band. That's what I'm talking about. Fake is fake.

We all need income to survive. We all do what we must to ensure housing, food and health. You can't spite a bloke too much for attempting to acquire security in life.

But Delonge is something different.

He is into freemasonry. All sorts of Mason symbols were on his clothes and equipment. It's fricken weird. Secret societies are disgusting. We are getting our arses gaslighted. If you claim someone is apparently demented by pointing towards their dry humping of the Masons, you get spun as a conspiracy freak.

Long story short, Delonge is now in cahoots with CIA and other tools pushing for fake alien disclosure. This is nothing new. They are called "conspiracy stories" as outlined in Snowden documents.

But I'm the nutjob? Got it. Thanks, fellas.

Friday, October 27, 2017

All my evil desires had come true until Twitter censored me

[UPDATE]: I thought my Twitter suspension was a fluke, but now I see that Georgia Peach and other real leftists have been censored or outright banned.

“I’ve Been Labeled a Russian Troll By Twitter. What Do I Do Next?”

[end of update]

I was just talking out of me arse. There's a word for it called logorrhea. Think of Trump. His only chance to become president was to have the DNC create a pied piper strategy which worked while stealing the nomination from Bernie. However, DT wasn't beating any other candidate than Hillary. It was a fluke. Bern's and humanity's destiny was stolen.

Danny Ainge got lucky. I got lucky. I declared the medium had died and right on cue Harvey Weinstein arrived proving it's true. Hollywood is more than cooked done. They are overcooked and all carbon. They are society's filter or vacuum bag and it's ripped and the contents scattered.

Some planets are bubbling with methane or ask a scientist. My area of specialty is social theory. I used to talk about paid fakes and cointelpro saturating themselves in goofy social media well before I was vindicated by Snowden and Assange documents. I was a smart, logical, creative yet hep kook. And I ended up on top of the zeitgeist for fifteen minutes.

Something might be up with Julian.

This was interesting:

Assange basically predicted the Podesta files in 2010.

His spirits seem high. He tweeted on the pied piper angle. He went after Hillary's new bullshite. She said Wikileaks is an arm of the Russian government.

The internet is too damn fast for cointelpro/Five Eyes to keep pace with the hidden collective consciousness. They are not God. A free mind cannot be touched. Think of Chris Cuomo saying we aren't allowed to read Wikileaks. Cinema is on its death throes and cable t.v. news will probably be next. One can hope anyway.

This feels completely mailed in. I will save what's written and come back when there are further convolution developments. My recent tweets were pretty good. I rewatched some Chappelle. It's pretty trippy what's going on. The world known as social media has turned into 100% reality show. People are cracking up.

Assange has nothing to prove. He did it. And his Twitter page shows that he knows he got it done. The medium is dead. We are entering new frontiers of existence. Or we can hope so. We might just be fvcked. But life goes on and deep down within it's wonderful and delightful.

Twitter Censorship:

The kook in me believes I was censored for pointing brainwashed masses towards verification that the J.F.K. Assassination was an inside job.

The truth is probably more likely I got caught up in their new rules.

                                                 Cut it out. Grow up!

I had never been suspended or anything before by Twitter. I had to verify myself through a phone number, delete a tweet and am now waiting out twelve hours in the Twitter penalty box.

This is the tweet that got me into trouble:

I suppose I deserved this. I called a woman a whore and we are now in the post-Weinstein era. While I do admit it was wrong, it wasn't meant as sexual harassment. It was meant more in the spirit of the church lady.

The photo was of Taylor in a full body nude suit.

I am curious if the tweet would have passed the rules if I had called her a pric|< instead.

Oh, well.

That'll wrap up this mailed-in blog entry.

el fin

Sunday, October 8, 2017

I'm Driving the Bus

It's been a while since the medium's death. Stories still happen. Catalonia happened. Patton Oswalt couldn't have been more wrong. The comedian doesn't create funny ideas out of nothing. Children raised in cages or by wolves were not able to catch up. Development years had been shattered. Content is meaningless only in regards to Orwellian gaslight medium.

An intellectual artist can create. Comedy may be included. It will be formed off of memories. Those are not nothingness. Content is a product of socialisation plus motive. Words ring true only through sincerity.

There was a media personality named Earl Nightingale. He was sort of one of the original self-help motivators, the kind of people who would later on frequent Oprah and share with the audience ways for one to improve. It is the medium by which TEDx apparently operates. It is Tony Robbins styled shenanigans. It is perhaps Alan Watts. It is perhaps the schtick of a million nobodies pissing into the internet wind.

I mention Nightingale because that's whom I'm currently listening to. Here it is for those interested.

He's saying we become what we think. Our brains are akin to soil which doesn't care what seeds are used. They will produce what's planted. Plant corn and that's what you'll get. Plant poison flowers and the soil will work off of that, too.

I was listening to another fella before this. I'm wasting time on youtube. Or maybe this is time well spent. I desire to write and present worthy material. I wish for it to be universal and profound. I desire good people to understand it and get baked off of enlightenment.

I do not know that other person and am fearful that linking to him could backfire, but he got me thinking. And I am not one to steal a thought if I can help it. He spoke of rampant corruption leading to disruption of free thinking.

Yes. We have words and medium. They are shared. There is consciousness which everyone has. No one is any better than anyone else. We all bleed, cry, laugh, uhm, er, sparkle, depress, doubt, love etc..

The lesson I'm grokking is that those who disrupt are the fricken problem. That's the idea I got from the person I'm too lazy to vet. That's not his discovery. We knew as kids all about disruption. Say in sports the other side had too much momentum. You'd stall to bring them back to earth. We all had teachers who couldn't handle a class and deserved what they got. We know of audience hecklers.

People should have the right to self-publish in social media without so many state-sponsored and useful idiot distractions. I am thinking of avoiding the main Twitter page where I can see what others are posting. Donkeytale was a distraction. He forced me into putting all comments into permanent moderation.

People are people. People snap when they are distracted just a little bit more than they can handle. Cointelpro distracts some people enough to socialise them into domestic terrorists. Paddock was apparently a big fan of 9/11 conspiracy theory sharing the topic with a hooker. The conspiracy stuff has boomed in the internet era. No way in hell would he have been so paranoid if this wasn't here.

A person I like tweeted a link to Voice of America. Such moments crush my internet soul. It is a feeling quite different from bird tweets going in and out the noggin. I feel trapped. I like nature and freedom, but I am addicted to writing. This is a digression.

I don't want to quit Twitter because tweets like that devastate my false ego.

I finally gave up on Pappy Korn because he retweeted a link to H.A. Goodman.

He had made it seem he grokked and respected my schtick. Such events devastate me. There is nothing crueler than the bait and switch.

I'm sorry extraverts struggle without social contact, but introverts can get on just swell with nothing from nobody.

People should have the right to not be disrupted.

Enlightenment in this world is a lonely spot.
One should not have to explain no way to VOA.
I'm flawed, but that's my problem.
I was in college and made it through two master's.

                                          No Time ~~ The Guess Who

I know what the rules are and they're not being followed
Worst part is it's state-sponsored as confirmed by Snowden.
Conformity forms the bedrock of useful idiocy.
Fvck you and your links.

I am extremely cynical at this point.
Elections are rigged.
Social media is influenced, disrupted and corrupted.
The medium, DNC and GOP became dead ends.

I wrote the title to this entry before bumping into Nightingale's big secret reveal schtick. He seems to be saying one needs to drive the bus. I've been vindicated.

This Nightingale guy made a few good points, but he was clearly a capitalist pig. I will never listen to him again.

But I do agree that thoughts are everything.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Just Go Away

                                                  random screenshot

People have the fundamental right to be left alone. This is your last warning, Donkeytale. Do not post here again. Do not contact me in any way. It goes against my ethics to out someone, but I know who you are. I know what it's like to be outed and try hard to not do it to others. So to quote Hillary Clinton to Wall Street, "Cut it out!"

Well, as long as I'm here I might as well post something. I will copy and paste a few tweets. I sure am using the word I a lot. I'm hoping to improve at writing. We shall see.

That'll about do it. Thanks, guys!

Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Medium; dead and done

There were a few core reasons why it seemed life would always run on a medium centered socialisation. No one could envision a day when people would say this is crap across the board and we should no longer give a fvck. One could act the snob and say, "I do not watch television." Yet, that person was most definitely still reading books and magazines, listening to radio, going to art exhibitions, watching films, etc.. Ted Kaczynski apparently went off the grid, but even he could not let go. We are social beings. We crave content. I'm sure he had books and other stuff keeping him busy. Maybe he had battery operated radios. Going off the grid completely is basically near impossible.

One would have had to reflect hard and deep to have come anywhere close to predicting this death and decay to words, songs and indeed all mechanisms for cultural exchange.

Snowden and Assange together have brought the medium to a standstill. I just watched a Hunter Thompson documentary. Perhaps he was the last of the creative rebels who had success. We are born. We go through the same basic educational process. We are asked what we want to be when we grow up.

The old system looked good to go for many more centuries at a minimum. The beautiful and talented could compete in entertainment and newsprint. They could become architects, bus drivers and teachers; in other words, regular guys.

They could get married and have kids or stay single and play it out.
They could stay where they grew up or seek different scenery.
The one constant was the medium.
It was always there to fill any spates of boredom.

There was this idea that one is never too old to try.
Old codgers Bukowski and Walter Brennan made breakthroughs.
Jesse Jackson said, "Keep hope alive. Keep hope alive."
And nothing seemed so profound as a Black man finally becoming president.

It is finally impossible to be an artist within the system.
The endgame for the winners is narcissism.
One can no longer pull a Greta Garbo, get it done and then it's out of town.
The best of the best from the rear view mirror could never succeed today.

Experience has been reduced to a collective hangover from an unsalvageable medium. Snowden proved that cointelpro is alive and well, that it never went anywhere. He showed that the Church Committee was a limited hangout. I have seen on numerous internet occasions a propensity to push the idea that the CIA of today is not the deranged one from the past. The difference between myself and seemingly everyone else who has commented on the Snowden docs is I ask, "Who the heck are these cyber magicians?"

The charade could have continued if Bernie had been elected or there was no Wikileaks. Trump had to be the second worst presidential candidate of all time to make it to the Finals. Assange through the leaker(s) proved that the nomination was rigged. Perhaps equally important, it was proven that the media is rigged. We can now see that every facet of democracy is a lie.

Everyone but the paid fakes know that the ballgame is over for the Russian narrative. I am confident that Julian can prove the leaks came from Washington D.C.. I don't know what the hold up is, but apparently Trump was the last guy to get the memo on J.A.'s trade proposal:

I give you proof further exposing the deep state and its political farce based on fake balance. You give me the pardon.

I will never toss out the whole medium, although I am sincerely saying it died. It's dead. My Boston Celtics look good. I am still able to find crap at Youtube to watch. There is such a volume of content that through search engines, one can always find junk worthy of one's time.

Boredom to me seems to be a hoax. How can anyone ever get bored? Correction. If something is boring, find something else.

I do feel the need to check out headlines here and there. I keep my ears open for any news friends might mention.

I haven't been to Twitter in a couple days. Now I'm back here and it feels better already.

Plagiarism. Okay, so recently I got into comedy. I watched George Carlin. It was good. I finally checked out the Joe Rogan schtick maybe a month or two ago. Then I socratised him and didn't like what's out there. Mostly, it was watching him do stand up which confirmed he is some form of fake. He is not a real comedian, period.

He is or might as well be a CIA operative.

He seems to have gotten a big scoop or was a player in the Carlos Mencia plagiarism story. Whatever. Schumer and Denis Leary seem to be much more important cheaters for that sort of topic. Why do people plagiarise? It is out of laziness and lack of talent. Leary clearly cheated Bill Hicks. Only a narcissistic sociopath could have ever done such a thing.

I don't get it. I mean, there is an explanation called sociopaths with narcissism. Those with integrity will be better off in the long run. Reincarnation is real. Clowns unwilling to evolve will carry over the energy (karma) and predilections into their next lives.

People should want boredom, but they haven't a clue what it actually means. It is the in-between of exhaling and inhaling. It is complete awareness of the moment which is all that can ever be accomplished. This is about the silence after the death of the medium. Once something is known as fact, one needn't worry about remembering the proofs and details. The sun rises every day. You push that one button and the computer turns on. And then it becomes clear that everything is rigged and fake except for the silence.

It is impossible to plagiarise if one is enlightened. You know who you are and where the ideas came from. You either give credit where it's due or it's stolen. The awake realise that no body lasts much longer than 100 years. It could end at any point. We know that we know death is inevitable.

It is the stillness in which freedom lies and nirvana awaits.

Friday, September 29, 2017

"I am influenced by every second of my waking hour."

That was a Lenny quote. Above he was seated with Hugh Hefner. What did they teach us? It's all about the endgame. They failed. Hefner ended up whiny, surrounded by dog urine and without ever finding a soulmate. Bruce died overweight in a bathroom with a needle sticking out of his arm.

They were icons for various free speech and cultural reasoning. Hefner, like Steve Allen, tried his best to help out the kid with cops all up in his schtick, referred to as an improvisational stream of consciousness bits. They were bits. I added extra imagery.

They done good but forgot how to finish the game. Hefner was a slut and pornographer. Lenny started a non-profit for leprosy and kept what he could legally. He seemed to be anti-socialism but I'm not sure. He wasn't an easy schtick to grok, but some of the stuff was brilliant. Some bands have hit after hit. Lenny was more like hit or miss. But no one had truly gone to the pow bam, right atcha stratagem. But I digress. They played the cards dealt within a medium structure that had been exponentially built or amassed since the early 1800's up until its death last year.

Hefner was lucky?

I'm not a big fan of dog piss. I'd rather experience true love than have hot chicks around me. Here's a novel idea. I'm actually attracted to women close to my age. I look at younger women as little children. Well, uhm, Uh oh. It was just a joke.

It's cheating to go with much younger people. Hey, sometimes it happens. I'm not talking about random deviations nor implying deviance. If a woman is 40 and the dude 55 or vice-versa, I could see it working. 20 and 35 is too big a gap. What Hugh Hefner was up to was simply disgusting and his endgame showed that.

Bruce gets an incarnation mulligan. He seemed to be doing swell after singing the all alone tune on t.v.. He got worn down by arrest after arrest. He wasn't a lowly drug addict. He had prescription drugs. I guess he liked methedrine? Pot made him feel paranoid or too self-conscious. He needed speed like a Nurse Jackie to keep going. Perhaps in his next incarnation he realised pot was better and that there was something invented 1.8 million years ago called the power nap.

I finally found out about Philip K. Dickhead. Just kidding. Guys. I like the dude. Just like the two above, he delivered great schtick in real time. Maybe Playboy was sleazy and Satanic, but they also had nice articles and interviews. Dick went nuts by the end, but before that he was a great science fiction writer. His downfall like Lenny's was cointelpro wouldn't leave him alone. Dick would truly come up with some weird writing at the end of his career. He died young. I think he fvcked up also like Lenny in not sleeping enough. Both felt that sleep was a waste of time. It was chop chop, get a busy for them.

The great part of the medium dying is that people can now come up with their own original content. I thought I'd never blog again. Dick might have cut a weird deal with Feds. He said the paranoia stopped after Nixon was ousted and cointelpro was exposed.

Which brings me to Barrett Brown. Talk about a glitch in the matrix process. He has been sounding like a Hillary bot. It makes no sense. Hence, I don't trust his pursuance project. Barrett loves himself some Intercept and Jay Leiderman. The only really interesting questions left are will Assange get pardoned and will Bernie keep his health and mind together to take over the presidency in just three years.

I do not like that nothing has been done about the superdelegates. Maybe they got rid of some of them? Those to me are a deal breaker and why I keep mentioning it. Barrett is busy sounding like Media Matters when he's supposed to be non-partisan. He interviewed an "ex-CIA" analyst who was on with Cenk. Or there's something called a sealed plea agreement supplement signed by both parties.

Maybe he's just a naive narcissist with blind spots? That could very well be what is going on and hopefully he'll wake the fvck up. I doubt he will. It sounds like classic denial, an I'm not listening. I'm not going near that. He has somehow become a Jake Tapper. He's just another guy circumscribed within the dead state medium apparatus.

Comictelpro was interesting, imho. I wouldn't be afraid to proffer a grand unifying string cheese of conspiracy stories to be had with Rogan, Alex Jones, uhm, those other guys. Doug Benson? Those guys aren't real comics. It makes no sense. There shouldn't be such a buzz. If anything, my writings should form the apex of the top of the zeitgeist, at least a little bit of it. Fair is fair.

The social reality as computer simulation schtick is dogshite. The reason why everything seems to be 0's and 1's is because that's a simple way to define polar opposites which form the whole. P.K. Dick's books were brilliant or they must be based on reviews. I like those movies. I don't feel compelled to read his stuff and especially those last dregs of thought called Exegesis or wtf.

He didn't have hidden power. He was a drug addict. He hung around with the wrong crowd. Dick was one of the best, but then he fell into the deep end. One minute William Cooper made sense. The next he was talking up aliens. They got fvcked with by cointelpro. Maybe they were in on it somehow. How the fvck would I know?

Alex Jones is clearly cointelpro. Lots of stuff is obvious. It's just a little too high quality for some no name youtube channel getting huge hits and garbage comments. Some stuff is good. One must be proactive. But most of everything is not worth the effort.

I don't know what happened to Dick. It's weird that's his name. He was agoraphobic. I met someone with that. They are fine, normal, etc., but only if they are safe at home. That guy was a big time introvert. I give him his due. I'd like to think he went over the deep end rather than talked up some extra bullshite in service of national security. Conspiracy Stories as proven by Snowden documents are not something that emerged with the internet. They were transferred and adapted to this garbage pit of infinite electronic storage capacity.

The medium did die. I witnessed it. All the esoteric chit chat, i.e. the internalisation of just too much damned infotainment has fused itself into spiritual DNA. It should get progressively easier to recognise society as fake in future incarnations. I know. It sucks. There is nowhere to go where anything is real or it's very rare to find stuff and think that would be good for everyone to look at.

Here's the problem and why I may be finally sick and tired of the twitter format. I don't follow many people by design. I like the Irish guy because it seems one can learn a lot by looking at a few select stories.

I wouldn't have known about the Daily Mail scandal if I didn't follow his feed. The irony is I read the Daily Mail or skim it quite often or its U.S. version anyway. In their main paper for Brits there's some kind of full attack on Mr. Corbyn. We need that guy to succeed. The Washington Post did a similar thing to Bernie, something equivalent to a stalker sending 16 unwanted emails to some chick he's just got to let it go and move on.

The shite on Pizzagate was interesting. Most of it was a distraction. The DNC leak stuff was much more damaging than the kookier material. It turned out to be a rigged coronation for Hillary. That can't ride.

Assange ended medium history, period. Jane Fonda is even saying enough is enough and get that shite out of me mug. I love it. I don't miss the important pop culture stuff by skimming Daily Mail.

Less is more. You don't want to have too little less, less or too much more, more.

We are going to die no matter how long it takes
The perfect endgame is hitting old age with spunk
Hefner did some things right and is not a lost cause
I'd have hired a full staff to make the dog pee outside

The endgame is the which which cannot be whicher
Hat tip to Watts or he stole it
It's a simulation only in that hidden power creates scripts
Is this poetry? I doubt it. I'm trying to tie it all together

The U.S. government illegally performs psychological operations
Over half the country is progressive, but they have no candidate
You can't beat the superdelegates
Alex Jones screamed, "1776!"

That should do it. Oh, so this other fricken person I follow linked to an old Harry Enten 538 article on how everyone hates both Hillary and Trump. That website were dirty rats in on the verified conspiracy. But we're the ones smeared as kooks despite verification through heroic whistleblowing. If Assange is pardoned and Bernie wins it all in 2020, then maybe we can talk about possible medium reboots.

We are the new medium. Deal breakers are not mythology.

I vetted them all. They all suck. Some BBC lady is smearing Corbyn as a Joo hater. She got busted for something, but it'd be too much work to explain. So, listen to music. Look into cool shite that was never available to us old geezers. The Philip K. Dick story is interesting.

There are paid fakes all over the internet.