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Monday, April 27, 2009

Please Donate Money In Memory of Dave and an Open Letter to the Weintraub Family About My Internet Activities

For those who wish to donate to the American Heart Association in Dave's memory, you can go to this link.

Trying to raise money for the American Heart Association in memory of David Weintraub. Please go to:

-Michelle and Karen (david's sisters)

I probably won't be posting any longer at this domain unless yourselves wish to become administrators and/or co-bloggers. I have been under attack for over a couple years. I have proven this. My experiences enabled me to be able to empathise with what Dave went through in the latter stages of his blogging career. I feel that I have been able to set the record straight for Dave both here and at the original DaveFromQueens website. Too much negativity is being deliberately circulated about my blogging. I do not wish to jeopardise the cybersmear attacks on myself influencing the chances for Dave's true story to be told.

If you want to give me an email contact Karen, I can invite you to have administrator privileges. I sincerely think I have done a good job. Dave did not break any blogging ethics or whatnot. He did his best to expose the perversion of democratic processes on the internet. Listen, Dave came late to the party in realising how corrupt DKos is. But he made up for a lot of lost time. He single-handedly put the final touches on exposing how corrupt that domain is. His finding the UGOG files was simply pure brilliance. Nothing Dave did crossed any lines. He turned into a top-notch cybersleuth. That's what I have been for three years. We basically rummage through open source information and do the best we can to promote truth and awareness.

If you wish to be friends and/or take over the reins of this place, please post your email address. I promise not to publish it. I am even willing to talk with you and let you know that in no uncertain terms I truly am a regular guy who has tried my best.

I am tired of taking verbal abuse and being the victim of sophisticated cybersmears. My decision is to cut back on my blogging and keep it mostly in my own humble free speech cage known as All Aircraft Are Not Involved. I am very sorry you lost your brother. He was not only a genius but a beautiful peacenik. Yes, I said it. Dave was evolving into a historic leader. The attacks on his work have been outrageous. I beg the good readers to always consider the source and to ask yourself why Dave was attacked so viciously. There is a segment out there that do not want citizen journalism and activism to flourish.

The singling out of Dave for banishment of having political influence by Michael Fingerit and Michael Bouldin had its roots in their ilk not liking Dave's ability to put two and two together about the Daily Kos corruption. Personally, I think there is a good chance Michael Fingerit is somehow affiliated with Sean Hannity, and to be blunt, I believe he may be part of some modern form of cointelpro. At a minimum, I believe that Michael Fingerit as a political operative had all the characteristics of cointelpro. If he is associated to Sean Hannity of Long Island, then he is really only a degree separated to Hal Turner, who has been an informant for the FBI. Basically, sometimes where there is smoke, there is fire.

Anyway, I take solace in believing that it is the reader who decides. I believe that unless one is shallow, one will be able to figure out that what Dave did in the last year was heroic, just as heroic if not more so than when he did the street theatre, confronted Sean Hannity, blogged at DKos, worked with the kids, on and on.

Again, if you'd like to take over the reins here, let me know. I am a tired blogger. I am not a conspiracy theorist. I'm actually a good kid, around the same age as Dave. We are Generation X. We are true lefties. I for one will always remember the Dave I saw in the videos in the first post at this blog, where one could see the sparkle in his eyes, of his love for humanity and true justice for all people, as a true Democrat.

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