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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Update on my social media situation

That's me on the far right, no pun intended. I've been at Bitchute for about the last month. It's more fun to upload movies than write here. I'm able to opine there in the description box anyway. I'll provide the channel for anyone jonesing for my esoteric, somewhat eccentric and awkward wordsmith meanderings.

Bitchute is so bad for content, but they do give everyone a free chance. The big problem might be the overall presentation. I did get used to the somewhat slow loading times. Sometimes you have to refresh the page. It can get very glitchy. I despise the Nazi stuff. But it's not just that. Everything is so right wing and demented. Men are going their own way? Wow. It doesn't get more stupid than that. Yeah, let's take advice from Al Bundy and Archie Bunker. That's fricken BitChute in a nutshell. There's no such thing as incels. It's ridiculous. It's called insecurity which can be overcome. Elliot Rodger could have had plenty of girlfriends. He was demented, not deformed. Maybe society created Rodger.

I'm subscribed to about ten people right now but some of them I am not too impressed and overall it is very difficult to find much good to watch.

I've made a few new videos but mostly added a lot of reruns. I can be heard as in my voice. Those should get better. I have never smacked my lips. Why would anyone do that? I'm no longer scared of speaking. That was my big hurdle to get over the shyness part of public speaking.

I've also been uploading stuff such as Alan Watts and Marshall McLuhan. I'm in a beggars can't be choosers situation. It's bitchute or I'm done. Reddit is trash. I'm finished with everything everywhere but Bitchute and here. The hot weather has arrived. I am outside more. I only now worry about Julian Assange. It's called minimalism? And I wouldn't worry too much about the polls and Bernie. It is a good sign that the ptb's still hate his guts and don't want him anywhere near winning the nomination. It adds to Sanders' gravitas imho and makes it easier to trust his intentions.

I think Bernie has this. Those polls are not accurate. He'd have to develop a medicinal situation such as happened to H. to lose it. But Bern looks strong and healthy. Sleepy Joe might not have the stamina and is more overrated than Kyrie Irving. I've been ignoring Bernie for the last three years since 2016. He looks like the same guy. I don't think we truly get old, old until around eighty-five. Eighty might be a pivotal year, but it's no guarantee someone should finally retire just because they hit the big 80. Carter definitely looks old but he must be closing in on 95 and fricken beat down cancer. He's thinking old not noticing that the Russian thingie was a complete hoax. It happens. We eventually all age and die (see Obvious, Captain). Yet, I truly believe Bernie still has his fastball, as do I as a blogger.

The pressure is off of everyone. The internet has been verified as rigged. The spy factory feasts on everything we offer. They are mosquitoes. We are the dorito cheetoh blood they draw on. So none of us should ever be in any schtick rush. To quote Bill Murray in Meatballs, "It just doesn't matter."

I uploaded Assange's final appearance on internet television. I seem to be just about the only BernBot anywhere to be seen on Bitchute. People need to bail on Youtube. It is a great sign those fvckers were trying to jam mainstream bullshite down our throats. That violent Nasim lady shouldn't have attacked Youtube, but they sort of own her actions? I feel I can't even say much on her. It's like the cops created Eric Frein? Don't blame any of us! I sucked at science growing up, but I clearly recall something about for every action, there is an equal reaction. This is not screaming fire in a theatre that we are experiencing a constitutional crisis.

I am finally driving the bus but it is due to necessity. I will do so until Julian is freed. Then he can have back the keys to the zeitgeist throne. Here is my bitchute channel:

God bless the audience