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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Not Believable

Intrepid reporters should investigate everyone who is taking advantage of mentally ill people. Too many of them are being manipulated by quack psychologists, fake bloggers, and insidious publishers. The satanic panic lives on via the internet. This is enabling shady therapists and the others to make a buck off of others' pain. This is beyond disgusting. It is fraud and perhaps criminal.

A lot of info can be gleaned through looking into Neil Brick's Stop Mind Control and Ritual Abuse Today group. That's how I learned about Dr. Lowell Routley's involvement. From this link, I have picked up some more names and fake stories to check out. Here are a few of my finds. Later on I will touch on a bit more about the crapola coming out of Jeff Wells and his disinfo website called Rigorous Intuition. By the way, get your credit cards ready, and you can order up some cd's from these conference speakers!

Let's first take a quick looksie at Neil Brick.

The Brickster

According to Neil, he is a survivor of a Masonic cult tied to MKULTRA. He says he was a programmed assassin. Totally unbelievable. So why is Dr. Routley attending his conferences? Here you can read one of Neil's prolific spam attacks in the comment section. That thread was started by Doug Mesner, in which he gave an inside view of a Brick conference on MKULTRA mind control and satanic ritual abuse cults.

Anne A Johnson Davis

Anne claims to have come from a satanic ritual cult. Her story has been plugged a lot, because it appeared to have been accompanied with confessions made by her parents. She grew up in Utah. Her story was covered by The Deseret News. An interview of her can be found here at Neil's website. As in all the other cases I've looked into with an open mind, these allegations have been made based on so-called recovered memories. Give me a fricken break.

As usual, once one searches past the garbage links, the truth appears in needle nuggets mostly drowned out by the disproportionale noise to signal ratio haystack. Anne's parents did confess to child abuse. However, there was no satanic ritual abuse involved. One can learn that through reading here and here.

Hal Pepinsky

At this link, one can listen as Hal "reflects on the experience of learning from and teaching with ra/mc survivors and advocates from 1993 until his retirement from criminal justice at Indiana University this past spring, including progress in and around SMART conferences since 1998 in building popular recognition of the reality of ra/mc, and progress in the healing of survivors he has known."

There we also find out that, "Hal is on the board of directors of the North American Freedom Foundation (NAFF)."

Hal's a true believer! We'll learn more about the NAFF later on in this blog entry, when we yet again focus in on an internet disinformation writer named Jeff Wells.

deJoly LaBrier

I'm not sure why deJoly's first name isn't capitalised. Those types of questions emerge, once one figures out that this whole thing about MKULTRA-SRA is a scam. Well not for victims like deJoly. She's been victimised twice like all the others by opportunistic quacks. These are child abuse victims with multiple personality disorder who have been sucked into a modern form of satanic panic.

deJoly alleges to have been a victim of a military sex ring. She spoke at Brick's 2001 conference held in Windsor Locks, Connecticut. Here are some excerpts.

Two years ago or so, I was told about a therapist in Chattanooga, and I did not go. Hal Pepinsky was the one who referred me to her. I kind of let that go, and last year I came and gave a presentation and somebody again, a different person, Kathleen Sullivan, said, “Oh I know a good therapist in Chattanooga.” It happened to be the same person, but my brain went this way on both of them. But I want to thank both of them for giving me that information because now I’m back in therapy and I’m going to that person and she’s an excellent therapist....

I myself was born on October 20, 1948, at China Lake Naval Weapons Station in California. That’s where the Navy and the Marines do all kinds of flight and radar testing, trying to get under the radar of other country’s. But they also do other things there. They bring in, under the use of drugs, they bring in soldiers from other countries, in the dead of night, they bring them in, and they put them in front of a panel of airplanes – you know, their deck. They tell them to look at it and find what’s wrong because they want to do an exact simulation of another country’s airline/airplanes. And then, before the person is awake, they take them back to their country and they never know that they’ve been there. So I know that these things happen, but over the course of years, it’s been affirmed to me over and over again, so it’s hard to deny.

I have many alters who have unraveled a story for me and filled in the blank spaces in much of my life....

My nighttime life was filled with bizarre and inhuman acts of evil. I allege that both of my parents were involved at high levels in a cult with satanic overtones, that I believe was a cover for military activities that included brainwashing, a sex ring, and covert movement of information through me to Germany. I allege that most of these activities included murdering and torturing both children and adults and took place while I was either drugged or dissociated into another personality. And they took place from the time I was an infant to the time I was about thirteen, when I had a baby. I’ll go into that a little bit later.

I want to read you a definition of a sex ring because a lot of people say that they were never involved in a sex ring, but I said I was involved in a sex ring before I realized that I was. You know, that there was really a definition. And I mentioned it yesterday because some people were questioning that. Back in 1988, when I started doing this, I found a document, that I didn’t know existed. But a therapist person, not my therapist, but another one, gave me this document. It’s about – there are two of them about an inch and a half thick. They were put out in 1988 from the Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and they are about treatment, detection and treatment of children who have been abused, and one of the things that they talk about is sex rings....

I did a lot of work, and in my book, I talk about those experiences of recovering memories, and the kind of therapies that I did that allowed me to get some of them....

Jeff Wells and Rigorous Intuition

A whole industry has grown out of this nonsense. Jeff Wells is the most famous blogger to have astroturfed this schtuff as being true. If not for him, perhaps Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake would still be alive. I honestly don't know how that person sleeps at night.

In 2005, he interviewed someone named Kathleen Sullivan.
(images from Wells' website)

part one

part two

part 3

part four

There's some very crazy material to be read at those links. Beyond the beyond kind of kooky. Yet, Wells acts likes it's all true. What a guy. Not.

Check it out for yourself if interested. I'm pretty much at the saturation point myself. In part three, Wells asked Sullivan, "Did you ever observe "shape-shifting" or other paranormal phenomena at occult rites?" And this is the same guy who discourages any talk of 9/11 controlled demolition at his conspiracy theory website. I am not into 9/11 conspiracy theory. When a dude like this talks of inter-dimensional entities and shape-shifting yet downplays talk of controlled demolition of the Twin Towers, let me put it this way; If it turns out this guy Jeff Wells is an inside job, then you can bet controlled demolition is what might have brought down those buildings. I realise that's all conjecture, and I probably just sounded like a kook myself. So please disregard those last sentences. I was just trying to point out the inorganic hypocrisy Wells quite often puts on display.

Kathleen's "book" is titled Unshackled: A Survivor's Story of Mind Control. It was published by Dandelion. Hmmm. In a previous blog entry, I wrote of a strange connection between another disinfo internet personality named Michael Rivero and that specific publisher. There is a strong relationship between Dandelion Books and a company named PMC4 LLC.. Michael Rivero can be contacted through the same address of PMC4 LLC.. HMMMM.


A Bit More on Dr. Lowell Routley
Dr. Lowell Routley speaks at 2009 ICSA Conference in Geneva(pdf)

The other day I sent an email to a local Iowan news station informing them of Routley's involvement with Neil Brick's form of satanic panic hysteria. This network of grifters are piling on the damage to mentally ill people, folks who have it tough enough in life as it is. We'll see if an intrepid reporter does something with that information. I won't be holding my breath.



Within his Abstract, Routley stated: ...

The fourth context I call Human Engineering abuse which is an assault on one’s humanity. In this context, children are specifically conditioned to perform according to contracted purposes which lack any sense of personal, social, or spiritual purpose other than the crass greed from the provider. Sophisticated conditioning required by this context involves experts from a range of scientific disciplines. These participating scientists are of the mindset that “the end justifies the means.” A comment read years ago stated, “Where there is torture, there is a doctor.” The war on terrorism has spotlighted the US Military’s interrogation practices that keep medical professionals on hand. Over the years, adult survivors of Context 2 trauma would report of the family doctor’s repairing injuries obviously from familial physical or sexual abuse, then extorted the parents to provide the child as a research subject or they would be exposed to the community. The child became a “lab rat” in the name of science and unbeknownst to most parents, a conditioned “slave” to be trafficked to whatever the contracted end. This trauma left the child most devoid of hope and truly alien, disconnected to humanity....

Wrapping This Up

One interesting thing I have noticed at the Rigorous Intuition forum has been that a bunch of members are deeply disappointed in Rick Ross, an expert on cults. They are upset that he doesn't cover MKULTRA and government sponsored satanic ritual abuse. He doesn't do so, because the man lives in reality.

I'll end this entry by sharing with you the good readers a decent news documentary which covered the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its leader before being sent to prison for child abuse, Warren Jeffs. Now that's a real cult. I'd also like to mention that we have a complete state in Utah dominated by a cult. Perhaps we can refer to them as the mainstream Church of LDS, i.e. the Mormons. Granted they aren't as fried as the FLDS, but folks are encouraged to investigate the Mormons in general. It's not a pretty picture.

In 2007, Warren Jeffs was sentenced to a ten year prison term for being an accomplice to the rape of a minor.

Polygamist 'prophet' to serve at least 10 years in prison

MSNBC 8/1/2008

Friday, January 29, 2010

Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake - Death by Internet Convolution

In my last entry, it was clearly shown how "Jeff Wells" of Rigorous Intuition has helped ruin a mentally ill person's chances for recovery. One can only imagine how many other lives he has had a similar negative influence on. I think it's fair to suggest that if it weren't for Jeff Wells, Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake would still be alive.

The question isn't whether Scientologists drove those two beautiful people to suicide. That would give that dumbarse cult more power than I believe it truly has. At question is, would two such intelligent individuals have ever suffered such deep paranoia, enough to kill themselves, if jackasses like Jeff Wells were seen for the fakes they truly are?

I'm pretty sure of what truly happened to them, after reading through a bunch of articles and becoming aware of Wells' profound influence on Theresa's psyche.

They were probably into drinking and some heavy drugs. They were definitely into living high maintenance lifestyles. They were multi-talented with the best years of their lives ahead. They were not strong enough to overcome human frailties and snags with their career trajectories. They eventually lost their minds to hysteria and despair. I believe Jeff Wells had a major influence on Theresa's going over the edge into insanity.

The Swell Life: Homo Californius And The Return Of The Paranoia-Free Pastoral

Well, that leaves the ingenious satirical site Rigorous Intuition to write the legendary crazy screeds stitching the whole awful global web of parapolitics together.

Paranoia seems to us an absolute patriotic duty at the moment, and Rigorous Intuition is like the incredibly symbolically twisted and bizarre dream you wake up from to realize that the scenario thrown up from the unconscious is actually the expression of some very simple truth you had been desperate to avoid facing. Mom always liked you best; Bush is using his father's CIA (or "contractors" from the Federal intelligence community, like the ones now passing around an FBI file from when I was 19 and a "communist" in Detroit) for a soft (ish) domestic fascist coup, etc.

What happened was these two were not having the financial success they had expected. Conspiracy theory became a convenient excuse to explain it away as not being their fault. They had lost the ability to be regular people, the kind Captain America had a great respect for in Easy Rider. Duncan had a movie deal in the works that kept falling through. The music star Beck, according to one blog, had agreed to be the big draw. He's now acting like he was never involved. I think since he is part of the Scientology cult, he's trying to lie his way out of getting in trouble with those who do the 'audits'. Long story short, Duncan developed a paranoia that the Scientologists were sabotaging her career. Not only that, she believed they were stalking her. Jeremy fell for it. To see how that works, look at the conconcted story based on Dr. Sid Siemer being alleged as a satanic pedophile cultist involved in CIA black operations. People get deluded and end up believing the most outrageous things. Look at McMartin or Fells Acres or the tons of examples from the Satanic Panic era or the well-crafted hoax centered around Larry King and the Franklin hoax.

Basically Theresa Duncan went over the edge and took Jeremy with her.

That's how I see it. And "Jeff Wells" can take a lot of credit for that. Just take a close look at my last entry on Lynn Schirmer and see how Jeff and Dr. Routley have influenced her in very negative ways. Whoever "Jeff Wells" is, he's a bad man. His type of convolution has ruined real lives.

Another bad man is someone who goes by the alias of Alex Constantine. He has some convoluted long-arse pile of rubbish out on how Media Bistro and the CIA killed Theresa and Jeremy. These people are going to want to make sure their true identities aren't revealed. If Theresa or Jeremy was my relative, I'd be confronting both of them in person and not with a smile. By the way, Constantine is trying to tie the suicides to the Franklin Case hoax. Fricken sound familiar? Hello Jeff Wells and Andy Stephenson?

Conspiracy of Two

The Golden Suicides

The Beck Connection

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Real Person Apparently Victimised by "Jeff Wells" and Dr. Lowell Routley of Iowa

Her name is Lynn Schirmer, an artist from Seattle, Washington. Her username at Rigorous Intuition is Project Willow. She has provided this information herself.

On her facebook page is the following avatar. It is the same one Project Willow had on RI for a brief period.

Currently this is the avatar she now uses at that disinfo forum.

In the photo below, Lynn is the lady on the right. She was representing the estate of Su Job, whose gallery had hosted a Garboil Award winner's artwork. The similarities to both avatars is striking.

Schirmer believes she is a survivor of MKULTRA. She has basically been sucked into the vortex of the type of conspiracy chatter that Jeff Wells promotes. For someone suffering from multiple personality disorder, this was the worst result that could have ever happened to her. That will become clear, when some of her posts are presented later. She fears being abducted by the so-called perpetrators. She is a clear example that innocent people are still being victimised by the satanic panic.

Her biographical details are sketchy. I have been unable to figure out who her family was that she alleges sent her to labs to be programmed. From one of her biography pages:

How on Earth would someone end up believing such things? Apparently it was through an associate of Dr. Lowell Routley of The Routley Center, who may or may not be related to Andy Richter.

There is a group called S.M.A.R.T. based in Easthampton, Massachusetts. That acronym stands for Stop Mind Control and Ritual Abuse Today. They put out newsletters and hold conferences. Amazingly enough, Dr. Routley has spoken at three of their conferences from 2006-2008 and perhaps more of them.

S.M.A.R.T.'s editor is Neil Brick.

Neil Brick is a survivor of alleged Masonic Ritual Abuse and MK-ULTRA. He is the editor of S.M.A.R.T. - A Ritual Abuse Newsletter. His topic is: "Debating the nonbelievers. Getting equal time for survivors' views."

Why has Dr. Routley been affiliating himself with such nonsense? Is the money that good to offset losing one's integrity?

On a side note, Lynn Schirmer appears to be an associate of S.M.A.R.T..

On another side note, Ms. Schirmer was featured in a 2002 NY Times article.


It appears to me that Ms. Schirmer has been victimised twice. She seems to have been a victim of pedophilia. Now she appears to have become a tool for grifting doctors and outlandish conspiracy theorists like Jeff Wells.

Lynn Schirmer also spoke at the 2006 conference Lowell Routley attended. She had some revealing tidbits to share about how she regained her memory, and how it was an associate of Dr. Routley who "got through" to her.

This is a transcript from Lynn Schirmer's presentation at The Ninth Annual Ritual Abuse, Secretive Organizations and Mind Control Conference, August, 2006....

Please use caution while reading to this presentation. It may be very heavy for survivors. All accusations are alleged. The conference is educational and not intended as therapy or treatment....

I keep seeing the word alleged popping up. Is that supposed to make all this ok? Journalist Doug Mesner attended a conference in 2009. He too noticed this strange use of the word alleged. One might want to read his article on it, as it gives a good overview of this creepy, real life exploitation of mentally ill people by so-called professionals. Mesner certainly has a good grasp of how the satanic panic has evolved into new forms, that while it has been thoroughly exposed as a form of moral panic and modern day witch hunt, it still lives on. Nonetheless, let's get back to the 2006 conference, and what Ms. Schirmer had to say about her relationship to Dr. Routley.

Lynn Schirmer is a survivor of Mind Control and Ritual Abuse-Torture. She is an artist and uses her work to introduce the public to the topics of private and tax-funded torture. She hosts open studios monthly, is involved with artist housing, and runs a small gallery in Seattle. Her topic is "DID System Function in Survivors of Mind Control and Ritual Abuse-Torture."

SMART Conference 2006

Presentation by Lynn Schirmer

Good morning everyone....

One of the psychologists who developed the concepts I'll discuss is speaking right after me. When I chose my topic, I had no idea he would be here, and I'm very glad he is. I'll let my talk serve as a brief introduction, from the perspective of a survivor. And Lowell, if I make any mistakes, don't hesitate to stand up and correct me.

So, I'll start with a little story. About six years ago, I hit a major impasse with my current therapist. I knew I was multiple and I knew I had extreme trauma in my history. I suspected it was ritual abuse-torture and mind control, but I didn't want to know or couldn't. There are different levels of knowing, if you know what I mean.

My very patient and committed therapist sought consultation to solve the impasse. She contacted a local colleague of Dr. Routley's and we went to see him together. He asked me a series of questions and nodded at my answers as if they were familiar. Then he asked me to describe to him what I could see at the moment inside with my mind's eye. He said tell me what it is no matter how crazy it sounds. When I responded, he nodded again, he had heard it before. I had described the elements and details of standard programming sequence for someone my age.

I looked at my therapist and her jaw hung open, and it remained so while he explained mind control programming to her. I'm still working with the same therapist, by the way, and she's still very patient and very committed, and I've watched her learn about this world of ritual abuse-torture and mind control right along with me.

This is but a short introductory illustration, and I never thought I would say this but I've come to believe that some level of expertise is needed to help survivors of mind control. I would not instruct anyone on how to heal or whom to work with, however, consider that the perpetrators of this horrific abuse have had nearly seven decades, billions of dollars, and access to the most advanced neurological technology to perfect their methods. In the cause of helping survivors, civilian science must work to catch up.

As I mentioned earlier, Dr. Routley and his colleagues have developed a powerful way of understanding how trauma and trauma-based programming operate based on recent discoveries in the study of human consciousness. I think what they have to share is extremely valuable and I'll give a short review of it now....

Off stage is the director, and I believe, in the literature based on normal functioning, the director refers to a kind of executive function deciding or retrieving which actors, props and back drops are necessary at any given time. However, I understand the director in my own system to be the main switcher part, or the alter who controls who's in the spotlight, who's out front. This main switcher part or bridge part was identified very early by mind control perpetrators in my case. She was heavily and repeatedly targeted and conditioned. I believe this was a common and necessary tactic to retain control over a victim's alter system. If the part is healed and recovered, a survivor can regain major control over her alter system and keep programming from running.

My efforts to de-condition and free my main switcher part have been a major component of my recovery. So has being able to look inside the blending space, to see what telltale signs of programming, such as introjects, and traumatized alters might be present . Without the access this technique and awareness have afforded me, recovery would be much more difficult and painful.

So I would like to take the opportunity to thank Dr. Routley and his colleagues who have helped me directly....

If this is true, that Routley and his associates are to blame for Schirmer's current predictament, is there a reason why this dude's medical license hasn't been revoked?

"Jeff Wells" and Rigorous Intuition

Lynn Schirmer's sad story is clear cut proof that so-called tinfoiltainment can have real life consequences. This goes well beyond people like Andy Stephenson and "Jeff Wells" astroturfing their own brand of it. My heart goes out to this person, and I'm hopeful someone with some legal knowhow hears about this, sincerely gets through to Ms. Schirmer, and helps her get the fock away from all who continue to exploit her condition.

For the rest of this entry, I will provide screenshots of some of Ms. Schirmer's extensive postings at Wells' disinfo website along with limited commentary.

Here she gives her analysis that Tom Cruise is also suffering from multiple personality disorder. She says he reminds her of other victims from the cult she was raised in. Yet, from the preceding transcript, we now know that Lynn Schirmer had no knowledge of being raised in a cult, until an associate of Dr. Routley aided her 'breakthrough'.

This next one shows how much she has absorbed the conspiracy chatter put forth by the likes of Jeff Wells. According to Schirmer, those who promote the idea of satanic panic are either in denial or part of the conspiracy.

One thing that I definitely noticed while skimming through her RI posts is that she believes she is in constant danger. Her condition has obviously worsened since becoming enlighted through one of Dr. Routley's associates and Jeff Wells' nonsense.

I am living it too, the threats, the invasions, no access to the usual resources, utter isolation.

How do people like Routley and Wells live with themselves? It is beyond disgusting what has been done to Lynn Schirmer. Victimised twice.

To repeat, she now believes she is still being threatened by the government sponsored perpetrators. How is that helping her find peace?

Ironically, Schirmer has even taken Jeff Wells to task for introducing convolution into the MKULTRA, mind control, sra equation. Seriously, how can "Jeff Wells" sleep at night? The first post below is Schirmer's, the second Wells'.

This woman is in fear for her life. This is because of people like Routley and Wells.

Thank God for Jeff and Rigorous Intuition?

Thank God for conspiracy theory rubbish? Schirmer now believes the Bush family are clearly satanists. Someone please save this woman.

The following is the kind of crap Schirmer continues to be subjected to by being a member of Rigorous Intuition.

And the historic troll Seventhson wants RI members to give Jeff their personal information. This guy has been a friend of Jeff's and Andy Stephenson's over the years.

And these are only a few of the examples which are publically visible. Lord knows what is being said in private messages and emails.

I am thoroughly disgusted. Someone somewhere do something positive about this. Please. This is wrong in every way. Someone needs to save Lynn Schirmer from these people.

RAT/MC Survivor Presentation

A lot of people from RI like to warn folks to not "trigger" anything. However, Rigorous Intuition is a "trigger" in itself. This is all so very well beyond disgusting. And Jeff Wells has the nerve to ask for donations.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Why Coakley Lost; It Had Something To Do With Innocent People Going To Prison

Coakley lost Massachusetts, because she choked. That's a sports term for getting nervous and letting go of a win due to psychological factors. Or here's another cliche. She mailed it in. She and other Democrats ass(u)(me)d no way a Repiglinut would win Teddy's seat. So they went cheap. They also forgot to take a looksie at the general malaise that has formed in America, since Camp Hope won the White House.

There are a lot of boring, political blogs on the net. They are a waste of time for the most part. They are mostly run by self-serving grifters. And you know the rest of the filler is mostly comprised of astroturfers and useful idiots in love with the sound of their own voices. Then there is the widespread awful and sometimes rigged moderating. I know firsthand how tough it is to be an admin. Yet, there's a big difference between making mistakes and cheating. Then there is the problem of how anti-intellectual America is. Read some Erch Fromm for those details, good people.

Blogging is like driving. It's a sincere whoop de doo when you first get your license. Then over time, it turns into a chore, lots of people flipping birds, bad drivers, cultural wasteland everywhere, fricken cops pulling you over for kicks and a tase. Well, the last part I embellished.

That being said, here goes with my concise view on what truly happened with the recent election. The vote for Brown over Coakley was a protest vote, periodicity. If Obama didn't bail out the rich, if he hadn't escalated war in Afghanistan, if unemployment numbers had dropped, if he had gone after the war criminals, etc., then Coakley would have won by over thirty points no matter how much money was put into the election by either side.

This was a one shot deal type election. It was like Super Tuesday, or the first primaries. It was a chance for we the people to make a statement. Brown was a virtual unknown. Coakley, on the other hand, reeked of being from the Demotardic old-boy network. If Cuapano had won the nomination, he could have won back the Progressive base and run against both Obama's failed ideas and the wingnuts. Our Republicans in Massachusetts are mostly Reagan Democrats, the Howard Stern variety. Show them you give a shite, and you'll get their vote. Coakley took them for granted.

Now let's segue this into how it relates to my recent interest in figuring out the satanic panic. Lately I have centered most of my attention on the McMartin Preschool satanic ritual abuse hoax. It was the biggest one and seemingly set off the whole enchilada. We had our own version of that. It was called Fells Acres.

A Darkness in Massachusetts

From what I've seen of, it looks good. You can check out more about the above story and others concerning the satanic panic here.

What happened to Coakley also happened to another District Attorney running for high political office in Massachusetts named Scott Harshbarger. From the linked to news article:

Scott Harshbarger, the district attorney whose office prosecuted the Amiraults -- and who ran for re-election advertising that fact -- is now attorney general of Massachusetts. Some months after the Amiraults were all convicted and in prison, Mr. Harshbarger presided over a celebratory convocation on the Fells Acres case, billed as "a model multidisciplinary response."

I'm not saying it was because of Harshbarger's support for putting and keeping the Amiraults in prison that he lost the 1998 Governor's race to a wingnut named Paul Cellucci. But it couldn't have helped. Throwing innocent people into jail over false charges doesn't make one look tough on crime. It makes them look like they have no credibility.

To this day we are feeling the repercussions of Bill Clinton's triangulation politics. Decades of being crushed by Republicans for the Presidency has had disturbing results. Perhaps the gravest has been with how the Supreme Court now stacks. One can see Obama is a bit right of center, yet wingnuts refer to him as a Socialist. That would be riotous, if not for the real life results of a bad economy except for the rich, never ending wars, and the continued rise of spy factories.

Martha Coakley was responsible for the Amirault son staying in prison for much longer than he should have. Many yeas after the satanic panic was thoroughly debunked, she worked to keep an innocent man in prison. That is absolutely disgusting. That is one of the reasons Coakley lost to Brown, imho.

Ok, maybe most people are clueless, and it didn't have that big of an impact. But it did to me. I wanted Cuapano to win the nomination. He came out strong against the Patriot Act. Something about Coakley has never felt right. I know that has just been something in my gut, no not cream cheese from a raisin bagel. I have already admitted that I think politics is boring. That doesn't mean I'm not into discussing it from time to time. Let me clarify. I hate the way the internet talks politics. It seems to divide and conquer and actually prop up those in power and perpetuate the triangulation. Anyway, I've said pretty much what I wanted to. I wanted a Democrat to win that Senate seat. It was disappointing. However, Martha Coakley is an asshole. That has nothing to do with her being a career politician, though it doesn't help. Once I found out her part in the malicious keeping of Gerald Amirault in prison, I no longer cared if she won the seat. I never thought she'd lose it. But now that she has, it's time for the Massachusetts Democratic Party to weed out assholes like her and Harshbarger. Here's an excerpt from a January 14th, 2010 Wall Street Journal article on Coakley by Dorothy Rabinowitz, the same author from above. How is Martha Coakley anything else than a disgusting, evil person? I'm not talking looks either. She kept an innocent man in prison well past there was any doubt he never should have been there in the first place. FU Martha Coakley. Go Cheney yourself!

Associated Press
Martha Coakley, attorney general of
Massachusetts, at a campaign stop,
Jan. 13.

Martha Coakley's Convictions
The role played by the U.S. Senate candidate in a notorious sex case raises questions about her judgment.

The story of the Amiraults of Massachusetts, and of the prosecution that had turned the lives of this thriving American family to dust, was well known to the world by the year 2001. It was well known, especially, to District Attorney Martha Coakley, who had by then arrived to take a final, conspicuous, role in a case so notorious as to assure that the Amiraults' name would be known around the globe....

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Innocent People Went To Prison

Why did disinfo writers such as Andy Stephenson and Jeff Wells work so hard to bring right woos left disinfo into left leaning blogs? That's what I've been trying to figure out. Maybe the answer is as mundane as they were cuckoo bananas. Though I don't think so. Nonetheless, the bottom line is they did bring convolution into the left-o-sphere.

In this blog entry, I will go after others who played pivotal roles in messing with people's pysches concerning the satanic panic, and how with the McMartin Preschool scandal, their actions led to innocent folks going to prison. Then I will delve into the convolution spread by Dr. Corydon Hammond. But first I'd like to share yet another example of Jeff Wells supporting right woos left memes. I have discovered his supporting of Alex Jones. Since we know Jeff can be tied into the Michael Rivero network through Tinoire of Progressive Independent, and since we know that Rivero is part and parcel of Jones' tinfoil, this is further proof of the high probability that Wells has been much more than merely a misguided fool.

Here is a July, 2005 Democratic Underground thread.

The author copied and pasted a Guardian article but used Alex Jones' domain for the primary link. One of the methods by which disinfo has tried to pass off crap websites such as Jones', Michael Rivero's, and Jeff Rense's as credible has been through spreading the idea that such places are information clearinghouses, that they primarily link to respected publications such as The Guardian. However, look at how Prison Planet changed the title of the article to fit their global conspiracy schtick.

Here's The Guardian article. The actual title was, "UK-based dissident denies link to website that carried al-Qaida claim." Prison Planet changed it to, " Website that carried al-Qaida claim has connections to Bush family." It doesn't get much more in your face insidious than that.

Now while it is clear as day that Jeff Wells is a worthless right woos left disinfo writer, back in the day people like himself, Andy Stephenson, and even (ahem) Wayne Madsen were getting attention at left leaning websites such as Democratic Underground. A bunch of posters showed up on the DU thread to appropriately call out the original poster for attempting to spread Alex Jones' disinfo. Later on, Jeff Wells as Minstrel Boy showed up to evoke authority. In the process, he ultimately showed that he is a supporter of Alex Jones.

beam me up scottie: I have a problem with conspiracy nuts. Websites like your Prison Planet are teeming with tinfoil termites. Are you trying to tell me you didn't know that?

Minstrel Boy: I have a problem with argument by ridicule. There are a lot of preening, ignorant bullshitters with little grasp of the evidence and no understanding of the criminalization of the state, who contentedly squeeze greasy farts in the faces of researchers and activists who know what time it is.

beam me up scottie: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The only defense of the tinfoil soldier: When all else fails, accuse the skeptics of conspiracy or unawareness of reality. Is that the best you can do?

Jeff Wells was eventually banned from Democratic Underground for voting yes in a racist poll. There are a million and one examples of how Jeff Wells and others are insidious right woos left internet frauds. The question becomes, why keep hammering at a nail which is already fully into the wood? Here's one more example, then I'm moving on. Jeff Wells and Andy Stephenson were close to a freeper infiltrator troll named Seventhson. After Seventhson trolled the DU board after John Kerry's 2004 "loss" to GW, he found refuge at Wells' Rigorous Intuition. Jeff bought that chump's story that his DU account had been hacked into. Andy did too.

I sincerely don't see how Jeff Wells could be characterised as a grifter. I don't see how too many would be making donations to him. Someone would have to be quite the chump to buy into his supporting of various hoaxes such as the Franklin Case and satanic ritual pedophile rings run by the US military and influential politicians. My conclusion is that he is probably making a salary from some other organisation. He doesn't appear to have the greatest writing skills. It's not that he has ever done much more than spread various lies as truths. I believe that whomever Gunderson and Aquino were paid by to spread the satanic panic hoax are the same source of revenue for Jeff Wells. I admit this can't be proven. But that's my conclusion. That's my honest opinion. I believe that the organisation is based in Texas and also employs people such as Alex Jones and Michael Rivero.

Unfortunately, there just doesn't seem to be any way to prove someone is doing more than grifting. Hal Turner has been proven to be an FBI informant with shades of cointelpro. We could use more proof like that. Maybe it will eventually arrive.

As for the satanic panic that swept the US in the 1980s and found its eventual way into parts of Europe, I am not arguing that all the creeps involved in being catalysts for innocent folks going to prison were on disinfo payrolls. Some people are just incredibly stupid. Some prosecutors got swept up in believing this was the politically right thing to do for themselves. Certain psychiatrists built up a cottage industry in spreading satanic ritual abuse propaganda. A bunch of them were eventually brought to court for malpractice. The original accuser in the McMartin scandal, Judy Johnson, was batsh*t insane. There are real people who are neither grifters nor disinfo punks who actually buy into outrageous conspiracy theories.

I would now like to segue into looking at a few of the villians involved in spreading the satanic panic. While I sense that Gunderson and Aquino were probably a two man operation most responsible for starting the thing, none of it would have taken off, imho, if not for self-serving useful idiots who gave such obvious bullcrap some credibility. To repeat, innocent people went to prison. That is beyond wrong. The people responsible for that deserve to forever wear badges of dishonour. I will now do my best to further expose some of them.

The Satanic Panic and the Creeps who Facilitated Innocent People Going to Prison

Kee MacFarlane

MacFarlane was the "social worker" who used anatomically correct dolls to pressure young children into aiding the McMartin witch hunt. From the link above, one can see exactly why she should be considered one of the prime villians of what is considered the case which set off the satanic panic of the 80s and 90s. They can see that all MacFarlane had for an education was a bachelor's degree in fine arts and a master's degree in social work. Nothing in psychiatry. No real expertise in law enforcement, i.e. for having the training to conduct a legitimate investigation. One may wonder how she was ever given the job description of being a child abuse expert.

Cross-examination by Dean Gits:

"When [name of girl] says she doesn't remember any [naked games] you said, 'I know 'em all because other kids told me.' Do you think that puts pressure on Melinda to remember games that she might otherwise not remember?"


"Do you think that having naked dolls with anatomical parts tends to suggest to the child naked games, naked people?"

"No, I don't believe that.".

"You made the statement, 'Every kid from the preschool came in and told me.' Do you think that statement puts pressure on a child?"


"You said, 'That's why we wanted to use puppets. We wanted them to get real brave because more than sixty kids have come in and told yucky secrets, and every day more kids come in and tell us what went on down there.' Do you think that statement might put undue pressure on [name of girl] to comply with what other kids said?"

"That statement was true.".

"'And 'we found out all the scary stuff was just a trick to scare the kids to make the kids think that somebody would hurt their moms and dads or hurt them.' 'We found out':' Doesn't that tell the child that you know that something happened?"


"In this interview, you are the source of contagion, right?"

"Objection. "

"Sustained. "

" 'All the kids' mommies and dads now know what happened at the school, all the touching, all those sneaky little games.' Do you think by using that statement, and authority figures as sources of knowledge is putting pressure on her?"

"I'm telling her all the parents came to see me and now it's okay."....

Cross-examination by Daniel Davis:

"You indicated you had training from the FBI."

"No, I was the trainer."

"And who trained you before you trained the FBI?"

"I attended numerous workshops."

"Did you ever sit down with police officers and did they tell you what law enforcement needs to do in interviewing a child who may have been molested?"


"Do you think that by disrobing a doll and exposing a child to what appears to be an erect penis, that that's suggesting things to the child?"

"Well, we worked very hard on the dolls to have them not appear to be an erect, stimulated penis. In fact we tied them down. If you're asking about whether it can ever affect a child, it's one the research of the last five years has been investigating and . . . there's absolutely no evidence in the research that they do that. . . providing incorrect or false information just because they've got these dolls...."

I'm certainly not going to copy and paste everything, as it's easy enough for interested folks to check into these things themselves. I guess the only reason bloggers copy and paste what they do, is because one can sense there will be many who are generally lazy and won't check into these things. Hence, some of us feel the need to do others' homework.

Dr. Astrid Heger: Another Villian

An excerpt from The McMartin Preschool Abuse Trial: A Commentary by Doug Linder (2003):

The prosecution produced several parent witnesses to lay a foundation for the accounts of their children that would follow. Typically, a parent would testify that prior to the infamous letter of Chief Kuhlmeyer announcing that Ray Buckey was suspected of child abuse, he or she had no reason to suspect that his or her child had been molested. After taking the children to CII and talking with Kee MacFarlane, however, the parents became convinced that their children had been sexually abused. Parents suggested that bladder infections, nightmares, anatomically correct artwork, or masturbation were confirming evidence of abuse. A couple of parents theorized that the massive abuse might have occurred during naptime, when parents were prohibited from picking up their children.

The prosecution's child witnesses, ranging in age from eight to fifteen, repeated many of their stories from the preliminary hearing. Jurors heard of the Naked Movie Star Game, Ray Buckey scaring the children into silence by executing a cat with a knife, and numerous graphic accounts of sexual abuse by both Ray and Peggy Buckey. The defense countered with evidence of contradictions between trial testimony and testimony at the preliminary hearing, videotaped interviews in which the children denied that they were molested, and CII interviews revealing MacFarlane coaching children and rewarding "right" answers.

The defense tried to produce a child witness of its own, the young boy who started the whole investigation rolling: the son of Judy Johnson. With Judy Johnson now deceased, the boy's father flatly told reporters that his son would testify "over my dead body." Judge Pounders agreed with Johnson that trial testimony might prove too stressful for his son and declared the boy legally unavailable as a witness.

Perhaps the key witness in the trial was CII therapist Kee MacFarlane. In her five weeks on the stand, MacFarlane fought to defend her controversial interview techniques that included naked puppets, anatomically correct dolls, and telling children what other children had previously reported about sexual abuse at the McMartin School. Before MacFarlane finished her lengthy testimony, even Judge Pounders was expressing concern about her techniques. Outside of the presence of the jury, Pounders declared, "In my view, her credibility is becoming more of an issue as she testifies here."

Defense expert Dr. Michael Maloney, professor of psychiatry at USC, further discredited MacFarlane's interview techniques. Maloney criticized the technique as presenting children with a "script" that discouraged "spontaneous information" and instead encouraged the children to supply expected answers to "please mother and father" and prove themselves "good detectives."

Another distinct weakness in the prosecution's case was the lack of medical evidence of sexual abuse. Although Dr. Astrid Heger testified that she found numerous scars "consistent with rape," the defense's medical expert, Dr. David Paul, said that his review of the medical evidence turned up virtually no evidence of molestation. In the case of nine of the eleven alleged victims, Paul found the body parts to be "perfectly normal."

Dr. Astrid Heger is blogging for The Huffington Post.

Maybe she can blog on her participation in the McMartin witch hunt! Or maybe she can blog on how she has been sued in the past for her so-called expert testimony in a similar case.


Byline: Karen Maeshiro Staff Writer

PALMDALE - Acquitted of child molestation Child molestation charges last fall, former Palmdale councilman and sheriff's Sgt. Kevin Carney is suing a physician and a nurse practitioner who testified against him in his trial.

The nurse practitioner had examined Carney's principal accuser, a 15 year-old girl for whom he said he acted as a surrogate father, and the doctor, a child-abuse expert, who reviewed the videotape and photographs of the exam.

"You can't go into court and lie. There's no immunity for that," said Milton Grimes, the attorney who defended Carney in the criminal trial.

Carney was sued by the girl last October. In a counterclaim filed in March as a part of that lawsuit, Carney asked for unspecified damages from Marcia Wehr, a nurse practitioner who works at High Desert Hospital, Dr. Astrid Heger and Antelope Valley Hospital.

Moving on from McMartin

There's this nutjob out of Utah named Corydon Hammond. He used to be the leading academic promoting the idea that MK Ultra and satanic ritual abuse was the real deal. Because of people like him, it has been easier for disinfo writers like Jeff Wells to emerge.

Dr. D. Corydon Hammond

One can read here how Jeff Wells found Hammond's disinfo rubbish quite fascinating.

And we can follow Dr Greene right down the rabbit hole with the lecture "Hypnosis in Multiple Personality Disorder: Ritual Abuse" by Dr D Corydon Hammond, President of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, delivered at the Fourth Annual Eastern Regional Conference on Abuse and Multiple Personality in 1992. It's come to be known as the "Greenbaum Speech". The Psychiatric Institute of Washington, sponsor of the event, still makes available tapes and transcripts of the other sessions. Not of this one:

Hmmm. I wonder why. Not!

Folks can search engine a bit and find copy and pastes of the transcript of the "Greebaum Speech." Here's one example and some excerpts.

So I have gone from someone kind of neutral and not knowing what to think about it all to someone who clearly believes ritual abuse is real and that the people who say it isn't are either naive like people who didn't want to believe the Holocaust or -- they're dirty. [Applause]...

Here's where it appears to have come from. At the end of World War II, before it even ended, Allen Dulles and people from our Intelligence Community were already in Switzerland making contact to get out Nazi scientists. As World War II ends, they not only get out rocket scientists, but they also get out some Nazi doctors who have been doing mind-control research in the camps.

They brought them to the United States. Along with them was a young boy, a teenager, who had been raised in a Hasidic Jewish tradition and a background of Cabalistic mysticism that probably appealed to people in the Cult because at least by the turn of the century Aleister Crowley had been introducing Cabalism into Satanic stuff, if not earlier. I suspect it may have formed some bond between them. But he saved his skin by collaborating and being an assistant to them in the death-camp experiments. They brought him with them. They started doing mind-control research for Military Intelligence in military hospitals in the United States. The people that came, the Nazi doctors, were Satanists. Subsequently, the boy changed his name, Americanized it some, obtained an M.D. degree, became a physician and continued this work that appears to be at the center of Cult Programming today. His name is known to patients throughout the country. [Pause] What they basically do is they will get a child and they will start this, in basic forms, it appears, by about two and a half after the child's already been made dissociative....

In a patient at this point in time about eight years old who has gone through a great deal early programming took place on a military installation. That's not uncommon. I've treated and been involved with cases who are part of this original mind-control project as well as having their programming on military reservations in many cases. We find a lot of connections with the CIA....

The way you create Manchurian Candidates is you divide the mind. It's part of what the Intelligence Community wanted to look at. If you're going to get an assassin, you're going to get somebody to go do something, you divide the mind....

Hmmm. So Hammond said the chief Satanic doctor was Jewish. How convenient for the right woos left conspiracy theorists.

Here's more from Richard Bartholomew on Corydon Hammond and his run for the hills, it's the Jews with their satanic, mind control nonsense.

...Meanwhile, D. Corydon Hammond, another “authority” manages to flirt with Jewish conspiracy theory when he argues that abuse victims who had repressed memories of trauma

will be slaves to a worldwide intergenerational cult that is organized into “Illuminatic councils.” The cult, said Hammond, is headed by a shadowy “Dr. Greenbaum,” a Hasidic Jewish collaborator with the Nazis who once assisted in death camp experiments and later used the CIA to further his nefarious ends.

Quoting Hammond directly:

My best guess is that they want an army of Manchurian Candidates, tens of thousands of mental robots who will do prostitution, do child pornography, smuggle drugs, engage in international arms smuggling, do snuff films, …and eventually the megalomaniacs at the top believe they’ll create a Satanic order that will rule the world.

Both Hammond and Scheflin contributed to a work titled Memory, Trauma Treatment, and the Law. It won an award from the American Psychiatric Association in 1999. McNally gives some reasons for why the ideas managed to gain currency, concerning the legacy of Freud and past failures by therapists to spot real (and remembered!) sexual abuse. However, the continued credibility given to these claims by therapists and the media suggest that there may be future tragedies inspired by self-serving panic-mongers....

It should come as no surprise that Hammond has been one of many psychiatrists accused of abusing patients.

Psychiatric patient tells of ordeal in treatment
Chicago Tribune/February 13, 2004
By Hal Dardick


When Elizabeth Gale sought psychiatric treatment in 1986, she suffered from depression, the most common of psychiatric illnesses.

But Dr. Bennett Braun and his colleagues convinced her that her family indoctrinated her as a child so she would make babies for sacrifice in a satanic cult, Gale charged in a malpractice suit she settled Wednesday for $7.5 million.

The therapists, she alleged, told her she needed their help to recover memories hidden beneath layers of rare multiple personalities that she had developed as a psychic guard against her childhood trauma.

Braun's attorney Martin Kanofsky said his client denies the allegations and declined to comment further....

Gale's attorney Todd Smith said that under the settlement, entered Wednesday in Cook County Circuit Court, Rush North Shore Medical Center, where Braun was director of the dissociative disorders program, will pay $3.6 million. Psychologist Roberta Sachs will pay $3.1 million, and a corporation affiliated with Braun will pay $500,000. Dr. Corydon Hammond will pay $175,000, and Rush University Medical Center must pay $150,000. No wrongdoing was admitted by the hospitals, the doctors or the psychologist.

Hammond's attorney Scott Thomas declined comment.

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