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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Internet Predator Matt Osborne Exposed as Vicious Cybersmearer

Sadist Matt Osborne of Netroots

I was going to dust off my blogging gloves for a piece on McCain's co-blogger Chris "Smitty" Smith. I discovered he has some inteesting ties to the Spy Factory. I was planning to tie it into McCain being close to agent provocateur Jen Emick. Then I could have copied and pasted Patrick "Swatterico" Frey's doing the wink-wink to Barrett Brown, to see if Anonymous could become his personal army. That will have to wait.

I have been thoroughly trashed like no one deserves. It is no coincidence that Matt Osborne (if indeed that is his real name) is extremely close to Neal Rauhauser. A lot of creepy people are working together with their primary job duty to peddle internet convolution as the norm and normal. Both sides do it. All for money. They don't care who gets hurt.

I can only imagine what else is out there.

That was illegal court audio. Transcripts are legit to reproduce but not audio.

One of those links goes to his smear piece, "Patterico's Nuts."

But first, this is from Dec. 4, 2012:

I've yet to see anything from that crowd other than the spin I'm a deranged kook. It doesn't matter to such assholes there is no proof of that nor that they ignore what truly happened. That's because these are criminals. You can't harass and terrorise someone and that not be criminal. It's even in the news what people like this are doing. Twitter's under some heat.

For anyone saying this is old news, I never saw it. Does anyone really think I want to read such crap, then think of all the people I've ever known who know the real me, and that if they have a soul, they become in pain too? As recently as this August 4th, Matt Osborne has continued attempts to terrorise me. If I was truly deranged, wouldn't Matt Osborne now have to worry I will track him down?

How is this not at least a civil tort? It feels criminal.

I'm not psychologically disabled. I do not weigh 200 pounds. I do not wear dentures.

It is true, the Kimberlin scoop is forever mine. I was the right man at the right time. I was at BradBlog. A perfect storm brewed for my unique style of cyber sleuthing.

That was from my driver's license. I had a bit of skin flare-up or something, though that has cleared over time with a healthier lifestyle both physically and mentally. I had a goofy smile going at the time of that photo. I had very long hair rolled into a pony tail. I also have strong teeth, knock on wood. Why such sadism?

They had to get so cruel, because Brett Kimberlin is clearly a twisted narcissist I exposed with facts. They have been working from the "attack the messenger" manual. When you can't attack a message, what else is there? I couldn't be ignored. Rauhauser claimed I weigh 250 pounds. I remember when that asshole offered to leave me alone, if I never wrote about him again and deleted my earlier epic mail ins. I'm probably about 135 pounds and five foot five for those keeping score at home.

I seriously rolled out of bed for that driver's license. Even Brynaert was trying to make me feel like shit over it. I think he called me Pineapple Face. Ron Brynaert cyberstalked me at Pffugee Camp. There's another possible blog entry, to show how Ron is a verbal abuser and predator. But then it will never end. Anyway, I have already exposed that creep too.

Matt Osborne linked to and was saying I am this guy ===>> The Ultimate Troll - Socrates on Trial

If you notice with this creepy Osborne, he never puts up any proof. My expose on Steven Hertzberg was excellent. Osborne is all about spinning me this certain way as insane and kooky, since my researched messages simply cannot be debunked.

I never thought BradBlog was a right wing operative. That's ridiculous. Again, he shows no proof. This was a shallow, mailed in hatchet job. I thought maybe there was some cointelpro involved. Back in the day there was plenty of what objectively looked like "flushing out the crazies" stuff at BradBlog. Myself and The Last Name Left took care of that asshat and his moderators. It was fraud. How come cybersmearer Matt Osborne doesn't mention Michael Connell? Why doesn't anyone? Or if they do, why do they ignore it was a pile of snake oil? Sincere people always include their own devil's advocate. That is what sincere people do, before they write anything as final.

This is actually beautiful. Such blatant stupidity helps set the historical record straight. There was no conspiracy. It was myself confronting Larisa Alexandrovna over the Michael Connell hoax and her pushing lies about Brett Kimberlin's so-called exoneration and received settlement for the Speedway bombings. I won. She lost. That should have been the end to that.

By the way, that Hertzberg person was Director of the Election Science Institute. His brother ran for Mayor of Los Angeles, to the best of my knowledge. Robert Hertzberg was one of the first assemblymen to sponsor a bill for new electronic voting machines. You know, the ones offered up right after Florida 2000. So there was a story there. Steven Hertzberg was neck deep in internet convolution, so Matt Osborne can get his Gorbachev face out of mine.

First thing first.

The Johnny Cash approach can sometimes say it all. But let's look at a bit more at Osborne's harassment.

That's an outright lie. How does two years become four? So what? I wrote a few diaries at Daily Kos after being run off of Democratic Underground. I had a few at Free Speech Zone Blog and Pffugee Camp. I had my two blogs. I admitted to no psychiatric disability. I covered that subtopic in my socratisation backstory entry. They are trying to spin me as crazy. I'm not. There's no proof I am.

They just keep piling on with their vicious cybersmearing.

I was never arrested for disorderly conduct. I have no convictions on my record. I did nothing wrong. Matt Osborne is simply disgusting. I hope anyone who googles his name finds this post and can see for themselves what an internet predator he truly is. It is Matt Osborne, close associate to another internet predator named Neal Rauhauser.

Kimberlin was ultimately small potatoes compared to the Breitbart Cult. He's a hustler with some connections. He's got his non-profit schtick working. Rock the Vote. Protect the vote. Brad Friedman turned out to be so lame, I couldn't help but direct my internet activities to figuring out wtf was going on with him. There are incontrovertible facts about Velvet Revolution and its past. I uncovered them. Mandy Nagy stole that scoop and transformed it into the Breitbart Cult's "Left Terrorist Establishment Shutting Down Conservative Speech" hoax.

It is what it is. I mean, I certainly did put an end to the "Michael Connell Threatened by Karl Rove" hoax. Others did too. Yet, I was the only one pointing out, "Hey guys, those two are the fabricators!"

The Breitbart circus arrived two years after the work had basically been done. And I wasn't just about Brett Kimberlin. It was fascination not obsession. I wrote about tons of stuff, not just my outstanding expose on a small fish in the vast fake left, milieu lake. I was no Crystal Cox, that cringe worthy blogger, who offered to remove her smears for a price. That ain't me. I don't do smears. I do facts. I hate to rub my extensive education in people's faces, but that also is what it is.

That'll do it. I'm not going to post anymore. Sure, twenty-one entries got deleted because the case fell into default. But I did rewrite those. so newbies and fence sitters can get my side of things. No one else has stuck up for me.

Whether Matt Osborne is a political operative or agent provocateur, he is bad news and can go to hell. He's the nutjob, not me. He would have fit right in with Nazi Germany. He's an internet brown shirt, period. One would need to be truly f*cked in the head to do what he and Rauhauser do. They are pure scum, period, while I am good and righteous and leftier than thou. Though the latter is not saying much compared to scoundrels who cynically use politics to spread mayhem in pursuit of profit. Despicable.