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Saturday, December 30, 2017

The U.S. Govt. Shut Down Me Twitter (part 5)

There's a good chance people who visit this blog have noticed these folks on Youtube. They present a very similar schtick. But the difference between them and myself is I don't throw in weird shite like the Mandela Effect. And I couldn't be bothered to investigate more. They have flunked my verification test.

Anyway like I said, everything has become whack-a-mole. I just got the second appeal decision back from Twitter and it's the same exact letter from before. Twitter is purging people through automation with no due process.

FBI/cointelpro scumbags basically control Twitter. Erica Garner just died. Our country sucks. Criminals run the medium and I wash my hands of all of it.

People are committing violence by going after petty shit. They are not aiming higher as blogger Lord David Byron advocated. I would never commit violence. The U.S. government has no qualms bombing innocent people. They have no moral issues with breaking the U.S. Constitution through the spying on and gaslighting of its own people. There is either going to be political revolution (doubtful) or a new era could eventually emerge in which extra-parliamentary activities come into play. Either the CIA and all this bullshit is reversed or humanity is headed towards extinction.

What about the Saudi guy who owns Twitter? There are a lot of famous people out there fucking with society and breaking every constitutional law, yet nothing is ever done about it. I hope that changes.

Roseanne has quit Twitter: "i won't be censored or silence chided or corrected and continue to work. I retire right now. I've had enough. bye!"

I'm feeling very frustrated today.
No one gives a fvck what I think? Multiply that by millions for the paid fake materials generated by social media cointelpro. People know you are goons. You fool no one. Word of mouth doesn't get posted.
So who is this Sarah Eaglesfield and why does she have a Twitter blue checkmark?

Is that her?

I could only find a couple Youtube videos of her band Flightside. They suck. She sucks.
Haha, I didn't even ask for the police record and got her to admit it.

Then it got even weirder.

A quick search showed that she is a so-called Twitter influencer. I guess it's all a coincidence she wants Julian Assange executed. She is all over the place. I found her promoted at IBT, Mashable and quite a number of other websites.
She's apparently a "Twitter Influencer" and gets tweets with her inexplicable blue check mark put into crap internet newspapers.
Her resume, police record, etc. and so forth seem impossible to find.
This is so f'ed up. I guess it's all a coincidence. She gets placed in multiple crap articles as the influencer. It doesn't matter that no one knows who she is or why there is a blue check mark.
She acts like she's Taylor Swift. Do you know who I am? That sort of thingie. Bloody google it up lad with some crisps and number nine, number nine. Everyone knows that one. I'm supposed to be relaxing over an enjoyable, uplifting John Ritter t.v. movie.

I knew what that is. I was being facetious. And I imagine a lot of people also know that it is from the Snowden documents. I made an impact. I kept pounding the same schtick over and over until it sunk in. I reversed the cointelpro to the best of my abilities. An avatar can be destroyed, but the ideas survive.

Now let's go to the very weird stuff to wrap up this part 5. Then we'll be left with the big Brandon Darby finale. I hate that guy's fvcking guts, but it's nice to know he has gotten away with nothing in terms of rebooting his public persona. He is rat snitch garbage, period.

She still didn't list what she studied nor what type of degrees. I could have listed three of my own, but I stuck with the Masters in Social Theory from U.C.C. Cork, Ireland in order to display specified gravitas. I could have also mentioned an M.A. in high school social studies. But I am not looking for petty pissing contests. I want Julian Assange granted his freedom.
Whoa. I just thought she sounded like the Lemonheads.

I'm sorry your friend died. That was a lucky guess. Your band reminded me of the Lemonheads. I had one of their albums on tape cassette. I will stick up for Assange anytime anywhere as long as there is academic back and forth which you flunked. @zenxv

Is there a news article on Evan Dando's brother? Where is this coming from? You shouldn't expect people to go running around for answers. @zenxv

She can't even say what she studied. She answered nothing on my Assange points. That's a troll. Now she's dropping some weird allegation on Evan Dando. I look and look and find nothing.

I think she made that up. Oh, she's so funny. What a total jerk that person is.

Evan Dando was apparently a big fan of Charles Manson. Sounds like a great guy.

This Dando guy sounds like he was a creep into heroin.

Evan Dando was arrested for hard drugs. I have no proof only a gut feeling, but she has a very heavy-handed anti-Assange schtick. I could see a new style of informants getting gigs as paid fake influencers. I wondered what had "inspired" Brandon Darby.

She could be doing some really bad blarney. Like I said, there's a big drop off in talent from Irish to Brits.

Blog court can easily convict Evan Dando for the crime of being a nvmbnut, but I have no clue wtf she was trash talking. She is probably so Ayn Rand bent psychotic that she doesn't know how to interact with sincere people.

Or she works in a Brit spy factory lab trash talking while typing data into Prism trying to flush out crazies.
Then a paid fake account showed up to continue the mind games.

Fake Babel is retweeting her a lot acting like just another distraction. Oh, I get it. It's unoriginal snark that regular folks repel from on contact. Like it's a conspiracy, she added a middle name. Then why keep retweeting her? None of you morons fool me.
I wash my hands of all false ego turds.
So it was another Assange rickroll? I'm just happy the kid is okay. It's pretty sad how many fake posts there were. That emerged. Nineteen of every twenty tweets in the trending pool were apparently cointelpro.
Without any help from Sarah, I was finally able to see she was talking about musician Nikki Sudden.
Apparently Evan Dando was smeared for the death of Nikki Sudden by a fake singer named Sarah Quin Eaglesfield.
Nikki Sudden has passed away

The money quote was written by Alan Merrill. Later on a Twitter user informed me he was the bloke who wrote, I Love Rock 'n' Roll.
I played bass with Nikki on his last night alive, at the Knitting Factory. Nikki and I met last year in Switzerland, but we had corresponded long before that. When he was a kid Nikki had watched my weekly TV show in the UK 1970s, and he clearly loved me as a person as a result, for which I am truly flattered.
I was like an older brother that Nikki had never met. We bonded immediately on first meeting in 2005.
So when he asked me if I'd help him out on his New York show, I was pleased to give it a go.
Nikki was very happy to be playing in New York City, and we did
a fairly tight set considering we'd never played on stage as a unit before. Nikki was on form, and was really loving it. So was I, the music was vibrant and alive.
Evan Dando was there, at Nikki's invite, and though I'd never heard of Evan, he carried himself like a star, so I knew he'd had a flutter at some point or other. We played together on stage, and he had lots of confidence, so I supposed he'd had some flash of fame at some point in his career. I stopped keeping up with new bands around 1975. I have no interest in "modern" music. I'm a rock n roll primitive. Mea Culpa.
Evan was probably, in retrospect, a very bad choice to invite to guest at the show. Nikki seemed to adore him. To me, he looked a bit like the naked cowboy who sings on Broadway and Times Square. You know, the guy who's on Howard Stern once in a while.
A charming guy, but with a very tangible dark aura. He was not a good influence on Nikki on his last night on earth, and I will stop there.
We finished the show and the only one who didn't join us to the attend the after show revelries was Evan and his lady friend, a pretty blonde Darryl Hannah clone.
We moved to a bar, Motor City, and Nikki was bubbling with ideas about the next tour, and he wanted to work with me, Darrel Bath, and Danny Hole on a tour of the UK and Europe. He had ideas of recording in New York as well, and was truly locked in to the future.
No suicide at all. Stop those thoughts. This was a man with a definite plan for tomorrow.
We had drinks and some laughs. At about 5 AM I said good night. Nikki gave me a big hug and thanked me for playing bass on the show. I don't play bass on live shows in recent years, only in the studio. I just sing lately, but I made an exception for Nikki, because I adore him. He really wanted me to play bass with him, so I did.
When I woke up I called the drummer we had played with, Danny Hole, to see if Nikki had caught his flight.
It was then that I got the bad news, and I have been reeling ever since.
On the upside, Nikki was a very happy guy only hours before he passed away. I like to think he entered into the next life with a smile on his face and very sweet dreams. 
We've lost a unique talent. A true poet of the rock era. Its an utter tragedy.

Posted by: Alan Merrill | March 28, 2006 at 03:51 AM
 So there it is. A person with no discernible talent or gravitas is claimed to be an "influencer." Without any prodding from me, she spoke of her police record and then made a weird tweet concerning Evan Dando.
Maybe Sarah is British cointelpro? Just because I know I have intuition skills doesn't mean that paid fakes are aware of it; then they get the reverse gaslight. I have a proven track record just like Julian. I'm not saying I'm bigger than Wikileaks, the Beatles or God.

So yeah, I believe there is usually a crime in the background or otherwise some kind of connection between paid fakes and their doing dirty work for the rigged social structure. I would bet money Brandon Darby got pinched for something that turned him into an FBI sewer rat.

This isn't rocket science for cyber sleuthing. If someone says something stupid, there is usually an explanation other than oh, that goofy, inexplicable internet. Assange and Snowden have opened it all up for everyone to understand that the medium is the enemy.  #MarshallMcLuhan

It's a world in which baby killers expect to be respected and always maintain demented power.
Julian has added some interesting accounts to follow including quite a few Chinese U.N. related ones. He's also following the State Department and the Pope. It's interesting.

This is an "influencer?" She can't even write in proper English.

And she calls for the death of another Twitter writer in Julian Assange. So why isn't she banned?

You run interference for warmongers. You have no verifiable gravitas yet are published everywhere as a "Twitter influencer." No one real thinks like you do unless they are paid to make such claims or are afflicted with authoritarian personality disorder. @zenxv @MadeinCalcio
 This is typical for internet gaslighting.

The social structure is so demented and continues to worsen.
Damn, Erica Garner had a heart attack and is in a coma at age 27.
The medium must die. It must be negated. I am just one guy trying to spread the word that the internet as is, is done, because of the military-industrial complex and its omnipresent cointelpro program.

Of course the shills are easy to recognise. Only a paid fake would claim otherwise.

Do you ever regret what was unleashed by autotune? Are you thinking Bernie in 2020? @cher
Auto-tune is garbage and anyone saying otherwise is a demented fraud apologist.
A lot of losers on Youtube can't just be themselves and instead splice together fake continuity. Some even record only one sentence at a time. Clowns.
Boycott all Youtube videos with check marks. They are garbage being forced on young people as mind control.
"Why do you have to burn the flag?" Because we're not allowed to take up arms against the government?
Burning the flag is the ultimate fvck you, fvck this, clowntime needs to end.

A part of me died. There is no more Tokyo Shemp. I tried my best and got shut down.

So, the new trend is obvious. Arbitrary state-sponsored rules will be applied to all websites including Twitter. Free speech is officially dead. Perhaps someday having a personal blog like this won't even be allowed. The status quo is basically asking for a boomerang. And if it happens, I won't give a shit. It will simply be the laws of physics. Not everyone is non-violent like me and one of these days people might start to aim higher.

Next up: The finale to this series in which Brandon Darby is yet again exposed for the vile psychopathic scumbag and negative life force that he is.

The U.S. Govt. Shut Down Me Twitter (part 4)

The Hollywood scum blocked me and the tool from Gizmodo never responded, but the mysterious Sarah Eaglesfield kept returning.

The paid fake scumbag makes multiple tweets calling for Julian's death yet doesn't get suspended. There's your proof it is cointelpro controlled. I call for the guy's freedom and am deleted. A stupid arsewipe no one has ever heard of gets a blue check mark. I responded:
How old are you? What did you study? What are you basing your info on? I thank you for this as you have thrown full support behind "intelligence services" which are responsible for creating wars and unlimited surveillance. The work of Robert Altemeyer might help you or Watts.
Most people are so incredibly shallow or are manufactured identities called persona management and online covert action.

She still wouldn't tell me who she was, but nonetheless I played it fair and answered her question.

I can't believe Twitter still lets me into the account. It's weird. I sent a second appeal and they gave me a new claim number. That is how I am able to repost the last two days of tweeting.

Nearly every tweet on Julian's search page is paid fake garbage or written by some of the most shallow, ignorant people ever born. "Apparently Julian Assange has deleted his Twitter account. I wonder why? What did his bosses Putin and Trump decide was the go?"

Maybe he did delete it himself. No one knows. The internet is still paid fake garbage either way.

Why is someone with a blue check mark going back and forth with me? I mean, one time I got a response from Cenk years back in which he claimed to not be a r@tfvcker, but he never answered follow ups. I tweeted H.A. probably 30 times and got nothing but a gaslight favourite stat.

I had to ask her a second time if she was part of the above band. She would finally answer no. Another troll was trying to engage with me named MyChaosNinja. He or she got me thinking Assange definitely closed his account and it was a form of rickroll. That person has been following me for a while but rarely engaged. It is an obvious sewer rat informant. People can check out its page for themselves. I did and quickly saw this is a scumbag.

So let's get back to the British wench.
Oh, so the British musician lady or whomever stops writing when I want her blue check identity confirmed.

I gave her plenty of veggie meat on the fake bone why I love Julian Assange. All she has is mind games.

And just think, if they had been born in America, they could have made it on Nickelodeon, then have become worldwide fake pop stars like Grande, Spears, Selena Gomez and Timberlake. They could have gotten foot massages from Dan Schneider.

I'm sure police records could explain a lot of paid fake posts.

I'll continue with this in part 4. It shouldn't take too long to finish up on her and then we can get to sewer rat, garbage snitch Brandon Darby.

But before hitting publish on this mailed in entry, here is another check marked asshole scumbag attacking Julian.

The internet is paid fake, hypocritical trash. I would love to see the whole system crumble. We do that by spreading word of mouth how rigged it is. 

Friday, December 29, 2017

The U.S. Govt. Shut Down Me Twitter (part 3)

There are some current events I want to cover, but that schtick will need to be tabled. Someone finally got killed from a SWAT prank. That type of topic is up my alley since we all know about Brynaert and Neal. It was surreal to have ended up as a player in Weinergate. That is how I know so much. I am a primary witness and victim of the police state. One of the people who abused me in that was Brandon Darby. And after recently confronting him, I got the Twitter boot. But first came the Julian story.

My Twitter stats shot up to over 13,000 impressions for December 25. That's a modest number compared to many, yet still substantial. It showed that with a little effort, I am still able to disseminate ideas through words.

It soon became obvious that Julian deleted it himself or someone at Twitter did it.
This is how Trump's page looked when he got deleted? I guess there is no way to know what is going on.

There are a lot of nasty comments made towards Julian. If I responded with my true feelings, I would be deleted.

I despise paid fakes. The FBI and military-industrial complex are breaking laws by performing widespread psyops. Remember Sabu or Hal Turner? Rich fat pigs have all the senator and representative seats. Cops kill and abuse people without any repercussions.

Craig Murray is probably asleep. Maybe keep an eye on Pam Anderson's page. Julian Assange is the greatest human being alive and the only remaining possibility to save the planet.
Zero Hedge and all sorts of losers are trying to capitalise on it. The medium sucks. Marshall McLuhan explained wtf this is all about. Content is meaningless. It's a fricken Orwellian machine.

I always check [Julian's] page. He's the only person I believe in. There wouldn't have to be leaks if the U.S. government wasn't comprised of criminals and warmongers taking in all the data. I'm afraid to upload the Johnny Cash finger. Free speech is dead, so the medium can persist.

We're forced to go to Reddit Conspiracy and 4chan, but I doubt there's anything there.
There's maybe a handful of real people who post at reddit and the rest are disinfo agents.

Cointelpro accounts are swarming the [Twitter search] results.

Okay, we are finally up to the juicy stuff. Here is the form letter Twitter sent denying the appeal.

Your account has been suspended and will not be restored because it was found to be violating Twitter's Terms of Service, specifically the Twitter Rules against hateful conduct.
It is against our rules to promote violence against or directly attack or threaten other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or disease.
Additionally, if we determine that the primary purpose of an account is to incite harm towards others on the basis of these categories, that account may be suspended without prior warning.
You can learn more about our policy against hateful conduct here:
That's wicked awesome. The problem is none of the above is true. I did none of that. They didn't tell me which tweet broke those rules. As a leftier than thou who studied Social Theory in Ireland, I am incapable of doing so. I was banned for exposing cointelpro. There's no other explanation. And that they are sending out generic form letters proves that the appeal system is a scam. Twitter is garbage. It is part and parcel of the medium which must die for relevance. We must become the zeitgeist. That implies the need for a complete dismantling of how things are.

I was banned for speaking truth to power, while others calling for Assange's death don't get exiled.

Here we go again with the blue verification nonsense. If that's not one of the biggest scams concerning Twitter, then nothing is.

I had no idea who this person was and she was handing out no clues. She said go google it claiming all the info from college and resumes to police record is all there. I thought she was being silly and ignorant. I didn't yet realise she wants the man dead.
Twitter search Julian Assange and good luck finding a real post.
Meanwhile some other troll showed up on schedule named Brian Friedman. He is a Hollywood writer which is not saying much. I did a reverse-gaslight move after he piled on Julian.

Well, there is too much more to cram it all into this one post, so I'll conclude this part now. If there is a class action suit against Twitter for denying freedom of speech, I want in. I broke no rules or Twitter needs to ban everyone and shut down. But that would be too refreshing. Twitter needs to go the way of the dinosaurs.

It used to seem to be a free speech bastion. There are plenty of articles out there detailing that it has sold out. My schtick has never been outrageously trollish. I've become much classier in convolution rodeos. I will survive this blow because people shouldn't be wasting time on Twitter anyway. I had my own page. I wasn't getting lost in dumb-arsed troll threads. I went after real names. I focused on specifics and rules of academic thought. This isn't bragging. This is just saying.

Blogger on the run

                                Demented is as demented does, J. Edgar Turd?

My message had become simplified. The medium must be crushed. I wasn't saying to give up completely on the internet. I was referring to historic mediums such as radio, film, television, newsprint and now internet. The big change is that we now have the wherewithal to self-publish.

I had been like anyone else with the writing bug. It would take a miracle for anyone to make it on their own. So I went to the big websites. My schtick kicked in by making a stir at Democratic Underground and then Daily Kos. My personal story played into it. If I had not cybersleuthed Kimberlin, then it is doubtful I would have gone far. I then settled in at Twitter and developed a more tightened and user-friendly approach.

I capitalised on the Bernie campaign. It generated more views. The Assange Christmas story yet again showed that I can play the game. I was booted off of Twitter because the big boy website trend is towards complete censorship. By situating myself out of the fixed medium's reach, I was showing how one can self-publish without ceding integrity or wasting time with paid fake distractions. I was banned because my schtick was starting to make too much sense.

The state apparatus is all about cheating and they are falling apart as no one real believes in them anymore. The "look at all the kooks" strategy has backfired. Everyone can now see that indeed everything is rigged. We just don't know what to do next. We are beaten down and getting cynical, yet giving up is not an option. That everything is fake leaves open the opportunity that good people can generate a true internet resistance. The medium is currently controlled by the boogeymen. So let that part of it rot.

I will soon put together my final days at Twitter and then move on to an uncertain internet future. It is a sure thing I will continue to write. Part of me is also considering getting a microphone to make videos. The number one problem has been and continues to be the military-industrial complex and its modern day cointelpro program. I am assuming that they were responsible for myself getting censored at Twitter and my next post or two will show why I think that.

We are in an epic battle in real time. If honest people with values are unable to create a parallel universe to compete with the status quo, then the big mess will become cemented as a permanent Orwellian social reality. This is why it is so important that historic greatness Julian Assange is granted his freedom. He figured out how to develop positive social change through the opening up of deep state secrets which had been easily obfuscated by demented corporate media. We the people must take power away from the system. There is simply no way to save the planet from within. It will take extra-parliamentary action.

It is time to crush the medium's profits. That can only be done by forging new paths. Herbert Marcuse was beyond prescient with his concept of repressive tolerance. It is on each of us to figure out how to transcend state-sponsored gaslighting and come together as free thinking, autonomous and peaceful souls.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

The Internet is 87% Rigged

I pulled that percentage out of my butt. I don't know what the real numbers are. I am real yet continue to make posts. They won't be at Twitter, as my suspension has been declared permanent. I will make a post on that. No real person gave me the answers. It was a joke of an appeal process and in form letter. Twitter is definitely a dead end and needs to go bankrupt. That is, unless people like participating in rigged social media. Just don't act like it means anything or isn't a morbid representation of social reality.

I was banned for speaking truth to power.

The above is from a flat earth video.

                          "Shaq Backs Off Flat Earth"

I couldn't care less about Shaq. He is a verified scumbag who has made fun of Chinese accents and a disabled person. He has almost ruined the career of JaVale McGee. But I am interested in the clown who made the above video. He has made plenty more and they are equally stupid. But there's the rub. All that I could find with a quick search is that he's allegedly named Jacob Gibson of Modesto, California. It is claimed he has a degree in Psychology and has been in a few bands. Even if you can nail down a paid fake, it has become whack-a-mole.

There is a science guy who has been debunking flat earth for five years. That is the primary difference between my schtick and most other contrarians. I don't debate stupid shite. I don't do repressive tolerance. This guy is feeding into deep state trolling, while I send out the warning that state-sponsored "conspiracy stories" are a fungus destroying freedom of speech and association.

Only losers debate flat earth. No one needs to be a scientist to know it is a hoax. One can look into the Mandela Effect and find out it is a similar waste of time promoted by dubious individuals with hidden agendas.

There are going to be crackpot kooks here and there, but for the most part, conspiracy videos and websites are produced and maintained by the Military-Industrial Complex as exposed by Snowden documents.

Internet society has hit the point of no return. Free speech is dead. It is now about a proven grand conspiracy that everything is rigged and fake.

I have had a number of outstanding scoops that never made it into the mainstream media and now we know why. This is not bragging. It is just saying.

There is no escaping the fake. It is omnipresent.

I don't know if Jacob is related to a David Gibson, but the latter is connected to something called Relationship Science.

Fricken sassafrassa. There is something weird going on. We are living in a new kind of age which isn't properly understood by most.

The Celtics play Houston in a couple hours on national television. Life goes on. I am still in a bit of shock at getting pushed off of Twitter with no recourse.

I still have to blog on what I tweeted in the two days which led to the suspension. That will come soon. I have finally been exiled back to this blog. A part of me has died. Yet, that is talking about the false ego. I suspect the Twitter purge will backfire. I mean, look at how Obama and Hillary are apparently at the top of the list for most admired AmeriKKKan men and women. At some point no real people will participate in social media and kooks like me will eventually become vindicated and referred to as prescient.

The internet is truly at least 88% fake news at this point trending towards 90% if I had to guess the percentages.

I have a lot of ideas and theories. One is that paid fakes are given their own IMDB pages which are often blank because they are ringers with no talent. Only so many Joe Rogans can fake make it in order to fill in the page. Maybe this is a different Jacob Gibson, perhaps it isn't.

The internet is saturated with paid fakes.

I will present one example from Reddit Conspiracy to prove it is rigged and fake. Real people do not think the way online covert agents spin it. There is a new thread up on Alex Jones as Bill Hicks. The gaslighting part is the more one mentions such examples, the more they become the simulated outcome. It's called a limited hangout or heightened noise to signal ratio.

So I am not saying let's discuss the theory. No, one might as well discuss flat earth or whether the moon is made of cheese. Then it never ends. What kind of cheese? Or who moved the cheese? Who cut the cheese, etc..

Bill Hicks died. Anyone who claims that he faked his death and became Alex Jones is cointelpro, period.

I will provide the link for posterity. The point is that all websites are contaminated. It's a huge, big all-encompassing conspiracy which proves why nothing ever changes. This type of information needs to be leaked. Snowden done good.

This is the Reddit title with the link:

Joe Rogan, his friend Bill Hicks, and his friend Alex Jones are all under the same producer, Kevin Booth of Sacred Cow Productions. This clip is VINTAGE Bill Hicks.

This is the video titled, "Alex Jones Has a Bill Hicks Moment?"

I covered this on Twitter, but alas it's gone. Jones mimics Hicks. End of story. The interesting part is that the Military-Industrial Complex has been exposed as planting these types of moronic time wasters. They refer to them as "Conspiracy Stories."

How pitiful is that? It's 2017 and the baby killers are spreading crap all over the internet. The above is top secret stuff that was leaked through Snowden. These are power points explaining what the people on Reddit are doing.

It's true Rogan is a paid fake. There was maybe only one person on the thread who was real. I don't know, but he or she asked why can't it just be that Jones is stealing Hicks' persona? No, it has to be pushed that they are the same guy and Hicks was a CIA agent. It's both weird and stupid.

It is illegal for the U.S. government to molest freedom of speech and association and run psyops on its own people. It shouldn't be happening at all.

Real people are not posting too much anymore anywhere. It's gotten surreal. Life is imitating art as in George Orwell's 1984.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The U.S. Government Shut Down My Twitter Account Part 2

The worst part of getting suspended from Twitter is losing all those tweets. I was getting comfortable and enjoying the format. My stats actually got a nice bump off of the Assange drama. The same thing happened the day Hillary fainted. It's not tough to find an audience if the content is good.

I still have access to the account to screenshot them over here. I'm assuming Brandon Darby or someone else tied to military cointelpro got me banned. I have truly figured out everything. This is not bragging. The medium needs to die and be replaced by regular people democracy. That means denying paid fakes access to one's schtick. Widespread brainwashing has become overwhelming in the fake news era. Herbert Marcuse wrote that there must be zero tolerance for status quo agents.

Freedom of speech has always been an illusion, as Snowden and Assange documents have exposed the extent of conspiracy. I tried to stress as much as possible to masses of people that the Military-Industrial Complex is the number one problem. I will upload tweets from my last couple days for when the stat bounce happened. Maybe there are some good ones as I scroll up from December 22.

Tweets contained in the same screenshot should be read from bottom to top.

I will add links and clarification as this article series continues.

If the suspension is final, I will not shed a tear. Last night was rough. I was feeling bad for losing public access to a lot of my original writing and it's just fundamentally unfair what is going on with the Twitter purge.

Great people must create the platforms so we can put total boycotts on all social media from Google to corporate news, Twitter, Reddit etc. and so on. The entire internet is being sabotaged by the Spy Factory. They are resorting to cheating. This is clearly Orwellian territory in which awareness is outpacing propaganda. The new censorship is spun as right versus left, but it is really about the corporate-military state suppressing all free thought.

I will probably have to break this up into a number of parts.

I'm not sure what the future will bring for my blogging, but if I continue, it will be here. It might be a very similar schtick to my Twitter days, but obviously back to the old format. Some days I daydream of buying a microphone and making Youtube videos. One must always be ready to move on and start again. Life is about the journey and integrity.

I hope people will visit and leave comments. It is what it is.

Okay, enough of that. We'll try to fast forward to Christmas Eve, historic greatness Julian Assange and then Brandon Darby.

I covered stuff like Umar and the overkill with the UFO psyop. It doesn't matter. I am all about the patterns. Avatars can be killed, but ideas survive. Truth always trumps over everything else. I went hard after cointelpro. I am trying to get to the day or two in question that led to my silencing on that fascist website.

This is how the medium fools most people:

I got back into Corey Feldman and other stuff. It wasn't too shabby a Twitter page I suppose, not bragging. I'm a bit proud. I feel that I hit a direct cointelpro nerve and cracked their sociological code, so to speak.

"Mika Brzezinski is a clown."
"Hank Williams Sr.'s parents were heavily into freemasonry."
"The military makes fake posts claiming to believe in crazy conspiracies."

"Umar is cointelpro or he wouldn't have let his degrees elapse or otherwise have them out of order. He's like me claiming to be a teacher. Yeah, maybe twenty years ago it was attempted. He sounds like an Edgar Hoover styled rat snitch."

Just saying. I am ferocious against the military and cointelpro. I got banned after a convolution rodeo with ratfvcker Darby. I'm trying to speed this up to the good stuff.

"Umar Johnson's plausible deniability is that he's a con artist. If he isn't the Black man's Hal Turner, he is looking to pinch money off of people under false pretenses."

I think for myself! I hardly ever link to anything and always produced original micro-prose. I was trying to lead by example.

"I am attempting a reverse-cointelpro schtick in which elites will become divided and conquered by the regular guy masses."

I went after the L.A. Times for their all-white actress cover. Both sides suck. Breitbart people are the worst. Neoliberals are also the worst. They are two sides of the same cointelpro program.

I think they made Rosie delete her tweet. I read there is no three strikes and you're out at Twitter, but it has happened to me. I didn't post anything that broke the rules. Speaking the truth should be allowed and I will show that Twitter is anti-free speech by sharing all my tweets from the Assange drama through to my suspension.
I am not afraid of saying fvck this and fvck that. The medium needs to be shut down. That would change things. Say cable news goes down the toilet and bankrupt. Say every crap outlet on the internet is ignored. Shut. Them. Down. Crush the medium's hold on the social structure.
Okay, I have finally reached the Assange part. It is early a.m. on December 25th. I'll stop here for part two.