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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Twisted Soul Which Is The Internet

An alternative title for this entry could have been, "Ron Brynaert, welcome to my world."

Oh, now I remember what was supposed to go into this entry. It concerns a recent brush with greatness I had back in August 2010.

I found a contact address for Angharad Aubrey. She played the little girl, Susy Fane, in the Bette Davis' 1965 vehicle The Nanny. Here's what she wrote back.
Yes, that is me - a long time ago! Thanks for the lovely comments. You are right, it is a classic. I remember being terrified of Bette Davis off set - I don't think she was a big fan of little kids and she would fix me with that famous stare and I'd be off and running - William Dix was positively evil as well! I didn't pursue acting as a career after I graduated from school, but I have great childhood memories to cherish. All the best. :)
That's what we refer to in the business as a sweetie.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

No Más, No Más

Today I officially move on with the rest of my life. This is my "No Más" moment. I will never blog again anywhere except for right here at DFQ2. I gave my "Goodbye Cruel World" tweets hours ago (@Prepostericity). I gave up on Pffugee Camp well before then. It's pointless.

Nothing will be deleted. I didn't close the Twitter account. I still drop a "bump" post at my first blog every once in a while to keep it from being scrubbed due to inactivity. I will still maintain my fantastic movie channel. But that's it. I refuse to run around like a chicken with its head chopped off ala Ron Brynaert. Now what in the heck is he thinking? No one is listening and no one cares. Get off the net and write a book. Save your soul.

Yeah we all know Twitter is useless anyway. I suppose it's got some value. If you find some nice folks who tweet interesting links, then cool whoop de doo. That's not too shabby.

Anonymous is toast. It's been confirmed by credible sources that one in four hackers is an FBI informant. Neal Rauhauser is most definitely on their payroll. And what's that say about our Military-Industrial Complex that they would pay such a dumbf*ck to spread convolution? Who in the hell could be stupid enough to believe the crap he dishes out? Who in their right mind would waste any time reading what he posts? He's basically the lowest form of scum a human can be. He would have fit in well in Nazi Germany. He is that pathetic. Bet on it.

This is going to be a lame excuse for my tail off in blogging, but my computer is on its last legs. I could fill ye in on that, but it's the truth take it or leave it.

I used to be able to do what Brynaert does. What has become part of the vernacular known as socratisation is actually basic googling + writing skills + academic training. You can try this at home.

I will be getting a new computer in a few weeks. Yeah, I could parlay that into a second wind of blogging life. But that's not the plan. Yes, I will still blog from time to time. It's in my blood but the bulk of my future writing will be done in private. If I'm ever able to string together some good pages, I will approach a publisher. However, I am no longer going to keep doing this for free except for as a basic hobby.

Let's see what I have on my to do list:

*** Find volunteer work
*** Get a library card
*** Form book ideas

Maybe donkeytale will show up again. My plan with him is to simply not engage. He is not a nice person. He's actually quite vicious at times. I do not need that in my life.

I'm a very good person. Or I used to be. The internet's negatives have rubbed off on me. That brings me to this fork in the road. I can continue to drift and let the internet corrupt my soul. Or I can get back to how I used to be, pure at heart.

I have told my story to the best of my abilities. It was actually not too badly done. I am satisfied with it.

Above I had a few paragraphs where I was spewing a lot of hate towards Neal Rauhauser. I deleted them. He is not worth it. Donkeytale is not worth it.

Do I have a good idea what's going on? For sure I do. There's simply no point in pissing into the wind. Sure you gotta keep pissing, for it's not healthy to keep body waste in your bladder. Ugh, I was never that good with euphemisms.

There was a certain freedom in having been outed. It forced me to tell my story. That I never asked for a cent means my words had great integrity in regards to truth.

I can perhaps crank out some new stuff once the new computer arrives. Yet for all intents and purposes I will no longer consider myself a blogger. I will be content to resume to being a regular guy who just so happens to have a blog.

I have no regrets. I done good.

It's time to let the anger go and rejoin humanity.

As a leftier than thou, I will leave you with the following:

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Taking a little break

I do not believe in deleting but just whitewashed my last entry. Though I didn't use the name of an ex-girlfriend, it would've been better to have not been posted.

I'm a bit burnt out for blogging but not too bad. I am done with donkeytale. He's off this blog. I am going to make a fresh start. He can find some other place to leech off of and be abusive to that blog's owner.

It's time for a clean slate. With all that other internet convolution behind me, I'm ready to have fun again as a blogger. If no comments come in or the views dwindle, so be it.

I'll try to get back into the swing with a new entry next week.