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Saturday, September 29, 2018

State-Sponsored Reboot Relying On Fatigue

Wanda Sykes was heckled. Some were removed. Others walked out. She just had to get political.

I actually think she is very funny with old-school skills. I love dry as toast deliveries. She could very well be the Black female version of Steven Wright.

Personally I could do without stereotypical political jokes. They fall very flat at this point in herstory. Colbert is a scumbag as is Fox News. There is nowhere to go but for a total boycott of the system as in make them all go bankrupt. Jam this fvcker. Speak as humans and spread true, real knowledge.

My problem with Wanda Sykes is that she worked for the NSA.

Thus, it doesn't matter how clever and funny she may be. She can go to fvcking hell along with anyone else who supports this bullshite system.

Anderson Cooper is the personification of a cvnt. Period. There is no debating it. The only option is to drive CNN into bankruptcy.

There's truly nothing to debate at this point in the earth's ballgame.

Saturday Night Live is demented garbage to not only be ignored but ruined.

Up and down any list are people and companies that can fvck off!

Tons are dead in Indonesia from a tsunami.

I'm just waking up. I had to put comments on moderation again. I demand freedom. I don't debate it.

Lindsay Lohan is in the fake news, but it looks impossible to figure out without wasting a lot of time. She seems to have gone batshite crazy. She is apparently a woman under the influence so to speak. That was a great movie starring Gena Rowlands from before the medium went completely off the rails.

This is clearly a mailed in blog entry.

One of the newspaper stalkers got tired of chasing women and ran down the Juice for his opinion on the Cosby verdict.

It's one thing for me to mail in unpaid blog entries, but what the medium does day in day out is ridiculous.

I actually agree with Simpson. Cosby is too old for prison. That's basically torture.

That's the same medium which smeared Michael Jackson yet did nothing to expose church pedophiles.

2016 is the excuse to no longer g.a.f..

Read some Krishnamurti. Authority in itself is hot steaming garbage.

The O.J. thing to me is funny and weird no different from the Lohan story. There are no more good looks for Hollywood. Put a fork into the system from media to government to corporations to military.

Yesterday was the first day since my health scare that I took no naps. I am gonna recover!

Uhm, I thought the Celtics looked good last night. The lads were rusty but even in that, they created a double digit lead.

There is Golden State and Boston and then everyone else.

Houston looks desperate. That was a bad contract to give to Chris Paul. I know he's great but he is past his prime and looks fragile. That was just too risky.

The Warriors broke the league. Now it is the Celtic's turn starting this year or next.

I think it's this year.

It's obvious. Kyrie was greatness out of the gate. Al Horford had a few hiccups. But that's as good as it gets for a roster. In regards to Irving's personal situation, he must stay injury free and play classic Celtics basketball, then he will get the contract. Nothing is guaranteed. He needs to earn it. But he did show enough last year that he ain't so bad at defense.

He is clearly much better at being a hot shot than with Rondo styled maestro ball distribution.

Stevens is a genius. Danny has luck to the yin-yang. The players are greatness despite what haters say. It is a perfect storm.

Something will eventually have to give- whether Danny makes trades, there are injuries or money restrictions. It is always there for an elephant in the room. One must enjoy each season in itself and ignore the business side. Don't get too attached to anyone. I could see Jaylen Brown traded or not. Anything could happen. The only thing I do know is that the Celtics are not supposed to have this sort of roster. Maybe Danny can't afford Kyrie in the long-term. It is the proverbial it is what it is. Maybe Terry Rozier is the odd guy out. Or Smart. Or everyone stays forever. I don't think Ainge can let Kyrie Irving walk. That's too big of a player to lose for nothing. I guess he's staying. Rozier? Maybe they both can stay. Ainge is a genius but still has work to do. He could keep those three guards. Speculation is pointless. The next game is Sunday.

The contracts are now shorter. Few players stay with one team spanning whole careers. Ainge would be foolish to not be looking for a ten year window. That means Tatum and Brown are most likely the core. I suppose the modern day challenge is Michael Jordan's six titles. That's what Ainge is targeting, imho.

No one knows what will happen. If Isaiah never got hurt, he could still be a Celtic in Kyrie's spot. Irving is younger and taller, so his odds are much better of staying than I.T.'s were.

I am going to limit reading the NBA message boards this year. People are very nasty in general. I noticed tons of people who follow different cities for sports. People can list their teams. Sure, adopt a city if one must, but one is stuck with the teams they were born into. I was born into New England and mostly Massachusetts. I am a pure Boston fan.

Why should I give a fvck about someone who roots for say the Celtics, the Blue Jays, fricken the 49ers and who the fvck knows for college teams.

Pick one city for teams or stfu? I think that should be the law. Rogan had a demented bit. He goes who the fvck or sorry, something like the question how the fvck is that the law. It was some variation on who died and made you king. Then he said, "Waffles, bitch."

Ye can't make this shite up. Lee Camp was going hahah haha, look at the homeless freezing off their butts while poodle dogs wear sweaters. Sure, this is all digression. I admit it. Running out of schtick material means what it says.

Erdogan is getting booed everywhere he goes. That's my scoop. I hate that guy as much as Duterte. I hate Cenk. I'm loving System of a Down. God bless the Armenians and may truth will out, Will Robinson.

Ted Turner has been diagnosed with Lewy body dementia, but I thought that was only verified through autopsies. Anyway, I think H. has that. I based my analysis on neck cheese. Turner seems to have that. It was tough to get evidence compared with Robin Williams. Ted seems to cover his neck quite a bit.

The H. thing was interesting in many ways. The medium had a complete meltdown. "You conspiracy kooks are ruining everything."

She was sick as fvck and everybody knew it. Chris Cuomo is pure, unadulterated 100% cvnt in reference to the European definition.

"They're trying to build a prison."

I wanted to like Wanda Sykes. The NSA part was a deal breaker.

Friday, September 28, 2018

We're moving onto S.O.A.D..

System of a Down playlist

This blog has little to do with entertainment. I am one nobody with a real name and true story speaking to the future letting it know we weren't all the same schmuck.

I have to be blunt. Some days this blog doesn't get even 100 views. This is my personal website. It's my turf. I.d.g.a.f about anyone on SNL. That was the point of smearing Davidson. Just because he sucks, that doesn't mean there are others who don't. Everything to do with social media including television actors is miserable. The medium is the message in itself. That phrase has never been easier to grok.

Is it asking too much to be allowed one's own turf?

If I had to guess, war criminal Dianne Feinstein was the true instigator of the Kavanaugh debacle. Her maiden name is Goldman which feeds into the Reddit Conspiracy fracture point. Her husband is a war profiteer. I speak truth. I know everything in regards to one person's capacity. I am at peace with life and internet. I'm not saying entertainment doesn't exist or has no value.

Lee Camp made fun of the homeless. I made a mini movie on him. Fake is as fake does.

I told everyone to back off of Asia Argento. Rose McGowan has retracted saying Argento received nude pictures from Bennett at aged 12.

Asia is definitely a bit twisted, but it feels like overkill to keep smearing her. The key is to quit all demented medium loops and stop enabling them. It's a bad look for everyone involved if one is forced to care.

What she did was sleazy based on age difference and California statutory rape law. We all know the deal. In some countries, the age of consent is sixteen. Eighteen is the safest youngest age in regards to consensus. Thankfully, nearly everyone tends to be attracted to people their own age. It's called having things in common. It's called a peer group.

Let's see. I was very prescient in regards to Duterte. I'm stating the case for a stolen blogging destiny. If the allegations are true that I done good for such and such to go with this and that and some junk in between, then all bets are off and I am the Rambo of bloggers who took down the man winning the internet.

I requested good guy CIA to do something about him. I can simulate my own junk, thank you very much. Rodrigo just admitted to committing crimes against humanity. He has committed atrocities.

                                 "my only sin is the extrajudicial killings"

Everything has become a fracture point. The system in itself has been exposed. Hillary went on Murphy Brown.

DNC/CIA/Truman Project operatives Kimmel, Colbert and Fallon continue to pound away at the right/left paradigm. I'm just fishing through headlines from the trashy tabloid.

I don't watch any of those shows. The Boston Celtics have their first game tonight at 6:30. Yay, finally.

I'm funny in that all I care about is Julian Assange mostly and then the Celtics, but also that the DNC rigged the primary against Bernie Sanders.

Peter Davidson is [redacted] and so is Ariana Grande who licked a public donut. That's conspiracy fact. That's just another fake comic and fake singer media creation. Think Bieber and Gomez. It's the same people. It's very similar never-ending nonsense. Too many folks literally sold their souls to the devil. That is the sorry, brutal truth. Davidson says he thinks of his dad dying in the 9/11 fire when they make love. He was on the Howard Stern Show. That's where that story is coming from. Stern drove Dana Plato to death, but I digress.

I think the fracture point topic might explain a lot and McLuhan has never been more accessible.

I'm personally holding on for stamps and basketball.

There's nothing left to investigate concerning the internet, imho. It is at the proverbial dead end.

She's such a clown no one knows her name

She's a regular contributor to Russia Today. They don't list her name. She's simply referred to as The Resident.

She is Lori Harfenist.

Lori is always acting and posing. She is always smiling and putting on a weird, fake voice. She is the female version of Lee Camp.

She likes to flash occult symbols.

Maybe she is a disinfo agent. At a minimum, she is a poser and full o' shite.

People should just be themselves and stop playing around. Anyone who smiles like she does as a routine cannot be trusted.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Fake Celebrity Attacks Easy Target Chevy Chase

I don't doubt that Chevy Chase is nasty and antisocial. However, I doubt that Peter Davidson is a real comic or anything other than the last person on earth who should share opinions on anyone else's talent.

Chevy probably got greedy. He had a few good movies. He had a decent run. Eventually his career fizzled out. This guy below is a turd. One can only wonder how someone so untalented ends up climbing the zeitgeist. He' snot funny, period.

He must have done something bad to get the job. It's mysterious. He is obviously a sell out.

It seems he might have advanced because his dad died in 9/11. He's some sort of gimmick? I had never heard of him until today and from his trash talking towards Chevy Chase.

SNL has been a lousy show since the Will Ferrell Era. Everyone knows it. The Millennials are the next chump generation to be brain fvcked by the deep state.

Aaaah, I have found some stand up he did from a bunch of years ago. He mimics Dave Chappelle. He copied the way he talks and the delivery. He is apparently mixed race. He is the autotune of comedy. He seems to have been addicted to hard drugs. This could be another example of Comictelpro.

In other news, Murphy Brown has morphed into Jenny Jones and Mila Kunis is still getting stalked by photographers. Two words: Sylvia Sydney. That's Mila's trajectory. She is gonna age fast.

I haven't seen that kind of fancy footwork to get to a car since Matt Lauer was spotted picking up a pizza.

Here's a shocker. The Queen Mother apparently liked to toss back a drinkie poo or two.

This is Tokyo Shemp Entertainment News.

                       Royalty just wants to be seen as regular guys.

No one told me California has become the Golden Tent & Junkie State.

It's weird. So many people are living on the streets in tents.

The stuff is spun as politics. Dystopia can't be too far off if we're not already there. If there was ever a time to can it with CIA styled political existence, that time would be now. Yet, things only seem to get worse and worst.

The United States seems to have its own form of rule 10. Telling the truth gets spun as borderline terrorism? I am allowed to do it here because I am lucky to get 100 page views. That seems to be the base.

And I am running out of schtick material if that hasn't happened already.

The Daily Reboot for September 26th, 2018

The Boston Celtics have their first game in a couple days. Today is the two week anniversary for my heart attack. I think everything will work out fine for both myself and the basketball team.

I imagine next year will become the start of presidential election season. It's been just about two years since the election. Where'd the time go?

Start preparing yeselves to not overeat for Thanksgiving through New Year's Day. Haha, once a teacher always a teacher.

This could become my new schtick basically providing a capsule of today's fake news. It certainly becomes arbitrary. There's never anything on say, Yemen?

Maybe I should create videos instead of blogging. Speaking of which, I need some tunes. That's what's missing from this moment. Lately I've been listening to a lot of Radiohead.

The Daily Stalker:

Olivia Culpo is the new Ooh-la-la girl?

Courtney Stodden has put on some weight.

There doesn't seem to be anything on Jane Fonda.

The CIA obviously wants us to think of Trump as a laughingstock. The problem with that is Stephen Colbert is the personification of dog shit.

In Europe the person below is referred to as a cv|\|t. Why can't both he and Trump go to hell?

Drive them into bankruptcy? Who the fvck is watching such nonsense? I am going to find pirated basketball games. I get me news headlines from the Brits. I listen to free music. I partake in the free stuff. I use ad blocker. It takes a special type of moron who actually views ads on Youtube? What is wrong with this picture? We are the product. This is called a war economy. I'm funny in that I refuse to bow down to the demented Military-Industrial Complex.

Here's a pure stalker money shot. This is what I'm talking about.

That's apparently Phil Collins' daughter.

Damn, Radiohead sounds so good.

I'm loving my coffee, this blog entry not so much.

The schtick feels forced.

I've always liked Alvin.

With segregation, one was forced to find Black friends through the television. I was also friends with Theo. I had a crush on Dee. I loved meself some Rog and Dwyane. I had real issues with Rerun. Talk about forced schticks. He was the Black man's Horshack.

Webster wasn't a bad show. The problem was it looked too similar to Different Strokes. Even as a young man I was repulsed by schtick theft.

Howard Stern killed Dana Plato. That is conspiracy fact.

Some poser named Nicki Minaj donated 25 grand to Alvin Huxtable. Sorry I forget his real fake last name. But anyway, he has turned around and donated the money to a fund for down and out Hollywood people.

The key was Owens never complained about bagging groceries. He just did it. He lost revenue to the Cosby scandal.

I think Bill was totally guilty. My problem is that seems like torture to lock up someone at his age. He seems to be a scapegoat for #MeToo.

Maybe the Pope needs to go to prison?

The Daily Mail sucks today. I suppose they are consistent.

Piers is taking heat for body shaming the morbidly obese woman, a story covered by this blog.

Asia Argento should be let alone at this point, imho. The Rain Dove person makes me skin crawl. I would bet my stamp collection she and Rose McGowan are FBI informants. Same with Corey Feldman. I personally think California is due a huge earthquake. I see Hollywood eventually crumbling. There was this show Everyone Wants to be a Millionaire. It got huge ratings. It got milked. Eventually people stopped watching.

Unfortunately it is not about ratings. The money flows from taxes to military back into the octopus/medium convex hull.

"I lost myself."

Speaking of fat fvcks, Piers Morgan looks like he could lose a few pounds.

What's up with the Pope?

What does that mean as in modern standards?

How is one to not get stressed out? The Pope is apparently a pedophile and/or protects them.

There's no more Dunkin' Donuts. They are just going with Dunkin'. How about they can fvckin' off? That's news?

As a former teacher, I feel compelled to add an opinion to the story on the woman who was fired for refusing to give half credit to non-existent work.

Schools are part and parcel of the big mess. Any real true authentic revolution will include taking over of all local power from pigs. I side with the teacher who was fired. If someone passes in no work, they deserve 0% for a grade. People who comprise the school power structure are the morons, not her.

Do some teachers take it too far and overdo homework? Sure. The problem is the groovy teachers never make it. There is something called authoritarian personality disorder. Those afflicted with that are rewarded by the system. There's a reason why most people can only remember one or two teachers who made sense. Most people suck including educators. It's a brutal truth which forms the core of oppressive social reality. First things first, folks need to pull their heads from the medium's grip.

Perhaps I am part and parcel of the big mess. These kind of entries are seemingly promoting the medium reboot I wail against.

It's possible. There is so much that I am finding as couldn't care less content. Meghan Markle shut her own car door. That is apparently news.

My big challenge is to not sleep during the day. I've been sleeping so much lately. My proudest accomplishment is quitting cigarettes. It's two weeks from right now when I had my last one. Oh how life can change in mere moments. This feels like bonus time. A woman died the other day at age 54 from a heart attack. I feel so lucky. It coulda probably shoulda been me.

It's mortality. The shocking truth is that we were born to die.

Stolpman has one line in the Ketchup King in which he admits to selling out.

I pulled a bit of inverted Sirhan Sirhan on myself. I kept repeating:

I will not sell out.
I will never sell out.
I refuse to sell out.
Blah, blah blah.
Etc. and so forth.

Reincarnation is what it is. But why rush to start over? The fruit of life is in the blossoming even deep into old age. Enlightenment means what it says. Everything will happen in due time.

It's painful to continue especially when one has zero faith in medium or pretty much anything. Yet, there's no choice. There can be no giving up. There's nothing but the moment anyway. There's nothing more but so-called feeding the blog or whatever it is that rocks one's internet addiction.

There's something new on Wallis Simpson. She's the woman for whom Edward VIII abdicated the thrown. So apparently they didn't even love each other. He looks like he was in love with being in love. She seemed to be in love with the mirror. Add another shrimp hoax to the barbie, lads.

I have no respect for this type of woman.

She was an ingrate against true love and complained about money.

What a clown carnival life has been. They were never in love. There was no George Washington Cherry Tree. No Santa Claus. And this woman wanted nothing to do with the fella after all.

                        Everything is rigged and fake including abdications.

The Jeremy Piven story looks interesting. Wtf was he doing performing his schtick in front of #MeToo people? He allegedly ended up stealing my fvck you and fvck this schtick.

Miss Utah went on a date with someone with autism. It's an awwww kind of story. I need some lunch........

I've only a few stories left to vet.

A cvnt named Ken Paxton is the attorney general in Texas. He claims students must recite the pledge of allegiance.
School children cannot unilaterally refuse to participate in the pledge.
The Pledge of Allegiance is trash, period. How can the student lose her lawsuit? On what planet is anyone forced to recite anything they don't want to? How is Texas not demented? I've been forced to self-censor. Sure, people are people and Texas is just another state? I don't know. I think it's demented. Slavery was demented. The South is crazy f'ed up. Truth is truth. Alabama is shit. Yeah, the North has some issues, too. I'm fricken left with nowhere to go. That makes me so mad that our civil rights have been flushed down a toilet.

Judi Dench is supporting Kevin Spacey.

Oh. My. God. Why does everyone suck including her?

There's a new "conspiracy" article spinning people like myself as schizophrenics. Stolpman recently claimed to be schizo. He basically works for Cointelpro. What else could he be up to? Sometimes there are no coincidences and they troll themselves.

The main Americano psyop is called conspiracy stories. Look at how everything gets lumped together. Thinking the CIA killed JFK is tied to the hip of Alex Jones' Sandy Hook schtick.

See how they want conspiracy to be seen as right wing?

I quit cigarettes. Maybe it is time to quit Daily Mail.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Reddit Conspiracy is Operated by the U.S. Military-Industrial Complex

The head moderator with all the power is a government disinfo agent named axolotl_peyotl. No one knows his real name because it is not a real person.

They are shaping it as a traditional right wing conspiracy sewer in the mold of William Cooper, Alex Jones or Manly Hall. Pick your poison. None of it is meant to enlighten or mobilise protest. It is hard core right wing so as to maintain traditional fracture points.

It's as if there has never been a true left wing. That is the spin. Obama and Hillary represent the Left. They are called communists. The right-left paradigm is the biggest hoax of them all. It's ridiculous but forms the bedrock of oppression.

Reddit Conspiracy has only recently grown into a bigger forum. However, it does not appear that there are many real people contributing and that the stats have been padded. The rule 10 also makes it impossible to participate. It becomes pointless. There is a two month waiting period. I am still waiting to even be allowed to post. And when I do, we shall see if it is deleted and I am banned.

Axolotl_Peyotl represents hallucinogenic drugs. His name in itself trolls the forum. The cvnt named Axolotl Peyotl is an enemy to humanity. All of Reddit Conspiracy is fabricated, manipulated garbage run by Cointelpro.

He might as well have named himself Adolf_Hitler's_Love_Child.

The above was from 2014. The fake conspiracy theorist promoted a Holocaust denial movie. Now he runs Reddit Conspiracy. The numbers back then show it to be a minuscule website. It's a charade and facade. It's no better than the cvnts who control Reddit Wikileaks or in fact every subreddit is owned and manipulated by scumbags. Cassandra Fairbanks is a Cointelpro agent yet is a moderator on Reddit Wikileaks. That is as fvcked up as internet life can get.

Everything is rigged and fake. Nothing is real on the internet.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Reddit Conspiracy is garbage by design.

It's called Rule 10.
Posts that attack this sub, users or mods thereof, will be removed. Accusing another user of being a troll or shill can be viewed as an attack, depending on context. First violations will usually result in a warning but bans are at the mods' discretion.
The head moderator there has a username pertaining to some kind of psychedelic drug. A quick search shows he moderates a lot of subreddits including some at VOAT. No one knows what his real name is only that he's a disinfo agent.

It's against the rules to declare the obvious that Reddit Conspiracy is paid fake garbage.

Reddit Wikileaks is also paid fake garbage. How else is one to explain verified cointelpro actor Cassandra Fairbanks as a moderator?

Full blown censorship explains everything. There was no subtlety or nuance to the Nazis either and we know how their story ended.

If there was true power through Reddit, the scum from Eglin Air Force Base would have been completely exposed.

It is the extent to which the internet is rigged and fake that people still seem to not fully grok.

Breitbart versus Daily Kos was rigged. That little beaut put me on the map. It's what keeps me ultimately still pressing forward. It's a little nugget of meta history that I hold onto for as long as possible. I want it to survive. I want our era to live on. It wasn't just me and my little story. Moulitsas was exposed. Stuff did happen. There was an internet history. Shite did finally hit the fan in 2016.

Julian Assange cracked the code.

I think Bernie will be the next president. I think the true barometer of the future ultimately depends on Julian's fate. If there is no legit Wikileaks, there is no hope, imho.

What's to be done about the demented Military-Industrial Complex? Even Eisenhower warned about them. They are the problem. They are it. They need to be arrested. What's the hold up? Let's do it. We have the numbers. Why can't someone smart think our way out of the big mess? I'm going yoohoo, over here, it's them! I can get you exact names. This isn't rocket science. How do we start moving the football chains? I am begging and screaming for social change.


Authentic True Real Bottom Line News

This is where following Daily Mail pays off.

                                               That's good acting?

I was one of those schlubs (a Lenny word) who went door-to-door requesting donations to help save some planet. We'd pile in a car with other so-called activists. It was more of a fun, unique job. I remember one older dude. We were in the back seats and he started ripping into me.

"Why are you always acting?"

I didn't know wtf he was talking about. Today looking back, the punk was clearly gaslighting.

In my next life there will be a scenario in which another dude will brain fvck me with, "Why is everything a joke to you? Why must everything be reduced to a bit or schtick?"

It was bad enough Asia flaunted the open relationship. That's what was first thought to have put Mr. Bourdain over the edge.

It had to be the kid part. Anthony must have felt so embarrassed and realised that story would eventually emerge into the zeitgeist. It's one thing she openly cheated on him through the media stalkers. On the surface, that had to have been the final straw. But I think it was this kid who actually put Bourdain over the edge.

Geez, get him into some counseling a.s.a.p.. He looks devastated.

Asia was just quite a bit less of a pedophile than Mary Kay Letourneau. I think there are levels to it. It's a tough topic because there is no set law for each state. Eighteen seems safe enough, but someone 17 could be somehow more mature than a person aged 20. It happens. The key is we should be attracted to people our own ages. That basic truth can prevent a lot of unnecessary heartbreak and shenanigans. They are called peer groups and perhaps the most powerful influencers of them all. We are meant to be with people of similar ages in regards to hanky panky.

The Italians are mocking Jimmy Bennett for claiming rape.

This is a bad look for all involved including perverts from Europe.

Letourneau is still nuts. She too was recently interviewed. She is blaming the kid. She egged him on to admit he was "the boss" at aged 12 who pursued her.

That guy, that poor fella. Now that's a true victim. He seems to be doing the right thing sticking by the lady.

Asia Argento is not as demented as her but it's not as far apart as it may seem. I forget the other kid's name, but 12 is way too young. Uhm, these women are craving their childhood innocence days. It's gotta be that. The women want pure guys. Men are to blame for everything for them? But not the boys and Momma's gonna make all the pain go away. Philosopher Pink Floyd covered that. She's gonna put it back together the way it's supposed to be or something.

Things have really gotten twisted in regards to the medium.

That's my take on Asia and Jimmy. He's an adult now. It's well past time to keep dragging Argento through the mud. She's rightfully finished. Sure, he was victimised but he was old enough in which it was statutory rape based on which state claims it as such as in nothing was forced. File under fake news and crocodile tears?

This is one more reason to make schadenfreude great again. If it were, then such trashy stories would hit the news cycle and go away as in bing, bang, boom, buh-bye. However, it continues to get milked.

Speaking of milk, Selena Gomez apparently removed the Instagram photo of her new boobs. Some suggest perhaps she didn't get plastic surgery but rather created upperboobs through bra manipulation. Others contend she is on tilt due to Bieber and the Baldwin woman.

What I find funny about Gomez is she acts all holier than though wearing crosses and acting like the sweet innocent lady woman, yet she gets downright satanic in her videos. I don't like shallow hypocrites. She comes across as extremely petty and unsophisticated. Bieber and Baldwin aren't going to be finishing any crosswords soon either.

Bourdain couldn't have cared less she was out and about with the model or wtf. That made him look good. It was the baby faced kid who drove him over the edge. He must have felt so disgusted and ashamed after sticking up for her. He wasn't jealous.

She is so nasty. She is blaming Anthony for "abandoning me, my kids."

Ugh, Selena Gomez has apparently been driven off of social media due to trolls such as myself. To paraphrase, she's saying even rich, elitist fake singer/actresses with brand new obvious boobs or it's the bra have feelings too.

Here's a pause pointing out this is the Tokyo Shemp News Network.

Katie Holmes is the most infotaining for stalker shots.

She seems to turn it into a cat and mouse Greta Garbo versus photo stalker schtick.

SpaceX is now admitting it is part and parcel of the military. That's my scoop. I claimed Musk had CIA ties going way, way back. It was in Wikipedia.

I have to wrap this up and take a nap. I get sleepy every day around this time.

James Woods has been silenced by Twitter.

He's a jerk, but no one should be censored.

The dude running Twitter is a Jack Dorsey. This guy. This clown.

To breathe is to be angry?

There's a weird story out of Mexico with mass graves. It's scary. And in the article, the snot word emerged.

It' snot a typo?

No one could pay me to visit Mexico. Sorry, it doesn't look safe.

A yoga teacher is vouching for drinking a half pint of her own urine per day. Fricken perverts and wackadoos are everywhere. Yet, I'm the troll. I'm the kook. Wow.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Stolpman is a CIA Agent?

Maybe IMDB made the original error. I thought Stolpman has played the young Munch. He only has four acting credits. The t.v. show was the first one.

He graduated Carnegie Mellon School Of Drama in 2000. I'm going to guess he was born in 1978. His age isn't listed.

I suppose he could have gotten lucky with the first few t.v. roles. Cecil B. DeMented seems to have been a real movie with an adequate budget and some big names including John Waters. I don't know how big the part was. Nathan Stolpman had t.v. level acting skills. To be blunt, he was the opposite of a natural and dry as toast. I took a few acting classes. My roommate Kerner was a theatre major before specialising in [redacted]. Nate and Ian tried but only so many people make it in Hollywood or sports.

The weirdest role of the four had to be Nate's last one in the lead role. The Ketchup King looks shady as fvck, imho. It is available somehow on Youtube.

Haha? That's him, Mr. Lift the Veil that everyone is saying is the new government disinfo shill. Here's the link. The movie is awful. It only has 100 views. No one cares about the internet. We are talking in the thousands of page hits for most of his channel or here for his big movie role only 105 checked it out. I am either always ahead of the zeitgeist curve or no one cares.

Linkedin is now blocking Roger Rudick's info. I could see it yesterday. I've lost my cyber sleuth fastball or no longer care.

I find the following interesting.

Homicide: Life on the Street and Cecil B. DeMented were filmed in Baltimore, Maryland. Legacy was filmed in Charles City, Virginia. That's spy country.

I think it's a decent conspiracy theory that Nathan Stolpman is a government disinfo agent. Hal Turner was, so why not him?

Friday, September 21, 2018

Lenny Bruce Cinema

Damn. Blogger won't led me upload videos with more than 100 MB. That's basically anything that runs more than ten minutes.

I was going to start sharing some public domain movies.

The internet sucks. G00gl3 is [redacted].

Assange's Last Interview

This was made before Ecuador shut down Assange's internet. I am not sure of the exact date. It was made available on Russia Today and I am uploading it here for convenience. (Update: The file size was too big and disallowed by Blogger. The link to the interview can be accessed here.)

He looks fairly healthy for someone not getting much sunlight. He smacks his lips quite a bit, but he is under a lot of duress, so that is understandable.  I only wish Julian the best of luck. He has sacrificed his life for the greater good. He shows no signs of cracking despite going toe-to-toe with the United States as superpower. Julian Assange has been a true leader for all of us. Trump can go to hell for not securing his freedom and thus putting his life in jeopardy.

The Daily Reboot

Who needs cointelpro when we do it to ourselves?

It's not shocking that there are racists. It's that they are so stupid. I agree with anyone asking why Whitey felt the need to single out Black women for showing off their boobs.

Sure, wtf is with this person she is dressing like a prostitute? Has she no shame?

Yet again, both sides suck?

This is Divide and Conquer 101.

My question is if they take the dude's name off of the college plaques, do they have to give back the money?

He was talking up some outdated 1950's racism concerning property values.

I have no problem with the woman but agree she looked like trash dressing like that. But if one is going to attack women for breaking Puritan codes, show some diversity in one's misogyny.

This is apparently her from another picture. She is gorgeous. What is wrong with people? I hate both of them. Both the White man and the Black woman can fvck off for doing CIA reboot dirty work.

I had noticed this story yesterday but thought, "Not today, fellas."

A father and son have killed a neighbour over a mattress. Okay. What does that mean? How are we supposed to react?

I'm nursing a coffee. I mix in half decaf with half dark. It helps me stay regular. I can't quit every vice at once.

The first time on the internet after coming home from the health scare was terrifying. We're not meant to keep rebooting like this with crazy new stories each day. I don't know where I'm supposed to go other than Daily Mail. It seems better to support the Brit paper than check in on anything American.

Maybe that logic is off.

There is so much random violence going on that it becomes arbitrary what one could select for a blog devoted to so-called real, true news.

Beyonce might be a witch? A lot of celebrities including Justin Bieber seem to be experiencing MK-Ultra glitches. Not that I believe in any of that. It's called reverse gaslighting. Of course Hollywood is going down the tubes. There are no easy answers to any of this.

As philosopher Montgomery Clift once said, "Nobody ever lies about being lonely."

What are the odds? I wrote an open letter to Eglin Air Force Base and then a day or two later, Piers Morgan did the same to a white woman with big boobs.

Like Piers Morgan actually cares about the above person. Fricken.

The Daily Mail is action packed with so much sex and violence. That scares me more than the individual stories.

I am more terrified that nothing is ever done to drain the swamp than all crimes occurring before this moment.

The rebooting scares me more than the status quo.

Someone is stalking Taylor Swift.

Ben Affleck's daughter incest fantasy woman was stalked as he participated in rehab.

You can't make this up. Her last name is Sexton. Sex sells a ton?

There's another Barbecue Becky or wtf type story out there. This one is called Baggage Service Becky.

The Taco Bell story was scary. That happened in Florida. An assistant manager acted stupid with English basically refusing service to someone because they are Black. Why are people so mean and inexplicably inhumane towards others? We're not meant to be assholes or at least not 24 hours/7 days per week.

I think all of this is by design. Life is supposed to get better and easier for everyone. We are not meant to live this way with anger, mistrust, hatred, stupidity, tension and confusion.

The only explanation is Cointelpro and the Military-Industrial Complex.

It's in the Snowden documents. It's Hal Turner. It's Anderson Cooper. It's Oprah. She showed a bit too much side boob, no? It's a lot of people and stuff.

Where is my mind?

Just say no to medium reboots.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Stupid boring news day proves the reboot has already occurred

Lee Stranahan is verified cointelpro. So when he is getting plugged by Assange's Twitter, it is clear Wikileaks has become compromised.

Suzi Dawson obviously cannot be trusted. A small search shows that she is at best mentally ill and at worst part and parcel of the Five Eyes. Kim Dotcom would become a sewer rat before spending any time in prison. Lee Stranahan is garbage who worked closely with verified cointelpro agent Brandon Darby.

Wikileaks hasn't come up with anything good in a long time since Assange was knocked off the internet. They peaked in 2016 and now there are a lot of arseholes in control of his image.

Barrett Brown and Brandon Darby work for the FBI, period, as does Stranahan. It's absolutely disgusting.

Assange only works for humanity. That's why he is allowed no internet nor apparently pretty much anything including hospital care.

The status quo is made up of millions upon millions of little piggies. It's not that there is the 1% and then everyone else. Maybe 10-20% of the population are aware and good? This is the art of speculation and philosophy. Alan Watts said there is really only one choice, whether or not to commit suicide. One is either alive in the moment or a form of zombie.

It seems common sense 101 to me that Assange should be the number one priority for current social movement. I don't mistrust everyone. But no way in hell is Kim Dotcom a great person or trustworthy. No way is Suzi Dawson anything less than insane or compromised. Barrett Brown is a sewer rat, period. Sometimes there is no other explanation. Other times one must leave at least two options. Such and such for example must be either a paid fake or useful idiot.

Alex Jones is either cointelpro or a grifter (paid useful idiot). There is no halfway for pregnancy.

As goofy as the idea seems that most internet actors are paid fakes and useful idiots, that is precisely the situation.

The dude fixated with James Holmes ("Thomas Brinkley") was obviously insane.

Even if I too have been pure wackadoo or more likely eccentric, I've been deliberately playing off of the conspiracy story program for content. That's me. That's who I've been. I'm still the same guy. And in the end, the gravitas taken was equal to the limiting of belief in the outrageous; sort of like the Beatles' song. One must invert the double-bind.

Today I noticed that every story is silly with no historic relevance. All I see is the demented art of the reboot.

The slow murder of Assange makes way for the cover up of royal Nazi blood.

Bourdain's house is on the market. We won't think about how he was such a weak person he killed himself over a Satanist.

A new study claims Millennials do not like speaking with other humans as compared to other age brackets. Well, duh? One would have to be blind to not see people absorbed in their computer phones.

Fracture points. Convex Hulls. Influencers. One word sentences. That's all there is now.

"Sex workers" are claiming robots as prostitutes are demeaning to women.

[insert meme]

There are so many stories one could point to and not one would seem to be very important.

That to me implies the reboot has already happened.

The essence of each forced narrative lacks meaningful influence pull. I see it like this: If Snowden and Assange documents have had zero effect on nothing from nobody, then that places us directly within Orwell's Oceania for historical context.

There's something on Marcia Brady having been a cocaine addict. That's what I'm talking about. Nothing means anything anymore.

Meanwhile, a different woman is promoting female circumcision.

It is an ad promoted by Twitter? WTF?

There is not one day which goes by in which it is not obvious who exactly are the scumbags destroying society and planet. If I can see it, then anyone can.

                                               A bad look for Henry?