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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Motions Filed Against Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin

Montgomery County Circuit Court
Case # 339254-V

Brett Kimberlin Vs. Prepostericity, socrates, DFQ2

Certificate of Service

I HEREBY CERTIFY that on this day December 31, 2011 a copy of the documents entitled






were mailed, postage prepaid (3 day receipt U.S. Postal Service) to:

Brett Kimberlin (aka The Speedway Bomber)
Cabin John, Maryland 20818

December 31, 2011 ....... X
Date ....................... Signature


Mr. [Me] B.A., M.A., M.Ed
[redacted address]

concerning: case # 339254-V
Speedway Bomber Vs. Mr. Wonderful (yet humble leftier than thou)


Brett Kimberlin's hands are not clean. On November 14th, he committed perjury. Since he has consistently lied to this court, anything he offers cannot be taken at face value as factual.

The November court audio is proof that Brett Kimberlin has provided no evidence I defamed him through blogging, cyberstalked him, or interfered with his business. He was awarded a token $100 by Judge Jordan based solely on the fact that this case entered into default. Brett Kimberlin was asked repeatedly by Judge Jordan and the Defendant for even a scintilla of proof for damages claimed to totalling $2.25 million.

Here's one example which displayed the degree of nonsense this jailhouse attorney was proffering as evidence for my liability:

Brett Kimberlin, a.k.a. the Speedway Bomber, testified under oath that I had said, to paraphrase, Jews are the scourge of the Earth. I asked for evidence. None was provided, because I would never say such a thing. In fact, I informed Judge Jordan I am Jewish.

Brett Kimberlin Committed Perjury

I would need extra time to fully document the vast number of lies Brett Kimberlin has provided this court. I will stick to three. While it is rare for someone to be charged with perjury in a civil case, I humbly ask this court to consider that Brett Kimberlin's outrageous lies directly pertained to the core of his frivolous lawsuit. The following three examples are from the November 14th hearing.

1) Mr. Kimberlin has argued that part of my alleged defamation has had to do with my blogging on his criminal past, most specifically with his having been convicted of domestic terrorism. For proof that he perjured himself on November 14th, see Kimberlin v. White, 7 F.3d 527, 528-29 (6th Cir. 1993), Kimberlin v. DeLong, 637 N.E.2d 121 (Ind., 1994), and Kimberlin v. DeWalt, 12 F.Supp.2d 487 (D. Md., 1998). The question I asked below is 100% the truth! And Brett Kimberlin had the nerve to unequivocally lie to this court.

Me: Were you released and then sent back to prison for a parole violation, for failure to pay compensation to the, Mrs. DeLong, the wife of Carl DeLong, who took his own life after those bombs tore off half his body?

Speedway Bomber: No, I wasn’t.

2) The Plaintiff also lied on November 14th when he claimed he was never a suspect in the murder of Julia Scyphers.

Me: You’re saying you weren’t a suspect in the murder of Julia Scyphers?

Speedway Bomber: I was never a suspect, no.

The following excerpt from respected journalist Mark Singer's book, Citizen K: The Deeply Weird American Journey of Brett Kimberlin (1996), page 98, clearly shows that Brett Kimberlin was well aware he was a prime suspect in that murder investigation.
Early that afternoon, [Brett] Kimberlin went downtown to meet with Forrest Bowman. Along the way, he said, he passed a newspaper vending machine and saw the Indianapolis News's proclamation BOMBING SUSPECT IS LINKED TO MURDER.

"I saw this headline about the bombing investigation and I bought a newspaper and started reading it," he told me [reporter Mark Singer]. "I think: Oh, this might be interesting. And then I read the first couple of paragraphs--about a Broad Ripple business man--and I realize they're talking about me and I'm just floored."
From StarFiles: The Speedway Bombings, Part 2, The Indianapolis Star, October 6, 2010:
When police began looking for a motive in the Scyphers slaying, they found there'd been a recent family clash. Julia Scyphers' daughter, Sandra Barton, had become involved with a man who seemed to Mrs. Scyphers to be inordinately close to one of Barton's young daughters. Mrs. Scyphers told friends she was so concerned that she'd arranged for both of her granddaughters to come live with her. Whether or not Mrs. Scyphers' fears were correct (no charges were ever filed to that effect), this incident led investigators to start looking at Brett C. Kimberlin.
I humbly ask this court to look closely at MOTION TO QUASH SUBPOENAS OF GOOGLE.COM AND COMCAST AND OPPOSITION TO MOTION TO COMPEL GOOGLE.COM AND/OR ITS SUBSIDIARY BLOGGER.COM TO DISCLOSE THE IDENTITY AND ADDRESS OF BLOGGER WHO USES THE PSEUDONYM AARON WORTHING. Mr. Worthing is a Washington attorney who has been dragged into this case through other Kimberlin lies. He is exponentially more qualified than myself for conducting himself in litigation processes and has covered these three instances of Brett Kimberlin deliberately making claims that are untrue. Kimberlin may have pulled the wool over Judge Jordan's eyes, but I am hopeful the new Judge in this reopened case will take a close look at exactly what Mr. Kimberlin has been up to.

3) Kimberlin claimed on November 14th to this very court that he was exonerated for the Speedway, Indiana bombings.

Me: You deny setting the bombs that you were convicted of?

Speedway Bomber: Absolutely. Absolutely.

Me: And you admit you weren’t exonerated?

Speedy: Judge, Mr. [Me] –

Judge: Just answer the question, because--

Speedy: Mr. [Me] is trying to get into a, a lawsuit that was filed against the Department of Justice. It was settled under a confidentiality agreement, and I, I’m not gonna discuss it. And I’m going to object.

Judge: What was your question? Whether he contended he was a political prisoner?

Me: Um, well I don’t know how I can speak without getting into me testifying.

Judge: OK.

Me: But there is something that I wanted to, that I’m trying to get at. I, I, would like to do just a few examples. I don’t want to overburden –

Judge: Sounds like you’re asking him about a case that is subject to a confidentiality agreement. And so why don’t you move on to something else?

While Judge Jordan was mystifying in how he took Kimberlin's outrageous claim at face value, the following testimony by Brett Kimberlin clearly showed he has been misleading this court. Or perhaps he can provide proof in Judge's chamber he was exonerated for the Speedway bombings, yet due to an agreement, he can't discuss the details. Maybe Mr. Kimberlin also knows where we can purchase some swampland.

Speedy: And he talks about, you know, I haven’t been exonerated, well he doesn’t know what happened with the Justice Department lawsuit. He doesn’t know. And, but he goes out and says “I know that he’s never been exonerated” and all this stuff. Well, I’m not getting into that here. You know? But I can tell you for a fact and everybody here, I’m not on parole. I had a 50-year sentence. I’m no longer serving that sentence. So something happened. And that’s as far as I’m going to go with that.

This case closed on November 14th. I was ready to accept its conclusion. Now that serial fabulist Brett Kimberlin has reopened it and furthermore is attempting to have me imprisoned, I say enough is enough!

Since Brett Kimberlin has lied to this court pertaining to this case, I ask that this frivolous action be ended once and for all in regards to myself. I have not lied to this court. My biggest sin was not showing up on time to prevent a default judgement. I humbly request this court dismiss the injunction made by Judge Jordan after the November 14th hearing. I also request in light of Mr. Kimberlin's perpetual prevaricating, that the judgement of $100 be reduced to $1, and that paying Kimberlin's court costs be dismissed as a legal obligation on my part.

I further request, due to Kimberlin's lack of proving any damages on November 14th, that I be allowed to repost blog entries the court had previously ordered deleted due to the default judgement. I have never defamed, cyberstalked, nor interfered with Mr. Kimberlin's business. That Judge Jordan awarded him a token $100 instead of $2.25 million speaks volumes as to the validity of this lawsuit. I deeply apologise for having let this case fall into default. That was my one and only sin. Thank you for your time and consideration.


I cannot afford to make it to this next hearing. In fact, due to being poor, that is why I was unable to stop this case from falling into default.

I humbly ask this court to allow me to telephonically represent myself at the next hearing. Thanks for your time and consideration.



I only know of this hearing due to word of mouth. I was never served any papers on or before December 20, 2011. Thanks for your time and consideration.


I am truly sorry this case fell into default. Nonetheless, there are a few extenuating circumstances which I humbly believe legally bound this court to reverse the default judgement.

The original service was in fact not legal.

.... (a) Service laws are profoundly different between Maryland and Massachusetts. In your state, a defendant has to be physically served or sign for the summons through accepting certified mail. Massachusetts allows for a constable or other such legally eligible person to merely affix the writ of summons to the outside of one's residence.

Fair enough. However, I wish to point out to this court that if you are going to base the legality of Kimberlin's original service on Massachusetts' law, you have no legal alternative than to reverse the default judgement.

The following is from number 4 for Massachusetts Rules of Civil Procedure:
Same: Form.
The summons shall bear the signature or facsimile signature of the clerk; be under the seal of the court; be in the name of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts; bear teste of the first justice of the court to which it shall be returnable who is not a party....
In short, the writ of summons was not in the name of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Thus, I was never legally served according to Massachusetts' law.

.... (b) Furthermore, I sincerely believe your court is legally bound to quash the writ's legal standing due to both Maryland's High Court and the U.S. Constitution!

Maryland High Court Rejects Virginia Service of Process Rule On Maryland Residents

In that case, your High Court rejected Virginia's service of process and quashed a writ's legality. They ruled that Virginia's service law is unconstitutional and breaks the 14th amendment guaranteeing due process. Furthermore, the High Court found that Virginia had no vested interest in the referenced case.

Thus, the only way you can rule Kimberlin's service of writ of summons was legal is to deny me of my 14th Amendment rights simply due to my being from another state. The U.S. Constitution clearly states that all men [and women] are created equal.

Furthermore, Massachusetts clearly has no vested interest in these proceedings. As for the so-called murder threat, I was never asked by anyone in my state to appear in court. That's because there was never a death threat made against the Speedway Bomber and perjurer, Brett Coleman Kimberlin.

Brett Kimberlin was afforded a three hour hearing on November 14th in which to prove damages. Not only did he not do so, he made many false claims and outright perjured himself. The evidence is in the November 14th court audio.

Since it should now be clear to this court that indeed Brett Kimberlin has been lying to you, and that this case is in actuality frivolous, should the court reverse the default judgement, I humbly ask for an immediate dismissal of all parts of this case, that Brett Kimberlin be investigated for perjury, and that I be awarded $100,000 for pain and suffering caused by this unfortunate situation.

Brett Kimberlin is what is referred to as a jailhouse attorney. He has filed over 100 lawsuits. He does not have any law degrees.

Brett Kimberlin sued me because I wrote unpleasant truths about him. Since he was unable to prove one iota that I committed a tort, I humbly believe that this has been a bald-faced attempt by Mr. Kimberlin to terrorise me and to put a gag on my constitutional 1st amendment rights to freedom of speech and expression. I didn't libel, defame, cyberstalk, or interfere with any of his business. I beg from the bottom of my heart that this court weigh all the evidence and lack of such and rule as this motion has requested. Thanks for your time and consideration.


I filed motions for the November 14th hearing. It doesn't appear that Judge Jordan ever ruled on the MOTION TO CLASSIFY BRETT KIMBERLIN AS A PUBLIC FIGURE. I clearly proved with supplied documention that Mr. Kimberlin is indeed a public figure. I needn't remind this court that the bar for proving defamation and libel against a public figure is much higher than for that against private citizens. Since Kimberlin has displayed a propensity for filing lawsuits, declaring him as a public figure could encourage him to think twice before ever again wasting a court's time while smearing a private citizen, merely because he doesn't want unpleasant truths about himself made known to the public. Thanks for your time and consideration.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sadistic Cybersmearing and the Roots of Blogging Fascism

internet predator Neal Rauhauser

It's the height of ignorance to believe fascism rose in the 30s and 40s because of a few evil men. According to Wilhelm Reich, it is the social-psychology of masses of people which forms the bedrock of totalitarianism. That is probably close to a word for word quote from him. I'm too lazy to check.

Except for newbies and fence-sitters, internet progressives have known for a long time that The Daily Kos and other so-called leftist outlets have been nothing other than bald-faced attempts at hijacking liberalism as a brand name.

In June 2011, sadistic blogger Neal Rauhauser penned Bringing Breitbart (And Thomas) To Justice (Action Alert!).

There he utilised the standard model for an internet hoax, one so many before have used. Jason Leopold was perhaps the most infamous for his Karl Rove indictment hoax. Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin, yellow rag journalist Brad Friedman, and another unhinged, self-proclaimed journalist named Larisa Alexandrovna wet themselves with what I have coined as the Michael Connell Threatened by Karl Rove hoax.

The internet is a lot like driving. When we first hit the road, we are like, "This is wicked awesome, dude." Yet as the years pass, we see enough traffic, aggressive driving, and flipped birds to say, "This sucks." It's the same with the internet. At first, we're like, "Yay, what a wondrous thing." Then soon enough we notice there is convolution to the yin-yang; And that it's not just at the obviously nutty places.

Most people whether on the right, left, or in the middle want us to be the best America we can be. Sure, at first it's kinda swell to read heated exchanges between libtards and repukelicans. Even some of those preaching to the choir threads can hit the spot. Yet, those are rare occurences. By their intrinsic nature, such dialogues can only go so far.

Personally, I believe the most trippy fun to be had with intercourse is when everyone is a good jake and actually treats others with respect. I'm old-school like that. Raised in academia, I was enthralled by a system in which we were expected to research, reflect, and share our schticks with other like-minded thinkers. The narrower the subject area, the easier it was to get places.

So there you have it. We have libtards, repukelicans, and the open-minded. Oopsies. There's another category. They were mentioned earlier in this diary. There is a form of internet cretin, who while promoting him or herself as an activist and God's gift to the blogosphere, is actually a self-promoting schemer. Such people tend to have much success at first due to cynically understanding how easy it is to prey on human nature.

Heck, I've fallen for it myself. I believed in Brad Friedman. I didn't consider that he might have been talking out of his ass concerning Clint Curtis with his assassinated dog, Dieb-Throat, and other nonsense he's been involved in since late 2004.

In the above DKos link, a few things immediately came to mind which are formulaic in its preaching to the choir mentality. For each DKos diary, the first post is a tip jar, where the masses declare a thumbs up or down for the entry. Here's how the voting went for Neal Rauhauser aka Stranded Wind.

At this point, we know DKos is rigged for moderating. But 577 to 0? The Harlem Globetrotters never did that well against the overmatched Washington Generals.

Now what I don't get is this. Why if Rauhauser had done such an effective job planting the Team Breitbart scam did he not realise that subtlety is our best friend? Clearly he now has no credibility left, not a shred. So why not simply plant the seed? Why did he go over the edge, continue smearing innocent people, and post so much garbage with zero proof?

Also take note of his so-called exhibits proving porn expert goatsred was the Goebbels of Weinergate to Andew Breitbart's Hitler.

Oh, hmmm.....

I counted six of those. Did any of the 577 numbnuts voting thumbs up for Neals "article" consider that they might have been fed a hoax? Obviously not. And we now know for sure how contrarian muckrakers end up at disinfo palaces such as Daily Kos and Democratic Underground. They receive the banhammer.

Anyone ever hear of Annette Appollo, Dave Weintraub, Francis Holland, or socrates/Prepostericity (me)?

(See Annette Appollo: Death by Internet.)

What I'd also like to know is whether there is proof that Neal Rauhauser and Brett Kimberlin work together. On the surface, this is apparently true. is yet another Velvet Revolution donation project. Rauhauser promoted that group in his above diary. The following was also apparently posted by Neal Rauhauser.

Hmmm. Was Neal telling the truth when he wrote that Kimberlin is his client? I don't know.

I was arrested. The prosecutor knew it was nonsense and told a judge nolle prosequi, which to paraphrase means, "Get this bullshite out of me kisser."

Brett Kimberlin is a notorious jailhouse attorney who has been bullying me with court proceedings for about a year. He "lost" his case on November 14th but will still not let it go. He is currently attempting to have me imprisoned for contempt of court.

Maryland Judge Ricky Boy Jordan ordered that I not defame nor interfere with the Speedway Bomber's business interests. There was never any permanent injunction made that I cannot legally blog on the case or anything else having to do with Brett Kimberlin or associates of his such as Brad Friedman of the BradBlog concerning provable dispensation of convolution.

I made a mistake. I admit it. I was frantically trying to get funds together to make a trip down to Maryland. I had been in a depressed cave for many months. During most of this last year, I no longer cared. I blogged much less than ever before and even went to youtube to carve a nice little niche with this movie channel.

I was one of the last to find out I had been getting my arse cybersmeared by Neal Rauhauser at Daily Kos. Patterico, an Asst. D.A. from Los Angeles, tried his best to wake me up from my dogmatic man cave slumber. I almost woke up in time to prevent a default judgement. But my car was on the shelf. Attorneys wanted 40-50 grand to represent. I tried to find pro bono help but failed.

During I believe sometime in August, not sure because I am no good at remembering dates, in the midst of plenty o'emails back and forth with Patterico, Liberty Chick, and one including Aaron Worthing, I slipped in a sentence based on frustration. I thought I had phrased it well enough for it not to be construed as a death threat. I said something like maybe I should [you know what] Kimberlin to get some justice. It was a bad joke. I didn't flesh it out enough. The point of the failed joke was supposed to be that spending years in prison for killing the deluded Speedway Bomber would not have been justice. I was simply frustrated at not having the funds to get that frivolous, insane lawsuit dismissed.

The lovely and talented Liberty Chick didn't know me well at the time and ratted me out. Somehow I wasn't mad at her for doing so. Nonetheless, I didn't like being arrested and treated like dirt for well over 24 hours by the Maryland criminal justice system. That's a whole other ball of wax.

I will add that Liberty Chick did a splendid job helping me come up with a defense for the damages hearing. That the judgement was only $100 for a $2.25 million claim kinda sorta tells who really won. Omg, people must check out the Nov. 14th audio. Yay!!!!! Lol, I wrote omg and yay in a blog post. p:>

On Sept. 14th, Fatf***face set it up so we would have a damages hearing for November 14th. I am still awaiting the audio from that final hearing. Kimberlin clearly slandered me. Not only that, I got him to commit perjury on cross-examination. Hence, this is why I have become the toast of the internet and hailed by many as a modern day, civilian Perry Mason. I would not be surprised if Speedy and/or Rauhauser are arrested for activities conducted in relation to myself.

Some jackass (Hmmm, I wonder who that could be?) illegally posted my driver's license picture and court audio from the Sept. 14th hearing. The bottom line is since I hadn't made any actual or even direct death threat, the Maryland criminal justice system had no right to arrest me. I wouldn't have been if not for actions undertaken by serial fabulist Brett Coleman Kimberlin.

The holding cell was stuffy. They threw about eight of us into one man cells. There were tons of other cells, but those were used by the fat pigs as offices. I was given no food and subjected to sleep deprivation for approximately 16 hours.

Oh my, Kimberlin is asking for trouble from Maryland authorities once they become aware of the racket he's been peddling concerning myself. On November 14th, he denied setting the bombs in Speedway Indiana and claimed exoneration, but that due to some agreement with authorities details cannot be discussed. That's what I think I heard. I want that audio to confirm!

Judge Jordan, the former ambulance chaser, didn't stop for one second and consider that Kimberlin had just perjured himself. Even at the end, Jordan was still kissing Kimberlin's ass despite a mountain of bullshit that had been exposed by myself as lies. This is why I called him FatF***Face without asterisks in the day or two after returning to Massachusetts once the damages hearing had concluded.

Since becoming aware of being an introvert on November 17th, I no longer am prone to such crass behaviour. Thus the asterisks are now in place. p:>

Anyway, once I get that audio I'm gonna write a lot more about that November 14th hearing. Bet on it. And if any of ye come across that driver's license picture, please be aware that I had no clue it would later be plastered on the net by sadistic thugs. Otherwise, I would have dolled myself up for the occasion.

Lately I have been thinking of coming out with my real name and photos. Then ye will know how cute and charming I actually am.

Ok, I guess I better wrap up this post. Before doing so, I would like to add a few links that Neal Rauhauser doesn't want people to see. He posted them on a website called Open Left. If one tries to access them now, they will run into an "oopsie this page doesn't exist anymore" schtick.

Thanks to the internet gods, we have the wayback machine.

Organized Intimidation? Ambush Time. by: StrandedWind Sun Aug 29, 2010

Social Media's Neighborhood Watch by: StrandedWind Tue Aug 31, 2010

Here's the main reason Neal's dumbass hoax fell apart. If he had written less and quit while he was ahead, it wouldn't have been so easy to figure out there is no actual Team Breitbart. As a pure leftier than thou, I did not fit so easily into his script.

I was posting on Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin and Brad Friedman of BradBlog well before Liberty Chick and Patterico heard of their part and parcel connection to internet convolution. A year ago around approximately October, Liberty Chick came up with her fantastic piece on Velvet Revolution. She had basically stumbled onto the story. While researching a band, she came across Kimberlin's Justice Through Music. With a bit of web surfing, she was all of a sudden asking wtf.

Patterico teased her story. I emailed him. Months passed, blah, blahg, blogger, now we are in the present. And ain't payback a bitch?

Was Neal Rauhauser the notorious Dan Wolfe persona who helped bring down Anthony Weiner? I wouldn't bet against it. Cui bono? Who published two now scrubbed diaries at Open Left admitting to being into those kinds of cybersmearing endeavours?

Yet unlike internet predator Neal Rauhauser, I don't transform opinion or in his case lies into proven facts. There are two specific dumbf*** fat faces who need to immediately stfu and stop harassing innocent Americans, or the chickens (authorities) are gonna come home to roost on their soiled, sadistic, and deluded spirits.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Was Team Numbnuts Behind the Fake Verizon Schtick?

composite sketch of Team Numbnuts' leader allegedly spotted in Argentina

So out comes a Huffington Post article by Ryan Grim titled, Eric Boehlert Targeted In Bungled 'Verizon' Sting.

Here's the money quote. Emphasis mine.
But O'Keefe is not the only one who might want to embarrass Boehlert. [Boehlert] regularly tussles with conservatives online, particularly commentator Andrew Breitbart. In the days before the attempted prank, activists suggested targeting Boehlert on Twitter.

"#ows, @EricBoehlert is cashing 6-figure checks to support you. When u r run out of Zuccotti park, beers and brats at his place in NJ," tweeted @Flynn1776. That handle belongs to Mike Flynn, an editor at Breitbart's, which was the first to publish O'Keefe's ACORN sting.

He later added, "Wait, let's have an #occupy @EricBoehlert party. He's paid by the 1% after all. I'll send in the clowns. Redundant, yes, but it will be fun!"

Mandy Nagy, a Big Government writer who also lives in New Jersey, tweeted back, "I'm in! RT @Flynn1776 Hey@Liberty_Chick let's get NJ TeaParty folks 2 #Occupy @EricBoehlert. His paychck comes frm 1% & pol class after all."

Who likes to pin shite on Team Breitfart? Who would tweet apparent confessions just a few days prior to such activity occurring? Methinks the people behind this posing as a Verizon employee in order to harass Boehlert are actually from Team Numbnuts.

Back in July a seedy individual named Neal Rauhauser was all over my ass at The Daily Kos. Here are some excerpts from one of many entries devoted to astroturfing that I am on Team Breitfart.
Who has been in sight, frantically flogging explanations that don’t add up, is Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney John Patrick Frey, who writes under the pen name Patterico (say: pat-uh-RI-co).

And when someone forwarded me the complaint regarding Frey running a cyberstalking campaign in conjunction with [redacted], Massachusetts resident [socrates], well, maybe this whole situation is about to become much clearer.

First, take a look at the background from 2010, when he was intimately involved in defending James O’Keefe’s ACORN smear. This complaint about John Patrick Frey aka Patterico to the California Supreme Court details the perceived conflict of interest between someone who is a Deputy District Attorney and a vigorous defender of O’Keefe’s criminal capers. It also names a then anonymous cyber-stalker who used the pseudonym “Socrates”.

The author of the complaint, Brett Kimberlin of Velvet Revolution, later sued Socrates and pushed the process far enough to get Google to give up his identifying information, proving that the person behind the cyber-stalking was [socrates], of [redacted], Massachusetts. This link is to a PDF I created...

Summary: John Patrick Frey aka Patterico, in Los Angeles, worked with a cyber-stalker named [socrates] in [redacted], Massachusetts in 2010, defending the ACORN smear, a major scheme involving James O’Keefe and Andrew Breitbart.

Now consider what has happened in Weinergate and compare methods and locations.

The Dan Wolfe persona purportedly lived “near Cape Cod”. [redacted] and [socrates] lie between Boston and Cape Cod.

Now consider what has happened in Weinergate and compare

Pot meet kettle. Rauhauser is an internet thug. He seems with some others to be scouring the net for anything he can use to promote his Team Breitfart schtick. He has apparently been tied to using such a schtick via twitter.

So let's sum things up. Just days before this recent "O'Keefe-styled" event, two people affiliated with Andrew Breitbart's conservative leaning internet magazine tweeted the idea of Let's Occupy Boehlert.

I've gotten to know Liberty Chick a bit in real life. We don't agree on politics, but we have always been able to be respectful in debate with one another. Liberty Chick in no way whatsoever would have partaken in any fake Verizon scam.

There is an old adage that he who smelt it, dealt it.

I don't know anything about Ryan Grim. He has added some updates containing denials of involvement by Liberty Chick and Mike Flynn.

Perhaps Grim can explain how he learned of this story. It's very fortunate for Team Numbnuts, imho, that Boehlert was unable to jot down a license plate of the fake Verizon employee. Or perhaps Boehlert was somehow involved. I don't know. I don't know anything more about Boehlert than from what I gleaned from the HuffPost article. It wouldn't surprise me if he is buddies with Rauhauser.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin Wants Me Imprisoned

He had his chance in court and embarrassed himself. His current attempt to have me imprisoned is hilarious. More on that in a little bit.

The original entry this article is based on was one of twenty-one deleted due to a court order. One sentence was the reason. That has been removed. I've also taken this as an opportunity to spiffy up the original which was in essence a tribute to Dave Weintraub of DFQ fame. But first here is an update on the latest Kimberlin news.

The only change in my blogging is that I've stopped getting too personal in regards to Brett Kimberlin and am humbly attempting to be more journalistic.

Since coming to terms with being an introvert, I am no longer in any psychic pain. I used to get angry or distressed and not understand why. Now I do. It's a long story better left to either a future entry, or bugger off, it's none of ye business!

I continue to get cyberstalked and cybersmeared. I continue to get harrassed by Brett Kimberlin. It didn't just end with his slandering of me in court on November 14th.

Judge Jordan did not say I could no longer blog on Brett Kimberlin, the case, etc.. In fact, he stressed because he values freedom of speech, he couldn't order that.

Judge Richard E. Jordan:
Ordered: that the Defendant is herby enjoined permanently from engaging in tortuous conduct constituting defamation of or interference with business relations of the Plaintiff.
Kimberlin has just filed a "Motion to Find Defendant In Contempt." Here are some excerpts.
The Court told Defendant that the Court was issuing a Permanent Injunction against Defendant. Despite the Court's Order and statements in Court, Defendant using the name Socrates, immediately upon return to Massachusetts began posting defamatory statements not only about Plaintiff but also about the Court.

Attached is exhibit A is a series of blog posts from Defendant dated Tuesday, November 15, 2011.

"Basically, Kimberlin had argued that my posting about him as a confidence man, perjurer, murder suspect, drug smuggler, etc. was a form of cyberstalking. Yet, those things are all facts that had already been printed by mainstream media and previous court documents."

Clearly, Defendant has no intention of ceasing his harassment of Plaintiff. He has no intention of complying with the Court's permanent injunction.

WHEREFORE, Plaintiff moves the Court to find Defendant in contempt of Court and impose fines and imprisonment against him, and any other relief the Court finds appropriate.
Cry me a river!

Without further ado, here's the rewrite of one of my deleted entries.

Weintraub Versus Moulitsas; One respected the other not so much.

No Integrity

The Indictment of Markos C.A. Moulitsas
ZÚÑIGA by Justice and History (Updated
with Additional Information and Counts)
by Francis Holland


Dave Weintraub,
affectionately known as
Dave from Queens or DFQ

First, here's some backstory. In February 2009, I emailed Number5, a Daily Kos blogger. I had been given the heave-ho. Number5 had been my only ally. He had some mojo juice in the tank and was able to correct some tag abuse on my diaries. I wanted to thank him.

Larisa Alexandrovna and MajorFlaw (DFQ's nemesis) were in high powered KosKop form. I played fair, but they were determined to belittle the messenger.

Number5 would later tell me he was a roommate of legendary Kos blogger Anonymous Army. I think they might be one and the same, but that's water under the bridge. AA had been quite adept with exposing inconsistencies pumped out by "leftist" personalities such as Larry Johnson, Jason Leopold, Brad Friedman, and many others. He called them something like The Lefty Liars Club.

Dave Weintraub developed that sort of trollbusting schtick much later in his blogging career. Before then he was one of the best political bloggers. He was a hardcore Democrat but not a so-called DINO. He also did something called street theatre. We'll get to that in a bit.

Dave was one of the last lefty bloggers on Earth to realise DKos is a disinformation pit with unfair moderating. That's because he was actually, uhm, doing good activism as a blogger. It was only after MajorFlaw (Michael Fingerit) singled him out for cybersmears via his vigilante crew the UGOG's (The Usual Group of Grownups), that Dave entered into the realm of what is now known as socratisation. p:>

I mentioned Number5 above, because he's the one who turned me on to checking into Dave from Queens.

Dave Weintraub ended up doing some incredible cybersleuthing. He discovered proof of the UGOG's existence and exposed them. I won't reinvent that wheel. His website is currently still available for perusal.

I also have a copy of the UGOG files (a saved copy of their website), if anyone is interested. The UGOG's thought they were hidden or so obscure no one would find them. One day Dave followed a referral url to his website, and that's how he found them.

I only knew Dave briefly. I dropped a few posts on his blog. I told him my concerns about Larisa Alexandrovna. He told me he wasn't aware of what I was talking of, but that he'd give me the chance to state my case. He was that cool a dude.

Dave told me to check out his article, Exposed: Why Kos Is Bad For Democrats

It's pretty good. Newbies and fence-sitters should definitely take a looksie.

Dave was a humble man. Even after single-handedly exposing the Moulitsas sanctioned KosKopper/UGOG unit, he showed regret for not having spoken up for Hillary Clinton supporters unfairly purged from Daily Kos. He also said this:
Thanks to you and countless others who have spoken out about the truth about DailyKos long before I learned about it.
Dave might have been late to becoming aware of the fake lefty ways of Daily Kos, but he certainly made up for that in a short period of time. God bless Dave Weintraub, and may he rest in peace.

Personally, I think the Obamabots versus Shrillaries thingie was a contrived script devised by insidious forces. There is no logical explanation for why any sincere Obama or Hillary supporter would have thrown the other side so forcefully under the bus.

Think of the tactics of Lee Atwater and Karl Rove. Reflect on the concept of divide and conquer. Consider how Markos Moulitsas used to support Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr.. Check out Kos' homophobic column written while in college to go with his currently being a strong supporter of the CIA. Look for his attacks on Caroline Kennedy. Search out Markos Moulitsas' historic association with payola type schemes.

Dave was very late to figuring out Daily Kos. He was a late bloomer in realising democratic processes are non-existent at that once powerful DINO (Democrat in name only) infested website. Nonetheless, Dave was the one who put the final dagger into DKos' credibility. Well-played, Mr. Bond (DFQ).

Let's take a trip back in payola time. (excerpt)

by Jason Zengerle
June 21st, 2006
Are Jerome Armstrong and Markos Moulitsas (of the famous Daily Kos) engaged in a pay-for-play scheme in which politicians who hire Armstrong as a consultant get the support of Kos? That's the question that's been bouncing around the blogosphere ever since The New York Times's Chris Suellentrop broke the news last Friday about a 2000 run-in Armstrong had with the Securities and Exchange Commission over alleged stock touting. But Armstrong, Kos, and other big-time liberal bloggers have almost entirely ignored the issue, which is a bit surprising considering their tendency to rapidly respond to even the smallest criticism.

Why the strange silence in the face of such damning allegations? Well, I think we now know the answer. It's a deliberate strategy orchestrated by Kos. TNR obtained a missive Kos sent earlier this week to "Townhouse," a private email list comprising elite liberal bloggers, including Jane Hamsher, Matt Stoller, and Christy Hardin Smith. And what was Kos's message to this group that secretly plots strategy in the digital equivalent of a smoke-filled backroom? Stay mum! He wrote (emphasis added below):
...And Jerome's case, if it could be aired out, is a non-story (he was a poor grad student at the time so he settled because he had no money). Jerome can't talk about it now since the case is not fully closed. But once it is, he'll go on the offensive. That should be a couple of months off.

This story will percolate in wingnut circles until then, but I haven't gotten a single serious media call about it yet. Not one. So far, this story isn't making the jump to the traditional media, and we shouldn't do anything to help make that happen.

My request to you guys is that you ignore this for now. It would make my life easier if we can confine the story. Then, once Jerome can speak and defend himself, then I'll go on the offensive (which is when I would file any lawsuits) and anyone can pile on. If any of us blog on this right now, we fuel the story. Let's starve it of oxygen. And without the "he said, she said" element to the story, you know political journalists are paralyzed into inaction.

Thanks, markos

P.S. Was Armstrong really, as Kos claims, a "poor grad student" when he settled with the SEC? Armstrong agreed to the settlement in December 2003. That was eleven months after he and Kos started their political consulting business and six months after the two were hired by the Dean campaign at a rate of $3,000 a month.
If Markos Moulitsas told the truth about his involvement with the CIA, it does appear he was on their payroll while running Daily Kos.

I sincerely believe Markos Moulitsas Zuniga does have family ties to people associated with the death squad part of El Salvadoran history. Though obviously he was clearly too young to have been involved with any of that. In some countries, the gulf between rich and poor is very wide. Moulitsas was born into the minority wealthy side of El Salvador.

I believe Moulitsas has been an opportunist akin to an Arianna Huffington. They both saw which way the wind was blowing. That, imho, explains their sudden transformations from being conservatives to so-called liberals. Ka-ching!

According to Moulitsas' words himself, he was about to sign a CIA contract to work for clandestine operations. He says he instead made the decision to work for Howard Dean. Check out what he said for yourselves. Check out the timeline. And for those who have slammed Francis Holland, shame on friggen you!

possibly related tangent:
The CIA and the Media
by Carl Bernstein
Rolling Stone
Oct. 20, 1977

This has been a tale of two bloggers, one with integrity and the other, imho, with none. Dave Weintraub was a real progressive activist. Moulitsas? Get out of town!

McCain's Town Hall Was A Farce, I Was There.
by davefromqueens
Fri Jun 13, 2008
(long excerpt) Yesterday, I drove to New Jersey, quietly stood on line which ushered me into the Community College Auditorium in Pemberton, picked a good spot on the third level of benches, pretended to clap and applaud when John McCain said stupid things which I didn't agree with, all with the hopes of being called on by one of the McCain staffers holding a microphone. I was oh so close. I was next on the other side of the auditorium when McCain abruptly ended the supposedly open town hall where he allegedly takes tough questions after 1 questioner, who only got called on because his nine year old kid was next to him, asked McCain about Bin Laden.

McCain's so called town halls are actually rallies hosted by the local Republican Party. The host, Chris Myers, identified himself as a local leader and claimed that New Jersey is going to go red because of the 2000 people in the gym. (About 1% of us were Obama supporters, someone held a sign up at the end, no one interrupted McCain's speech.) However if McCain can't fill a small gym in his only trip to New Jersey this month, his candidacy is in trouble.

The seating was staged. There were about 20 people with Veteran's hats and all were seated directly in line with McCain's podium in the front and back. Your cameras from home would make it appear that half the people there were veterans. In reality it was about 1%. Mixed into the Veterans was one angry woman who had a sign claiming she was a Hillary supporter voting McCain. This one sign was placed directly in the spot where the cameras were most likely to pick it up. She was planted there. It also appears that there was one singular woman who pulled the same stunt Thursday night at the so called Fox News McCain town hall meeting in New York. These people aren't real Clinton supporters, this too is staged.

The event began with the Pledge of Allegiance and an invocation. In a multicultural country, an invocation is kind of creepy. The latter is not exactly inclusive but it appeared that all cameras were directed off during the invocation so that this non inclusive invocation could not be shown.

Then, all the local politicians getting stage time, including the Congressman in the area, and the Jersey candidates for the House and Senate. Dick Zimmer, the former Congressman running against Frank Lautenberg, was received tepidly by what should have been a friendly crowd. People in Jersey know what a nasty louse Dick Zimmer truly is.

Then Joe Lieberman took the stage claiming he was a Democrat supporting John McCain while taking pot shots at Obama in vague terms. Joe is no Democrat. Then it was Tom Kean, the whitewasher of the 9/11 committee, trying to give McCain credit for the commission which McCain and Republicans have sandbagged the American people with. Then John McCain took the stage.

McCain spoke for about thirty minutes. He praised people. It was hysterical when McCain praised Lieberman as helping him win New Hampshire. Lieberman started smirking, lifting his head smugly, while bearing a Cheshire cat grin as if Lieberman was somehow important and relevant. Smugness and Vanity would be understatements. Joe Lieberman and John McCain have been big reasons why Washington has failed the American people for the past 30 years so the more irrelevant they are, the better off the American people are.

McCain fumbled through his sound bites all while claiming that people are tired of sound bites. McCain used harsh and partisan rhetoric all while claiming that this needs to change. Large sections of McCain's audience booed when McCain was misrepresenting Obama's position but McCain of course calls for civil dialogue while never denouncing the uncivil nature of his supporters. Shockingly he claimed he did not know what climate change was in 2000 but has since read up on it. He foolishly claims that Iraq is the central focus on the War on Terror merely because David Petraeus says so. McCain said that the Obama camp is going to try and claim that he is for privatizing Social Security and that this is untrue. He then claimed he was against privatizing Social Security while in the very next sentence, proposing a policy that was, in effect, privatizing Social Security. Now there's video showing McCain supporting the privatization of Social Security in 2004 despite McCain saying that he's never supported it. McCain lies at the drop of a hat. It's obvious to most people. This was one of McCain's big gaffes today.

McCain also doesn't understand habeas corpus. He claimed the recent 5-4 decision on detainees was perhaps the worst in history because they are "enemy combatants." John McCain doesn't understand that many of the people in Guantanamo are at best "accused enemy combatants." He also seem confused between habeas corpus and tort remedies. But under this McCain Doctrine, any person in the world could be thrown in prison by John McCain merely because John McCain labels him a terrorist. There are some nefarious names throughout history that held the same view.

It was laughable when McCain tried to talk about education. He was ill informed and elitist. First it was the usual gobbly-gook about private schools and school choice, which of course isn't school choice at all. Then McCain had the audacity to equate him and Cindy sending their kids to super rich, super well funded private schools as if everybody would have access to this. It was bizarre.

McCain has his usual sound bites and the event was craftily staged. Approximately 200 people were hand selected ahead of time to be in a separate VIP area behind McCain and in front of McCain. This was a campaign rally not a town hall meeting and this needs to be emphasized.

Next came the questions and answers. McCain had said how much he loves to do town hall meetings because he likes to answer tough questions......
Dave was clearly not a hippie. Nonetheless, he was definitely a pure liberal against illegal wars and into fighting on behalf of Mr. and Mrs. Regular Guy.

Darn, I wish he was around to go for a Guinness. I sure as heck would have tried to become his friend. He was a great man.

The below photo was from the Connecticut Post.

The caption says,
Wearing a George Bush mask, an anti-war protestor who would only identify himself as Dave W. from Queens, N.Y. confronts Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman, as he arrives for a fundraiser in downtown Milford for Milford Mayor James Richetelli, a Republican.
(above excerpt from How the Connecticut Post Tried To Smear Bushman by: bigdavefromqueens Tue Oct 16, 2007)

Dave was attacked with some of the worst defamation I've ever seen on the internet. He was attacked by self-proclaimed leftists who should have embraced him rather than try to tear him apart.

Barbara Morrill and Scout Finch, who both recommended the above post, were or still are DKos administrators. "Elise" must have had a lot of negative chutzpah to post that Dave was an asshole just after he had died. Unless someone is Hitler or similar, it is never justifiable to speak badly of the dead.

There is too much hate speech on alleged "progressive" domains. Dave referred to Markos Moulitsas and his Kos Kops as turn-off trolls. He was correct. It's as if insidious forces do not want pure Democrats with idealistic democratic values to succeed. At a minimum, nasty people such as Zuniga and his crones are making a buck off of the Democratic label with little or no regard for such things as ending illegal wars, helping out the poor, ensuring equal schools, etc..

This should come as no surprise, for Markos Moulitsas Zuniga was a rightwinger whose historical family roots tie him to the El Salvadoran oligarchy. In the past, Markos has been a big supporter of Ronald Reagan, homophobia, and working for individual campaigns based on personal goals centered around monetary objectives and self-promotion.

Who you gonna believe in- a true progressive like Dave or UGOG KosKops like Michael Fingerit, Lloyd Lachow, and Michael Bouldin? Who you gonna believe in- an honest Democrat like DaveFromQueens or a status quo, mediocre sycophant like Barbara Morrill? Who you gonna believe in- a devoted, principled activist like Dave or a supporter of the CIA? Whom does Markos Moulitsas Zuniga think he's fooling parading around like a progressive, when he is really just another run of the mill fake lefty, whose fifteen minutes of fame have passed?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Incestuous Relationships Part 2

Nathan Diebenow wrote, "The [Lonestar] Iconoclast is one of VR's affiliates." According to the Business Dictionary (in regards to commerce), "Two parties are affiliates if either party has the power to control the other, or a third party controls or has the power to control the both. Affiliation also exists in (1) interlocking directorates or ownership, ..."

On June 6, 2009, Brad Friedman penned:
Cindy Sheehan to RAW STORY on Their Coverage of Her Upcoming Bush/Dallas Protest: 'Eff' You! Controversial 'Peace Mom' also blasts Crawford's 'Lonestar Iconoclast' for 'stabbing [her] in the back'
Further down Brad made a disclosure. BradBlog also covered the "Camp Casey" story. It partnered with Raw Story for two weeks of broadcasting. Brad mentioned working a bit with The Iconoclast, in addition to Diebenow's front page article promoting VR's Dept. of Justice schtick. I don't see any mention of The Lonestar Iconoclast being a VR affiliate. It is interesting to note that according to Brad's article, Raw Story's Stephen C. Webster worked for months for The Iconoclast.
Webster notes that he "would link to sources" backing up his claims of criticism from the left, "but that bit comes first-hand." He recounts that he'd "spen[t] months covering Cindy's activity for The Lone Star Iconoclast in Crawford," and writes that he "understand[s] many of the various opinions expressed about this woman's activism."
It's shocking how Cindy was broadsided by people marketing themselves as leftists.

Brad continued:
[Webster] then goes on to associate with his former Iconoclast colleague Nathan Diebenow who, he writes, "quite accurately summarized, her constant angling for the spotlight and failure to significantly modify her tactics," which, Webster goes on to charge, "made Cindy into a 'media bore' (as opposed to the oft referenced 'media whore' insult so many on the right would hurl at her)."
Then Brad segued into incorporating Raw Story's Ron Brynaert into this news making news clusterfocker.
UPDATE: Shortly after publishing this story, we were contacted by RAW STORY Executive Editor, Ron Brynaert who asked us to include the following comment:
That was a blog at Raw Story, written by one reporter here, who - of course - is free to express his own opinions (at least in the blog section).

I personally think Cindy Sheehan rocks. I think she's been a tremendous voice against the war in Iraq and I applauded her quixotic campaign against Pelosi. Sometimes I don't agree with her, but not only do I thank her for her voice, I wish that other relatives of our troops pro or con against the war could be heard, as well, because they all deserve the biggest spotlight that there is.

Ron Brynaert
Executive Editor
Hmmm. According to Mr. Antiwar Brynaert, relatives in favour of the war (along with those against) "deserve the biggest spotlight that there is." As internet kids like to say, "Wow, just wow."

Webster's "Peace Mom' to hound Bush in Dallas" leads to a 404 error message. It is also unavailable at

In short, imho, the relationships among all these various internet personalities have been non-sexually incestuous. Former Bradblog blogger Dave Edwards has been a Raw Story video editor. Raw Story's Larisa Alexandrovna lied on behalf of VR's Brett Kimberlin. According to VR itself, attorney Cliff Arnebeck has worked for VR. Former Raw Story executive editor Ron Brynaert used to regularly post at BradBlog. Then there is Anthony Levensalor. In the early days of BradBlog he posted as ~A. He has worked for both VR and Raw Story. (Ron Brynaert and Anthony also used to blog together on something called Watching the Watchers.)

related link

Anyone interested in this kind of junk is encouraged to slog through my astroturfing section easily accessed through the above link. There are also a few entries at Daily Kos written under my Prepostericity username.

Bonus Off-Topic Excerpt from Mark Singer's excellent book, Citizen K; The Deeply Weird American Journey of Brett Kimberlin
The intense but almost ineffable entanglements in Sandi and Brett's lives could be rendered for the jury only in elliptical terms. During cross-examination, Pylitt managed to extract the information that Kimberlin and Sandi's younger daughter had traveled alone together to Disney World, Mexico, and Hawaii. For Pylitt to delve extensively into that particular anomaly, however, would have risked a mistrial. In the courtroom, the Scyphers murder was off-limits, and the theory that early on had galvanized the government's investigation-that the bombings grew out of the murder-could not be delineated. At the conclusion of the trial, newspaper interviews with jurors indicated that their deliberations were free of musings about the murder. Several jurors simply hadn't realized that Sandra Barton was Julia Scyphers' daughter. The Indianapolis News quoted one: "I didn't know about it until I got home and my wife told me. Had we known, there might have been some more questions about her testimony." Thus the apparent lack of motive for the bombings increased the prosecutor's burden of proof.

Citizen K by Mark Singer
Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 1996, pp. 135-136

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Incestuous Relationships Part 1

The previous chapter covered the awkward relationship between attorney Cliff Arnebeck and Velvet Revolution. Now let's shift gears to that between VR and Raw Story.

According to The LA Steel Show, which interviewed Brett Coleman Kimberlin in January 2008, "[He is] the man behind e-voting investigations of and the investigative internet journal Raw"

According to Action Point, Kimberlin was a co-founder of Raw Story.

When I mentioned the connection made by The LA Steel Show on a now scrubbed article at Democratic Underground, a raw nerve was hit in Raw Story's Larisa Alexandrovna.

Putting that strange denial to the side, there is no doubt Alexandrovna and Kimberlin are closely linked. We have the blogger's own words confirming it.

Larisa posts as lala_rawraw at Democratic Underground. In October 2006 she peddled the idea that Brett Kimberlin was an exonerated ex-political prisoner, that he never set any bombs.
you know, you read this and you think you know... but I know Brett... and I know the story of his arrest and what really happened. he has been funding the voter fraud allegations, the afterdowningstreet people, etc... you simply don't know what you are talking about. oh, and he was also the same person who found Clint Curtis, and Diebthroat. wow, he must be a con man after all.....

i wish this whole post could be deleted because the man has been through a great deal already....

I can only say that he was wrongly convicted, released, sued the government and won. As part of the agreement, he cannot discuss the particulars publicly. By the way, the real interest in those articles calling him a con man is that no one points out that he was the guy who - during the Regan/Quayle election, who came forward and blew the whistle on Dan's little drug problem... see, Brett sold him dope. I wonder why a guy who sued the government and won would suddenly be a con man? Swift boat anyone? ....

he was convicted wrongfully and he even served time for something he did not do while is attorneys fought the conviction... it was overturned, he was exhonirated, and then he sued and won!

he was put into jail because he was talking about Danny Quayle's drug habbit... welcome to Amerika ....

i have not denied he sold pot, in fact i actually said so... oh boy, those evil post sellers. but you are right... a man who has spent the last 17 years of his life doing work on behalf of the American citizen should be locked up forever for having sold pot.....

he was wrongly convicted, jailed, served time and then won his case of a wrongful conviction and was exonerated. he sued the government and won. he has since used that money to pay for things like Rock the Vote, etc. the only "crime" he ever committed was that he sold weed when he was in his 20s....

i have an idea... given that as part of the agreement, he has not been allowed to discuss it, consider how someone sentenced to 51 years on terrorism charges is not in jail? how is it someone like this is simply let go and has a clean record on this original charge? ....

the Google pieces that appear are based on the journalists book, after he wet himself... it is a smear piece and it is not accurate for a reason... the journalist is trying to blame his shoddy reporting on his source.
Well, when was Brett Kimberlin allegedly exonerated? According to Michael Jesse of The Indianapolis Star:
Kimberlin was paroled in 1994 after serving about 13 years of his 50-year sentence. But when he made no effort to pay the DeLong judgment his parole was revoked in 1997 and he went back to prison for about four more years, released again in 2001.
I guess the exoneration and compensation reward for false imprisonment was delivered sometime between 2001 and 2006. But we will never know because part of the agreement was the details could not be disclosed. [/rolling eyes]

On November 6, 2004, Kimberlin's Justice Through Music offered $100,000 to anyone who could prove the 2004 Presidential election was stolen. The offer jumped to $200,000 on November 16th.

According to this link, Justice Through Music offered the following advice.
Persons who want to make a tax-deductible contribution to this reward fund can do so through the secure PAYPAL donation button on the right. We want to provide the strongest incentive possible for people to come forward with substantial inside information, so make your donations generous. In the event no one meets the criteria for the reward, all funds donated to the reward fund shall be used to insure that all future votes are verifiable through a countable paper trail.
According to, was registered on November 12, 2004.

The following is from Time Magazine's Wizard of Odd article:
The turning point for Kimberlin came with an idea to attract attention. Before the 2004 presidential election, he contacted the wealthy head of a foundation in Ohio who practiced transcendental meditation with Kimberlin's sister. After the vote, with a pledge from the benefactor, Kimberlin posted on a $100,000 reward for any evidence that the election had been stolen. And things took off. First, the reward attracted blogger Brad Friedman, who then co-founded the netroots voting-reform website with Kimberlin and serves as his face man. The reward attracted other donors (including a politically active relative of mine who last year introduced me to Kimberlin). And it produced several people who claimed to have information on problems with electronic voting. They were prominently displayed on Friedman's site, Leveraging his website's popularity, Kimberlin made contact with congressional staff members and other activists, launching coordinated netroots campaigns for the cause.
Brad Friedman wrote that this blog entry was "fine coverage on how VR came about."
Blogger Brad Friedman ( has joined forces with several other blogger and indy news sources to create, which seems to be taking names and preparing for what they hope to be a grand collaboration between protest elements.
Brett Kimberlin was never mentioned. The "other blogger and indy news sources" were not discussed. One can go through BradBlog archives tagged and see that Brett Kimberlin wasn't mentioned until May 31, 2007, approximately four months after the Time Magazine article was published.

Even then, Brad downplayed Brett's primary role in creating Velvet Revolution.
The activist, Brett Kimberlin, is a director at Justice Through Music, which is a co-founder, along with The BRAD BLOG of the Election and Media Reform organization,
Brad wrote:
Kimberlin was recently featured in an article by the Lonestar Iconoclast, George W. Bush's "hometown paper" in Crawford, Texas, after the release of his anti-war "Happy Springtime (Bush is Over)" song and video...which we highly recommend, by the way.
Kimberlin isn't mentioned in the second link from the above paragraph.

Stacking the cards refers to a process by which not enough information is provided to readers in order to form their own opinions.

VR's co-founder becomes Justice Through Music rather than Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin. If you go to the RawStory link, you'll see a comment by Storm, an Op-Critical band member. You'll see a statement by Justice Through Music spokesman Craig Gillette. You won't see any mention of Kimberlin. In Brad's October 2007 piece More Dead Cause of Ohio, Velvet Revolution wasn't mentioned, as if he didn't want to associate Brett's name too much to VR.

The Lonestar Iconoclast Connection

The Lonestar Iconoclast link from above leads to a 404 error message. Yet we still have access to it through Oopsies, now that leads to "Page cannot be crawled or displayed due to robots.txt."

The article was written by Nathan Diebenow, and he made a fascinating disclosure. Below is a screenshot I took from that article before it was blocked.

Kimberlin was also featured in another Diebenow piece written in December 2007 titled Plumbers 2.0 (Page cannot be crawled or displayed due to robots.txt).
"I believe this guy (Connell) is the equivalent of the Watergate plumbers. I mean, there are so many folks in the Bush administration that are former Nixonites like Cheney and Rumsfeld," said Kimberlin, referring to the break-in of the Democratic National Committee’s offices that lead to President Nixon’s resignation.

"They have that mentality: ‘Nixon is a good guy. He got screwed over. The ends justify the means.’"

Right now, VR is sorting out the information they already have on Connell, but they are searching for more from his employees in order to "bring him to justice" through congressional hearings.
The article also included this (emphasis mine):
"We’ve found he’s really been involved in every major GOP election issue or scandal since at least 2000," said Brett Kimberlin, founder/president of VR, in an interview with the Iconoclast.
On May 20, 2009, Bradblog informed its readers Diebenow got VR frontpage coverage. VR has a formula. They come up with various campaigns and then ask for donations. One of them was called Disbar Torture Lawyers.

The link to that Iconoclast article now leads to "Error 404 - Page Not Found." A while back I was able to locate the edition. It is also no longer available but a screenshot was taken of the front page.

The end of Diebenow's piece directed readers to That redirects to Velvet Revolution.

On a side note, at the bottom of the VR affiliate's front page an Eric May is referenced. He is basically a kooky conspiracy theorist with ties to anti-semitism. See CNN's Some suspect conspiracy in Holocaust Museum case.

In part 2 of Incestuous Relationships, we'll look more closely at the connections between Velvet Revolution and Raw Story.

Related Links (get out your checkbooks!):

Stop Domestic Terrorism

Standing For Voters

Standing For Voters' donation link currently redirects to Velvet Revolution's donation page, as does Indict Breitbart Dot Org. A Campaign

Friday, November 18, 2011

Michael Connell Was Never Threatened By Karl Rove

In e-mails and Web postings from Kimberlin's two organizations, Justice Through Music and Velvet Revolution, he intersperses occasionally useful pieces of information about the problems of e-voting with a hefty portion of bunk, repeatedly asserting as fact things that are not true.

Excerpt above from The Wizard of Odd By Massimo Calabresi Friday, Jan. 05, 2007

One might as well consider if the moon is made out of cheese, if they sincerely think Michael Connell's life was in jeopardy due to Karl Rove. Connell wasn't about to spill any beans concerning the 2004 Ohio election.

The burden of proof is on the conspiracy theorists.

All they have ever delivered has been akin to the stuff one sees while waiting in supermarket checkout lines.

Elvis Opens Up McDonalds Franchise On Mars

Barbara Walters Secret Lesbian Affair With Star Jones Exposed

You get the idea. Not believable.

The November 9th, 2009 BradBlog delivered:

Exclusive: Mike Connell's Family Copes With His Mysterious Death, Tipsters, Legal Options

According to guest blogger Rebecca Abrahams, Heather Connell "acknowledges he received threats in the months leading up to his death."
I have spent days and days and days trying to figure it all out. I don't think he would lie to me. Number one, I don't think he took the threats seriously.
Abrahams directed the reader to a previous Brad Friedman post to learn more about the threats.

But first one is able to scroll down Abrahams' piece and hear about alleged tips.

Heather and six others received a memo from "Mark Felt" explaining that Michael Connell's small aircraft had been sabotaged. There is no word as of today whether the note also contained proof that the moon is indeed made out of cheese.

Abrahams went on to claim those close to the case believe the memo was legit, that Connell was very possibly murdered, and the FBI is on it. That's the stuff!

Hmmm. I wonder who were the ones close to the case. It could be anyone. Ha!

Attorney Cliff Arnebeck shared this:
We received copies of the "deep throat" letter and redacted report of a jackal that "is not supposed to exist." We passed on to the FBI this and other information we have relevant to the matter. Our impression is that the FBI is doing its job of investigating specific allegations regarding the assassination of a vital witness in our federal election fraud case.
Who is Cliff Arnebeck?

According to Velvet Revolution, he's their attorney.
A tipster close to the McCain campaign disclosed to VR in July that Mr. Connell’s life was in jeopardy and that Karl Rove had threatened him and his wife, Heather. VR’s attorney, Cliff Arnebeck, notified the United States Attorney General , Ohio law enforcement and the federal court about these threats and insisted that Mr. Connell be placed in protective custody. VR also told a close associate of Mr. Connell’s not to fly his plane because of another tip that the plane could be sabotaged. Mr. Connell, a very experienced pilot, has had to abandon at least two flights in the past two months because of suspicious problems with his plane. On December 18, 2008, Mr. Connell flew to a small airport outside of Washington DC to meet some people. It was on his return flight the next day that he crashed.

Then there is the other link mentioned above to learn more!!!!

Rove Threatened GOP IT Guru If He Does Not 'Take the Fall' for Election Fraud in Ohio, Says Attorney by Brad Friedman on 7/24/2008

Brad held no punches.
Karl Rove has threatened a GOP high-tech guru and his wife, if he does not "'take the fall' for election fraud in Ohio," according to a letter sent this morning to Attorney General Michael Mukasey, by Ohio election attorney Cliff Arnebeck.
Hmmm. There was no disclaimer that Cliff Arnebeck is "VR's attorney."

Anyway, intrepid muckraker Brad Friedman continued,
In a phone call this afternoon, Arnebeck could not publicly reveal specific details of the information that triggered his concern about the threats to Connell. The message to the IT man from Rove is said to have been sent via a go-between in Ohio. That information led Arnebeck to contact Mukasey after he found the reports to be credible and troubling.

"If there's a credible threat, which I regard this to be," he told The BRAD BLOG, "I have a professional duty to report it."

Attempts to reach Connell for comment late this afternoon were not successful.
For those who can't put 2+2 together, apparently Heather Connell learned of so-called threats via Velvet Revolution (Brett + Brad + Cliff) then ended up being interviewed and/or blogged on by Brad and his associates.

The Threats Against, and Death of Michael Connell May 22nd, 2009 (pdf)
33. I regard Michael Connell’s death as a tragedy. The major news coverage of the crash of his airplane on December 19, 2008, was by a joint CBS and Associated Press story that included film of his burning plane. The story of the crash and Connell’s relation to this litigation appeared in the business section of the New York Times. It was also featured on the front page of the Cleveland Plain Dealer as part of a story that the writer said sounded like a John Grisham novel.

34. Bob Fitrakis and I met personally with US Rep. Dennis Kucinich at the US Capital to urge him to interview Michael Connell and call him as a witness before his oversight subcommittee.

35. I met personally with US Rep. John Conyers at the Rainbow-PUSH headquarters building in Chicago to urge that he interview and call Stephen Spoonamore and Michael Connell as a witness before his House Judiciary Committee.

36. Two individuals who have funded Velvet Revolution joined us in our meeting with Rep Kucinich. Sometime afterwards they committed to make substantial donations in support of our litigation to hold Karl Rove accountable for his ongoing activity to rig Presidential elections. Their contributions were sent to Velvet Revolution as the charitable 501(c)(3) for forwarding to us for use in this litigation. We have not engaged in fund-raising in concert with Velvet Revolution.

37. Michael Connell had agreed to come forward to meet with House Judiciary Committee staff. However, according to the declaration of Brett Kimberlin of Velvet Revolution, this did work its way through the committee bureaucracy. Kimberlin Declaration paragraph 6.

38. Our efforts to secure Connell’s testimony in our case, after a threat by Rove against Connell had been reported to us, were supported by the Ohio Secretary of State and Attorney General offices and two federal judges. This resulted in lifting the stay in our case to enable us to seek the deposition of Connell, and the court order for Connell’s appearance in court and at deposition, in Cleveland.

39. Had Connell chosen to seek protection in the course of these proceedings, we believe he would have received it. Without his pursuit of witness protection from law enforcement authorities, we could not obtain it for him.

Further Progress in this Case

40. Since the tragic death of Michael Connell, a new witness has come forward with evidence linking the election rigging activities of this decade to organized crime operations based in Enterprise, AL. This witness has inside knowledge of this organized crime operation. This witness has also opened communication for us with another witness who has inside knowledge of Karl Rove’s activities.

I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct. Executed on May 22, 2009.

Clifford O. Arnebeck, Jr.
Organised crime in Enterprise, Alabama? Too bad an older James Cagney isn't still around to play Rove. You double-crossing rat, Connell. I wonder who those two donors mentioned in #36 were. Lori Grace and Harriet Crosby? Lori is the wealthy heiress to the Oliver Grace fortune. Harriet Crosby is also a wealthy philanthropist who just happens to be Brett Kimberlin's aunt.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Quandary

While there's no proof anything written in deleted articles was false, it doesn't seem legally they can be reposted. Hmmm.

I guess there are two options.

Perhaps the stuff could be put together into book form.

Maybe I could pick and choose good research done and simply come up with new narratives.

My apologies go out to anyone who left comments on those threads.

It's time for me to find a 1st amendment attorney. It's time to go on the offensive.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin Wins Frivolous Lawsuit!

StarFiles: The Speedway Bombings, Part 2
Building the case against Brett Kimberlin

Or did he?
WHEREFORE, Kimberlin prays that the Court grant the following relief:

a. Find that Socrates has defamed and libeled Kimberlin.

b. Find that Socrates has harassed and cyber stalked Kimberlin, and violated his privacy.

c. Find that Socrates has interfered with Kimberlin’s business and business relationships.

d. Issue a Cease and Desist Order against Socrates prohibiting him from writing about, contacting, contacting other people about, or having anything to do with Kimberlin.

e. Issue an Order to remove all references to Kimberlin on Socrates’ Google Blogger page.

f. Enter judgment in favor of Kimberlin in the amount of $1,250,000 in compensatory damages.

g. Enter judgment in favor on Kimberlin in the amount of $1,000,000 in punitive damages.

h. Such other and further relief as the Court deems appropriate.

Respectfully submitted,

Brett Kimberlin
I am a poor nobody from Massachusetts. I tried to make it down to Maryland, before this thing entered into a default judgement. The default actually should have been reversed, but the presiding Judge Richard E. Jordan is a rookie whose resume shows his specialty is "ambulance chasing." We'll get to Jordan a bit later.

Let's talk causation. A default judgement is basically proof of nothing.

Brett Kimberlin was awarded $100 because of that and a judge who, imho, didn't like me. I'm awaiting a copy of the proceedings. Then we'll be able to get into specifics. I'm not going to go by memory. However, I will point out my opinion that I was clearly the smartest person in the room and proved that Kimberlin was slandering me with his testimony.

Here's what was proven on November 14, 2011.

* There was no defamation or libel
* There was no harassment, cyberstalking, or violation of Bwett's privacy.
* There was no proof I had illegally interfered with his business or associates.
* There are no limits on my blogging. No more than anyone else. I can even repost what was scrubbed. I can write on whomever or whatever I want to. HA!
* I can write the name Brett Kimberlin. He's a public figure.
* Hmmm, what can one get for $100?

Los Angeles Asst. District Attorney Patrick Frey tweeted the following advice.

Ok, here's my plan. To repeat, I'm not going to go by memory. Once we have the audio, then the truth can be published exactly. I will say this. Brett Kimberlin yet again denied having set bombs in Indiana. I think he claimed to have been exonerated, but as part of an agreement, that can't be disclosed publicly. But we need to get his exact testimony from the audio and not rely on what I think I heard.

There's a lot of other incredible stuff to share. But let's do it right. Patience is a virtue.

I done good.

Now let's talk about the judge a bit, then after maybe I can start the process of reposting all the shite google was forced to erase.

His name is Richard E. Jordan.

According to The Office of Governor Martin O'Malley of Maryland, "[Richard E. “Rick” Jordan] specializes in personal injury cases." Hey, let's fill all court vacancies with ambulance chasers. That's the stuff!

Mr. Jordan also served as a prosecutor for Montgomery County. You think he might have a bias against defendants?

I made it to two hearings. Those were a bitch of an undertaking. You can drive for seven or eight hours through toll and pollution infested New York, New Jersey, and Delaware into the fascist center of the American universe, or you can take a ten or eleven hour trek without tolls through beautiful but manured saturated Pennsylvania. Pick your poison. Either way, you end up driving all night, going to a hearing, and then driving all day to get back home to where the constitution gets quite a bit more respect, imho.

For the first hearing I attended, a motion to reverse the default was submitted. I was never actually physically handed the writ of summons. In Maryland, that is considered illegal service.

So Ricky said, to paraphrase, hmmmm, let me check on the law for how to handle this, since the defendant is from out-of-state. He returned and said something like in Massachusetts, a rent-a-cop can leave a summons outside one's home, and that makes it legit.

Legal nerds might want to check out this ruling by the Maryland High Court, who I bet would have accepted my motion to reverse the default judgement.

Maryland High Court Rejects Virginia Service of Process Rule On Maryland Residents
On appeal, the Maryland Court of Appeals, in a 4-3 opinion, reversed and granted the Miserandinos' motion to strike. The court observed that, even though service of process complied with Virginia's method for service, service was not sufficient if that method violated federal due process. The Court of Appeals identified the issue as whether "original service of process by first class mail is constitutionally sufficient to confer in personam jurisdiction over a nonresident individual in a long-arm jurisdiction case." In analyzing that issue, the court balanced the interests of the state against the right of the individuals to due process of law under the Fourteenth Amendment. The court found that there was no Virginia interest present that outweighed or justified resort to what the court regarded as the significantly less certain procedure of first-class mail as a means for notifying a defendant of an action against him -especially in light of the availability of more reliable methods of service, such as hand-delivery or certified mail, as required by Maryland law. Accordingly, the Court of Appeals denied full faith and credit to the Virginia judgment and found the Virginia process rule as it relates to Maryland residents unconstitutional.
What a load of bullshit. Judge Jordan has discriminated against me for not being from Maryland. Doesn't our constitution say that all men are created equal? Why is a Maryland citizen protected by the 14th Amendment, while non-residents are not? It's not like Massachusetts has a vested interest in seeing me smeared and slandered by Brett Kimberlin.

But this is what one should expect in a country that discriminates against the poor. There is no free speech in this country. I found two attorneys willing to take my case, but they wanted tens of thousands of dollars to represent.

Last night I was thinking of suing Mr. Jordan, but that will probably be too difficult. My tort against him, imho, would amount to a small court claim. As a public employee, he would be exempt from myself being able to do that. I would love to get him in a situation where he can't browbeat me with threats of arrest for contempt.

Not only is Judge Jordan a former ambulance chaser, imho, he appeared to have a negative disposition towards defendants representing themselves. Well, I didn't have the money to get a lawyer, Rickster.

As for possible future lawsuits I appear justified to file, the people who have libeled and cybersmeared me will probably be scheduled for court dates on my own home turf in Massachusetts. It should be much easier to find pro bono representation as a plaintiff rather than a defendant in a civil case.

I now await the audio which proves I was slandered in Monday's court proceeding. This whole lawsuit in and of itself was libel. I proved that in court. The only reason Kimberlin received 100 clams was because of the default judgement. I wish I had that audio right now. My constitutional rights have been violated. If there's any way to legally address this, I WILL!

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