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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

This is My New Blog Entry

elusive autograph of notorious, signing grinch Patrick Ewing

I now see my buddy Pat is against giving his signature to fans. I don't blame him. The memorabilia industry is part and parcel of an America gone cold. Sports used to be about innocence. Any of us could have taken a crack at it. Then it became all about the money.

I loved basketball. I knew Ewing was gonna make it big. Cambridge Rindge and Latin's record with him was amazing. They didn't lose many games.

(on edit: Somehow I went on a digression. Yeah, big surprise. The following is superfluous to this entry and needn't be read. Something got mailed into the mailed-in entry. Sorry for any inconvenience... It's about doing the right thing on every issue. That means drastic cuts in the corrupt Military Industrial Complex. It's that simple. Jobs. Environment. Housing, health care, and food for all. It could be done very easily.)

Anyway, Ewing's autograph sells for big bucks. Mine appears to be the only personalised one. Or maybe there are some others out there. I doubt there are more than a relative few. Or I bet they were signed because he got paid. I bumped into him randomly. I asked and received. I must have been a very cute kid.

Mine was also obtained when he was 18. It could be the oldest Ewing autograph of all time!

And check it out. He wrote it fluently like he cared. The next year or two when he went to Georgetown he gave up on signing because no one was asking for his teammates'. I know it's in pencil and on a scrap of paper, but for crying out loud, Ewing wrote down the date! I was a smart bugger for 14, I must say. Maybe this thingie is worth five grand. Or maybe not. It could be worth five hundred, if I can only figure out a buyer. How does one figure out the value of such a thing?

Seriously, go to google images and plug in for his autograph. Good luck finding any besides the ones he'd do for say his sneakers or some rare sittings. Google Ewing something for autographs. He is being blasted across the blogospheric board for not giving them. I could use the money, if someone knows who to contact. Authenticating it is not a problem. I was there. Signature experts will confirm it is Ewing's writing.

myself from a few months ago. obviously a nice, good guy

This is wicked awesome no longer being internet addicted. That means I can kick back and write anything I want or nothing at all. There's plenty of good stuff in the archives, that if so desired, I could retire from blogging at an early age. That was a joke. Haha. uh uhm

I noticed a few referrals. They are not always spam bots. Some website named linked to us in a thread on Alex Jones. It linked to the Rivero Exposed as right woos left Joo hater or something entry. That person has been banned. I googled some more and anyone interested can read what a different bloke wrote.

Op-Ed: The hijacking of 12160

He too was banned.

I also saw that Mike Rivero is a member of that oddly numbered website url. I don't know wtf is going on. The Last Name Left has been missing in action for quite a while. He would probably be able to explain. He was the go-to expert for Rivero/Jones milieu analysis and zeitgeist conjecture. He and I struck a mutual chord in regards to right woos left. A note also finally picked up on by "el talent" donkeytale.

And for the rest of you still reading this, the four or five of you, here are the demographics from this last week's visitors to DFQ2.

United States: 675
France: 154
Russia: 89
Germany: 65
Indonesia: 54
Canada: 51
Poland: 30
United Kingdom: 27
Hong Kong: 13
Latvia: 10

Here's my Johnny Cash to Neal Rauhauser. I've led a good, decent life as a regular guy. I look good. You are some form of slimy freak.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Breaking: The Internet is Fried and Yur Still an Idiot

Online conspiratard tribalisation makes otherwise 'normal' people extremely cynical, overwhelms them with feelings of powerlessness and adds nothing, nothing at all to the stated but never realised objective of bloggers to change the status quo we all waste so much time railing impotently against.
Since Hofstadter’s book was published, our access to information has vastly improved, which you would think would have helped minimize such wild speculation. But according to recent scientific research on the matter, it most likely only serves to make theories more convincing to the public. What’s even more surprising is that this sort of theorizing isn’t limited to those on the margins. Perfectly sane minds possess an incredible capacity for developing narratives, and even some of the wildest conspiracy theories can be grounded in rational thinking, which makes them that much more pernicious. Consider this: 63 percent of registered American voters believe in at least one political conspiracy theory, according to a recent poll conducted by Fairleigh Dickinson University. While psychologists can’t know exactly what goes on inside our heads, they have, through surveys and laboratory studies, come up with a set of traits that correlate well with conspiracy belief. In 2010, Swami and a co-author summarized this research in The Psychologist, a scientific journal. They found, perhaps surprisingly, that believers are more likely to be cynical about the world in general and politics in particular. Conspiracy theories also seem to be more compelling to those with low self-worth, especially with regard to their sense of agency in the world at large. Conspiracy theories appear to be a way of reacting to uncertainty and powerlessness. Economic recessions, terrorist attacks and natural disasters are massive, looming threats, but we have little power over when they occur or how or what happens afterward. In these moments of powerlessness and uncertainty, a part of the brain called the amygdala kicks into action. Paul Whalen, a scientist at Dartmouth College who studies the amygdala, says it doesn’t exactly do anything on its own. Instead, the amygdala jump-starts the rest of the brain into analytical overdrive — prompting repeated reassessments of information in an attempt to create a coherent and understandable narrative, to understand what just happened, what threats still exist and what should be done now. This may be a useful way to understand how, writ large, the brain’s capacity for generating new narratives after shocking events can contribute to so much paranoia in this country
Pay heed, fake leftists and tea baggers. You are on the wrong track, loosers, even in the unlikely event that you are still able to make an occasional foray into a halting attempt at pretending to be somewhat sane.
Alex Jones, a syndicated radio host, can build fame as a conspiracy peddler; politicians can hint at conspiracies for votes and leverage; but if conspiracy theories are a tool the average person uses to reclaim his sense of agency and access to democracy, it’s an ineffective tool. It can even have dangerous health implications. For example, research has shown that African-Americans who believe AIDS is a weapon loosed on them by the government (remembering the abuses of the Tuskegee experiment) are less likely to practice protected sex. And if you believe that governments or corporations are hiding evidence that vaccines harm children, you’re less likely to have your children vaccinated. The result: pockets of measles and whooping-cough infections and a few deaths in places with low child-vaccination rates. Psychologists aren’t sure whether powerlessness causes conspiracy theories or vice versa. Either way, the current scientific thinking suggests these beliefs are nothing more than an extreme form of cynicism, a turning away from politics and traditional media — which only perpetuates the problem.
Of course, you will dismiss this and say the article itself is part of the MSM conspiracy to hold you down. Yes, and the research even offers a pre-emptive answer for that typically inbred piece of polarised nonsense.
In 2006, the political scientists Brendan Nyhan and Jason Reifler identified a phenomenon called the “backfire effect.” They showed that efforts to debunk inaccurate political information can leave people more convinced that false information is true than they would have been otherwise. Nyhan isn’t sure why this happens, but it appears to be more prevalent when the bad information helps bolster a favored worldview or ideology. In that way, Swami says, the Internet and other media have helped perpetuate paranoia. Not only does more exposure to these alternative narratives help engender belief in conspiracies, he says, but the Internet’s tendency toward tribalism helps reinforce misguided beliefs. And that’s a problem. Because while believing George W. Bush helped plan the Sept. 11 attacks might make you feel in control, it doesn’t actually make you so. Earlier this year, Karen Douglas, a University of Kent psychologist, along with a student, published research in which they exposed people to conspiracy theories about climate change and the death of Princess Diana. Those who got information supporting the theories but not information debunking them were more likely to withdraw from participation in politics and were less likely to take action to reduce their carbon footprints.
I just love it when scientific research bears out the accuracy of observations that I have been making for years. I may not be a real man of genius, but I play one on the internets.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wow, Just Wow

*** 2nd Even More Important Update ***

Ramsey did not lie. Ramsey is a hero. I was wrong and got confused. I'm sorry, Mr. Ramsey. Ye gotta listen to his 911 call. Again, what's up with the fricken cops? I guess it will all come out in the wash. And will Jodi Arias get the death penalty? I hope not. She is pretty nutty and must stay in prison forever.

*** Important Update ***

I have cropped out the little girl from the picture. Also, breaking news is that the dude who spoke to Anderson Cooper and was given hero love by the masses was an outright liar. It was a low key Hispanic fella who broke in the front part of a double door letting Amanda crawl out with the kid.

The cops, meanwhile, are doing their usual yeah we are liars but most people are as stupid as us and love us silly, wave the flag, eat cheetohs, etc.. Pervert dude was confronted in gas station by donut eater and should have been arrested but wasn't. It's kind of a tangent. I definitely don't hear much on witnesses saying shithead asswipe was leading girls around in the backyard by a leash and that they reported it.

Just think of how much of a creep the dispatcher was. Police and law enforcement in America are dreadfully vile and menacing. And that is a story too.


It's innocent until proven guilty for the three brothers accused of kidnapping three girls and holding them for ten years in Cleveland. Though it's difficult to believe one person could have pulled that off. We are basically in a wait and see mode until all the facts emerge.

This one evokes all of the emotions. There is joy that the young women have been saved. Kudos of course go to the dude/bro who took the initiative to check out the screams for help from Amanda. No kudos go to the dumbass dispatcher who seemed to think the whole thing was a prank call. No kudos go to the mass media who will milk this one for all it's worth. They must be salivating, as now they don't have to worry about what to do next since the Jodi Arias story is winding down.

The big question, imho, is how much of this is going on? We all know there are psychotics. A whole country called Germany went mobster crazy back in the 1930s and 1940s. There will be nothing new under the sun discussing why anyone would have done this.

That's about it. I have a real life to lead. I am no longer internet addicted. Ye won't see me pounding out stuff like I've done in the past. You might not see me at Twitter ever again except to link to new blog entries.

I had something new on the back burner, but it doesn't seem doable for an entry after all.

I used to be on the net as a form of life. Ruts are not easy to escape. I have gotten very lucky the last couple months. I am not going to give the details. I'll just say that of all the people who can be linked to internet convolution in regards to Brett Kimberlin, the Breitbart cult, and Weinergate, I am the only good person with a clear head on his or her shoulders. The rest are not people one would want to break bread with.

I put up my bio a while back. I had to. I had to explain my side of things. I done good. The rest of the people are garbage. The only thing one can say about them, including 100% dirtbag Neal Rauhauser and cybersmearer Ron Brynaert, is that they didn't kidnap three girls and hold them for ten years. Brett Kimberlin, however, is a whole other story; one I made sure would become well known. I'm talking about both his past and the internet hoaxing. I made sure that he wouldn't get away with nothing from nobody.

Mandy Nagy, Patrick Frey, Brad Friedman, even freaks like Lane "Qritiq" Lipton, can kiss my ass. And so can Speedway Bomber Bwett!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Boston Bombing Motive Discovered

As everbohdee no, the Patriots Day bombing was a false flag op by the US Government. The evidence for this is as overwhelming, perhaps moreso, than the evidence for the Syrian Government targeting its own citizens with shaving creme. Busy as they are fomenting rebellion in the Middle East, our tireless public servants private militiamen still found the time to murder and maim a few hundred innocent bystanders gathered at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. But is anybody truly innocent? Why'd they do it? Who woulda thunk? In the grand American tradition, the reason was, shockingly, to sell us more stuff.
CI offers training in tactical operations and surveillance for: • Military • Law enforcement • Tacflow combatives • School/university security • Civilian/corporate security They also offer readily to the public shirts, baseball caps and accessories with the iconic Punisher skull to anyone willing to pay for the merchandise online. In fact, for $22.95 ANYONE can have their very-own black baseball cap with the white Punisher skull on it – the VERY SAME cap worn by the men identified by Alternative media as being CI operatives who carried out the BMB. Claiming that men who were hired to perform a covert operation in a public place where camera and video surveillance is expected would wear descriptive hats and clothing is preposterous. Those who have performed covert operations know that you do not wear your “uniform” to the event.
Log in here to buy your gear. It's what the fashion conscious false flagger is wearing this season