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Friday, July 22, 2016

Random tidbits from a day in the internet freak, bubble boy life

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It's a matter of context. I'm not saying regular guy bloggers cannot make an impact. I'm not saying regular guys are necessarily fellas. I did not invent the word tomato to depict the better half. If you have a problem with that, take it up with Hollywood.

But before we continue, I must first take the Youtube uploader to the woodshed to apply a truth staple.

Thanks for supplying the lyrics. Unfortunately, the above is not what was sung and makes System of a Down appear as homophobic.

It should read, "All you maggots smoking fags on Santa Monica Boulevard."

For those out of the across the pond loop, fags over there are cigarettes. In Amerikkka, they have quite a different meaning. It is a word used to disparage gays and lesbians.

What kind of moron would make such a mistake? A homophobe? Who smokes maggots? Should the uploader see an ear specialist? Sometimes it is very difficult to pick up words. Accents can throw us off. Some people such as Marlon Brando liked to mumble. He wasn't a singer, but it's the same process. You're watching a great movie and Brando is in it. He said something about Stella, but for the bubble boy life of ye, one wonders wtf he just said.

Get control of your facts!

It's said that the deep internet is very difficult to access since none of it can be located through search engines. Wait a second. I'll get back to that quickly, but first I need some more SOAD to get me through writing. This is what's called a playlist. It's like the shampoo ad with so on and so on and so on. It takes a long time to end. It provides good medium mileage.

(on edit: it doesn't seem like Blogger allows me to embed playlists. This is the link if you want to listen to more SOAD.)

Okay, so as I was saying before I rudely interrupted myself, there is a deep internet hidden to regular guys. I have nothing to do with it and it's not my fault. What I'd like to do is provide a deep internet, one that is not shallow, and not to be confused with things Hal Turner or one of his colleagues might want to entrap us with.

I found a kindred spirit. Her name is Leslie Jones. I don't know much about her. She is in a Ghostbusters remake or sequel. She might also be an SNL cast member. As the alleged reincarnation of Lenny Bruce, I have that entertainment angle in common with Ms. Jones, but that's not what I'm talking about. I see she got trolled on at Twitter and then gave a goodbye cruel world tweet, only to return mere days later. That's the interwessonality of how we are kindred. I also give goodbye cruel world medium exits only to pop back in at some point with, "Hey, fellas! I'm back. What did I miss?"

I've also been trolled on by Breitbart's cointelpro division. She got attacked by some wackadoo named Milo Yiannopoulis. I couldn't care less about Breitbart and their twisted entrapment schemes?

The great thing about a tidbit entry is you can leave stuff hanging and move on.


Oliver Stone has directed a movie called Snowden which will find its way into cinemas around September. He is also warning about Pokemon Go. Apparently one is requested to share their google browsing and email records in order to play. I am being vindicated all over the place. The Snowden docs confirmed I was prescient with the paid fake and useful idiot schtick. Now Stone seems to have taken my bubble boy internet freak, Truman Show National Security Project, Hal Turner philosophical exposes and put it into his own language. He calls Pokemon Go very dangerous and a sign that we are living out horrific surveillance capitalism nightmares. He says this is totalitarianism, that we are being taught what to think based on what is stolen during this age of no more privacy.

Cops are trained to lie. Many of them are deranged psychopaths suffering from steroid rage. Many of them are borderline mentally retarded. These are people who would struggle as guests on Wheel of Fortune. So forget about Jeopardy with Alex Trebek. Maybe they'd do well on the Howie Mandel game show. Is that still on? It was ridiculous. Hot tomatoes would stand on the stage holding a briefcase or wtf. The contestants choose which ones to open. One of them has the big prize, but the closer you get to it, the riskier it is to continue. It's basically a glorified version of Go Fish. I guess you had to be there. The point is that cops are morons and vicious criminals who are above the law.

Someone would have to be too busy playing Pokemon Go to have missed this one. The kid on the right is autistic playing with a toy truck. The Black dude is his social worker or therapist. I'm not a news service. I'm mailing in a blog entry. Anyway, the dude with his hands up explained that was the situation. He said please do not shoot. So of course he gets shot by the pigs.

Even folks with authoritarian personality disorder are saying, "Listen, fellas. We love cops. They are great guys and not crackheads. But this one don't look right, I must say."

Charles Kinsey is his name. Apparently he asked, "Why did you shoot me?" The response was, "I dunno. This is a dangerous job and Black Lives Matter has us on edge."

Now they are saying the cop was firing at the autistic kid mistaking the truck for a gun. That's the ticket? Meanwhile, no one knows the cop's name and of course once again criminal police must be protected. Every reasonable doubt must be exhausted!

North Carolina recently passed a law making it impossible to see videos of police breaking the law. Is it called the Nothing to See Here, Move Along law?

Tidbits, schmidbits. What did McLuhan mean by which all content becomes meaningless?

                          "Violent arrest of teacher caught on video; officers
                          face investigation"

You can click on the above link and watch the video. This shite never ends. That is what's meant by that content becomes meaningless. It wasn't until the Eric Garner and Michael Brown assassinations that Obama got up off his arse and noticed there was a problem. And to quote Elvis Costello, "Pretty words don't mean much anymore."

There is always a context to this idea that content is meaningless. Such videos have indeed been making an impact on the Amerikkkan consciousness. North Carolina is saying that certain content has become too meaningful and must legally become a form of hidden internet.

McLuhan wasn't saying just roll up into a fetal position, suck your thumb and pray for salvation. He was saying get a busy and start noticing how the medium has taken over our minds and bodies. He was talking fancy in contrast to Oliver Stone's in your face, minimalist, wake the  f_ _ _  up infotainment style.

The Austin police officer who assaulted Breaion King is a vicious piece of shit, period. You can look at the video and see that he is a steroid freak. The douchebag's name is Bryan Richter. He wasn't fired and arrested as any normal person would recognise as the next move. He was given "counseling and additional training."

I have nothing to do with violence against police. I have tried to explain at Twitter that this is a boomerang effect, that this is Physics 101. As humans under pressure, we either fight or flight. Most of us do the latter. Some such as Eric Frein, Christopher Dorner and recently others decide to fight back. One would have to be a total nutjob to fight the police. It is a death sentence whether in the fight or through rotting in prison. Yet, it does happen.

I couldn't care less about dead cops. I have nothing to do with any of it and feel that they are proven scum. Sorry. People die everyday. I'm not advocating for or condoning violence against police. I am saying that for every action, there is an equal reaction. Police need to stop killing and assaulting people. Police who break the law need to be fired and arrested. That is the problem. Cops getting ambushed is called a symptom.

The police are certainly shedding no tears for their countless number of victims. We are looking at three basic conspiracy fact ingredients which are perpetuating state-sponsored police fascism; 1) Cops are borderline mentally retarded. If a candidate is too smart, they will not be hired. 2) Cops are afflicted with authoritarian personality disorder as defined by Altemeyer. 3) Content is rendered by authorities as hidden or meaningless.

Breaion could have ended up dead like Sandra Bland. It was pretty much the same scenario. Foreign countries are now offering travel advisories for any of their citizens visiting America. They are warning their people of the Amerikkkan pigs!

There is now so much content proving police brutality. How much is needed until anything changes? Was this what McLuhan meant by that all content becomes meaningless?

Yeah, Ivanka Trump is a sweetie, but I digress, and this makes me look sexist and pro-Trump.

It should be interesting to see what Bernie comes up with next week. I see he is starting to go into Elizabeth Warren mode on Twitter, but I sense his heart isn't into it like Littlefeather.

Hillary might be declaring her VP choice today. It seems like she will pick someone who will further alienate BernBots. I suppose the DNC figures they can never get our vote anyway, so they need to go after the Richard Nixon vote to compensate.

Michael Moore thinks Trump is going to win. He was on the Bill Maher show. His content was decent, but the other two guests were DNC tools. Joy Reid was one. She is despicable. I forget the other clown's name, but I did see through a brief socratisation yesterday that he despises the Green Party. The DNC is pretty much a cult at this point. Christians seem fixated on Satan. For the fake left, it is all about the demonic Republicans. It is a religion. Someone would have to be in complete denial to not see that Hillary is truly a criminal. Not everything is about Dick Cheney or Andrew Breitbart for crying out loud.

Which brings us to.......

The Final Tidbit:

Alex Jones crashed the set of The Young Nazi Turks. Wow, this is nuts. Cenk goes into "WHERE'S THE PLANE" mode.

I think both Cenk and Alex get a bit on the side from the Military-Industrial Complex. The French might refer to them as agentes des provocatueron or I just made up some new words. Ye knuckleheads can watch for youse selves.

I need to come up with a theme song, in fact two of them, one for the beginning and one for the end. Like one sees at the end of t.v. shows. Because content and grammar become meaningless. Because everything is rigged and fake. Bread and circuses have been replaced with weed and free movies.

fin fin

Wow, Ana goes nuts, too.

                          "Stfu, bitch"

She really said that. As the kids would say, keep it classy, Ms. Token Armenian.

And as for this blog entry, that's it. You can go now. It's over. That'll do it. I tried my best to provide a tidbit of meaningful content, hence the title.

Omg, I have to just add one more screenshot. Cenk got violent with Alex and had to be restrained.

Imho, Cenk = Hal. Turner. There's no other explanation for why someone like him acts like that in public. He freaked out at the airport. He freaked out in the above. There's something extremely fishy about that  f_ _  f_ _ _  f_ _ _ .

I'm done. I mean it this time. Or I'm done, done. That means it's over. Get out of the pool. Finish up your drinks. It's closing time.