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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Banned For Speaking Truth To Blogmaids

I signed up to a website named writing in the raw. An internet troll named Melvin has deleted a diary I wrote along with one post. He is now implying myself and donkeytale are the same person. Donkeytale claims he too had a diary deleted. Here's an exchange between two blogmaids.
undercovercalico: For all I know..... You/Socrates deleted it yourself and just waved the finger at melvin for a fun game. Or somebody other than melvin pulled the trigger...... Who knows? Maybe it was me. or the Green Hornet.

Melvin: Wait. I han't thought of that. Are these the same person? Because I did delete socrates.
That's the same, tired schtick mattyJack has spun at his loser FSZ blog, that we are the same person. I was banned by Melvin because of the diary I posted, not the comment. I coherently explained how the FSZ gang operates. Melvin is part and parcel of that. I presented oral history of how they stole Peeder's legacy. It was top-notch Meta. It was setting the record straight. The second half concerned "chemtrails." I'll repost the diary and a screenshot of the one post I made.

Ex-Kos Kop Blogmaids, the Internet Zeitgeist, and Chemtrails
by: socrates

The scariest part of this blog is Daily Kos is linked to as a favourite.

Why would you do that?

Moulitsas thinks the CIA is a liberal institution with its heart in the right place. He came within a nose hair of working for them.

Yet you continue to prop up that fake lefty.

This is why donkeytale loves the whiteysphere!

My Left Wing was the first attempt to create a super blog out of the dung which is Daily Kos. Once it became obvious that Mary Scott O'Connor wasn't fit to be leader of the ex-Kos Kop blogmaids, Peeder set up the Political Flesh Feast. It lasted one year.

Then an immature troll stole that legacy by starting FSZ. Deja Vu all over again took place as with MSOC's failure. The blog owner forgot why his place had become popular. He threw Dave From Queens under the bus. He came up with one scam after another- unfair bannings, idiotic made-up scenarios, etc., a 180 degree turn from Peeder's vision.

The same thing would happen to FSZ that afflicted MLW. Those who made the place lively were driven off by crusty ex-Kos Kop blogmaids who spoke of blog wreckers and whackjobs. History recently repeated itself, as Francis Holland was driven off of FSZ in a manner similar to how the MLW bores had done.

When the most interesting bloggers are driven off, what you are left with are irrelevant blogs with no entertainment value. You are merely left with a new outlet for blog Koppers to dominate.

Back in the day there was a fairly popular philosopher named Joseph Dirt. Many remember him for having a funky looking mullet. I looked beyond that and took heed of his adage, "It's all about the consumer."

I will now attempt to wrap up this mailed-in diary. Donkeytale requested that I write a bit about chemtrails. Since it's all about the consumer, here goes. This too shall be mailed in. That's the stuff!

Many people bury their heads in the sand when it comes to the debate over whether chemtrails are real or are just normal aviation contrails that hit certain atmospheric conditions.

I took the following screenshots a couple years ago from a youtube video no longer available. Check out how a jet flies below, through, and then above a so-called persistent contrail without any trail forming off the engines. This says it all.

Debunkers will have an answer for everything. They are set in their ways and will label chemtrails a whackjob hoax no matter what. In this case, they'll simply ignore the above or claim it was photoshopped.

Here's a video clip of a Pacific Northwest weatherman laying it on the line, that not all contrails are contrails.

Well, I'm not one who's into reinventing the wheel. One can go to the top section of this blog and read up on my chemtrail schtick, if interested. (My other blog is called DFQ2 and can be found here. Donkeytale also blogs there on occasion.)

The main problem is there is too much kooky garbage on the net which perverts the obvious into being science fiction and paranoia. So if you google chemtrails and whatnot, you're going to be led 99.99% of the time to garbage links.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mentally Disturbed Teenager Arrested For Participating In FBI Script

There was a reality show called Joe Schmoe. All the participants were actors except for one. A similar event recently took place in Oregon. But instead of receiving $100,000, the new Joe Schmoe is facing a long prison sentence.

Here's an AP article which explains it all.

Oregon bomb-plot suspect wanted 'spectacular show'

He started thinking about "aiming higher" at 15. He had family problems. He unfortunately became sympathetic to dumbass terrorism. Someone tipped off the FBI that the kid might be trouble. Mohamud was trying to email someone overseas. An agent then stepped in and initiated contact with the youngster telling him he was an associate of the person who wasn't returning his emails.

Long story short, the FBI created a fictitious crime in order to entrap this individual. The kid was basically arrested for a thought crime. Think about that. But not too much. You might be arrested. [/Orwell's 1984]

This is the same FBI that worked closely with Hal Turner in order to "flush out the crazies."

What I would have done is have a Muslim youth advocate meet with the kid and let him know the FBI was aware of his desires to commit mass violence. Yeah, I'm a bleeding heart liberal and proud to be so. The juvenile court system creates criminals. This guy is of legal age but is still very young. Instead of perhaps getting through to him, getting him counseling, etc., he will probably eventually become the terrorist they don't want him to be.

Wow, I just googled "fbi entrapment muslims" and got 56,500 results. With all due respect to Francis Holland, "Markos Moulitsas CIA" is only generating 25,300 results. Anyway, this Keystone KKKopper [/donkkkeytale] angle is the side of the story the Associated Press failed to cover. That's not fair and balanced. Here's one result.

FBI director questioned about Muslim relations
Tuesday, 31 March 2009
ANAHEIM, Calif. – The controversy over reports of an FBI informant infiltrating southern California mosques and the FBI’s overall conduct toward American Muslims were subjects of a Senate hearing last month, generating vague answers from FBI Director Robert Mueller and generating even more concern in a community already feeling fearful and unfairly targeted in a post-9/11 era. In the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing held on Capitol Hill, Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI) was tough on Mueller.

“Can you determine and report to this committee whether mosques have been entered by FBI agents or informants without disclosing their identities under the authority of the attorney general guidelines and, if so, how many?” Feingold asked....

Said the OC Register editorial: “The FBI’s activities have led a consortium of Muslim groups to ‘consider suspending ongoing outreach efforts with the FBI.’ We can hardly blame them. Perhaps the Obama administration will rethink this counterproductive and un-American strategy.”

Thursday, November 25, 2010

This is Why I Love the Whiteysphere

I think he put up this specific entry in a bald attempt to steal mojo generated by the Across N. 24th Street dairy.

True dat, Soc, one diary certainly led to another, and fairleft is competitive that way, but in that sense I am pleased that mine spurred this one because Byron's is truly excellent work and it brilliantly responds and extends the discussion thats been building across the pwoggie division of the whiteysphere for a few weeks now, since the mid term elections and the Demotard's typically tepid reaction.

"What to do?"

The call and response fueling of the fire in diaries and threads is what makes this type of blog interesting. The discussion we are having here is of course verboten on most blogs and it would have been a livelier discussion two or three years ago when there was a much larger group of interesting and offbeat characters actually participating in the threads.

Where have they all gone? Victims of another vicious round of lay-offs or just re-assigned to monitor the more "important" blogs?

Today we are down to the few, the proud, the hard bitten addicts of the fake left. What does Gilroy call us? Dick thumpers? Great username, that.

Gilroy would fit right in here but he became turned off by all the Meta absurdity (alot for which I was responsible) at PFF and never has posted here or at FSZ to my knowledge.

I read the WWF banning thread which was drearily predictable but what really cracked me up was the presence of Miep. That chick shows up everywhere, and always dispensing Chicken Soup for the Blog Admin's Soul along her merry way.


She reminds me of that woman of a certain age who used to post at BooMan and then at PFF. She had a similar knack for showing up in the middle of every huge meta blowout, like one of those movie star caricatures who wonders into and out of a whack Looney Tunes scene, y'know, Bogie dangling a Camel. "Stake a fellow American to a Meal?" while passing through the North Pole, or wtf, in the midst of Daffy battling Elmer Fudd in another of their to the death grudge matches.

She usually added some patented geezer wisdom and her calming spirit smack dab in the middle of the usual blog dystopia.

Scribe....she was a retired RN or wtf....where have you gone, scribe?

Miep writes an occasionally pretty fucking great poem.
Here upon the mountaintops
that don't exist
I stand, waving my arms, for a moment

and then standing still, looking around at the sky
which is all dark, but there should be stars

here soon. Because the clouds
don't last forever.

no clouds ever last forever.

Meanwhile, the hum occurs
it sings like locusts
like grillen
and all of those other unnameable critters
that bump in the night.

And there I am, in the dark
Waiting for stars, or comets, or wind, or anything

With the world singing
in all its craziness
its crazed song breaks
its crazed metaphors
and everything else that breaks.

And there I am
starting to listen
starting to dance

And the wind starts up
my skirts fluff up

And I don't even wear skirts.
Not ever.

And, now here are the frogs!
They are singing to me
even though they all died a long time ago.

They sing, as I sit in my rocking chair
that suddenly wasn't there a minute ago

And I dance in my chair, old lady I am
Dancing in my skirts
that were never there

To the frogs
that are gone.

I have a problem generally with people repackaging another person's work into a diary without being granted the author's permission beforehand, like, ahem, you tend to do. And which is why I'm doing it here too, of course. Because I can.

But Byron's work especially, since it contains some very controversial ideas, the kind that could very well draw the attention of the Maxwell Smart Brigades, if you know what I mean.

In fact, my first reaction was that Fairleft is a potted plastic plant here cleverly tipping off his handlers to add another potential terrorist to the watchlist without any of us suspecting....but, since I can't produce the paystubs...

[Socrates impersonation alert]

IMHO, if Fairleft became Byron's Boswell, the two of them would definitely go places together.....and I promise both I'll always bring them cigarettes on visitor's day after they land there....

Monday, November 22, 2010

Hollywood Censorship as an Indicator of Traditional American Fascism

scene from Waterloo Bridge

Donkeytale's going to be mad at me. For one, I don't think he likes my mentioning him in these entrees. Though I think deep down, he loves the attention. His biggest whine usually has to do with his thinking I am always pushing his dairies down to the bottom of the page, as soon as they are posted. To quote Steve Martin, "Well, excuuuuusee me!" In my defense, I have sent in nomination papers to Meta Magazine for him to be considered for blogger of the month. His new one is pretty good. It's directly below this one, which I admit is of the mail-in variety. He gave props to community activists from Milwaukee. It's pure leftier than thou material. That's the stuff. Now let's get back to my old movie fetish.

There's no getting around the fact that the Hays Code ruined much of Hollywood, and that it never fully recovered. Fascist, authoritarian tentacles reach into every facet of American society. Business, education, military, politics, media, those are the biggies. The world of cinema has not been immune.

A dumbass will not recognise this as truth. He or she will label it anti-American hyperbole. That is why society can be whittled down to two factions, piggies versus leftier than thous.

I thought I had a semi-original entry in the works concerning Waterloo Bridge. But then I found this link, The Tortured But Triumphant Saga of Waterloo Bridge by Mick LaSalle. Its thesis pretty much is the same for what I came up with. The 1931 version of Waterloo Bridge was pure brilliance, while the more well-known 1940 version was rubbish. Mick's first two paragraphs were almost word for word what I was going to present for my opening.
There are two film versions of the Robert Sherwood play, Waterloo Bridge, one made during censorship in 1940 and the other made before censorship in 1931. If you want to see what the Code did to movies, watch both. If you just want to see a good picture, watch the 1931 version....

The 1940 version is some nonsense about a ballerina (Vivien Leigh) who throws herself off a bridge. The 1931 version is about an American showgirl who gets stranded in London at the start of World War I and becomes a prostitute. Either that or starve. It's one of the earlier pre-Codes that presents a prostitute, not only sympathetically, but as romantically viable and someone a guy should want to marry.
It's a good article. Unfortunately, Mick got the 1940 ending wrong. Leigh did not throw herself off the bridge. I can't fault him too much. Great movie critics such as ourselves are prone to make some mistakes. I think in a previous entry, I theorised that Clark Gable gave up on having good breath when his love Jean Harlow died. I should've written Carole Lombard. Anyway, he continued:
The picture stars Mae Clarke, best known for getting a grapefruit in the face from James Cagney in a movie called The Public Enemy.

face meet grapefruit

I apologise for some spoilers in this blog entry. If you haven't seen the original yet and are into classic movies, see it first and then come back. Do not watch the remake, unless you want to to check out American censorship in action. Let's start by looking at the original.

The story was simple but powerful and openly hostile towards capitalism and war. Myra was working as a chorus girl right before the onset of WW1. When the show she was in closed, she and her friend Kitty were left in poverty with no prospects. They went into prostitution to survive. This is a similar theme to a Chinese classic I looked at months ago called The Goddess, prostitution as state induced victimhood.

Roy was a grunt in the British army and met Myra on Waterloo Bridge during an air raid. That was a hangout for women selling their bodies, if they wanted to cover rent and have food on the table.

In the original, Roy was an innocent 19 year old. He had no clue Myra was a hooker. He just thought she was poor. He was mad for her looks. He figured in war time, life decisions needed to be sped up. People need to fall in love more quickly out of necessity.

Myra felt dirty. Kitty told her to go for it. Her advice was for her to marry the kid, he gets blown up in France or wherever, and then she'll get compensated.

But despite her being a prostitute, she still had enough dignity left to not want to take advantage of Roy. She liked him. It turned out they were both Americans whose fates brought them to London. She's a few years older than him, and his innocence reminds her of how she used to be at the same age.

She's torn. Roy tricks her into spending time with his rich family. Bette Davis played his sister.

Davis later said she wanted the lead role, that she could have played it well. I am starting to come around to donkeytale's thinking that Bette Davis was mucho overrated. Mae Clark played the part in a very naturalistic manner. Davis would have emoted the role to no end. Bette Davis benefited from the culture of personality which has dominated Hollywood. It's an industry that crystallises the idea that it's not what you can do in front of the camera, but what kind of schtick you have which really matters. So a Peg Entwistle ends up jumping off the Hollywoodland Sign. A talent like It Girl Clara Bow got driven out for being too free-spirited. John Garfield's health fell apart after being blacklisted. His only crime was having a sweet spot for social issues.

The remake of Waterloo Bridge is the version most well-known and gets the acclaim except from movie aficionados. The whole premise of that romance was based on good looks. Robert Taylor as Roy became a Captain and not a grunt. He was older too. Myra was no longer a chorus girl but turned into a ballerina. Unlike in the original, when she turned to prostitution to make ends meet, it was completely sanitised. The original didn't mickey mouse around that topic.

Who was prettier, Leigh or Taylor?

One needs to see the endings of both to fully comprehend why the original was a masterpiece and the remake a dud. If you don't want those spoiled, stop reading.

In the original, Myra runs out on Roy because she doesn't feel clean enough to be his wife yet doesn't want to use him for his money. Roy tracks her down on Waterloo Bridge. He needs to get back to the war front and is pleading his case for them to be engaged. Myra's landlady had revealed to Roy that she was a prostitute and low life whench. I can't remember the exact words. To paraphrase Roy's response to the slum lady, he told her to shut up her stinking face.

On the bridge, Roy revealed to Myra that he finally knew she had been street walking. He told her he didn't care, that he knew she only had done it, because she had no other choice. He gave her money, told her to take care of herself, and that he would be returning soon. They kiss. Myra, for the first time in years, felt like a human being. Roy got on a truck with other soldiers. Myra squeezes the money tight and starts running with joy to get off the bridge towards safety.

Unfortunately, she got nailed with a bomb, and that's that. But she died knowing her big lie had been revealed, and her true love still wanted to be with her forevah. The ending was kind of a letdown at first. But after reflecting on it, I think it was groovy after all. There doesn't always have to be a perfect ending as in apple pie and good times. Her death signified that war destroys good lives indisciminately. The main point was that she wanted to live, when it happened. It wasn't God striking her down or anything stupid like that.

The ending to the remake, on the other hand, was pure crap. Myra threw her life away by running in front of a vehicle. She thus died while in a state of torment. She never got the closure the original Myra was afforded. She died feeling like pond scum. Her death had nothing to do with the horrors of war and so-called collateral damage. In the original, meeting Roy probably saved her soul. In the remake, despite it being pushed as a classic romance, Roy was responsible for Myra ending up in hell, if there is one.

In the original, Roy met Myra after she had already become a prostitute. In the remake, Myra became a hooker because of her hooking up with Roy. She got fired from her ballet job because she missed curfew. For reasons never explained, she was in love with Pretty Boy. So basically, the remake was all about fate turning a good person into dog meat. The second Waterloo Bridge was basically a cynical ploy by Hollywood to capitalise on two famous actors in their prime. The first one had a real plot, organic transitions, and a tight presentation concerning universal, moral dilemmas. There's a word for how the remake ended. It's called cheating.

I think one really needs to check this out for themselves. I was very moved by the original and disgusted by the remake. The first Waterloo Bridge was actually missing in action for many decades, until it was located in the Nineties. The article linked above explains.

Hollywood was severely damaged by the Hays Code, no doubt about it. A fatal blow was delivered by McCarthyism. It definitely wasn't television that destroyed the movies.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Across N. 24th Street

Bernice Mayhorn rests after picking up garbage in the yard of the boarded-up house (left) that is next to hers in the 2900 block of N. 24th St. in Milwaukee. "Somebody has to care, that’s how I see it," says Mayhorn, about the problems caused by the empty homes on her block. The boarded-up house was a source of many problems, including shootings. (Credit: Kristyna Wentz-Graff) The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: A building block for urban renewal

Across N. 24th Street by donkeytale

Recently, we have had a few interesting debates about the need for progressives to do something, questions about what it is we can and should do, and how we should go about taking action.

Activism is the life blood of leftism.

Yes, talking and educating, debating and learning, these are also necessary elements in the class struggle.

But the whiteysphere seems stuck in this mode, addicted to 'information sharing' as the end all be all. I'm doing my part, so the rationale goes.

Uhhh, no.

Meanwhile, the question of 'what to do?' has already been answered by the people who are doing.

What is required are more 'leftists' to get out from behind the safety of our anonymous keyboards and do.

Currently, I'm in Wisconsin visiting my elderly father, and perused this interesting article about the struggles of the poor in a blighted Milwaukee neighborhood and their attempts, aided by community activists, to improve their neighborhood and their lot in life.

The 2900 block of N. 24th St. provides a case study of how hard times and the foreclosure crisis hit the city at street level. The block also gives a look at the hands-on work that's under way to reclaim it one house at a time.

We, of the whiteysphere, are fortunate. Luck of birth has placed us in a zone of relative creature comfort, within a society that rewards us for the colour of our skin.

We are the ones who should connect with those fighting the most elemental struggles by assisting them in ways which are not heavy-handed and intrusive but empowering.

If we wish to honestly call ourselves "leftists."

The Catholic Church, that reviled home of pedophilic priests and gluttonous cardinals, is also an activist organization.

Is there a similar organization on the atheistic left?

Atheism, like blogging, tends to be a demobilising force.

On the morning of the first Saturday of the month, neighbors gather at the Dominican Center, 2470 W. Locust St. Poor weather, holiday weekends - they still come....

The center became a driving force for revitalization under its recently retired co-founder and director, Sister Ann Halloran, a Sinsinawa Dominican nun. Working with various local, state and federal agencies, the center has marshaled an array of resources to assist residents with everything from education to credit counseling, weatherization, lead abatement, safety, foreclosure issues and home repairs.

The city has designated part of the Amani area as a targeted investment neighborhood area to make loans and grants to homeowners for repairs.

The Dominican Center and the N. 24th St. effort attracted the attention of the city officials, who picked the block as a pilot project on how to tackle the foreclosure crisis and breathe new life into struggling streets.

Blogging about problems in the abstract, cutting and pasting, like I am doing here, is bloodless and easy. It costs nothing but a few minutes time.

Taking action against the problems facing less fortunate people in real life, battling the system we revile, takes a whole lot more courage and stamina. Discouragement is rampant. It takes that first step away from the computer, discomforting ourselves a bit to join a gathering of strangers sharing a common purpose. It may mean joining a church group, even, for church groups are often centered on providing assistance to the less fortunate. Imagine that.

Not taking the step is to perpetuate and worsen the status quo of poverty, injustice and despair, no matter how artfully we blog rage.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Plume Anomaly off of Los Angeles Coast Probably Part of a Weather Modification or Military Operation

A mysterious plume was witnesseed last week just off the Los Angeles coast. A television news helicopter videotaped it. The thing went viral, as people were wondering if it was the result of a missile or rocket.

I believe it was the doings of either a weather modification or military test. Climate change is characterised as an issue of national security. If it was the former, they needn't tell we the people what they are doing. As to the latter, only a complete jackass would believe the US Military is democratic and can be trusted.

There's this dude called Patterico. He is an Assistant District Attorney from L.A.. He isn't some crackpot posting at conspiracy freak forums. This is from one of his posts on the topic. He witnessed this event in real time. Please note that I'm not including the links contained within the following excerpt. You can find those through the entry.
I just now saw this comment from DRJ, which is probably the most useful comment I have seen on that weird missile/airplane thing:
Last December, the Russians launched a submarine missile that left a translucent blue contrail, although the Russian missile ended up spiraling out of control. There are photos here if you want to compare them to what you saw. These photos seem most like what you describe.
Indeed, the pictures DRJ links are by far the most similar thing to what I saw the other night. Take a look at this picture:

This is remarkably similar to what I saw. The translucent blue was a darker shade, and its shape was more even. The end of the contrail at the horizon was bright orange and not white. But otherwise, this is remarkably similar to what I saw: an attention-getting blue color on the upper left, that connected to a more conventional-looking contrail to the right at the horizon.

I’m still willing to believe it may have been a plane, but the fact that the pictures I saw so closely resemble a known missile launch gives me pause.

I will say that I don’t accept the theory propounded by Corky Boyd that this was U.S. Airways Flight 808.
Patterico believes the mysterious object was flying in the opposite direction from Flight 808. The trail was not created by a commercial aircraft. If it were, surely air traffic control would have confirmed that. Here's another reason it wasn't the result of a regular guy airplane. I don't think there was enough relative humidity to justify the plume's presence through the laws of physics. One can go to the Wyoming weather station website and check out radiosonde readings. San Diego is a bit over 100 miles from L.A.. That is the closest station. The readings for the day of the event don't show much relative humidity. The RH needs to be in the 60-70% area. It wasn't there.

Now we have news outlets propping up some anonymous blogger named Uncinus. He runs a website called contrail science. He put up some funky trigonometry for his so-called debunking of this LA missile thingie. He claims this was a regular guy contrail.

A few years back this same dude put out a video claiming cirrus aviaticus has been going on for a wicked long time. But when I looked into each example, every single one involved military aircraft.

If you scroll down this thread, you can watch that video created by Contrail Science who used to go by the name Epoxynous. One example he used to "prove" chemtrails are really contrails was from a big brouhaha that took place in Galveston, Texas back in the Fifties. People were in shock, similar to what happened the other day. It turned out those fake clouds had been produced by military aircraft. Commercial ones have strict jet fuel requirements. You need the perfect storm of cold, humidity and dew points to come anywhere near the formation of persistent contrails. What has been going on the last ten years, to repeat, does not correspond to laws of physics.

You can check out the top section of my "chemtrail" forum. That is all about chemtrail science. It shows that this is not some crazy "the world is flat" or science fiction type of kookiness.

The only reason more people aren't aware that this is going on is because it is spinned as cuckoo banana paranoia.

Fake clouds have been produced with barium. That element has purple qualities and is probably what Patterico was looking at. I don't agree with that guy's politics one iota. However, the guy is a honcho in the Californian courts. He's a solid witness. People should take heed of what he reported and ask why did he see what he saw while not on a seesaw.

One reason I don't write too much anymore about "chemtrails" is I think I uncovered all there is to be known about them. I refuse to reinvent the wheel. People like Contrail Science ridicule anyone who doesn't believe all contrails are contrails. In the top section of my forum is more than enough proof to show probable cause that more likely than not, I and not he am on the right side of this debate.

Ok, I'll reinvent a bit of wheel. There is something called T-Tails. They can usually be found on the back of military aircraft. They enable jets to make crazy turns. There aren't many very clear close-ups of aircraft creating cirrus aviaticus. NASA has not videotaped and identified commercial aircraft producing plumes totally altering the troposphere. That shouldn't have been so tough to do, if they really wanted to put this controversy to rest.

I believe some jets have a mechanism attached to the T-Tails which are dispersing weather mitigating plumes. From one recent video I found, I took the following screenshots. These are from different moments. Check out where the trail appears to originate

I have presented this theory before only to be told by debunkers that it's an illusion, that it only seems that the trails are starting from the tails and not the engines.

I don't think so.

Or check out this sequence from a video from a few years back. Watch a jet fly below, through, and then above a "persistent contrail" without any visible emissions.

When internet news reports decided that this recent mystery had been solved, Mr. Contrail Science was the go-to guy.

That's the ticket. Nothing to see here, move along fools is what the proverbial they want you to do.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Parental Kidnapping Wave Tied to Satanic Ritual Abuse, Mind Control Schtick

Thanks go to Canadian Bob for sharing this story. I had never heard of this one. There was a local case concerning Stephen Fagan. He kidnapped his daughters, created a new identity, and told them their mother had died.

Bob provided a link listing the who's who of the "protective parent underground network."

I'm not saying Fagan had anything to do with them, only that his criminal action was the same type organised posses have committed over the years.

Two names popped up that are very familiar, Hal Pepinsky and Ted Gunderson. I only just learned of this today, so this won't be any big time expose. This should be seen more as a starter kit.

At the top of the list is Faye Yager.

Faye Yager has a laugh as she examines the
records of a judge presiding over one of her

If one is inclined to read a bit on her, here is a feature article done by Time Magazine. It goes on for a while, but later on some funky details are revealed. These are of the more information than one may want to know variety. But that's what a lot of this type of nonsense entails wading through to get to the bottom of it. That brings us to her buddy Ted Gunderson.

Today Ted Gunderson's name is synonymous with the phrase cuckoo bananas. However, before he went Colonel Kurtz on us, the man had serious gravitas.

You're an errand boy, sent by grocery clerks, to collect a bill.

As Ted explained, his life changed after he had been hired as an investigator for Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald. Before then he had no idea there was an illuminati which worships Satan.

Unfortunately for MacDonald, he had the poor man's O.J. Simpson explanation. Gunderson somehow got a nutjob named Helena Stoeckly to admit that she and other satanic cultists had been behind the murders of MacDonald's family. However, she denied any involvement when it came time to testify. There was no if the glove doesn't fit, you have to acquit moment of truthiness. The evidence against MacDonald was overwhelming.

Helena Stoeckly

Let's get back to Faye Yager. She and Teddy Gunderson seem to have been more than acquaintances. Though it was a bit of a struggle to find much info on that. One thing both of them certainly shared in common was their propensity to do the rounds on the Trash Talk Television Network.

Geraldo Guest Gets $5 Million
A man who was acquitted in 1986 of molesting his young daughter was awarded more than $5 million in damages for being defamed by members of the audience at Geraldo Rivera's talk show....

Spiegel's attorney, Stephen Haft, said Faye Yeager of Atlanta and Lydia Rayner of Gulfport, Miss., defendants in the 1988 federal slander suit, failed to file answers or appear at Monday's hearing. Haft said his client was a guest on the nationally televised show in 1988 when the defendants--wearing wigs and sunglasses--began berating Spiegel from the audience.

He said the women, who are associated with the national group Mothers Against Raping Children, had previously harassed Spiegel during a speaking engagement in California.
Here are a few choice excerpts from a 1996 Dallas Observer article. That story starts with a recap of a Sally Jesse Raphael trash talk episode starring Yager, but let's jump ahead to further nail down the satanic panic connection.
The campaign trail did little to distract Pat from her real mission: getting her daughter back. Crossing liberal lines, she enlisted the help of the National Organization for Women to picket the Collin County Courthouse. She passed out handbills at the Byron Nelson Golf Tournament accusing Judge White of being financially involved with the Connells. Her court allegations grew decidedly more bizarre. She claimed Pete and Kathy had exploited Alicia through pornography; that Kathy had taught Alicia how to masturbate; that Pete had physically abused Alicia; that the Connells were engaging in satanic rituals. As always, the new allegations were investigated and ruled unfounded or thrown out of court....

Based on information found at the house, Hulsey determined that Faye Yager and the Children of the Underground had aided Pat and Mark in their flight. They were probably being hidden at one of Yager's so-called safe houses: a motel, farm, a back room, anyplace that could offer sanctuary and anonymity while the heat was on.


Hal's been mentioned before on this blog. He even showed up and joined the conversation.

Hal's got a Phd and recently retired from Indiana University as a professor in criminology. I wonder how the folks in his department feel about him today. Are they aware of his deep involvement in spreading kooky, satanic panic beliefs?

Hal's on the Board of Directors for the North American Freedom Foundation. Its founder was none other than Kathleen Sullivan! Part of its mission statement says, "To bring attention to the existence of governmental and non-governmental mind control; slavery; and torture perpetrated in the United States and Canada."

from the Top 10 WTF Moments in Comics.

Courtesy of the wayback machine, here is Hal Pepinsky's letter to the editor of Time Magazine on behalf of Faye Yager. Being a gentleman, a scholar, and not a liar, I'll let Hal have the last word.
Fri, 8 May 1998 11:04:42 -0500 (EST)
harold e. pepinsky (

Faye Yager's husband Howard called me a couple of nights ago to point out the Time story and to ask for some moral support. It seems that the Yagers have recently been subjected to a wave of threats and vandalism. I'm so sorry. At the risk of encouraging people to read a story which I think represents a very distorted caricature of Faye and how she does her work, here is a copy of the response I just e-mailed to the editor at Time.

1412 Nancy St.
Bloomington, IN 47401-6052
May 8, 1998
Time Magazine

To the Editor,

I have known Children of the Underground founder Faye Yager ("Hide and Seek," May 11) and closely followed her work for five years. She has been a guest in my seminar on children's rights and safety nine times since the fall of 1993. I in turn have visited and stayed with her in Atlanta, and reviewed files of evidence which I believe to be the largest and best archives of parental violence against children.

Faye is meticulous about requiring and examining documentation of violence before she helps anyone. I happen to have reviewed the notebook she put together for the case you feature in your cover story, where as I recall the evidence supported a whole series of court orders and an arrest in vain attempts to stop violence and threats to the mother, including in front of the children.

Southern Illinois University sociologist Joel Best has recently published a very careful examination of estimates of intra-familial child abduction, and has concluded that the true annual number of such abductions in the U.S. is closer to 8,000 than to the National Center on Missing and Exploited Children's figure of 350,000. I don't look on Faye as the one who is exaggerating and distorting facts here. She has become one of my most experienced, insightful, reliable teachers about violence against children and how we respond. I join many activists and professionals in honoring Faye's painstaking attempts to show us violence others hide from and deny, and in gratitude for the countless numbers of children she has helped escape horrific, often court-supported, parental violence.


Hal Pepinsky
Professor of Criminal Justice
Indiana University

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Soundless and the Fury by Donkeytale

Are we due another Huey Long?

The Soundless and the Fury
by donkeytale

Much is being made post-midterms of the timidity with which Obama has governed. I agree wholeheartedly. He has shown no balls in governance and has gotten his just reward. There is an art to leading a recalcitrant Democratic congressional coalition and a solidified Republican opposition and Obama must now learn how to manipulate with carrots and sticks. For too long, he has been all carrots all the time.

There is no appeasing the radical right wingers who oppose him. And there are no longer many moderate right wingers, for those few remaining were pushed to the ledge by the tea parties and forced to jump or join in the fascist crazy making in order to retain power.

Obama might as well have allowed the KKK to string him up and handed them a carving knife pointed at his midsection since he has not been inclined to stand up on principle, not once, not even as a nakedly political tactic, to force a showdown with clearly drawn contrast. No, everything has been made as expediently grey as his ashen face on election night.

Obama might as well face facts. He can fight back politically like Clinton or he can go quietly into that darkie night like Jimmy Crater.

There is no longer even a third option, and anyway it will require him to put his huevos on the line, repeatedly, perhaps like only LBJ did before him in recent memory. Don't hold your breath. LBJ was a skilled knife fighter. He knew that winning sometimes required the willingness to die, that the other side must be cut up first, must see their own mortality staining the carpet bright red, before you can begin to reason with them.

Obama's timidity is a mirror of progressive timidity. Let me say it again. Bloggers demanding Obama to do more, to reach farther than we are willing ourselves to risk our own comfortably seated positions are wasting our time and our keystrokes.

This is a representative democracy, whether you endorse the results or not. The elected politicians don't "own" anything that we haven't bought and paid for ourselves. Even if you vote third party every single year you still own the election result just as much as anyone who votes a party line ticket or one who doesn't vote at all.

Pwoggies are not bold. Therefore, our leaders are not bold. You may say, well, I am not a pwoggie, I'm a "leftist" "populist". Ha! You are a "poppycockist". You are not a leftist nor are you a populist, except anonymously on a blog read only by people who already agree with you. A tightening, shrinking circle of agreement, I might add.

Call yourself whatever makes you feel better about that which you "own" no matter how you twist and squirm in denial, no matter how much outraged contortion you achieve in front of your monitor against that corporation and against that banker down the street who own your soul.

As long as that corporation and that bank still stand their ground, we are owned.