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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Football announcer Jim Nantz just made the devil horns.

If the Patriots lose, it'll be my fault as in jinxing it. I usually don't watch this sort of thing. I am about ready to quit following the Boston Celtics, too. I am ready to say fvck this and fvck off in regards to anything related to the medium.

Who do asswip3s from fraternities and freemasonry think they are fooling? It sucks because this is no different from telling a Scientologist that they are a nut job. Freemasons act as if they are not demented. They continue to gaslight society on a monstrous level.

I don't see any smoking gun for Nantz as a mason but he obviously is one to flash the symbol and hold it. I am a primary witness.

A quick search does reveal that Jim Nantz had a very close friendship to ex-CIA  president G.H.W. Bush.

I have come to terms with my mortality and place in the world. I am okay with being very smart in a non-narcissistic way. It is what it is that I was born with tremendous outside the box brain power. Most people would have given up a long time ago. I had the advanced degree in Social Theory and simply called the bluff. I am not Christian. If anything, I am a Zen buddhist who studied the works of Alan Watts first when coming of age and then when he became available on the internet.

I know how fleeting everything is. It is pointless to hold onto any ego. One can be against demented cults such as Freemasonry without being part and parcel of some divide and conquer grouping organised through demented medium loops.

I hate Freemasonry because it is too powerful and crosses the line into our mugs.

I saw Nantz flashing that thing. It was no coincidence. It is some sort of superstition based on previous vows and is very disgusting.

I think he actually gives it away if you watch him on video. He is fixated on his fingers.

You can also catch him doing the one finger point schtick a lot, too. This is the beauty of conspiracy going mainstream. I'm not afraid to let the reader decide. They can watch him and see it for themselves. They can look for it in others. I am not talking about someone acting like it's sex, drugs and rock & roll. I am saying to look for it when it should not be happening. It then becomes apparent making the devil horns is part and parcel of their lives and philosophy.

Someone needn't be Christian to realise how evil Freemasonry and fraternities are.

This is taking no effort at all. I saw him on t.v. and within seconds found him on Youtube fixated on making an M with his hand.

Word is the computer and pornography fvcks with people's minds. It's obvious that Freemasonry and fraternities do the same.

I concede the odds are low Nantz will ever read this post but if he does or any Mason for that matter, they will probably wonder how we are able to see it so clearly.

Those who are not conformists are advancing as thinkers. We are not stupid.

Freemasons are cult members. John Quincy Adams fought against them.

People are so not stupid that Freemasonry numbers are apparently falling. Who in their right mind would want to associate with the elitist pigs who have destroyed the planet?

So to repeat, look for this where it is not meant to be. It doesn't mean much if a rock star is doing it.

What a surprise. Tim Pool is uneducated cointelpro, shill disinfo trash and bald.

When the guy is lying, he starts blinking a lot. The reason why Tim Pool is probably highly unlikely to be seen out in public too much anymore is because he is an obvious cointelpro agent.

They are in a double bind. They want credibility. So a sewer rat such as Tim Pool makes it known he is extremely close to obvious cointelpro actor Cassandra Fairbanks. They are arrogant fvck faces who never imagine that gravitas today is in all likelihood tomorrow's schadenfreude. They are so limited in thinking skills, they think it is a good idea to associate with easily verified snitches working for the so-called deep state. Fairbanks thought it was a good idea to associate with Brandon Darby. These are extremely stupid people. It's how they are outed as disinfo agents. To quote Radiohead, "They do it to themselves."

                                                 freemason trash

They want to build networks now referred to as demented medium loops. Many years ago I called them incestuous relationships. The more things change, the more they stay the same sounds like something Yogi Berra would have said yet true. Conspiracy and the word shill have gone mainstream because they've become too obvious. It used to be one needed a pay stub to identify them be it Hal Turner or Brandon Darby. It has become increasingly easy to figure out who they are by looking at connections. It becomes extremely easy to see with the problem so widespread that one is finally able to break off addiction to the medium. Its hypnotic power over masses of people is not too strong anymore.

The Five Eyes wants to map out all of our online relationships. It can be done in the other direction. Snowden and Assange have made their job more difficult? Since it had become common knowledge how rigged it all is, everyone had to be turned into a shill. If everyone's a shill, no one is. So what we now see are paid fakes fake outing paid fakes.

Cassandra Fairbanks is very close to Brandon Darby. She is also close to Tim Pool. By just looking closely at what Fairbanks and Pool do combined with the fact they are easily associated to Darby, that confirms they are sewer rats. They think "we" are stupid but "they" truly are.

Here's some interesting info on paid fake Tim Pool. He was a high school dropout at age 14. He is basically a jam- just another moron.

At age 14, his parents authorized him to leave school. Together with his brother, they self-taught with books that they received by correspondence...
Pool did not go to college, but he claims to have a number of skills - musician, skateboarder, video player, capable of mounting his own computers. He is unemployed and living off his savings with his brother in Newport, Virginia. His last job, raising funds for an NGO, brought him US $ 33,000 (a modest salary). That's why, when he saw the video, he decided that his time was going to be better spent on Wall Street. "Why am I here? Because something is happening in this place, even if we do not know what it is," he says. "Many people are tired of living in an unfair system."
Right. He was apparently trained as a cointelpro actor in Spy Factory territory, then manufactured gravitas by fake covering the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Tim Pool is the personification of a turd. He is proverbial sewer rat turd scum. For lack of a better phrase, he is a scumturd.

Debate time is over. Internet Cointelpro was exposed over time but it was mostly the Hal Turner thingie followed by Snowden and Assange revelations which confirmed there is nothing left to believe in. The true real criminals are the elites. Everyone should realise this. If people want to lead hollow lives and continue to have their chains yanked, then by all means keep clicking away on arseholes paid to confuse and divide us.

84,000 Terrorists Set France on Fire According to Daily Mail

Every part of society is corrupt to the bone including media. Daily Mail crosses the line each and every day. England is basically a garbage pit no better than our own country. The Guardian provides no relief. They too post nothing but fake news. Both sides produce nothing but fiction on behalf of military and corporations. It's called friendly fascism.

Nothing is salvageable in regards to society. It is run by powerful criminals which includes the so-called Fourth Estate.

Every aspect is trash with humanity apparently too ignorant to change anything for the better.