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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Correction: This is Stolpman

He played a bully on the crime show. He was not the guy from below. I was wrong. I made a similar mistake years ago concerning Maryscott O'Connor of My Left Wing, but I digress.

A video at Youtube has compiled a few clips of him from the small number of roles he got to play.

The point is that there is a little bit of proof out there that he was indeed a fake actor. He was very goofy looking and one-dimensional. It makes one wonder how do some people end up in shows and movies. I don't think this is biased opinion. He should have never gotten any parts. It's called nepotism. Maybe he joined the NSA or CIA out of high school which often includes medium perks.

Maybe I will make a movie titled, Cecil B. DeMented Medium Loops.

I don't remember there having ever been a million nobodies making videos calling this and that clowns and shills. Now they are everywhere.

I would call people disinfo fakes and get laughed at. Now all of a sudden there are all these enlightened bloggers speaking truth to shill?

The word shill is everywhere.

It must be because of what transpired in 2016. The military is attempting to fast forward and jump over the step in which people were woken from medium slumbers. It's the Russians! They did it. They are them. We are moving on as the truther community. That's the spin despite us all ultimately being individuals with existential lives. There's no such thing as community on the internet.

Stolpman doesn't get that many views as neither does Defango. There are a lot of those names and channels that get pushed. Poopy Korn at Twitter tried to get me interested. Even when one can't possibly care less about something, it will still get pushed into one's mug as legit and something to be addressed.

I no longer drop so many links. I am trying to present ideas on the loops rather than promote them.

H.A. Goodman gets hardly any views. Pakman. And those are bigger names and easier to tie in with mainstream internet.

Unirock. I looked into him. Rants of Ryan. These people are nothing. Perhaps I am less than nothing, but I've never claimed otherwise. The bit about stolen destiny was called a schtick. It's not the amateur comic's responsibility to explain all sarcasm if it fools the reader or viewer. The truth is that genius lies within each of us.

There's no chosen one. It is you, me and everything. We are each part and parcel of the universe. It is an extremely confusing time to live in. I feel very sad for everyone. One cliche is we are all in the same boat. I'm trying to brain fvck people in the military. Snowden and Manning redeemed themselves. This could be part of moving the chains. I am trying to think our way out of the big mess after all. I have no other tools. The pen is mightier than the sword? This is typing. This is beyond the beyond for 2018. None of us saw any of this coming!

I was fricken content to be the prescient kook without many pay stubs. Snowden and Assange ruined their plans, blah blah blah. Now none of it is infotaining anymore. The internet was like Woodstock. 2018 is akin to everyone's gone. It's nothing but the garbage and waste whatnot left behind. Or you're at a Rolling Stones concert one moment, the next someone was killed by a Hells Angel.

It's the sheer horror of swallowing a small fly by accident. It's about finally grokking Fred Sandford's, "I'm coming to join you, Elizabeth. It's the big one."

One minute it's funny to make fun of Hillary, the next it's grotesque. The other side is also garbage. I'm also talking the Republicans and how there is nowhere to go.

The best kook point has always been, well, if what's being argued is so ludicrous, why are anon coward conformists tossing around ad hominems and debating what military documents refer to as conspiracy stories?

He who smelt it, dealt it? The doth protest too much schtick trolls itself?

On what planet will the CNN/DNC Red Scare narrative be accepted as quality academic thought?

People aren't stupid.

The Aunt BB person has me thinking there are apparently hundreds if not thousands of paid fakes putting up videos getting small view numbers but the schticks persist. I have heard a new phrase: fake it 'til you make it. That's them.

I'm isolated on this blog, although I never believed in "community" anyway. There's nothing more cringeworthy than that phrase, imho.

I get limited to zero feedback. It's on me to correct errors or limit posting stuff too esoteric. I'm an amateur writer in pursuit of the written form of holy grail. Hope means what it says.

I figure multiply one by hundreds or thousands and then we become some of kind of hidden lurking majority of internet addicts. We eventually disperse into various digressions and niches. I'm into the Boston Celtics. I might start getting into books. It's interesting to chase the big meta picture of internet and life, but perhaps it cannot be forced and we are not meant to sit this much.

I ultimately care mostly about internet life to the extent of my exact participation in its true history. I'm thinking of Kimberlin, Barrett Brown, Fatterico, Aaron Walker, Brynaert, Mandy et al. It was weird and true. I don't think the fvcker was ever adequately investigated and explained. I think I came close. Donkeytale wrote a good one. I remember the title. I think it was Across the Great Divide. Or maybe not. We were examples and also witnesses. And all that meta seems to be vanishing. It's turning into a big cover up. There should have already been major changes in our country, yet somehow the criminals are never arrested. Shite is doubled down and ginned up.

It's a tough balancing act to express oneself while avoiding the gaslight.

It seems to me that everyone calling out shills and disinfo are also shills and disinfo. It's a weird fricken vibe.

They don't seem to merit many page views to substantiate their online presence.

The deep state wants us to skip steps and assume these people are players. There's no need to ask when and how they developed gravitas.

Seriously, why do some get forced on us, say the Defango guy, Unirock and Stolpman, yet others like me are buried? It's not even about me. I'm just saying I'm a witness. It's called an example. It's called confirmed conspiracy that the people who went after Barrett Brown were the same who fvcked with me. My crime had been to cyber sleuth Brett Kimberlin. My observations fit in with others agreeing the internet was not how it seemed.

I could see that Daily Kos versus Fox News/Breitbart did not feel organic. I'm trying to say I won the internet but that it's too difficult to put into words.

An eccentric professor taught us The Iliad. He said neither side was better than the other but were complementary. People need to look at social reality differently than how we are trained to do so through regular guy schooling.

This is a never ending militarised alternate reality game. The problem and solution must start and finish with the Military-Industrial Complex.

Put together a real movement against them. Outing scum like Unirock is pointless. He outs himself. Two thousand views is nothing. These tools get every fake medium advantage in the book and still end up nowhere.

I'm dealing in the realm of ideas and those can't be quantified or boxed in.

Where were all these fvckfaces before 2016?

It's been easy to call everything rigged and fake since then. Where were those guys before then and what do they have for legacy? I was calling out "fake news" before it was even phrased as such.

I am a primary witness that there are tens of thousands at the top of the chain of command for the Military-Industrial Complex who need to be removed from power and arrested for treason and war crimes. It's about figuring out how to get from point A to point B.

I'm funny in that I bow to no one in power. I've moved all the kook chips in on who is to blame for the big mess.


I don't know who this guy is. The above was from a video made in 2010. The account was NWOisBunk. The schtick is some form of very stupid sarcasm in which the person keeps fake admitting to being Mossad, a disinfo shill, etc..

There's nothing funny about any of this. It's been going on for decades now.

Maybe I am punching down. I d.g.a.f.. He owns it.

Here's the link if anyone is interested.

I don't think this guy was ever a disinfo agent. It's called a useful idiot. Maybe he quit once the Snowden documents came out. Perhaps he finally read something real on Cointelpro and could start to see that the believer versus debunker narrative has always been state-sponsored.

This person was a useless participant because it's too easy to pick a fake side. It's much harder to follow nothing from nobody. He was part and parcel of the debunker cult. There's no proof he works for the deep state. There is only evidence he was an anal retentive gaslighter unwittingly doing shadow government dirty work.

Debunkers and insane believers are in actuality two sides of the same overall manufactured herd. One cannot exist without the other.

Russia and the U.S. are the same turd. The small beaten down mind can only think in terms of the right/left fracture point. This guy was suckered into the idealism versus rationalism hot potato.

I'm going to let him off of the socratisation hook. I cleaned up some words and will not punch down. I think he simply got in over his head. In one video, he actually apologised for not being a nicer person when reaching out to the kooks. He's also had some depression issues. No fricken way will I punch down on him. I wanted to. We were all victimised by the state-sponsored "conspiracy story" program as exposed by Snowden documents.

It's impossible to debunk government conspiracy. What about the Podesta emails? We the conspiracy minded could see the primary was rigged. Wikileaks provided the pay stubs.

The above guy has disappeared. I hope he has seen the error of his ways. Proving conspiracy is difficult enough with pay stubs. People tend to neither listen nor care.

Oh, I stumbled across an interesting conspiracy theorist who apparently died suicide by cop. His videos are still up at Youtube while other wackadoos get completely scrubbed. His real name was Michael Cravey. At Youtube, he was "Thomas Brinkley." He was suffering from delusions and eventually snapped.

It's pretty weird. He mentions Steve Pieczenik. It's all pretty much related to everything if you think about it. Jones was basically banned for labeling Sandy Hook as a false flag terror event. This guy above claimed the Batman Colorado story was based on himself. In the comments, he claimed 100% confidence in Pieczenik. I mean, okay, that debunker guy looks better and better over time since he used to go hard after Alex Jones. Just based on Hal Turner and looking at Jones, they seem to operate very similarly. I still think the debunker crossed a line or had blind spots for cointelpro. But, he's off the hook. Now to this guy below... Man, it's like a cover up almost. His story is very similar to many that went viral. I wonder why not his.

I think he was basically driven to insanity by Cointelpro. Or check that. People usually go insane or not based on personal biology. The internet is a brand new powerful dimension and influencer as to how things can play out much worse than they had to.

The Youtuber woman's videos are all gone. She actually had some relevant grievances historically related to modern cyber troubles. The violence obviously can't be condoned. But it should still be understood. It gets odd and arbitrary what gets pulled and what doesn't. Or it's based on how viral the stories go. The no name Cravey guy's stuff remains. There's not much info on him. In contrast, everyone was interested in the Youtube shooter. Her stuff is gone.

It's just sweeping dirt under carpets, imho.

Someone somewhere will someday put together her story proper.

I think I was the second person to use the phrase death by internet. A lot of us saw this coming?

I did find the Willy Loman person had covered Cravey. The few links led to a disinformation racket.

It's claimed his name is Scott Chreigton, but who knows. And who cares. But those are real life disinfo agents, imho. I can't imagine every arsehole having wackadoo issues for plausible deniability.

Tyranny News leads to a disinfo agent named Peter Klein. He is one of those false flag losers. There is such a thing as staged events. We saw it with the weather channel. But those people are scum. Alex Jones was scum for pushing demented staged shootings.

Youtube drove the Iranian woman over the edge. Steve Pieczenik apparently drove Cravey to his death.

The military is the villain. I am warning young people that it is the Military-Industrial Complex which is behind all of the weirdness and decaying life.

AuntBB is buddies with "Scott Creighton." She is still obsessed with StyxenFvckFace. I guess she and I both like to twist around his username.

I was an original cyber sleuth. There's nothing outrageous in my blogging record. I never pushed anything crazy or obviously not true. Creighton claims Julian Assange is a paid fake. That's a deal breaker. So that also means Aunt BB is a real life government agent. She stupidly admitted to it.

I made a video on her. It's on this blog somewhere. I got the audio of Aunt BB claiming to have worked for the NSA for 8 years. I think YT banned me during the same time frame.

This blog doesn't get a lot of views, but I'm getting more than her. I'll take it. I'm trying to get people to recognise and ultimately avoid demented medium loops. They are highly addictive and probably harder to quit than cigarettes. Oh yeah, I am craving tobacco. It's psychological. I haven't had one in close to a week. The reward for smoking one wouldn't be worth the penalty. You can't just have one dorito. For me, it is all or nothing. It's like alcohol or pregnancy.

But the internet? How does one possibly quit this fvcker?

I see possible connections and they seem very interesting and enough so to share. The guy above was deeply invested into the Aurora shooting. He ended up attacking strangers with a hatchet. We're talking a psychotic break.

The Elliot Rodger story has had sticking power. Certain images will never be forgotten.

My last goal in life might be to find a hippie shrink and get to the bottom of everything.

On one hand, sure AuntBB is a nobody getting no views and no one cares. On the other, I captured the audio of her claiming to be NSA for 8 years and the thing about Creighton smearing Assange was originally what got me blood boiling.

I'm speaking to the future. Can anyone out there vindicate some of my theories?

Thanks in advance, fellas.

Or it already feels like I was vindicated and the final enchilada of a gaslight is to get no credit for it or worse, that there is never any real true justice for humanity. What am I missing here? We've been left with nothing more than demented medium loops?

And apparently McLuhan already figured that out over fifty years ago, so wtf is exactly going on? I am serious about what the solution is. Obviously Assange and Snowden deserve their immediate freedoms. People in power in the tens of thousands or whatever the number need to go to prison. The solution is very simple. It has always been there. It is a solution which can only exist in real life. The debunker kid from the beginning of this entry made a very good point or question. What do these conspiracies have to do with in real life?

It's gaslighting 101. They have everything to do with real life but not the way they are perverted for militarised alternate reality games.

This all gets very wordy. It was somehow easier to explain before Snowden and Assange shattered the medium. There is no longer a shared zeitgeist. There is no common area of significance which allows for freedom of speech and association.

It is the laws of physics in themselves. Those responsible for the big mess need to be arrested. A guy like Zuckerberg needs to go to prison, for one example.

I'm just one nobody, but I just wanted to say that yes there are solutions. I don't know how to bring them about. I know what morally should occur. I am positive through my personal academic history that none of this is rocket science. Criminals need to go to prison. The felons who are destroying society and planet are part of a swamp which needs to be drained. All cops who have broken the law must be put in handcuffs. All members of the US Military who have broken the constituion, I mean towards the tops of all this Patriot Act stuff- those folks need to lose their freedom and be imprisoned.

There's your solution. Identify powerful scumbags with hard facts and then figure out how to go from point a to point b. Democracy must be real or none of this is meaningful.

Top people in the Military-Industrial Complex must be held accountable. They are war criminals who need to be arrested. They are demented animals.

I was checking in and don't really care about her. I do fear that my ticker is gonna stop at any moment. But that might just be natural fear for the first couple weeks.

I truly need to figure out how to let go of internet addiction.

There will always be doubts balanced by confidence in terms of schtick legacy.

I suppose deep down I done all right.

BB shouldn't refer to anyone as a "Tranny." That's punching down on Transgenders. She is very weird. I'm glad she is getting nothing for page views.


I've always been awkward with goodbyes.

I can't stop overthinking. BB is obviously a disinfo agent. Scumbag is appropriate for a descriptor. She's a sewer rat paid by the military to post propaganda on Youtube. It sounds like she is located in Virginia.

I wouldn't even have mentioned this, but it's sort of related in a convex hull kind of way. She mimics me calling out fake left. She is tied to the hip of that obvious disinfo creep. And he popped up when trying to figure out "Thomas Brinkley."

I suppose with my health scare, this has been a near death by internet experience.

This is the kind of entry I do not enjoy writing. It's proverbial, mailed-in overthinking.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Open Letter to Eglin Air Force Base and demented Hollywood

For those without the time to read this blog entry, it's basically me saying fvck this and fvck you; not you, you- the people in the title.

I've got ten days to kill before the first Celtics' game.

I'm running out of schtick material. You are some kind of turd. How do you sleep at night?

That's a nice try over at Reddit, but it became clear a long time ago that most avatars are paid fake sock puppets.

Eglin AFB was exposed about five years ago running psyop confidence scams on public message boards. I think that was about the same time Snowden emerged. Dates become blurry.

The laws of physics say Snowden and Assange can't be the only people who will fight for humanity.

There's nothing more disgusting than the military. Even Bill Maher is complaining about military nights.

I think the ptb's are hoping Julian dies soon. It's an absolutely disgusting situation.

People should not fall for paid fake posts anywhere. Like at Reddit they list the page view numbers. I do, too, but it's the inside numbers that show it's all fluff and bloated as in rigged.

Maybe the cointelpro soldiers pay a visit and save some schtick. It doesn't look like long visits. I suppose I can lean on these losers to pad the stats and then eventually I'll stop mentioning them. This place will look very important with millions of satisfied non-paying schtick consumers.

I was gonna blog a bit on Woody Allen and his wife, but Piers Morgan has taken care of that. It's demented medium loops.

The best part of Daily Mail is checking out reactions from the stalked celebrities.

She should change her name to Frumpella or PruneFace might work.

Omg, cover your eyes for the next one. Kendell Jenner is showing off her boobs in public. She's also got on demented Freemasonry pants? The colour scheme is wackadoo.

I remember Opie and Anthony from hosting the radio show on WAAF. There were three cool stations. They were hard rock. I didn't know they went apeshite on the internet. I didn't know that Opie was untalented and Anthony was a racist pig. I think they got fired for a prank on Mayor Menino.

I've been up since 5 a.m..

Why does Kendell Jenner want everyone to see her boobs?

These so-called beautiful women look like trash when they are outside rigged photo shoots.

I'm not a misogynist. Rather, I am attempting to stick up for regular ladies. There's no need to binge, get anoxeric and otherwise develop body image issues when one realises the truth.

It pains me to hear that young people are so sad. I don't blame them. It isn't surprising. Youse young people need to go back to nature and keeping it real. Look at what's going on with Julian Assange. He is never mentioned. It is a total cover up. Reverse the gaslight. It's your only hope. Stop the military crimes. All of the world's problems are their fault. They are breaking oaths to not lie, cheat nor steal. Start arresting them. Tear up the demented CIA into a thousand pieces. Develop a movement to have all state-sponsored criminals arrested. It's the only hope.

All soldiers have the responsibility to break rank and fight back against their superiors who are breaking constitutional law. It's that simple, fellas.

Okay, Nicole Kidman is claiming "I have a strong sexuality. It's a huge part of who I am." They doll her up to look spectacular. Yet, she is clearly nasty gross and full of it in real life. Sorry, but I don't do reboots. This is how Kidman really looks:

She can go fvck herself with all the rest of the fake trash.

Serenity now!

The fvckface wants people to think this is her and not the above:

It looks like she is playing with her thingie.

Young people will need to figure everything out on their own. There will be no help from the medium.

Apologies to Texas for yet again calling ye demented. It's a bad habit.

But anyway, it turns out the Dallas cop has shared racist posts concerning Kaepernick. Was she drunk? Did she deliberately kill that guy and think she could talk her way out of it? We'll never find out because cops are lying sacks of shit with steroids raging through their veins?

Put that wench in with the general population. There is no hot stove, don't touch for the pigs. That's the problem. They have very low iq's. Just saying. They are like teenagers who make the craziest life errors due to immaturity or who the fvck knows. But enough is enough. I can say these things because I'm not a demented cult member operating out of Eglin AFB. Freedom is everything. It's greatness. Soldiers are baby killing turds. People are getting fed up. So keep pushing society, J. Edgar Hoover. Keep doing it, you morons. The blood is on your own hands and not peaceful people like me who are mere messengers.

I guess I'll take a break for heart medication.

I am a young man to have experienced this. Sewer rat Adrian Lamo must be getting revenge on me from the grave. He should really let it go and try harder in the next incarnation... to be a better fricken human being, for crying out loud.

I'm off of smokes now for about five days. The physical addiction is done, finished. The psychological one is the true battle. I heard that the craving lasts three or four minutes. So I just wait it out. I'm done with cigarettes. I could use the savings to buy stamps. However, it's very dangerous to sit in a chair all day. That's another lesson to all of this. Keep the blood moving.

But in conclusion, I'm funny in that I'm not a big fan of demented fake fvckers and their medium loops. Granted, this isn't that good for writing. Sometimes one must feed the blog and continue onward.