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Saturday, October 20, 2018

I'm sort of back.

I continue to recover from the heart attack but not my deteriorating writing skills. As I've finally found the courage to break off from the medium grid, I've lost the will to care about letting it rip on anything and everything. I don't trust audiences nor the state apparatus.

Some comments were left in moderation, but I am wary of letting them through. Someone claims to have real life info on the Reddit Conspiracy moderator but after looking, I see no substance to the claims. Another person leaving comments seems to be the same bloke who inspired me to shut down instant guest posts. He kept referring to dicks and then vaginas. I despise paid fakes and trolls. I don't know who that was. Maybe he is just a socially awkward individual. But this is my fvcking blog with a history. I am not some random chump who needs anything from anybody. I did it my way, as the song went. He wants me to keep avoiding the stress of social media, but to keep blogging on it because it's funny and entertaining. Thanks, but I do not feel comfortable publishing guest comments anymore unless they are relevant or in legitimate good faith in regards to me schtick.

I used to like getting comments. Some of the entries here from way back when had major activity in that old-school part of the internet.

The Celtics are about to start game three against the Knicks.

I have some stuff in rough draft form that I never published. I might be able to mail in that content.

I finally posted something at Reddit Conspiracy. It was mostly copy and paste from my entry here.

The game just finished. The C's barely beat the Knicks. Kanter is good, but they were missing the very tall white guy, their star. It's gonna take some time. I agree with LeBron James that basketball is not as simple as cooking up some instant oatmeal.

Hayward looked good yesterday in the loss to Toronto and then had tonight off. The injured guys from last year including Kyrie have been very rusty. Jaylen Brown has not played well and may be feeling pressure due to how easy the game comes to the younger Tatum.

But I digress. I mailed something in at Reddit and it got a decent response. There is a lot of activity there and if something doesn't gain much interest, it gets lost quickly into the archives.

This is the link and verifies that I am posting there as Tokyo Shemp.

Anderson Cooper is apparently a front man for the CIA and Military-Industrial Complex.

My blogging fastball might be cooked. Just saying.

Getting banned by Twitter and then Youtube royally sucked.

This world is filthy garbage. Everyone knows it. Conspiracy wouldn't have gone mainstream if the dovchebags running everything weren't such demented scum.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Society is doomed as planned.

I am not a big fan of Selena Gomez. She is the latest child star to slip over the edge into madness. Thus to continue after her would be to scapegoat one person for why the world is 100% stinking trash. It would somehow be punching down despite her outrageous success as a fake singer and actress. Selena has apparently earned the mental illness card. She's an omen or symbol of how meaningless the world is. I have become hard-core cynical.

Today is proof that nothing ever changes. There's been a royal wedding. Asia has more to say. We all eventually die, so what? Did Selena get a boob job? That's what it looked like unless she was pushing them upward. Is she sad that Bieber is with the Baldwin chick?

I'd say more but there is no such thing as freedom of speech.

When is something going to be done about the Freemasons? Is Trump telling them and Saudi Arabia to cut it out?

When is something going to be done to fix every institution responsible for the big mess? It must be a conspiracy.

Is there free speech or not?

How is this news?

Et tu, Alyssa Milano loves herself some freemasonry?

Asia Argento- please stfu and go away? No one with credibility hangs out with a rapist years after the allegation.

The Celtics start on Tuesday. Otherwise, I am off the medium grid mostly listening to music. I read some Daily Mail here and there, but not so much as before. It's too stressful. There's still no word on Julian Assange?

I do feel obligated to keep blogging.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

State-Sponsored Reboot Relying On Fatigue

Wanda Sykes was heckled. Some were removed. Others walked out. She just had to get political.

I actually think she is very funny with old-school skills. I love dry as toast deliveries. She could very well be the Black female version of Steven Wright.

Personally I could do without stereotypical political jokes. They fall very flat at this point in herstory. Colbert is a scumbag as is Fox News. There is nowhere to go but for a total boycott of the system as in make them all go bankrupt. Jam this fvcker. Speak as humans and spread true, real knowledge.

My problem with Wanda Sykes is that she worked for the NSA.

Thus, it doesn't matter how clever and funny she may be. She can go to fvcking hell along with anyone else who supports this bullshite system.

Anderson Cooper is the personification of a cvnt. Period. There is no debating it. The only option is to drive CNN into bankruptcy.

There's truly nothing to debate at this point in the earth's ballgame.

Saturday Night Live is demented garbage to not only be ignored but ruined.

Up and down any list are people and companies that can fvck off!

Tons are dead in Indonesia from a tsunami.

I'm just waking up. I had to put comments on moderation again. I demand freedom. I don't debate it.

Lindsay Lohan is in the fake news, but it looks impossible to figure out without wasting a lot of time. She seems to have gone batshite crazy. She is apparently a woman under the influence so to speak. That was a great movie starring Gena Rowlands from before the medium went completely off the rails.

This is clearly a mailed in blog entry.

One of the newspaper stalkers got tired of chasing women and ran down the Juice for his opinion on the Cosby verdict.

It's one thing for me to mail in unpaid blog entries, but what the medium does day in day out is ridiculous.

I actually agree with Simpson. Cosby is too old for prison. That's basically torture.

That's the same medium which smeared Michael Jackson yet did nothing to expose church pedophiles.

2016 is the excuse to no longer g.a.f..

Read some Krishnamurti. Authority in itself is hot steaming garbage.

The O.J. thing to me is funny and weird no different from the Lohan story. There are no more good looks for Hollywood. Put a fork into the system from media to government to corporations to military.

Yesterday was the first day since my health scare that I took no naps. I am gonna recover!

Uhm, I thought the Celtics looked good last night. The lads were rusty but even in that, they created a double digit lead.

There is Golden State and Boston and then everyone else.

Houston looks desperate. That was a bad contract to give to Chris Paul. I know he's great but he is past his prime and looks fragile. That was just too risky.

The Warriors broke the league. Now it is the Celtic's turn starting this year or next.

I think it's this year.

It's obvious. Kyrie was greatness out of the gate. Al Horford had a few hiccups. But that's as good as it gets for a roster. In regards to Irving's personal situation, he must stay injury free and play classic Celtics basketball, then he will get the contract. Nothing is guaranteed. He needs to earn it. But he did show enough last year that he ain't so bad at defense.

He is clearly much better at being a hot shot than with Rondo styled maestro ball distribution.

Stevens is a genius. Danny has luck to the yin-yang. The players are greatness despite what haters say. It is a perfect storm.

Something will eventually have to give- whether Danny makes trades, there are injuries or money restrictions. It is always there for an elephant in the room. One must enjoy each season in itself and ignore the business side. Don't get too attached to anyone. I could see Jaylen Brown traded or not. Anything could happen. The only thing I do know is that the Celtics are not supposed to have this sort of roster. Maybe Danny can't afford Kyrie in the long-term. It is the proverbial it is what it is. Maybe Terry Rozier is the odd guy out. Or Smart. Or everyone stays forever. I don't think Ainge can let Kyrie Irving walk. That's too big of a player to lose for nothing. I guess he's staying. Rozier? Maybe they both can stay. Ainge is a genius but still has work to do. He could keep those three guards. Speculation is pointless. The next game is Sunday.

The contracts are now shorter. Few players stay with one team spanning whole careers. Ainge would be foolish to not be looking for a ten year window. That means Tatum and Brown are most likely the core. I suppose the modern day challenge is Michael Jordan's six titles. That's what Ainge is targeting, imho.

No one knows what will happen. If Isaiah never got hurt, he could still be a Celtic in Kyrie's spot. Irving is younger and taller, so his odds are much better of staying than I.T.'s were.

I am going to limit reading the NBA message boards this year. People are very nasty in general. I noticed tons of people who follow different cities for sports. People can list their teams. Sure, adopt a city if one must, but one is stuck with the teams they were born into. I was born into New England and mostly Massachusetts. I am a pure Boston fan.

Why should I give a fvck about someone who roots for say the Celtics, the Blue Jays, fricken the 49ers and who the fvck knows for college teams.

Pick one city for teams or stfu? I think that should be the law. Rogan had a demented bit. He goes who the fvck or sorry, something like the question how the fvck is that the law. It was some variation on who died and made you king. Then he said, "Waffles, bitch."

Ye can't make this shite up. Lee Camp was going hahah haha, look at the homeless freezing off their butts while poodle dogs wear sweaters. Sure, this is all digression. I admit it. Running out of schtick material means what it says.

Erdogan is getting booed everywhere he goes. That's my scoop. I hate that guy as much as Duterte. I hate Cenk. I'm loving System of a Down. God bless the Armenians and may truth will out, Will Robinson.

Ted Turner has been diagnosed with Lewy body dementia, but I thought that was only verified through autopsies. Anyway, I think H. has that. I based my analysis on neck cheese. Turner seems to have that. It was tough to get evidence compared with Robin Williams. Ted seems to cover his neck quite a bit.

The H. thing was interesting in many ways. The medium had a complete meltdown. "You conspiracy kooks are ruining everything."

She was sick as fvck and everybody knew it. Chris Cuomo is pure, unadulterated 100% cvnt in reference to the European definition.

"They're trying to build a prison."

I wanted to like Wanda Sykes. The NSA part was a deal breaker.