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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Return of Topiary

I find this absolutely baffling. Jake Davis was one of the core members of Anonymous' most successful grouping, LulzSec. He was released in June after serving only 37 days. Meanwhile, Barrett Brown, not a hacker, is facing a possible 100 years in the tank.

You can look at all the sentences for LulzSec. You'd think they got busted for carrying a dime bag in Utah. I don't even know what that means. But I find the sentencing has been very light.

Jake Davis: Freed hacker faces strict tech rules
A convicted hacker who was detained in a young offender institution has been released - but will now face strict limitations on his technology use...

He is forbidden from creating encrypted files, securely wiping any data or deleting his internet history.
That didn't stop him from deleting all of the following tweets.

He deleted another one praising Quinn Norton, which was an extension of his attack on Parmy Olson. Norton's the one who went into an agreement with the FBI to inform on her boyfriend Aaron Swartz. And haha, I think Ron Brynaert is accusing Parmy of plagiarism (link). It's all very odd, imho.

It makes no sense why this guy is back on Twitter.