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Saturday, May 30, 2015

I'm done with Twitter

It's not that I couldn't handle the format. It's simply that Twitter is an extremely shallow medium. It's not that I'm old-fashioned.

Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach.
Those who can't teach join Teach for America.

I'm too lazy to source that famous joke that I co-opted for mailed-in ends.

The point is that those who can write, blog. Those who can't put together more than one idea at a time go to Twitter. I'm going to save what's here so far and go finish up a movie. There's no social movement. That is an illusion. One can watch some movies and the same fake social order will still be there after the final credits.

Okay, I am back but haven't much more to add. I am burned out from writing. I had to go after TFA on Twitter.  It was my fate as a `whistle blower'.

I have to also say never say never. However, I am too lazy to edit the title. Sorry for any confusion. I might be back at Twitter. I might blog here. I just don't know and couldn't care less. Which is good.

My movie channel schtick has never been better. I can live with being a nobody. I tried.

n.b. TFA is a cult and as evil as anything in our society. But I am too tired to blog about it. I am too tired of doing the world's homework.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

British historical VIP paedophile cover-up, the disgrace of a nation.

British Parliament 

Paedophiles in positions of power, who go on to enact their fetishes on young and vulnerable children; how many words could I use to say how I feel about them? Ruthless, callous, evil, calculating? I find any story of child sexual abuse that is proven, abhorrent and a crime that should be punished in the strongest way.

Yes, my feelings are strong on this issue. When I searched the net on issues of punishment, I found this article on how different countries deal with paedophiles.

Around the World – Should Castration be Used Against Sex Offenders?

I go off on a tangent a bit here, but it does beg the question?

But this is not about me. This is the story of alleged paedophiles in the halls of parliament and beyond over decades. The amount of sickening stories about historical, sexual child abuse spanning decades in Britain is staggering! The subject is highly emotive and one I have found difficult to read.

For those of you who have not read about these allegations being investigated by the UK government, they seem to be taking it seriously enough to have opened an inquiry.

These allegations of historical abuse opened originally in 2012 when MP Tom Watson brought up the question of alleged paedophile abuse by members of parliament in the 1980`s. That happened around the same time Jimmy Saville was exposed as a predatory child sex abuser after his death.

Here is a timeline of events up until a few months ago which outlines the current investigations taking place. Whilst these investigations continue, one can only speculate on some of the stories being spread in the news.

Take, for example, a man named Nick who alleges he was raped and abused as a child by high profile politicians. Police are taking these allegations seriously. If you go to this link and scroll down to the second video, you can hear Nick talking about the alleged abuse.

If this is true, then the perpetrators must be brought to justice. I do have to question why this man came forward after all this time. Did he go to the police at the time of the alleged offence? There is no mention of that in the article. One could also question that memories of events in childhood could change over time?

In this article, whistle blower Peter McKelvie states that there is indeed enough evidence to investigate alleged paedophiles in parliament.

While that sounds plausible, there was this rather alarming headline from the tabloid Mirror. They along with something called Exaro News report that a paedophile politician murdered a boy during a depraved sex party. Police are apparently still looking for bodies. I've seen nothing more in the news about this. Consider the source?

Allegations are one thing, but real proof is quite another. When it comes down to something that happened so long ago, does one have to wonder why people are coming forward now? Did the Jimmy Saville child sex abuse news open up the floodgates for these other alleged stories?

I do think one needs to be very careful to not make false allegations. The chance that people could be wrongly accused of an offence as serious as child rape cannot be taken lightly. Take a look at the recent acquittal of Eddie Shar. He was accused of raping a 12-year-old girl. This article mentions him and argues that false allegations may be on the increase. It basically says that not every alleged victim should be believed unless concrete evidence is provided. Nonetheless, I think one should be careful to maintain respect for such individuals, whilst the investigations are taking place. I guess for now I'm sitting on the fence.

Therein lie the difficulties with looking into something that happened over 30 years ago. The days when headlines were in printed newspapers was a very different world than today's internet connected one where all answers seem as close as a search engine.

So I tried to look into the past, and when I started researching stories into suspected paedophiles in parliament, up popped documents which have recently emerged from the then Thatcher government. That's the time frame when some of the alleged offences took place.

Here is a letter written by the late PM Margaret Thatcher, in regards to questions asked in parliament by the late Geoffrey Dickens MP in the 1980`s. He wanted to expose VIP paedophiles and name names.

                         Thatcher ceding decision of whether to talk 
                         with the media concerning Peter Hayman.

That letter is from the archives which were released in January.

Was this not taken seriously enough at the time? This was the government's full written response to the late Geoffrey Dickens MP, the man who had wanted to name alleged paedophiles in parliament and beyond.

Were people in positions of power turning a blind eye to alleged sex abuse?

We see that Geoffrey Dickens only mentioned Sir Peter Hayman in that document, so why was no-one else mentioned from his dossier of names? Why did everything seem to go silent after the government's response? There seem to be more questions than answers here.

However, I did find a newspaper piece dated November 25th, 1981. It apparently contained claims of paedophile sex abuse links to Buckingham Palace and a dossier of names handed over to the then home secretary Leon Brittain. Geoffrey Dickens questioned why when videos of a pornographic nature of boys and obscene letters were found on a bus, that person was not prosecuted. I would love to see that dossier he had and what happened about the Palace link, but I found no evidence of any follow up.

                                     from another tabloid called the Daily Express

Curiouser and curiouser! This next headline was from the Edmonton Journal and also written in 1981. It mentioned Sir Peter Hayman and can be read here.

It was known that a paedophile exchange group openly existed at the time with adults wanting sex with children and wanting it legalised. We are talking about very young children. This is sickening, although apparently not enough to Margaret Thatcher to punish it.

Is there something about politicians, spies, and police how they cover each other`s backs no matter what has been done? Or is that a blanket statement? Things do seem to be going beyond isolated events.

There have been claims that children`s homes were used as supply chains for paedophiles. Former Stroud Young Conservatives Chair Anthony Gilberthorpe claims that he supplied rent boys to entertain top politicians in the 1980`s in exchange for cash.  

One perhaps becomes cynical when surfing the web wherever this story takes us. Take a listen to Tim Fortescue archived from a 1990`s BBC documentary. It is proof that this kind of "protecting one another" happened in government circles.

Decades later, there is cynicism that those alleged VIP paedophiles (some still alive) will be named.

Is there a gagging order in place to protect those still in positions of power, or was the May election fever taking precedence?

What is taking so long then?

Well, I never really expected a reply.

Since starting this research, it has emerged that former politician Lord Janner will not face historical child sex abuse charges due to his dementia. There's been an uproar. Any survivor who wants to know that justice has been done clearly won't see it there?

There have also been rumours that whistle blowers will not be protected, if they come forward with evidence about this inquiry. Indeed, a petition is currently out to ensure the UK government will do so.

Will they be hounded, as a former spy claims she was, or is this just hype, who knows. A respected friend once told me to not always take everything you read at face value. I leave that for the reader to decide.

Macur Review Statement of Andrea Davison

                                           cool story, bro?

It's been three years on since this inquiry began. I am unsure if the truth will finally emerge into what really happened. 

I finish here with two more links. Welcome to the rabbit hole. Exaro news would like us to believe they are leading the way in exposing child sexual abuse and paedophiles in Britain. Barrister Blogger provides a rebuttal.

Friday, May 8, 2015

DonkSoc Autopilot Mission v.3

I got off the phone with Obama at 4:20 a.m.. We basically agreed it was time to roll out volume three of our ambitious astroturf program. We were discussing wingnuts and third party loooosers like Nader who fear us for our freedom, good looks, and off the charts intelligence and compassion.

Mr. President asked what was going on between myself and donkeytale. He mentioned how it was not always easy for the Beatles to co-exist, nor for that matter the cast of the t.v. show Taxi. We both admitted to an awkward appreciation for Andy Kaufman. But I digress.

Barack said that all these things had him thinking about our in-fighting and how it would only end up serving the interests of those wingnuts alluded to above. He said, "I've an idea. Remember when Worthing and Kimberlin played I-Pad keepaway? What if they had never been able to get that close to one another? Would herstory have played out differently?"

We discussed some think tank Uncle Tom whose premise is that both cops and African-Americans need to be separated. John McWhorter believes that there are some bad cops and some bad citizens. What if we could keep them apart? To cut to the chase of this mailed-in entry, myself and Obama came up with a similar idea to help prevent the donksoc autopilot program from disbanding.

                                                           (non-sequitor  photo, like those
                                                           New Yorker cartoons leaving one
                                                           to ask, "Wtf?") ***

This is what we came up with. I will tweet to donkeytale. He can respond on this blog. That way the two of us shan't actually cross paths. If this works, Obama and myself will set up a similar program by which cops and Black men will not come into contact. A lot is riding on DonkSoc v.3. As always, God bless the American people.

*** That's Harold Lloyd giving himself the Johnny Cash through a carnival mirror. That's my screenshot from I think the movie Speedy. One urban myth is that Wayne and Garth stole that which was churned into the we are not worthy, we suck schtick.

developing... for meta news you can count on, this is DFQ2. God bless the audience.