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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Et tu, Dick Gregory?

Multiple sincere sounding Youtubers are claiming Dick Gregory was a disinfo agent. The general argument is that he deliberately acted the clown role. He was the Kanye West of comedy back in the days of Lenny Bruce. But then over decades he became the Black man's Alex Jones into crazy shite making all dissent look too wackadoo.

Malcolm X knew what was going on. He'd have no platform right now but that's besides the point. Harry Belafonte is the last famous guy I recall who spoke truth to medium. He must be up there for age even older than Tommy Heinsohn. God bless them. Harry was the Barbara Streisand of the Black man. He could sing, act and do it all. He told the Democrats that perhaps the party had become unsalvageable. That was way before anyone had heard of Bernie Sanders.

Malcolm X claimed Gregory was put in place to distract Black people. That sounds very plausible. Malcolm X was extremely smart and philosophically he had a very entertaining, cerebral schtick. Gregory had become famous from doing clever man stand up comedy but over the decades was unable to avoid a growing association between his name and the kook label. He seems to have deserved it and perhaps willingly for money. It's sounding like Dick Gregory was an actual tool of the state apparatus.

Was Prince a pure wackadoo? Not everyone can be cointelpro? I don't think so and believe he was eccentric and off-topic.

But Dick Gregory as a paid fake makes perfect sense. Apparently he was a big fan of the shape shifting theory with bad guy humans as reptiles.

That must have been a coincidence just like the Reddit Conspiracy moderator promoting Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told? I don't think so. Those are not coincidences, imho. The demented deep state is scripting and simulating social media. Everyone knows this because it turned out to be true as revealed and verified by authenticated documents we were never meant to see. They are called "conspiracy stories." That's what Dick Gregory and Alex Jones work for. Rogan also works for them. Jim Carrey is cointelpro. As is Kanye West. No one famous is our friend. There is no such thing as a free press. There's only propaganda and psychological operations in play for internet. The truth hurts but it is better to be aware.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Julian Assange is the greatest person to have lived during our lifetimes.


The above is from yesterday. It is clear that the medium is dead and so are Julian's options. They are trying to kill him or he will apparently be in U.S. custody soon via the British police state.

It's absolutely disgusting all courtesy of the Military-Industrial Complex which has shattered the U.S. Constitution and human rights.

Maybe some smarty pants lawyers with integrity will save us.

It looks doubtful. Nothing ever changes. Social reality only gets worse.

There is never any kind of reverse. There is not even a good old fake Church Committee to enable us to go back to sleep.

They are literally attempting to slow kill Julian Assange in real time like tried when Chelsea Manning was arrested. It's outrageous. And there's absolutely nothing we can do about it. Chris Hedges is an outed plagiarist and entertainer, part and parcel of an inept counter culture including Counterpunch. They are fake vents. Jimmy Dore will not save us. All those fvckers do is race around for their own audiences. I saw that Joe Lauria is now chief publisher or wtf for Consortium News. I once spoke to him on the phone for an hour or so. It was during my top of the zeitgeist phase going toe to toe with BK. He was curious about Larisa Alexandrovna but said that as a freelancer, no one was going to pay for him to cover internet convolution.

I specifically remember Joe Lauria for vouching for obvious paid fake Wayne Madsen. It was weird and makes me think he is not the only Joe [Rogan] who probably works for the CIA. Lauria, Hedges and RT America are fake vents. They provide an illusion of democracy and imagery of a somewhat functioning open medium. I go with what Marshall McLuhan said. The medium is the message, period. It's too late for content to matter if it ever did. We've been getting brain fvcked for going on close to 200 years. I can't speak for the days before the modern age but somewhere in the 1800's, the basics of fake life were established.

Assange proved that everything is fake. 2016 is seen as the pivotal end date. Picture that the deep conspiracy was locked away in a glass safe. Julian smashed it open as in forever. Now they/them are admitting Oswald didn't kill him or at least the kill shot came from the front. They want you thinking about the moon. Someday that will be admitted as a hoax. The demented ptb's want reboots, period.

The CIA or wtf are ultimately very stupid. This has to be the most mentally retarded rebooting one could have predicted. There is still zero proof the Russians had anything to do with Wikileaks' Podesta schtick. There is plenty of proof that the right versus left paradigm hoax is the fricken disinfo mother lode. It is based on a duality schtick. They want us to pick sides. America versus Russia is old school for that kind of garbage. But right versus left, liberal versus conservative is the big enchilada for keeping us strapped within a bread and circuses experience.

There is exactly no path out of the big mess via the internet.

Assange currently has minimal rights, continues to get squeezed and remains in limbo. He is smeared everywhere.  He is not allowed on the internet. The people running Wikileaks on Reddit are extremely suspicious. I was finally banned by Reddit Conspiracy. That subreddit is also apparently run by the U.S. military or someone today suggested it is a JTRIG unit out of England.

The generic conspiracist is to be seen as an extremist with most as antisemitic and deniers of the Nazi Holocaust. They lean hard right and love themselves some guns, yet another wedge issue and so-called fracture point.

I had to put comments back on moderation or else they flood this blog with verbal abuse and other distractions.

One suspicious person wanted to post alleged real life info on the conspiracy moderator. I searched and none of it looked true.

That is a username which also moderates the VOAT conspiracy. That is a shared account. Anonymous was taken over by the FBI and that is what's going on with Reddit Conspiracy. Too many coincidences equate to conspiracy, imho. No way are Holocaust deniers going to be dominating the conspiracy board. And those numbers are artificially growing. Mere years ago there was only a few hundred thousand followers. Nothing on that subreddit is organic. It is meant to get at reader and poster data. It's why there are so many open-ended questions or how there are so many links and threads. It is over the top for a waste of time and by design.

Wikileaks Reddit seems to be run by Cassandra Fairbanks. That is a fricken deal breaker. There have been next to no posts or comments from the times I've visited it. I sort of tried Reddit but cointelpro is all over it even the Boston Celtics forum.

The paid fakes are fixated on the word ass. It is cringeworthy. Like a few years back they, them wanted us to say potato. Bacon kept showing up for vocabulary. Bacon is pigs and donut eaters. Remember, I smell bacon? Yup, that's another topic I've always been on the right side of humanity with me whole life. Cops have always been on the wrong side of fake justice. Marijuana should have always been legal.

There is true talent and then there is the rigged internet. Never forget that.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Susan Polk Eligible For Parole

Back in 2010, I wrote the blog entry, "Susan Polk Was Innocent Of Murder." It was a famous case. Two close friends know all about it. I guess it used to be all over Court TV. I learned of it from researching some satanic panic.

Now there's apparently nothing on it. The medium no longer needs to fake a consistency. Eli Polk recently left a few comments on the thread mentioning an upcoming parole hearing.

That video is from the go fund me page. Youtube doesn't let me embed anymore. I was banned from Twitter and Youtube. Recently I tried Reddit and it is also rigged and fake. I'll be blogging a bit on that probably soon. It feels like it's finally time to refeed the blog.

This is my last refuge. This is my little free speech box. I was right about Susan Polk back then and pretty much vindicated on nearly everything blogged.

I hope they let her out. I think the guy who shot Reagan is free or maybe it's the one who killed John Lennon. I'm pretty sure one of those guys was let out. For whatever time Susan Polk may have possibly deserved to pay for punishment, that's long past. Same with Assange. I will pray for both of them.