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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Has Another "Spy Factory" Fake Been Exposed?

It's not kooky to say the spy factory has been all over the net. That's conspiracy fact. It probably picked up exponentially with Sept. 11th mayhem as the major catalyst.

There's this poster who goes by the name of fairleft. He has other aliases such as failreft, fairleast, fakeleft, and fakey. Can we add liberalla to the list?

Maybe I missed it, but I've never heard of the phrase fair left before coming across this strange right woos left blogger. His schtick is to portray himself as leftist. I'm not gonna go into all the examples that prove otherwise. The point of this mailed-in entry is to simply add to the whiteysphere what appears to be damning circumstantial evidence this person is a paid fake.

Let's get right to it. I googled fairleft and stumbled across these posts by liberalla.

She was offering that as a suggestion for the left wing version of Tea Party.

Ok, maybe that was a coincidence. Again, I'd like to know if there is any history to the phrase fair left. I don't think there is. If so, then fine. But for now I doubt it.

Let's move onto the second piece of circumstantial evidence which leads me to believe fairleft and liberalla are the same person.

Fairleft has this annoying habit of using underscores when none are called for. So what are the odds that liberalla also utilises that pitiful writing style? Next to none? I found two examples of that.

And think about the two usernames, fairleft and liberalla. Hmmm. Both have left and liberal contained within them. Another coincidence?

I conclude, imho, they are the same person. Now lookie here.

Hmmm, if Larry Johnson isn't internet cointelpro, then no one is. And there was fairleft, er I mean liberalla, tooting his fake arse. But that's ok. That puts him in company with such "prestigious" fake internet lefties such as Brad Friedman, Larisa Alexandrovna, and countless others.

Maybe fairleft was also in Project Vigilant with Neal Rauhauser and Chet Uber? Maybe he has run with the same crowd as Adrian Lamo? Haha! Fake is as fake does.

So let's see. From looking at fairleft's Amazon account, he appears to teach Japanese in Chicago. That's the ticket.

I've always thought he was a bloke. However, his apparent sockpuppet liberalla is a female from Tucson, Arizona with a tomato crush on Rachel Maddow.

On the surface, they seem to be different people, in regards to issues and whatnot. However, both push ideas that one could argue are attempts to flush out crazies and promote_right_woos_left_memes on left leaning boards.

One can only imagine how many usernames and "blognalities" fairleft is maintaining. One can only imagine which of the spy factory subdivisions pays for his drivel.

I admit the above evidence is circumstantial. But what are the friggen odds? My sincere conclusion is that fairleft is a paid fake.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Copycat Internet Bridge

Donkeytale: Dude, why don't you cease mailing in the rather boring, eesycheep meta punditificating and get back to where you once belonged (5.00 / 1)

Socratise something.

Your audience eegerly awaits the next wave of revelation into the postmodern American psyche of convolution.

Bonus points if its unrelated to Team Numbnutz, Team Breitbart or the usual band of morons at Pffugeecamp.

[projection alert]

I'm starting to miss sucks having to google for examples of fake leftist internet memes when he delivers them so reliably to my inbox...
Here goes. Let's discuss the card game bridge.

Haha, had ye going there for a second.

I'm a big movie fan. However, I am very picky. If the shite's no good, I refuse to watch. Proof of that can be found at my youtube channel.

Just don't blame me, if you watch a dud from the Might Be Good Ones playlist. The operative word is might. It is a one word disclaimer. Otherwise, I dare anyone to find a bad selection anywhere else.

One film I recently viewed from the aforementioned playlist was The Bridge. I tend to be very openminded. I looked forward to it. I was unaware so many people were jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge.

There is something called the hippocratic oath. Doctor's take it swearing that no matter what, they will attempt to do no harm.

I think we should all strive for that in our daily activities. I'm actually feeling a bit queasy writing this post. No way in hell am I gonna add this flick to my playlists. In no way whatsoever do I want to play a role in any suicide attempts. That film kinda sorta gives folks on the edge a do-it-yourself kit.

In a previous entry, DFQ2 proved in its own mind snuff movies are a hoax. While by definition, The Bridge is not a snuff film, one can witness a few people killing themselves. That kinda sorta makes it a relative of the Snuff Family. Shame on them! Kinda sorta.

Ok, if they had chucked in some expert analysis along with strong emphasis on helping anyone in such jeopardy, then fine. That would've probably worked. Instead what we have here is pure exploitation, imho.

We should be able to discuss painful topics such as suicide, racism, inequality, war, etc. without feeling we are walking on eggshells. It is definitely better to face reality than be simpleton sheep. That being blogged, we do have a responsibility to add compassion and empathy alongside facts rather than merely seek out lowest common denominator ratings.

In short, I recommend people avoid this movie. If interested, one should instead read the New Yorker article which inspired its creation. This review by Richard Brody actually sums up that point much better than any mailed in socratisation could.
Eric Steel’s documentary, about the allure of the Golden Gate Bridge to people who are considering suicide, was inspired by “Jumpers,” an article by Tad Friend that appeared in this magazine. Steel centers his film on shots of people jumping from the bridge and hitting the water with terrible force. These images of death are grotesquely, irresistibly fascinating; their poetic, vaguely unreal gracefulness contrasts poignantly with the despair they imply. But Steel does not have the courage of his aggressive voyeurism: the jumpers’ absolute confrontation with the void is mollified by the director’s long, banal interviews with their families, all of whom have touching but utterly unenlightening stories. The two noteworthy interviewees are survivors of suicide attempts, who give voice to thoughts and experiences of a singular dark mystery. But, over all, Steel’s sentimental approach betrays and trivializes what is awful, extraordinary, and profound in the subject.
Anyone contemplating suicide, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. It's confidential. People do care.
Are you in crisis? Please call 1-800-273-TALK or Chat
Not everyone is an internet predator such as Neal Rauhauser who couldn't care less about inflicting emotional distress on others. It makes one wonder if he is trying to drive one or more of his victims to suicide.

Even if that isn't one's intention, cyber bullying has led to that occurring. Tyler Clementi jumped to his death after a roommate streamed his affair with another man.

"Suicide cyber bullying" in Google is currently returning 910,000 hits. What happened to Tyler was unfortunately not an isolated incident.

According to Sameer Hinduja, Ph.D. and Justin W. Patchin, Ph.D. (pdf),

(more at the link)

It's not just kids at risk due to internet cruelty. In recent years much proof has emerged that the spy factory is all over the net. Google Hal Turner who is only the tip of the iceberg. Just a few years back the espousal of the idea of internet fakery used to evoke guffaws of, "Listen to the kooky conspiracy theorist!" Yeah sure, kooky is as kooky does. However, some things eventually can be understood as conspiracy fact.

There used to be an FBI program called cointelpro. It would be the height of naivety to think that sort of thing isn't still going on with the net as one conduit.

Back in the day, the FBI apparently attempted to get Martin Luther King to kill himself. That's how vile the spy factory has been and probably still is. Is Neal Rauhauser on a spy factory payroll? It wouldn't surprise me.

Congress Wants Martin Luther King FBI Files Released

For anyone feeling pain due to such cretins or any other reason, take a deep breath, find your true friends, talk with family, seek counseling, and call that number above. Don't let the bastards wear you down. Keep your chin up. There are good people in this world. As a nobody blogger who's been through this sort of thing, I promise it will get better.

The Internet Sucks

I am not a right wing operative. I am not part of anything to do with Team Breitbart other than that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Some creep at Twitter appears to be trying to get me killed, hurt in some other way, or driven to suicide. I have nothing to do with Anonymous or Occupy Wall Street. I don't even know much about them.

I won't link to that creep who may or may not be internet predator Neal Rauhauser.

I find it hard to believe any serious player in either Anonymous or OWS would believe his obvious bunk. So I'm not too worried. Nonetheless, as an American I have an instilled aversion to injustice. We Yanks may seem obnoxious, insensitive, selfish, and indifferent to injustice, but that's simply not the truth.

As a leftier than thou, of course I am much more aware of social reality than the average bloke or blokette. The thing is, as soon as Americans become aware of greater truths, we tend to eventually do the right thing (hat tip Spike Lee).

What was the question?

Oh yes, even if Rauhauser's Breitbart Cell hoax is obviously some form of stupidity, could there be one nutjob out there who believes it? That is possible. And that's why the FBI needs to get off its ass and arrest him, to send a message that the net is not a wild, wild west; That those who attempt to extort and/or hurt individuals through vicious smear campaigns will be brought to justice.

There was this madman in Europe named Graham Young. He was a serial killer who used his chemistry knowledge to poison family and co-workers. In 1995, a movie based on his story came out. It was titled, The Young Poisoner's Handbook.

That was an unlikely scenario to ensue in copycat styled crime. Unfortunately, it was. A Japanese girl too young to be named was so deranged, she transformed Young into a hero. That part of the story can be learned through this Guardian article.

So while Rauhauser's schtick is obviously retarded, all it would take is one deranged person to buy into it and decide to unilaterally harm anyone alleged by that internet predator and con artist as being involved in some fictitious, criminal, Breitbart mob. Are those affiliated with Andrew Breitbart dogmatic wingnuts? Of course they are. But that doesn't mean they deserve to be put in the line of any potential danger because Neal Rauhauser is a psychopathic liar.

The Bridge, imho, actually presents a much more likely scenario for enabling bodily harm. People do get depressed and contemplate suicide. That movie gives folks way too much information on how to easily end their lives.

As to how the internet keeps reproducing idiocy, folks are encouraged to read donkeytale's current masterpiece in his own mind, Running with the Dogs of Counter-Revolution. Here's the money quote:
The "running dogs of counter-revolutionary Trotsky-fascism" cannot survive in real life and that's why this internet-incubated breed remains strictly an anonymous, online phenomenon.

Lacking in historical perspective, thoroughly reliant on a limited (and fast-shrinking) diet of googled sources which they believe (often wrongly) support their manichean viewpoints, the barking grows louder, but in reality, there is no bite forthcoming.
The internet has basically become nothing more than a vast cultural wasteland of mostly repeated idiocy.

That's how election fraud hoaxes were turned into big piles of donation loot. I saw that going on in real time and blogged on it. I tried doing so at the primary sources but was trolled on, deleted, and then banned for speaking truth to con artists and fake left brownshirts. Thus remaining in place were the yesmen and sockpuppet posts making the ridiculous seem as truth.

Thankfully, Rauhauser's cybercrimes are now seen for the "moon is made out cheese" nature they consist of. Thus, those of us who have been victimised by that sadistic predator are in less danger than we'd otherwise be in. However, when he first came out with his bullshite, he was getting overwhelming support from Daily Kos minions until finally being banned for being such a sadistic jackass.

Sincere people in Anonymous and Occupy Wall Street need to realise that Neal Rauhauser is their enemy. His quest is to use you for his own ends. Savvy folks in those groups are encouraged to help put a stop to Neal Rauhauser's wreaking of havoc. Hopefully soon he will be arrested for his criminal harassment of Mike Stack. I plan on making a second criminal complaint against Neal Rauhauser. The first one seems to have fallen on deaf ears at the FBI. He doesn't know when to stop. What is the FBI waiting for? They should find Neal Rauhauser and arrest him.

In my sincere opinion, Neal Rauhauser belongs in prison. Moving forward, I will do all I can to help see that happens. And this isn't just about Neal Rauhauser. Supertrolls are always pushing the envelope. When they see such a nasty person getting away with cybercrimes in broad daylight, they too get the idea that the net is a wild, wild west.

Rauhauser appears to be either insane, a part of internet cointelpro, or both. If he is an FBI informant, that would explain why he has yet to be apprehended. While patiently waiting for justice to finally take care of him, I'll let my good buddy Johnny Cash have the final word for internet predator Neal Rauhauser.