This blog is dedicated to the memory of David Weintraub, who took on insidious astroturfers and won.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Scumbag British police carrying outrageous weaponry in public don't like to be videotaped.

I've been watching this dude's videos. His name seems to be Sam. He tends to walk around London and explain a lot about its architecture and outside exhibits. He's also very good at showing the extent of the police state presence.

The video can be seen here:

The pig with his back to the camera had walked over to the two other pig losers in order to discuss Sam's filming. It's this guy:

All scumbags in collusion with the demented Big Brother program in any way whatsoever should be identified. Do to them what they do to us?

It looks like Sam was assaulted by the worthless swine towards the end.

Then the least moronic of the pigs realises the kid knows the law and admits he doesn't have to hand over identification. It was similar to the American schtick one tends to see on Youtube.

You know.... I'm thinking of the am I being detained or free to go schtick. Anyway, thankfully there was a pig with an IQ of 110 rather than the neanderthal's stuck at 85 points. The cop realised they were in over their heads and let him go.

        Okay, laddie. Get ye arse moving. This is done.
                  You win. I am off for me donuts.

Paid fake disinfo fvckers are not difficult to identify.

Bhavani Thuraisingham is located in Dallas, Texas. She was in a direct working relationship with the traitors spun as the creators of Google. That's according to this article titled, "How the CIA made Google."

One could spend all awake hours on this sort of thing. This is such and such from here and there. This is a real life disinfo turd, etc..

Jeremy Duns is another one.

I searched for Snowden within the article and he's simply not there. The above is propaganda and a diversion. All medium is dominated by military intelligence middle management. Snowden has indeed made their work much more difficult as claimed by the Nazis. He made Five Eyes/JTRIG famous, imho. Not including Eduardo in any article on the Five Eyes is called card stacking.

Trump is a diversion. At most he will be President for about six or seven more years. What is at stake is the status quo. The scum use phrases such as convex hull. They want each of us to remain within it. To accomplish this, they need the vast majority to believe in rise and shine to the medium. They need people to link to say CNN, Daily Beast, Breitbart, Reddit Conspiracy, articles on Corey Feldman or wtf name the fake fvcking who gives a shite no one believes any of this trash called journalism.

Duns is a fiction writer portrayed as a journalist. He is located in England.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

They want total control and will try to ruin you

It happened to me. It happened to the dude this blog was dedicated.

Things were different back in the day. We were supertrolls.

I feel vindicated and free.

I'm very grateful to all who have stood up for Lenny Bruce calling out fake stories.

The only lineage I see from him to the future was Hicks and Carlin. Talking dirty is not enough. Silverman? Joan Rivers? What Bruce, Hicks and Carlin had were that they were outsiders. They were awake.

It doesn't matter. It's debating Bill Russell versus Wilt. There are too many intangibles. Lenny's book is one's best bet, then articles put together by legitimate sources. Maybe there should be subtitles for his tough accent and delivery. Maybe that would make him easier to grok. The deep state wants people to like Denis Leary or Morgan Freeman. The ads. I am seeing some due to basketball. Taco Bell is creepy with an Illuminati schtick. Freeman is playing Satan? It probably isn't just hippies, bohemians and other sensitive souls anymore saying fvck you/this to the medium.

The next basketball series is against Philadelphia. I'll watch it muted. It's the man's version of lady figure skating. It's quite elegant. Except for the refs and the rigged pro-wrestling shenanigans. I hate the piped in music. Everybody clap your hands? How about some stfu? But I do like hearing the crowd. So I will have to turn the sound back on for that.

But I hate the announcers, too. It's a quadruple negative bind. I think Barkley has already declared Philly as the winner. It's quite boorish how he lets his biases get in the way of reality.

He must have missed my astute insight into how the Celtics' roster is still stacked. They have a coach who dominated college ball. Stevens is exceptional with younger players. The only Celtic I do not trust on the court is Nader. Yabusele was okay for a rookie. Monroe is a wild card. Semi stole his minutes. But now it is onto the next team. To me, it is clearly about which teams stay healthy and continue to peak.

Can the Celtics win it all? Maybe. I think they still have a solid puncher's chance.

What it is means Nathan Stolpman is a proverbial disinfo agent

What it is? It's called schtick theft. Stolpman has co-opted one of Lenny's best lines. I'm dependent on the internet just like anyone else. I hope this is accurate for a quote.
The 'what should be' never did exist, but people keep trying to live up to it. There is no 'what should be,' there is only what is.
If someone were to say, "That's funny as a crutch," most would say wait a second, that's from Happy Days. You just stole a part of Potsie Webber's destiny. It is what it is? Belichick is also a thief!

I stole the above screenshot. I have no clue who made it.


DFQ2's ratings have gone down the toilet since JTRIG got bored with me schtick. So, it's not like a little hoops talk can make it any worse. One cannot get negative page views. Maybe cointelpro shenanigans can flip them backwards, yet now is not the time for digressions.

Giannis Antetokounmpo is a loser. That's the guy who is called the Greek Freak. He is extremely talented, no doubt. Yet he is not a very good outside shooter. He is nowhere transcendent as a player. There is no guarantee he will be a top ten player and dominate the league.

Is this poor sportsmanship on my part? No. After the game said loser claimed that the Bucks are the better team. He should look at the stats. The Bucks had 21 assists and 15 turnovers. Boston had 28 assists and 14 turnovers.

Do the Bucks have better talent? Perhaps. The C's are missing Hayward and Irving, their two top players. Freak is good. Middleton is the truth volume 2- a sort of Paul Pierce as I see it.

Bledsoe is a miserable, overrated player. He had a breakout game of sorts hitting a lot of tough shots. But he is a ball hog just like Marcus Morris. You win some. You lose some with that kind of diva ball. Drew (what's his name?) Bledsoe finished with two assists and four turnovers.

Even with Boston down their two top players, Theis and now Jaylen Brown, the roster is still stacked. Playoffs have always been a lot about attrition. A few Golden State injuries right about now could open things up for the other remaining teams. If not, they remain heavy favourites.

So the Celtics lost Jaylen Brown to a hamstring. The Celtics are a real team. They keep plugging away with next man up. They are team as star. This is precisely why Kyrie wanted to get the fvck away from LeBron. He wanted to be on a real team.

Greak Freak was shut down by a much shorter man named Semi Ojeleye. I'm not trying to bury that franchise, but they don't have much of a future. Freak is extremely overrated and Bledsoe is pretty much worthless. He just had to open his big fat gutter mouth and attack Terry Rozier. Tonight was akin to Muhammad Ali then telling Liston to say his name but without Ali's bitter tongue. Rozier has always been clutch. He is still very young. Smart has the clutch gene. Horford showed that he is a true great player making the most out of his schtick ability.

Rozier ended up with nine assists and only two turnovers to go with 26 points, 6 rebounds, a steal and a block in 36 minutes. I don't know anyone with an ounce of basketball knowledge who would right now trade Rozier for Bledsoe with nothing else involved. The Bucks would have to cough up a lot more to unload big mouth on Boston. We don't want him. He's a fake basketball player. Fat fvcking overrated diva assholes are a dime a dozen. Winners are rare.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Containment Control for a Social Network with Police-State Connectivity

I was unable to locate a picture of Eduardo L. Pasiliao Jr..

Everyone in military intelligence is scum.

Every single person working for military intelligence in any capacity is 100% garbage. It's great to not be them! They can fvck off with their convoluted convex hull. They are apparently winning fake awards while padding Reddit stats. They are in a double bind. They want to be respected and revered, yet when they are basically Hoover's vision of cointelpro on steroids, they are nothing but treasonous fvckfaces. They suck. They are traitors.

It's not my fault these people are demented.

                     (click on image for easier viewing)

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Joy Reid is cointelpro, period.

No one talks the trash she does without being a colleague of Hal Turner. She is merely a much classier version of the classic proverbial rat snitch.

No one but cointelpro would pile on lie after lie when busted on schtuff. Is the Library of Congress controlled by comrade Putin, too?

Joan Walsh is a disinfo turd. Omg, how everything is rigged and fake by scumbags, turds and garbage.

It's a good diversion. It's old-school schadenfreude with the fake Kos Kops all backing her up. Fricken tons of losers are saying I'm gay and love meself some Joy Reid. Not me. Not that there's anything wrong with that, being gay. It's the schtick theft. It's the stealing of destinies.

It's game six in the final minutes. I'm expecting the refs to decide it for Milwaukee.

The C's are down six or so with about five minutes left. The league will want a game seven. They are allowing the Bucks to commit fouls. I guess I'll add to this in the comment section.

The refs won't cheat if they don't have to.

Morris is too much of a ball hog.

Thon Maker is a dirty player.

The nasty French broad was his school teacher.

Height-wise the above makes sense for hanky-panky purposes. The bodies line up. Eye to eye level can be romantic. But the ages do not align. The French political leadership family resembles Harold and Maude.

Yup, Trump and Melania are also a fake couple. Don grabbed himself some exotic [redacted] through money and fame. Otherwise, he was looking at decades of involuntary celibacy.

Sorry for the interruption. I had to get up and close a blind. The gangstalkers like to stare at me. It's flattering, but I've got meself a blog entry to produce.

                                                 "I love my mommy."

The Daily Beast has suspended Joy Reid. Yeah, we're moving on. The thingie is that the D.B. is forever boycotted garbage. Chelsea Clinton is on their board or something. They were part and parcel of the rigging of the election for H. which fricken failed anyway. They are twisted garbage to be ignored. I think it's ridiculous they didn't just fire the disinfo fvckface. No, there is to be an investigation. A little slap on the wrist until things cool down is not significant. Firing her at any future point will be too little, too late. They are all discredited garbage. This is why no one should be following the medium. It is pointless. It's what they or them want us to do in order to simulate the zeitgeist.

Further proof is emerging that Joy Reid is cointelpro. She claims the FBI has been investigating the hoax hack. The FBI invented cointelpro or took it to new levels under fruitcake J. Edgar Hoover who should have been [redacted]. That would have made for some great history. Someone fvcking with humanity's hot stove to the extent he or them did merited some [redacted].

The problem with Reid's hack nonsense is that some of her old tweets have also bubbled back to the surface. She hates herself some gay people. It's called divide and conquer. I told everyone cointelpro was all over the internet everywhere, but few believed me. Then came Hal Turner, Snowden and honourable greatness Julian Assange. The toothpaste is out of the tube. The British monarchy has Nazi blood. The NBA is rigged. And those are only a few examples of how everything is fake, stupid and sucks.

A head's up for the deluded who think they are being gangstalked

You have baggage and ended up believing some of the most ridiculous shite ever circulated on the internet. Such materials are produced by Cointelpro and the useful idiots who disperse it. You need to find a good shrink. You see, there is something called public space. If you go outside or just about anywhere, there are going to be people. People are people. You are a chump.

Paid fakes are everywhere. It is quite ridiculous.

There's no such thing as targeted individuals. It's called a conspiracy story.  Michael Trimm is a paid fake. They are everywhere. If that Horton lady is really a doctor, she must have gotten caught doing something illegal and this is the deal she has made.

There are definitely insane losers such as Roseanne who do not work for cointelpro but believe a lot of the crap military intelligence puts out there.

The U.S. military is 100% garbage.

                                                         disinfo turd

Here's Myron May, a famous story. He said there are a lot of videos which sound very similar. Mentally ill people are easily manipulated by cointelpro. The U.S. Military is breaking constitutional law. The spy factory is manipulating reality. They are creating terror and psychosis through the junk exposed by Snowden documents.

The military is insane.

Cointelpro tells you that they are anti-cointelpro.

This one above has been going on for a very long time. The interviewer and the Barbara Hartwell lady are cointelpro actors. Hartwell was hailed as some goofy alternative to Ted Gunderson.

I had never heard of Ramola D.. She can obviously be tossed into the disinfo batch along with anyone associated with her fake internet show. I don't even have to research these frauds. Geral Sosbee? Come on. It's all obviously fake and mirrors what the Snowden documents revealed. The Five Eyes calls them conspiracy stories. I live in reality.

Part of the demented paid fake schtick is to speak for the anti-cointelpro side. Then they spoil it. Military intelligence is treasonous dogshit.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Joy Reid doesn't suck because she is Black.

Cointelpro comes in all colours.

We the people are chumps.

Those who have broken the constitution with illegal spying and cointelpro need to go to prison. We are talking in the tens of thousands at a minimum. That seems unlikely. The main idea is for the constitution to actually mean what it says.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Oh my, that's outrageous. The Nazis who control England have found a man guilty of a hate crime for teaching his dog to give the Nazi salute.

He was just making a joke, fellas. It wasn't funny, yet wtf is going on with free speech? That type of shite would never happen here in the U.S.. Cointelpro would go out of business.

What I find even more interesting is how the British monarchy loved themselves some Nazis. That is covered up history but 100% verified.

Queen Elizabeth II was raised to be a Nazi.

They changed their name to Windsor to cover up the Nazi blood.

I told you so about Joy Reid and many others. It's called cointelpro.

The loser bitch above made homophobic comments on her blog ten years ago.

She already apologised for it. Nonetheless, a new batch has made its way into the public sphere and she claims that was hackers. A person at Twitter apparently used my methodology to expose her. It's called socratisation. One tool used is the wayback machine. However, there is also something called the robots.txt block or scrub brush. Yet, that's too little, too late. Hiding the junk only makes her look more guilty.

I'm checking around. There's not much more than provided above.

The article above calls the kid who posted the new screenshots an internet sleuth. That's what I was. My influence is everywhere. Thus all scoops become mine. I am driving the bus forever. There are forever stamps. I am the forever trollbuster of state-sponsored convolution. Both neocons and neoliberals can kiss me arse. None of this big brother medium shite fools me!

My screenshot archive is a mess, yet I've found a few.

Joy Reid is disinfo scum.

Let's make schadenfreude great again! #MSGA #fvckthis&fvckyou #I'mdone,done

Of course the NBA is rigged.

There's nothing better than the eye test. It isn't always right, yet more so than anything else. It's called the star system. Every franchise must be given hope. Milwaukee is a bad team. It only has two good players. Middleton is probably ready to be a top cog on a title team. The Greek Freak is more ego and hype than truth. Thon Maker has looked incredible but the sample size is too small.

Boston is missing a lot of top players. They still won easily at home and almost stole the last game. The league hasn't had to rig much so far. I imagine if this series is rigged, it will be for Boston. They are going to be a force next year. The league likes an underdog. Marcus Smart will be back soon and then the Bucks cannot beat Boston, period.

Smart can play point guard and defense. He's been greatly missed. There's been undue pressure put on Rozier and Larkin. Same with Tatum. Brown is ready and that's been a good sign. Horford is getting his chance to create a legacy if he can push this team far.

It's sad that the NBA has been so corrupt. It's unnecessary. The game in itself is good. The people who run it are scum.

Monday, April 23, 2018

This guy figured it out.

He ain't no Erich Fromm and has the unfortunate name of Jerry Mander, yet the dude completely groks social reality.

T.V. is garbage and dangerous. We are in an unfair fight with power. Capitalism is unsustainable due to the need for cheap energy. He got business degrees and went into advertising. I see that he then went on to work his schtick for non-profits. He is extremely interested in the medium's dominance of social reality.

You won't learn shite by going to internet websites. You will only be reading crap created and/or manipulated by military intelligence. The ptb's truly wish for the internet to become the new television. I am not talking about youtube t.v.. They want to maintain the facade that we live in a free world including medium.

Rat snitch disinfo garbage Nathan Stolpman likes to film people just like Brandon Darby

This guy works for the FBI, CIA or who the fvck knows, but it is something like that. It's called cointelpro. Just remember that he will be surrounded by other sewer rats and it's called entrapment.

The U.S. Military is creating fake famous people

This is bizarre. I've noticed this before and tweeted on it. A lot of disinfo agents get their own imdb pages. There's a guy called lifting the veil who I once blogged on and concluded he was a cointelpro agent. Tonight somehow I found his apparent name. It seems to be Nathan Stolpman.

I've found one video in which he seems to have started out as a young actor. Someone played the younger version of a John Mulch from the detective show starring Richard Belzer.

Was this really him?

He has only a few other credits. His last movie he starred in. It was low budget. It has only ten votes with no reviews. I can't find it anywhere. Assuming it's him, he is just another Ian Kerner styled sellout, someone who aspired to make it in New York or Hollywood yet didn't have any talent to achieve the goal.

Losers getting t.v. shows is extremely fishy.

The flat earth and potato woman must also be cointelpro. I knew quickly that "George Webb" and "Defango" were cointelpro after a Pappy Korn tried to steer me towards that part of the convex hull. Korn is a paid disinfo fvck face, too.

I doubt there are any real people participating in whatever the fvck all those youtube losers are on about. Montagraph. There's the Potter polygamist. I see a Denise Matteau (sp?) who trolled me years ago is involved in the mess. So who finds any of that interesting or actually follows it? It's called cointelpro writers working out of Eglin Air Force Base to name one location.

They are all demented fvck sticks who can go to hell.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

All of reddit conspiracy is paid fake garbage

That's from a moderator. There was something called the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory which I actually studied. The piece of trash above is a moderator who obviously works for military intelligence. All of Reddit is controlled and manipulated. There is nothing within the thread having anything to do with critical theory and I refuse to link to it. "CelineHagbard" is a twisted, demented piece of shit and the proverbial paid fake. The internet is clearly whac-a-mole indeed. They can all go to hell and should be ignored.

You lie, cheat and steal

Allison Mack blocked me on Twitter, as did Kevin Spacey. It felt great to tell each of them they were dog shit. Is it dogshit or two words? I guess it doesn't matter. I'll file that under digression.

There's no better feeling to me than to let someone know that they suck and are stupid. Tapper blocked me. I think Hannity blocked, then unblocked. It was mysterious.

Tons of visits were made on this blog a couple months ago. The ptb's are interested in everything, including random nobodies. They are concerned about the convex hull or whatnot. I learned that in a previous entry. They manufacture the social media leadership, then all participants are monitored and made sure to remain within the hull!

I got some fake stamps in the mail. They are called cancelled-to-order or c.t.o..

They were mostly real stamps but were leftovers or deliberately produced to sell cheap to dealers to then rip off collectors. They are easy to tell. They still have the gum and some mickey mouse corner cancellation. Avoid them at all costs. There are some valuable ones, yet they are very rare.

I saw one seller on stampworld describe himself as having no interest in variants and that's that. Talk about a scumbag. There can be sunken costs. Gratefully not much was spent on the fake collector crap and I can move on. I have some good stamps. So I went to see what one of them is priced at. One guy was selling it for $1,200. But I know for a fact he didn't have the right stamp. Disgusting morons are basically attempting fraud felonies. And another thing. I am assuming that nearly every stamp is worth about 50% of catalogue values. That transcends condition. I am talking mere percentage in theory. If the stamp has flaws, one will need to lower the value much further. Stamps became a bubble run by con artists.

I've admitted to not knowing the endgame part of this as in personally selling a collection. Most of what I see from checking out forums and commentary is that they suck and are stupid. It's blowhards talking down to people. Here is what I see as solutions. All postal services and stamp dealers are to be seen as the enemy. They are leeches. They want something for doing nothing. They have ripped off countless people over decades to accumulate massive inventories.

Any big name stamp institution is garbage. I won't name them because they are all complicit. Carlin cliches keep popping into me noggin. Something about a tent or (I need new words for wtf, whatnot and something), and you're not in it.

This I believe: A damaged $100 stamp is probably worth about $5.

That $1200 stamp sells for about $500-$700 by reputable dealers, not the full catologue price some loser is asking and it's not even the stamp.

That one I imagine is worth a few hundred to myself. It can't be worth nothing. That's what scumbag stamp dealers want folks to think. They have a blah, blah blah for everything. Your stamps suck. You suck. I'll give you $10. Them, not me.

Yeah, stamps are not some make it rich scheme after all.

I think that's where the fun is. 99.99% of all silver dimes have probably been found. Coins are gross anyway. Stamps provide some culture and history. They condemn all countries as scum. There isn't one government on the planet which is truly legitimate. That everything is rigged and fake means precisely what the words dictate.

The fun is in the hunt. I think I'll probably focus on finding stamps still on the envelopes. That way one doesn't have to worry about any fake stamp shenanigans. Be careful too where you get your stamps. If it's a legit dealer, then fine, but if the geography is dangerous to stamps, be very wary. Hot, humid weather destroys stamps, period. Beware of scum selling crap. I've had a few deals that were proverbial weak tomato soup. The people selling the crap will have miserable ends due to their lack of character. It's back to physics or karma. Dignity and integrity is everything.

Capitalism is garbage. That couldn't be more obvious.

Thankfully some people are good. There aren't many, but it's not like there is no one decent. I've gotten many more better deals than the ripoffs. Knock on wood.

It's just life. You win some. You lose some.

Stamp collecting is still a million times better than following social media or watching fake entertainment. I haven't seen ads in years the way they were everywhere in life. The remote button was a good invention. Cable t.v. seemed novel. They actually used to play real videos with music. There was no reality crap. Those came from the afternoon gutter talk shows.

It seemed the channels were in cahoots because no matter which channel one turned to as to avoid watching ads, the alternatives would also be airing capitalist pig swine instead of regular cruddy t.v.. It felt that way, anyway.

It's 1:15 a.m.. I am a night owl. I am in-between having stamps. So I've retreated to the blog. It's like you have to shut off the medium in order to deprogram oneself. That was the point. And it can be done. I am watching nothing. I did see the Celtics win a couple games then got routed. There is another one in maybe just twelve hours. So I will have to go to bed soon. But that's it. I'll be watching a screen for a rare couple hours. I don't miss old movies. I don't miss anything, not even Alan Watts.

I miss stamps. It's the hunt. It's the satisfaction of taking the stamp off the envelope and preserving it. And the thingies apparently have some value.

I guess some Tool would hit the spot about now.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Stamps Explained for Morons

No one likes a smug stamp know-it-all. The title was mere click bait. But as a public service, I am going to reveal all. I'm sorry if you are a moron and took offense. It's just about stamps.

They have been a blessing to meself. They have enabled me to quit the fvcking rigged internet social structure. It's like trying to quit smoking. Some think it is an oral fixation or wtf. So it's said try some chewing gum or mints. Go sugar free. But this is about stamps. It's like the snot analogy of how the stuff goes from one finger to the next but never off the body, or earworms.

Stamps are my chewing gum.

I am a self-learned stamps genius. I honed the craft over the last year. It's basically about a ton of little tasks. Each stamp you identify and collect is akin to an ant moving a bit of leaf. Those ants can get a lot done. Once one gets over the learning curve, it becomes easier than eating a cupcake.

I finally put together my masterpiece. It is one big album using the sheets that require no hinges. That stuff is crap. You need to get a perforation gauge, a magnifier, the stamp tweezers and stamps. You can get wax envelopes to use for sorting. I got myself some non-acidic stock paper which comes in handy for placing stamps on for observation.

I won't share every detail. Use crap stamps at first when learning the craft. This is common sense 101. It's time to get down to brass tacks and reveal my secret. What stamps you end up with is fate. There's really no discussion there. But it is on each of us to know how to quickly and accurately identify stamps and without damaging them. If they are common stamps, then fvck them. Catalogue values are bogus. I better start a new paragraph.

Values have dropped dramatically. Stamps are looked at as stupid and for losers. Well, when I end up cashing them in for wtf, I'll be getting the last laugh.

I hate common stamps. They are worthless, period. I haven't sold any stamps yet and will eventually have to figure out the endgame. I'll be upfront with that bit. Yet, I am pretty good at identifying them. Collecting stamps is pointless unless one can both identify and present them. You basically need to know what you got and make it easy for the buyer.

You'll also need watermark fluid with the tray. Common sense. Here's the big secret. Two websites pretty much explain most of the info needed. makes it very easy to identify stamps. I think the biggest reason stamps have not been as popular as they could be for a pastime is because of variants. If one cannot figure out the stamps, where is the fun in that?

Colnect tells you the variants. I also like the drop down boxes. You can zero in on years and face values. There is a lot of scrolling involved. It does sort of feel like clerical drudgery at times. Settle down, Francis. It's a hobby with a bit of financial perks.

I then use because they give catalogue values for every stamp. I look at common stamps as being in three tiers. 12c stamps are not worth 12 cents. We need to be realistic. Stamps aren't given zero value. They get the ten cents or whatever for the shites and brilliant crack. The second low tier jumps up to 30c in value. Yeehaw? Whatever. Common is as common does. Now put those together in a plate block and maybe we can buy a candy bar.

I collect stamps that are worth 50c or greater. I don't fvck around. I keep those because I figure there are two tiers of loser stamps below them. The basement needs to start somewhere.

I wouldn't be doing this without the computer. Fvck leafing through bulky catalogues like the old-school days.

Make an album and create an inventory list to go with it. That's about it.

Unleash all stamp knowledge. Do not buy from any big stamp company such as [redacted]. Do not let older relatives get ripped off. They are a primary target.

Those two websites above get it done for me. If colnect says there are no variants, the ballgame is over. There is no need to check the perforations, watermarks, colours or whatnot. Stampworld let's me then see the stamp's relative value.

Catawiki is awful. What a mess and the prices seem way off. Stampworld seems accurate. They don't seem to fvck around. Now what that means in reality is something different. The higher the value of the stamp, the greater the value is, if that makes sense. You can't put lipstick on a pig. A gorgeous, fantastic common stamp is still stupid and sucks. But the better the stamp, the more accurate the catalogue placement. Yet, the junk is still only worth as much as someone will pay for it. And blah, blah blah.

I think stamps are fun. I like getting big mysterious lots that are packed with quality from old-school collectors probably no longer with us. That's how I found most of my great junk. Stamp dealers wanted to unload junk. They had too much junk. Is this Carlin? Didn't he always talk about stuff? I'm done. That's it. I said what needed to be said about stamps.

Monday, April 16, 2018

I am not at liberty to say what is needed to be said.

                                             personification of scum

People cannot say what truly needs to happen or they will be placed in prison. I have made the decision to never again participate in social media. I will or won't write when I feel like it and it will have nothing to do with connections, community or name the bullshit lie.

So much violence is pointless. The Youtube shooter had no clue about an endgame. She didn't think it through. It's probably why she was the only person who died. She ultimately didn't want to kill anyone. She had simply gotten fed up with the criminals running the planet. She had lost her page clicks and revenue. It was typical workplace violence on the surface in which someone gets fired and desires someone or a group to pay the bill. However, everyone now knows that Youtube/Google is part and parcel of illegal surveillance, censorship and entrapment. So there's a little bit of this and that for overall context.

I am very happy that Breitbart and Lamo are dead. But this is non-partisan philosophy. I no longer fall for scripted divide and conquer which is everything and everywhere if one merely opens up one's eyes.

I have been waiting and waiting for the day to hear that Hillary Clinton has also died and of course from natural causes. I would never threaten someone's life. Words are ultimately just words.

I love hearing of exposed [redacted] cointelpro agents. I neither forget nor forgive deal breakers.

While losers continue to rise and shine to mickey mouse media nonsense, I set my own schedule. I do my own thing. I don't give a fvck about corrupt evil, omnipresent powerful people and their useful idiots. I'm just simply not violent like the youtube shooter woman.

The scum ruining this country and world are to be found within the military-industrial complex. Everyone knows this or should.

Here is the basic trend. The numbers are dropping for folks clicking links. Deep down no one wants to lead a fake life. The social structure has been 100% constructed for a hidden agenda of total control. So, instead of communicating with JTRIG/FBI scum, I'd rather ignore it all and merely dream of their demise.

Quit the medium. Don't be that loser. The ptb's do not fool me anymore. If I [redacted], there'd be no more of the spy shenanigans and shitting on concepts such as human rights and true freedom. I cannot emphasise enough that I am completely non-violent. I would nonetheless like [redacted]. There is no hot stove, don't touch in place. What if [redacted]? It would have nothing to do with me. These are just thoughts. But police are a huge problem. The military and FBI are a gigantic problem. These are modern day Hitlers adept at playing the banality of evil game.

The list is very long [redacted]. That is why I have quit the medium and keep harping on how non-violent I am. Society as structured sucks and is pointless. Or rather, my main point is that anyone still participating in the medium or taking it seriously is a chump, period.

Everyone involved in cointelpro should [redacted]. That's my opinion. I can't help how I feel based on social reality.

Yes, it was great that [redacted].

Malcolm X said something about the [redacted]. Well, there is no such thing as free and fair elections, so the non-violent are left with nowhere to go. There is no such thing as a free and fair internet. All of so-called society is a disgusting shamboozle.

There will probably be a day when all critical blogs are deleted by government power. They've already fake cleaned out every mainstream website in the guise of the breaking of terms of service ruse.
Those are private outlets. They can do whatever they like. The DNC is also a private group. They could have nominated George Clooney if they had desired. This is the best fvcking country anywhere. Move to China if ye don't like it.
I noticed some pretty fucked up gaslighting last night. There is a Twitter account called woke hoover or wtf. It purports to be against cointelpro. But it is really just more same old, same old nonsense. Search engines no longer work. The evil fvck faces want the internet to be no different from the t.v.. They want us to become mere parts of their simulated zeitgeist screen; hat tip to McLuhan.

I said people were quitting the internet. I've seen articles claiming that 60-70% of the web is fake traffic. Of course, the military and its spy factory is never mentioned. Oh no, they couldn't be involved, ya kook. That's meself talking for them, not actually moi. I am still developing a writing strategy.

I say enough is enough.

I've been vindicated. I was correct the whole way. It took me close to ten years to finally grok this big picture which had been initially only intuited. It took a rigged election exposed by Wikileaks to break my camel's back. It has never been clearer that the system cannot be changed from within.

Power in itself can fvck off and die. The conspiracy is right in front of our mugs each fricken day. It is everywhere. There is no escape from it. The way it is never gets better within itself. As C. Wright Mills explained, conspiracies are to be found in the institutions.

The scum steering the bus are mortal just like anyone else. The trashy fvckfaces are simply rotated every generation with fake fresh blood. Ask a Mason. Things have always been bad by design and will only get worse. So why even bother? The best revenge is happiness. Let the system rot without any regular guy participation. That is my final answer, Regis.

Update: I truly did redact some stuff.  This was originally written three days ago. I published it for a little while, then decided to chuck it back into draft form. Today is April 19th. Blogger is retaining the original date.

I've been very busy lately working on me stamps, yet every once in a while I still get the writing bug. I basically want everyone to understand that the game is rigged, free speech is a myth and also that there is zero freedom of association, as in zilch or nada.

James Comey is admitting there is a deep state. He claims it is the good guy kind of big brother. He is 100% scum who should be thrown in prison. That I will not redact.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

A substantial cointelpro unit operating out of the Eglin Air Force Base in Florida has been exposed.

This is quite humorous. Paid fakes have been proven to be operating from the Eglin Air Force base. This is not my scoop nor new news. I am going to pound out this entry as I'd truly rather be working on stamps.

This current thread at Reddit only has ten comments:

It's true.

Eglin Air Force Base is apparently the most addicted small U.S. city according to Reddit.

If the story ended there, then that wouldn't be enough proof. However, someone dropped a very revealing comment which explained everything.

The paper backed by Eglin AFB can be read via a repository named arXiv. It's quite demented.

It's pretty weird for the most part with a lot of mathematical formulas pushed as tools for herding and simulating outcomes.

Thankfully they speak some English by the end.

The conclusion is riotous.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

The Demented Military

This will be brief. I'd rather be working on stamps. During my lunch break I ran across the story that the Military-Industrial Complex is now open about their psychological operations on American citizens.

The big page view hits to this blog were from them and allied countries. I guessed that. Now we see how it's been verified.

The above tweet falls in line with the conspiracy story program I've been ranting on for years. They don't hide anything anymore. This is blatantly unconstitutional, creepy, immoral and nightmarish.

The comments in the tabloid rag were written by them. They want people to think in terms of republicans and democrats. I quit all of the garbage. I truly no longer care.

Conspiracy Stories

Simulate actions/outcomes

divide and conquer