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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Surveillance Camera Man did something that's referred to as Ethnomethodology.

I only know the word from taking Sociology 101. Ethnomethodology is basically a specific type of sociological field study in which numb nutted students and fake scholars troll folks and study the reactions.

Based on this link to LiveLeak, Surveillance Camera Man started posting on June 25, 2013. Edward Snowden had about a month previously fled to Hong Kong. Documents started being revealed in early June.

Today is the last day of February for 2019. Time flies. Apparently our brains are still developing until we hit age 25. I thought it was closer to 22, but that is even worse. We experience approximately a third of our lives as pretty much children with a third of that as fake adults. We are told to enjoy those days because "life is only going to get harder as we get older." That is a lie but outside the scope of this mailed-in blog entry. (See "Someday Never Comes" by CCR)

Edwardo was born on June 21, 1983. He was probably going through a midlife crisis despite those typically not appearing until one hits 40 or 50.

He was basically a form of reverse cointelpro. For some strange reason perhaps referred to as integrity or self-respect, the honourable Mr. Snowden threw away an easy life to whistleblow on the deep state. He done good. He could have done better, but how was he to know that Glenn Greenwald is a paid fake?

While one may desire to refer to the work of Surveillance Camera Man as sousveillance, counter-surveillance or metaveillance, it was not really any of those. There are a lot of fake words and phrases including intersectionality and Mandela Effect. I coined the word interwessonality, but I guess you had to be there.

                                              Actress Carol Brady

He was very upfront about what he was doing. The most often asked question to him seems to have been what or why. His answer tended to be along the lines, "Just making a video."

Ethnomethodology is a fake social science. His video was effective in that he was attempting to expose the demented Spy Factory. It was cringeworthy because he was going after everyday people who on the surface have nothing to do with the deranged Military-Industrial Complex. It was important because no one is going to be able to save planet and society. It's gonna take common nobody slobs just like you and me joining forces against the bad actors. Perhaps it will look similar to what's going on in France? I may be prescient as a social critic but am not psychic.

We need to forge new paths. That is done by identifying true leadership in real life. The internet is fake life and the personification of death. We have been turned into forms of electronic zombies. I obviously have a bit of the Snowden zest for authentic freedom and that's why I spit out what I could over the years in the form of blogging. But enough about me.

The internet is garbage. Alex Jones and Joe Rogan are cointelpro sewer rats working for the FBI and Five Eyes. They must bear partial responsibility for the omnipresent loss of civil and human rights.

The scum who have ruined the world are extremely easy to identify. That is why censorship is getting forced down our throats. Snowden has made it quite likely to be reincarnated into someone nice because he did the right thing during this lifespan. We seem to be truly fvcked due to the Military-Industrial Complex and its iron triangle. This is all their fault in that when democracy is shut down, there can only remain brutal fascism. We are not stupid and can see what has happened in real time! Demented morons have acquired too much power spanning over hundreds of years. Or even just by reviewing what's happened since 2001, everyone is capable of grokking the extent in which agents of criminality and perversion have attempted to codify evil as permanent.

Snowden had tired of his association with deranged scumturds. He saw firsthand the documents proving everything is rigged and fake, so he did something about it and healed a lot of personal bad karma. The world needs an avalanche of Snowden's and Assange's. We need Yellow Vests? Simply put, we the people need to take over power. There will need to be a truth and reconciliation committee run by good people with no culpability in regards to the status quo. How we get there, I have no idea. I just know where we are now and it's absolutely terrifying.

"Tool- Disgustipated"

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Alex Jones went on Joe Rogan.

The first 40 minutes are missing. There seems to be nothing on Alex Jones attacking Rogan as a shill. It apparently runs for over four hours which no fricken way am I gonna sit through that. This is a bald-faced reboot attempt by two big name disinfo agents. They want things the way they were before the awareness movement hit consciousness pay dirt. It was a fake fight and now they expect people to forget Rogan works for the militarised internet. They want you to be a chump and remain within the convex hull of demented medium loops.

Right Wing Trash Wants You to Think Cenk Uygur Represents the Left

The limited hangout equates to there being an epic battle between right and left; that if only the good side wins, planet and society can then be salvaged.

The following is from Project Veritas' paid fake agenda driven "expose" on Facebook. The reboot is completely dependent on morons accepting right versus left narrative mythology. Both sides are pro-Military and pro-corporation. Kaepernick loves himself some military.

Cenk Uygur is the new Markos Moulitsas. Right wing media clowns are the new Breitbarts. (Know your enemy.)

Paid fakes are everywhere.

This clown also has a Youtube channel and a Twitter. There is actually no proof he is a real person. He has an empty blogspot which claims his specialties are Archaeology and Geology.

Disinfo agents have trouble keeping their fake facts straight.

You didn't know that History and Philosophy are the same thing as Archaeology and Geology? Me neither. Paid fakes tend to be morons who make unforced errors.

The problem is this guy truly is an anon coward dime a dozen paid troll. It's wack-a-mole. He has a fancy video series on internet cointelpro. Unfortunately, what this guy is doing is nothing but a reboot attempt. He is promoting the worst kind of right wing scum imaginable as in Dana Loesch and Stefan Molyneux on his Twitter page.

So on the one hand, he has sort of nice intellectual videos on the shill situation, yet he spins neoliberals as being left wing. Democrats known as neoliberals are actually on the right wing spectrum.

His videos get next to no views and few have probably ever heard of him. I am just putting this out there as a warning for anyone stumbling across his video series. He is astroturfing from the right side of demented medium links.
Verified account
When it's said everything is rigged and fake, that means all of it. That is the painful truth scenario for social reality.

We're fvcked. I am not anti-right wing as a rule for disliking someone. As long as respect is shown for my mind and ideas, I'll return the offer. I am against demented medium loops. I hate intellectual liars. The anon coward "Joshua Smith" is a Breitbart/Fatterico styled wingnut posing as a truth seeker. It's disgusting. I think his job duty is to keep idealistic conservatives and libertarians from escaping social media's infinite looping network. However, the right-left debate simulated on the internet is just another militarised fracture point. When everything is fake, nothing seems fake? Is that the essence of the reboot?

We are humans and not meant to pick sides. Steele, McKinney and Johnstone are very similar for disinfo goals as "Joshua Smith." They are reaching out to everyday people who I believe by default are not stupid. Fewer folks are falling for obvious fakes. Alex Jones ran his course. Everyone knew Jones was Cointelpro years ago. That's why he got bumped out. He had lost his effectiveness. The conspiracy was conspiracy theory in itself. That's been my schtick for over ten years! This is clearly convolution coverage ye can count on. Paid fakes have a shelf life. Some like Stolpman and Minadeo end up with a very short 15 minutes if that of top of the zeitgeist status.

Thus, it is very true that the internet as it was before Snowden and Assange is now frayed and spit on by the vast majority of internet addicts. Most of us have had just about enough of this bullshite and some of us are ready to completely tell the medium, "Fvck you and fvck off. Your disinfo got too fricken obvious. Your schticks are done. Get out of town!"

Stop clicking on the big names and websites. Dropping out is the only option left. Destroying their numbers is the only possible path. I've been saying this for quite a while now. It's time to boycott everything.

Your prize will be increased integrity and feelings of self-worth. You will know that you are not an arsewipe responsible for destroying society and planet. My hope is that it is only a matter of time before the next Snowden's and Assange's emerge. In the meantime, why let them to continue to gaslight us?

The Winter is almost over. We must hold on and be patient for a bit longer.

Caitlin Johnstone and Cynthia McKinney are part and parcel of cointelpro.

It's called controlled opposition. Their only possible claim to plausible deniability is that they are insane morons. How else can they justify working closely with obvious paid fake Robert David Steele?

Steele posted the above video. Mckinney apparently co-founded UNRIG with the disinfo agent.

McKinney has no excuses. Anyone supporting Steele might as well take on flat earth as his or her next crusade. Cynthia might as well be Alex Jones. She now has the credibility and gravitas of someone believing the moon is made of cheese.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Bitchute will not save us.

         Hiya, fellas! I'm moron Brett Favre promoting disinfo psyops for $500.

It's sort of better than Youtube if you're interested in conspiracy. However, it's still basically about too many shills fake outing other shills but with lower production values. It is the same old, same old of internet cointelpro mimicking the true art of troll busting. The big difference is the lack of the check marks and the force feeding of conformist pig shit such as produced by Rogan's and Pewdie Pie's.

One video informs of Brett Favre getting duped by the GDL and "Handsome Truth" yet seems to praise the group. Favre was paid $500 to promote the fake batch of neo-Nazis through something called Cameo.

"What's up, home goys?"

Hal Turner was a fake Nazi. That's what this is also. It's called a psychological operation.

The Cameo-Favre story emerged in December. Andy Dick and Soulja Boy also made cameos in support of disinfo actors portraying antisemitism. It's called a honeypot entrapment fracture point. Youtube is clearly in cahoots with the Military-Industrial Complex and promotes Adam Green. Those running Reddit Conspiracy are the same people. It's the same script simulated by the exact state sponsored criminals destroying the world. The turds responsible for why everything sucks are easily identified. This is the opposite of rocket science.

So in summation, there is still nowhere to go as Bitchute is garbage. All one can do is wait for some warmer weather to then get the fvck off of the internet. Social media is a dead end. The Military-Industrial Complex is demented dog shit exposed by Snowden and Assange.

A lot of people must be going through youtube withdrawal.

I know I am. The algorithms were changed recently completely altering the experience for the worse. I should have just boycotted the fvck out of it before then, but now they are making it much easier to still quit it anyway.

I've been looking at bitchute this morning. It's pretty much a ghost land? I did a basic search for the conspiracy stuff I am addicted to and the results were few and far between with not many view hits.

Last night I started a SubReddit called InternetCointelpro. Unfortunately while it's on public for viewing, there is a moderator queue for posting comments and joining. It is too much responsibility to open it up for everyone. I'd love to leave comments open here too, but it's no fun getting trolled. This blog does have a modest sized audience. Perhaps there are some kindred spirits out there who would like to help me grow InternetCointelpro.

There are simply not enough of us who think about paid fakes in regards to internet and want to join forces in order to expose it. We are banned and exiled. Others aren't. Today's Youtube recommendations are offering FisherOfMen who I recently blogged on. He was actually arrested and found guilty of terrorism. His channel was never taken down and mysteriously it even had videos added to it while he was locked up. That makes no sense. I admit to definitely becoming a broken record. There is clearly nowhere to go.

Tom Brinkley's channel is still available which is weird because his mental illness is right there and potentially despite being dead, he could still be triggering other schizophrenics or wtf into further delusions. Psyops are not just goofy nonsense. They destroy fragile minds.

I am the original in that I have been screaming for over ten years that conspiracy is rigged to make all political dissent look insane.

It wasn't rocket science to notice this. I never got much support. It was a very weird experience, but I survived it.

I am not for censorship but am only one dude. That's why I do it. I make nothing from blogging. If anything, it cost me some money when I had to defend myself against Brett Kimberlin.

Youtube is clearly done. Anytime these big websites conduct purges, there is always a boomerang in that people start to leave in droves. If one cannot find the good stuff anymore, it becomes pointless to visit. We may not be able to find replacement websites to satiate internet addiction. It's a law of diminishing returns. There is nowhere to go on the internet in which to waste time in a healthy manner. There is nowhere to go to promote positive social movement. Thank the military-industrial complex and government for this predicament.

Perhaps one refreshingly starts reading books. I got into stamp collecting. That's what I turned to.

If I could find a way to get us together to boycott all these websites, I'd do it.

All that remains is cynicism. The only thing I can really offer at this point is the idea that we need to stop breaking bread with scumbags no matter what the schtick. The people running sports forums and the folks posting on them are trash. I've been just into basketball, so I am referring to those. I am assuming all sports boards are 100% garbage based on the basketball ones.

The Daily Mail has recently changed making it much easier to quit visiting their dive. They are packing each page with too much crap. It's taking too long to load. This is not 2003 or wtf before internet speeds improved. Daily Mail was turning into fool's gold as it was. Now it is becoming even easier to not give a shite about their trashy fake news.

The Academy Awards were on last night, but of course I couldn't care less. Start boycotting everything and ye will eventually heal.

I'd be working on stamps right now but am waiting for money to purchase a new batch. I enjoy philately. It keeps my mind off of everything else. The problem is it is still Winter. Otherwise, I'd go outside more.

The internet in theory has been perfect to help get us through periods of human hibernation. Unfortunately, it has gotten too demented and poses a security risk to one's sanity. Demented medium loops are real. We are not meant to watch and read bullshit. It is everywhere. Conformist warmonger capitalist scum has completely taken over.

Be grateful you are not a demented member of the military-industrial complex or one of its contractors. Be thankful that you're not some sellout pig so-called making it on social media.

Let's destroy the system by dropping out from it.

Let Youtube go down the tubes. Allow it to wither. Allow Reddit Conspiracy to die. If there is a God, please dear Lord make all mainstream media and the fake alternative crap perish. Let the meek inherit the internet.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Shane Dawson is racist trash

Anyone who is supporting this d-bag is part and parcel of why our country is garbage.

I did not know that Dawson has been racist on many occasions.

"Shane Dawson Black Face, N Word"

I watched a little bit of an apology video from him made in 2014.

And then in 2016, he made a video fake apologising for something silly and presented as comedy.

It doesn't seem to be the same shirt yet similar. I find it highly suspicious someone can be this stupid and insensitive. One year he is apologising for being a racist scumbag and then two years later he turned that into a skit fake apologising for something else. And the following message is for anyone still watching his videos. You can go to fucking hell with Dawson for also being pathetic moronic trash. You are so shallow. If you don't watch him, then this kind of rant obviously doesn't apply to yourself unless you're wasting time watching Defango, Stolpman, Ryan rants, Handsome fake Joo hater, Unirock or anyone else ridiculous, shady and irrelevant by design.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Nasim Aghdam: One Year Later

It's been almost one year since Nasim committed workplace violence at Youtube. I never got a chance to see her schtick but have located a playlist.

That's pretty funny. She was dancing with a squirrel to Hall and Oates.

All of Thomas Brinkley's (Michael Cravey) videos seem available. He's the bloke who went crazy thinking James Holmes was a psyop based on himself. The fifth anniversary of his death by internet is in about a week or two.

I wonder why nothing ever changes for the better despite awareness being at an all-time high.

Did Youtube deny Aghdam of a living wage? She is not my cup of tea but she apparently got millions of page views. Nasim shouldn't have done what she did. She felt that her destiny had been stolen and her mind snapped.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Christopher Paul Hasson does sound like a false flag.

People are wondering about the timing of this story. It seems to be a psyop to cover for the actor who hoaxed a racist attack on himself.

It seems to be very obvious divide and conquer.

Will we get to see how he was entrapped? Will it be proven that this happened as spun?

Maybe the dude was a gun collector. Maybe the FBI put violent ideas into his head just like Brandon Darby did to the idealistic kids from Austin. Hal Turner called it flushing out the crazies. The FBI and military are basically creating terrorism and a mental health epidemic through internet cointelpro.

In short, the timing of this is ridiculous.

Snowden documents verified this is something they do. But we're the kooks? We're the bad guys? In conclusion, I must say wow, that sure is quite the demented military-industrial complex destroying society and planet.

I think they are all fake.

Defango seems to be in the role I used to have as a Joe Schmoe caught in the middle. But life is too short to care that much. Checking a bit into Stolpman and Minadeo seemed necessary.

What is most noticeable is that none of them ever discuss anything important. They never share anything as in learning. It's goofy drama impossible to grok? The only thing I picked up from watching some Stolpman is that he's 100% cointelpro garbage. I'm thinking the same with Defango and every fvcking account involved but that it's not worth pursuing. When I try to figure it out, nothing adds up. It is a completely baked demented medium loop. It is burnt toast how some of those shows are lasting over four hours. That is cult-like behaviour. And no one is going to do video blogs like that just for kicks. There are only two possibilities. They are random Rondo's making money or paid fakes running psyops and entrapment. I go with the latter.

I was trying to be open-minded about Defango but now see that he promoted obvious paid fake Dave Seaman. That's an instant deal breaker and a reverse permanent ban has been implemented on both schticks.

All of these little cliques never deliver and seem to be psyops. I was actually in a real life internet situation and never got any support. It was as if I didn't exist. These guys keep showing up no matter how much I don't care. I don't click on Adam Green, yet Youtube continues to tell me to watch him. Defango seems to be a paid fake the same way Fkn Freddy is. They are everywhere. They are always right in the middle of convolution.

I admit to no proof on this, just a feeling. It is definitely pointless for anyone to watch any of them. They all seem to be sewer rats not getting much page hits yet never go away. They do these very long shows with perhaps a few hundred people watching.

Defango was on with Stolpman. He hosted Seaman. That's crazy. It's obvious none of them can be trusted for anything. I tried. There's no there, there. Stories shouldn't be so difficult to follow. Mine took off because it had some actual real names. There was a fricken house vote to acknowledge the SWATs. It made cable fake news. I somewhat recall Don Lemon interviewing the guy from the Red State forum. Erick Erickson or someone. It wasn't out of nowhere and on nothing such as Kappy or Cicada something. Julian Assange continues to rot in the embassy and these scumbags are peddling disinformation garbage. I think they are mimicking myself to be blunt. They have tainted cyber sleuthing and truth into distorted nothingness. Social reality in the form of incestuous medium links has become the stuff of nightmares.

I used to be the one attacking widespread disinfo scripts. Clowns have co-opted my work and are running bizarre militarised alternate reality games. They call them larps. It's the same cointelpro styled nonsense. Ron Brynaert was on the paid fake payroll or batshit insane. Now it is Stolpman's turn. The internet has evolved from fake journalism to bottom of the barrel acting. But like it wasn't all about Brynaert, it's not all on Stolpman. This thingie is a huge operation. The new actors are just one more slice of a failed reboot. There are an unlimited number of operations in place with so-called nodes targeting every sort of person they try to pigeon-hole us as being.

My experience hooked right into Barrett Brown, Lamo, Breitbart versus Daily Kos, Weinergate and SWATgate. Kimberlin was an actual great historic story in multiple ways. I get obsessed and go into phases. I dive in wanting to understand everything. A few months back I wanted to solve musician Jim Sullivan.

Breitbart stole my story and then croaked. That's a true story.

Those bozos on Youtube are providing nothing of value. It's called diddly squat. They are merely mimicking nobodies just like you and me who figured out social reality in regards to internet and military culture. They are circumscribing great truths into the oppressive system. They are mocking the idea that everything is rigged and fake. They are basically part and parcel of the military-industrial complex. All that is missing are Anonymous styled pay stubs of Hal Turner in contact with his FBI handler but for Nate. I think the world is fvcked up and will never improve precisely because of modern day cointelpro.

The troll wars back in the day had real value. These guys nowadays are fake trolls. Assange is all that matters at this point. As long as he remains in embassy prison, nothing else is worth respecting in regards to social critique or movement.

This is why I no longer care about anything to do with the social structure as in internet. I tried to ignore suspicious characters such as Defango and Unirock, but the algorithms wouldn't let me. And now that Youtube is completely fvcking with all their results making it even more worse than it was, I might be able to finally quit that website.

(I wrote this entry last night and am editing it today.)

The Celtics are on TNT at 8:00 at Milwaukee. It should be a barn burner. However, I am preparing to quit the NBA as attempted with internet scum links. Kyrie Irving has opened up his big fat mouth once again. He is not worth the trouble.

Boston had a great title town run since 2001. I don't know the exact number but both the Patriots and Red Sox won a good number of championships. The C's got one with Pierce, KG and Rondo. I think the Bruins have won a couple or at least one Stanley Cup in this era. If Danny Ainge and the Celtics go down the tubes, I will not care. Irving is not Ty Cobb one of the all-time greats to compensate for being a jerk. Larry Bird and KG weren't the nicest guys but played the right way making teammates better. Kyrie Irving is a miserable teammate and trash as a human being. He is very easy to despise and so grotesque. He is pure scum!

I am still interested in the C's because I want to see what happens. Irving has thrown the young guys under the bus once again. It never stops. Kyrie has tremendous skills for scoring but is simply not that good of a player. He is probably above average at best, just below all-star level. He is a hybrid shooting guard and not a real basketball distributor. His defense is pure garbage. He is amazing at racking up points, yet that kind of player tends to be on losing teams when everything else about their game is selfish and overrated.

If I'm wrong, I'm wrong. No matter what, I won't be watching as much in the future. I'll never say never but it's no longer that fun of a sport. Oh, and I'm also sick of the pro-military and pro-Freemason slant of the NBA. Those two things are my biggest complaints, then ads, then that the game finally really truly sucks. And that it's been rigged by refs.

I'm about to start in on my nighttime coffee. I get so sleepy from the heart meds. I'm still into stamps. I'm no longer into internet drama. I'm weaning the fvck off of it. I can't wait for warmer weather and plan on being more active for reading books, experiencing nature and working on philately.

I can only drink coffee twice a day and it has to be the middle grade. I used to drink it anytime I wanted and at the very strong level.

I used to pull all-nighters. It is better to arise with the sun. Feeling tired so much is the worst of it but it's ultimately wonderful to be alive.

The coffee will cheer me up.

I'm too old and tired to care much anymore about this world. It's over. We're fvcked, period. Thank your military-industrial complex. I warned everyone about the boomerang but no one listened. I am non-violent, so I will only be able to read about it like anyone else.

Since there is a decent chance at least some of the Youtube trash mentioned is Cointelpro, it's better to avoid all of it. But that's the problem with demented medium loops. They are everywhere. That's the military economy we've been born into. And don't forget there are four other countries speaking English who are also brain fvcking us despite not being from here.

But it's not working or else there wouldn't be so much censorship. Paid fakes such Stolpman and Minadeo wouldn't keep falling on their faces so easily and ending up with next to nothing for numbers. I'm curious how Cenk is doing. He should be just about bottoming out. Rogan should be falling apart for numbers or perhaps people are too stupid. It's mind-blowing how much garbage there is on the internet. It makes it easier to watch basketball, yet the NBA also sucks. But there are always the stamps and it'll be Spring soon with just a bit longer to wait. We need to find things to stay grounded. We need replacements for the internet and anything else which is draining us of spirit.

I just checked TYT. They seem to have finally dropped big time for video views easily under 100,000 for the vast majority of them. One must scroll down the list. Some get more views but those tend to be the click bait types. They definitely look cooked. Hopefully Rogan is next. Unfortunately, Joe seems to line up a lot of fake interesting guests. He has a Johnny Carson styled monopoly for that sort of gig. It's hard to believe in the public when so many are watching him, Pewdie Pie and Shane Dawson. Big numbers of people are wasting a lot of time on the most stupid content.

It's a new day! I will spend it listening to Alan Watts and music. I refuse to be yanked around anymore by demented medium loops.

I did notice two stories. Ocasio-Cortez is looking like a hypocrite for living in such a fancy building. I also found the Christopher Paul Hasson story quite interesting. He's the soldier who apparently made a list of fake left personalities to hunt down and assassinate. Scarborough is predictably blaming Trump. It couldn't be that everything is rigged and fake. It couldn't be the system itself to blame for fvcking us over? It couldn't be the demented military-industrial complex and corporations at fault?

It won't be my fault when the boomerang happens as Malcolm X wasn't responsible for chickens coming home to roost. I am a mere messenger with no power. I didn't create the Yellow Vests in France. I have never supported police, military and capitalist pig trash. My conscience is clean. The blood, tears and state of mass confusion are on the military's hands. This is their fault. The military-industrial complex is responsible for why the world has become trash and is on a trajectory to spiral into a demise for an endgame. Dystopia is just around the corner or already here.

Pink Floyd Live At Pompeii

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Maybe this is how Minadeo was identified

(Update: In the song My Name Is Shoobie, Jon raps that his real name is Minadeo. It seems he exposed himself as in an unforced error.)

Despite having basically quit the medium quite a while ago, I can still identify paid fakes within mere minutes or days when need be.

The problem is this kind of stuff always gets spun into a new fake direction. Instead of the obvious that it is a psyop centered around entrapment, identification of Jooo haters and the maintenance of militarised fracture points, it becomes about how many different ways Green can be changed into a more obvious Jewish surname for Adam. I'd just call him Greenturd from Viasat.

I am staking a claim to all scoops as derivatives to my cyber sleuthing. I am the original whistleblower on fake news when I exposed Brad Friedman of BradBlog and his Speedway Bomber buddy. I spoke of incestuous media links.

The military-industrial complex is trying to get ahead of the Snowden documents and people like myself who busted their act years ago. So they create fake cyber sleuths. They don't want us steering any zeitgeist bus. They want us pushed into a ditch to spin truth wheels.

Cointelpro trash such as Alex Jones, Adam Green, Jon Minadeo, Joe Rogan, Nathan Stolpman and Kappy should realise they are seen by many as pretty much no different than Brandon Darby, Adrian Lamo or name the sewer rat. Everyone familiar with their schticks should now realise they are confidential informants and disinfo agents working for the Spy Factory.

Minadeo was apparently exposed as the fake rapper last September. People noticed he was running antisemitic chats on Youtube and grapevine word must have filtered into the so-called hive mind he was also the Shoobie schtick schmuck fella. My theory is someone involved in the Reality TV Movie film probably then put the final straw on schadenfreude's camel styled back. And that takes one back to the original suspicion! Handsome Truth is a turd working cointelpro. His status has thus shifted from the paid fake or useful idiot bracket towards the proverbial paid fake disinfo shill ratfvcker tier. We all know this but the major platforms are rigged. Fake cyber sleuths mention it but they also make sure to add plenty of turds to the schadenfreude punch bowl.

I kept trying to tell everyone that the military-industrial complex is this demented. They want to reboot everything to pre-Snowden and Assange and perhaps much farther back than 2013. But they have to start somewhere.

I once blogged asking why am I banned from Youtube but Hal Turner still has a channel.

This is the same thingie. How can scum like Minadeo or Reddit Conspiracy for that matter continue to crank out hate speech yet not be censored? I don't think they should be. But I fricken am! Wtf? The state apparatus are comprised of cheating wanker cult members with baby blood all over their hands.

I used to be on full free speech websites. The basic rule was don't post anything illegal. Cheaters cheat because they are psychopathic morons.

Most schtuff boils down to an attempted reboot of the fake fight between right and left. That's what my personal story was twisted into. I was more interested in the facts such as Kimberlin had been a murder suspect and Friedman was covering up his association with hoaxes. That was morphed into the wackadoo narrative that the left was silencing the right through "lawfare" and SWATs.

I don't do reboots. I won the internet, so that wouldn't be in my interest. I solved the big mess years ago. It's like a puzzle. We will never be able to grok souls or God or at least never be able to put such awareness 100% words proper. But that law doesn't apply to paid fake disinfo scum. In contradistinction they are pretty easy to figure out.  Recognising cointelpro isn't rocket science. That's why the state apparatus keeps doubling down and ginning it up. They cheat because they are caught in what's referred to as a reverse double bind. They are deranged cult members. Everyone knows that cops are mostly bad and they are starting to realise the same stuff across the board including with military and government. They are starting to grok the totality of internet cointelpro and the scum who administer it.

Ugh, there are apparently other names to investigate such as Patrick Little.

It's easier to not care.

I'd rather not run around like a chicken with its head chopped off.

But the beauty is that Blogger is Google. Anyone still googling might end up here and that's the point. I am a good guy who wants to help people and make it a better world. That's been my goal.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Handsome Truth Confirmed as Failed Actor and Disinfo Agent Jon Minadeo

Add Jon Minadeo to the paid fake, former failed actor batch with IMDB pages.
He runs Youtube channels as "Handsome Truth."
He has one video mocking Nate Stolpman for being a former actor.
He is part of something called Goyim Defense League.
It is the newest variation on the Mike Rivero styled run for the hills, it's the joos schtick.
That thingie is also tied to the hip of Adam Green.
That type of wackadoo substrata is promoted by youtube algorithms.

The above link is for Curveball from 2011.
I couldn't find the full movie anywhere.
That was Minadeo's big chance akin to Stolpman's lead role in The Ketchup King.
He was barely involved with Reality TV Movie from 2014.
He doesn't seem to stick to one channel and keeps making new ones.
That makes it harder to find what Jon is up to for current videos.
I've been unable to locate anything so far from him indicating a response to his own exposure as part and parcel of internet cointelpro. It's clearly the same guy.

It's called a militarised alternate reality game. The paid fakes have changed that phrase to larp- a live action role playing game. It'd be interesting to know how the first person to identify Handsome Truth as Jon Minadeo figured it out. He has very weak sauce for a Hollywood career. It's good that he's been exposed. It's bad that it won't make a difference.

The military will simply hire new disinfo agents to replace him and Stolpman. Minadeo and Nate may not quit, but they'll never get paid like Hal Turner was. Brandon Darby and Adrian Lamo were persistent with social media well after the fact they were 100% verified as rat product. Alex Jones has been pushed out but eventually someone else will emerge to fill the void. Rogan's ratings will probably nosedive? It just means some other paid fake will pick up the disinfo slack.

There is a shadow government called the military-industrial complex.
They dominate all aspects of social media and the medium itself as electronic universe.
This is treason and it's obvious Nathan Stolpman never worked with Wolf Blitzer.

                                    Another Cointelpro Loser Exposed!

Look at life as a non-debate

One must do the opposite of taking the medium seriously. I've spoken of the need to boycott. One does that out of necessity. Ad block is one of the easiest ways to reverse ban corporate scum. It obviously works because quite a number of websites consistently tell us to turn it off or we will see no content. Fvck their profits.

Never turn it off. Websites demanding such activity perhaps need to die first as internet players. Violence is a no-no, so all we can do is boycott early and often.

A lot of people seem incapable of taking the final step away from complicity with the oppressive social structure now encapsulated by internet. They may become disillusioned with so and so yet tend to merely relocate to such and such. Internet addiction is one explanation but more likely is the extent in which one had been socialized. If we were taught to have self-respect for ourselves and others which is most of us, that was both a blessing and a double bind. It's good to be good yet bad to assume the squares decrease in numbers via progress; that there is always better medium around the corner if we just keep looking. There is something called negative social movement. We are basically headed in the wrong direction.

"They" don't think we have the nerve or aren't smart enough to forge new paths. Oh, that's France and would never happen here?

That people are blocked and banned to the extent happening implies we do have power. We are mimicked and harassed. We are separated and ostracised. In my own way I've been saying bring it on. Let the losers in control have it all in regards to the major platforms. One old saying is give them enough rope to hang themselves. We do that by washing our hands and never looking back.

I'm not trying to scapegoat CNN but they are a very easy example to use. The caveat is that the boycott strategy gets circumscribed into the status quo. CNN is spun as left wing Marxism despite how crazy that sounds. MSNBC seemed to be okay but they took a hard right turn. Even I am circumscribing cable news into the fake debate. They are all miserable and part and parcel of the bread and circuses system. The point is they all need to die for ratings, not literally as people. If violence worked, the military-industrial complex wouldn't be promoting it.

The chickens will come home to roost. We don't need to be violent at all. It will happen eventually and we'll have had nothing to do with it. Hence Radiohead said, "You [state power] do it to yourself."

It's the start of a new day. The best ones are when I devote morning internet time to music and true freedom rather than focusing on what the system directs.

SOAD was a great band with meaningful lyrics.

Everything is obscene means what it says.

I've been feasting a lot lately on Pink Floyd at Pompeii.

We are all psychic or the ability is dormant. It doesn't mean we can read minds or predict the future. It signifies in general we are not using our brains to full capacity. We have been brainwashed to believe there are debates.

Let the medium and society continue to rot.

It cannot be fixed within the way it is structured. It will never get better as is. Social reality demands authentic political revolution or utter spiritual death. The system has figuratively frozen us in time as victims similar to what happened in Pompeii but not as a result of natural disaster.

It's been recently reported that Tim Donaghy did indeed rig games in which he officiated. One of the biggest conspiracy theories has been that the NBA is rigged akin to pro wrestling. No one was debating that the refs sucked. The fake argument was on whether it was accidental or deliberate. Well, now we know?

No one flies around the sun.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Why do they mimic us?

I was skimming through some more Reddit conspiracy this morning and realised the mimicry and distortion of organic internet participation is beyond anyone's imagination. I am just one person. This can't possibly be just about myself as co-opted. But I keep coming across others stealing my ideas and then completely changing them as they are no longer anything to do with my own. It's akin to the person at Youtube stealing Melissa Dykes' voice, tempo and basic presentation. They are called Affected Collective and it is a military psyop as is Reddit Conspiracy.

The link below provides an interesting paper written by Professor Robert W. Gehl who teaches communications theory in Utah. He is perhaps a kindred spirit to Marshall McLuhan. I found this because I am anti-medium and anti-internet. It took scrolling through quite a lot of bad links to locate.

It is a long article.

The big idea so far seems to be that there is freedom of thought but that it must remain within the spectrum of the status quo.

The article might explain why those of us creating original thought are the ones most mimicked and circumscribed. Truly subversive thought has been neutralised. Instead of folks reading great scholars as they should in order to generate their own original thought, the ptb's desire us to remain within the demented medium loops.

So instead of people e.g. reading some McLuhan, Marcuse or Fromm, they waste most of their time reading Reddit Conspiracy and watching Youtube videos.

"What's on your mind?
Social media monopolies and noopower"

We are not only suffering under the illusion of free speech. The increase in censorship implies that the deep state is failing miserably at controlling our minds. The truth was revealed through Edward Snowden in 2013. Speech has never been free on social media. "They" tell us what to think about as in topics. "They" then attempt to modify how we react to the limited topics force fed to the masses. If someone is incapable of compliance, they are deleted and banned.

Free speech in essence has been rendered as inorganic. Even if one is able to break away and create as a free individual, one's schtick is still eventually processed. Some parts are retained, others scrubbed and distorted additions are made with the original context destroyed.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

This seems to be a JTRIG styled cointelpro writer.

Apparently a disinfo agent read my last post and then copied it in a bunch of ways.

He misused the word disenfranchised. That was pointed out by people in the comments and he admitted to not being good with words.

If one reads through my last post "Why is it non-stop Freemason imagery," one will see quite a number of similarities as if the person was working off of those documents exposed by Snowden.

My last post was all about being disenfranchised despite my not using the word. It was also about how there is no one to believe in. I also wrote, "I had a good run at Twitter. It's not bragging." His use of the word bragging made no sense in any way. There were other similarities. He claims to have poured over the Podesta and Hillary emails. Again, that was pretty much the meat and potatoes of my own entry. In fact I have spoken of such stuff here and there because it's so important. I have represented a certain breed of conspiracy thinker over many years and must have the record for most times mentioning Hal Turner.

JTRIG has something called the Four D's:

Moron has a similar technique which he admitted to because he is so immoral and arrogant. I simply am able to pick up on a lot of internet minutiae. If someone is a paid fake or useful idiot, I can piece that together fairly quickly nowadays. How was the below a coincidence? It wasn't. It's called gaslighting.

I notice things. He wrote, "I am not part of any organized religion." I had written about the problem of Christians versus Freemasons, as in what about everyone else? What about the rest of us when both sides suck? Why are only two crap options ever provided?

The anon coward admits to dubious activities on other threads. Paid fakes often write as if they are fishing for individual information and opinion. Agent provocateurs can usually say whatever they want. Turner threatened some judges and that was his downfall. He crossed too far over the line. That's how they operate. They try to push the envelope as far as possible. They are "flushing out the crazies" and are referred to as sewer rats.

Another guy posted elsewhere on Reddit Conspiracy that there was a pro-pedophile thread and that he hoped it was a honeypot. Sure thing. But why use that word? Why act as if Big Brother is good?

Back to the guy mimicking me, he doesn't want anyone to get into violence if they too become "disenfranchised."

It's starting to feel pointless to blog when JTRIG and assorted Cointelpro losers are obviously reading and stealing from the schticks of real bloggers. I don't want anyone going violent either. Military intelligence is not only the scum of the earth but extremely stupid as exhibited by the anon coward highlighted by this blog entry. They think we are dangerous unhinged morons when it's them who are the demented low IQ garbage.

The military-industrial complex through its widespread civil rights violations is sort of asking for a Yellow Vest styled movement in America? People are not stupid, e.g. they know Alexa never shuts off and listens to everything on behalf of the deranged state apparatus. I think if social movement ever happens here, it will look and play out a lot differently than the stuff going on in France. I think here it would be less defined and more chaotic. Something has to definitely give, imho. The ptb's want the next generations to hate older people, blame them for everything and then move on with the reboot. But I think whippersnappers must be able to see that this is a police state run by criminals. They must grok that the entire internet is manipulated garbage with both sides of the political aisle as militarized corporate sellouts.

Why is it non-stop Freemason imagery?

This seems to be a legitimate question: Why is 98% of Hollywood and music tied into the Aleister Crowley styled Freemason schtick?

And I think I make a very important point that there is a third objective grouping which is never allowed into the conversation. Are you Christian or pro-Satanism? I'm neither.

Are you for Trump or Hillary? Why can't it be neither? The big lie must certainly be that Assange never happened. After Bernie and humanity got ripped off by the medium, there was no possible way to support H. and neoliberalism. For two years there has been non-stop chatter about Russia successfully tampering with the election. It's called the Russian hoax. They think we can just forget about the Podesta emails? That there is nothing to debate means what it says?

Humanity is on its own now. We've been completely fvcked with by the system. It's been verified that the government and military are demented. Even they must know that deep down. Snowden and Manning figured it out.

Youtube has clearly hit rock bottom over the last couple weeks. It's become the difference between watching something with or without commercials. It's drinking coffee black after using creamer all the time. The ptb's are trying to force us to comply with their goofy "conspiracy went mainstream" reboot. It's not gonna happen. Many websites are saying turn off the ad blocker. It's not happening. It's called they can all fvck off.

video credits:
The End of the World by Dadala
John Quincy Adams leader of Anti-Masonic Party
Gloria Vanderbilt wearing all black with pentagram
They all do the devil horns- Joe Rogan, Jim Nantz, it seems like everyone.
Nicki Clyne of the sex cult blocked me. I had a good run at Twitter.
It's not bragging. I was greatness as a supertroll.
I am trying to find saved images to add to the public domain song.

The censorship is very unfair. Running through the saved images is bringing back memories. But I just can't fricken upload it all. It's one thing to ban someone. They shouldn't be able to delete everything. That totality of cheating is what's so wrong about censorship. It's clearly Orwellian. Something's gotta give? How do they continue to get away with this?

Okay, I found in my stock photo section Bowie posing as Crowley posing as an Egyptian, yet I've still got many minutes left to fill. The tune is pretty good. It's actually ten minutes long, so perhaps eventually there will be a part 2. I did find another one on Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves. I'm not sure if I ever posted that here.

I busted the Truman Security Project. There were people named Nomiki Konst and Aisha Dew. Cook for Good? Remember her? What about my prime, Mick???? I could've been a contender?? They stole my destiny. I suppose everything gets buried in the archives anyway. Twitter definitely never made it as a big outlet, imho. It's basically a glorified chat board for the famous.

Real people were barely tolerated, then we were banned for liking neither Hillary nor Trump. Yet the spin is cultural marxists are silencing the right wing with SWATs and draconian censorship. I know all about this stuff. It's called militarised alternate reality games. I experienced its earlier manifestations. I think this could be building towards a good time for positive social movement but it will have to be forged via a new path. I think Assange figured one out. Just remember they need us. We do not need them. Youtube is asking for folks to flock to a new place hosting free speech videos? I only use duck duck go for searches. People can change their internet habits if they wtfu.

There is an opening for an Aaron Swartz or Assange type person to get something going. The problem is trust. No one can trust Barrett Brown. No one can trust any website even Jimmy Dore's. A lot of young people probably liked Rogan but he was a good example of how paid disinfo can come across as condescending. That was mentioned in a Snowden document. Paid fakes and shills are morons and easily identified or else they wouldn't be working for..... Satan?

The checkerboard makes it onto rockets and police hats.
Shane Dawson stole from Jim Sullivan? Why is everyone so unoriginal?
Do what thou wilt is a stupid dead end.
It is so in our faces that it must be a real cult. LeBron is in it.
We are talking about the problem of a widespread cult destroying society from within. This is not a goofy conspiracy theory.
There are lots of cults within the big American cult.
That's the Nicki Clyne person. I remember she posted a video mocking the idea that NXIVM is a cult.

Everything is a cult. I am sort of where George Carlin ended up but I am not blaming society or happy about it. He spun it as entertaining. Carlin actually seemed very bitter. Or his downfall was he took himself too seriously or for too long. He and Alan Watts were not lacking in ego. Why else was he still doing stand up at the end of his life? He obviously memorised a lot of lines and just pumped them out. He wasn't improvising. Seinfeld used to be funny and then lost the skill too. I'm talking Carlin towards the end or maybe I just saw him on one of his bad nights. I'm talking about a video. I never saw him in person unless I am the reincarnation of Lenny Bruce. Even then, past lives don't count that way.The two lives cannot co-exist despite being the same spark so to speak. If I was that guy, that means we all get reincarnated. That means there is no hell but that karma dictates one's next life.

I think Carlin was a good guy but I don't get his schtick towards the end. He needed to slow down and retire. Maybe he did that for a love of the game. He still had his fastball in spots. He did have a great memory and could still do it. I'm thinking of those actors who were born and died in Hollywood. Carlin seems to have done that and never got enough time to just chill out. Or maybe I'm overthinking it. Capitalism feels sleazy. Too much info has been released. No one involved is looking good.

I think the medium died in 2016. I have no clue what this is now. Hopefully we'll find some afterlife when all is said and done. Maybe we get to fly around and choose our next parents. Or what if this is just it? We were born as who we are and it's some chain reaction too massive to piece together. It seems odd that we would have consciousness and then poof it is gone. It is the greatest mystery of them all.

The stuff about Freemasonry and the military isn't mysterious. The state apparatus has gotten extremely creepy on us. We are victims in this. Carlin had no idea how big the problem was to be blaming people the most. It's an outrageous situation we have been born into.

But anyway, my main point is folks are putting together two plus two and are apparently quitting social media. The ptb's think we are stupid or they are tone-deaf or something. There's extremely weird deep state stuff going on adversely influencing everything. It's not our imaginations. Snowden done good. Greenwald is the shill gate keeper, not Ed Snowden. Assange cracked the code. That's why they are going hard after him. But it is obviously an impasse or it already would have happened. I don't think Ecuador is so easy to get to agree with the real criminals to kidnap Julian.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Now they are smearing Michael Jackson for allegedly abusing his pet chimp.

Fake news is part and parcel of demented medium loops. Was Michael Jackson a pedophile? Obviously I never thought so for I blogged that he was a beautiful misunderstood man. It's just my opinion he never abused anyone.

I apologise for having wanted something called proof before condemning him.

I remember they used to smear his arse with the wackadoo slur.

Aaah, Chappelle said these people are not crazy. I misremembered (sp?) him as saying these people are not weak. But now me memory is thinking he said the worst thing you can call someone is crazy.

The fake news is also claiming Bubbles started to self-harm after hearing of Jackson's demise. It is such a ridiculous story that it inspired me to write up yet another blog entry.

I want the sun to rise. I want to move from Winter into Spring. It is no fun when it is still dark out when approaching 7 a.m.. I like to time coffee with the sunrise. I read it is more effective that way for providing energy juice.

The one thing I did not like about Jackson was his always reaching for his crotch. That never added up. I recently spoke of unforced errors.  Jackson did that to himself by having kids sleep in his bed and with constantly touching his thingie on stage. I still don't think he was a pedophile but that he had made it easier for media to smear him. I rationalised that baseball players are always touching themselves in public, so I tended to not overthink Jackson doing it. And his music was never my cup of tea unless it was on. I didn't hate his music. It was good even if one wasn't into the genre.

Fake news loves to double down and gin it up. I think that is what's going on with this new wave of attacks on Michael Jackson. I'll say one more thing in his defense. Someone should track all the articles which were written on Jimmy Saville as a predator in contrast to those on Jackson. It seems Saville got away with being a real pedophile and that the dirt on him has only emerged after his death. Michael Jackson was terrorised while alive. Enough is enough. Cough up some proof or stfu.

Most people believed O.J. Simpson killed Nicole and the other fella but the not guilty verdict wasn't a big surprise. Folks were expecting a market correction for the beating of Rodney King.

The day has finally arrived! I am not allowed to drink too much coffee, so now I can have some with confidence it will wake me.

I'm having trouble finding content. That's what happens with a dead medium and nothing to pick from other than fake news.

Courtney Cox looks a lot better without the fillers. Is that news? I guess so. Makeup and plastic surgery are overrated. People should start realising we've all been brutalised by socialisation. We are far past an enough is enough situation. It's why I tend to write in an extremely subversive manner. It's not like many of us have much to lose. It's mind blowing that we all die but there is no way to avoid it. That factoid pushes us to let ideas rip. It's not like we will be here forever. Us older people don't want younger folks making the same mistakes we did. It shouldn't take half a lifetime for people to feel good about themselves. We are beaten down psychologically by elites who have been exposed. We the people need to figure out how to take control of the military and government. Bernie was a nice start. His endgame was pitiful. I guess I am trying to say stay vigilant! Don't let the ptb's think for you ever again whether through paid fakes or useful idiots. McLuhan was very cynical for good reason.

The main error was in accepting the social structure as anything other than rigged and fake.

Donald Trump is very refreshing with his attacks on fake news. Unfortunately, he is a scumturd which neutralises anything good he does. He is a rich man, too dogmatic and supportive of military and corporations and extremely naive in regards to state sponsored conspiracy stories. The whole system is rotting. Bernie was meant to be president. Assange and Snowden are meant to be free and given parades in response to their moral greatness and bravery.

I know my new perspective since 2016 is working in regards to the medium. Social media is a pure form of chains stifling our souls and natural propensities towards happiness. Perhaps the best thing that ever happened to me was getting banned from Twitter and Youtube. It has forced me to align actions more closely with personal philosophy. If I claim the medium sucks and is killing us, I must lead by example by not supporting it in any way. None of us need anything which is provided by the internet. We only keep returning due to addiction and boredom.

Everything happens for a reason? I've never believed that. Random cruel unfair things occur far too often. It's probably time for me to get back into listening to some Alan Watts. There seems to be nothing more important than enlightenment in regards to the moment. When one is at peace with oneself and Zen, everything else seems to naturally fall into place.

Carlin was wrong in blaming people too much. It was his defense mechanism because it seems impossible to save society and planet. He was still mistaken. None of this is my fault and neither is it because of millions of other people who agree with me. I just had the gonads or wtf to articulate it in regards to the Military-Industrial Complex. The solution lies in how we deal with the creators of the big mess. People are punching back at cops with truth staples and the same thing must be done across the board. Read The Power Elite by C. Wright Mills. Stop reading trash on the internet or at least wait until after reading many, many real books by true scholars who figured it out.

There is no such thing as influencers. It's called astroturfing and disinformation psyops. Read Marcuse's One-Dimensional Man. It's pretty obvious who the fvck is responsible for why everything sucks in regards to society and planet.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Adam Green is a moron.

This guy is an obvious tool of the state apparatus. He claims to have been a low level worker at Viasat, e.g. word processing. Adam says if anything he should get credit as a whistle blower or soon because he's going to expose them.

Adam Green says that the biographical info surfacing in blog court was self-written.  He asks why would he have outed himself as a disinfo agent. That is a good question but he is the wrong person to ask it.

Aunt BB made the same sort of mistake. Beebs done snuck into a video that she used to work for the NSA as if that's supposed to provide gravitas rather than doubts. Markos Moulitsas made a similar form of unforced error. He thought people would be impressed he had worked for the CIA. The opposite happened.

It's called the reverse double bind. These people are morons who assume the default opinion is the military is awesome and we love them silly with mad respect and kudos. Without them there would be no fake freedom. We'd be speaking German. That's the attempted simulated outcome.

Instead of accelerating reform, cops still think the same shite about themselves in regards to greatness. It's about various levels of tone-deafness.

The disinfo shills hate that it's become transparent who they are. The lesson of the Rogan controversy is that people are not stupid and will eventually stop supporting paid fakes when provided with pertinent info.

This Adam Green dude is really not much different from a Mike Rivero who also worked for a top military contractor.  But the latter revelation was a scoop for me. I found something in Google cache proving he had an email address for McDonnell Douglas. Green or his supervisors were simply foolish to include the reference to his working for spy country.

The "run for the hills, it's the Jooos" disinfo schtick is nothing new under the conspiracy sun. Green's controlled opposition seems to be a militia dude. During the last election cycle, Adam promoted Trump and Alex Jones while acting as a fake pro-Hillary. He was dressed as an emo and going all in with the right versus left fracture point. Everything about him emits the aura of paid fake.

I'll add a couple rerun videos. The first is on Mike Rivero. The second is on Pakman who collaborated with Military-Industrial Complex asset Roger Sorkin. And I'll also add on the Aunt BB classic.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Non-Talented Cointelpro

Stolpman's the Kyrie Irving of paid fakes. He has some skills, as does his buddy Adam Green, but it's always someone else's fault why no one cares about their schticks?

Nathan is blaming Youtube for his pitiful numbers.

I have probably clicked on their videos a total of five to ten times.

I'm doing it here to show he and Green are a confirmed incestuous medium loop.

I've clicked on Rogan perhaps twenty times total and that was just to check out Mike Baker and also the rest of his comictelpro crew.

To boycott means what it says. I apologise for the times I have clicked on paid fakes.

Stolpman has acting skills. He is adept at hiding he is a paid shill. Kappy had some skills. The problem with those guys boiled down to the content.

Ted Gunderson was never legit. One way to totally dismiss someone is by their content. CNN and Anderson Cooper were exposed. So the goal now is for them to get 0 for views.

Stolpman is discussing CNN and one of the fake journos I confronted at Twitter. I'm trying to get the most out of this stupid click. I have supported Stolpman to a small degree. The double bind is painful. That's why the goal is to reverse it. But let me add some imagery.

Who is watching Stolpman? He is exposed paid fake. He rationalises the lying because it's his job. He is trying to "flush out the crazies." That's what Hal Turner called it.

Nathan is obviously a smart guy. He has to know that we know that he knows that we know is the proverbial disinfo agent. He is a much bigger loser than actors who ended up doing commercials. He is below porn stars for integrity.

He does not seem happy at all.

These scumbags just like Hal Turner and Alex Jones have combined their real lives with the job duties of agent provocateurs.

Adam Green doesn't know how to act. He is giggling like a schoolgirl as if he as an FBI cointelpro asset is paid to play militarised alternate reality on social media.

I don't know how much of this I can sit through. I already feel that I've got enough written. It's not like anything they are discussing is real. I'm a fricken adult who got an M.A. in Social Theory. These guys do not fool me. I never wasted any time as a conspiracy kook. I've always been forging my own path.

When Nate first showed up a couple years ago I thought he had stolen my schtick.

These people are garbage working for internet cointelpro. When's the last time you clicked on them? I've been done with CNN and Cenk for a very long time. Everything changed for me in 2016. The Assange stuff cannot be unseen. That was the perfect combo punch to go with Snowden's 2013 greatness.

Newbie's will catch on. All it takes is a huh, what, but then they start watching some McLuhan or Fromm. They go aha! Those were scholars and the ones whining about "cultural marxism" or the Russian hoax are the real authoritarians responsible for the big mess. Both sides own this. The Military-Industrial Complex owns these outrageous crimes against humanity. Until they are held accountable, at least stop clicking on stupid websites.

Let's destroy Joe Rogan's ratings? That's a no-brainer. None of this is rocket science. Boycott all medium. Have one dude copy the videos and host them on a non-profit channel if we must watch them.

The big lie is that Snowden and Assange never happened!

         goddamit, i knew we shouldn't have run the Hicks as Jones psyop

David Icke is talented cointelpro scum.

He has amazing control of his eyes and body otherwise he wouldn't have been so successful as a state-sponsored shill.

Alex Jones used comedy and buffoonery. I cannot deny his skills either. William Cooper had skills. Some disinfo agents must be given their due. Colbert and Maher are talented. Chapelle on some Hollywood people cracking up or wtf said those people were not weak. The only thing that has changed is the release of information making it a million times easier to identify cointelpro agents and their useful idiots.

This is why it's pointless to go after untalented, obvious paid fakes such as the ones at Reddit Conspiracy or Youtube. For one, it is wack-a-mole which I've said enough times. These people are a dime a dozen. Most joined while in the military or through connections to it. At my peak I was getting as many page hits as them. The internet was much more free back in the day. Nowadays it has become a closed shop. Controlled opposition means what it says. Not just anyone is allowed anymore into all of the fake conversations.

Every website has been turned into a honeypot. They want to coax idiots into praising the Unabomber or Fisher of Men. They will then put that info into one's PRISM file.

Anything good which is figured out is co-opted and mimicked, then crushed. The ptb's for example couldn't care less if Cenk Uygur and Joe Rogan fall apart for zeitgeist power. It may not seem true but they will eventually be easily replaced.

C. Wright Mills said that the conspiracy is in the institutions.

Snowden did what he did and many soldiers are depressed because deep down they realise the Military-Industrial Complex is run by criminals. Assange did what he did for very similar reasons. Some of us have pure souls and never sold out. Snowden used to be a complicit moron but his story shows that there is indeed such a thing called the reverse-double bind.

To come full circle as I tend to do in these entries, the master disinfo player is a top notched actor. They don't blink every time they have to lie. They have mastered internal dialogue. They think they are fighting terrorism or something and that's how they keep a straight face. They are naive fvcks or something like Snowden was before waking up. They could've made it in Hollywood under different circumstances. There's no justification for Icke having said anything about reptiles, yet he did it without any proof and sacrificed his integrity for a top position in the British section of the Five Eyes. Of course there is no evidence. People and reptiles cannot cross-breed. Jones shouldn't have claimed Sandy Hook never happened. He didn't believe it as Icke has never believed in the reptile thingie. It was their job to do that as highly paid proverbial disinfo agents.

The best cointelpro actors are prepared. They don't blink when saying outrageously obvious stuff. Stolpman has acting skills. His problem is Snowden and Assange already spilled enough beans. I think Assange used to chastise us to connect some dots; that people should wake up to what already made it into the public domain. Despite Greenwald's gatekeeping, enough info seems to have been released by Snowden.

The ptb's and the military in particular are stupid like cops.

Good smart people like to be happy with clean consciences. They don't join the military or sell out in other conformist ways.

Icke and Jones almost got away with it. If there was no Snowden and Assange, there'd be the plausible deniability that they are insane and/or grifting.

Scum such as Unirock and Stolpman get next to no audience. They will definitely get replaced if they haven't been already.

Reddit Conspiracy fools no one but the racist unhinged scumturds who believe in it. Those losers don't realise they are forms of Fisher of Men in which cointelpro is baiting them into going off on drunken rants about guns and what they'd like to do to treasonous elites.

When I looked into Reddit Conspiracy pushing Holocaust denial and fondness for Hitler, I noticed that the subreddit was never too big. It was at about 200,000 accounts just mere years ago. Now it is on some silly pace to have a million plus accounts. But most of them seem to be fake. People who are banned are still allowed to subscribe, so the member number is inflated to begin with. I know that from experience.

I started to read there using "new" over popular for the filter, yet even that has become useless.

I notice so much when visiting there and Youtube. I know this isn't rocket science, so I am able to grok that many lurkers can also see what I see.

Youtube is fake cleaning up "conspiracy chatter." The only ones who will be allowed to remain are pure nutjobs as in useful idiots, disinfo agents acting as straw men and conformist debunkers who enjoy mocking so-called conspiracy theorists. You and I are not allowed. It is sort of how BernBots were never really allowed into politics. There is a big chunk of society which is being systematically silenced. I would put that number as the majority at this point in history. No one is completely stupid. Quit the medium a bit more if it feels like gaslighting. Take control of your internet addiction. Reverse the gaslight onto the people who deserve it.

In conclusion, the Five Eyes and similar institutions afflicted with authoritarian personality disorder are comprised of demented morons often very easy to identify. What is needed are many more Julian Assange's and Edward Snowden's. Legal action must be taken against those in power. The Military-Industrial Complex needs to be cut by 90%. There is no way around it. That is the only possible solution to the big mess. They are the scum responsible for why everything is wrong. There's no room for democracy when everything related to the medium is in some way a state-sponsored psyop.

There's not much good to be found at Youtube in regards to conspiracy theory.

I wrote about Elvis about a week or two ago. I found it interesting he was into the same demented Illuminati styled crap as self-defined gods LeBron and Kyrie.

Was I fascinated by the fake speculation he may have been the first reptile human caught on film? Not at all, yet Youtube keeps shoving that video into me mug no matter how many times I delete the cache deciding the algorithm.

No matter what one plugs into the Youtube search engine, next to nothing good is showing up. I found one person making a bit of sense. She spoke of psyops within psyops. Oooooh, tell me more? Eventually she was declaring her belief in aliens as from other planets. Thank you next but it's time to lose the next part?

My point is that it has become impossible to realistically research anything on the internet and that includes conspiracy theories. We have made it to the end of the line.

I was thinking of linking to the Traveling Wilburys to wrap this up but the Chief Commander can fvck off.

This was good music below. I forget the band's name but found them in public domain. I credited them on the original DFQ2 post. I should probably get back to making short movies. That was my evolving schtick at Youtube before getting silenced. I had over 3,000 subscribers and a million page views. I was completely erased as was also done by Twitter. Anyone who makes too much sense is banned. Only total fruitcakes and paid fakes are allowed to write or video blog on  major platforms. Alex Jones was fake banned. I've been shut down because it was my scoop that paid disinfo shills have been everywhere and I never soiled that by claiming bullshite such as aliens, reptiles, no planes, crisis actors or anything else very stupid acting as straw men to mock dissent.

I outed the internet. I destroyed it.

I will probably make more movies. I feel I have nothing more to prove or share through writing. I will probably continue to write but I can't promise never ending content anymore. The internet is dead with content rendered as meaningless. We need to hold on for another month or two to get back outside. We are not meant to be internet addicts. I will not abandon good people on the internet completely but will adapt and evolve. I am here for honest sincere kindred souls and will continue to provide schtick for as long as I last in this current incarnation.

Youtube by tanking itself is making it easier to come to terms with internet addiction. It can be overcome. I am about ready to quit visiting them regularly. We are definitely able to quit stuff.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Breaking Convolution News on Bryce Matthew Cuellar

Update: I'm not too eager to figure this one out. He apparently works the "call for an uprising" 1776 schtick. He was probably entrapped by Alex Jones. He shouldn't have been posing with weapons or whatever that part was about. He says he is not on parole. He explains in the comments he was first on probation, then he broke it and ended up in prison for two years and seven months. I do find it bizarre he still has the Youtube channel. He's saying he is completely free having served the sentence. So maybe he is a regular guy kook who got railroaded. He spoke of tyrants getting the 1776 or of traitors getting shot up like Duterte does it in the Philippines (my metaphor). But I've never seen the video and it's gone.

I am gonna assume he is a regular guy but very stupid and gullible. If he is cointelpro, that'll become obvious over time. Otherwise he is just another kook.

My problem is how did his channel survive? I suppose it's possible he got to keep it. I am definitely not fingering this guy as an informant like I think of Barrett Brown. If he starts posting with guns and talking up violence, then that will mean he is cointelpro. But no one deserves the label unless it can be proven. Barrett Brown has acted very strange since his release. There is a sealed plea agreement supplement. This guy Cuellar says he finished all obligations to the criminal injustice system.

The second half is on. I gotta go. End of update.

Second Update: This guy was a definite nutjob who made threats. His plausible deniability was that he was drunk. Someone should find the court documents and pin this down.

From Daily Mail (August 29, 2016)

end of updates- that should do it.

One more update: I am not trusting this situation one bit as he served out the term and that's that with no strings attached. His Youtube channel has never been taken down. The uploading of conspiracy freak videos never ended. How can that be when Cuellar has been in prison. And he's covering the same old, same old wackadoo content- anti-gay, anti-Satan, all the stuff Cass Sunstein would have a field day with.

Here's the link to the channel. It's probably a cointelpro honeypot and that's why it never shut down.

It looks like cointelpro shill city to me.

The Spy Factory doesn't care what normal non-violent kooks like us think. They are looking for more chumps such as Cuellar to entrap. His channel is there to incite people with Youtube accounts to leave incriminating comments like he originally did. That's my conclusion for a theory. (that's it for updates)

Someone named Bryce Cuellar has been released from prison. He is a Youtuber who was convicted of terrorism. He was charged with saying he had a machine gun or wtf and intended to use it as the forefathers suggested or something. I am not sure. The original video was deleted and I have a Celtics game coming up in about a half hour.

He posts as FisherOfMen and has a verified check mark thingie. He has a video. The algorithms done good in suggesting this to me.

My schtick would ask basic questions.

Did he break the law?
Was he in any actual position to commit terrorism?
Did the punishment fit the alleged crime?
Was he entrapped?
Is he now working for the Five Eyes as a confidential sewer rat?

I have a game to watch and am not gonna run around like a chicken with its head chopped off looking for scoops. Yet this one looks relevant and fascinating.

At some point Jeremy Hammond should also be leaving prison.

I have already concluded that Barrett Brown turned into cointelpro.

I find it amazing that this guy is allowed to post on Youtube as part of his parole.

That's what sticks out imho in addition to the big evidence having apparently gotten the scrub brush.

All these people including me got pushed off of Youtube but a convicted felon who went to prison for making terrorist videos is back on the same channel calling out the so-called Illuminati? What is wrong with this picture?

I'm caught up in the Kyrie Irving drama. The C's looked a lot better last night without him and I don't think Mr. Diva is playing tonight either.

The C's seem to be setting it up as in if Kyrie leaves, he will be seen as a rat. Danny must believe disrupting team chemistry is worth holding onto a top league asset. I don't think he is such a great value but Danny probably does. I would have traded Kyrie last week. He had the rationale to do so considering Kyrie's throwing multiple team members under the bus. It seems that Danny is on GM tilt. He could have traded Kyrie and a few players for Davis. Both Ainge and the Pelicans should have figured it out as in a pure fvck this and fvck them way.

For Jaylen Brown and Kyrie plus some picks. the C's could have gotten at least two playoff runs with Davis and Horford as twin towers. That was the move to make. Or to get someone like Towns from Minnesota. Kyrie became a negative asset. The only people who don't understand Kyrie needed to go are kids, morons, astroturfers and cointelpro. Yikes, my game is almost on. Ainge became Bernie Sanders not wanting to be blamed for anything. If Kyrie leaves, he can say the narcissist lied to him.

My game is almost on, so I will hit post. Sorry for any typos or diction problems.

The basketball forums at Reddit and RealGM are rigged. Those are astroturfing websites. I also imagine there is a lot of cointelpro involved. The Military and NBA are very close.