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Monday, June 15, 2009

Internet Fakes Creating Outrage At Jewish People

Is Michael Rivero sincere in his insanity, or is he paid to provoke divide and conquer and violence? How can folks not see that fakes are all over the internet spreading propaganda? Sure there is anti-semitism. There is also racism, sexism, homophobia, and lots of bad stuff. But I'm talking about a specific form of fakery. I'm talking about Michael Rivero, Hal Turner, and Jeff Rense. I'm talking about people posting on "lefty" blogs who speak of "Jew boys" like Virgil at Progressive Independent. I'm talking about some loser at Rivero's What Really Happened shitdive, who equates this recent murder at the Holocaust Museum to cointelpro. The person even had the gall to link to a fine website named Third World Traveler, which is an authentic, progressive domain. I'm talking about an anti-semite named Mattes who spreads disinformation all over soapblox {DKos} blogs while linking directly to Michael Rivero.

These are the Palestinians' worst enemies. I found a Michael Rivero podcast. He's saying this whole thing smells fishy. That the elderly gunman was shooting at the walls to garner attention and not to maim anyone, as if he murdered the security guard in self-defense. I've been googling a bit. I could write fifty pages on this. I could copy and paste tons of rubbish from right wingers posing as lefties posing as holocaust deniers and Jew haters. Rivero also says that Israel suckered the U.S. into attacking Iraq.

The situation is bad in the Middle East. The Palestinians are getting a raw deal. But the more these types spread their propaganda, and the more shallow people buy it up that anti-semitism is growing on the left, the more right of center politicians like Obama do what ever they want to help out the rich and continue pumping money into the military industrial complex.

I don't have the time anymore to keep blogging hours on end for free. The same bull the few of us have tried to explain so many times before is being reproduced over and over again. The guy I mentioned at Tinoire's Progressive Independent? I now see him pimping for Alex Jones. Now why would Alex Jones, as right wing as they come, be promoted at a so-called progressive website? He wouldn't be, if the place was for real. That forum has been a sponsor for Michael Rivero. Rivero sponsors Jones, Curtis Maynard, Willis Carto and all various types of propagandists and/or vice versa.

I'm gonna email the_last_name_left and let him know I've made this post. He was telling me about this story. The irony is that it is fueling the wingnuts and their drive to create useful idiots and provoke mayhem. You wouldn't believe how Rivero turns it around. He's asking who benefits. Others are posting that this was a hoax and a false flag event. This is lunacy. These are not progressives. These are paid fakes who make money to pervert democratic processes on the internet. It's all about right woos left and tinfoil by association. And the worst part of all is that the two major American forums, Democratic Underground and Daily Kos, have been proven to be rigged.

We have found out that Hal Turner has had FBI ties. We do know about cointelpro, so that is very suspicious. Now what about Rivero? Could he be a member of the Mossad? Think about it. That's the Israeli equivalent of the CIA. Let's take what Rivero has just said in his podcast- about asking who benefits from this horrific murder and turn the tables on the Rivero, Carto, Maynard, and Rense types. It does benefit the Israeli's in favour of asymetrical warfare. So why is Rivero spreading the tinfoil extra thick? Why are these people associated with holocaust deniers? Why are any "lefties" linking to Rivero? Who does it benefit to have outrageous tinfoil spread about "the Jooos" controlling the world? Those in favour of the status quo is who would promote such hogwash. Why does Michael Rivero hate the Palestinians? Why does he hate Jewish people? Does he love the Israeli and American militaries so much to justify acting the buffoon role? It appears so. Does he hate the left? Yes he does. Here's the creep's podcast, where one can listen in and see that Michael Rivero is some kind of monster.

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the_last_name_left said...

Hi S.

yes, this story is (sadly) a fascinating insight into the world of anti-semitism.

It's astonishing to see how readily Rivero and his fellow-travellers twist it, so that once again it's an indictment of "joooos" rather than the dangers of anti-semitism.

I wasn't surprised to see him go on and on about it, progressively twisting it more and more: either that, or he'd have had to ignore it. I think it panicked them - coming as it did alongside the DHS report into far-right domestic 'terrorism'.

Clearly they decided to face it head-on, rather than ignore it.

What strikes me about his coverage, other than the twisting of the apparently simple facts and the horrible import of it, is the absolute lack of any sympathy or empathy for the victims. Not even through gritted's just totally absent. A simple lack of humanity.

I've been re-reading Shirer's "Rise and Fall of Third Reich" and every page just reveals Rivero, and his far-right nazi-apologist friends as sickening propagandists following a well-tried method: Rivero's attitudes, his false histories, his political sympathies are all absolutely disgusting, and unsurprisingly, they're a reflection of the ideology, deceit and subversion which permeated nazism.

Interestingly Shirer relates how the Nazis financed anti-war, isolationist propaganda in America through WW2. It's quite insightful for today:

"The enemy’s nation’s originally solid, powerful and well-knit fabric must be gradually disintegrated, broken down, rotted, so that it falls apart like a fungus treaded upon in a forest."

Weapons of the Axis psychological saboteurs include:

* disruptive propaganda, malicious rumors & lies, artificially created opposition movements, deliberate exploitation of genuine opposition movements, bribery, corruption & intimidation.