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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

More Right Wing Ideology Showing Up On "Lefty" Websites

I found some more right wing ideology flowing out of MyLeftWing, the website that kicked Francis Holland to the curb in an act of outright censorship.

Dear Antiwar New Englander

The two culprits are DonkeyTale and KarmaStench. DonkeyTale is well know for having co-opted Francis Holland's whitosphere phrase with his own variation of whiteysphere. He also makes spelling mistakes on purpose. He may have supported Mr. Holland in the past, but I believe that was more a matter of what is referred to as concern trolling. KarmaStench is well-known for having followed Francis to MyLeftWing in order to troll him. He has admitted to that.

Here's DonkeyTale on Cindy Sheehan. This is reminiscent of when the right wing propaganda machine was spinning her as being a media whore.

"I often wonder how she came to raise up a "warrior son" in the first place, approvingly sending him off to boot camp? Oh, you mean the VOLUNTEER military is not just a jobs training program, a way to accumulate tuition money? You mean that nice sergeant at the recruitment center was lying????

Cindy Sheehan is gigging dude, an opportunist using her dead son for fun and profit. I have no problem with her schtick, but its a far cry from whereshe sits to grateness.

She's found her a nice job, is all, standing around all day in front of the MSM, collecting donations from the Left Behind.

Now, institutionalized. An annual event attracting dozens.....the Jerry Lewis Telethon of the Left Behind. Give a dollar and feel all good about yourself.


Now on to KarmaStench. A poster called him out for supporting war. KarmaStench denied that, but here is what he said on a different thread.

"When the Bush administration attacked Afghanistan I was initially opposed, but came to accept it after Osama bin Ladin took credit for the 9/11 attacks."

KarmaFish spinned that retort as being comprised of a quote taken out of context. Yet, he never denied that he is for the war in Afghanistan. The irony is that Bin Laden may have died a very long time ago and never actually took any credit for 9/11. It is an established fact that he has had a severe kidney illness. Then of course there is the question of whether he actually took credit for the September 11th attacks.

Swiss scientists 95% sure that Bin Laden recording was fake

There was a French study which tried to debunk this Swiss one. The point is there is reasonable doubt to believe that any tape of Bin Laden taking credit is authentic. Oh well, there you have it, yet another enigma. Plus, kooky right wing disinformation websites are the predominant search hits for trying to figure it out. So despite the link provided by myself being from The Guardian, curious newbies and fence-sitters are gonna end up thinking this is just more internet tinfoil after ending up at crap websites.

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